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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 4, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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bout the foundation's really-questionable fund raising. record "hannity" so you never miss a moment. thanks for being with us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly hack for is on tonight. >> -- target on their back in the day they did business with me. >> clinton deny denying any wrongdoing accepted favorable clinton with the u.s. government. tonight we will report on the clinton foundation. >> is it unfair to say that the liberal policies have failed the city of baltimore. >> the left failing contend the problems of baltimore cannot be involved without more money. wait until you hear how much has already been spent in the poor precincts there. factor investigation and commentary from charles krauthammer. >> can i smell your hat? >> yes. >> it's delicious. >> also ahead jesse watters
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goes to the derby and frightens the horses. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another round why politicians will not tell you the truth that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. for the past 48 years democrats have controlled the city of baltimore. during that time the city's population has fallen 30%. and the poverty situation has grown more intense. during the past five years the federal government has poured billions of dollars into the poor areas of baltimore. stimulus money. total taxpayer money given 1.8 billion. one poor neighborhood midtownvel very deer got a whopping $838 million. that includes 467 million
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bucks to education. 206 million to the environment. 24 million to quote the family. 50 million in transportation and on and on. the result, not much improvement. >> one of the things that we learned this week is baltimore spends the third highest amount per capita on its public schools. baltimore was already spending plenty on public schools and schools were still lousy there is uneven spending in the public schools and i would say even the school that led out -- let out where the riots first began. a student who was interviewed who said i'm looking at a book that's 20 years old. >> so either the money is being stolen or the democratic administration in baltimore is so incompetent that despite billions in funding, pouring in from we the taxpayers poverty and hopelessness remain entrenched. instead of pointing that
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out, president obama today stated the problem but totally avoid the solution. the opportunity gaps begin early often at birth and then compound over time becoming harder and harder to bridge making too many young men and women figure how hard they try they may never achieve their dreams. >> then give them a road map to dream achievement mr. president which you have done to your credit with the my brother's keeper's program. what you have not done is spotlighted the total failure of money politics. it is the the behavior of individual human beings not big daddy government that leads to success and touting that message is free of charge i mean, this is just brutal. poor americans trapped in the ghetto have a right to be furious. but their anger should be
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directed at the corrupt dishonest politicians who are lying to them. the truth is, liberal policies of creating dependence and entitlement promoting victimization and anger have failed to help americans who desperately need help. once again these stats are are in stone. billions poured into baltimore. improvement almost nonexistent. now, another example of truth evading from the opposite side of the spectrum. there is no question that the clinton foundation has benefited bill and hillary clinton by allowing them affluent few human beings will ever experience. nearly $2 billion have flowed into the clinton foundation. in just a few moments we have a segment on what you can do with foundation money legally and you will be surprised. but president clinton believes there is nothing wrong, even though the clinton foundation now has to refile its income taxes because it neglected to
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mention some very big donors. and even though hillary clinton violated a signed agreement with president obama by accepting foreign money for the foundation while she was secretary of state. despite all that here is mr. clinton. >> i give 10% of my revenue off the top every year to the foundation and hillary in the year she was there gave 17. over the last 15 years i have taken almost no capital gains and. >> to pay my bills and because in the. >> working americans look and say $500,000 for a speech? >> why shouldn't -- it promotes independence. >> it's the most independence i can get. >> now, there is no way on earth that bill and hillary clinton are going to admit to any wrongdoing. but they have to know that the whole foundation thing is unethical to say the
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least. but as long as it's not illegal, apparently they are fine with it. so the question becomes what about the legality of the foundation? shouldn't the clinton foundation be investigated? of course it should. and i'm not on a witch-hunt here. but there is big money involved in foreign countries invests and former president. the fbi can start that investigation tomorrow. doesn't need president obama's approval and it doesn't need attorney general lynch's approval. so my question tonight is for fbi director james comey. will you start an investigation? today we presented that question formally to the fbi. we will let you know what the agency says. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from washington charles krauthammer. let's start with baltimore. 1.8 billion in five years. >> right. >> okay? >> well, you can look -- yeah, you can reach the same conclusion by looking at a contrary event apart from
