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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 21, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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last week. the farm's owner says otherwise the animal is healthy, but has that extra leg. >> a newly discovered glass frog found in costa rica may be new to scientists s but bear as strong resemblance to kermit. a u.s. aircraft carrier on its way to another hot spot in the middle east. just as iran is sending nine ships of their own to the area. >> did you know you are asked to put down your race when buying a gun? strange story why the atf says keeping the policy is important for law enforcement. a man upset at the school system cutting back on gym classes sues for the kids he says. he hasn't had a child in school for 20 years. "the real story" martinez right now. united states stepping up the stakes in yemen today. the pentagon sending a massive
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navy aircraft carrier to the gulf. we already have war ships that are positioned there ready to intercept any iranian vessels that may be carrying weapons to the shiite rebels. "the uss roosevelt" sends a very strong signal. the civil war in yemen now seen as a proxy conflict between iran on the one side and the saudis arab allies and the u.s. on the other. there came reports saudis are saying they are ending their bombing raids. we are working on that story as we speak. jennifer live at the pentagon for us. >> reporter: well there is major news out of saudi arabia. state-run tv saying the saudis announced their coalition that have been carrying out air strikes are ending their operation. this comes with the developments in terms of those u.s. war ships on the sea off yemen trailing those iranian warships and
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suspected arm shipments en route to yemen. fox news learned from a senior u.s. defense official that the white house is quote, not even close to making a decision about boarding and conducting a search of the iranian vessels. >> i think there was a lot of misreporting. i saw cable tickers today, ships going there to intercept iranian ships. that is blatantly untrue. this discreet movement of u.s. assets is for a discreet purpose. >> reporter: the atmosphere at sea remains tense off the coast of yemen in this high-stakes game of brinkmanship. the aircraft carrier "uss theodore roosevelt" entered the gulf of aden and is shadowing the arabian convoy.
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>> the principle role of this operation is to maintain freedom of navigation and free flow of commerce in the gulf of aiden and the red sea. >> we have concerns about iran's support for the hussis including supplying them with military equipment. >> the uss theodore roosevelt is being escorted by the "uss normandy." there are a total of nine u.s. navy war ships and three support ships operating in the area stretching from the southern red sea to the arabian sea. they are enforcing a u.s. armed embargoes passed by 14 nations excluding russia last yeek. iranians deny their convoy contains weapons. this development will be
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interesting to see if that impacts on this iranian convoy whether this convoy will now turn around. >> thank you very much. the nuclear negotiations of with iran resuming this week in europe. while diplomats hope to achieve a lasting deal by that june 30th deadline consider some of the controversies iran is involved in at the moment. tehran could see tens of billions of dollars worth of unfrozen assets immediately after any deal gets done here. something that the white house initially had opposed. at the same time you have four americans who remain detained. held in iran against their will on either no or bogus charges. of course iran's role supporting the rebels. and sending an aircraft carrier to stop the flow of iranian weapons there. joined by chuck nash there is a lot to talk about today good. to have you here.
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>> let's start with the fact the state department is saying whoa everybody. this is not an intercept mission. we are merely trying to keep the waters in that area open. you hear from jennifer griffin that this aircraft carrier, the "uss roosevelt" is closely tracking these iranian ships. how do you read all this? >> the official spokes people are maintaining the very low level, this is just a routine mission. we are doing freedom of navigation. the iranians think we are do anti-piracy operations. yemen and the gulf of aiden is becoming a magnet for ships. you don't pull aircraft carriers out of the iranian gulf and send it down there if you are not intending to have the dominant force in that particular area. we can say whatever we want but
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this is pressing against the laws of unintended consequences. if we see something happen if the iranians are dumb enough to try to actually run weapons resupply ships into one of the ports in yemen, and we don't do anything about it we might as well pack up everything from the middle east and go home if we can't stop that one little thing, what are we doing? >> marie harp was clearly trying to say this is not what it appears to be. we are not in this situation. >> pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. >> i know chuck. when you look at the fact this other news crossed the wire the saudis and allies are saying they are going to stop the air strike campaign that is over. what does that tell you is going on behind the scenes here? >> i think the saudis got blinked back by pressure from the united states in particular the white house. they did a strike the other day where they hit a scud missile
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site near a civilian populated area that killed 25 people and wounded about another 400. now, that does not make you friends in that big chocolate mess that is yemen right now. there are so many different factions. they are fighting each other and fighting what was the central government. so with the whole thing so messed up i think the white house is trying to back people away from this while at the same time putting the preeminent dominant force off the coastline. we can say all these gentle things to each other in public but i hope in private, i dearly hope in private, we've gone to the iranians and let them know don't do this. if you do we've already stacked up the assets. we're not backing down from this one. this is not another red line. >> we'll see. of course there is the impact on this nuclear deal going on in the back burner while all this is happening, as well. captain nash thank you very much. we'll see you soon.
