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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nettlesome in writing to the factor. miss megyn is up next. we're definitely looking out for you. ♪ breaking tonight hours ago the hillary clinton campaign reacting to stunning new bribery allegations from a book "the new york times" call quote most anticipated and feared book of presidential cycle still in its infancy. good evening, welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. the author claims hillary clinton did favors in exchange for cold, hard, cash. sky high speaking fees for former president bill clinton to name one and donations to the clinton charity. today, mrs. clinton sort of
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responded and just a short time ago the clinton campaign chairman came out with its own explanation. we have janet napolitano and possible contender, scott walker is here with his take on hillary and his own vision for the country. first chief white house correspondent traveling with the campaign tonight ed? >> what's new is the connecting of the dots. we knew for some time millions had flowed in to the clinton foundation from foreign government and businesses as well. what is new is a specific claim in the book "clinton cash" the idea that's explosive is the allegation as secretary of state hillary clinton took official actions to help some of these foreign donor one quick example the idea that money flowed in from a colombian oil quarterback and secretary of state flipped
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her position and was suddenly in favor of a colombian trade deal. our campaign chairman telling bloomberg this was all nonsense, what they did was cherry pick from the funding donor lists. the candidate herself, tried today to stick to her middle class message. she's not done any media interviews. at the end of her event today. she answered a couple of quick question listen. >> back into the political scene, therefore will be octobered to all kinds of -- i'm ready for that. i know that comes with the territory. it is worth noting that the republicans seem to be talking only about me. i don't know what they would talk about if i weren't in the race. but, i am in the race and hopefully we'll get on to the issues and i look forward to that.
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>> listen she calls it a distraction but does not refute the allegations. i spoke to one of the campaign advisers, who tells me they are waiting for the allegations to come out and claim they'll light fire with fire and shoot it down. >> ed henry, thank you. joining me, judge napolitano, how serious is it if they can prove it? >> they are far more serious, if robert mendez of new jersey was indicted. they form the same type of allegation. quid pro quo. you give cash to me or someone else on my behalf. and i exercise my official judgment in favor of you. i haven't seen the book. we haven't seen it. but we've read a version in "the new york times." there's a summary in "the new york times" and allegations are
6:04 pm damning. they showed time lines of tricks to the family foundation and decisions made by mrs. clinton favorable to the contributor. or tricks to the family foundation and sky high $500,000 unheard of in this business. speaking fees to her husband or contributions to the family foundation and two years later. sky high speaking fees mrs. clinton. the essence of bribery is the quid pro quo. you do something for me or in my behalf, and i exercise my official governmental powers in favor of you. that's what senator mendez was indicted for. having to do with visa sas and medicare reimbursement. >> you're saying that this is not only potentially unethical but she may have actually committed felonies while in office? >> i am saying that if the version of the book that we have
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read stands up under scrutiny, the justice department must commence a criminal investigation of mrs. clinton's behavior about the time period about which the book is written. >> to believe she did this, she actually changed u.s. policy to line her own pocket, that of her family, wow have to be incredibly cynical, would you not? you would have to believe ] put a public servant in there who cared much more about herself an her own wallet than the person people? >> shehe put a public servant that cared more about her e-mails than the public -- >> that's somebody who is worried about people prying into her life. i'm not kusing, i'm saying, that's one mind set. compromise u.s. policy to-to-enrich yourself -- >> that's what is in the book.
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i don't understand what the motivation is, but if the evidence is found there the justice department will have no choice but commence an investigation or endure the mocking the of the legal community that the justice department of the united states of america is not there to enforce federal law against a popular -- they perceive to be popular -- political figure. >> if the time line matches up sore suspicious, judge, good to sigh you. >> the chairman of the clinton campaign defended hk lk on charlie rose's show. >> the book that's written by a former bush operative who is a reporter for the news institution he's cherry picked information that's been disclosed. and woefb a bunch of conspiracy
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theories about it. the fact there's nothing new about it. we'll get to judge when we read the book. >> our fox news politics editor. it's what they said earlier, you heard hillary clinton earlier saying she's going be subjected to all kinds of distractions and attacks. she's ready for it but didn't actually answer the attack just said she's ready for it. >> nor did chairman podesta. i didn't know campaigns got chairmans like that. that's really impressive p. but for chairman podesta and this campaigns it t isn't about answering the charges but it's about attacking the messenger, and this book and these allegations are as you and the judge were talking about far more consequence. in the past it was about appearance of impropriety. it looked bad to delete 41000 pea mails.
