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tv   FOX News Reporting The Tangled Clinton Web  FOX News  April 26, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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affect her jewel jewelry or any of their mansions around the world. we'll be back with more "justice "jus thank you for the work that amsterdam has done. i thank the abu dhabi global initiative for bringing us all here. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. >> the clintons have been cashing in. >> they took in something like $136 million. >> but have they also been selling out? >> everybody walked away from the table that night with something. >> reporter: the clinton's influence is spelled all over the globe. >> bill clinton did a good job. >> it sounds like there's a but here. >> will it all come back to haunt hillary? >> we are talking about iranians we are talking about
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russian government. >> we'll be subjected to all kinds of distraction and attacks. i'm ready for that. >> fox news reports, "the tangled clinton web." from washington d.c. bret baier. >> behind me is a city with more concentrated power than anywhere in the world. washington. and hillary clinton lost her top job in town. ever since she announced her candidacy for president, her path has attracted new scrutiny. one aspect of her record is that she and husband bill have spent years making millions. and handing out even more to various causes. they say they're doing good work but some people now claim their activities raise questions of influenced pedaling on a global stand. tonight we'll look at those charges. this is a story that goes around the world. we'll start in haiti.
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january 12 2010 haiti suffers a devastating 7.0 earthquake. more than 200,000 die and over 100,000 builds and homes are destroyed. within four days u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton arrives to survey the damage. >> i want to assure the people of haiti that the united states is a friend a partner and a supporter. >> two days later former president clinton was on the ground. >> i hope that they'll rebuilt in a more stronger and sustainable way. >> bill clinton was previously named the u.s. specials envoy for haiti. he and hillary had special ties for the country, even honeymooning there. the united states agency for
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international development would oversee america's relief effort. the government of haiti set up the ihrc interim haiti recovery commission to coordinate. two men were named co-chairs of the ihrc executive committee. the haitian prime minister joe max belaree and bill clinton himself. the idea was not just to fix things but improve them. in an interview with "esquire" bill clinton said wouldn't it be great if they became the first wireless nation in the world. they could, i'm telling you, they really could. but it wasn't at all clear that the people of haiti would be the big winners in the disaster relief gold rush. >> any time there's a natural disaster anywhere there is a lot of money potentially to be made in reconstruction contract and relief contract et cetera. >> peter schweitzer is the new
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author of the book "clinton cash" where he talks about the snarl and personal interest that came to characterize the clinton's interaction around the world. "clinton cash" is published by harper collins, a sister company to fox news. >> shortly after the earthquake took place, the ambassador in haiti sent a memo entitled the gold rush is on. it was about businessmen showing up in haiti trying to seek lucrative contracts. >> it was the job of the ihrc to oversee this process and to ensure no one took advantage of the situation. but what if it was part of the problem? >> a number of members of the ihrc actually wrote a letter expressing their concerns they were not involved in the process, that all the decisions were being made by clinton and belaree, and they argued that the national priorities of haiti were being totally disregarded
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by the decisions that were being made. >> as haiti dug itself out of the rubble many projects were initiated often with u.s. money and a connection to the clintons. for instance there was the haitian mobile money initiative where a much-needed system was created to help transfer money via cell phones. there was also a plan to raise money by exploding haiti's rich mineral well, the haitian government announces that they're going to offer two so-called gold exploitation permits. the first issued in 50 years in haiti that would allow for the extraction of the gold mines in the country. >> perhaps the most celebrated project of all was the coal industrial farm. >> what is happening here is already having a grippal effect that will create jobs and opportunities far beyond this industrial park. >> the grand opening was a big deal. you had bill clinton there, you had hillary clinton there, you
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had donna karen, the fashion designer you had ben stillar, sean penn a lot of people showed up to say how wonderful this facility was going to be for everybody. >> but as all the projects moved forward, the central question remained. how so many of these deals seemed to come back at some point to the clintons. >> what quickly became apparent to many people was that if you wanted a contract and wanted to do business in haiti, you had to have a relationship with the clintons. that was absolutely the case. >> the company that cleaned up on the cell phone transfers was digicel. >> in the six months running up to 2012 they took in close to $50 million in revenue in haiti. >> digicel is run by millionaire dennis o'brien who set up numerous speeches for bill clinton as well as donating
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millions of his own money to the clinton foundation. and one company that gold a bare permit was bcs mining that didn't have much mining experience but soon could have hillary clinton's brother, tony rodham on the board. as for the industrial park the anchored tenant is a korean manufacturer that supplies major u.s. retailers, who also happen to be big clinton supporters. and while the state department promised 65,000 jobs to date only 5,000 have been delivered. as for those other projects they didn't exactly work out as promised. we'll go into depth on that later in the program. but first, though bill clinton may have left office a while ago, he and hillary's influence is still felt worldwide. and their fingers are in a whole lot of pie. when we return we look into this world of clinton clout.