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the convicted marathon bomber is back in court today. prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty. the jury will hear the emotional testimony from both sides here as dzhokhar tsarnaev fights for his life. what have we learned in court today, molly? >> reporter: the second phase of the trial is showing similarities with the first phase of the trial. a lot of graphic video, bloody photographic evidence and heartbreaking testimony. we heard first today from one of the victims of the marathon bombing. she is a double amputee who lost both legs of the boston marathon attack. last year she crossed the finish line wearing her blades. her teenage daughter was severely injured and nearly died. she described not just her own pain and constant discomfort but the multiple scars left across her daughter's body left from the shrapnel and surgeries. >> defense attorneys reserved
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their opening statement for later, prosecutors presented jurors with huge color photos of the four victims. saying this is how we should know them. the prosecutor said tsarnaev murdered each in time to feel pain be scared frightened and no time to say good-bye. that is the very essence of terrorism. she said evidence will show tsarnaev took the boston marathon and turned it into a political statement. she urged jurors not to see tsarnaev as a substitute for his older brother, saying he took the bomb and left it behind a row of children. that he looked back over his shoulder knowing he had left death there. >> unbelievable. prosecutors wrapped today, we a new image from the courtroom of tsarnaev. tell us about that. >> the prosecutor referenced that manifesto and said this was
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a picture taken on surveillance video at the courthouse in a jail cell essentially he was flipping off the surveillance camera. they said he had one more message to send and that was it. >> thanks. more to come on that. >> nevada senator harry reid giving up his role as minority leader. at least one senator says his leadership simply was not working. big headline there, right? what if anything is working these days on capitol hill? what a new study is revealing about some progress with the new gop-led congress. a popular dairy company pulling their entire product from the store shelves over concerns of lysteria concerns. a problem they vow to fix. judge, emotional for consumers and employees. and right now we are just -- we want to get this right.
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an ice cream recall from blue bell cream ris is voluntary pulling all product off their shelves after two samples tested positive for list another yachlt the deadly bacteria has been linked to three deaths in kansas. the blue bell recall includes all its frozen yogurts, sherberts and frozen snacks. they are distributed across 23 states. nevada senator harry reid moving on from his role as senate minority leader as fellow democratic leader from west virginia says mr. reid's tenure wasn't working. is anything working on capitol hill? well maybe. check this out. a new study shows this current congress is quote, more healthy than in past years. the number of days law makers
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spent in session is increasing they are showing up more for work. isn't that fantastic? good to have you with us today. >> good to be here. >> so let's take a look first at this sound byte from this morning from joe manchion. >> harry is a good man. with that you move on. >> wasn't working. you just move on. >> you know that's what congress has done. the senate in particular has done now. reid first of all he announced he is no longer -- he is not going to run for his seat which means democrats will get new leadership as of next year. part of this is joe manchin who said that remark was looking at the results of last year's election based on harry reid's leadership. democrats never got a chance because of the way reid ran the senate never got a chance to
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show independence or anything and that cost nine of them their seats. joe manchin says we have to vote the way we want to vote. that's the key thing that is at stake here between reid and the new republican leadership. >> he says there are six of me meaning moderate democrats. they need six of me to actually get stuff done in the halls of congress. that's trying to end nsa vote collection of phone data. where is that bill? >> they have to get it done by june or else the patriot act powers lapse. there is a time deadline for them to get it done. this is a number of different bipartisan deals breaking out here. you have the iran sanctions deal a bipartisan deal on education. you have the work on the nsa
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snooping. there's a lot of bipartisanship that wouldn't have existed last year. >> in terms of them being more healthy and showing up for work more often, which is always a plus because you don't get much done unless you show up what else is deemed healthy about this congress in terms of the way they are doing things now? >> what joe manchin was getting at was frustration on all sides. last year they never voted on anything. they voted on filibuster motions, but didn't get the vote on proposals. senators didn't hear for a full term who said they never got once a chance to offer an amendment and get a vote on the senate floor. they already held more votes now through the first three months of this year than they held on all republican and democratic amendments over the last year before under harry reid. >> how do you say i never got to vote once on anything? they were dysfunctional and now
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they are a healthy family for the time being. we'll see where it goes. thank you very much. >> there is a new push for background checks. some say are better left unasked. they say this law needs to change. a tv cult classic making a big return. netflix is ordering up a "full house" spin-off series with a lot of the original cast. that brings us to our question of the day. think about this. what sitcom if could you bring back any sitcom and update it what would it be? i have my pick. tweet me. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing.