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the fact that when you pour the money in, it leaves no trace. look what happened to the seminole piece of social legislation. the 1996 be a abolition of welfare as entitlement signed by president clinton. next six years liberals were screaming this is going to throw kids into the street. will cause dessubstitution a spike in poverty the poverty rate for black children declined from 41.5% since records have been kept. that's because when -- lesson we learned in the 80's and the 90's when we saw the results of the war on poverty, when you pour money in, and you sort of reinforce the rotten and corrupt and obsolete structures, you are not only don't do any good, you
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create dependency and you make things worse. that was the lesson of the 1980s. >> by welfare reform it forced people to go out and work and some of those people started to embrace the work place and move up and, therefore more money flowed. but i have to ask you though you live down there in the washington, baltimore area. are they stealing the money? is that what's happening? federal money goes in, the checks are cashed. it goes. in nothing gets better. schools don't get better, books don't get better. nothing gets better. are they stealing it? >> look it's not just washington or baltimore. since 1970 per capita spending in the the entire united states, on education has doubled. test scores have remained flat or by some measures have declined. what it is they pour this money into bureaucracies. there is also a middle man. you get these extra programs that do nothing. and in the end you end up with nothing for the kids.
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the unions are fat. the democrats who get the donations of the unions are fat the government structures are fat and the kids up poor. >> siphoned off into things that don't benefit the children or don't benefit the poor people who are looking for a grip, just give me a grip so i can climbsuch a maize when this money goes in so easy to hide and t. and divert it for purposes it's not supposed to be. i give money to the trey whitfield school here in new york city. the reason i do is it's one of the worst neighborhoods in the city but this is a private school mostly minority. they have the kids in school uniforms. demonstrable test scores. see what they are doing. discipline from everywhere. kids come bad homes the same way the public schools are once they get in the doorway there is an agenda of personal responsibility for each student.
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i give them money. all right? that's exactly the model that should be in the ghetto public schools and in every public school. last word. >> and that's exactly the model that liberalism rejects. what it ought to do, what everybody knows it should do, what it resists doing is to allow for example teachers to be gotten rid of. even if they have seniority to judge them on the basis of merit. the unions don't allow them. and secondly, as the kind of school you support when a kid is in a bad neighborhood, let them have the kind of choice the rich limousine liberals have when they send is their kids. >> the voucher thing. >> and that is fought tooth and nell. >> the minority community here in new york city elected the most left wing government the city has ever seen. one of the first things they did was erode the discipline in the public schools, which is already lax. so now you can spit at a teacher or
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curse at a teacher or even hit a teacher. and you are not automatically expelled. and you think these kids are hopeless and can't learn? okay. just look at the policies of the people they are electing. and they are all on the far left. they are all there. all right. now, i'm going to hold charles over against his will, of course, to talk about the clinton foundation. also we're asking you to vote in our bill o'reilly to the come poll. remember toya graham, the mother all over the news after she chased her kid who was rioting? where do you stand on her? she a heroine? no, she was abusive. you don't glamorize a single mom with six kids. choose one we will give the results tomorrow on bill o' new york city cop shot dead by african-american over the weekend. factor i look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like
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joining us from washington is charles krauthammer. on this show you say the clintons always walk up to a line of illegality and there is no smoking gun that says they did anything illegal with the clinton foundation. you heard bill clinton very inarticulate and that's rare trying to defend the situation. however, it's very simple. when you have a presidential candidate, hillary clinton who is gonna get the nomination of her party the fbi has a duty to, we the people to investigate any appearance of impropriety. does it not? >> well, if you look at the behavior of the fbi. the federal government has already indicted senator menendez. the "wall street journal" pointed out this morning on far less. the government has convicted the former governor of virginia for a quid pro quos. and you have got the case of chris christie whose news is all over the newspaper for allegedly being involved in
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shunning a couple of -- shutting a couple of lanes on the george washington lanes. on the other hand you have the possible avyóq =p pedaling and possible corruption of one of the highest officials of the government. it? >> is a double standard and quite remarkable and not an accident that the people who have been indicted or hounded are ones who are add remember sears of adversaries of the democratic. >> really hard on obama on foreign policy. >> the question, the fbi has a duality to do this, it's not an optional play, to protect the sanctity of the electoral system, this this is is something this big and combine the email which surely mrs. clinton knew the foundation was going to be scrutinized and i'm not saying she did anything. i think that would be unfair to do tt but the fbi has got to go in and look. they have to go in and look.
