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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 7, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that is all the time we have left. we hope you'll set your dvr so you'll never miss an episode. have a great night. we'll see you then. ntroversy, we'll seal you tonight right here on fox news. good night there new york city. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> even the guy that wrote the book had to admit under questioning that he didn't have a shred of evidence. >> yet the controversy over the clinton foundation keep on coming. today mr. clinton is in morocco at a an event sponsored by an alleged human rights violeter and the kennedys have involved. we'll have a factor investigation. >> shut it down! >> shades of the '60s, students at the university of california berkeley trying to strong arm ear other students into not attending classes. >> what would you like written on your tombstone?
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>> also did you know your humble correspondent, me has a pretty wild work resume? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. factor begins right now. i'm a bill owe reallilye rilwe reallyewe riley. thanks for watching. the debate continues to rage over whether an anti-muslim group was justified in insulting every muslim on the planet. two jihadis were killed by a brave police officer in garland, texas on sunday after they tried to storm a conference held by the american freedom defense initiative. the dead men deserved what they got. but the incident was i go noted by contest featuring cartoons of the prophet muhammad. any depicts of that islamic icon
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is a sin in the muslim world. many americans believe the provocation was legitimate under freedom of speech but that is not the issue. no one i know favors curtailing speech in this case. the real issue is whether the competent position competent position was the right thing to do. >> first of all, you know, as a christian respect i don't like it when people mock my lord and savior jesus christ and what this event in garland was doing is being noing themobbing the mock nothing the muslims. we live in a society where there is no civility, there is no respect. we don't honor people with differences, we only attack each other. so i agree that the folks in garland, texas were wrong. >> reverend graham reflects the christian point of view that you don't demeanor people unnecessarily. jesus would not have sponsored
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that event. my respect for reverend graham is growing. but talking point sees the issue from another perspective. the goal of every decent person in the world should be to defeat the jihad. and in order to do that you have to rally the world to the side of good our side. emotional displays make it more difficult to rally law abiding muslims for example including nations like jordan and egypt. in any war, you have to win hearts and minds and the situation in garland goes against that. again, the freedom of speech issue is bogus. no one is saying that the exposition was illegal. the point is winning, defeating the jihad. we have a bill o' poll question that asks do you support the group american freedom defense initiative mocking the islamic religion? yes or no. we hope you vote. and if you do please consider walking away from emotion.
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this whole emotional deal can be applied to the republican party, as well. president obama achieved power because some americans decided not to vote believing mccain and romney were not conservative enough. so now we have a nation that has been battered over the past six years. it might have happened if the republicans won. that's certainly possible. but voting or not voting out of emotion never a good idea. the best problem solver should always win. and no candidate is perfect. there comes a time when all of us have to make a decision whether we'll do what is best for the country or wallow in shallow emotion. important decision. and that's the memo. now to the top story tonight, a very troubling situation, this one involving the democratic party. former president bill clinton in morocco at a clinton global initiative event. a company at the conference a mining concern called ocp, is
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paying $1 million to the clinton organization to host a cocktail party among other things. one big problem. the robert f. kennedy center for justice, a human rights organization has criticized ocp for, quote serious human rights violations unquote. the company allegedly exploits poor people in the sahara desert. full discloseuredisclosure i donate money to the rfk foundation a lot of money, because i believe in the cause of human rights around the world. the leader of the rfk group is kerry kennedy, rfk's daughter. i talked with miss kennedy on the phone today. she agreed to come on the factor and then canceled at the last minute. obviously very drubltroubling. and it looks like politics is trumping doing the right thing. as the kennedys and clintons are democratic stalwarts. i do not believe this deal would sit well with the late robert
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wendy. with us now pulitzer prize winning reporter for the "wall street journal" who is following the situation. tell us about the mining company. >> there are two issues with ocp. it's owned by the moroccan government. this is the equivalent of more foreign money going to the clinton foundation. second the issue is where they are mining which is in the western sahara. out there, they're indigenous people who feel they're not being properly compensated. in disputed tear toe.aker territory. they're mining for phosphate materials benefiting the company ocp. there is a real question about compensation. >> so the rfk foundation labels them a human rights violator the company ocp, because they aren't taking care of the poor people in the area of the mining. correct? >> that's right. >> all right. were you surprised that the foundation rfk foundation, wouldn't come on and explain what you just explained?
