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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 26, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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kill you. >> that's going to do it for us. >> "sunday house call" every sunday with all this great advice. thank you, as always, for watching. the death toll from the devastating earthquake in nepal continues to climb. now, topping 2500 and thousands more injured. major after shocks rock the region as rescue operations get under way. the crews doing the desperate work of searching for survivors. a live report. a solution to a nationwide problem. operation drawbridge trying to close the door on drug cartels and illegal immigrants. meanwhile, the fight in federal court continues over president obama's executive action on immigration. the man at the center of the debate texas governor greg abbott joins us live. and the supreme court is ready to hear arguments in one of the most watched and hotly debated cases in years, same sex marriage.
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will the court leave the decision up to the states or make same sex marriage legal coast to coast? hope you're having a great sunday. thanks for spending with us. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> i'm shannon bream. we begin with the very latest on what is being called the most powerful earthquake to hit nepal in more than 80 years. the death toll now rising to more than 2500 people. among the dead three americans, that's according to the state department. we learned one of those is google executive dan friedenburg, climbing mount everest at the time of the the quake. tremor and after shocks are hampering rescue efforts. meanwhile, survivors are still in shock.
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>> suddenly i heard a very big noise. i thought it was big birds. i was afraid. i didn't understand. and immediately, come with me just protect us and push you out on the ground. i really save her life. >> my father got injured. i lost my daughter. i broke my leg. it is very difficult now. and i have nothing with me. >> as i stood talking on the road suddenly there was an earthquake. there was a house in front of me which collapsed. i got injured. i don't know how i survived. >> david piper joins us now with the latest. hello, david. >> hi shannon. yes, rescue teams and aid are now pouring into nepal, but it is becoming a race against time to get help to so many people affected by that earthquake. and there was a powerful aftershock felt today across the region causing more avalanches on mount everest.
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6.7 magnitude tremor sensored only 40 miles from nepal's capital katmandu and caused panic among the survivors of saturday's quake. people have been living on the streets because of the fear of aftershocks. nepal is a popular tourist destination, and travelers have been trying to escape the country in the wake of the quake. the death toll from the original quake on saturday could still rise. some remote areas near the epicenter remain cut off because many roads are blocked because of landslides. the nepalese authorities are continuing to struggle to cope with the number of injured arriving in hospitals in the capital katmandu. 17 people were also killed by avalanches on mount everest. the climbers' main base camp was hit hard and the copters have been transporting the injured down from the mountain. >> we were able to establish a connection with people up on the mountain. everybody is down safe. nobody is up on the mountain.
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everybody is safe. the weather doesn't seem to be getting any better and tremors keep coming here again and again. >> reporter: the scale of the disaster is really overwhelmed the government of nepal. they have apeeld forpealed for help from the international community and many are helping, the u.s. pledged money and sent disaster relief teams. back to you. >> david piper with the latest on the earthquake. we'll keep tracking it. thank you, david. among those offering prayers to the victims of the quake is pope francis. as he led prayers in st. peters square today, the pontiff called for help for the survivors. he said he was praying for the victims, the injured and, quote, all those who are suffering from this clam terre.alamitycalamity. he send his condolences yesterday. it is being called a
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possible clinton quid pro quo. allegations that bill and hillary clinton exchanged favors for foreign donations and inflated speaking fees while mrs. clinton was secretary of state. peter schweitzer author of the book "clinton cash" spoke out on fox news sunday this morning, while clinton's insider lani davis offered a defense of the couple. doug is tracking it all. >> one of the issues raising serious concern about the nextus of the donations to the clintons is how fees paid to the former president for his speeches abroad escalated dramatically after his wife became secretary of state. the fees were often paid by governments and foreign entities with crucial business with the state department. the author of clinton cash said the former president was rewarded at least 11 times with speaking fees of $500,000 from foreign entities after 2009 when