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while you were getting ready to run for president. this is an actual bad thing that they were accused of. so we're just going to attack. >> it sounds like -- at best a circumstantial case. it doesn't sound like there's a smoking gun document that shows it was a quid pro quote this for that. instead it shows at best colombia wanted something done. it was done. bill clinton got a speech. it was a circumstantial time line argument to the people but not necessarily something they might prosecute for. >> the whole point of the clinton campaign now going forward is rally democrats to here what she used to call the right wing conspiracy. anybody who raises an attack. can you imagine how the process will be with hillary clinton finally has to sit down to do an interview. this is like the yalta summit
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where she has to sit down and talk to a reporter and figure out how to do this. they have so much baggage they have to offload and they have to do it in very careful. precise, clintonian terms of phrase so they can day on the attack, stay accusing republicans or anybody that raises questions. >> so he poedesta goes on the charlie rose show. saying these are smears and attacks. we've seen this before and will probably have to deal with this a lot. yet "the new york times" and washington post are partnering with peter switcherooitser. how does he dismiss them so ready? >> he put ace knock on "the new york times" for being involved in -- by the way this is not
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something that is unheard of. this is, you get advanced notice. you watch friday. a reporter makes a deal with another reporter says, look, check out my stuff. look into it. see what is in there. if you think it's good dope you report it and build on what i did. but it's turning over your work in advance for somebody else to see. vet your work and pick up the ball and go from there. >> foxnews "new york times" washington post, getting -- not partnering in terms of writing it but vetting it and taking the reporting to the next level. >> last question for you, how likely if at all does this make it that some other democrat might get more interested in this race. >> another thin jong podesto said she would debate. would participate in a debate. the value of opposing hillary clinton is getting higher and higher. i don't think they want mark o'malley out there by himself. >> it's very scary out there.
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big lightning storm? >> washington is ablaze with this story. >> very scary. good luck. >> scott walker made news on hillary clinton today. you'll hear that next. and big news in the story of the tulsa police officer, who said he shot and kill aid suspect by mistake. was a deputy volunteer, the two reporters who broke the story about his alleged lack of training have just resigned abruptly from the paper and we have the details. a kelly file exclusive. we'll interview a veteran under attack for trying to defend the flag. watch the whole video and stay tuned for her explanation when she joins us live on what really happened here.
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i wore suits tonight. i didn't wear the sweeter like last time from kohls. the sweater is from kohls but the suit is from joseph a. banks. i doubt any of the other parties
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been to kohls before or shopped in the last 20 years. >> there's scott walker branding himself as every man who shops at kohls and joseph a. banks while labeling hillary clinton as out of touch. >> he was one of several presidential candidates who attended the summit this weekend. he sat down with me earlier today. >> governor, great to see you. >> great to be with you. >> already great advertising for those two company. i hope they send you a free sweat never. >> i got the last one for a buck. >> obviously, you're trying to paint her as out of touch. already we're hearing that not just from you but regular folks. what is the evidence for that? >> i think you look at a whole things. even the way you reacted to e-mails. it was just a mistake. almost in front of the u.n. and talked about this. she had to respond to that. look at saying when you were
6:16 pm
dead broke and came out of the white house and had a book deal pending and two houses. talk about not having driven for 18 years those are all things every day people wonder what is it they're talking about. this is not someone connected with every day america. >> how is this different than what the democrats did last time around? >> mitt romney didn't say i'm relatable to every day americans. his argument is, they turned things around that's legitimate. >> republicans came to his defense and said they made it. pulled themself up. he had a successful father as well. a successful businessman and shouldn't be hitting political candidates for their success. >> the biggest, most compelling argument against the would-be democratic nominee hillary clinton, talk about she embodies washington. not just being out of touch from every day americans. she lives there.
