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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 5, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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it without partners. i am going to let you in on a secret. i never have been and i am not going to be the favorite candidate of those in the washington to wall street corridor of power. i will be funded and fuelled not by the billionaires but by working people across america who find out $15-$25 a month con contribution contributions can take us from hope to higher ground. rest assured if you want to give a million dollars, please do it. but i know most of you can't. i have walked away from my own income to do this.
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i am not waiting for a sacrifice i am not willing to make. i don't have a taxpayer paycheck to live off of. i don't come from a dynesty. but so we can preserve this great republic and some day so that your children and grandchildren can still go from hope to higher ground. [cheers and applause] i still remember, i remember it well when my dad took me to the dedication of newly con strucked boat arc few miles from here. it is named for dr. lester
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psychs my best friend who is here today. i was -- [applause] i was eight years old. and my dad said, now son governor will come dedicate this new lake and i'm going to take you down there to hear you make a talk because, son, you might live your whole life and you may never get to meet a governor in person. [laughter] [applause] had my dad lived just four months longer he would have seen me do more than meet a governor. he would have seen me become the 44th governor of my state. [applause] i always wished he could have been there. maybe spent at least one night in the governor's mansion, a place he never thought he would get close to.
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but i always wanted to feel that he did see that moment, from the best seat in the house. [applause] and i hoped, that, he is able to watch in january, of 2017 when that bashful little kid from the orange brick rent house on second street is sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. and with your help and god we will make that journey from hope to higher ground. god bless you. thank you very much. [applause] thank you. >> there you have it. former arkansas governor mike huckabee officially announcing his bid for the 2016 republican presidential nomination. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today sandra smith, co-host of "fox & friends" first, heather
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childers. host of "kennedy" on our sister network, fox business, kennedy and one lucky guy dr. keith ablow. dr. ablow, you're outnumbered. >> i feel i'm amongst friends. so "outnumbered" is a good place to be. i like this seat. this lovebird, i know. >> when you're here, not just "outnumbered," it is called group therapy. >> i try to deliver a few insights every hour to make my pay grade. >> we can't wait to hear your insights on governor huckabee. let's get right to it. this will be governor huckabee's second run for president. he is joining increasingly crowded republican field. three official announcements just this week and it is only tuesday, folks. huckabee first ran for the white house in 2008. he did very well in the first-in-the-nation iowa caucuses. one of eight states that he ended up winning in republican primaries. that has many seeing him as a real force this time around. so what you did think
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dr. ablow? i heard you saying, we were all listening to the speech. you said pretty good? >> very credible candidate. obviously part of the home team. we like that. but you know he is on message. he is very inspirational. his brand of you know, economics solution toss what ails the ails the country and seriousness and foreign policy willingness to stand up to america. antidote what we faced in last two administrations somebody willing to say we're a good and decent people. we have an alliance with what is good in the world and what is good in the soul. he is able to speak to that, to shift narrative of candidates in that direction. they better follow him. he will lead in that direction. >> mike huckabee former fox news host. he left his position here to run for office. also a former pastor. a lot of religion in his speech. >> yes. >> you him talking about that. i want to ask you what he was saying about d.c.