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if they don't that's corrupt, in my opinion. >> look the fbi is under the control of the justice department. >>, no, no, no. they can independently go. in they don't need any lynch okay on this. they can go. >> i understand. they can go. they won't go. >> why? won't why won't comey go? why? >> they know where the direction comes from. they don't want to cross their superiors. >> are you saying that comey -- director comey is putting politics above the law? that's what you are saying? >> i'm saying that there is a pattern in which there appears to be a pattern in which people to ho oppose this administration seemed to have gotten nailed and. >> doesn't let comey off the hook. it's his call. he has got to make it. what about lois lerner, you have heard anything about her? >> no. but that's a different situation. she is not a public -- she was just a bureaucrat. we are talking about the president of the united states here. >> when her story came out the president of the united
8:18 pm
states announced he came out o, he said. >> scandalized? >> no. he said he was scandalized. he said this won't be permitted and then he fired the head of that agency. and then all of a sudden when the justice department is supposed to be in charge of this, you hear nothing. this is not new. but, what impressed he about what clinton said you said that all of a sudden he became uncharacteristically incoherent. do you hear what he said about all the money he earned that he said i have to pay the bills. do you remember a basketball player called spreewell? >> yeah. >> he was the guy who choked his coach. seven years later he was offered a three year contract extension for $21 million. he turned it down with the quote of the century "i have a family to feed." it's in the same genre. >> all right. i'm anxious to hear what director comb were is going to tell us. you just can't let this go or, you know, the justice system collapses if the head
8:19 pm
agency looks the other way and, again it's not a witch-hunt. you have got to define what happened to the folks and a presidential election. that's how big this is charles krauthammer and things that matter will be out in paperback on may 12th. that's charles' big best seller. we hope you check that out. directly ahead. becoming wealthy in america. you can do it if you start a foundation. then later at the kentucky derby. no wonder the horses ran so fast. right back. you know, just because your bladder is changing it doesn't mean that you have to. ♪ with tena® let yourself go. ♪ be the one with the crazy laugh. ♪ and keep being their favorite playmate. ♪ tena®'s unique super-absorbent microbeads lock in moisture and odor, tena® - available at target
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impact segment tonight as we have reported nearly $32 billion have flowed into the clinton foundation over the years. recognized by the irs as a nonprofit and under that description every dollar. every dollar spent must advance a charitable
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purpose. joining us now from washington an attorney for nonprofits david tufuri. full disclosure i have a charitable foundation. i don't have any employees other than swiftie my accountant to make sure that i do everything, you know, and i'm actually getting free advice from you tonight. but i don't take any salary. i don't take any expenses. it's just all the money that goes into the foundation goes to charity. so if they are going to put me in jail, i don't have anything there. but i want everybody to know that i have a charitable foundation. now, the clinton foundation, we're talking huge money and i want to know what the people who work for the clinton administration, for the clinton foundation are entitled to. let's start with bill clinton, all right? he is the big boy. is he in charge. now, his travel is paid for by the foundation if he is going on charitable explore explore -- exploration right? >> that's right. bill is on the board of
8:24 pm
directors not a officer. they have chose not to compensate the board members. none of the board members north bill, not chelsea who is also on the board get compensated when hillary was on the board she didn't get compensated either. however, they are entitled to have their travel, reasonable travel expenses reimbursed. >> okay. now reasonable is not a private jet. right? >> well, in most cases and for most organizations a private jet would not be reasonable. however, in the case of bill clinton, a former president who traveled with secret service, the case of hillary clinton, former secretary of state, they do have some extra security concerns. if you look at the irs form 990 that the foundation filed. they note this. they say former president bill clinton and hillary clinton have special security concerns and reserve the right to travel by charter or by first class. >> so they are probably picking up some private jet stuff. now, a lot of the stuff who -- not a lot. some of the people who donate to the clinton foundation provide free
8:25 pm
private jet transportation for the clintons. is that okay? >> it appears that that happened and has happened in the past. that is okay. yes. that's -- that's a person, a private person doing something to help the charity. and as long as the purpose of the trip is to advance the goals of the charity that's appropriate. >> okay. so we have a lot of that. now. how about all meals right? how about rent? how about, you know, living expenses al sharpton has a foundation national action network. i understand he lives in a facility owned by that network. i could be wrong about that that's just floating around. but is that legal? >> well, you should only have expenses, again that are required as part of your duties for the organization. >> so what if you are doing work and you need office? office, right? >> of course. >> what if that office contain sleeping quarters?