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sears optical to catch yourself with the clinton story, here's ed henry. >> my fellow citizens tonight is my last opportunity to speak to you from the oval office as your president. >> january 2001 bill clinton had completed two terms as president but he's got bills to pay. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. it was not easy. bill has worked really hard. >> that he had, traveling around the world making speeches of up to $750,000 a pop. hillary clinton has also made six-figure sums for her personal appearances. >> the clintons particularly after bill left office, went from dead broke to fabulously wealthy. their income in the 12 years
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following his exit of the presidency up to 2012 they took in something like $136 million. >> peter schweitzer is the author of "clinton cash" due out on may 5th. >> it came from book sources and other deals of income. the bottom line is nobody else in political history went close from being dead broke to fabulously wealthy in a short period of time. >> when confronted of all that income in an interview with abc news' diane sawer, hillary explained. >> i thought making speeches with us much better than being connected with one group or company as so many people who leave public life do. >> but there was also an organization that the clintons set up with an ambitious global agenda. an entity that would take in far more money than bill and hillary's income combined. people walking past this building in the heart of manhattan probably have no idea who the tenant is on the 17th floor. that's because there's no sign
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indicating it's the world headquarters of the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation. he's not president yet, but still the clinton foundation represents sort of a power that was founded in 2001 as the william j. clinton presidential foundation with the state admission partially government and private resources to attack hunger poverty, climate change and disease. in other words, basically solving the world's problems. >> together we can be there for all of our neighbors around the block, around the country and around the world. >> i am enormously proud of him. >> a former adviser to the clinton administration. >> he can go anywhere in the world and virtually no one else can do. >> as it happened the clinton's new project situated them at the
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next global influence and power. >> you have to start with people. you have to give them a chance to live the best life they can. >> tennessee it's been estimated that the foundation can raise more than a billion dollars. >> the concern is that the contributions to the clinton foundations for these speaking fees are being provided not simply out of the kind upness of the heart of these individuals, but because they want something from the clintons. and my contention is there seems to be a pattern of behavior in which they are actually giving those individuals what they want. >> many high-ranking politicians in both parties have set up foundations, but the clintons are a power couple unlike any the world has ever seen. for not only is bill an ex-president already a powered broker, but in hillary they have someone who was a senator and then a secretary of state, and who might be president. >> clinton foundation i have questions on that topic. >> like a lot of folks, i have
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some concerns. >> there's a conflict of interest between his work in the foundations and the duties of the secretary of state. >> such a situation makes sense there would be a fear of influencing. >> the obama transition team was concerned about the fact there had been such a large flow of funds to the foundation and to their personal account because of the speaking fees. so they wanted to set up a structure of accountability. >> this let to a menmorandum which had a specific requirement for both clintons. >> one was to inclose all contributions to the clinton foundation. the second was that any foreign government funds or foreign government businesses that were going to donate to their foundation would require prior approval department. and then a third requirement was that bill clinton's speeches or consulting arrangements he would
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have also needed to be vetted by the state department. >> hillary became secretary of state and the clinton foundation continued to do its work but suspicion lingered. >> people who were writing the large checks they weren't getting access to a former president and and then secretary of state, what were they getting? >> they were getting the ability to participate in large scale, social welfare programs in their home countries or regions of interest or importance to them. to change the world and to be a partner with the president of the united states? the former secretary of state on life-changing endeavors. >> the bottom line is the clintons have been called lots of things by their friends and enemies over the years. the one phrase i have never seen associated with the clintons is the word naive. when we return we'll look at what the clinton foundation is doing around the world. char
