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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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taking place at 10 p.m. tonight. we will be watching throughout the day. we turn you over to the continuing situation in baltimore and beyond with jon scott and jenna lee on "happening now." >> martha and bill thank you. the national guard troops are on patrol in baltimore with the city under a state of emergency with schools close and a 10 p.m. curfew is set after a day and night of violence. hope you are having a good morning. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. we have a look at the area right now. now reports of looting happening on the streets of boston following a night of riots fires and attacks on the police. at least 15 officers were injured and the chaos escalated after the funeral of freddie gray who died from injuries
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while in police custody. the governor of maryland is going to hold a conference but he had this to say yesterday: >> these are thugs roaming the street causing damage to property and injuring innocent we will not tolerate that. >> we are going live to baltimore now. tell us what is happening on the streets today. >> reporter: jenna baltimore, the morning after. we are at ground zero for the riots last night. this was a convenience store and there is not much convenience left inside. everything has been stolen off the shelves and the place is trash. heavy police presence today. up the street one of the armored police cars outside of the cvs but the police have been a minute late and understaffed as they tried to respond to looting events around the city. we saw more looting today and
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folks getting the five finger discount very early. all of the kids are out from school today and watched last night what happened. get down. get back. get up on the stairs. are you watching it guys? >> you are watching it exactly where i am standing. we are in the same spot. the two liquor stores that were looted are over there. that liquor store was set on fire and that one was trashed and they took a huge amount of liquor out of there and threw them at the police. the police line was a hundred yards up there like where you see the spot light and the police did nothing watching this happens and the residents of
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baltimore watched the police watch this happen. the question is if he will see a repeat of the violence. they asked for thousands of police officers from the area to descend on baltimore. we don't know what it will look like. if police get enough folks out there they can get ahead of the kids before starting violence and mayha -- mayhem. time will tell. >> we are getting reports of new looting as the city is trying to restore order. the governor declaring a state of emergency and the national guard is surveying the area. we are joined right now by a
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former maryland congressman and former president of the naacp. i know you are on the ground trying to do what you can to help keep the peace. what is the most effective thing you can do or you are doing now. >> reporter: what has been most effective for me and hundreds of others was to go into the communities yesterday and i will leave to go today to talk sense who young people who are very angry and implore parents to make sure they get ahold of and know where their young people are. this is a situation where burning, looting and loss of property is absolutely wrong. these young people, and some of the older ones, have to understand what you do is what you pay for. we will not sit back and watch this. the most effective thing is in and on the streets. having a conversation with the community and not going into deep silence.
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there has to be dialogue and reason has to outweigh the rioting. >> i think the approach of starting with the parents and even grandparents is a good one. if you can cut the numbers in half or by a third and keep some of the young men off the street and inside with somebody helping them calm down it will stem a lot of the violence isn't it? >> jon it will. and it has always stemmed violence but men have to be willing to do this and parents recognizing their role is not off to the side. what is the cause of all this? it is more than freddie gray. it is five decades of poverty dep deprivation, denial people look at a structurally in correct police department perpetrating acts against them. the issue here is containment.