6:17 pm
worked for president obama for four years, she lived in the white house. served her career in washington. she embodies washington. >> your latest approval ratings in the poll we got today are down. they are down 41%. 56% said they don't approve. more concerning, she beat ugg in our own state. 52-40. why should people believe you could win the general nomination, if you, according to these polls today, couldn't win wisconsin over hillary. >> not just for me, but previous governors, when the media is focusing on a handful of thing poll numbers down. in the end i had poll numbers in the mid 30s. i was called the "time" magazine, dead man walker. when people saw how property taxes went down. we won in the recall election but a bigger margin than the
6:18 pm
first time. we've proven three times in four years that we can win, by talking about transferring power from the big government to special interest to hard working taxpayers. that will happen again here. >> dead man walking. got to give him point force that. >> speak about experience, and speak about inside d.c. and now outside d.c. that's one of the appeals the governors may have. do you think it's a deal breaker to be a one-term senator vying for this nomination? >> i think there's some good people in the race. when people say governor of foreign policy, how do you live up to that? in my lifetime, the best president when it comes to foreign policy, was a governor of california. in my lifetime. the worst president was a freshman senator from illinois when it comes to foreign policy. i don't buy into the belief that one size fits all. there's a perfect mindset. what people want more is just
6:19 pm
the title but a proven track record, someone who fights and wins. >> let's talk about that. this summit this past weekend. it was interesting republicans vying for the heart and soul of the party. talking about which way do they go to win not just a nomination but win the general election which is what the gop wants. do we have to be more conservative? well, maybe. do we have to appeal to the moderates? well maybe. you had a different take. you said you don't win the center by running to the center. you win by leaving. which is a niese catch phrase, right? what does it mean? how do you actually persuade the center by leading when the policies are more right wing? >> you look people straight in the eye and tell them what you are going to do. most are independents because they have been burned before. someone told them on either side of the aisle what they were going do and didid the opposite or
6:20 pm
didn't do anything at all. this was just a theory. we wanted three times in a state that hasn't gone republican for president since '84, with universal support. 96% that's almost every republican out there. that's not enough to win out there. i had to carry independence by 11 percentage points. how did we do it? we told them exactly what we'd do. they didn't agree with us on every single issue. they said this guy didn't back down on the issues i agree with him on. he's not going to back down. americans, that's what they want out of the leaders. >> some say you shifted your positions and then you flipped and got more hard line and common core you didn't do much about it. >> common core was a good example. it wasn't on my radar screen when i ran or most people out there. wasn't until a couple year ago, when parents, teacher, concerned citizens pointed out something that happened.
6:21 pm
something that we saw happening around the country. we said no we want standards set by local school boards. when it comes to if immigration, as a governor, i don't have a direct role. but having talked to the board of state governors and other people and seeing how screwed up immigration has become. clear talking to them and looking at this issue. going with the governor of texas. governor abbott. my standpoint, we need to secure the border and use enforceful laws to the effect -- >> you're more in line with other republican candidates. >>. >> one thing they're not saying, we need to make sure as part of that, any future legal immigration system goes forward has to account for american citizens and workers in this country and wants to make sure even with legal immigration, we respond in a way that doesn't take jobs from hard-working americans. >> joss ef a. banks?
6:22 pm
>> that's how you get a sweater for a buck. you get all of the discounts and you get kohl's cash and get a pretty good deal. >> while in new york go to century 21, designer and a discount. >> not a bad deal. >> governor great to see you. >> good to be with you, too. >> we'll take your thoughts on that right now. we also have an eye-opening report how liberal groups may be trying to ban certain items from memorials to the fallen here rows and the breaking news from the police deputy. who said he shot and killed a suspect running away by mistake and two of the journalists who played a big role reporting this story just resigned.