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the dealings of bill and hillary are part of what peter schweitzer calls the clinton blur a mix of money and politics diplomacy and personal interest. all so interconnected that it is easy to get lost. >> it's so hard when you look at the clintons to try to figure out where the charity ends and begins where their profit making ends and begins and where their official power as secretary of state or senator ends and begins. and the problem is they all get blurred together. >> to put together his book "clinton cash," schweitzer and his team spent a year unraveling the tangled web. he took us through a number of
2:21 am
these cases. for instance there's money from the middle east. >> the united arab emirates wants to have a close relationship with the united states. and in 2011 they are under pressure from the obama administration and hillary clinton's state department because of iran's sanction. and that is certain eau companies are continuing to transfer from u.s. shipment points to iran. >> okay so fast forward a couple months. >> on december 12th you have the foreign minister of the united arab emirates flying to washington, d.c. to meet with the secretary of state, hillary clinton, over some troubling issues. that very same day the foreign minister's brother is paying bill clinton half a million dollars for a speech in abu dhabi. >> they did not put out a formal
2:22 am
about the president's speech but they put out charitables from around the world. there's money from europe. >> beginning in 2009 the sweder telecom company ericsson is coming under pressure for selling to oppressive governments around the world. in the midst of all of it they decide to pay bill clinton to give a speech for the first time ever. they pay him a whopping $750,000. >> soon after hillary clinton's state department urged new, broader sanctions against iran. but the guidelines did not include telecom. ericsson did not agree to our interview, but they said it should be seen in light of clinton's fact that he had to travel to hong kong for the event and that the event spanned two days. the company insists that the conversation regarding iran had
2:23 am
no impact on the decision. there's money from south america. in june 2010 bill clinton was in columbia. >> bill clinton meets with the then president of colombia to discuss matters in private. what is curious is that hillary clinton is in colombia at the same time. after bill leaves the presidential palace hillary clinton comes in and has lunch with the president of colombia where she signed some technical agreements and explains her commitment to a free trade agreement between colombia and the united states. >> the very same trade agreement she had pledged to defeel while running for president in 2008. >> as i have said for months i oppose the deal i have spoken out against the deal i will vote against the deal and i will do everything i can to urge the congress to reject the colombian free trade deal. >> also in colombia with bill clinton was frank justra a billionaire businessman and
2:24 am
family friend we'll meet again. let's go down the timeline as you have it. >> frank justra a canadian billionaire arrives in colombia with bill clinton on june 8, 2010. hillary at that same time meets with president arebe. what is troubling is that in the days that follow one of the largest contributors to the clinton foundation sees not one, not two but actually three of his companies give major confessions from the government in colombia. >> president uribe never responded to our questions on the money in the deal. >> and saudi arabia announces with london that he's going to be contributing $20 million to the clinton foundation. this raises a lot of questions with ethiopian troops in the west. because they are very concerned about the repressive government in ethiopia and the fact that
2:25 am
sheikh a lrksl amoody does not -- they say explicitly we have reason to believe that the huge donation to the clinton foundation was made on behalf of the ethiopian government. when hillary clinton became secretary of state, she granted them a waiver which allowed them to continue with u.s. assistance. >> mohammad al modi told us she does not give interviews but gave us a fact sheet of what he has given to aids awareness. these are just a few of the stories he documents in his book. >> he sees around 200,000 a
2:26 am