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there are some other candidates he will have to face, what he calls a corridor of power. he also called d.c. a roach motel. does he have the advantage because he is not part of the roach motel like "hotel california," like you can never leave? >> i think he was stressing his track record and ability to take on clintons and democrats there in arkansas. that's pretty good argument for me to hear. listen i like the fact that he is bringing what is a tax problem that this country faces to the foreground. kennedy, you were sitting next to me while listening to that when he mentioned he was advocate for fair tax in country he got a very loud applause which is really interesting. proponents of that argue that it equates to 23%. eliminates payroll and income taxes. it is basically a broad based simple tax on consumption, with the exception of necessities. andrea, i mention that simply because, i think, i've been saying this on the show, people
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want somebody to make the economy the most important issue in this election. and he really just spent a lot of his time speaking there on the economy. and being an advocate for the middle class in this country. >> that is absolutely right. kennedy he did say he was blue-collar, not blue-blood. and i read into that not just trying to talk about, you know, a middle class record. he was trying to take a dig at jeb bush. >> yeah, he will have a take a few digs at everybody. field is gotten very crowded. here come the governors jeb bush kasich jindal, christie. yet to get in the race. set first of governors. we'll see if those executives can make a stronger case than senator, and neophytes. >> we have breaking news, sandra. >> let's get right to it. fox news alert. military change of command on the way. president obama is announcing his pick for the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in the rose garden there at the white house. you are seeing an assembly of people there. he is expected to announce
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marine general joseph dunford jr., a widely respected he just did, widely respected combat hardened commander. general dunford led the coalition in key period from 2013 to 2014. if confirmed by the president, would replace general martin dempsey, who is about to complete four years as joint chiefs chair. that announcement just taking place at the white house. >> let's go back, kennedy we're talking about the economy. sandra was mentioning how huckabee made that a key focus and also his background and how that could maybe be a potential dig at jeb bush. >> no, absolutely. he said he is blue-collar not a blue-blood. if you see santorum get in the race you will see more blue-collar economic populism from the republican side. they obviously have more credibility talking about that. i don't want to see this presidential race go towards americans as victims. i want everyone to be a billionaire this country.
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i want fair taxes for all, but i want the kind of economy that encourages prosperity from every corner of this great -- >> you think huckabee gets that? >> no i don't think huckabee gets that. i think fair tax thing is good but economic populism can be a little dangerous for republican. >> some of the things that he mentioned very quickly, heather, people go great talking points. certainly ral lit republican base like abolishing the irs. very ted cruzian. >> like a bully. >> what did you think of the speech? >> how he set up location in hope, arkansas, to juxtapose two different elements, being against hope and change with became and clintons obviously in the campaign in 2008. >> they are from arkansas. >> see if he can further that. and some little catch phrases in the speech that were particularly good. we will remember them, but can he follow through. >> a lot of people in the base seem to like him. we'll keep an eye on him. we're now learning one of the gun men who opened fire outside that muhammad cartoon contest in
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texas was known to the fbi for years if elton some son was on -- simpson was on authority's radar so long how come no unwith saw this coming. lawyer for hillary clinton said the former secretary of state is willing to testify only once on the benghazi terror attack. even though republicans want her to appear twice. why is it wise for her to refuse and what it could mean for her white house bid. join us on the web, "outnumbered overtime." you're in look, we have doctor on the couch. if you don't want to pay for a shrink we have one right there. is it normal? is it nuts? i think it is pretty normal and pretty awesome. ♪ .. the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure.
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>> fox news alert. isis claiming responsibility for the shooting attack outside a texas event space hosting a muhammad cartoon contest. the terror group making a claim in official radio broadcast today and also warning that worse things are coming for america. police identifying the two american-born gunmen in the texas attack as elton simpson and nadir soofi.
