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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 5, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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o and tell me what you thought about tonight's show. there will be an open thread there, see you there. live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. new details are emerging about a deadly shootout in texas that left two gunmen dead. it happened late sunday outside a prophet mohamed cartoon contest in suburban, dallas. police reveal s.w.a.t team officers not just an off duty cop shot at the suspect. it is not clear which officer fired thely -- the lethal shot. it was condemned by muslim groups. hillary clinton is going before congress again. the former secretary of state has agreed to testify before a special congressional panel investigating the attacks in benghazi libya. republican lawmakers want clinton to appear twice before the panel with one hearing
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focusing to clinton's use of private e-mails and a separate session on benghazi. clinton's lawyers say once is enough. it will happen later this month. and speaking of presidential hopefuls former arkansas governor mike huckabee is expected to officially toss his hat into the republican ring today. it will be his second bid for the white house. huckabee says as president he will be a unifying force who will fight for the middle class. president obama is among the many paying tribute to new york city police officer brian moore. the 25-year-old lawman was gunned down on saturday while questioning a man suspected of carrying a concealed gun. moore is the third nypd officer killed in the line of duty in five months. >> family of fellow officers he joined in the nypd and across the country deserve our gratitude and our prayers and not just today but every day. they have a tough job. >> in oregon lawmakers passed a bill expanding background checks to include the private
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sale of nearly all guns. the measure now heads to the governor who is expected to sign it. i'm kelly wright. "red eye," it starts now. >> previously on "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue jie. you are doing this? i don't care. >> you don't even know the struggle tom. i don't think people would have complained if it was a hot dude. >> i know people who want to tune into this. >> we don't have enough of that. >> it much substance as we need these days. >> and now the thrilling conclusion. >> welcome to "red eye." let's welcome our guests. stare into her eyes. that's enough, you perverts. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. he dreamed of making artisian pickles and now he is here. it is tv's andy levey. he is the only person who
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knows more hand gestures than i do. i am happy to see him writer and comedian jesse joyce. and sitting next to me is john bolton the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor and he is also the president of "red eye." >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> there were no winners at a mohamed cartoon contest. officials identified the gunmen who were killed after they opened fire at a pro-free speech event in garland texas. one of the men elton simpson, was charged in 2010 about lying with an fbi agent about his plans to visit somalia, quote for the purpose of engaging in violent jihad. is there any other kind? he was sentenced to probation after the government cooperate prove he was a terrorist. the two men road up to the event with assault rifles and started shooting.
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they wounded a security guard. i believe we have a photo of them. no. i guess we don't have one. dwon -- donald trump questioned it. >> they have to be in the middle of texas doing something against mohamed and insulting everybody. it looks to me like she is somebody that is taunting them. >> ambassador, we have to mention that there was a contest winner who took home the $10,000 prize. we showed one of his works. the winner was fonston and this is true that he drew this picture of you as the "red eye" president and we show it every time you are on the show. did you know you had a connection to this story? >> he is a great artist as you can tell and he did a fantastic job and deserved to win the the prize. >> but taunting to what donald trump was saying in terms of provoking this attack
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rkt do you buy that? >> the theory of free speech is that the truth emerges from the clash of ideas. it is not just a high school debate. provocative speech and speech that is essential to the clash of ideas. what is going on here is clearly an effort to say to people that attempts to silence people run contrary to the basis of the country. >> are you a sensitive guy. do people need to be more sensitive to muslims and their beliefs? >> no, absolutely not. i am much more offended by the john bolton as "red eye" president. >> he is plotting a coup. somebody has to protect me against him. >> donald trump for a change couldn't be more wrong. you don't have to defend pam geller to defend her right to have a mohamed come paw tegs.
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honestly most is hate -- hateful. a lot of times if you are defending free speech you are defending the nazi party and pam geller. it doesn't matter people say oh this wasn't really a free speech event. it was an anti-islam event. that is irrelevant. that may have been true beforehand. once shots are you are fired once people try to kill you over tree speep it is a free speech issue. that's what it is pure and simple. >> if you are on a college campus left wing craziness they believe in free speech as long as that speech agrees with their beliefs. but thisy have continually tried to shutdown like condi rice pulled out of the speech and that's sort of what you are saying. >> did you make the college campus analogy because i lurk around them. >> you look 21 plus 20.