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so far we've seen stories of the clinton blur as often as peter schweitzer puts it wheeling and dealing to mix politics and lots of cold hard cash. in this process the clintons allegedly use their influence to raise funds for both themselves and causes supported by their foundation. all while asserting the rules by doing favors for their benefactors. these favors aren't the shady deals. with the clout of the clintons they can have far-reaching effects on the international scene. consider the stunning case of
2:30 am
kazakhstan and how american you uranium ended up in the hands of the russians. remember the clinton's friend? >> september 6, 2005 the canadian investor has been trying to get control to buy a couple you couple uranium mines and he became partners with bill clinton working on these activities. >> this came to us about the idea of creating an initiative to eliminate poverty. >> reporter: furthermore, frank has been involved to speaking engagements for the clintons. >> it's a fascinating story because everybody walked away from the table that night with something. >> the story caught the attention of pulitzer prize winning new york times reporter
2:31 am
joe becker. >> what the president got was this huge propaganda. bill clinton basically endorsed this progress that kazakhstan had made in terms of their own democracy, which is interesting because the president won 90% of the vote with an election that is highly looking to be rigged. he praises this rule and praises this human rights practice but the bottom line is after they leave a couple of days later frank justra issues a small number of uranium investments. >> his company was like a player and really had gone from the worthless shell company overnight. he got the huge mining deal and
2:32 am
soon after that bill clinton got a huge donation $31,000, to his foundation followed by a pledge to donate $100 million. >> our calls to the kazakhstan embassy were not returned. we talked to frank justra who considers this an old story and says he's not interested in poll politics. meanwhile, they say no undue service was exerted in kazakhstan because the deal did not require the kazakhstan's government approval. >> the problem is there are corporate records that indicate very clearly kazakhstan's government had to sign off and approve. which is what we're looking at here. the memorandum of a bunch of what between the min city of energy and the atomic agency in
2:33 am
kazakhstan's government. so there's no way they can argue that the government was not a party to the negotiations. they were in this agreement. >> and there's a postscript to the kazakhstan -- >> this is a u.s. company that works in the civilian nuclear field. >> when you have a sensitive industry like westinghouse's involvement in the nuclear industry that requires review by the u.s. government. >> so the potential investors came to america to see the man who couldn't make things happen. >> we used to arrange for kazakhstan officials to go to bill clinton's house. when i first contacted both the clinton foundation the clinton spokesman, and mr. justra they denied any such meeting took place. when we said well, we already talked to the let of told us all about the meeting has a picture
2:34 am
of bill and him at the and it was probably acknowledged on his wall. and then they acknowledged yes, the meeting had taken place. >> so what happened to the company that benefited from the deal in kazakhstan? after a merger it became a uranium giant, but uranium won. and then the us ares bought it. >> uranium one was important. in 2008 and 2009 they attracted the russian government. they would acquire 50% of projected uranuum output in 2015. >> in other words russia controls what was projected to be up to half of america's uranium. >> does secretary clinton happen
2:35 am
to be in this? >> as senator clinton was vigorously opposed to these buys from countries into the u.s. >> that's a great point, bret. remember the divide ports deal which she was opposed to. >> we believe no foreign governments should control our parts. in this case we're talking about uranium and things relating to the nuclear industry. we are talking about the russian government. >> which already provides equipment and material to iran. >> that's correct. >> just how deeply those uranium interests were invested in the clintons was not disclosed by them or their foundation. schweitzer learned about that by scouring canadian tax records. so let's go to the >> that is an entity in canada who is the chairman of uranium
2:36 am
one, the russian-owned uranium company. in 2007 he made an individual contribution to the clinton foundation. the problem is based on canadian tax records, in this particular case made a payment of $250,000 to the clinton sustainable gross initiative. they are required to tell their numbers. you are talking 2 million dollars. when you go to the clinton foundation website itself on disclosures and type in fernwood you find no contributions listed whatsoever. >> uranium one and ian tellper declined to comment. this is a russian company essentially controlled by vladimir putin will now be in charge of a large portion of america's uranium.