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simpson was on the fbi radar for nearly a decade. while house homeland security chair mike mccaul says any direct link to isis may be premature, at the very minimum, he says, we could be looking at an isis-inspired event. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live from washington with the latest. catherine? >> reporter: thanks, sandra. speaking exclusively to fox news as he travels through the middle east, congressman mccaul says there are striking similarities between the al qaeda operative who attack ad french magazine "charlie hebdo" earlier this year for satirizing the prophet muhammad and two texas suspects you mentioned. simpson lied to the fbi about his intent to travel to africa to join a terrorist group. you see him on the left. soofi, his facebook account indicate adlong standing hatred of police. >> terrorist attack on free speech in america and, you know, like what we saw in paris, we're
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now seeing happen in the homeland. >> reporter: mccaul also tells fox news there was a joint homeland security and fbi intelligence bulletin leading up to garland, warning the event drawing prophet muhammad could be a target. that is why there was extra security on hand. that in the end thwarted the plot. counterterrorism source said al qaeda operative had knowledge of attack in advance and some same operatives mentored or at least encouraged one of the shooters with one account claiming they tried to connect on sunday but just missed him. significantly this next tweet shows in the upper left the face of the american cleric, anwar al-awlaki killed in a cia drone strike in 2011 and to this day he remains the face of a new digital jihad. we are expecting a readout from the u.s. intelligence community about this isis claim of responsibility. but at very least it is always seen as opportunistic. the bottom line is, that there really is an evolution going on
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in this discussion of whether an attack is directed by a foreign terrorist group. what we're seeing increasingly is these individuals kind of have what amounts to a standing order to launch a plot when they see the best opportunity presenting itself and they already know, that they have the blessing of the group and that may be in fact what happened here. sandra? >> catherine, thank you. open it up to the couch. dr. keith, considering what we now know about simpson that there was an open fbi investigation on him the fbi was following his comments on social media both facebook and twitter. he had he had been posting on their for quite some time. we know that soofi was not active he was active on social media but was not under investigation by the fbi. now that we know this, it makes you wonder, is the how did the investigators not catch on to this sooner? how did they not see that this was coming? >> it does make you wonder and makes you want a solution,
9:18 am
right? we know we're engaged in this global struggle. that we will have to be able to absorb blow right? look at the israelis, every country which terrorism is on their ground. it will be here. it has been here. it will continue. we have to be stealing ourselves against that. -- steeling ourselves. might be time to think do you need to outsource to any of this for entrepreneurial groups that would do part of the work? if these things are falling through the cracks, what if we found absolutely dedicated entrepreneurial groups you say, listen we want to make sure this guy never commits an act. that is your job. we'll do it but you do it too? that would be a good use of funds. >> kennedy i want to get your take on the event itself around whether or not this is a provocation for these groups. we don't know if this is lone wolf attack and isis is taking credit for the work of these two men but the event itself, free speech or are we provoking such
9:19 am
acts? >> we should absolutely protect and encourage free speech but it is also provocative. when you have publications like "charlie hebdo" and places like south park and they're doing it in parody in more subtle way and they also go after various groups but this clearly just targeted drawing prophet muhammad. >> yes. >> i don't think that people need to try and silence anyone who might have a differing opinion about islam but saying it is not provocative is i think is -- >> provoke provoke, provoke. it is good because it smokes the people out. when they come to hurt you can shoot them. it is great to provoke provoke. >> i don't think it was isis-backed attack. i think it was lone wolf. they went to texas where everyone is recalled a. if this were really isis-affiliated group i don't think they would send him. >> thank goodness. >> whether or not we should hold more of these events whether this event did provoke.
9:20 am
organizer of the event, pamela geller was exclusively on "america's newsroom" this morning. here is what she told martha. >> we need more of these conferences the self-media enforces sharia. media would not run cartoons. you gave them the power. if all the media run the cartoons what were they going to do this they couldn't kill everybody. >> this is becoming a big free speech argument, dr. keith. "new york times" chose not to publish the cartoon. a lot of people said that was cowardice. they should have published cartoon. what about the first amendment. is geller right. >> exercise your first amendment rights particularly when people say don't. this is a good way to strengthen america. there is nothing blasphemous about speaking your mind, doing things in parody. the bottom line is, if we strengthen this country we strengthen everyone's right to worship. if other people don't get that, then they are our enemies. >> that ties into the part of