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>> that's sweet of you to say. >> everybody does that to me. >> i am 36, everyone. i don't take care of myself. i smoked for years. by the way, i didn't realize that was even an ambassador bolton. i thought it was a caterpillar crawling across a john lennon. >> i beg your pardon. i beg your pardon. who let him on? >> i thought it was you lining up at the golden corral buffet. >> why is done thald trump the go -- donald trump the go to guy when there is terrorism? i don't know how to feel about this. who is the orange iest guys? i guess donald trump -- >> you will not vote for him if he runs for president? >> he is a cartoon person. he is the worst. but oddly enough i agree with him on that point. >> you do?
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>> you are just poking people in the face. we are going to have a [bleep] with bees contest. >> they held it at the same place where there was an islamaphobia conference so there was significance behind the event being held there and why they were having -- >> it doesn't matter though. it doesn't matter. you can stand in the street and offend every religious and racial group and it is your right to do that whether you are antagonizing people or not. >> the lady, the one who came up is not the one who will get affected by this. it is a security guard that got shot in the leg. >> i don't think this is hateful speech. if you look at the history of the expansion of free speech in the west, it has consisted in the first instance of destroying blasphemy laws. the people who are trying to say you can't make fun of islam are trying to reimpose
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blasphemy laws. >> i am not saying you can't make fun of it, but if you host a burn george zimmerman contest you should expect that somebody will get a black eye. >> it is not that they aren't aware that there are free speech issues. they spend 10,000 extra dollars for this event. if that wasn't there who know what's could have happened? >> these are not muslims offended by the cartoons. these are terrorists looking for a target. that's what it shows. >> that's the point by saying you are taunting them and provoking them. you assume they are bringing on the violence if they will direct the violence to anybody who gets in the way. >> they drove from arizona to carry out the attack. >> seth rogen didn't get [bleep] over when sony got hacked. it was just regular people at sony who got screwed. if you are going to poke people in the face, like it is not going to land on you. it will land on other people
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who have to work security at your dumb event. >> i don't think you can say that. it is generally the people that are doing the things who will be targets. yeah the security guards but i honestly don't think the comparison is a fair one. >> i am running out of [bleep]. i brought up george zimmerman and kim jong-un and how many more analogies do you want me to come up with? >> can we remember molly norris is in hiding for the everybody draw mohamed day. everybody lost their lives in the attacks. they were standing up and speaking their minds and drawing their minds and being free. their lives are changed forever. >> even if you think you shouldn't draw mohamed it is a
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big step for you. i totally agree. >> that's the thing. >> it is the only way you should -- the only way to prove that you should be able to is to do it. >> at the same time you say you don't do it. >> to oppose it is to make a judgment on the content of the speech itself. >> defending the speech you agree with is what you greaty with. >> that's the final word on that. >> drink up, republicans. it is six-pack time. there is now a six-pack of candidates. ben carson and carly fiorina joined the field on monday and mike huckabee will jump in on tuesday. the gospel choir singing a song from another famous product from that city, eminem.
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>> ♪ lose yourself in the music the moment ♪ >> meanwhile fiorina made her candidacy official the old-fashioned way on twitter. it is also on something called ""good morning america"" which is they qifl lept of -- the equivalent of the rotary phone these days. she took a swipe at hillary clinton. >> i am getting ready to do something too. i am running for president. >> our founders never intended us to have a professional political class. they believe that citizens and leaders needed to step forward. we know the only way to reimagine our government is to reimagine who is leading it i am carly fiorina. i am running for president. >> razzle dazzle and shazaam. the hewlett-packard ceo may have a problem of her own.