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>> well, they took your call and she returned your call which is interesting. it shows the ambivalence i think a lot of liberals and democrats have with the clinton candidacy. i think on the one hand they believe that accepting this foreign money and from he questionable groups is problematic. on the other hand they want to support probably their nominee. >> so i believe that politics is trumping human rights here because if you have a company that is abusing poor people in the desert wouldho have nobody looking out for them and that company is nowshe-sheing it up with bill clinton, it seems to me that nobody is doing the right thing here. >> i think the other side you hear from the clinton foundation is in a money is supposed to go to their good works in africa to help the poor people and to provide medical services. >> so you dine with the devil to get the devil's money and then you do good with the cankcanhe devil's
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money. >> well, those are your words. you're the commentator and i'm the news guy. and i think your facts are right. i'll let the opinion stand on its own. >> what about the clinton initiative? most people don't know what it does. what does it do? >> the biggest thip esgest thing they do is provide various health services. they buy drugs that can be expensive for hiv and aids and they distribute it africa is one of the big places they todo training with expectant mothers and new mother they do anti-made layerlarial drugs, and they also have programs to help the poor raise themselves up and out of poverty. >> okay. i have called for the fbi to take a look at the clinton foundation. just because i don't think journalists can get the big story one quaway or the other. and if i were the clinton, i'd say we want an investigation, clear us, because we are doing the lord's work or whatever they will say about it. would you support an fbi
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investigation, is there enough there? >> well, i never make that decision. i had an editor once never predict the outcome of your story. i've had fbi investigations there stories that i've written that involved money and political favors. the jack abramoff scandal. sometimes you look into it and find nothing and sometimes -- >> but is there enough here for the federal bureau of investigation to take a look? >> that would be a decision for -- >> in your pinopinion as a journalis, is there enough here? >> enough here for criminal investigation, probable cause? >> just take a look. the fbi assemble some facts about. >> i've written many of these stories. it f. any federal agency decided to look into it, i would write about it. >> but you're not going to give an opinion as to whether you think there is enough out there that it should spur an investigation? >> no that's a trouble line for
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me to cross on an opinion, but i'm happy to listen to anyone else who has an opinion about it. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. next on the rundown, former federal prosecutor urks the map who put sheikh raman in prison says it must be investigated. do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™.
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i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro. as you may know i've called for the fbi to investigate the clinton foundation. not a witch hunt, but it is impossible for journalists and pundits to figure out what is going on here so the feds must step in and protect the legitimacy of the upcoming presidential election. with us now andrew mccarthy served his country for 19 years. he led the case against sheikh
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rahman who was sentenced to life in prison for the world trade center bombing. do you agree with me the fbi has to come in? >> yeah, i think they absolutely have to come in. i think that's particularly the case after the fbi and the justice department really set a standard for these types of cases a few weeks ago when they indicted robert menendez. if you recall in connection with that case we're talking about a donor giving an amount of money or gifts that are geometrically smaller than what we're talking about here to use his office in a way to pressure -- >> it was menendez knew a doctor, the whydoctor gave menendez flights, vacations, all that and allegedly menendez did fires on the medicare front. so we'll let the system take care of that. here the clintons denny wrongdoing. but there have been flags and i
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think there is enough there that i think the fbi should already be involved. the fbi says we can never comment on whether we are or not investigating. that doesn't reassure the american people that justice is being served. >> i think we should hope that they're investigating and using the grand jury, for example that there are secrecy requirements that therethat would make it -- >> the point the bureau made to me if they say they're investigating the clinton foundation automatically the clintons look like they're guilty. and that's a legitimate point. but there comes a time when the american people have to be reassured that the whole government is not corrupt. and let me give you an exam pull. muller the former fbi director didn't know anything about the irs investigation in his testimony against the house committee. and nothing happened. >> i don't think congress can investigate this, but one thing they can do is pressure the fbi to at least make it known to the public and give the public a comfort level that --
