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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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woman was pulled out of the wreckage. a 15-year-old boy pulled from the wreckage of a building in kathmandu. no major injuries. more than 70 aftershocks have been recorded in the region since the earthquake on saturday. there's a new presidential candidate for 2016. vermont independent senator bernie sanders announcing he'll run as a democrat making him the first challenge to hillary clinton. sanders promising to fight a campaign finance system he calls a real disgrace. he said the center of his campaign will be creating an economy that will work for all the people. hillary clinton tweets she agrees and welcomes sanders to the race. i'm jackie ibanez. "hannity" starts now. the death of freddie gray several law enforcement sources are now telling baltimore tv station wjla that there is no evidence that the police officers who were videotaped arresting gray caused his fatal injuries.
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now, the report also says that the medical examiner determined that gray sustained his injuries while in the van, and that a wound on his head matched the bolt that's on the vehicle. sources close to the officer who arrested gray are telling fox news tonight that they believe gray was upset about being arrested and started banging his head on the wall in the van in anger in order to get the driver's attention. now, all this as protests now break out, once again tonight in major u.s. cities like baltimore, philadelphia and cincinnati and in baltimore the city is on edge again tonight with the national guard in the streets. now helping to enforce the 10:00 p.m. curfew now taking effect. joining us tonight, once again, live on the ground with the very latest is our own leland vitter. leland? >> reporter: elijah cummings just had a march away from the flash point. congressman, what was your
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message to the folks tonight? >> that this is a great country. and that we have a process. that we have a great state's attorney who is now -- it's in her hands. and she will take the case from here. >> you heard the lead, and you talked to so many people who are out there, do you think what's come out has made things worse or better? >> we're always searching for the truth. she's smart, skillful trusted. >> leland will he trust the verdict when it comes in based on the information? >> you asked me a question. >> go ahead. >> she'll plod along and come to her conclusions. >> for example, if she came to the same conclusions as they did in ferguson that there weren't any charges, would you trust
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her? >> i trust my state's attorney. >> what do you make of the fact right now that it's 10:00, and there's still a lot of folks on the street? >> i think there's a lot of media on the street. >> there's a lot of media on the street. >> that is true. there's a lot of us around congressman. >> as soon as you all disappear, people will go away. >> what about the stand-down order? >> there's a lot of reporting, including -- i just want to try to ask you a couple more questions. what do you think about the stand-down order that was given to the police? we can't ask you any questions? congressman? >> he's been answering questions all night. he's been answering questions all night. >> not ouours. he walked away from me twice. we would just like to talk to him. >> i'm sorry. congressman, do you want to talk to us? congressman? excuse me what do you mean you have me? >> i'm not talking to you.
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>> you're not next to him. >> you need to stop. >> sean obviously, sean the congressman doesn't have any interest in answering any more of our questions. earlier we talked to him, we asked him a couple of questions. what do you think about the stand-down order. it looks like the congressman is getting into his car over here. there are people keeping us from walking over there. earlier we asked him a couple of questions. number one, what about the stand-down order. we're going to keep a shot of the congressman leaving. number one, what about the stand-down order given to police. he said he doesn't know anything about it. number two, i asked him this question that's been going around a lot, sean. the question that you've been asking a lot as well which is all of the looters and the rioters and everybody else that we saw in the streets of baltimore for so long that a number of the members of the media, myself included called them thugs. we ar attacked. what is an appropriate term to call them? and he said human beings. and with that walked off.
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and then after that led that march with the singing that we saw before the curfew took effect. now as the curfew is beginning to take effect there's some light rain. you can see some of the police presence very heavy police presence back here in the alleys away from that main corner which is where the cvs was burned. dave has been doing incredible work. dave will turn to his left and see all the way up the street where we're going to walk back up and see all of the riot police that have now gathered to be ready to clear this corner. so sir, you're walking up. can i talk to you, sir? i'm leland how are you? i want to ask you, what do you think about the curfew right now? it's 10:00, you heading home? >> i'm heading home. >> you're good with it? >> i'm fine with it. >> you heard about this new evidence that's come out with these leaks about how freddie gray may have died right. >> yeah. >> what do you think about it? >> i don't think nothing about it.