2:37 am
russian sends it to the state of iran. so american uranium could very well be sent to the nation we are negotiating with to try to slow instability. after the break, we return to haiti to see how relief from the [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones
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>> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >>
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earlier we looked at the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in haiti and the various rebuilding projects. but five years later, what are the results? our john roberts traveled from one end of haiti to the other to find the answer. this is the home of the prime minister of haiti in 2010 when the devastating earthquake hit. together with former president bill clinton he headed up the commission that had a big say in much of the billions of dollars pouring into haiti would eventually be spent. he explained to me the importance of having bill clinton on the commission. >> jean-max bellerive. we needed a tribe of people to keep haiti in the news. >> and was bill clinton that image you needed to sell haiti?
2:42 am
>> the one we think of all the time because he was already involved in haiti. i believe in his role of the president of the commission he did well. >> but you said that you believe bill clinton did a good job. there sounds like there's a but -- >> there's a but, only one. but not all linked to him. perhaps where i think too much of bill clinton, so perhaps you are leaning too much in what he could bring. >> much good work has been done in haiti, no question. debris has been removed, houses have been built and roads have been repaired but to peter schweitzer, there are certain projects that need more scrutiny. projects the clintons got behind. you would expect there to be high standards of transparency high standards of accountable
2:43 am
and ethical standards that would prevent you from giving contracts or concessions or benefits to people who are putting money in your pocket. >> for instance there's the story of digicel. almost anywhere you go you'll see signs of digicel, the top telecom company. the reason they have such prominence is that they have high friends in high places. they allowed friends and relatives to send money into the ravaged nation. the problem is the chief beneficiary from the clinton's initiative is a company called digicel owned by dennis o'brien. >> o'brien is an irish billionaire who made his money in the telecom industry. >> shortly after the clintons began reconstruction in haiti and began handing out contracts, sometimes that period of 2010 and 2011 he mad a multimillion dollar contribution to the
2:44 am
clinton foundation. >> there were also speeches. >> bill clinton gets paid to give three lucrative speeches which are arranged by dennis o'brien. >> but the money flowed in both directions. >> two of the speeches bill clinton did are sandwiched around digicell had a grant to the workers as part of the foundation in jamaica. >> still the biggest profit is the tens of millions of dollars digicel got in the haiti deal. >> it allowed them to become the biggest player by far in the haitian mobile phone network. >> we requested an interview with dennis o'brien who declined to speak with us. for such a small improv rushed country, haiti actually has very valuable mineral deposits.
2:45 am
i'm standing on what could one day be an open bit gold and silver mine. estimates are there could be more than $150 million worth of ore in these hills. it's been 50 years since haiti gave out open permits, but when it did in 2012, guess who got it? >> when to the company called vcs mining. they had very little experience in mining to begin with. this was potentially a very lucrative concession. >> so why was the this company given such a prized confession? peter schweitzer thinks he knows and it has something to do with hillary clinton's brother. >> tony rodham meets the executives in september of 2012 at a clinton global initiative seminar. thee months later the global permit is granted to vcs mining. literally within the year tony
2:46 am
rodham is placed on the list. >> tony rodham did not return our phone calls. we did speak to the ceo of vcs mining who maintains there's no connection between the permit and rodham's seat on the board. of all the projects the one that probably made the biggest splash was the industrial park. and in the end, it may have been the biggest disappointment. it's located 85 miles north of port-au-prince. far from the damage caused by the earthquake. according to the state department it was designed to create up to 65,000 jobs. in october of 2012 bill and hillary along with haitian heads of state were there. >> the plan was ambitious. the u.s. taxpayer money was billed in to build housing and
2:47 am
infrastructure in the area. more than 100 million dollars was committed for this effort. >> reporter: building up the area meant first kicking out the farmer who has been there for generations. their heartlands were bulldozed. were people frightened? upset? >> everybody was basically in shock. not understanding what was going on with their hands in the air and screaming and crying. >> did you talk to them? did you ask them what they were doing? >> there were people with guns apparently to force them to leave the area so they couldn't do much from the distance. >> how many people are worse off since the industrial park was built? we did contact the biggest textile company but so far they haven't gotten back to us about paying them a visit. i was able to work on this.
