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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 7, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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ime we have left. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we hope you have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. home tonight. here's greta. isis. they're coming after your kids. yes, that's right. isis aggressively recruiting americans. our children online and they're having enormous success. director of the fbi warning there may be thousands inside the united states consuming online poison from isis alone. and it gets worse. today some senate lawmakers admitting we're not doing enough to stop isis from advancing on social media. many people fear it could lead to terror attacks right here on american soil. >> 71 trained soldiers in 15 u.s. states, 23 signed up for missions. we have no knowledge whether this is true or not. >> the lone wolf piece of this
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is ease easy for them. >> the danger is real and the threat is growing. >> it will capture a lot of headlines for them without a big investment. >> this is a perfect example of how they're trying to use social media. >> unbelievable the kinds of stuff they are doing. >> i was surprised if not stunned at how we're approaching our messaging and our countermessaging frankly. we have a government spending millions and millions of dollars on old school forms of media. >> we certainly have the capability to do more with more resources. >> congressman lee evans joining us. and senator cory booker says isis is beating up at the mean game. >> well, isis is having a lot of success and creativity using a social media, capturing the imagination of young americans.
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they're black, middle eastern, all across american some coming from poverty, others recruited are very well off. fifth of them are women. we are seeing a threat all across america, just what we see a couple days ago with simpson actively using social media, with his communications with isis right here at home in new york, where two women just pleaded not guilty today. these were united states citizens self radicalized, consider themselves to be citizens of the islamic state. social media is a huge tool for isis. >> i don't what i don't get, though it's may 7, they have the hearing in the senate about this, and i'm thinking to myself oh, shock, shock, if you go back to last august, even before that they were using social media, they were using videos to recruit, showing beheading of journalist james foley. so what is congress doing to protect america and don't act so shocked today i want to say to the senate. >> well, right. the president just a couple months ago, he gave his request
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for the authorization use of military information. you have the foreign affairs committee, homeland security committee, amped edarmed service committee, a lot of people looking in to the threat understanding if we don't defeat them oversea we're facing a threat here at home. the president is trying to say what best serves his own domestic politics. he will say there are no boots on the ground. at the same time the 82 pd airborne division is on orders to go to iraq. the two star general in charge on the ground doesn't have the flexibility and resources to accomplish the mission. congress through all these different hearings are trying to find accountability so there is more strength and consistency in the president's foreign policy. it's not coming fast enough. >> is there anything we can really do? let's say you've got isis leader in the basement of some building in mosul and he sends some recruitment or some flashy video straight across the internet i don't care if we build a 60-foot wall separating the trust any other nation it goes right
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through, there are no borders with the internet what plan do we have, is there any sort of plan we can have that apparently is it coming right from the source of this? >> absolutely. that two star general on the ground who right now only has the sport to make a recommendation if he could take out a high value target, if he could -- >> so you think that will stop it in sn they just won't move to another building? >> it's a huge threat right now. it's multipronged. our intelligence gathering capabilities whether here domestically working with partners around the world our cyber security tactic our working with the social media outlets for them to be cooperative to shut this stuff down there is a lot to it. i would just say the president's strategy really needs to evolve because right now the commander on the ground in iraq who by the way, if we ask 2308folks in united states who was in charge in january of 2007 every will say petraeus. no one has any idea who is even in charge of our troops on the ground. that person doesn't have the ability to send a navy s.e.a.l.