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his wife was in the position of secretary of state. is it coincidence in a pattern we see repeated dozens of times where large clinton supporters are -- have business before the state department make large payments and favorable actions are taken? i don't think that coincidences occur that frequently. >> clinton supporter and long time defender lanny davis told chris wallace that the former president and his wife religiously had a wall between them when she was secretary of state. >> i don't think but for a few inadvertent errors they ever violated the agreement on transparency and taking money from foreign governmenters. >> just today, the clinton foundation issued a statement about tax mistakes and admitted to making with donations to the foundation it said and this was a quote. yes, we made mistakes as many organizations of our size do. we're acting quickly to remedy them and have taken steps to ensure they don't happen in the future. we're committed to operating the
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foundation responsibly and effectively to continue the life changing work that this philanthropy is doing every day. the foundation added that since secretary clinton decided to add for president, it is disclosing all donors on a quarterly, not yearly basis and will only accept funding from the governments of australia, canada, the nernltherlands, norway and the united kingdom. >> much more to come on this doug thank you. for more on the controversy, watch the "the tangled clinton web" anchored by beth air. you can see it right here on fox news. i want to hear from you at home on this. is it time to launch a formal investigation into the money coming from foreign donors to the clinton foundation and what the clinton foundation did afterwards? tweet us. we'll read all of those tweets and share some of your thoughts
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coming up later in the show. you might call it a pilgrimage one of many to iowa. this weekend, they're lining up there for a turn to speak at the faith and freedom coalition. this is a chance to not only woo party activists but the important voters. john roberts is live in iowa for us. is there a common theme or everybody has their own message? >> reporter: everybody had their own message, but there were a lot of common threads that ran through what they were saying. value voters an important voting bloc. they made up 60% of caucusgoers. and the candidates rolled out themes bread and butter issues talking about jobs the which, foreign policy the criticism of the obama presidency but a lot of talk about religious freedoms
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last night with the supreme court to hearing oral arguments. urging christians to fight to defend religious freedom. it was a theme that was also highlighted by louisiana governor bobby jindal last night and in a new york times open-ed on thursday thursday. >> there used to be a bipartisan consensus that americans had the right to live their lives according to sincerely held religious beliefs. but the most in indiana was not only that you had leaders giving in but big businesses aligning themselves with the radical level. >> another favorite topic gay marriage, which is at the root of the argument of religious freedom. everyone i talked to said they
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would likely attend one. here is what former arkansas governor mike huckabee told me. >> it would be always about who invited me. why did you invite me? and are these close friends. i think all of us have people we worked with who are gay, we have friends who are gay. >> so you consider it? >> i would consider always affirming a friend. i wouldn't affirm their ceremony. >> where do some of the other candidates stand on it? some have attended receptions for gay wedding. rick perry would likely attend one but don't ask me to officiate it. the only person saying they would absolutely -- is rick santorum. >> thanks john appreciate it. this week the senate will debate a bipartisan bill that gives congress input regarding any final nuclear deal with
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iran. president obama reluctantly backed the bill but amendments to cause him to yank the support leaving congress out of the loop altogether. senator fisher joins us live. this is an issue of great importance you're tackling this week after the initial measure passed through the committee. let's talk about this amendment process. the president has sort of begrudgingly given his approval to the way it is now. will this change what hasas been drafted so far? >> it is the duty of the united states senate to open up this process, to have amendments and debate. i guess i think the president has done a vote count. he realizes after the negotiations became known to members of congress after we had a briefing by secretary of state john kerry this became more of a
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bipartisan concern in the way the negotiations were going. it came out of committee and came out unanimously. we'll follow our process and see how that bill takes shape. >> what do you make of the fact that the iranian leaders talk about what has and hasn't been negotiated so far and what our government is saying. the deal has to include on day one all sanctions are lifted. to doesn't sound like something congress would want to go along with. >> we hear two different things from our side the administration and something different from the supreme leader. we found out these allegations were not set. the administration refers to it as a framework. i would have thought there would have been more concrete in that framework when it was presented now to congress.