2:48 am
he works from 6:45 in the morning until 5:00 p.m. getting paid in 225 gourds a day. >> because of the lack of jobs and availability in this country. he pretty much has to see that. >> how would you describe the working conditions? >> conditions are tough. in addition to the workload and what they are getting paid they can take the position. >> he's hoping the future holds more for him, but right now there are only 5,000 paying jobs not near as many as expected. the state department says those jobs will improve.
2:49 am
in the meantime who is benefiting? >> the three biggest beneficiaries are three retailing companies closely tied to the clintons. gap, target and walmart. >> a lot of money was given to haiti after the earthquake. much of it was tut to good use. but according to peter schweitzer it was too easy to line the pockets of people with clinton connection. when we return hillary is running. will any of this come back to haunt her? the new s6 hits the stores and i'm like... whoa. open the box and... (sniffing) new phone smell. jump on a video chat with my friend. he's a real fan boy, so i can't wait to show this off. picture is perfect. i got mine at verizon. i... didn't. it's buffering right out of the box he was impressed. i couldn't be happier. couldn't see him but i could hear
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as a presidential candidate hillary clinton offers something new, and different she'd be the first female
2:53 am
president. also offers something many deem too familiar. she's a politician with a long history. pundits are asking how her past may affect the future. >> i'm getting ready to do something too. i'm running for president. >> one of her big decisions was to quit the clinton foundation. she said she was leaving to focus on the new, all-encompassing endeavor. >> a few days later they changed their policy regarding donations from foreign governments the foundation will only take contributions from friendly western governments like canada and germany. there could still be donations from the canadian chairman of
2:54 am
the russian-owned company. but as hillary was disstancing herself from the foundation, with the cash shaping up to be a political bomb shell. she reported to a reporter's inquiries. by brushing aside claims. >> we're back into the political season. and therefore, we will be subjected to all kinds of distractions, and attacks. >> people are going to have to believe that all of this is on the up and up and nobody is trying to buy influence and this is fine. or there is going to be a suspicion hanging over her. >> people are questioning clinton's trust worthiness. m in a fox news poll 51% said
2:55 am
they did not feel she was honest. and this is before the revelations about the clinton foundation were making headlines. in a speech in georgetown bill clinton avoided the controversy. >> for obvious reasons i don't plan to talk much about electoral policies. >> the clinton camp is preparing for an onslaught. >> we're not big on clinton in our family. >> on april 23rd clinton campaign press secretary offered a denial of charges made in a "new york times" story about uranium one, stating, skoet, no one one produced a shred of evidence hillary clinton ever took action to support the interest of donors. to suggest the state department exerted undue influence in the u.s. government's review of the
2:56 am
sale of uranium one is utterly baseless and there may be legal peril facing clintons down the road. >> she's not detected bit fact her husband's foundation but spouses interests are attributed to each other. that is neither excuse nor defense. >> this controversy does not seem to be likely to go away soon. >> too much media reported on this to make this go away. new york times is not not involved in the conspiracy. news reports of the "wall street journal" are not. and certainly, we're not. >> clintons are no strangers to controversies. bill rode out more than a few in his day. if charges gain traction will hillary be as lucky? or will people worry another clinton administration could
2:57 am
mean influence pedalling on a scale never before imagined? either way, the clintons seem to be aware this is a question demanding a response. that is our show. thanks for watching. my name's louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had tried to do it in the past. i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because i got a prescription for chantix. along with support chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. the fact that it reduced the urge to smoke helped me get that confidence that i could do it. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you notice any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don' take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix.
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hello, friends, and good morning. today, is sunday 26th of april, 2015. i'm anna kooiman, a fox news alert. the massive search to pull survivors from the rubble of a devastating earthquake. nearly 2,000 victims killed including americans trapped on mount everyiest, the breaking details straight ahead. what began as a peaceful march soon turned into this. >> [ bleep ]. looting, burning, violence, protests turning bad over the death


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