9:21 am
the problem with the entire situation. i want to go back to the fbi. and how simpson was on their radar before but they weren't able to stop this attack. that is not the first time this has happened. if you remember that happened with tsarnaev. tamerlan tsarnaev, they also looked at him with a request by russia. he was able to attack at the boston marathon. major nidal hasan. they looked at him. he was able to get through the cracks. i think it kind of boils down to this political correctness run amok. even the fbi has to walk this fine line between, someone's individual rights and stopping an attack. >> well, from catherine's reporting we did learn because of that, the bulletin they went out they were able to ramp up security prior to the event which eventually thwarted the attack. just once for hillary. why the former secretary of state and frontrunner is refusing to testify twice before the benghazi select committee. a wise idea or will this create
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for more information go to appointments available now. >> fox news alert. we now know that the jury is deadlocked in the murder trial of eaton pats. this eaton pats. the murder of this six-year-old boy. jury is deadlocked again. that is the latest we are hearing on that murder trial. we'll continue to bring you all latest news on that. >> welcome back to "outnumbered." hillary clinton, pushing back on
9:27 am
the benghazi select committee's request that she testify twice. a lawyer for the former secretary of state saying that his client will appear just once only one time before the panel investigating the terror attack in benghazi, that killed our ambassador and three other americans. and that she is available as early as week of may 18th. republicans of course have requested two appearances so they can also grill clinton about use of private emails while at the state department. all of this leading democrats to claim that the gop wants to drag the probe into the presidential campaign season. hillary spokesperson saying, quote, our letter reiterates what we have been saying since november. secretary clinton is ready to testify in a public hearing at anytime. given the fact she has already testify previously on this very matter the only reason that the committee might seek to further prolong this inquiry to again exploit a tragedy for purely political purposes.
9:28 am
meantime a new poll showing clinton may be taking a hit from the scandals over her email habits and others and foreign donations to clinton foundation. share of people with negative view of her jumping six points in just over a month. so kennedy, i will start with you. do you you think the time something very deliberate on this that she is willing to now testify given the numbers that her, truth and honestly are taking a hit? do you think this will help her. >> no. i think they have seen this coming for a while. what they should do, secretary clinton said will spend as much time as it takes. give you one day. however long we need to be there. make it a 20-hour day. split it in two. 10 hours in morning and early afternoon. take a nice break for a late lunch. go back for 10 more hours. and really get to the bottom of it. and you know, if she is having a trust issue with the american people they really need to get the bottom not only of benghazi
9:29 am
and there are new questions and if it's a tragedy there are unanswered questions if new information has come to light then secretary clinton needs to shed expertise on that information. email scandal is not going away. she is terrified to talk about it. if she can handle it deftly that might bolster numbers. >> only spend a couple hours in the office teasing him yesterday. >> trey gowdy saying he has at least 100 questions for her. that could take 20 hours or mo. >> she did say in january that she would testify. she can't back off this that is what her campaign is leaving out of that statement. she already said that she would. and now, that the email scandal broke, i'm sure she wishes she didn't have to. but she will not backpedal. that would make her look worse. also very suspect, wants to do it week what is that week? memorial day weekend. wants to get it over as quickly as possible. wants it to be one day. check the box republicans i did it. wants to bury it on holiday weekend. exactly what a campaign should
9:30 am
do. >> can you analyze this for us? because, if you have the answers and you have been speaking the truth you're more than glad to continue to offer the truth especially with such a devastating circumstance as this. what does this tell you about hillary clinton and her reluctance to continue to speak? >> i think she is staking out this ground where she can say look i'll do it once, accommodating therefore the doubters, but then seeming to be strong. you can't push me around. i'm not doing it twice. i think better course frankly would be to say i will come as much as you want. you know what? knock yourselves out. because the bottom line i have absolutely nothing to hide. in the end the american people will gravitate toward me because i'm an open book. >> isn't that what you want from a president, strength and transparency? >> absolutely. >> too much to ask for kennedy. >> but you don't want someone able to answer the tough questions and put these gender questions aside? >> absolutely. i mean we just had this great
