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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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her 2008 strategy shut up, i'm talking. [ laughter ] >> all right. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. here's greta. tonight, isis in america a terrifying new threat. a warning to the united states claiming isis has fighters in 15 states from coast to coast and that they are ready to launch a terrorist attack like sunday's attack on the texas cartoon contest. catherine herridge joins us. catherine, stunning? >> this cartoon was posted late yesterday on one of these file sharing web sites. and the author is an american who we believe is based in pakistan. texas was isis. we are now going after the person who organized the cartoon contest and we are also promising more attacks in the future. and while he didn't provide any evidence to support these claims, he did single out five states, virginia, maryland michigan, illinois and also california.
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and what we understood from intelligence officials this evening, is that they have looked at this threat, they don't believe it comes from isis leadership. someone who likes to associate with isis, but they are not fully discounting it either. >> is the isis connection at this point isis cheerleading and saying raw raw raw look what we did or is there evidence they were directing it and doing some command and control? >> based on our reporting and this social media traffic that shows that there was contact between at least one of the shooters in garland, texas and isis accounts in syria and also somalia, these accounts seem to have foreknowledge of what was to happen and also spoke about a personal contact between them. it's a very fine line between inspiration and directing an attack, but i would argue this is the new face of what terrorism looks like. it's not al find where there is direct command and control. they provide the mentoring and the encowrmt and these
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people, like what we saw in texas, decide the time and the place and the method of the attack. >> why any reason virginia and maryland, michigan, illinois and california? >> a little mysterious. i really don't know. that was sort of the wild card in this threat today. but the fbi director has said as recently as a few weeks ago that they have ongoing investigations in all 50 states related to isis and homegrown extremism. isis is really good at using propaganda to kind of explode and really undermine people in the sense that they want to be everywhere. they are clearly not everywhere. that's the bottom line. they are not everywhere. they don't have to be everywhere as we saw in texas. >> the horrible thing is that it's very easy to terrify people at this point, to scare them. i mean, and you. >> a weapon of mass his hysteria. >> it's quite effective. and so what do we do?
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dispatch all our resources to these five states? what do we do? >> you make a really great point because part of what is going on here is they like to create a lot of noise. what that does is it's hard to law enforcement to discern which threats are credible from which accounts and which should really just be dispensed with. but that's part of the strategy to obfuscate and confuse. so the real threat can go forward. >> are we doing that? he i hope we are. are we as aggressive and conniving and vicious towards them? >> the thing about being aggressive is that we see the radicalization process like becoming interested in the ideology and then launching the attack in such an accelerated way now. and the internet doesn't cause people to commit acts of terrorism but it's like throwing gasoline on the fire of radicalization. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> new claim that isis has terrorist cells in 15 states. five of which can be named challenge. can be done to stop this savage terror group. lindsey graham joins us. good evening sir.
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we don't know for sure but virginia maryland, michigan illinois, california, what are we to do? >> stop the budget cuts that eventually will hurt our ability to detect these attacks. what does paris and texas have in common? the people who did the attack in paris and texas were on a watch list. our system is failing. what keeps me up at night more than anything else is system overload. so if president obama doesn't take the fight to these guys in syria and iraq to disrupt their networks, they are going to here. the longer they are able to stay organized. >> is t. sounds like if you you listen to them and i don't want to have mass hysteria. it sounds like if naming five states and if you have got these sort of connections, i don't know if it's inspirational or direct command and control. it sounds a little bit like they are here. and we have got the problem is it doesn't -- it's not like you have to go through jfk with a passport. you do it through the internet. >> not only are they here, but the numbers that could come here are growing exponentially, 1,000 foreign fighters a month are going to syria to join isil
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because they are perceived to be winners. i talked to the president of kurdistan today asked him do you see a strategy on anyone's part to deal with isiln syria? and he said no. does that worry you? he says yes. we can't keep iraq together unless you deal with syria. if you ask me the next mass casualty event to come to our country which i think is highly likely, it's one of these foreign fighters and their friends who have gone to syria to be trained to come back here with a western passport. our system is being overloaded. those on the front lines are doing the best they can but president obama's foreign policy has failed on multiple fronts it is only a matter of time now i believe, unless we change our policies that we will have a big attack in this country directly related to syria. >> all right. so, two problems. one is we have to protect ourselves here and secondly it would be nice to sort of nip it in the bud in syria so it doesn't come here. >> right. >> what has this sort of