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a new push to change gun laws who want the government to be colorblind when it comes to the second amendment. right now, listen closely to this the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms atf, asks gun buyers on the application to disclose their race. have you ever heard of such a thing? a spokesperson explains the information can be helpful when tracing firearms used in crimes to ensure the correct identification of the original purchaser and avoid misidentifications. really? judge napolitano i just can't imagine any purchase you could possibly make in this country where you have to say what your
11:23 am
race is. >> much less a purchase where the item you are purchasing you have a fundamental human right to own. the supreme court said that. this is not me. the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental liberty. what business is it of the government what your race is? that's why i'm shaking my head. if i'm a judge, i'm going to say to the government what is the rational relationship between your goal law enforcement, crime prevention safety all legitimate goals and the need to know the race of the purchaser? i'm curious about this. i'm suspect of what the reason rah the rational relationship is. >> and used in the way they say will help them trying to track down a crime? >> manufacturers today are required to fire two shells through a brand-new gun and record the markings on the shells so if the government ever discovers a bullet they can trace it directly back to a gun,
11:24 am
every gun in the united states. the sellers of guns are required to accumulate all kinds of information about the buyer. the government already has all the information it needs. i can only think insisting upon knowing the race of the person is perhaps so this obama administration so decidedly anti-gun can say, such a percentage of whites buy and amount of nonwhites that buy is a smaller percentage and we don't like that. who cares? >> you say even this application sort of puts the ability to of this on the state when it says federally protected right to own a gun in the first place. >> federal constitution protects your right to own a gun. the states ordered the feds to ask this question. excuse me feds ordered the states to ask this question. states ordered the gun dealers to ask this question. the gun buyer thinks he or she has to answer everything on that form. guess what?
11:25 am
you don't. you don't have to answer a question about your race creed, nationality or religion on any government form including this one. >> you can bypass it. >> you'll still get the license. >> what about overturning this to change the law? >> very difficult. will require 2/3 of each house of congress to overturn it. >> nobody read it? >> apparently. the president will veto any legislation that overturns this. not going to happen while barack obama is in the white house. not the end of the world, but another march towards irritation and frustration, and why this? >> to want you to state your race on any form is counterintuitive. >> the whole purpose of the 14th amendment is to keep race out of the government. >> judge, thank you, as always. what a story, huh? hillary clinton taking on her republican rivals complaining all they want to do is talk about her and her
11:26 am
issues. we'll talk about that. plus a class action lawsuit demanding schools do more to make sure that students get enough exercise. >> the money taxpayers spent fighting against the lawsuit was poorly spent. i think the money they had to pay to make changes was well spent.