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o'reilly here earth day madness. who better to report on that? watters world. also kelly and brit human, next.
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big news break option a story out of tulsa oklahoma. it involve ace reserve deputy
6:26 pm
police officer who said he accidently shot and killed a suspect when he the officer, grabbed his gun instead of his taser. in the days after the incident the story broke that members of the tulsa county sheriff allegheny county office were ordered to falsify the training records of that part-time volunteer officer. now the police are denying that and the reporters who wrote that part of the story have just resigned. trace gallagher live with the story. trace? >> megyn. the two journalists based their report on a number of anonymous sources saying they faced the record of the officer and department have the training orto be a sheriff's deputy. he's a millionaire. and good friends with the sheriff. they said he accidently pulled out his gun instead of his
6:27 pm
taser. watch this. >> roll on your stomach now. >> damn -- >> story! oh [ bleep ]. >> now, the sheriff's office and robert bates produced documents that show bates had significant training for example he took 13 different firearms training classes and qualification sessions. he score proficient in all but three of them. although none of the courses covered the gun used to shoot him. in all, robert bates took 24 training classes from identity theft to relations with the muslim world. it's interesting his training officers noted he did not perform well during stressful situation. now the tul is world said the two journalists who broke the story resigned because of other opportunities. the paper also says the resignations are not related to the article. but when asked if the paper
6:28 pm
still stood by the story the executive editor would not comment. the attorney for ache irharris said mr. bates paid for the right to play cop. the attorney and harris family have not commented on the newly released documents or resignation of the southernal southernalists. >> thank you. coming up. parents outraged as a public school tries to give their students an unwanted lesson in cultural diversity. and why are they trying to ban monuments for the fallen soldiers? and a flight over an american flag lands an air force veteran in handcuffs. we'll talk to her when she joins us live, next. >> i don't want to give them the flag. >> but you're resisting arrest by doing it.
6:29 pm
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from the world headquarters of foxnews it's "the kelly files" with mig yin kelly. >> some folks are trying to change the way we remember our veterans. last year we told you about a group facing backlash to add a cross. now police say the gun is not appropriate in a public park and we heard this is part of a larger pattern that attorneys are see elsewhere. shannon coughman is one of those attorneys. a senior leader for the george w. bush justice department in the white house. who what do you mean it's a pattern? . what we're seeing, constraints of political correctness are making it difficult to honor our fallen. what has been going on for the
6:33 pm
last 30 year the secular left has been attacking veterans memorials all over the country that depict any form of religious symbol. >> first they went after the crosses saying it's an endorsement of religion and can't be in a public place. >> right. >> now that they are winning those battles they are moving on to something that's much more, at the core of the military mission. which is the gun. so it's not very clear how you can honor the fallen at all. when these sorts of constraints are put on you. >> this is the military cross. it's something that goes -- it's one of the highest honors that you can get for a fallen veteran to use this. yet they think it's not appropriate at the centerpiece of the park. they say it's the gun that they think is inappropriate that children might see a gun i
6:34 pm
guess. you can write this off as the silliness of local elected officials but it's part of a pattern. we litigated a case in king, north carolina where a statue was depicting a soldier kneeling in honor of a fallen comrad in front of the grave of that comrad and the grave marker was a cross. and the city eventually took that down when an individual who had been in the military claimed it discriminated against atheists and nonchristians. spe sant they don't have the money to fight these lawsuits. they don't have the money to fight a likely lawsuit either. >> that's exactly what happened. matter of fact. my law firm came in and represented the american legion pro bono but the city couldn't bear the costs which were running up in the millions of
6:35 pm
dollars. that sort of intimidation run a lot of towns out of the business of using any sort of suggestive symbol. >> when it gets to the core of military service -- >> yeah. one of the locals there, everyone figured the same thing. we didn't win the war by throwing sticks and stones. got to go shannon. >> that's exactly right. megyn. >> you may have seen a video of an air force veteran arrested. she said the students were trampling all over the stars and stripes, when she got a chance she grabbed the flag and wouldn't give it up. that's when police showed up. >> actually it is. any time it's been born or ripped concern. >> this belongs to actually the entire united states. >> it's not yours.