8:26 pm
it's a little odd to sleep in your office. >> no it's not. you could have an office. nobody is going to check and see what you have got in there. >> look, if there is some reason why the person has to be away from their primary home and needs to sleep at the office, then i suppose that would be appropriate. but you would have to be able to justify it as part of advancing the goals of the organization. >> okay. what about buying meals for people who are potential donors? >> well, buying meals on a trip where the purpose is to advance the goals of the organization that's appropriate. buying meals for people who are donors incidental to meetings and discussions to fund raise? that would also be appropriate. >> okay. >> but the expenses have to be reasonable, not luxurious meals. >> all right. but what you are telling me sunday the banner of expenses. you can live pretty well. again, it's not living well.
8:27 pm
you can work well engage in activities if it's part of your work trip. if you went on the trip and spent half the time working for the organization and half the time playing golf you should reimburse. >> what about on the golf course you are explaining the haitian policy to the guys in the foursome. >> we get into a gray area there. >> gray area, all right. >> if the primary purpose of playing golf was to talk to a donor or talk to someone who was advancing the goals but that might be okay but it's unusual. >> all right. we appreciate you very much coming on tonight. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. two apparent jihadists shot dead in texas at muhammad exposition. trying to figure out the glamour of that event. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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8:32 pm
that's what i want everybody to know that that's what i'm not in business to do. what i'm in business to do is hold people accountable. the fbi has got to step in and got to look at this thing because there are just too many ten nickels all over othe world. too many deals made in private business that come off the clinton foundation. do you disagree? >> i do. you know, funny thing is i agree with your premise is that too much. >> start investigating everybody we are talking about the former secretary of state and former president and the woman is going to run for president. you don't think the fbi should look at this just to it reassure the measure people that nothing was done? the fbi looked at menendez. looked at him. right? a low level creep. creepy doctor who is bringing in some hookers so he is indicted. that's a low level beef. this was $100,000 beef and guy wanted some promotion for some cosmetic.