9:31 am
fight everybody watched on saturday. what would you think about a fighter who said, well i'm not committing to another fight. okay what are you scared? the bottom line is, if you're willing to say as much as you want come for me. let's have a long talk. do it over course of a week. we'll set aside a week and go through everything. >> now we're the crazy ones, trying to expect hillary clinton to change her stripes. >> it would be better for her. >> now to a story we've been following right here on "outnumbered." actress sofia vergara is breaking her silence on a frozen embryo lawsuit filed by her ex-fiance nick lobe. he wrote an op set in "new york times" last week accusing the modern family star refusing to allow full custody rights of two frozen embryos created before they broke up last may. lobe wants to bring them to full term but sofia vergara does not. she said in interview, a kid needs parents. i wouldn't want to bring kids
9:32 am
into the world already set against them. it would be so selfish. i'm doing right thing. i didn't do anything wrong. but lobe wrote in his op-ed these are issues that unlike abortion have nothing to do with the rights of one owes own body and everything to do with a parent's right to protect the life of his unborn or her unborn child. you're nodding dr. ablow. >> good for him. >> who wins the argument, vergara or lobe? >> i don't think she has 2% credibility in this matter. bottom line, why would a woman's right to decide to do with frozen embryo to trump a man's right every time. if he wans to bring embryos to term, good for him. he wants to parent. if he wants them adopted. good for him. it is not a coin toss. whoever wants that potential being to survive. is who win. so liberal. "modern family," anything goes. interesting when it comes to her choices in life, wants all the control. not very modern sofia.
9:33 am
>> this isn't my other side of the argument. this is what he will say or she will say i'm sorry. is that they agreed to bring these embryos to term as a couple, as a married couple as a family, as parents. and you're not talking about a completely different situation. >> well, you know, what their agreement is on paper should not determine the fate of a child in the world, right? we don't decide two parents can decide to do anything with potential life. and you know, i've been outspoken on this of the think men should be able to veto women's abortions if they're willing to care for the child after it is born. >> what about the flip side? what if sofia vergara they were still together and woke up one morning an he said to her, destroy embryos? as much as we're talking about morality, sandra brings up a good point. there is legal aspect. sofia brought up a good point to howard stern. he had a chance to speak up when
9:34 am
we signed legal paperwork. he didn't. i think this is my personal opinion, he is a fame whore, scorned by her. trying to get media attention. i don't think for one second is is seizing moral high ground. >> he is tall, good-looking guy. he will have no problem finding a potential mate to raise children. he is a yes he is a fame whore. they agreed to bring life into the world. if they had a one-month-old baby born to surrogate decided to break up, couldn't go in the bedroom and smother the baby. that may sound heche. in that sense they entered into a pretty sacred contract to bring kids into the world. and for that, i think he is a jerk. he has problems. he is trying to get back at her but he also has a claim. >> real quickly, get header in here. >> she argues this was done while they were married while they were a couple. the same argument could be used on other side he says this
9:35 am
agreement that he signed is now null and void because they are no longer a couple. >> right. >> so which is it? >> the egg is not in her body anymore. that is another legal issue. once it leaves the woman's body. this all new territory. we will stay on the story. we like it here on "outnumbered." one man getting a lot of flak revealing a after he -- he told his wife she can't be a stay-at-home mom. he can't quit her job because he is afraid she will lose her driver. is that his call to make or does she have a point? click on ot tab. send us your comments or questions. and what you want to talk about. ♪
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40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change.
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we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back. >> a new jersey husband and father under fire over a column
9:40 am
he wrote about not letting his wife quit her job and be a stay-at-home mom. 32-year-old sean dunbar arguing not because he is cheap or jealous that his wife gets to stay home but that he wants more for her. and doesn't want her to lose her drive. he writes, quote the happiest times i have seen my wife, speeds with the kids when she has achieved professional, when she achieved professionally. i don't want her to look back to say i could have done this with my degree. more so i think about our daughter. talking to her and listening to her dreams about going to mars or being the first female president. we don't talk about her dreams of becoming a trophy wife or stay-at-home mom. andrea, as if those are only two choices if she didn't go back to work. i don't know. kennedy? >> so happy i'm not -- >> i think it is interesting because i was talking to a friend of mine the other day. he said that he knew it was end of his marriage when his wife quit her job.