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team army ranger, special forces, green berets to go capture intelligence and shut down those computers. we as congress are being asked to accepted our troops in to harm's way. we should never sign off on that if we're not setting up our troops to suckceedsucceed. >> congressman, thank you for joining us. and tonight, the fbi admitting it sent a bulletin warning place this garland, texas about possible violence. that warning sent just hours before attack at the cartoon event. >> yes, the fbi director saysabout possible violence. that warning sent just hours before attack at the cartoon event. >> yes, the fbi director says some three hours before the attack at the caldwell center in garland, they did send additional information to agents and to the garland police department here the name of elton simpson, his picture, as well as the license plate to his vehicle. that was added to a list of names they already had because the government was looking at
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many people who had, quote, high interest in the event that was taking place here on sunday evening. but they reiterate they didn't know if he had left phoenix, they had no idea to know that he was actually in dallas. they knew that he had high interest but there was no specific threat to the caldwell center or the muhammad event even on social media as the chatter began to talk about do us proud in texas again nothing specific about gar landland or the event. >> i tip my hat so much to those garland police. they did a fantastic job. but if the fbi is sending a notice bulletin three hours before where were they? the fbi are the real professionals at this. did they do anything besides notify garland? did they show up? >> yes the fbi had a command post here and there were agents on the ground in garland, command post was set up here at the field office. there was a meeting in dallas friday with local members of the
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joint terrorism task force, alerts went out on friday as well. again, everyone felt like something could happen in garland. but they were not certain. >> was the command post where the cartoon contest was? >> the command post was not there, but there were fbi agents on the ground at the caldwell center in garland where the draw muhammad contest was being held. >> then i tip my hat also as well to the fbi. because this could have been so much worse than it ultimately turned out to be. sean thank you. >> thank you. and the ohio man accused of plotting to attack the united states capitol now facing new charges. a federal grand jury charging christopher cornell with attempting to provide material student itto isis. the 21-year-old is pleading not guilty and is held without bond. and tonight, can in a today they let him out. former former guantanamo bay inmate now
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out of jail. >> omar khadr was just 15 when he threw a grenade and killed a special forces head dick sergeant speer in afghanistan. after that he was transferred to guantanamo bay and there you pled guilty and the deal at that time was that he would do one year in the detention camps and then the remaining seven years in canada. but what happened today is a judge in alberta, western can in a today, said you are free to go pending your appeal. ther restrictions on his walk free. >> has anyone said anything about the fact that you get eight years for burglary and when it's murder at least in the civilian -- you don't get one year and then sent someplace else. is anyone complaining about the fact that the original sentence for murder was eight years?
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>> well, you raise a very good point because one the criticisms of the military commissions is that people who go through the commissions get relatively light sentences as opposed to if they went through the federal courts for the same crimes. and in this case it was eight years. i sat in the courtroom for some of those proceedings and i've seen other cases, some of bin laden's close associates getting five years or less. so you make a very valid point. but i think one of the bottom lines tonight is that once the u.s. government relinquishes control of these detainees to other governments to hold them we really do in fact relinquish control of the drought comeoutcome. >> and the five in the taliban swap their supervision ends at the end of may. is there any way that will be extended? >> well, we're at the mercy of the government in qatar. the fall ban five were swappeded a year ago for sergeant bowe bergdahl. the information we have is that three of the five have tried
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reen reengage with their old networks and the expectation is that once the one year term runs out, there may be a possibility of extending the terms of their house arrest if you will, but that is not a foregone conclusion. and when you speak toin tell against officials privately, they fully expect these men will return to afghanistan and they are heading back to their old networks when which are terrorist networks determined to attack united states soldiers on the ground in afghanistan. >> katherine, thank you. and our next guest served alongside medic christopher speer and was injured in that same attack that took his life. sergeant morris joins us. good evening, sir. >> nice to be here. >> do you share the same horror that i do that he's convicted of murder he gets eight years and now he's out? >> yeah it's really a terrible thing. and it really starts with the obama administration who made a
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deal with the canadians and omar's attorney behind the prosecutor's back. omar was given a 45 year sentence by the military commission. but the obama administration made a deal with them that he would do eight years or the military commission, whichever was least. and so because of the commission gave him 45, the obama administration announced immediately afterwards that he would actually only serve eight, one in guantanamo and the rest in canada. >> >> what happened on july 27, 20002? >> we were tracking omar khadr's father who was the original terrorist from canada.2? >> we were tracking omar khadr's father who was the original terrorist from canada. he's bin had enladen's finance guy. his father wasn't there that day but we cornered omar and six other guys in a mud walled compound. they didn't want to talk. they wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. so they started a firefight by
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throwing grenades over the wall and killed a couple our off began interpreters. we returned fire and eventually -- >> and this is the picture of the american medic that was killed. sorry we've lost sergeant morris, but if he were here, i'd thank him for his service. he's done a lot for the nation. anyway in the midst of war and terrorism away theround the world, listen to this news. defense department audit finding hundreds of pentagon workers are using government issued credit cards to pay for gambling and pornography. rich edson is live in washington. rich. >> well, defense officials tell fox news credit cards swiped 4500 times spending a mill john at casinos through july of 2013
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through june of the following year. the inspector general also reports 900 transactions for adult entertainment establishments totaling almost 100 grand. all this a miniscule faction of dod credit card spending but the say the employees may have picked up the tab for many of the charge, opt to go identify them as personal expenses. so it's unclear how much the government may have paid for adult entertainment if at all. politico first reported the gae tails of the findingings. its report says the employees may have used government skred cards to hide these charges including gambling and escort services from their spouses. it also reports that since the review was an audit of the credit card system not individual workers the results of these findings will be a reminder that this type of behavior violates government policy. >> rich, thank you. and joining us katherine tim and john busy. john, how does this happen?