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i just know that what they did is wrong. that's all i can say. >> what the police did you think is wrong? what do you think is justice in this case? >> i have nothing else to say. >> we appreciate you talking. safe trip home, sir. so that's the interview there. now we're going to head back out. you might remember sean at this corner there weren't a lot of folks last night gathered around. now there appears there's a lot more people gathered past 10:00 than what we had before. we've got a number of folks ging interviews up here. and we have the police helicopter overhead. i'm going to get dave to pan up and show you the police helicopter that's going out, them saying to everybody go home. here's the guys in the masks. we've learned the hard way that ther we should not talk to the folks in the mask and get their feelings on the situation here. what's interesting, sean as you continue to look all the way up -- you look all the way up that area you look all the way up that area you see all the
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riot police that's on standby. they have their armored cars up here. on both sides, we have the riot police. dave on both sides we have the riot police that are able now to move through the corners. the police have been pretty consistent in asking us to not be in the middle of the street. and probably with good reason. if the riot police move in this is not exactly where we want to be. you see the two police officers over there in their uniforms but not in their riot gear. there's the same woman we interviewed yesterday, fight another day, stop lethal force. the big question i've heard continually from folks is will people obey the curfew. we'll ask this gentleman here. tell me what's the positive? >> people are leaving and going home. there's no problems. >> i'm the media. hold on.
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>> the papers are saying what the police said they did. since 10:00 this morning. the police are guilty not guilty or nothing. i've been locked up okay? i've been locked up. by 10:00 i was processed and bailed and everything. >> you think justice hasn't come fast enough for you? >> it's not right. >> hold on. >> leland ask him -- >> can you move off the sidewalk a little bit. keep walking with me. >> ask him about the medical examiner and about the "washington post" report. >> the police didn't do nothing. >> i have a question for you, sir. can i ask you a question? there's been a lot of reports about the way things have come out in terms of what may or may not have happened to freddie. you keep chanting no justice, no peace. do you think there's a chance
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that the police actually didn't do anything wrong? are you sure they're guilty? >> if i would have shot freddie, i would have been in jail. the police they're in vegas. >> that's not what the medical examiner says or the "washington post," or the other prisoner. >> there's other reports out that for some reason the medical examiner and according to the "washington post" and other media outlets, they don't think anything may have gone wrong, and they think freddie may have died by bouncing up and down in the back of the van. are you still convinced the police killed him? >> do you bounce up and down in the back of a van? >> i've never been in the back of a van. >> can you bounce up and down in the back of a van? >> that's what the examiner said. >> i don't know. i'm not a doctor. >> go ahead, sean i'm sorry. >> i want to ask him one last thing. we now know that the police were told to stand down. is he angry that the mayor told the police to stand down?
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>> they secured him by shackles. >> you make some good points about it. >> listen to my point. >> i have one other question for you. were you out here monday might? >> yeah. >> you were out here on monday night. i was, too. there was all of the rioting, all of the looting, all those things that happened on monday night. you were getting your kids in the house. a lot of people weren't. but the police were ordered to stand down not do anything. i'm wondering what you think about that? >> the police didn't do -- >> you agree the police didn't do anything on monday? >> right. >> do you think that's a good thing or bad thing? >> i don't deal with the police. why did they kill freddie. the police killed freddie. i'm not dealing with the police. you know why? because i got children. i got children that are scared of the police. when my son see the police my son run. >> what did the police do? i've heard that a lot. what did the police do? >> go to jail for killing people. >> you think if police officers
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go to jail because of freddie, then all of a sudden your kids can trust the police? >> if the state's attorney charge the police for killing freddie, maybe we can trust them. if they don't charge them for killing freddie, we don't trust them. we don't care what y'all do. we ain't listening to y'all no more. >> you're convinced that the police are guilty? >> man, you see the evidence. everybody seen the evidence. he seen what i seen. she seen what i seen. >> leland -- >> you remember what happened in ferguson right? look up there. look up there. we have the police -- >> police cameras. police camera. police camera. they're everywhere. police camera seen them drag that man into the van, he was okay. >> leland nobody knows what happened and everybody thought
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hands up don't shoot was the mantra in ferguson. >> i'm sorry. the police -- they showed us what they did. >> okay. do you remember what happened in ferguson? right? you remember what happened there? you think they killed somebody for nothing in ferguson? can you just step up real quickly. the police are asking us to get out of the street. we appreciate it. we're trying to help the police out. they've been doing incredible work under difficult circumstances. >> oh they lock people up. >> you know what happened in ferguson. you remember the idea of hands up don't shoot. do you think that's what happened? >> look they coming to get me right now. right there. >> we've got police coming over here. we've got police coming. the chief of police is asking us now to move off the street. sean we're just going to back up. you can see the riot line. dave go ahead and turn around.