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someone bought the rights to carly fee -- carly fiorina .org and filled it with sad faces, one for every one of the people she laid off running the company. here is the reaction to those hearing fiorina will be entering the race. >> no, those are hockey candidates in canada. >> do you believe there is a chance of a mustache in this race? >> i think it is important for the republican party to have an open competitive race which is what i think it is. my concern is of all of the candidates we are hearing about, there is still not enough focus on national security. i think the president's first job is protecting the country and we need to hear more about that as they go toward the nomination.
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>> so you have dr. ben carson. will rand paul have to call himself dr. rand paul? it will be a fight because it is hey i operated on babies' brains and separated conjoined twins or hey do you need glasses? >> the race to not become the republican nominee heated up on monday. the problem for fiorina is not that somebody grabbed the .org but there is widespread agreement that she was a horrible ceo. the problem with ben carson is he says dumb things and then says well i am not a politician so it doesn't count, but it does count. i don't think either one of these candidates is serious to be honest. either of you can jump in, but there are so many of them. you get toilet paper stuck on your shoe at a rally and it will be over. there are too many to choose
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from. >> it is safe to say this is the first presidential candidate who has ever cut a baby in half. that should be a bumper sticker. >> we have a long history. you never know. >> you can't prove -- you can probably run for -- >> it is really two babies. >> you can run are to despites of bar bough loan yaw. i don't know the bible. the one thing that is interesting is she is touting this only in america can a woman become a secretary and then turn into the ceo of whatever except i looked into it and it turns out that the currency of lithuania makes coats. only in america brazil, and lithuania.
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>> you said all due respect? that is like bless your heart. >> you don't -- [inaudible]. >> her father was joe one of the trust lawyerss of the past decade. he was appointed to the 9th circuit. she didn't start at the bottom. she had a successful father. >> my dad was an anti--trust lawyer and that's a real vote getter. >> the ceo with the biggest oil company in like the whole southern hemisphere started collecting trashy bottles empty bottles of coke to resickle for money -- recycle for money. >> that's a good profession. let's not knock it. >> i am not knocking it. i wanted to say you are not the only lady that succeeded.
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the more women the better, right? >> for sure. i enjoy it. i like seeing there is another woman. you can't have the airing ghent we want a woman that is president. hillary is our choice. i do think national security is a really big issue with a lot of people. only 1% of republican voters support fiorina at this time. it is just because that is a big thing and a lot of people don't think she can handle it. she was chair of the advisory board which i did not know. she has some background maybe. >> she should stress that more, but let's cut to the chase. when are one of you get nooght race? >> oh no. >> my bikini days are over. >> i thought you meant me. >> his bikini days are many ahead. we have to go.
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i was going to say 7 is the magic number. parmer's family and -- parker's family was 7. those people will fall by the way side. so you've asked for it and now you will get it. an entire monologue on my thoughts about hats. more "red eye" after the break.
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the derby and the fight. that's the subject of tonight's tonight's -- i spent my saturday night like you did watching the derby and the fight and waxing my mustache. well maybe you don't need a depilatory, but i do.