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i'm very concerned. i'm waiting to see what else the supreme leader will come up with that he will demand of this administration. i hope we will remain firm in what we have for our negotiations. the infrastructure that he has has nuclear capabilities will remain in tact. we'll see over 5,000 centrifuges continue. they're going to put the rest in mothballs won't won't dismantle them. i'm pleased on a bipartisan basis congress knows and is involved. >> last night at the white house, the president talked about jason from the washington post charged and is being held in iran. we know there is a u.s. citizen who is being held in an iranian prison as well. how much pressure do you think they should apply as part of
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this deal? >> it is a great tubtopportunity to pressure iran. give us some answers on why they're being held and press for their release. i'm surprised we haven't heard there hasn't been more firmness. >> you voted no on loretta lynch. she was approvaled and will be sworn in this week. why did you vote no and why do you think so many republicans voted yes? >> i had a good conversation with loretta lynch when she came to my office. but i was disturbed by her comments during the confirmation hearing she had in judiciary. the job of the attorney general of the united states to uphold the constitution and the laws of this country. it is not her job to put forth policies and support the policies of the president. the attorney general has a different function i believe,
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than the other members of the president's cabinet. they must support his policy. that is their job. it is not the job of the attorney general. and when she made her comments during the confirmation hearing and the judiciary committee, i was really shocked by them. >> she'll soon be sworn in and we'll see how she does function in that role. good to see you. one person is dead and five are still missing off the shores of alabama. a powerful storm capsized several sailboats par sit patticipateing in the race yesterday. they covered more than 2,000 square miles so far. you can see well into the night as well. rapid randy rutledge was in the water
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for two hours before he was spotted and rescued. >> i said jesus, you've helped us u.s. the storm subsided just enough that i could keep my head up not drinking too much saltwater. but i had no choice but to hang on to that cushion. i had to find her. >> hanging on to a cushion for two hours. unbelievable. it is still uncheerlear how that one person who is confirmed dead has died. they have not released that person's name. a lot more still to come. the latest in the legal showdown between texas and other states about the action on immigration. we'll talk to a key figure in the fight, former texas attorney general and now governor greg
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abbott joins us live coming up. a plea for help from nepal after the deadly quake. we'll talk to the united nations world food program about efforts to try to save lives there. a man died in police custody pleads for calm after protests take a violent turn. >> violence does not get justice. thank you. so when my husband started getting better dental checkups than me i decided to go pro... with crest pro-health advanced. my mouth is getting healthier.
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mourners are gathers in baltimore for the viewing of freddie gray. he was critically injured while in police custody and later died. a protest last night started peacefully with thousands of people marching through downtown. but it took a violent turn. officials blame a group of what they call agitators for looting a store, shattering windows and setting a car on fire. gray's family is pleading for calm. police say a total of 34 people were arrested and six officers suffered minor injuries. the daily fight against illegal immigration and drug
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trafficking on the southern border continues. and in usual texas style, that state's governor says if the feds aren't doing a good enough job, he'll do it himself. starting a new program with the border patrol called operation drawbridge. to secure the southern border netting major drug busts and stopping countless would be immigrants. the fight on the border mirrors the fight in federal court. taking on the obama administration for executive action on immigration and so far, texas is winning. greg abbott joins us here now. we had the arguments in the federal court of appeals. we have the injunction that came in essentially stopping what the president was doing, where are we now? >> every step along the way texas has been winning. we are at the fifth circuit an argument was made friday a week ago where the federal government the obama administration was coming in trying to put a stay or a stop to the preliminary injunction
10:23 am
issued by the trial judge. >> seems if you listen to the argument we don't know how the judge will vote but others said it went pretty well for you. >> it went well in two ways. it seem all of the court including one judge who was appointed by barack obama seemed to agree that texas did have standing to bring this claim. secondly you can tell by the comments by the judges they seem to agree that texas deserves relief here. and that the obama administration violated the law, violated the constitution by trying to rewrite the immigration laws of the nation and his executive order transgressed or violated the constitution. >> did it live up to the judge's order for the injunction? are they stopping saying we'll let the courts do this or we'll continue to go it alone? >> this is one of the big issues being challenged because what the obama administration got
10:24 am
caught doing is going ahead and issuing more than 100,000 work permits to people contrary to what they represented to the judge. the judge is extremely upset about this. and weighing evidence now to consider what type of sanctions to impose on the obama administration for misrepresenting the fact that the obama administration granted work permits contrary to -- >> still granting work permits. >> a subject fought out in courts in the coming weeks. our impression is they are issuing work permits and doing that the federal judge will bring down the hammer. >> we're looking at the list of states that joined you. texas on the front line of the border debate. you have the longest border with anyone down there. almost more than a thousand miles. my question is this you have this program called operation drawbridge 2014 88,000 pounds of drugs were seized.