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accelerated foreign policy. what can president obama do at this point? it's metastasized at this point. >> it has. it's a cancer that's growing everywhere. syria could eventually take the king of lebanon down. war in syria is a cancer in the region. if i were president here is what i would do, i would talk to the arabs and say listen, we are going to go in on the ground together. you will be the largest part of the force. we will provide you some force to do things you can't do. we are going to destroy and degrade isil. hold the territory and we are also going after assad. as long as assad is in power, you are not going to fix this problem. terrorist groups today are large, rich, and entrenched. what we need to do is making them small poor and on the run. >> what happens when the sanctions get lifted on iran and suddenly iran is rich and they are the sponsors of terrorism? now they are going to be richer. >> you talk about giving gasoline putting gasoline on a fire. i can't think of a worse outcome than allow the iranian regime 50 to $100 billion to pour into the wars they are sponsoring. they have taken the pro-american government and
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yemen down, the houthis are backed by the iranians. if you ask me other than syria. where san attack likely to come from against the united states? al qaeda and arabian peninsula that resides in yemen are more lethal to the american homeland than isil and we he have no presence in yemen anymore because the iranians took down the pro-american government. president obama's policies are failing. the iranians are on the march and we are becoming exposed here at home. and, if we don't change, this and if we don't change our policies, it's only a matter of time until we get hit hard. >> actually, i want to add to this. i think sudan is a big problem for us. i never hear anyone talking about sudan. >> can't keep up with the number of threats. one thing in common. radical islam is. don't have the strategy to contain it and that's a strategy for disaster. >> today's warning of isis fighters is raising new fears of attacks on u.s. soil. were there warning signs before and were they missed? national review tom rogan joins us. tom, i guests if you google you, you can see that you
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have warned us. >> well, look, i think intelligence officials have senator graham has been talking about and catherine has been talking about this. the problem is there are two different issues here. number one evolution on the part of these groups that they have learned from snowden. they have changed some of their mode dison ran i do in terms of going off the grid. secondary point is you have thousands of europeans. that's a really important point that doesn't take an american to come back to the united states. if someone has an accent like mine. it's easier to get. in france which has thousands of people joining these groups. customs guy. these are things they have learned so. there is that great threat. the problem is though, when you have a movement like this the islamic state which has taken on this ordained role, that has been able to show itself as something that can resist the united states and all that military power it attracts disenfranchised or dition disillusioned people to the cause and gravitates and metastasizing. you see that that's the reflection around the world it is inevitable.
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again, the ideology doesn't just want an attack on the united states. it demands it because it's a mission of holly purity. purifying the earth. >> who the attack in texas? >> i don't think it's surprising because you do see these -- all these different levels, people who are are gone there and been trained and come back who you have to monitor who have been trained proficiency and military proficiency and there, of course, are people who look on youtube or whatever and have some measure of contact and through that become. >> so the internet has enabled people to -- i mean, to provoke and cause the worst things. and to recruit. >> right. absolutely. >> it's just incredible. no borders. >> no borders. we see with lt. the juror dayian pilot. as much as that revolts us, multiple camera angles of him burning alive attracts people and shows purifying the earth. that's the horror and reality. >> tom, thank you. right now investigators are scouring social media for clues about sunday's foiled
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attack on texas cartoon contest. one of the big questions will the twitter trial lead to anything other than the gunman and isis? jonathan hunt is live in texas. jonathan? >> greta, the digital trail leads in several directions right now. but investigators are looking at one in particular. twitter communications between elton simpson the ringleader of the attack here in garland and a man called muhammad hasan originally from minnesota now believed to be in somalia, fighting alongside isis affiliated groups. days before the attack here in texas,-month-old hasan using the twitter handle. referred to the terrorist attack and wrote the brothers from the charlie hebdo attack did their part. it's time for brothers in the u.s. to their their part. now, obviously days after that elton simpson and that dea sufi cared out their
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failed attack in garland texas. does not prove a an isis role in planning or plotting the attack. shows two men communicating via twitter and sharing a radical islamist ideology. the white house, for instance said today that there is as yet no real evidence of a yot broader conspiracy. also worth pointing out greta, as you have been discussing a victory for terrorists is a successful attack. a secondary victory is instilling fear in the minds of their targets. so obviously isis has a vested interest in claiming responsibility for any attack even if they had very little to do with planning it. greta? >> jonathan, thank you. >> and now this. new tonight that minnesota man may have had some online connection to one of the texas gunmen that jonathan just told us. fox minneapolis reporter tom lyden joins us. tom, tell me, this hasan
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who is he? >> you know, we have known about him for a very long time ever since he left minnesota back in 2008. he left for al shabaab. but, really his weapon of choice is really the keyboard. he is so active in social media not just his tweet that he sent out 10 days before the attacks in texas but he has been very active before that. and prosecutors here in minnesota say he has been involved also in recruiting others for isis. we have a man of abdi nur who left minute sewed last year and apparently this mitski recruiting him and abdi recruited others. it is very interesting. he i had my own communication with this miski via twitter last christmas eve how this movement is different from what's happening with isis. he isn't talking much about al shabaab. it's presumed is he in somalia. most of his attention has been on isis.