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unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application-site redness itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit for savings coupons. time for a check of headlines. the u.n. says more than 800 migrants died when the boat
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taking them from europe sank off the coast of libya over the weekend. >> the u.n. calling it the deadliest incident on the mediterranean ever recorded. >> a tanker truck catches fire following a chain reaction crash that happened in wyoming. the fire burned for hours and at least 16 people were hurt. >> emergency crews near los angeles pulling a woman from a car that plunged nearly 150 feet over a cliff. officials say she was treated at a nearby hospital for nonthreatening life injuries. hillary clinton on the defensive during a two-day swing in new hampshire. pushing back against accusations she gave out favors as secretary of state to nations that donated millions to her family foundations. ed henry is live. how did she address this new controversy today, ed? >> reporter: interesting, today she did not address it at all. you noted correctly yesterday she tried to say that she didn't
11:31 am
want to talk about it. republicans want to focus on that. she wants to focus on the issues. today she just ignored shouted questions about specific allegations in this new book "clinton cash." instead when a reporter said you said it was a distraction, she said it is it is then moved on. would not engage directly. stealing a playbook from her husband the former president clinton who used to talk about how he wouldn't deal with scandals. he was focused on the josers and issues. former president clinton gave a lecture today at georgetown university saying he did not want to talk politics but made an illusion to fighting back. >> for obvious reasons i don't intend to talk much about electoral politics. we are not big on quitting in my family. you may have noticed that. >> reporter: he said his family does not quit. and likes to push back. you saw that from john podesta
11:32 am
who said the author is a republican and cherry-picking information. >> he fought back hard against the credibility of the author. what about the substance of this book and all this secrecy about what's actually in it? >> the author briefed some republican law makers on the senate foreign relations committee. one is rand paul. he is running for president. he said this today. >> it's unseemly. we have the constitution specifically says you can't take gifts from foreign government. is it skirting or going around the law to accept them through your foundation? i think it is and it has a real sense of impropriety. i think it ought to stop. >> obviously, rand paul has been out here on the campaign trail. some of his republican colleagues as well. that's why this issue is clearly not going away. >> doesn't seem to be. thank you very much. mrs. clinton taking a swipe at republicans on the campaign trail for their focus on her instead of the issues she says.
11:33 am
>> it is i think, worth noting that the republicans seem to be talking only about me. i don't know what they would talk about if i weren't in the race. >> former consultant to the obama campaign. larry o'connor, radio host in washington. welcome to both of you. larry, let me start with you. what do you think about hillary clinton? she had to say something. she had to address it in some way because they would keep hammering at her. how do you think she did? >> here is the irony of mrs. clinton's statement. she is the only one talking about herself right now if you go to or whatever she picked up all you'll see is requests for money, volunteers then her bio. that's it. there is nothing on her website about the issues. if you go to her rivals they are talking about issues. she is not even talking about issues. she is going to preprogrammed
11:34 am
audio anamatronic events. this well crafted response is not going to play very much longer if she won't talk to reporters. >> how much will this hurt her? how much does it stick? >> i mean look she is the only candidate there is to focus on at this time. it's not a surprise they are doing that. you also look at contrast to the republican party where there are many more candidates. there isn't a clear front-runner. shes are the only thing they have to run on. i think it makes a lot of sense. i think it was politically savvy to say let's focus on the issues. it's not something we haven't heard before by republicans or democrats. we have more history with hillary clinton. >> the point of my question is do you think this is a problem for her? we all look at this and you read it and say is it or is it not
11:35 am
something the american people are going to say, i'm not good with that? >> she is going to have -- she's got 19 months to go where all she will do is talk about issues she'll have a platform and debates and trying to position herself as a person of the middle class. >> what about the millions of dollars the foundation took while she was secretary of state? >> how do you complain about ceos and income inequality? >> shoo she looks like she made her millions in government. it was unstated quid pro quo because she was secretary of state. when she left that position the money dried up. that is a major allegation she must respond to. we would love to see that wasn't the case and there was no quid
11:36 am
pro quo but her hard drive with all her e-mails has been wiped clean. >> real quick. >> i would say most of the kids we are looking at are millionaires. >> that's not the point though. >> it is different kinds of business. >> i don't think scott walker is a millionaire. >> we'll have to check on that. >> let me ask about the republican field. it's crowded. how are you going to get all these people on one debate stage. it's highly likely some will drop out. if you were to say in your opinion who you think is crowding the field and maybe should go marjorie let's start with you. >> you probably think they all should go. >> no. i think it's good -- this is democracy. you want two candidates to work against. the reality is there are a number of candidates for example, scott walker who is
11:37 am
right now getting a lot of momentum and energy. he's got a history that will be hard to work around. marco rubio. he is running for vice president. he has a lot of the sam candidate as jeb bush. brings a lot of great things his position on immigration, for example, the latino vote in florida which bush has locked up. he has more of the history. cruz is going to be interesting to see whether he is able that tea party energy will be enough to bring him to the primary. rick perry, pure entertainment factor i want him there. >> the question is who do you think is the low hanging fruit who may say, not my turn this time? >> i love reality television. this is like the opening week of "survivor" and you start voting people off the island. i love bobby jindal. rick perry has a great track record but he is barely showing up because he had a bad showing last time. i want bobby jindal who have a
11:38 am
future in this party. he is not making a dent. unfortunately for his sake and his future he should back out and say this is not my time. >> who else? >> ben carson. i love ben carson's voice. he is not going to make an impact. mike huckabee and rick santorum they weren't able to get it when they had a weaker field to run against. they shouldn't be on that triple deck stage for the debate we are going to have to construct. >> it will be like what was it called with all the different xs and os. >> like "hollywood squares," absolutely. marjorie give me three who probably aren't going to make it? >> i don't think rick perry has a prayer or donald trump. those are my favorite entertainment factors. i want them there because it's fun. >> so do i. >> we'll make it an "american idol" stage. i agree on bobby jindal.