10:25 am
more than 30,000 people stopped. my question is this for so long we hear we can't secure the border. it is too difficult on and on and on. are you proving everyone wrong on that? >> we're finding we're able to secure the border. we have a border security plan in the legislative session right now, that i've offered up that i think will pass. it will add more than 500 more -- what those pictures show is the result of operation drawbridge. we have about a thousand cameras now. we want to add 4,000 more cameras. we're using that video, we have ways in which we can track exactly what is going on. >> do you feel like you're having to do something the federal government should be and isn't? >> absolutely. protecting the sovereignty of the united states of america is in the united states constitution itself. and the barack obama administration has failed to fulfill that duty. texans are having to come out of
10:26 am
pocket to the tune of almost a billion dollars to pay for a federal responsibility. >> a lot of money. governor greg abbott of texas, thank you for your time. your fight will continue and we'll check back in. coming up supplies and relief workers begin pouring into nepal. given the scope of the tragedy, it is going to be a difficult job. we'll speak to the united nations world food program about efforts so save lives. increased security at l.a.x. possible isis threat. we'll talk to texas congressman will herr. and a look at some of the best laughs coming up. the washington hilton is great. i bet when the president walked in and saw the bell hop, he thought, finally, some decent security.
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now? can i at least put my shoes on?
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fox news alert. as feared the death toll from the massive earthquake in nepal is rising. it now stand at more than 2500. residents are already creme mating the dead while others dig through rubble in desperate searches for the missing. tons of relief supplies are headed to katmandu but the airport can't handle all the traffic. the u.s. is sending a disaster relief team and $1 million in aid to get things started. joining us now is the chief spokesperson for the u.n. world food program in america, betina luisa. i understand you already -- there were assets being positioned in the area because there were fears something like this could happen. could you tell us about those preparations? >> less than a month ago, we started an open humanitarian staging area. our experts have been working for years with the nepalese
10:32 am
government and our other colleagues on preparing the country for exactly this kind of situation. so at the airport we have warehouses equipment and other things because the airport is the crucial entry point into the country. that's where the relief supplies will be coming in. and have already started to come in. those warehouses are storing those relief plies so then get them on to other partners. the world food program not only does food aid but we do logistical help. we help them get their people and their staff deep into the areas that have been damaged. our teams are on the ground. and working on this. but the interesting thing is we have seen in nepal for decades, we have more than 100 people on the ground even before this disaster struck. we were already helping half a million nepalese with you know children mothers, babies give
10:33 am
them good nutrition, help schoolchildren. so you see what needs -- and this year will trigger a big massive aid operation. >> well how fortuitous you had been planting roots there over time and beefing up your logistics teams and things on the ground. at this point, we're going to put up a website, so folks now how they can donate through you. we'll make sure they see that on the screen. but at this point, what are the greatest needs? i can't imagine that getting clean water out, the basic necessities of day to day life at this point, are those the most critical? >> the most important now is to have these rescue teams on the ground looking for survivors. then crucially important and we will help with that is what other aid organizations bring, shelter material. you've probably seen the video. people are sleeping on the street. our own aid workers are telling us they spent the night outside,
10:34 am
cold night, rainy, it is really amazing when you hear some of the stories. one of my colleagues said when the earthquake shook him she was in a supermarket. had to walk outside. she said those were the ten longest yards in her life the longest three meters of her life because she felt as if she were on a rocky boat. the walls were like rubber she said. these people were already there, our aid workers, our colleagues. they slept outside and started working on this big aid operation. we have the work going on. one thing i wanted to show you, something practical, what we'll be flying in are these high energy biscuits here. they cost a few cents. 450 calories. they will keep you alive. this is for situations when people have lost their homes, their cooking utensils lost
10:35 am
everything. they don't need to be cooked don't need water, but you get it and you'll survive. it is important we find out what is happening in the outlying areas. areas hard to reach in the mountain for example, many roads have been destroyed. we have to see we get with helicopters, probably to the outlying area and we have lots of experience with this. in the past for example, we use the mountaineers that went from ropes down and helicopters to reach people and cut off mountain villages. we have to see whether that would be something. the important thing is the world has to come together. i want to thank you. you always invite us when there is a big disaster and your viewers have always donated. the world needs to come together for this to help the people in nepal. they are among the poorest in the world. they need our help now. but help is arriving. >> well we thank you for your efforts and we know that probably unfortunately the story
10:36 am