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there's the riot line now. this is the first time we've seen them in the riot lines before. >> they're coming for us. because we talk. >> they're telling us -- all right. tell me a little bit more about what were you thinking? what do you think about this when you see this? >> what i'm thinking is, up, up. we just ask you about why we ain't got no results since 10:00 this morning. >> they're going to say he did it himself. >> just to give you an idea of what the situation. the police now are trying to let a couple of folks go home. there's the police line right there. police are asking everybody to go home. we're getting some feelings out here from the police that they're not quite thrilled with the amount of media attention and interviews that we're doing.
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>> we ain't going to jail! i can stand right here and talk to you, my man, and i'm going to jail! but the -- that killed freddie, they on paid vacation. what sense do that make! what sense do that make! >> hey, my friend you don't want to get shot. you don't want to get pepper sprayed. we don't want to get pepper sprayed. just talk to me for one minute. tell us where you live and we'll walk home with you. >> right around the corner. >> we'll walk home with you and we'll keep talking. does that sound good? >> that's what i'm saying. they're trying to make us -- >> let's not curse. sometimes the language gets a little tough out here. dave go ahead and turn around. i want to ask you another question here. i think that interview may be over sean. it's gotten a little -- getting a little bit heated out here as you can tell. there's not that many people out
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here. as we look around right now in terms of the number of people going home sean almost everybody is going home. what's out here is the media and the police. back to you, sean. >> leland vitter on the ground in baltimore tonight. protesters in philadelphia are marching to show unity in baltimore for the people in baltimore. and for more coverage from that city we turn to wtfx reporter -- hang on we just lost him. geraldo rivera is also standing by in baltimore tonight. we'll go to him first. hang on we'll go to dave kinchen. he is in philly tonight. what's going on dave? >> reporter: sean good evening to you. we're here at the central detective division of philadelphia. we're here with the philadelphia baltimore rally. these are folks from philadelphia. they say that they're showing support for the family of freddie gray. but i have to say, they have a message for police.
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i've got to tell you, there have been a lot of racial attacks here. i've been attacked because of my race. i've been told that i'm a sellout. tell me why you're here. why are you here? >> oh boy. looks like something happened and got thrown at him. we'll go back to dave as soon as we can. emotions running very high in philly tonight. unlike baltimore, there is no curfew going on there. we'll check back in in philly in a few minutes. geraldo rivera is in baltimore tonight. the curfew is 16 minutes into effect. geraldo? >> reporter: hi sean the police line has formed shield to shield. officers three thick. officers clearly outnumbering what's left of theprotesters. the stragglers are being herded away as leland reported.
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emotions tend to flare here and there. but it's not really an epidemic i don't think, of passions spilling out the way it has been earlier this week. now, as you walk the line these officers come not only from baltimore, as you know but from counties throughout the state of maryland pennsylvania and new jersey. so are federal officials. everybody is keen to react to what is happening in the case itself. you know that now they are talking about a fourth stop on that van, on that -- the van that arrested freddie gray 25-year-old freddie gray. a fourth unauthorized stop defected by a private surveillance camera. what's your problem? what's your problem? what's your problem? what? go ahead. you can only talk like -- what? you're only brave when the camera's turned? only brave when the camera's
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turned? you anarchist. you're nothing. you ain't nothing. you know this is really something, these guys. the light gets off them and they're all brave as can be. here come the officers. they are absolutely not going to condone any kind of -- yeah what's that? >> why is there so much hostility hostility? >> these aren't locals. this guy is not a local. it's occupy here and there. they're professional anarchists. the people i think have always been wonderful to me in my long -- >> why the helmet? >> you get a little creep like that. that's a thug right there. that's a white thug right there. yeah, right. there you go. you know sean i want to get back to that point, the substantive point that i made. there is real concern now with this unauthorized stop and the fact that they're not releasing the autopsy tomorrow. rather they're turning it over
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to the state's attorney for a grand jury. and they worry that like michael brown -- >> geraldo, we've got to take a break here geraldo. >> the same thing will happen here. sean you got it. >> we turn back to philly. and wtfx reporter dave kinchen is back with us. dave it looks like you got hit before. are you okay? >> what's that? >> you look like you had gotten hit before. are you okay? >> reporter: yeah yeah i'm okay. i'm all right. i tell you, this has been a pretty crazy situation here. there's at least 1,000 people here. this rally is called philly is baltimore. they say they're lobbying the police department they're angry over what they call police brutality. tell me, why are you here? tell me why you're here. why are you doing this here? >> we're here because philadelphia is right with the same types of concerns that we've seen in baltimore.