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>> do you think that should be done that congress should do that? >> just to let people know that they're looking at it sure. >> how would an investigation of the clinton foundation from your point of view, because you've done this come down? >> well, the way i would look at it is from a rackkcketeering framework. what the law allows the prosecutors and investigators to do is look at an entity rather than all the disparate little transactions that they're involved in and see if the entity is enriching itself by corrupt or illegal behavior. and there is a variety of different statutes that they can violate, but from a prosecutor's stand point, the rico statute gives and you target. >> you would have to find out of the $2 billion that flowed into the clinton foundation, whether any of that money was being used for buy any kind of governmental favors because of course hillary clinton was secretary of state. that's what you would have to
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show to make any criminal indictments. >> the bar is actually a little lower than that. you would have to show that the money went in and that at least efforts were made -- >> because in the in maenendez case the doctor didn't get what he wanted. so just efforts. that's not easy particularly when you have a lot of e-mails erased by the person who could do the efforting. >> the e-mails were a big deal. >> and that came before the investigation, but i'm sure hillary clinton knew the investigation was under way. would you be suspicious that the e-mails were erased and the clinton foundation thing --- >> i was born suspicious but, yes. people don't destroy e-mails for no reason. it's one thing to say the government is not entitled to my private communications. it's quite enough thing to go
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through a great effort to actually sgroi destroy them. >> i think the fbi has do this because of the integrity of the presidential election. what if we go through this process and hillary clinton is elected and all of a sudden she's indicted on corruption recoe charges on a foundation. it throws the whole company into absolute -- so there is some urgency here. >> plus the campaign election laws are design this had part to keep foreign money out of our elections and if this was a device in order to open that chute which our election laws are designed to close, that's all the more reason -- >> that's a big if. we're not saying that happened. but we're saying for the good of the country, the most powerful investigative agency, the fbi, should be involved now. do you think they're involved? >> do i think the fbi is involved? >> do you think comb anyey is an honest man? >> i do think comey is an honest man and i hope they're looking at it.
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>> if you get any wins, let us though. we appreciate your patriotism. >> directly head, ed henry on hillary clinton raising even more money. and did you know i used to paint houses? and that's not all. i don't know what i'm doing there, but looks unsavory. upcoming. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth
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personal choice segment tonight, hillary clinton on the road raising money for her campaign. yesterday in san francisco, today this southern california. doing a stop in washington ed henry is covering secretary clinton. so you're missing all the action on the coast. >> it's a lot nicer than d.c.. >> you could be dining and having canopies with the swales and all of that. where is she, is she in private homes? what is she doing? >> private homes san francisco
8:23 pm
tom steyer for example, the hedge fund billionaire lobbying big time on climate change for example. and so what she's doing that is different than what president obama did here at the white house in 2012 president obama at the time said he was reluctantly supporting priorities usa, this democratic super pac, but would not appear at their events raising money directly. hillary clinton is now going further than that and saying that at some of these events in california for example, she's raising hone for her campaign which has already announced but also raising money for the democrat he can super pac. what is interesting is their campaign put out a memo today saying at these fund raising events talking about her big fights in the campaign, the economy, helping families and oh by the way, getting corrupt money out of politics. bringing unaccountable money out of the system because of the citizens united supreme court ruling. that doesn't necessarily square when you're raising money for super pacs this idea that you're fighting to get this kind of
8:24 pm