is only going to get more grim before it turns around. we have the link up there on the screen we tweeted it out as well. and hopefully folks will help. thank you so much. >> thank you so much shannon, for having me. >> reports from l.a.x. show increased security this week because of intelligence regarding a possible home grown isis threat against parts of the west coast. the department of homeland security will only comment vaguely on the report. but admits new security measures at home and abroad over the past few months include random screening on fights bound for the united states. this comes as it seems almost every week brings another american arrested for either trying to help isis or applaud an inspired attack by the group. it is a problem across the country. from new york to ohio to wisconsin we have seen arrests. will helrr is on the homeland
10:37 am
security committee. we have been lucky to arrest all these folks before they carried out an attack inspired by isis. is one going to get lucky sometime? >> i hope not. our intelligence services our military our law enforcement officials are working hard on this program. it is the number one problem we face right now from a foreign policy and national security perspective and everybody is working hard on this issue. >> when you say the number one threat americans agree with you. i want to put out this poll. does iran or isis pose a real security threat to the united states? 81% say isis does. 65% say iran does. are we doing enough in terms of going after, not only the threat from isis sending fighters abroad but the self-radicalized individuals? >> i think we can always do more. >> suggestions? >> i think part of it overseas is as we need to look at the fight against isis the fight
10:38 am
against al qaeda in 2001. when we invaded afghanistan back in 2001 when all the taliban was put out, we killed 30% of al qaeda leadership there were 400 americans on the ground. 100 cia, 300 special forces. we were able to do that by working with local partners. we should be working further with folks in the region to go after the threat and eradicate it there locally in syria. and iraq before they even get close to our shores. >> i'm interested in this, i know you spent a lot of time in the region in dangerous places. we hear reports, kobani may fall tikrit mosul. all the towns seem abstract in the sense of what does it matter if isis controls this town or that town to somebody in ohio. but it seems as though it matters a lot in terms of their ability to recruit and those kinds of things. >> it is a big recruiting tool for them. shows they're being effective. the more land they can control, the more training they can do.
10:39 am
the better equipped they can become and they attract more people. that's what i think makes isis scary from some of the other groups like al qaeda is their ability to get their message out. i was chasing al qaeda, when i was an undercover officer in the cia, and they would do night letters. they would write a letter leave it on someone's doorstep. you can hit a couple hundred people a night that way. with isis and the way they're -- >> incredible. >> tens of millions of people. >> unbelievable production value. i know you're heading to iraq later this week. what do you hope to learn? what are you going to bring back? >> part of this is part of a task force on looking at the foreign fighter pipeline going into iraq and syria to work with isis. and primarily americans. we have identified at least 200 americans that have gone into the region to work with isis. >> you think we have identified everyone? you think there is americans we don't know about? >> probably americans we don't know about. this is one reason we're doing this review to talk with some of
10:40 am
the partner nations in those regions. making sure that they're doing absolutely everything they can. do they have the border controls in place -- >> turkey, jordan, all those kinds of places. >> safe travels. come back and tell us what you find out. thank you. still to come the supreme court gets ready for one of the most anticipated cases of this term. the justices hear arguments on same sex marriage. we have a fair and balanced look at what's at stake.
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you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model so all you have to do is search for the car you want there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. on tuesday, the supreme court will hear what is likely to be the most controversial case of this term. whether or not there is a constitutional right to same sex marriage and whether states that have banned it have a constitutional duty to recognize same sex marriages in states where it is legal. they have been performed there. here for a fair and balanced debate is elizabeth winerick of
10:45 am
the accountability center. i'll see you at the arguments on tuesday. >> thank you for having us. >> absolutely. >> elizabeth, i know you feel and advocated for the fact there is a constitutional right for same sex couples to be married and have that recognized in all 50 states. what is your best argument. >> the constitution clearly in its text guarantees equality for any person. that's man or woman, black or white, straight or gay. and when you apply that text in history to marriage as the supreme court has done when it unanimously struck down interracial couples from getting married, it is clear that gay and less ban couples enjoy the same right to marry the person they love athat straight couples do. while some arguments have been ahead that states should be able to choose for themselves whether or not marriage is open to all or can be restricted that's not how the constitution works. the supreme court said over and over that states or federal
10:46 am
governments cannot use a democratic process to write law. that's not how it works. the reason why we put fundamental rights in our constitution is so we don't have to ask our neighbor's permission to enjoy those rights. it is right for couples to go to the supreme court and ask that they be vindicated. i think the court will be on the right side of the law and the right side of history here. >> brian, i know you and others believe that there are distinguishing facts and legal considerations with regard to some of the cases that elizabeth cited. what is your best counter? >> the supreme court was right to strike down the -- race has nothing to do with what marriage is there are no good arguments what so ever to suggest that race had something to do with marriage. that's not like the debate right now. the discussion now is about sexual complementarity. everybody thought it was a man and a wife, a mother and a