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we have to do this in our communities and have conversations with communities. the police department ought to speed up the investigation. and some of the agitators coming in and on their way in we send a message we don't need you. we have this and we will find a way to control it. >> i think you spoke with freddie gray's family yesterday and their son's death is being lost in his mayhem and terror being unleashed on the streets of baltimore. what did they tell you? >> reporter: they cried a lot saying this is what freddie would never want. it is clear it is not. but it is taking all of the emphasis off that murder and investigation and because you have a couple people who decided to use this to further whatever
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agenda they have they are taking away from the situation. monday morning quarterbacks always have a perfect touchdown record but being here on the ground common sense has to prevail and we have to take back our communities and we are responsible at this particular time. the men in baltimore and the others who recognize if they don't do it it will escalate and become something else. we don't want it spilling out of the city or occurring in other cities. >> former head of the naacp i know you have a well-respected voice and it is good to share your time with us today. we will let you get back out there to try to calm things down. >> wonderful to hear that conversations. schools chanceled in baltimore. changes to mass transit areas as well. the investigation that was just
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mentioned is on right now. we have a retired commander with the new york city police department. first thing first, how does law enforcement approach this community so we don't get a repeat of yesterday afternoon and evening? >> honestly this ripple effect between ferguson and every other police incident happening this is the result. these individuals are not part of the organized demonstrations. they are just using this to go out there riot loot and burn and injure police officers. i am sure with the footage that is already taking place and the future footage they will have to identify these individuals. remember there is a gang aspect from this with a bona fide
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threat to the police department. >> during the times of fire being set you saw a driver going crazy in the middle of the street using a car to run over the fires. when there was such chaos happening the police were standing back. talk about that strategy and why they would not intervene and what the calculation is with the police department to restore order. >> the police department have to protect themselves number one and then they can go out and protect the public. you would not expect police officers to go out and stop a car. if there is something where a shooting is going on and shots fired the guy can get the car and plate number and do what they need to do. they would have to take the action uniformally and get everybody across the board saying this is what when he will do and this is what we will not
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do. and the great numbers of the rioters and looters was a great concern. that is why the national guard has to come in. and once again you have to establish some kind of guidelines as to what you are going to enforce. you will not enforce someone running grabbing something, or pushing somebody those are putting the cops in jeopardy. >> what is the impact of having the presence of the nation leaal guard in baltimore today? >> the military presence has an effect. this is not going to stop here. they will have to have to dialogue the previous guest spoke about. it has to be opened up and you have to distinguish they are doing this family a great injustice because they are taking away from the issues they want to peace fully protest.
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when you take it to this level it is a different level with police officers getting injured and reporters getting injured and it has to be addressed before anything else. i agree with the curfew. >> you can see members of the community trying to cleanup the streets here as well. we have new reports of looting but i want to point out it is a different scene from what we saw yesterday afternoon and we will show more of that footage. this is the after affect this morning and a big question on what happens the rest of the day. i don't want to forget the investigation is ongoing for the death of freddie gray. in a typical investigation how long does it take to get answers? should the department or outsideeroutside outsiders come in to help move it along? >> whatever the investigation is going on internally and
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externally you have to let it take its course. you cannot rush these things. people are afraid they will cover this or that up. that is not happening. what is going to happen is there is an internal investigation that must be done as well as the external investigation by the da's office and whatever other agencies get involved. if you disturb that process, and push them you will come up with the same situation you had in ferguson. misinformation going out there and it will not do anybody any good especially the family. in this situation the way you have many, many thousands of great cops, you do have a few bad apples all right? it is the same thing in this neighborhood. you have thousands official people that are law-abiding system. >> good perspective. we have to remember that in our own communities as well. joe, great to have you. thank you for your advice today.
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>> murder charges overturned twice and the victims body or murder weapon never found. cal harris' prosecution is ending and why the prosecutors say he wanted to kill his wife. and one presidential candidate is changing his plan. a former maryland governor rushing home from an overseas trip. watt that could do to the race for the white house. ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. i'm a bull rider make it part of your daily diabetes plan.
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>> martin omal'maly -- o'mally is a possible candidate running who is the former mayor of baltimore and canceled a series of speeches overseas in ireland and returning home to his city
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as some point the finger at him saying his policy is leading to what is happening now. staff writer from the reporter and writer from the daily beast is here. he is a long shot but how does what he says in reaction to the violence frame the presidential campaign ahead? >> this is his shot. he is the longest of long short and the darkest of dark horses but this is the most important moment in his career giving him a chance to be a voice of calm wisdom, and insight in a violent situation. it gives him a chance to contrast himself with the current baltimore mayor who has been facing backlash from comments going over. someone who knows how to run
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thing and get it done. they will do it. it doesn't mean he will deliver but it means he has a rare opportunity. >> michael anybody whose name is not hilary clinton is a dark horse on the democratic side. bernie sanders, chaser, web, none of these guys have a whole lot of candle power in comparison to the former first lady and secretary of state. is this an opening for martin o'malley to show he can be the executive he was when he let the state and baltimore? >> i would say he has the best chance of those folk do is offer the chance to hilary clinton. but the record in baltimore he has could be a real problem in a democratic primary putting a side the poll numbers for clinton. o'malley implemented a lot of tough on crime policies like
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they did in new york city. tough on crime, zero tolerance for small crime and cleaning up graffiti graffiti. it was poplar along white people in baltimore but a lot of black folks saw them as racist and attacks on their life and black voters make up a huge part of the democratic voting bloc. so if he is seen as the white mayor of baltimore who imposed these laws that could impede him verses making a good case aginst hilary clinton on authority. >> you say there may be reconsideration of min
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sentencing laws coming from this. >> chuck grassly recently said he is open to changing federal minimum sentencing requirement. these policies get dubbed racist because they affect black and hispanic men much more and contributed to the disproportion of the high prison population. at the national press club this week he said he would be in fact open to changing the policies. so we are watching the violence destruction and ugliness in maryland it is important to remember there is room for reform and serious conversations going on. >> let's hope the police and national guard can get a handle on things. betsy and michael, thank you.