10:20 pm
>> isn't that a separate case? >> in philadelphia we have police officers who have been fired for misconduct but reinstated because of arbitration. >> but that's separate. why march in philly when it didn't happen in philly? >> what i just said it's a racist systematic system that -- >> systematic system? >> a racist system that continues to disrespect and mistreat black. >> hang on a second. this case is under investigation. >> the case is under investigation. >> the question we have here -- let me ask you this. why not wait until the information is out? >> it goes beyond the individual case. it is an ongoing system that is continuously been corrupt over the years and we're just now confronting it. now is the best time of all times. >> some say the process works because of what happened in south carolina when an officer was charged with murder. but sir, the question people have here is you're on national television now, people want to know why not wait until the
10:21 pm
information comes out? >> somebody is dead. somebody is dead. >> for example, when the black people -- when we rally, whatever you call it, you called us thugs, but when there's a basketball game -- >> you're talking about something totally different. we're trying to get answers from people here. we're not getting information here. but people are angry. the problem is that -- >> hey, dave can you hear me? >> regarding a situation that didn't happen. >> dave can you hear me? >> yeah. >> dave why don't you ask them that there is new information that has come out from the "washington post," from the medical examiner that suggests that freddie gray inflicted the injuries on himself. if the evidence shows that are they not willing to accept that as truth? >> reporter: let me ask you this. the "washington post," they have a report out that says according
10:22 pm
to the medical examiner's office freddie gray his injuries were self-imposed. that he had deliberately injured himself. if that turns out to be the truth -- >> but where are we getting that information? >> reporter: from the "washington post," quoting the medical examiner -- >> the police report we cannot trust at this point. >> reporter: you can't trust it because you don't like the sound of it? what if that is the truth? why can't you accept that? >> if that's true as soon as we erase all of the systematic racism that people of race have from police officers. >> reporter: -- well instead of yelling at people -- i'm told i'm a sellout because we're reporting information. >> you're not focusing on the reason why we're out there. you're focusing on the distractions. we're out here because black lives matter and people of color continue to get mistreated and killed by the police. black lives -- wait, wait.
10:23 pm
>> all lives matter. the purpose of black lives matter is to address black issues. when it becomes all lives matter it takes the attention away from black issues. >> reporter: let me ask you, if it turns out the "washington post" report is true according to the medical examiner that freddie gray's injuries were self-inflicted if it's true would you accept that? >> that still doesn't answer the -- >> reporter: that's the question. could you accept that? >> it goes beyond that. >> dave let me ask you another question. >> if we go back to the michael brown case the narrative from day one, michael brown had his hands up and it was hands up don't shoot. then it turned out many black eyewitnesses corroborated the officer's story that that didn't happen. so why are they -- why have we
10:24 pm
not learned not to rush to judgment? why haven't we learned that at this point? >> reporter: i heard the second half of that question. if i understand it you're asking that protester that had said that michael brown had his hands up don't shoot, that multiple witnesses said that was not the case is that right? >> multiple black eyewitnesses in that case said that never happened, dave. >> reporter: right. right. okay. let's talk about michael brown. in that case multiple black witnesses said indeed his hands were not up. contrary to the chants quoting him as saying his hands were up, don't shoot. >> wait, wait, wait. okay. >> reporter: the question is why do we rush to judgment? >> we rush to judgment because this has been happening since we got free. >> reporter: this is a specific case, in the michael brown case. you can't compare one case to
10:25 pm
others. this is a separate issue. >> it's not separate because it's the same system. it's the same system that's ordering black genocide. >> reporter: you're saying the baltimore police department ordered black genocide. >> wait a minute. >> reporter: your questions are redirecting the attention. >> this government -- >> reporter: they're separate governments. they're separate jurisdictions. let me ask you, why do we rush to judgment on these issues? >> the reason we're here is we're justice. and we're here against injustice against a system not working. specifically against the african-american race. >> reporter: does the system not work? >> that's not the issue. >> reporter: isn't it true that the system is what we have to get to justice? >> listen the cops in baltimore were criminally negligent. >> reporter: you've seen the report? you've seen all the evidence?