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i'm sure you did watch the horse race and the boxing match. first, i hate the kentucky derby because i hate hats. i actually hate the people who wear the hats. this is a new thing for me. it never used to bother me seeing the women on the tv wearing something that looked like my grandma's garden ate some bad chicken but i have a deep hatred because i have to see all of the deepy hat photos on instagram. i love my hat. well your hat hates you. it is embarrassed for you. it wants to stay at home and take some xanax and watch the raiders game. the giant bow you should have to wear it around your neck for the next three weeks for every day. people w you go to louisville for the derby? no i was in newark at appleby's but ain't my hat cute? look at this video of rob
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gronkowski at the derby. do you see how he shouldn't be left alone around sharp objects? y'all look that idiotic. you need t-shirts that say -- on them. the rich and famous looked slightly less ridiculous at the fight. we already know you are there. we paid $100 to watch this pay per view when wree could have put it to better use by buying the three "star wars" movies and a porno. by buying the fight we were the ones who got screwed. the only person we see in the crowd is robert dinero who looked like he got lost finding the buffet. at least he wasn't wearing a hat. i never put on my head and again. i have a complex about wearing
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hats because i have a giant noggin. i wore the biggest one. that's why i hate hats. joanne you don't look like a hat wearer even though you have a beautiful head. i am not a hat waterer. it doesn't go with my outfits or things. i am not going to say what i said during the break. i said why would i want to ruin all of this with a hat? anyways i agree. it is getting to be too much. these derby parties is just an excuse to drink bourbon and you don't need an excuse to drink bourbon. >> if you are going to drink it you don't drink it -- you drink it neat, but then it will come into play when the women try it and they make that face. >> i don't like the kentucky derby. the only race that matters is the preakness. i don't understand why people are excited about the kentucky
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derby. it is just the prelude to the jewel to the triple criewn. i wish you would give due consideration to baltimore and the preakness when it comes. >> you mean the belmont right? >> >> what's that? >> the biggest of the three triple crowns. the same way the headlining act when you go to a concert doesn't come on first. it comes on last. >> harvard yale and princeton. you can tell how that works. >> you look like you hang out at bars a lot. >> i used to a lot more when i drink -- drank in excess. i am the only person susceptible to skin cancer so i will remind everyone to wear a hat. >> my last name is mcdowell and i am the color of you piece of paper. >> i don't know if you spent time in areas where the phone
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you a fects people. it could go to rod stewart. you can have a one-night stand with a crocodile if you would like for -- or wear a hat. >> it has nothing to do with the cook dial derby. >> you won't get skin cancer and you won't have a man inside of you either. >> i'm sold then. i am looking at having a man inside of me. this took a weird turn. i don't think i have been out dirtied on "red eye" before. >> and i didn't ion curse. >> no, you didn't. my mom is going to ask me to explain what i meant by that. happy mother's day! >> she meant problem bleep [. >> are you beach body ready? if not we have a per tect way to get yourself into shape.
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drop and give me 80. >> tonight's sponsor says have a dish that needs digging dig? no she digs. it
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning.
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president obama speaks out about the on going wave of racial unrest facing our nation. mr. owe bapa was in new york -- mr. obama was in new york city launching a foundation aimed at carrying out the work of his my brother's keeper initiative. he took the opportunity to address the plight of many young black americans who the president says often feels the law isn't evenly applied. >> and that sense of unfairness and powerlessness of people not hearing their voices that helped fuel some of the places like baltimore and ferguson and right here in new york. jay relatives describe simpson as devout and quiet but the federal investigators say one of the two gunmen killed on sunday near dallas had been on the fbi's radar for years. they were shot outside a building that was holding a contest featuring cartoons of the prophet mohamed.
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the depictions are considered blasphemous under muslim tradition. an advocacy group says it is no excuse for violence. president obama is expected to announce the nomination of marine general joseph dunford as the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. he began his career as an infantry officer and commanded at all levels. he served in iraq and afghanistan. and we are learning the price tag of the brutal winter we just experienced. they inform us that it costs more than $1 billion to clean up the snow and ice in nearly two dozen states. officials also say we use six million tons of salt to keep the roads clear. i'm kelly wright. "red eye" starts again. >> and now a story about women's body issues.
12:33 am
ambassador bolton demand we talk about this. seminaked protesters were in hyde park to defend controversial ads for protein shakes. the ads say "are you beach body ready" and have sparked controversy. they say they are tired of the notion of quote that your body should be covered up and hidden away if it doesn't meet specific requirements. it seems more media showed up than actual protesters. protein world refused to apologize and even challenged critics on twitter saying why make your insecurities our problem? looking at that photo i kind of know what johnal veer looks like naked or partially naked. >> good for protein world for fighting back. usually people fold when somebody looks at them the wrong way.