6:36 pm
>> hey! [ bleep ]. >> let it go. >> stop. >> let it go. let go of me. [ bleep ]. >> resisting arrest -- everybody, back up, back up. >> i ain't seen nothing [ bleep ]. >> ain't nobody coming up.
6:37 pm
>> give it back and we'll file a grievance. >> joining me now in a kelly file exclusive. the veteran that you just saw in that video. thank you for being here. what was it about what they were doing to the flag that you found so objectionable that you had to go down there? >> they were walking on it, kicking it, throwing it on the ground, disrespecting it in any manner possible. >> why not say whatever. this is what some folks do. this is their means of protest. what effect has that had on your life? >> it's your freedom.
6:38 pm
everybody in america's freedom. i don't think i can turn a blind eye on that. even walking down the street, i couldn't turn my eye to it. >> what is it about the flag in particular to you? >> well, you know, i come from a very long line of families. i'm raced with a lot of family falls. a lot of respect for america as a whole. being in the military we learn to defend the flag at all costs regardless. that flag is a symbol of our freedom. it stands for everybody in america. there's several people who love to serve their country and aren't able to. those who aren't given the opportunity to do so. we have to give that promise for freedom for all american people. that flag stands for that. it's freedom every day. >> we still have to provide freedom at its fullest. >> some watching this day. i'm with her. maybe she shouldn't have grabbed the flag and the incident with the cop us admit you were resisting arrest. you just got a warning. some believe you seized the moral high ground in 2007 when you did this with the flag in a
6:39 pm
shoot you did for "playboy" manzine how you can justify the revelation on the other? >> i can't can see the photo. it actually wasn't done with "playboy," it was done after the fact. it was a special photo shoot that was done it was done to show the regular person on a daily basis. we have a lot of materialistic items. we have clothes, jewelry, cell phones we are very materialistic people. there was a thought that came about what happens when you take all of the materialistic items that you're left with. you are very vulnerable, you're left with nothing. you feel at your lowest. when you were at your lowest no matter what that is, you will always have your freedom if you stand behind that flag. >> let me ask you this. this is somebody who just wants attention. she wants publicity.
6:40 pm
she didn't need to go down there. she was generating the controversy. and you brought your daughter to film it which jumps out the as the casual observer as interesting. why did you do this and was this a publicity stunt. >> definitely 100% you have my honor and word it was not a publicity stunt. my daughter did accompany me not for any other reason than to be by my side. i spoke to her on the way and said we'll get there and the unit will have dissipated this. and it won't be around. the fact she turned on her personal cell phone camera. i commend that. nowadays a lot of youth is starting to record things. it's not a he said-she said game. when i saw her recording it. i told her later. i was proud of her for asking questions. i couldn't have asked questions and she did. i'm proud of her for doing that. >> you were demoted after the nude photo shoot.
6:41 pm
but then your husband is serving now, is that correct? >> that's correct. i was not demoted. there's been a lot of controversy over eight years. i wasn't demoted. wasn't dishonably discharged. i was with a positive reenlistment code. meaning if i wanted to go back in i could apply to go in. my husband is still serving, he's serving in korea right now. >> thank you for telling your story. >> thanks for everything me. >> we're taking your thoughts. you heard my debate with bill earlier. what do you think? you decide. coming up parents outraged in ohio after a public school attempts to given their students an unwanted lesson in cultural diversity. see how ben affleck, the actor who once said he couldn't be friends with a republican was caught trying to cover up his own family history.
6:42 pm
potentially tarnishing one of pbs' most popular shows and his own reputation in the process. >> how does it feel you have an ancestor who served bravely in the american revolution? >> i have to say it makes me feel more the country. less academic and more personal.