9:41 am
because that is when she lost her edge. that is when she adopted his life and no longer had her own identity. >> saying there is some truth to his concern? >> i think a case could be made in their relationship that, you know, he thinks that her work makes her a more attractive person to herself, like she obviously derives self-worth, every working mom knows this, you can never get everything done. most exhausting thing in the world trying to balance work with being a mom. you know he thinks that she is better person for striving for that balance. >> that is what he thinks. sound like his motives are completely altruistic and he cares about her and knows her. you dig a little deeper, she says she is not happy. she doesn't want to work. she wants to be at home with the kids this is a problem in their relationship, dr. keith. >> it is no the for life. in other words you make one decision this year an make a different decision two years from now. he has issue with that.
9:42 am
has a boundary issue. sound like he is not quite sure where he ends and his wife begins. listen dude she is her own person. >> i think that is mean. i think he is truly showing care for her. i do. he might be wrong and might come across poorly but i think there is something to the husband being, he wants her to be happy. >> i will bet you, if i had three minutes with him we would find out his his relationship with his own mother is made well have been marched. that he -- marred. doesn't appreciate possibles -- >> i didn't know you were freudian. >> take apart his molecular structure. put him back together better. >> also starts talking about his daughter. he moves from his wife to his daughter. he talks one thing specifically i don't want to pay for her college tuition to see her walk away and let a man take care of her. >> what is so bad?
9:43 am
what is so terrible about being a parent? >> should all women be stay-at-home moms? >> of course not. according to what your heart tells you. if i go and do inventory of my life at the end of my life, the high points are going to be the times with my kids and my family. there will be nice times when i published a novel or appeared here with you guys. but look they're not going to make the top 10. it is all about those moments together i just loved being with you right? so one opts for that, what is so bad? >> would be so wonderful and would all hug the man and say wow, you're great if she agreed with him. she doesn't know. i'm not happy. i don't want to work. >> i want to be at home. >> at home. in the back of his mind, unconscious mind, home sucked for me, right? that is, i'm telling you if we put him on the couch, that was bad for me. >> this is not even fair. >> i don't even know him. i don't even know him. >> which makes it more of a stretch but i'm wondering. >> we all do know them and their problems and their relationship
9:44 am
because. now on to the edipus complex. a group of college students looking for mascot makeover claiming their school's is too white and too male to represent the current student body. seriously? the mascot? is this pc gone too far? ♪
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jenna lee with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jenna? jenna: andrea last hour former arkansas governor mike huckabee announced for the white house. can he take on the clinton machine as he calls it? we're going to discuss that. this case changed the way missing children cases are investigated in our country but there is still no resolution today. a new york judge ordering a jury to try a second time to reach a verdict in the kidnap and murder
9:49 am
trial of pedro hernandez, accused in the 19789 disappearance of. etan patz. he was accused of killing the little boy but a body was never found. jury is told i about the judge to go back and get a verdict. they reported to the judge they can't. jurors have been deliberating for 15 days. we'll have a live report. we got word in the jury of the trial of cal harris may be struggling to reach a verdict. it is the third murder trial of harris accused of killing his wife on the evening of september 11th 2001. he has been convicted twice. both times that verdict was overturned. so we'll see what happens a third time now. a lot of legal issues here on "happening now," top of the hour. >> thanks jenna. >> they're all about fun and team spirit, right? yea, not anymore. turns out they have to be about ethnic and gender diversity. everyone must be included, no
9:50 am
matter what your mascot may be, after rutgers university students association complained their school's scarlet knight was too white and too male to represent the current student body. the group passed a bill to create black latino asian and third gender companions for their mascot. really good idea. rutgers would not be first to adopt this idea. university of florida has male and female mascots. albert and alberta. university of central florida had a golden knight. mascots of both genders. eventually phased out the female just like dr. ablow wants to do with stay-at-home moms. >> not at all. not at all. >> let's discuss. you will leave somebody out here. if you have a black, latino and a third gender mascotte, you're still, where are the native americans? where are the some of our friends from the far east and, india and pakistan? >> it would be funny if it weren't so concerning, right?