hone out of politics. >> i think we've reached the point now where it doesn't really matter because there is so much swirling around the clintons. when she goes into these private homes, was there any hollywood intrusion when she was out in l.a., was she in somebody's home there? >> raising money with jeffrey katzenburg for example. >> he's a dream works producer. but no hollywood stars? >> no george clooney or someone like that. but we should point out that the campaign says when the koch brothers are raising this coops of money hillary clinton fight back. but don't forget she's the one saying she's launching a crusade against this kind of money. >> when she goes to these funds raiser they're all private? >> there have been i should say previous fundraisers where a reporter has been allowed in without a camera to listen to
8:25 pm
some of what she says. there is not wide press access to these events. >> you can't ask her a question. fox news has appointed to you cover the clinton campaign correct? >> correct. >> how do you cover the clinton campaign when the candidate won't talk to you, you have a spokesperson -- did you buy that guy a tie by the way? >> brian fallon. >> he always looks like he just came back from bowling. >> he's a good guy. >> he may be a good guy but how do you cover the campaign when all you have is a guy named brian fallon no relation to jimmy, who comes out and basically reads talking points and then -- how do you cover it? ? >> in fairness all campaigns have people out there reading
8:26 pm
the talking points. >> every republican who has declared is answering every question on the road and everybody has access to him. >> i was about to say what is different is the candidate is not making herself available. but i've talked to her advisers. i've been at most of her events. i've been in iowa new hampshire, i watched her events with my own ears, i talked to the voters. some people who sat with her at the round tables and try to get as much information as i can to tell our viewers what i think is really happening not just at the event, but behind the scenes. but you're raising a good point which is she's not making herself available. >> i don't know how you cover it. >> so all these allegations are piling up about the clinton foundation and everything else, and she's letting other people out there but meanwhile the state department yesterday had a top official testify under oath on capitol hill that her e-mail server situation was, quote,
8:27 pm
unacceptable. >> that doesn't mean anything. it's either legal or illegal. that's the only thing that matters. it's frustrating and that's why again the feds have to get involved. ed not with you, the fbi doesn't need to investigate you. >> thanks for clarifying. >> don't want anybody to mis misinterpret that. plenty more ahead. bret human on how the network news covering the isis threat. are they even paying attention? and also gut felt and mcger on the university of take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. fact. advil is not only strong it's gentle on your body too. no wonder doctors and patients have trusted advil... for their tough pains for over 30 years. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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did you know that segment tonight, i hope you'll pardon this upcoming exercise. as you may know we feature fox news correspondents and contributors telling you about their backgrounds. well tonight it's my turn. >> i want to go back to third grade. do you remember that far back? something you're doing caused the sister to say william, you are a bold fresh piece of humanity. >> that's he where it all started. i was a little thug in st. brigid school. me and a couple others just wanted to have a few laughs so i would just do annoying things and a nun would come down and call us names and give us a slap with the eraser. when i was ten, my father says you got to work so i cut lawns
8:32 pm
and shoveled snow in the winter. then i graduated to the ice cream stand when i was 16. and then i got the my life guard certification. >> and you horn doublemore than doubled your salary. >> and i made a lot of money teaching people to swim and i saved some people. but it wasn't enough. now i got to go to college and so we started a painting business. we undercut the unions. but we could run fast. i had crew or four or five and we made humongous money. and that put me through spending money and other things for college. >> i want to talk to you about your journalism studies. >> my mother has a physical therapy degree from there and i went there to go to journalism school and it was the greatest because all the watergate stuff and the busing was huge in boston. so i got to cover stories on a
8:33 pm
freelance basis while i was in school and i would get a little money for writing stories and then hand in those stories as papers to the pin head professors so it worked perfectly. >> in the spring of 1969 your friends were accepted to the third year abroad program. you were not accepted at first. >> well, my third year in college, he was playing football and i kind of thought i might want to stay and not go. but then one of the guys at maris said you're really not smart enough to go anbroad anyway. so of course i went. once i got london and learned that there was something different than levy town and poughkeepsie your whole world expands. we had adventures. we stayed in youth hostiles. but hei learned more thp year than the preceding 20 years combined. >> you write in your book your core belief you say is that life is a constant struggle between
8:34 pm