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
warships sailing towards a showdown with iran. the navy ships planning to intercept what is believed to be an iranian shipment of weapon to rebels overriding yemen. they're ramping up the american display of fire power in the region. fighting has been ongoing for the past several weeks. the company's president was forced to flee as the rebels gain ground in their effort to take control. more on that as we get it. >> more e-mails from sony have leaked. this time ben after plex in the crosshairs. he was on the show "finding your root choice which digs up facts of ancestry of american peeples. research found that juan of his an schefters way a slave open ef. they tried to get the removal of
6:47 pm
the family tree. but fbs. henry lewis gates in particular. caved. they did reveal ben affleck had another relative who fought in the revolution and how proud mr. affleck was of that. >> was in the revolutionary army? >> that's right. your grandfather volunteered to serve in the army. he fought in the american revolution. >> wow. that is incredible. >> you're a descendent of a patriot. >> and a slave owner. but that didn't make it -- ben shapiro, editor in chief and radio host good to see you. he's a descendent of patriot then things took a turn for the worse and we weren't going to find out about it.
6:48 pm
what does it say about him and some on the left who are so politically driven and quick to judge others? >> well it's kind of amazing that he attempted to stifle it. of all of the things in ben affleck's background. the slave owner, if that's what rue mill yates him, he's got a lot to cover up. ben affleck has a wonderful story. including the slave owner. his mom marched for civil rights. look how far mechanic has come. he could say v said, look. >> that's the problem. how does this arguably reflect on him as a man to have an ancestor who is a slave owner. why not just own it? in the e-mails you can hear them say, this is not a good decision by him. who he points out anderson cooper is descended from at least one slave owner. it doesn't reflect on anderson.
6:49 pm
no, anderson came out and said he felt bad he had an ancestor that's a slave owner, but the country has changed. he believes america bears collective guilts for the sins of the past and there's no repentance. he could say my ancestors were never a part of that. that's the only logical reason behind that. pretty much everybody's ancestors did things that were bad. that's the point. we progressed beyond that. if ben an fleck can't see that that's the problem. despite he's been in "reindeer games." >> you're giving props to "gone girl". >> to be that bad, your sin is conservatism. while you find out about your own family history that includes sins in it unsurprisingly that has to be shut down so nun one
6:50 pm
no one can judge you, perhaps some open-mindedness would dot down. the fact that henry lewis gates went along with it is astonishing. >> well he didn't want to. if you see the e-mails he was against it and recognized this will be a violation of pbs rules, actually, even for "batman" and had a discussion about how it's going to get out if we do this and, sure enough it got out. >> while inconvenient news for henry lewis gates and batman as well. eventually we'll find out. >> ben, you still have the opportunity to do the right thing. embrace your history, not embrace the slave ownership but who you are and how we can move forward and how you had a mother who marched in the civil rights movement and we can acknowledge our real history. ben, good to see you. >> you, too. >> me on the other hand, i have
6:51 pm
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a school apologizing for a controversial event called the covered girl challenge. the school encouraged female students to wear hijabs for a day and some of the parents were not pleased. trace is live. trace? >> it was to talk about open-mindedness and inviting all female students to participate in a covered girl challenge which will allow students to
6:55 pm
wear a head scarf for the whole day. many parents were irate. others cited islam and here's what one mom said. >> it didn't say all genders and religions participate and we're going to learn about discrimination throughout the whole world on every religion then i'm all for that. >> but when those parents voiced their concerns, some other parents went on social media to say, the sad thing is i doubt the kids have an issue at all. it's the granny panties in a wad. the school sent the notice and it was held during school time and in school classrooms. megan? >> did you say granny panties?
6:56 pm
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you know nana worked for the home company for many years and papa is a firefighter and we're very proud of that. so i take it all back. tell me about your family. tonight, there's going to be stuff coming out about the clinton foundation and there are donations from different companies. >> a new book reveals how foreign money and special favors help make bill and hillary multi multimillionaires. senator rand paul is here tonight reaction. >> what time is it? >> and stoners celebrate 4/20 in colorado. >> it should not only be legal in colorado but everywhere across this beautiful nation. plus, christians under attack. a new video surfaces showing dozens of