10:47 am
father. appealing to the equal protection clause of the constitution doesn't tell us at all whether or not marriage needs to be redefined. when the court struck down the bans on interracial marriage they said there was no good arguments whatsoever to support those. there are very good arguments for thinking marriage is between a man and a woman, or genderless. the constitution is silent on that. whether the constitution is silent it resolves to the people and the recollected representatives to make policies. this debate is unlike the interracial marriage debate this needs to be solved in the state by the people not by nine unelected judges in d.c. >> i want to give you both a chance to answer. if you can keep it quick on this one. elizabeth, spoondrespond to those who say this is opening the door. if they recognize it has constitutional protects that it would be tougher to argue against something like polygamy. how do you respond? >> look i think that equal
10:48 am
protection for men and women is something that is firmly entrenched in the supreme court. case law, when you are being discriminated against as justice kennedy said in the decision striking down the key provision of the defense of marriage act in 2013 when states passed laws like this they put a badge of inferiority on families and that class focused type of legislation are simply prohibited by the plain text in the history of the constitution. it is not controversial. that part is clear. if you read the debates of the framers who wrote the 14th amendment. i think the supreme court will vindicate those guarantees of quality and liberty written into the constitution. >> how do you answer those who say it is a done deal no way you can get five justices to your side of this argument in this case? >> i think if you read what justice kennedy said two years ago and apply his own logic there, the conclusion is that justice kennedy and four other
10:49 am
justices should uphold the state marriage laws. justice kennedy said the problem with the federal defense of marriage act is that it was disregarding state authority over marriage. he said some of the states had voted to redefine marriage and the federal government needed to recognize those state's definition definitions. you can't say the states don't have the authority to define marriage accurately. this is unlike any of the other debates we had had because they're good reasons on both sides of this debate. they're fl are good reasons for thinking marriage is about a man and a woman, husband and wife, mother and father. these judges shouldn't be saying there aren't. >> i'll see the two of you at court on friday and i thank you for a civilized debate from both sides. thank you. >> thank you. >> stronger storms continue their sweep across much of the united states this weekend. and the heavy rain is putting a real damper on all sorts of springtime festivityies. we'll have a live forecast. janice dean is coming up.
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severe storms putting a bit of a damper on jazz fest. concert goerses were trying to
10:54 am
at best outrun the rain. a lot of you have to take cover in the coming days as more stormy weather sweeps through the region and into the northeast. here's janice with the forecast. >> that storm system that moved through jazz fest is on the move eastward which is great news however, we have a stronger system moving out of the rockies bringing heavy snow to the colorado and wyoming rockies and then the potential for severe weather. late this afternoon into the overnight, storm prediction center has issued a moderate risk meaning we think tornadoes are likely across central and northern texas for the next 12 to 20 hours. if you live in these areas, you need to be paying very close attention to your local weather forecast especially in the dallas ft. worth and waco area. we'll keep you posted throughout the day. back to you. >> that time of year again, janice dean thanks. >> just ahead, what do you get when you mix hollywood stars and
10:55 am
politicians and washington media types? >> what could go wrong with that? >> something could go right, the answer coming up. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> i was asked, do you have a bucket list? i said well i have something that rhymes with bucket list.
10:59 am
[ applause ] take executive action on immigration. bucket. >> the president is hilarious and got a chance to poke plenty of fun at himself. stars met up with what's affect natalie called the nerd prom. here's a shot of me with the one and only ryan sitting next to me, he's hilarious. >> and me with juan williams i can't tell you how excited i was, my first time going my first year in washington. i got a text message from my mom, this is what my mother had to say, watching on television and said we saw shannon at the dinner a bunch of times, she looked absolutely fabulous and absolutely nothing about me. >> here's the thing, she knew
11:00 am
you were looking handsome in your tux. >> yes, yes, well she's a very smart woman and has great taste. it was great being there with you as well. fox news sunday is next. i'm leland viters. >> see you tomorrow in new york. >> i'm chris wallace, allegations that millions of dollars in speaking fees and foreign donations bought favors from the clinton state department. >> it's so hard when you look at the clintons to figure out where the charity ends and begins and where their profit making ends and begins and where their officials powers as secretary of state or senator ends and begins. >> we'll talk with the author of the explosive book "clinton cash" if his first live interview. a clinton insider response to the allegation. >> do you ever get tired of cleaning up after the clintons? >> former counsel


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