8:33 pm
this is small ball. this is huge. and you are saying no, no fbi investigation? >> i'm say talking i remember when conservatives got upset if they thought the irs was going after someone who for political reasons why would you go after a person who has been in public life, clinton either the former president or possibly the future president, unless had you some convincing evidence of wrongdoing? where is the mowing gun? >> you don't get any evidence unless you investigate. right, mary catherine? don't you have to investigate before the evidence surfaces? >> i appreciate you asking the fbi like charles i'm going to say i wouldn't count on anything. i also think by the way the fbi which woo spend a lot of time for going after people for political reasons investigating tiny one that's against the law they are not supposed to do that. >> these raised red flags to say what is your classification about here and what are you actually spending on when you get to the numbers spending 10 to%
8:34 pm
on charitable giving and unenumerated why do you say the fbi is not going to do it? i think comey is an honest guy. is he not? if this were a republican involved. >> you are saying comey is idealogue and you would say he is not an honest man. >> i want you to restore my faith, bill. i'm going to see what happens. look, aside from look, hold on. aside from the investigation. let me also say that even if you take bill clinton at his word and he says that they didn't do anything knowingly inappropriate or nothing sinister which is not a great defense to begin with. if you take them at their word on that. the appearance of imprebright and lack of best practices in filing returns. left foreign donations off the list. these are huge problems even if there is no smoking gun. >> not to accept the foundation and she violated. >> this is so here is where
8:35 pm
i come out on this. i think the two of are you making some points. but, look. we agree. ethical something is wrong. >> you don't agree. you don't want to find out. >> i do want to find out. >> bring in the best agency to find out. >> you have to wait on the press to find it. >> if i said to you bill, i'm going to investigate you. i don't know that you have done anything wrong bill. i think a man of your stature. we have got to check you out. >> called probable cause. >> no, it's not. it's called harassment. that's called political positioning to harass somebody that don't want to be president. >> certainly you enough stuff. >> the good news is that the press has been interested in this. it's a very drip drip story. there will be more questions. they have got to force her to answer them. >> force her. i don't know. i don't know anybody who is going to force her to do anything. >> didn't you think it was funny though when he said he did this to pay his bills? oh my god. >> they are broke juan. they are broke. >> there you go. >> when we come right back, ms. megyn kelly on a new york city police officer
8:36 pm
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8:40 pm
apparent jihadists killed by police anti-muslim event in texas. here now megyn kelly see you right after the factor. outside of dallas is anti-muhammad cartoon fest. pick it up from there. >> they were trying to make a point. they held it at the same place that held a seminar on islamaphobia. so this group that believes we are becoming islam sized in the united states holds its own event challenging people to draw pictures of the prophet muhammad which are considered blasphemist in islam. >> that's provocative from the jump. >> sure. that was part of their point. they were trying to make a point about the first amendment and free speech. on that point they were 100% right. the first amendment protects what they were doing and drawing the prophet muhammad even though it's very offensive to many in the muslim faith in particular the radical jihadis who will issue death threats and try to kill you if you do it. and we have seen that repeatedly in country to country and state to state
8:41 pm
here in the united states. >> they wanted to defy the fear that the jihadists have imposed on the world? >> that's right. >> the woman who heads this group who did this pamela geller appeared on cnn. roll are the tape. >> well, it's dangerous because increasingly we're bridging our freedoms so as not to offend savages. the very idea that if something offends me or i'm insulted for something i will kill you and that way i will get my way and somehow this is okay with members of the elite media and academia. there is a problem in islam. the problem is we can't talk about the problem. >> what do you think? >> without adopting her language on the free speech principle on the first amendment principle she is 100% correct. the first amendment was designed not to protect speech that we like but speech that we don't like. the most outrageous offensive incendiary speech is why the first amendment was born.
8:42 pm
speech at this fringes debate at the edges. things that make people upset and the classic case was the falwell case where he was upset about the parody done about him. most recently 2011 u.s. supreme court 8 to 1 decision westboro decision protesting the funerals f word derogatory about gays. they weren't gay men who died they didn't like the military policy. 8 to 19 supreme court upheld their right to do it that's how important free speech is in this country. whether you agree with what they said or don't on the cartoons of the prophet muhammad they had had the right to hold that seminar and to question that right misunderstands the first amendment. >> it's always cause and effect. because did i it, the jihadists are dead. i know a lot of people have not feeling sorry for them and i am not either because they were trying to kill other people. however, this is what happens when you light the fuse. you get violence. >> now you sound like you
8:43 pm