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he said you always misunderstood what's happening with al shabaab in somalia. always been about this ideology of the caliphate that has always been what we have been striving for. during that conversation, i asked hip directly, i said do you plan an attack here in the u.s. because there has been lots of talk about the mall of america. and he said i have no comment about that. in retrospect, very chilling. i should also note that twitter has very hard to keep his account down. they have shut down his account about 31 times. it always pops right back up in just a few days. >> just to clarify something. you refer to minski and mohammed hasan. is this the same person. >> it is the same person on the internet social media he goes by. he has been identified as one and the same hasan. >> is there any sort of position that he may have any leadership role in isis at all? >> nothing has been said in any of these indictments. you know, it is possible, greta, that this is simply a
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rebel rouser out there. someone yelling fire in a crowded theater. nothing yet in terms of organization. he always does talk about how the minnesotan is how they are all communicating with each other. >> tom, thank you. and one of the texas gunmen went to an elite school in pakistan and some of his background may surprise you. jonathan boone joins us live from islamabad. tell me about this man. so when he was receiving an education in pakistan, he went to pretty much the best school in the country not just academically but socially. children of the american diplomats and other foreign diplomats, the number of pakistanis in that school was relatively small. they were in the minority he lived a life of privilege. he was a popular young man. he was involved in student
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activities including drama. he was said to have girlfriends girls were interested in him. classmates still here in pakistan are deeply shocked that a man that that a youngs man would have transformed into a killer. >> one of the two gunmen in texas, why did he leave pakistan? he is half pakistani his mother is american. she taught in the international school in islamabad. she was an art teacher her husband, siewfy's father was pakistani. they lived a life between the united states and pakistan. but after leaving islamabad he grew up in the united states. he attended university there. and it seems to be that it was in the united states that his life began to fall
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apart. he had a failed marriage. brushes with the law. scrapes and run-ins. his old folks in islamabad pinning his bad experiences in the united states becoming an alonely and isolated individual. >> jonathan, thank you. >> thank you. >> and last night i tried making the point during "on the record" that the white house would not or could not directly engage in conversation about whether the attack in texas was a direct work of isis. however, that point didn't come across. i chose my words wrong. making it seem like the white house wasn't calling the texas attack terrorism. tonight, we want to clarify what the house did say. this is press secretary josh earnst at yesterday's press briefing. >> so, have information at this point to corroborate the claims by the islamic state group that they're responsible for the shooting attack near dallas on sunday? >> darlene at this point this is still under investigation by the fbi and other members of the
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intelligence community. to determine any ties or affiliations of these two individuals may have had with isil or other terrorist organizations around the world. so it's too early to say at this point. the thing that we can say definitively is that because of the quick and professional and brave work of local law enforcement officers, an attempted terrorist attack was foiled. >> and today white house correspondent kevin corc asking the white house for an update on any connection on isis. >> what the intelligence community is trying to do is they are trying to investigate specifically isil's claim of responsibility. and that involves more than just authenticating that the claim published yesterday originated from isil. the analysts want to review whether the claim is accurate and if so, at what level isil may have known or potentially even sanctioned this attempted attack. >> okay.