10:26 pm
>> i have not seen the report. >> reporter: how can you say that? >> i've seen the video. the man's body was limp. >> reporter: you saw the evidence? everything in the van? >> we're not here for the evidence we're here for justice. >> reporter: how can you be here for justice if you don't have the information? >> so listen -- there's an educational system or lack thereof that exists here in philadelphia and throughout the united states. that institutionalizes african-american men and african-american women. >> reporter: what does that have to do with baltimore? >> a lot to do -- >> reporter: before the information is out, before we know everything that happened. with the medical examiner telling the "washington post" -- again, we -- you know sean -- >> all right, dave. >> reporter: they've been trying to hold the line. they've been trying to provide security here and they've been doing a great job. most people have been civil. there were a couple of fights
10:27 pm
that started. this whole thing has been civil. when you ask people questions, to get answers to wait until the system works, the gentleman told me -- >> they don't -- >> reporter: no, no, no. >> all right, dave. >> reporter: the question is why don't we wait until -- as americans, why don't we wait until all the information's out? we're making a rush to judgment. >> you want another black man to get killed? >> reporter: don't all lives matter? you thought you said all lives matter. >> a black man was killed. >> reporter: what about all lives? >> how many white men have you seen shot? how many white men have you seen shot by white officers? >> reporter: you're not going to answer the question. hang on a second. just minutes ago they were saying all lives matter.
10:28 pm
but now -- hang on a second. they said all lives matter. but -- >> hey, dave. hey, dave. can you hear me, dave? >> reporter: go ahead, sean. >> great job there. i know under very difficult circumstances. the crowd is obviously worked up. there were 132 african-americans killed by police and anywhere between 7,000 and 9,000 african-americans killed by other african-americans. and if you look at statistics i can give them all the statistics they want. we do have a principle called people are innocent until they are proven guilty. that's the way our justice system works. it seems like many in that crowd don't want to apply it to the officers in spite of you urging them to not rush to judgment. but great job for us, dave. thank you. we'll get back to dave later in the program. that's in philly tonight. we'll go back to baltimore, where our own geraldo rivera is also on the ground. as most people now have gone back home as the curfew now is
10:29 pm
28 minutes now in effect. geraldo, are most people gone now? >> reporter: sean yeah most have left. there are a couple of troublemakers. this is reverend warren he's not a troublemaker he's a community organizer and author. so what happened? everybody's wondering what happened? is there great fear that the investigation will not result in an indictment and conviction? >> absolutely. a lot of the young people feel there will not be any justice. and that's what the problem is. they don't trust the police. they don't trust the system. >> but you know the process has to play out. >> absolutely. but you see, like i've been saying we have to educate people to what the process is. how the process works. so tomorrow some of the youngsters will feel like it's going to be justice. and then the process. i've talked to a lot of the
10:30 pm
young people out here and shared with them there's a process. >> require ald oh we have to take a break here. geraldo, stay right there. we'll come back to you in a second. we'll have more of our coverage of the protests in baltimore, in philly and around the country. plus tonight, we'll be joined by two friends of freddie gray. we'll get their exclusive reaction to their death and the violent protests that have followed and much more on this busy night tonight on "hannity." sweet mother of softness... charmin!!! take a closer look at charmin ultra soft and you'll love what you see. not only can you use less, but you can actually see the softness in our comfort cushions. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft?