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a fox news alert. getting to the news from iran. a senior department official telling us iran cruise fired in the persian gulf. it happened off the coast of iran in a very important waterway. we are told the american guided missile cruise is in route to
8:26 am
the area and launched helicopter to get more information. it is a commercial ship flying the flag of the martial islands. great sensitivity with that area in the world. we are lucky to be joined boy the bureau chief for the new york time and one of the few western journalist operating inside that country. we will talk about your weekly series in just a moment thomas, but do you have information about the ship? >> it seems the ship is from denmark and boarded by the iranian navy but the u.s. is dispatching a ship uss america over there to kind of see what is going on. tesame time what is is most important -- at the -- this is
8:27 am
not an american ship so it might be part of routine naval operations. >> thomas is touching on something important for the viewers. initially the reports is this was a u.s. cargo ship with americans on board but according to the pentagon that is not incase and thomas is con firming that for us. i want to ask you about your weekly series. you have the man in teran and looking inside at places very little get. you were talking about eye for eye last week. what is this series about >> it is all about forgiveness. i meet up with someone who murdered someone twice and hearing his life was spared by the family of the victim at the last second. they did this on the little known fact of the justice system in iran. they made a financial exchange in order to get the murderer
8:28 am
released. i was actually sitting down with him in his house in the city far away from where it happened and he started a second life. it is showing the negative sides but this side is the side of forgiveness. >> what does that tell us about modern day iran? >> i think it is showing they are tired of executions in the country. over 600 last year. people are gathering money to get the murders released. once you are pardoned you don't go to prison you are released and get a second chance and people have ideas on if this is good or bad. >> i am sure the viewers will as well. let me ask you, thomas nuclear
8:29 am
negotiation negotiations are taking place. it is closed doors about what the framework could look like. are you hearing anything on what is being discussed or where negotiator negotiators are focused? >> the foreign minister is at the iranian megs in new york with secretary of state john kerry and they said they will continue as long as it takes to discuss the details of the nuclear framework deal as everyone in the world is watch for the details. in the coming weeks and months we will find if this is a deal or no deal. >> as journalist we have a hard deadline so we will see if the june 30th is the deadline they adhere to. i wish we had deadlines like
8:30 am
that but we don't. baltimore under seize and the steps taken to stop the violence. our legal panel with their thoughts on what is going on there.
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postponed. it was on the schedule tonight but it will not happen. there is no school in session change do is the mass transit system as well and there are police out in force with the national guard. we will be back to leland where there is developments taking place right now. >> reporter: we moved a couple blocks from where we were. now comes a little bit of a standoff as there is a couple dozen riot police taking charge. some folks are cleaning up and some are angry out here. this is the main police command post. you can see this group of protesters converged here. you can see the amount of reinforcements coming in. we have a big group from the law enforcement all over the state. we watched 50 riot police coming
8:35 am
off the big bus they have here. a number of guys standing outside. this seems to be where the police decided to begin to make their stand. they are getting worried as the crowds increase on the street school is out, it is getting warmer out here and we wait and see whether the police are willing to hold the line. it sounds like there is something happening down here just past this police line and that is where we will head down and walk right now. the police teams are going to put their shields up and everyone else is getting a little agitated. we will jog down here. they will not let us come down here. you got folks chanting and marching as they come down here. we will walk down and check them out. the folks saying the street is closed were not the police. this is a group marching through the street. can we talk to you for a second? we are going to keep marching and walking with you. tell us why are you here?
8:36 am
>> this is our community. we want to help out andskwand volunteer. >> did you watch what happened? >> from 4-11. >> what did you think as the police stood by while things were being looted and burned? >> it was a scary sight. i am in this area all of the time. there is nothing week we can do but help. >> do you think being out here helps? >> getting out and helping means a lot. >> reporter: what is your mess bulling message to the folks that are looting? >> the message you are sending is not being sent in a productive way. so it is time to clean up. >> is this about freddie gray? >> this is about justice, people who have been lost people who have been killed. that is it. there is nothing more i can say.