11:39 am
great guy but not the time. >> we can agree joe biden has to get in on the democrat side. talk about entertainment value. can we agree on that? >> i agree. >> think of all the pacifiers out there thank you, guys. california requires school kids to have a little more than three hours of gym class every ten days. not every district was playing ball on this so to speak, prompting an unprecedented class action lawsuit against dozens of school districts. now they are going to bump up the phys ed program. claudia is live in california with more on this. >> reporter: this lawsuit contends that physical education was getting short tripped, pushed aside for core academics and relentless efforts by fools to boost test scores. most districts agreed they could do a better job fitting p.e. in
11:40 am
a school day. some question whether a class action lawsuit on taxpayer dime is the best approach? elementary schools are required to shape young minds and young bodies. bay area attorney john driscoll sued more than 35 california school districts claiming half a million kids including his own son were not getting exercise. >> experts say that's important. the school districts should do it. >> reporter: oakland admits it didn't track p.e. time correctly. >> people were considering that recess would qualify as enough physical exercise to meet the physical ed requirements. >> reporter: to avoid long legal battles, most districts agree to implement new standards. critics say schools paid valuable funds and driscoll was
11:41 am
paid millions in attorneys' fees. he doesn't deny. >> this doesn't support schools and teachers. it penalizes them for doing something they were never given the resources to do well in the first place. >> reporter: driscoll said he had no choice. >> it became apparent from the administrators they were not going to do anything. unless i required them to. >> reporter: he filed all lawsuits just for the money, driscoll says he is giving some of his attorney's fees to a nonprofit that supports p.e. programs. >> thank you claudia. let's check in with shepard smith live from the fox news desk. >> we are getting word an air strike almost took out the main guy over isis. he was hurt so badly, he is no longer in control. the pentagon won't confirm that and it's not the first time we've seen reports like this. we'll talk with the author of a ground breaking article, what
11:42 am
isis really wants and what's next for the group. >> tv's dr. oz under fire from fellow doctors calling him a quack and fraud. now we are seeing leaked e-mails from dr. oz discussing ways to use his show to promote his health products. we'll have the e-mails plus the response from dr. oz at the top of the hour. >> look forward to that shepard. thank you. a fight over the american flag. this is a crazy scene. air force veterans trying to save it. she wound up under arrest. how does that happen? one of the world's best-known legends, personal favorite, the loch ness monster.
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clicking on today. police in pennsylvania looking for a woman who used a shopping cart as a get away car. surveillance video shows she was loading up on groceries at the walmart and used the cart to sgrip zip across the parking lot. >> google maps helping search for the loch ness monster. >> firefighters make an unusual save in louisiana. rescuing a duck that somehow got stuck in a fireplace. officials say it took more than two hours to safely remove the bird. well done. an air force veteran led away in handcuffs arrested for protecting the american flag after being trampled on by protesters on a georgia college campus. trace gallagher is live with more on that. >> reporter: militia ole is now in the headlines for her patriotism. eight years ago she was accused
11:47 am
of being disrespectful in the military. her air force career suddenly ended after she appeared in "playboy." she posed in uniform and out of uniform without her superior's knowledge. at the time she said she dreamed of posing in "playboy" because it was a great magazine for models. as part of a peta campaign she posed nude draped in an american flag saying the picture was a sign of respect to the flag claiming if we lose all our material possessions, we still have our freedom. when she heard students in georgia were demonstrating by walking on the flag her plan was to simply grab the flag and leave. it wasn't so simple. watch this. >> if it's been torn or rip, it needs to be properly disposed of. >> we'll take care of that. >> this belongs to the united states. it's not yours. >> hold on. >> she took off and was confronted by demonstrators and campus police.