12:34 am
on top of that, ashley graham -- can we put up that picture? >> shy did the stuff in sports illustrated. >> obviously she has a different body type. i say good for her too. that's what you do to combat speech. >> here is the thing. that was not an ad. that's the issue. people look at these ads like they are social statements. i blame dove and the beauty companies in the u.s. who are doing it. that's why people are so uh febded. so offended. >> i don't know why you are offended in an ad that shows a woman in good shape and i also don't think there is -- i like that ashley graham did that too with a different body type. >> i am offended because i am mammary challenged and that is [bleep] to me. >> now that my campaign is destroyed before it gets out
12:35 am
on the ground and this is free speech. it is commercial shape and they have a remedy. if they don't like the ad don't buy the product. >> or do your own. >> since when does advertising have to do -- when does it make everybody feel good about themselves. >> that's what fast-food ads are for. everyone can eat this and not get fat. >> don't you think every time i see a scialis commercial i think about the fact that i can't kayak and i am stuck with thisy ex recollection all the time. i have a healthy [bleep] all the time. do you think it makes me feel -- i i am sitting there watching tv and wouldn't it be nice to have a limp [bleep] at some point.
12:36 am
>> i would like to note that joanne's eyes never moved down at all. she is looking straight ahead the entire time. >> she is a professional. >> we are constantly bombarded with healthy messages. we have an obesity epidemic. it is suddenly fat shaming. people have to make up their minds. there are so many ad campaigns and maybe it is britain. >> she is a pretty girl. we all have our assets. we all have to do what makes us feel good and bronzed and healthy. >> this is going somewhere right? >> i guarantee if you turn around she may have [bleep]
12:37 am
acne. >> they are essentially shaming this model. we don't want to shame this person for her body. >> to pea that is the answer -- for me that is the answer to that. these are commercial transactions among consenting adults. if you don't like it don't engage in the action. meantime, if a man is doughy it is delightful. according to the business headliner, everyone is obsessed with the dad-pod. this is the type of news i use often. it was described this way the dad says i go to the jim occasionally and drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eight slices of pizza at a time. it is not an over weight goi but it is not one with washboard abs either. joanne -- i have had to climb enough mountains of mush just like that.
12:38 am
is this the same? >> it is. i don't mind it either. it is good for moderation. i would rather be with a guy who likes moderation rather than the guy who says i am not drinking this week because i am trying to get ripped abs. >> that's great but i don't want you to take it. it is vince vaughn, seth row began. women say i want a face that makes me laugh. >> we are not talking about vladimir putin are we? >> no, you know what, putin though has a little dad bod. he has a little puddin. >> yeah. he is hitting the vodka and eating a lot of taters, right? >> i think that's what it looks like.
12:39 am
>> do you have a dad bod even though you are not a dad? >> i hope to be a dad some day so it catches up to my sloppiness. this just feels like making lemonade out of alcoholics. the guy we are stuck with since we can't stop putting bacon on donuts we might as well find a way to be attracted to the havoc it wreaks. >> i am waiting for a guy to say i want a girl who wants mom genes. i love that. you never hear that. >> if our backside was as mushy as their stomachs -- >> that's y'all fault. >> excuse me? >> that's y'all fault. >> thank you ludicrous. if women are going to find dad bods attractive, that's on you. men are like, great then i don't have to go to the gym every day and do whatever.
12:40 am
>> we have to find him attractive because that's all that is left out there. when women put on a pair of normal jeans we weep. can you give me a 44-inch waste. the 42 is not fitting anymore. that's what men do. >> i never shouted to another human being. >> ambassador bolton, throw me them jeans. >> he is the guy who works in the store. joe is your friend who works in the jean store. >> like your local jean store guy. >> you try falling asleep on somebody with a dad bod belly. it is like sleeping on a water bed with no sheets.ot and it sticks
12:41 am
to it. >> have i dealt with -- have i dealt with a harry -- a hairy dude. >> it is time to take a break. somebody goes to the bathroom with their mic on when we come back. first, huer is what is coming up on "kennedy" tomorrow. >> on the next "kennedy" a shiny and happy person, sherrod small. i hope you join me at 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 pacific. hi sherrod.
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my number one role when going number one turn off your microphone. a texas councilman found out the hard way much to the delight of his fellow councilmembers. listen up and you can hear him let loose while the mayor is speaking. >> i won't be labor all of the details. many remember mr. gestis presentation. >> what we can do is call on governmental representatives. that are higher up chain of command. and ask for action at the federal level.