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so, what brings you to jersey? well, geico's the #1 auto insurer in new jersey, new york and connecticut. so i just came by to say "thanks." #1, huh? that's great. here you go. a little token of appreciation. oh, that's... that's... that's great... now i'd say you probably need a large. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. welcome back to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. police trying to clear the streets of baltimore to enforce the curfew that has gone into effect a little over 30 minutes ago. leland vitter is on the ground in baltimore with breaking news. leland i understand the guy that you were talking to a little bit of trouble. what happened? >> reporter: oh exactly, sean. at some point you can only push this so far. the guy in the purple shirt who
10:33 pm
we were talking to the sweatshirt he obviously was very angry. you remember us discussing questions with him. we had to pull him back in the police line. he started yelling at the police officers and cursing at them. that doesn't go over very well. once he left us and walked away we said hey, a bad time to leave and go. well that's when things got a little tense. there was a riot line here. and then they arrested him and threw him on the ground. a couple of things to note from the video of him being arrested. our photographer dave shot incredible work out here. the guy in the white shirt who's standing over the person being arrested is the police commissioner of the city of baltimore. they are doing everything they can to not make arrests in this situation. they are trying everything they can in terms of warnings to not make arrests. at some point, at some time if someone yells and fights does whatever to the police enough they're going out and grabbing individual people. what's interesting tonight is despite all of the riot police
10:34 pm
all of the riot lines we saw, there was not one piece of pepper spray deployed. there wasn't any rubber bullets used. there wasn't any tear gas used. that really goes to the level of restraint that the police are trying to show. the question of course is for all of us sean as we've been reporting, the police were under a stand-down order over the past couple of days. that's saturday sunday monday. that's what resulted in all the looting, sean that stand-down order. now all of a sudden you have a question what kind of orders are they under now. i was talking to police officers earlier today who were complaining to me about the fact they weren't able to wear their riot helmets on this street corner. we even still have our hands tied. in the video of that man being arrested certainly leads you to believe that perhaps the authorization to arrest somebody has to come up pretty high, especially if you have a guy in a white shirt watching it. >> leland what's interesting is you really tried to walk him out of that trouble, and calm him
10:35 pm
down and say you'd walk him home. it appears he just couldn't control his >> reporter: well there's a lot of folks out here you can't control. at some point you have to give up on reasoning. the gentleman in question he did get arrested had been walking behind congressman elijah cummings who has been singing out here and telling everybody to go home. as we saw on the top of the show. the gentleman was very upset behind congressman cummings. but he does show you the level of anger that he dished out here on the streets. and also a lot of the folks on these streets in baltimore, the neighborhood we're in has got a lot of abandoned homes. this is the only corner that's the library, we've got a cvs, some of these homes are abandoned. others we're told are drug houses here. it goes to show you that being angry to the foint that you're going to get arrested by the cops doesn't mean much. some people are so angry they don't care if they get arrested. in some cases they don't get arrested for looting and those kinds of things and a lot of
10:36 pm
the people who have gotten arrested have been let go. 100 of the 200 arrested monday night we're told were let go. you do get a sense of the anger and also the desperation. a lot of folks say they just don't have anything to lose. from the thousand-foot view it may not seem like a big deal. but at the microcosm level, they're willing to go to jail as you just saw. >> we go back to geraldo. we're monitoring situations all throughout the country, as protests are going on in philly and in baltimore where geraldo rivera is right now. you have someone with you. >> reporter: this is reverend pamela. give me her bullhorn. she's been wielding a mean bullhorn getting people off the streets. she's done a great job as the congressman cummings has as well. what happens, reverend pamela when there is no indictment tomorrow? a lot of these young people believe that tomorrow's the day
10:37 pm
they're going to get an autopsy report. and the declaration by the authorities that a crime has been committed. that's not going to happen. what happens then? >> well, i think with the media assisting us and social media, as well as community and spiritual leaders going to the schools, and putting things out on social media, letting people know that there's a process. >> reporter: i don't think social media is being that responsible. i think it's going the other way. i think social media is inciting i really do. when you see all these kids show up someplace, not the community, but kind of a hard core radical element, many of them not from baltimore. i'm seeing out-of-towners come in now. >> i do believe that social media is doing -- a lot of people are telling me calling me i'm getting calls, e-mails, on my business line my personal line that things are out there in social media -- i'm a little
10:38 pm