8:37 am
i am speechless. >> you have a group of a couple hundred people out here that come out and the police sometimes seem to be stopping you, sometimes not, what is your message to all of these officers out here, it looks like a police state. >> the police have to realize we are there help and let us by. we are doing anything we can. we are working with them. >> reporter: and as you talked to folks in the community and the kids who are out from school do you think we will have more violence tonight? >> no i hope not. >> you believe that? tell me your name. >> sydney. >> we appreciate you us. she has trash bags and has started cleaning up. the question going forward is if there is going to be more folks like sydney on the street. we have seen folks giving the cops hugs and water or if there is more people that the dozens and riot police just on this street corner are going to have
8:38 am
to deal with in the hours to come as night fall comes in about ten hours. >> nice to hear from sydney. often times the folks on camera are not behaving well. that is an important voice for us today. we will go back to you on the ground a lot of police presence and a big question about what is next. jon has more on this. let's talk about the legal ramifications of what is goingon in baltimore baltimore. we are working with them sydney said. douglasug douglas burn and luis wheel is here. was it is a mace mistake for the police destand by? >> i don't understand that. i don't think i have seen the mayor holding them back when there was rioting and looting going on. 200 arrest were made last night. that is a good thing.
8:39 am
charges of arson rioting, looting, assault on the officers and all felony coptis counts and they will have to go through the process of charging them all. >> it is a tricky calculation of how you approach this but at the same time it seemed somewhat ill advised the course they took. and what you end up with is activity and behavior that is going way beyond the underlying incident they are talking about which is horrible what happened with that individual. but last night went way, way beyond that and that is really sad. >> i heard it from a law enforcement force friend of mine who said that superior force and direct action is the only way to handle things like this. >> exactly. and we saw one person doing it, then another, and another and it is bigger and bigger and nothing is done to stop it. that is why you have this. >> it is a little bit like parenting on a huge scale.
8:40 am
>> kids are going to test you and if you don't respond -- >> there comes a point where once you reach a point where it is out of control you can draw another analogy like a fire and there were fires and it is out of control. >> the lunacy of it is they are destroying their own city. there is a senior center under construction -- >> almost completed. >> supposed to help older folks and that is gone. >> and the cvs and deli that has been there a hundred years. all of these places are places that are in the neighborhood that these folks go to and need. and they are destroying their own property. >> there is psychological factors there as well. the point is these people have sort of their own agenda in their own mind going again not to be a reverend record, but going well beyond the tragic confrontation between the victim
8:41 am
and police. >> there is investigation of seeing if a rough ride happened to the individual. but that is separate from what we are seeing last night. >> and hats off to freddie gray's family who said stop the non-sense and honor our son with peaceful protest and don't burn down the city. >> and thank goodness we are seeing the volunteers giving the police water and whatever they need and trying to help cleanup. >> you have the national guard in town. what police role can they play? what can they do? >> some experts are saying police and military using that word so it is a combination of the two. you need a lot of police presence and the presence of the national guard you know hopefully would have an affect because it is military. >> it is. and they have power.