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so just to clarify. yes the white house is calling the attack in texan attempted terrorist attack. but no, at this point the white house is unable to directly connect that attack to isis. i think it's only fair that i make this clarification. there wasner -- never intention to misrepresent anything josh earns said. after i worked on this today i had a nice conversation with josh earnst that's all cleared up. this is a fox news alert. severe weather hitting the midwest right now. you are looking live at nor norm oklahoma one under tornado warning right now. reports of a tornado on the ground to the west side of nor norman: northwest and west of wichita and the story of the hour the tornado continues on the ground now in oklahoma city
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more in norman, it's done specific damage. track to the may 3rd 199 tornado, '99. from southwest oklahoma up to bridge bridge creek. no reports of injuries yet. significant damage. barely missed the city of norman went north to the city of norman. the last 15 minutes across i-35. the tornado was rain-wrapped at times still doing damage between moore and nor man as it tracks into i-35. significant tornado and done a lot of damage. we're still getting watch reports coming in from that area at this moment. >> jeff, i have had a little hard time hearing you but did you say it was near moore, oklahoma? isn't that where i spent time there just a short couple years ago it got hit by a horrible tornado. >> that's right. south of moore between moore and norman. this one took three miles further south than the one in '99 and the one just two years ago it looks like
4:20 pm
moore -- just south of moore. significant damage between norman and moore i-35. >> all right. what is south of moore? is it a place where there are a lot of homes? >> yeah. there is going to be -- there is a lot of businesses homes. you have of course got the university of oklahoma and north of there, you know, on the south side of norman, north of there you have got shopping center, small school housing subdivision. we'll have to wait and see over the next hour or so as the tornado clears the metro. there is other significant storms coming into the metro that may start producing tornadoes. we have to wait on those for the choppers to get in the air. significant damage at least southwest of moore and nor man area as the front -- tornado came. significant damage is what we have been reporting. and i i have seen pictures of cars and 18 wheelers split back southwest of norman went across i-35 earlier in the last 30 minutes. >> jeff, thank you.
4:21 pm
you can see on the map red boxes that is very bad sign. we are going to stay on top of this breaking news. bring you the latest as we get it straight ahead senate republicans grilling the state department over then secretary of state use of private email account for official business. political panel is here next. the next story is a stunner. a pizza delivery order saved a woman's life and that of her children from a hostage situation. the pizza hut manager is here to tell you all about it it's coming up. unbelievable. the nfl report on deflate gate is finally out. here is the tease. tom brady is probably not going to like this report. former patriot's player goes "on the record." a galaxy s6! so i call my mom. i have verizon! i don't. she couldn't really hear me. i tell her how much she means to me. but she thinks i said she was always mean to me. i could hear how happy she was. now she definitely loves my sister more.
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state department official says hillary clinton's use of private email for official business was not acceptable. that testimony coming before the senate judiciary committee. the state department official was less clear about whether the practice of using private email was forbidden while secretary clinton served as secretary of state. political director rick klein and national review rick garrett. what do you think of this. >> seems to be confirmation that she was violating at least policy if not law. we have known that for a long time. i think there is another level to this that i think is significant. this is a signal to my mind that there is a limit to how much the obama administration, the new state department will have hillary clinton's back as this story develops. we will hear from her on capitol hill most likely later this month. she is going to need some backup and some explanations on this. just as a statement of fact around the policy. we always knew this was abnormal. confirmation from the state department just how unusual this was. >> you know, we all from to pretend that she's deleted emails. we have no idea what was on them. little this morning brazen
4:26 pm
brazenski. if they could look at the deleted emails they would be exculpatory. >> what do you think would be on these emails? what are you looking for? >> okay. you have want 20% of the u.s. uranium deal. >> that's what you think? you think that that overt. >> bill could use a little speaking fees over here. >> i personally doubt that i think this is more preemptive as a policy decision to try to prevent anything potentially from coming out. i would be surprised if they put anything in writing. the question will never be answered because of the bottom line. >> because of her decision to delete them that disproves it. >> i'm not convinced she can delete them after all that lois lerner stuff they show up some place. somebody knows how to get them. i'm not convinced that you delete them. >> we will see how congress can going to push this and chairman gowdy push this as far as he can in trying to get access. just as a matter. the whole notion that this was set up just for convenience sake and complied with policy in every way. this was a weird and unusual
4:27 pm
deeply strange arrangement from the beginning. >> it is so bizarre. i can't figure out why she did it. >> well, it's almost as if while she was at state lots and lots of decisions were made that were in the interest of various people donating to the clinton foundation and hiring bill clinton for big speaking fees and stuff like that. gee, if you had a whole bunch of emails confirming that that could really ruin a presidential campaign. >> everyone's imagination runs wild on this one. it we loves her to get us the fax. what it might be or someone else. me ought to get the facts out there. otherwise, it's going to dog her. >> it was an unusual split screen today to have bill clinton on the other side of the world talking about the work that his foundation has done and i just work here, don't ask me everything. making light a joke about. he will go out and continue to defend a lot of foundation work which he is saying will continue. >> we also probably should see where that money went, too. there is a lot that -- you know they should supply some information. anyway. thank you both, gentlemen.