are defending. >> no i'm not. >> you are attacking the event itself. >> i would do it another way. i know i agree with your point that we shouldn't let these people intimidate us. >> you know what else the jihadists don't like they hate jews should we get rid of all jews? >> that's what ms. geller. >> >> that's the path we are going to go down if we start catering to the jihadists. there is no making them happy. can't not do things because the jihadis are going to be upset. >> i agree it's the way do you it new york city. 25-year-old police officer brian mooar shot dead all he was doing is in plain clothes with his partner trying to stop robberies that were affecting the poor neighborhood. they had a suspect and they walked over to talk to him and he shot mr. moore. so the suspect demetrius blackwell, there he is. long rap sheet violent guy. so what i'm calling for now is i want a valley -- rally in new york city respect the police rally? can we get a respect the
8:44 pm
police rally? do you think we can get one? >> you know, because of the incidents that we have seen and they have been sporadic and they have been in many would have you believe it is an epidemic and that police are gunning down innocent african-american men by the day here in this country. the stats don't back. and so now what we have is an atmosphere politicians sometimes at the highest levels that police are a bunch of murderers that they are out to do target practice. >> can we do a respect police demonstration wouldn't that be in good in the contest plaintiff moore losing his life? >> gutfeld was saying on the five tonight. they would do it but they have jobs. they are working. people that support the police don't feel the need to go out and march. >> as jon stewart once said it's very hard to get moderate people to go out and march. go out with placard be reasonable. >> maybe people in the neighborhood the officers are trying to protect might want to do a respect the
8:45 pm
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back of the book segment. tonight, watters world. as you may know a horse named american pharaoh won the kentucky derby on saturday very exciting race as host most of them. are. estimated $138 million bet on the race the most famous in the world. we sent watters out to louisville to capture the moment. >> ♪
8:49 pm
♪ >> this is my first derby. >> excellent. >> i'm a virgin. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> any advice? >> drink lots of mint juleps. this is the $1,000 jew blip mint wood preserve. >> i'm going to keep this. >> okay. >> what is doing the derby? what does that mean to you? >> the people, the energy, the enthusiasm. the history. >> dress up to the nines. >> the drink? >> the drink like you are a freshman in college. >> oh. >> have a brew. don't cost you nothing. >> what kind of stallion gets your blood pumping? >> my husband. [ laughter ] >> the italian stallion. >> okay. okay. >> when you talk like that, you make my mouth water. ♪ ♪ >> what is derby style? >> let me tell it will you you dress up to get messed up. >> i'm glad you dressed up for the derby. >> why are you wearing that
8:50 pm
funny hat? >> i think i wanted a hat that required its own zip code. >> nice peacock. >> thank you. >> tickling my forehead. >> go big or go home. >> your hat is lacking in size. >> i know, you are right. >> what are you going to do? >> i should probably compensate for it somehow. >> this is a little awkward. >> you look like a very dignified southern gentleman. >> i am a pillar of the community. [ laughter ] >> who dressed you guys today? dumb and dumber? >> are you going hunting later? >> actually, i'm going hunting on sunday. >> let's go kill some birds i'm psyched. >> i can undo it if you want me to. >> please no. i don't go that way. >> can i spell your hat? >> yes. >> it's delicious. can i touch your feathers? >> yes you may. >> can i stick my fingers? there. >> absolutely, man. >> thank you very much. >> i want to touch it. >> can i put my fish through your beard? >> absolutely. >> does that hurt? >> no. >> it looks like a crow landed on your head?
8:51 pm
kaka. >> come on, wayne. >> now it's watters. >> water. >> highway. ♪ ♪ >> are you worried about traditions in america evaporating? >> yeah. there is no -- we aren't really quite a nation, united nations. >> you like the radical change that this country is experiencing right now? >> i didn't put the president in office so i can't do much about it. >> you look like you are ready for hillary. >> i am -- not. >> the progressive marriage coming after marriage, coming after the military, coming after the flag. does that bother you guys? >> everybody has their own opinion and you have to stand firm in what you believe in and that's all you can do. you can't make everybody else choose what you choose. else choose what you want to choose. >> the war on women. whose side are you on? >> women. hell yeah. feminist. >> you look like you agree with allijuana laws being
8:52 pm
relaxed. >> $2 box. >> come on. i won. so did i win? did i really win? winner winner chicken dinner. put it on pacquiao now. pacquiao baby. let it ride. ♪ i did my best but my best wasn't good enough. >> big factor fan? >> big "factor fan" fan. >> what's your favorite part of the show? >> water's world. >> you have great taste. >> we missed you. >> that wasn't fox money you were flashing around there, was that? >> that was my money. >> how much did you win? >> $200. >> you won 200 bucks? >> thank luiji from long island for the tip. >> what's the tradition with the women with the hats? >> as you know that whole area in kentucky was settled by the english and scotch irish in the day and the english fashion
8:53 pm
translated so when they go to the horse races they all look like kate middleton now. >> they all brought the british tradition of dressing formally for horse races. >> the girl with the peacock hat, you know how much that cost? $3,500. >> no. >> for a hat. >> really? >> almost as much as your suit. >> okay. not quite, though. >> almost. >> no this is a freeman. all right. waters we got him on another secret assignment this week. we appreciate you coming in. a wounded vet tells police his high-tech wheelchair was stolen. we have unravelled the mystery in the tip of the day. right back with us. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma.