good and evil. this eventually led to you create the factor. tell us more about why you created the factor. >> i was up at harvard, i created the factor up there. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching on our very first day. a show that would be opinion based on fact. but really feisty and really obnoxious. in that that's would be problem. >> i dissxwre. >> i knew in prime time up against the dancing and the singing and the wrestling that you'd have to have something very provocative, so i put it together and it worked. you wouldn't send your children to this war, bill. >> you don't know what the hell you're talking about. >> congratulations. don't denny great the service or i'll boot you off the set. >> i think the folks depend on us. it's a chal to thinklenge to stay number
8:35 pm
one. >> there is the books, other film, other pending productions. was this part of a strategy? >> i think god has a plan for me and i let it unfold as it happens. and that's the advice i give everybody else. do your best and get into something you like. >> what would you like written on your tombstone? >> he finally stopped talking. >> thank you. obviously if you want to know more my book chronicles the entire saga of o'reilly. when we come right back, gut if he would and mc
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thanks for being with us. what the heck just happened? one topic, a vegan strip club. but first members of the uc berkeley black student union launched a protest that intruded on other students. >> look around, you see all these students? rear raise we're erasing solidarity. >> most of the people honestly do understand that the idea behind the blockade is to
8:40 pm
disrupt business as usual. to recognize the inconveniences that black students face on a daily basis. >> here with us gutfeld and mcgurk. 47 years ago, same thing, trying to block kids from going to school. >> i was there. you didn't see me in the back, i was naked riding an el paca. the problem here there is no possible avenue for a pay back. for example an activist can block a student's path to school but what can you possibly block an activist to? they don't have jobs. >> you block them from going to the pot dealer. >> i'm against that bill. >> okay. >> i say this kind of stuff always backfires. you don't win anybody over to your side. >> do you really think they care about that? >> no, they don't. they're i go authorize rant
8:41 pm
selfish, spoiled morons. and by the way, here in new york we happen to have a 25-year-old nypd cop who was executed. how about a vigil for this guy? he was a blue collar guy that didn't have the privilege of going to college. he became a cop and in that five year he made 150 arrests, he saved people's lives. how about doing something for him wheel you were in your dorms smoking bongs? >> this is all about power and nafrs narcissism is the right world. you can protest i have no beef about that. kid wants to go to class, he has an exam, you let him go to class. >> if you're blocking somebody from a path thisat they paid for, that's theft. >> alex baldwin got caught in a men minimum wage blocking traffic, and he now wants to reduce minimum wage. >> the jv has opened a hotel, it
8:42 pm
has a swimming pool two black isis flags flying. and it's patrolled by isis women who if you dance, smoke, gamble or do anything fun you get executed. >> you though,e know don't get a room near the isis machine. anyway i went on to read the reviews. rooms are clean, free wi-fi. down sides are the beheadings. but they do have free continental stonings and the mini bar is actually a bucket and a goat so you can milk it. and they have complimentary lashings when you check in. it's wonderful. >> obviously no king james bibles. >> no. >> and it humanizes these guys. it shows that you savages need r and r as well. a room with a view of the
8:43 pm
beheadings, too. mits not be any dancing, smoking, but there is a bowling alley. the problem is they might use your head as a bowling ball sometime in the future. >> people think we're making this up. we're not making this up. isis opened a hotel. i mean they conquered the hotel they didn't build it. all right. now, from isis we go to portland, oregon. i used to work in portland. a beautiful tune. they town. they now have a strip club only for vegans. >> i don't even allow the dancers to wear any fur, leather, anything from an animal. so educational process not just for the customers when you the dancers, as well. >> if they don't allow anything animals, they won't ishave any kus. >> very good point. a shot at people like me. >> you're a vegan? >> no i agree to strip clubs. >> oh, i thought you were a
8:44 pm
vegan. >> listen when i go to a strip club i don't want to see some hungry bony stripper. i don't want to see olive oil twerking. i want a little jiggle in my wiggle. >> what do you say, gutfeld? >> good to know no animals were harmed in the creation of my lap dance, but no offense to the people in this industry but if you're taking off your clothes in a small unattractive strip club in portland diet isn't your primary concern. there are other things to worry about in life. >> i like me some junk in my trunk. >> i think we have the it alliterations. in a lot of these club really i can't go into -- if i go into this it will be on a website and i can't. so i mean i have trouble even going in it by a baseball mitt because it's made of leather. but they serve food. so you get tofu. >> here's the hilarious thing.