4:28 pm
>> thanks, greta. >> up next, former presidential candidate and senator rick santorum is here to make a big announcement. you will hear it on the record next. at this hour "on the record"does across the mid section of the u.s. ripping things apart. tornadoes touching down in oklahoma and other states in the region high alert. you get used to food odors in your car. you think it smells fine but your passengers smell this.. eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip.
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santorum is here to make a big announcement. senator, nice to he see. >> you thank you greta. >> and your announcement is because i know getting it from you. >> talking about it earlier. may 27th in butler, pennsylvania, which is where i grew up is where we are going to make our decision and announcement as to what our plans are for 2016. >> so i guess this announcement that on that date you are going to announce. >> we are on that date we are going to make announcement about our plan. >> was that where you made the announcement last time. >> that's where i grew up. i grew up in butler. we are looking at a facility there to sort of talk about what it was like growing up there and where america needs to go in the future. i announced in somerset, which is right down the road from the coal mine that my grandfather worked in. i always said that he clawed his ways by digging coal for freedo for me and i' wanted to announce that down the road where he worked all his
4:33 pm
life. >> going back to the last election in 2012. we had sort of an unusual thing in iowa. you sort of got the short end of the stick you won iowa. >> not really. >> but not until two weeks later so you didn't get the bump. so i assume the strategy, whatever you did in iowa you are going to do again. >> to win by more than 34 votes and hopefully get a good count. look it was a great campaign last time. we were clearly the underdog and we are starting out as looking at this race and we would be in the same position. and so we are very comfortable there. >> all right. i understand that the duggard family was a big supporter last time and jumped ship to governor huckabee. >> they are from arkansas and they have known the governor for a long, long time. i talked to jim bob and the whole family. they're the best. but they have known governor huckabee and jan for 20-plus years. and i can't blame -- to me, loyalty and friendship trump everything. so i have absolutely no problem. i wish them the very best.
4:34 pm
i like mike and i wish him well too. >> social issues? are you going to emphasize them more or less than you did four years ago? >> you know, i would say that we -- i wrote a book last year called blue collar conservative. i talked about the importance of making us as globally competitive in manufacturing so we can get working men and women the ability to rise in society the 74% that don't have a college degree. but i am also going to talk about the importance of family. whether you have books like robert putnam and charles murray wrote his a couple years ago talking about one of the principle reasons for the lack of economic opportunity is in fact the breakdown of the family. talking about what we can do to help strengthen that family structure is going to be a parstd the campaign. >> isis you are quoted this weekend as saying that you would bomb isis back to the 7th century. i assume a lot of people probably share that sentiment. maybe they want to go to the sixth century. >> they're using 7th century tactics and ideology.
4:35 pm
and we are applying a very very soft hand to isis. we are allowing them to prosper and maintain their geographic presents which allows them to recruit people from all over the world and in fact not just to iraq and syria but also here in the united states as we are seeing. this is a very serious threat and it's one that's not just goi to be located in the middle eeast but one that will spread as we begin to defeat them and take back some of that land. that's why having a real active bombing campaign as well as committing a limited but necessary number of troops to help the indigenous forces there to fight back against the isis is vitally important. >> senator, thank you nice to see u good luck on the 27th. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. new information about co-pilot who slammed a germanwings plane into the french alps murdering 149 in the people. grn catherine herridge joins us live from paris. what's the latest in the investigation?
4:36 pm
co-pilot of that flight appears to have practiced programming a rapid descent niewfer on another flight just two hours before he intentionally crashed that same plane into the french alps analyzing the so-called black boxes. pretty horrific reading. it shows that, in fact, the co-pilot practiced this rapid dissent five times in four and a half meant during that time that he was alone in the cockpit. now, you will recall it was on that return flight back to düsseldorf that he found himself again in the cockpit. he locked the cockpit door into the plane allowed the
4:37 pm
plane to dessent decent 100 feet. it confirms that the parent company of germanwings had twice refused to renew his pilot's license because he had been treated for depression. now let's not forget that investigators in germany searched the co-pilot's home after the crash. and had found torn up notes. including the day of the crash. we're not expecting a final report into that crash greta, for perhaps another 12 months. but we have been told to expect to have recommendations on cockpit door locking systems. those, of course, have changed after 9/11. and new guidelines on particularly the confidentiality of the medical records for pilots. greta? >> catherine, thank you. >> thank you. >> it was online pizza delivery order that saved
4:38 pm
the family's life. the pizza manager being called a hero. she goes "on the record" next. breaking news "on the record" taking new immantel of damage in oklahoma. tornado touching down there. tornado warnings right now across much of the mid section of the united states. fox first alert forecast straight ahead. boys? stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 hwy miles per tank. just one reason volkswagen is the #1 selling diesel car brand in america.