8:42 am
the national guard has power beyond what the police do. i think that is why and they should have been brought in last night. >> earlier. >> if they see you know arson gunfire can they respond? >> absolutely. >> not arson but they can arrest people right there and then. >> let's hope they get a lid on it. it is a beautiful city. >> so sad. >> it really it. thank you, both. >> we expect to hear from the governor of maryland in a few minutes. we will be covering what he has to say and we will bring you back to baltimore as news warrants. in the mean time a completely different topic here they disappeared years apart and why police think the recent murder of one indiana university student could provide clues to the disappearance of another college co-ed years ago. we will have more on that after the break. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world,
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live to baltimore where leland is standing boy with more. >> reporter: what a difference a couple minutes makes. the riot police we saw standing around formed a line and you can get a sense of them pushing everybody down back off this block. there is no a lot of anger. where before there was not a lot of anger. we are heading back sir, thank you. before you had the crowd walking through that was fesepeaceful and now people are getting up saturday and the police officers -- upset -- are pushing people back. this is the sight of the terrible violence that happened last night and the last up couple days. the liquor stores that were burned out and looted are just down there. the cvs pharmacy that was burned remember when the pharmacy was burned the looters cut the fire hoses and the
8:47 am
police had to come in. now the police are once again taking a stand and making a stand here. once again, the question is what is going to happen here? we have folks chanting, we have folks angry, and we have the police over here. whether or not the stones and liquor bottles start again, that is yet to be seen out here. it wasn't until 3-5 o'clock last night you had all of the stones liquor bottles and young kids. that was when the teenagers got out of school. now all of the kids are out of school. noon in baltimore, a warmer day school has been canceled and everybody has nothing to do but come out on the streets. we are seeing the result of that now. just to give you an idea the amount of fire power police brought. you have the police riot line there. those are the guys who came from
8:48 am
a police van all the way down from annapolis a couple hours away. there are armored cars behind him, and another line of state troopers. they feel there is a reason there is going to be some kind of violence here whether they have intelligence like they did yesterday about that or whether they just saw this crowd develop now and don't want to take any chances we don't know. >> leland, if you could, just so the audience knows the technology we are using can sometimes give a broken up shot but is it possible for the camera man to show the amount of people in the street? we hear someone over a loud speaker. what are they saying to the crowd? >> reporter: it is difficult. sometimes they are attracting interesting characters and this is one on the loud speaker mouthing off. what she is saying we don't know.
8:49 am
this is the crowd assembled and the police are pushing the crowd back further and this group is being angry over the fact they feel the police has come out and insu instigated this. the police were passive yesterday. now we are seeing a much more agaggressive police response for what has been happening on the street. we are getting more folks coming on the other side. this is filling up. i would estimate the crowd at a hundred or so which doesn't sound like a lot but when you look across the street seeing if people will be peaceful or violent is waiting to be seen. >> i saw a young child in the crowd there. i know people are starting to question the wisdom of canceling school for the day.
8:50 am
as you point out it is a bunch of high school age-kids and younger. and they have a day off with nothing productive to do. >> reporter: and that is one of the big issues. all of the kids watched yesterday as everyone was looting and the police were standing by. a lot of kids realized maybe i can get a free pair of tennis shoes or liquor. we have someone yelling about god being with us and we have been angry for a long time referring to what happened over the past couple weeks with the death of freddie gray. on the other hand when you talk to the resident they say the violence and anger on the street is not doing anything to solve the problems of freddie gray. they say the looting is not what they want.
8:51 am
>> or the torching of a senior citizen. we will check back in with you as events warrant. we will go back to baltimore in just a moment on "happening now."
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8:54 am
police unin baltimore scrambling to keep the peace there. you are seeing our camera man live there hard at work. we are trying get a live shot to speak with the baltimore sun reporter who was in the area last night and in the ground tonight. luke brightwater covering the riots. tell us about your morning?
8:55 am
>> reporter: i have been walking around surveying the damage starting at lexinton market where there was some looting there. up to the mall which was ground zero for the mayhem last night. there was extensive property damage there theft and vandalism. so what i saw was not a pretty picture. >> luke tell us -- we heard about a press conference with gang leaders. tell us about that. >> reporter: just moments ago in city hall, the city council president summoned members of local gangs to call for an end to the violence. they said they were standing in front of stores trying to stop the they are asking the young people the younger
8:56 am
generation to stand down and stop the riots and violence. >> as far as the feeling inside baltimore today, luke, compared to if you would last night do you feel a sense of improvement or are tensions still high? how would you describe that for viewers? >> reporter: tensions are high. but in the morning things were looking better. when i first went out there were heavy swat teams on many streets and i drove back an hour later the police presence was diminished. i am hearing reports there may be flare-ups again. >> we are hearing them as well. luke nice to have you on the program. thank you for your time. >> one of america's most historic cities the city that gave birth to the star-spangled banner, baltimore, is in trouble right now. our continuing coverage continues in just a moment. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain.
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streets in baltimore. we will continue our coverage. >> expect to hear from the governor of maryland as well. more breaking news ahead. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. we are waiting and watching a news conference from the maryland governor larry hogan. the protest morphed quickly into the a nightmare with fires and businesses burning and law enforcement with a thick presence on the street arresting people for a second day. sandra smith, andrea tantaros host of kennedy on our sister network, kennedy


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