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send you "lethal beauty" as well. now from steve, bakersfield, california leland vitter's question for the mayor of baltimore were provocative and accusatory. why? he asked pointblank if she ordered them not to protect their property the first night of a riot. le land did a good job. bob in venice, florida, bill, blacks are drowning and the black and whites have no solutions. you don't listen to the other side. of course i listen to them. i'm seeking solutions based on reality. if you're going to blame the rioting on a lack of funding, a lie, or reparations for slavery, not workable as a solution i'm going to hammer you. cody james, grand view texas, mr. o'reilly i'm a combat vet with severe injuries. i have several tattoos and a great work ethic. you imply that people with tattoos should not be hired. that's not right. i don't imply anything.
8:57 pm
you totally missed the point, cody. i ran down a list of resume killers one of which is a poor appearance. having tattoos doesn't disqualify anybody for anything. it's the total package a job seeker represents that makes the difference. that being said if you want to work for ibm, best not to have a panther tattooed on your neck. just looking out for you. pat wright farmville, virginia we have not mised an episode of "legends and lies." thank few for presenting the truth about the west o'reilly. steve, new albany ohio. david crockett was another "legend and lies" masterpiece. i thought it was good too. deborah, columbus, mississippi. my 7 -year-old son was mesmerized by the crockett episode as was i at age 7, deborah. loved it. unfortunate, it wasn't true. if you called crockett davie, he'd shoot you. it's david. all right? but davie, he would have shot the song the songwriter the
8:58 pm
recording studio, everybody would have been dead. next sunday "legends and lies" tackles the most successful bandit in the old west black bart. an amazing story. and here's a "factor "" letter of the day. o'reilly you posed a brilliant question last week. can you name one nation that's ended poverty through government programs? of course the guest could not. estimates are $22 billion have been spent in america fighting poverty and things have not improved very much. standard of living has improved mike. the poor in america have more stuff. but it is the mindset that has to change. enjoy your signed copies of the book "legends and lies." finally tonight "factor" tip of the day. last week we told you police in medford, oregon received a call from a wounded veteran named keith. he told them that his track wheelchair donated to him valued at between $15,000 and 20,000 bucks had been stolen. that turns out not to be true. he apparently tried to trade the
8:59 pm
wheelchair for other property. now, we at the "factor" have raised tens of millions of dollars to buy these high-tech wheelchairs for the severely wounded veterans coming back from iraq and afghanistan. now, through the independence fund we've been very successful. and thanks to you, the program has funded 1,000 track chairs and more on the way. but nothing's perfect. he's been charged with filing a false report. he's obviously a troubled guy. that doesn't mean we should stop donating and help severely wounded american vets. the independence fund will allow the man to keep the stair provided he respects it. may 23rd we'll host a benefit at the hard rock cafe in new york city where track chair number 1,000 will be delivered to a vet. "factor" tip of the day when the cause is noble, stick with it. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from billo'
9:00 pm
o' name and place. don't be nefarious. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, free speech under attack in texas. first, from a pair of would-be terrorists then from media outlets that seem almost as troubled with the event under attack as they are with the attackers. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. new details on one of two gunmen who targeted a free speech event owe the weekend. one of the previous jihadis had previously drawn the attention of the fbi. both of the suspects are now dead after police say they opened fire outside an event hosting a muhammad cartoon contest. prophet muhammad. the two men traveled from phoenix, arizona, to target the