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pizza delivery order that saved a woman and her children. >> 911 what's your emergency? >> yes ma'am. this is [bleep] at pizza hut in afn park. >> one customer at pizza hut in avon park, florida. >> it's got a pizza order on it and then in parentheses it has "please help, get 911 to mean, hostage help. >> this hostage report show that ethan was holding girlfriend hostage at knife point with no phone access his girlfriend takes action and makes online order to the pizza hut. >> we knew something wasn't
4:43 pm
right. i have never seen nothing like that. >> the receipt showing one large peperoni pie plus a side of hostage help. >> i called my boss jason stone and he said call 911 immediately so. we called 911 and that basically how it happened. >> within minutes the police arriving on the scene rescuing the woman and her children. >> i don't know if i ever would have thought about it something she did naturally the boyfriend never knew about it until you saw him coming around the corner. >> the real question. did the pizza ever make it? >> is anyone going to take the pizza there or wait to you go check it out? >> they are going to wait. >> and the woman you just heard in that 911 call hamilton. she joins us on the phone from behind the pizza hut counter right now. candy, nice to talk to you. >> thank you. >> candy i take it you have never had a strange order like that before asking for help for a hostage? >> no ma'am. we have never had one. >> how did that come to your attention while you are at the pizza hut?
4:44 pm
>> when it came in, i was outside and my server came and got me and said my cook needed me. whenever i came in my cook said there is something wrong. i have never seen this. and on the screen it had it in the get help to me 9911. and then the bottom of it said hostage help. so we immediately owe went and called my boss and then we called 911 and then the sheriff's department, you know they came and acted from there how did they find out it was legitimate after you made the 911 call didsome someone come back and say way to go this was a hostage situation? >> yeah. the deputy came and let us know. he camed and told us it was a legit call and that she was being held hostage but everything turned out fine. >> when you first got there did you think it was a prank or -- i mean obviously you made the right decision,
4:45 pm
very shrewd decision because you saved this woman and her children. >> no. i don't think it was so much me saving i think the lady is the hero in this and the app. for her to be able to do something like that. i was thankful that we could react on it i didn't think at no time that it was a prank. i have never seen nothing like that come through on our screen especially for it to be edited on the ticket. we took it serious. >> has the woman contacted you since you made that 911 call? >> i haven't spoken to her no ma'am. >> because it's pretty amazing story. you have got to give her credit. that was really smart. and she was really lucky that you were on the receiving end of that because you -- the two of you together made it happen. >> yeah, i think she was the hero to be able to stay calm and think and be able to do something and for us, for pizza hut to have that app. for her to be able to do that i think that was amazing. >> congratulations to everybody. thank you very much, candy
4:46 pm
for joining us from behind the counter tonight. >> thank you. >> the nfl report on deflate gate is out. is tom brady going it like the report? former patriots players here next. we are following breaking news. tornado warnings in the midwest. oklahoma under cover as a possible tornado hits more on the severe weather straight ahead. sales department-this is nate. human resources. technical support. hold please. [announcer]you work hard to grow your business. [man] yes!i can totally do that for you. [announcer]our new online business planning tools will help your business thrive. wells fargo.together we'll go far.
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the nfl report on deflate gate is out. it says that it is more probable than not that patriot workers tampered with footballs. tom brady was at least generally aware of the rules violations of the deflated balls. >> i we will go like i have always played within the rules. i would never break the rules. >> i find it hard to believe no one in this organization knew about it. >> as they always say if you do the crime you have got to do the time. >> i believe in fair play
4:51 pm
and i respect the league. >> integrity of the play i is very important. >> i'm comfortable as saying nobody did it as far as i know. i don't know everything. >> daunte stallworth joins us. nice to see you. >> >> what do you make of this report ugly stain for the patriots? >> interesting report. i think there is an awful lot in there too. i think people are misreading. for one instance, i think that when you look at all of the evidence, for instance, there was a discussion in texas messages between mcreilly and kasinski being upset about the balls being a little overflighted. had they checked them after the game one of the equipment managers who checked them he said that the balls a few of them were close to 16, which he was generally he was speaking about the 16 psi. that's three and a half or. >> that's too high. >> that doesn't give him any right during the colts game to have it under.