tired. >> reporter: what about the disillusionment? what about the disappointment? >> i don't think it's really going to be such a great disappointment tomorrow because basically all the paperwork has been turned over to the state's attorney. and -- >> reporter: the reverend said tomorrow there's going to be a solution. >> that's the reason we were trying to talk to them. and congressman, he made sure -- cummings made sure that they know what was going on. because they have been out all day. they haven't been home to look at the news or to be on the phone as they would normally be on instagram, and twitter. and facebook. yet they didn't have that chance. so a lot of them was ignorant to the fact that some of the new information that was given out today. >> reporter: what would you do personally in your own heart of hearts if it turns out that this poor man inflicted these injuries on himsel or i think more likely suffered
10:39 pm
a severe seizure, which is an involuntary muscular reaction and hurt himself and broke his neck that way? >> well, i don't know what took place. but i believe that with the system we have in place here it's going to find out the truth. >> reporter: i love your optimism. >> we want the truth. me you know the way god teaches us not to judge things prematurely. and i think that everything has a process. and anything rushed to me isn't done well. i think we should allow time and don't push it. >> reporter: i want you to preach that. >> and get through the process. that's what i told my -- >> i've got to go. >> reporter: i've got you. thank you so much. back to you, sean. >> geraldo, in the streets of baltimore. we'll go back to the streets of philly as there are protests going on there, still about 1,000 protesters on the streets of philadelphia. coming up next we're going to talk to two friends of freddie gray. we'll get their reaction to his death and the violent protests
10:40 pm
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10:45 pm
this is a fox widespread protests happening all over the country tonight. first joining me now is a friend of freddie gray who got to know gray very well after bailing him out of jail on multiple occasions. he's on the phone tonight. freddie gray's bail bondsman and friend is with us. quentin, how many times did you bail freddie out of jail? >> three times. on three separate occasions. >> he had a lot more arrests than that. mostly for distribution of narcotics? >> well i knew about three of them. >> what were the narcotics? heroin? >> yeah. well heroin is prevalent in that area. >> he's a heroin dealer? he was a heroin dealer? >> he was accused of being a heroin dealer. >> did he spend a couple of years in jail? >> i think he spent about six months. i think it was deferred.
10:46 pm
he had 100 hours of community service. >> let me ask you this. look i don't know why somebody at 8:30 9:00 in the morning would run away from a police officer. does that sound like a natural reaction to you? >> in that area it is. >> so you're doing nothing wrong and you see a cop at a bike at 8:30 9:00 in the morning, you think everybody's reaction is just to run? >> no. but i could put a light on freddie. >> in other words, would it be maybe because he was involved in the previous activities that got him in trouble with the law? >> yes, sir. >> let me ask you this. we have wjl reporting this afternoon that sources are reporting that gray's death, and the medical examiner concluded that his injury was caused when he slammed himself into the back of the police transport van, and according to this report by wjla the neck injuries are consistent with the bolt that was in the police van. in other words, these are
10:47 pm
self-inflicted injuries that resulted in his death. i don't know what happened to be honest with you. you don't know what happened quentin. but this is what they're now saying this is what the "washington post" is reporting. we have fox news sources telling us the same thing. if that turns out to be true what is your reaction? >> i can accept it. >> yeah. do you think the community can? >> well the community may not accept it hannity, because the community knows one thing. they say freddie wasn't put in a seat belt. the police never uses seat belts in the paddy wagon. never. by the commissioner the mayor, and the union chief didn't know that. something should be done. rank and file know it. they're not going to get in your personal space and tuck you in like a baby. >> let me ask you as a bail bondsman who bailed him out on three occasions. you say it's very common the dealing of narcotics in the
10:48 pm
area the distribution of narcotics. isn't that a sad state of affairs for a city to be in? >> it sure is. but what i really appreciate i'm sorry this happened to freddie. >> me too. >> but i'm glad everybody's seeing this sad state of affairs that baltimore is in. >> i would agree with you, and there are some politics involved probably not the night to get into it but this is a democratic-run city with a democratic council, and a democratic mayor, and a mayor that said you know let them destroy, give them room to destroy. and a mayor that said stand down to the police on monday night. we saw the innocent people of baltimore and their homes scared to death, and businesses burned to the ground and rocks and bricks and boulder thrown at police officers. it's sad to see that in any city. >> it sure is. >> yeah. >> but you have to learn the underlying reason. >> what do you think the underlying reason is?
10:49 pm
>> let me tell you something. like the city did a bad job in conveying the issue here. they didn't explain it to the people. so what happened it sounds like mumbo-jumbo. in this spiderweb where freddie gray is from over -- more people are locked up from sandtown than any community in the state of maryland. now, right there, that's a sad state. now, you have good people there. you have homeowners. you have people who have been there five six generations, okay? but the war on drugs is not doing anything. little kids just like freddie gray -- >> quentin, would you want to legalize heroin? >> no. >> you see what heroin does to people. >> no no. i never would like to legalize heroin. i'm talking about the war on drugs, the war on drugs is also a war on people.