9:51 am
at a time we should be focused on reality, people want to talk about third genders if that is not craziness. i don't even know what they're talking about. >> tell you after the show. >> a third gender. well guess what, there is no third gender. and, this may be a news flash to people but there isn't. and to the extent that we indulge that we are a less power people taking less seriously and less serious less seriously entrenched into reality to do battle with real things in the world real things in the world that threaten us. >> part of the problem that the rutgers student body, this is fine, because they did they passed this on their own. not for me to decide this for them. >> moronic. >> moronic is what you're calling it, dr. keith. obviously doesn't solve the problem. i think we're doing these things because we think it will solve bigger issues and bigger problems this country faces. stick a bandaid on it and we're all better. just -- >> you know, which is a
9:52 am
different solution but it doesn't really achieve what they're talking about. what they're longing for heather childers. what are they longing for? >> i don't know what they're longing for. >> third gender. >> you said you don't even know what third gender is. >> i'm not quite certain. >> i bet a lot of our viewers at home. when i first read it, i didn't know what it was. talking about transgender students. >> they said third gender. >> okay. >> is that what they're talking about. >> i thought they meant something different than male or female. >> we don't even know. they passed the thing and five adults can't figure it out. >> the other thing is, they will create more of a problem. i agree with what he says, this will be like other candidates or other mascots with female and male. a main mascot and a bunch friends. argument who gets to be the main mascot and who is a friend. >> god forbid we worry about studying. reminds me after scene in
9:53 am
"legally blonde." get the word semester and call it ovester. >> i love it. >> this is really fun and interesting. i love every second of it. think we should continue this onout numbered overtime. >> okay. >> click on the "overtime" tab. thank me later. she thought it was encounter of a lifetime getting to kiss a handsome stranger on the way to the finish line on the boston marathon. wait until you see what happened when she launch ad social media quest to find that guy. she heard back from his wife. stay right here. ♪
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clean your outdoor space. clean it. >> a woman searching for a handsome mystery man she kissed in a boston marathon finally hears bavenlth the woman had taken a dare from her daughter to kiss a random good looking man. her daughter took to social media to find the man. and heard from his wife instead. she said i am not mad. believe me our friends got a lot of mileage out of this story
9:58 am
and i have enjoyed watching them to give my husband grief. while this may not be the ending that you hoped for, i greatly admire your spunk and courage and wish you many happy race in the future. >> listen obviously the woman liked that her husband was lusted after. it is inappropriate to walk around kissing people. >> i think she is politely letting the woman say he's married. >> next time look for a wedding ring. >> or kiss on the check and not the mouth. >> why did she try to kiss this man? >> it was random. we are good as human beings in sizing up who is attractive to us. this was not random and nor was
9:59 am
the effort to find him. was that real or chemistry and is something lost here and should these two be together? all of these questions are raised. >> and i think she was trying to get to 1st base through the race. >> what about the guy? what about the guy? should he have backed away and say no i am taken? >> that's when you know his wife is upset. he's leaning in to it and straining. look at that picture. i have a clear printout. their lips are locked. >> i have a desire to know how these two would be in just a room and to talk with each other? and you want to know. i want to know. >> we'll let you lay down on the couch and confess.
10:00 am
>> i didn't say they were doing anything inappropriate. >> i would find the woman and hunt her down. >> click the ot tab. and we'll see you back here tomorrow at noon and "happening now" starts right now. >> fox news alert. dead locked for a second time. a new york jury cannot reach a verdict in the eton patz case. >> the jury can't reach a verdict in the murder case. we are covering the news now. isis claiming responsibility for the shooting in texas in the muhammed carton contest. >> and now two gunmen are dead and the terror group warns america more is coming. >> there is no specific evidence over seen by isis. and negative


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