4:52 pm
>> so there are some issues there. and a lot of people are saying that there is not any -- there is no smoking gun so to speak but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that they were tampered with and i personally believe that when they had these -- they had these footballs they were maybe some fear that the refs were overinflating them before the game which had had happened and they talked about it during the text messages and possibly that could be one of the reasons why they were deflating some of them before the games. >> it probably wouldn't have changed the score with the colts to. me it's really bad that there were so many balls that were under inflated that there were so many. i think the nfl waiting until, what is it may 6th to come up with this report when they should have come out before the super bowl. how long does it take two guys to ask a couple of questions and look at the text messages. this was done dropped off season. >> i think the nfl wanted to take their time. they wanted to make sure that they crossed all their t's and dotted all their i's before they made any decision especially before a super bowl which is, you
4:53 pm
know obviously the biggest game of the season. but they wanted to mike sure that everything was thorough before they made any decisions. >> the patriots also have a little bit of a reputation. weren't they cheating with the jets looking at their plays or something? this is -- you know, i don't see this as good for the jets. i mean, it is not conclusive. it doesn't say that he definitely did anything. more probable than not. which certainly is not conclusive. i think it makes the patriots and the nfl look bad. cheating matters. sends a bad message to the fans. >> i mean it adds another stigma to people that don't like the patriots believe as them as being cheaters as evidence in 2007 and prior to that also, too. when you look at the other issues. with deflalgt the balls there is a lot of quarterbacks. every quarterback actually has their specific guy who deals with the footballs. now, whether if these guys were intentionally going under the 12.5 and maybe not knowing, i mean, to me, there is a lot of underlying issues that haven't been talked about in this report. but, that is something that
4:54 pm
the nfl is going to have to deal with when they win or if they do decide to it levy any decision against the patriots and the equipment guys and also brady. >> all right. well, it is not convincing. it's not 100%. it's not yard, i -- beyond a reasonable doubt say that in this report but it looks very bad. daunt at a always nice to see you. we will put the full statement on gretawire. and breaking news, tornado warnings for much of the mid section of the united states. we are tracking the storms for you. that's next. a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere.
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this is a fox news alert. video showing a tornado hitting oklahoma much of the mid section of the u.s. under tornado warnings right now. rick reichmuth is here. >> may is the busiest month for tornadoes and kind of right on track we are getting that picture that you see on the left side of your screen is current pictures coming out of oklahoma right now. can you see that very dangerous cloud going on right now. it's all part of this line of storms that you see stretching from parts of
4:59 pm
texas all the way up across areas of nebraska. and numerous tornado warnings one in eastern colorado. but i want to take you into these ones here around the oklahoma city area right now because there is one to the northwest of it. one that just tracked barely to the south between norman and moore. moore is a town that's been hit the last couple of years by very large tornadoes. the one that took out all the schools and if a tattles a couple of years ago. one more storm right behind this tracking very much toward the exact same area. take a look at new video that we have coming in out of oklahoma. you can see this tornado cutting through that area. there have been reports of numerous homes that have seen some very significant damage. we have a number of hours to go with this. we have storms in oklahoma and also watching storms up across areas of nebraska. one tornado warning to the southwest of the lincoln area just passed through hebron and heading in that direction. many areas tonight are going to watch this. we have the threat continuing for many of the same areas again for the day tomorrow, greta. >> rick, thank you. >> you bet.
5:00 pm
>> thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington d.c. and, boy those people in oklahoma i feel is he sorry for them. stay for fox news for any breaking news on it. ♪ the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> i will fight to stop partisan attacks on the executive actions that would dreamers at risk of deportation. >> hillary clinton calling for illegal alien amnesty. even as new polling says she is becoming more popular. how can that be? we'll have analysis with bernie goldberg. >> >> did mishandled sarah palin. >> the interviews for sarah palin made and her look bad. >> nicolle wallace telling all tonight on the factor. also ahead this man now banned from going to iran. dennis miller wil


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