12:46 am
>> this is why she ran for public office. >> just say within the city limits would be an empty gesture. so also these diseases don't know any boundaries. >> let's see if she can regain her composure. >> there would be clusters of disease that would be -- i'm sorry. would go across the border. anyways, i am going to stop talking and ask you give this consideration. >> pee-pee is funny. >> at least he didn't admit to killing anyone. >> i was going to say this is
12:47 am
what would have happened if chuck berrie directed the jinx. >> he had a strong stream. i was impressed with that. >> that was amazing. >> why didn't she just stop? there was no way she was going to be able to get through that and let everyone enjoy it. >> was she just going to go to the bathroom? >> who says he forgot to turn off his mic? >> he has nothing to hide and this transparency is what we need in the government off office. >> this does not give confidence in your local government. you couldn't even handle a meeting like that. >> getting it on is first and getting it on "red eye" is a
12:48 am
definite first. i love when he waddles back and the other councilman has to lean offer. >> you know he plays this for his friends. check it out. check it out. >> that gay has to be in his secretaries, right? >> this is like the great -- >> it's a hoax? >> maybe he filled up a giant big gulp with water. >> i wanted him so badly to be muttering something about serial murder. >> they caught me. i know it. >> ambassador? >> this may be damaging to his prospects for higher office. it is difficult to run for something else and not expect
12:49 am
your opponents in the spirit of negative advertising to get that on the air. >> it is my prediction that something like this will happen. >> and who ever has it already on tape is a sure winner at that point. >> i don't want to contridict you, but he just got elected chancellor of germany. go on the internet. >> that must be a sexist remark. >> you are better to not dig deeper. >> women are very -- >> bless you for not getting that. >> when it comes to strong frameses, women rule. >> we will close things out with big bird's close call. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" return appearances from lou daabs the very well delicious joe devito and guy benson. >> e block. last story.
12:54 am
last -- that's the last story. >> he is a character beloved by generations of children. we almost lost him. no thought "the noise" it is a documentary about big bird that reveals the actor was supposed to be in costumes on board the challenger flight. the only person that played big bird was set to go to space. a school teacher went instead and died in the explosion. while battling depression and suicidal thoughts the feathery allowed him to easily cry without anyone noticing. ambassador bolton, we didn't need to know this. >> this sounds to me like a made up story. nasa hasn't had publicity recently so they are making up things. the challenger was a huge
12:55 am
tragedy. whether it was big bird or not. we learned uh -- a lot for it. >> i am at the emotional wreck part. i don't know if it is made up, but i don't need to know he can't get his [bleep] together. >> how weird is it that he is the same guy that plays big bird also plays the miserable pessimistic hero. >> >> he is my hero. >> yes. oscar the group is the other personality. because he won't retire, the guy who is his apprentice has been waiting for 17 years. that guy is going man i wish we had been on that set tell. on that shuttle. i condemn the fact that this guy is thinking that. >> what a jerk that guy is. >> i am not the jerk here.
12:56 am
i am glad he didn't go on the show jie. big bird or oscar? >> i don't have an opinion on that. what i think is weird is we will blow up big bird in order to quote get children more interested in nasa? who needs to sweeten the deal on astronauts for children? you foe -- you foe what i mean? every kid wants to be -- it is like we can't get anybody. let's send lassie to pearl harbor. >> i brought up a separate beloved character and then another national tragedy. >> joanne, last word. i always had a crush on mayor mccheese. >> i like the count. it helps me with numbers. why do we need to cry in a suit in cry in public. >> you -- i do cry. >> wonder how we could do a
12:57 am
spice suit over big bird. >> you don't because you vrd have a suit on. >> joanne, jesse ambassador, delightful. see you next time.
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in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. lupita is playing a good girl. is the outsider road to the white house the inside trek? a surgeon and business woman hopes so. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a few washington outsiders, dr. ben carson and business woman carly feeiorina have joined the presidential field. the clintons continue to deny any improprieties regarding their charitable foundation. we have fox coverage. and brit hume is here and mike emanuel.


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