11:48 am
after refusing to give back the flag michelle manhart was arrested. her daughter videotaped the whole thing. she told fox and friends she stands by her actions. >> let the students continue but let's have respect for our men and women, our soldiers our firefighters our police officers. they get wrapped in this flag when they are laid to rest. this flag flies high all across america to show respect for our freedom. >> she has been slapped with a lifetime ban from valdaso state. >> thank you. raising awareness on a huge threat. combatting post traumatic stress. coming up efforts to give back to our nation's heroes. ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes
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the armed forces foundation continuing its good work of raising awareness for our military heroes. the a schltfa helps veterans. in 2014 hit the lowest part of his life and tried to take his own life. his wife was able to save his life. bobby is getting treatment he needs and now he and kia are helping fellow veterans and their families do the same through the aff. happy to be joined today by actor frankie muniz and got to know them through this work. you're a great talent thank you, and we're happy you're bringing attention to this issue. tell me how did you first become aware of this issue? what first drew you into it?
11:53 am
i'm sure you have a lot of different people who want your time and attention to what they're doing? >> i had the opportunity to meet bobby and kia at a car auction in scottsdale arizona earlier this year. after hearing their story, hear's bobby's story i was inspired to become involved and top raise awareness of ptsd and traumatic brain injury. it's such an important thing. a lot of people can see obviously the physical injuries war causes but people don't see the psychological issues that may happen with traumatic brain injury and all that. so getting to see that and become aware, you know i just wanted to help spread the message as best i could. super important. >> what touched you when you heard his story and there's so much more awareness of this story. what don't people get about how hard it is for our veterans? >> i don't think people really get to hear the stories that often are and that kind of
11:54 am
awareness is super important. you know? and getting to see it. because people who aren't over there, who rrnaren't over there fighting a war for us an important amazing thing for us don't know what it's like so it's hard to see the down sides or something that would happen with someone who's suffering from ptsd. so you know i just want to raise awareness and do whatever we can so people can see the telltale signs and get help with families and friends and everything to help our veterans. like bobby and kia who are here with me right now. >> we'll pan over an take a peek. we know they are there with you and we wish them well. just seeing them together is so inspiring, and frankie, tell us about their relationship and kia, obviously the wives and families and support system are such an important element of all of this? >> really, the family is the most important element. you know they're the ones who basically have to come home and take care of the veterans.
11:55 am
you know? the doctors rrnaren't always there. it is the family element, the we've, the mother the family and friends, the support system that really helps them get through their day. so kea, you know luckily, you know at a nick of time came and found bobby and he's here with us now and we're so appreciative of her and him and everything that he's done, and we hope more families can continue to fight, you know because it is a fight. it's hard to understand why maybe a veteran comes home and is angry or mad or things set them off, but it's about staying calm and being that support system they really really need and i'm happy to be here and really looking forward to the future with the armed forces foundation and helping spread nor awareness every day. >> thank you, frankie muniz, and to them as well for being there today. a quick break and be right back with more.
11:56 am
thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote.
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o'reilly here. 's the catholic bishop supporting the iran's nuke deal.
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why? an investigation. also are machines the net in social media corrupting morals of young americans? next "factor." have mercy. the gang is getting back together. uncle jesse, a/k/a john stamos confirming a "full house" reboot spin-off calls "fuller house" revolving around the adult lives of the children and their friend. netflix ordered up to 15 of those episodes set to go live next we're. more of that. right? which sitcom would you like to see make a comeback and what changes would you make? rich wants to see "the honeymooners." ralph would strike it rich with a wacky ideas. and also zombies and tina wants to see an update of "the monkees" using the band american secrets because she thinks they're hysterical.
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nate would like to see a republican version of "the west wing." interesting idea. and mike would remake "cheers" set in o'brien's pub, he is farm familiar with from california. more interesting characters. thanks for being part of our story today. here's shep. are the feds about to give iran a $50 billion signing bonus for a nuclear deal? $50 billion? and what for exactly? the state department is now responding. we'll bring you that. plus hillary clinton, of course facing the accusations they did political favors for foreigners in exchange for cash donations to her family's foundation. but her aides say consider the source of those accusations. and are there any hard facts to back it up? we go live to the campaign trail. so let's get to it. and first on the deck this tuesday afternoon, word now an air strike nearly


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