8:45 pm
at the vegan mini mall coconut bacon. it's such a perversion of language. they're saying if you cut something in a strip it's suddenly bacon. so i guess an inflatable doll is a real woman. coconut bacon is not real bacon, america. >> that's it. thank you very much. is the network news anyone have occasional
8:46 pm
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accordinged edto a study, abc, cbs and nbc devoted 223 minutes of coverage to allegations of police misconduct in april alone. 78 minutes in presidential campaign, just 39 minutes on the isis terror threat. joining us, prettybret human.
8:49 pm
obviously baltimore had to be covered. anything could have happened. but the isis four weeks 39 minutes and this crew is now sx banding all over the middle east. seems to be down played. do you agree? >> i do agree. i think the coverage of baltimore and the other racial incidents involving the police was probably justified but networks can walk and chew gum at the same time and it seems to me like for quite some time that isis and the threat thereof has been down played in part bill because i think there is no real washington and u.s. military reaction to to cover. if the president were out there talking about it acting against it warning of the threat and so on on a continuing basis there would be more to work with. and of course it's happening many many miles away in places unlike the innercity of baltimore where you don't have crews and cameras and reporters
8:50 pm
on the ground to witness these hideous atrocities. so while if we could see them certainly they're eye catching it would make a lot of new, mostly you can't see them. >> you reporters into these areas outside of the kurdish area because they will get killed or kidnapped and beheaded as we have seen. but here's the thing. you have a dire threat to the country, isis. i don't believe that la a lot of e people on the left even believe that. i mean, certainly i have heard commentators say they don't believe that isis is a threat. it's over there. you could do enterprise stories. for example, here's a story i would love to see done. 60-nation coalition, president obama announces a 60-nation coalition to defeat isis downgrade isis. i would like to know what those countries are doing. that's not a hard story to do is it? >> no it shouldn't be.
8:51 pm
i don't know what the answers would be from administration officials if you asked. >> you get the list of the countries and you call the foreign ministers of these countries and say, what are you doing? >> those are stories that could be done. but i will say this bill. i think one of the things that's in play here is i don't think the administration wants to emphasize this because i think the president despite the fact that these atrocities have forced his hand into doing something, i don't think the president thinks this is a threat to the united states major interests. and as long as that's the case of course, he hangs back and he hides behind to some extent this 60-nation coalition, which isn't doing very much. the journalists who cover all this are, by and large, sympathetic to the view that the united states goes thrashing
8:52 pm
around over there it will turn out badly like all u.s. military interventions in recent times have and, therefore they have no bone to pick with it no problem with it. that feeds into this lack of interest in it. >> i think you're right that the interest at the network level is minimal until isis comes over here and blows things up. you don't hear hillary clinton talking about isis either. i don't think i've ever heard her talk about isis because, again, there's no strategy. she'd have to depart from president obama if she wanted to develop a new one because there isn't one now. so again that goes by the wayside as well. >> at some point, one presumes it will become an issue in the campaign. there will be a lot of talk about it among republicans on the stump. not much that disagreement among them. by the time we get around to a general election, which is many, many, many months ahead, more than a year away one can only
8:53 pm
imagine that there will be plenty of discussion about isis and what to do about the threat. >> the only person is rand paul that will become an issue when he's involved. this time next year the presidential campaign is in full ramped. >> but it isn't down to a democrat versus republican at which point the issue with hillary clinton would be joined. >> you don't expect her to introduce this unless forced to. >> i don't think she'd want to. events are in the driver's seat. they could overtake the issues. so that could change everything. >> factor tip of the why. why parents and grandparents should watch tv with the kids. the tip, moments away.
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the proper way. do not be a ninnyhammer. thanks for watching tonight. please remember the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, evidence that the case against the six baltimore police officers charged in freddie gray's death may be falling apart. less than a week after those charges were announced with such fanfare. good evening, welcome, i'm megyn kelly. now we are hearing reports that the police investigation into the incident does not support the charges. including the second-degree murder charge, but that's not all. also the d.a. charged several officers with false arrest arguing freddie gray did nothing wrong. that the knife he had on him was entirely