10:50 pm
>> but i mean if somebody's in the neighborhood selling drugs to the kids in the neighborhood and adults in the neighborhood they're contributing to the demise aren't they? >> they sure is. but everybody in that neighborhood has rights. when you strip them people of their rights you make them very paranoid. >> yeah. >> okay? just like freddie. he ran this time. he came in my office let me explain something to you. he came in my office and said i want you to look at my charge. i said okay. i look at his charge papers from the last arrest. it said the police were in covert position watching him sell drugs. this is what it said. >> right. >> it said that when they ran down on him, and caught him, he couldn't catch nobody selling drugs to here 300 bucks in his pocket. they put him on the curb and spent a half hour scouring the neighborhood. they came back with a potato chip bag and said it was his heroin. so i guess the second time he seen a cop, he didn't make out too good the first time.
10:51 pm
>> do you believe he was set up by the cops? or do you believe this long record of his with the distribution of narcotics is probably accurate? >> no. what i think is that the cops knew him. they said they even knew him by sight from the camera. but knowing somebody and knowing that they're selling drugs is no reason to mess with them. they have to be doing something. >> listen if i get in trouble, you sound like a good guy, i want you to be my bail bondsman. but i hope i never have to use you. >> i hope you don't either. >> all right, my friend. thank you very much for being with us. joining us now with more reaction to the events surrounding freddie gray's death is the vice president of baltimore city. sir, thank you for being here. >> thank you. i want to salute all of the police officers and all of the peacekeepers that are out here doing a good job trying to keep it peaceful.
10:52 pm
i just saw my pastor. he's praying for me. but at the end of the day, this is a really really really serious, serious issue. and i'm going to shut up. i want to hear -- >> no listen i pray for your city as well. when we saw on monday night -- we don't want to see this happening in our country. but we also know that we have multiple sources now confirming police sources telling me that a stand-down order was given by the mayor. let them loot it's only property she's quoted as saying. why would a mayor of any city allow that to happen and businesses to be burned and cops being hit with rocks and boulders and bricks and all that mayhem that we saw? the looting that went on. why would she ever do that? aren't you angry about that? >> yes, i am. you know but i can also understand the mayor. i mean this is history. this is something that you know the men are around the same age. we weren't born in '68 when the
10:53 pm
riots happened in pennsylvania avenue. just imagine you being in a space and place, and you get that shocking news. and at the end of the day, the mayor is the mayor of the city but she can't control the reactions of people. >> whoa whoa she controlled it on tuesday night. they controlled it last night. and they're controlling it tonight. if she -- >> no -- >> they could have protected the innocent people the innocent store owners the innocent police in that city. >> i agree. we just had a meeting, actually my president and executive committee with the lieutenant governor and one of the questions that was raised was the questions about businesses. i heard a good guy, i bought tennis shoes there, lost $1 million. the lieutenant governor said they're working on some plans -- >> we'll see what happens. adrian i'm running out of time. i want to ask you about this report. >> sure. >> you've got the medical
10:54 pm
examiner the "washington post," wjla that the medical examiner's report concluded that gray's injury was caused by himself when he slammed out of anger his head and back into the back of the paddy wagon. now, we've been interviewing people tonight. we asked them if that turns out to be the case will they believe it? and people are saying no. will you accept the verdict of what the investigation brings out? a lot of people thought that michael brown said hands up don't shoot, that never happened in the end. we found out that was not true. >> well i think, you know to be honest in my opinion, i don't believe it. i mean i myself i've been in a paddy many a time. and i've been thrown in the back of a paddy wagon. and i've never had a broken spine. you can clearly see from the evidence -- >> but they say his neck injury is consistent with a bolt in the police van. >> so my question is did they throw him in there? >> he was in there by himself
10:55 pm
and they stopped twice to fix it. i'm on a hard break. thank you for what you're doing. god bless your city. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:56 pm
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11:00 pm
weekend. >> yeah. we hope and pray but the fact you said it right yesterday, the idea that they ordered cops to stand down was a disgrace. that could have been prevented. that's all the time we have left. see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. right now protesters swarming the streets of baltimore. tonight's protest coming just hours after baltimore city police turn the finding of their investigation into the death of freddie gray over to the state's attorney's office. that police report was not made public. now a local tv station reporting some of what is inside the report, they are reporting police found no evidence that gray's fatal injuries were caused during his videotaped arrest. according to the local reports, medical examiner found gray's catastrophic injury was caused when he slammed into the back of the police transport van apparently breaking his neck. now, fox news cannot confirm that local news report. ri