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this is so insane. >> it is. like the clueless and the damned. this is just bizarre. one, it's either a failure of the department of defense to educate you that you don't use dod credit cards for -- >> do you needed indication for that? >> second thing is enforcement. is the supervisor looking this stuff over? but if someone will do this and maybe be as clueless maybe dod takes 100 or 300 of the worst infractions and just post them with the names. >> and how about prosecution? will this this is unauthorized use. >> definitely. 2008 is when the gao said this is an be inning problem and now seven years later here we are the same thing. they say they're trying to hide it from their wives, but clearly
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eats not taken seriously or else it cooperate keep happening. >> who should be doing something about this?not taken seriously or else it cooperate keep happening. >> who should be doing something about this? night after night we talk about government credit cards being misused. >> it's the boss of the person right in the supervisor at the local level. so it's not just the individual who has been used them. look if it's a starbucks and you make a mistake, that's one thing. but this is not that. this is much more egregious. so it's not just the individual, but eitherit's the supervisor who is signing off on the expense accounting that should say this is not only not permitted but you're clearly doing it for some reason, probably to hide it from your spouse and you'll get hammered for it. >> what are the consequences? >> i don't think there are that serious of consequences. they expose it but never a story of like you said, i think that's a great idea this person and this person and this person maybe you think a little bit
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more about going out and -- >> actually the more i think about it that's a great idea. because the reason they're doing it presumably some of this is hiding it from a spouse. so that's a punishment. >> and it would prevents the next 15,000. >> a lot more than just seeing the numbers. saying you're the guy that is spending government money on gambling and -- >> and honey, why are you hiding it. anyway all right, panel, stay with us. fox news alert. the midsection of the united states bracing for more violent weather following reports of at least 50 tornadoes slamming down in parts of nebraska kansas, texas and oak whatklahomaoklahoma. oklahoma was hit the worst. will has a look at the damage. >> reporter: good evening. we've had another band of severe thunderstorms come through tonight. we've seen a lot of lightning and thunder out here. we've already seen just how much
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damage these storms can inflict throughout the area. 35 homes were destroyed last night including this one that was rented by a mom, a dad and their 3-year-old daughter. i want to take you inside and show you what is left. the inside this is the living room gutted. look up the roof completely gone. and they actually got out. they went to their mother's house a short time right before the tornado hit. and that is good because i want to show you their master bedroom in here take a look all of the damage they have their clothing i mentioned the 3-year-old daughter you can see her stuffed bear right there. it was a very good thing that they got out of here. in total across the region more than 50 people were hurt, one woman was killed because there was severe flooding all throughout the area. they had about more than 9 inches of rain in just a couple of hours. this woman went out behind her house, she had a storm shelter out there, an old cellar got down in there eftsvidently that was next to a river and the river overflowed and flooded the
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storm shelter and she passed away. families like this family trying to figure out what they will do next. they did not have renter's insurance. they are getting a lot of help from the local community. and while they're doing that they're the looking forward to tomorrow and saturday because they're expecting more storms throughout the night tonight, tomorrow and then saturday they're expecting a very bad band that could bring more tornadoes to the area for the next 48 hours could bring a lot more devastation. greta. >> i've been down there for the tornadoes and there are so many good americans who whether try to help these people oklahoma and other areas. will thank you. and results are starting to come in in the uk big election, but why should you care? you should. that's next. plus how do these people keep their jobs? just when you thought the irs could not get worse, the ir isn't has done it again. wait until you hear how they handled cases of their own employees caught cheating on their taxes. that's coming up. breaking news, we're moments
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fox news alert. right now the votes are being counted in what is being called the most unpredictable uk election in decades. but what does the outcome mean for you? we don't have the vote tally yet. it's close we understand. don't thoughe know how close. but what does it mean to us? >> it's an important election and we do of course have the first exit polls which show a
11:23 pm
conservative surge at the last minute. and the conservatives are likely to i think win this general election. so it is likely to be a good win actually for the conservatives tonight despite a post of recent poll which is showed the labor party with them neck and neck. this election is very important to the united states. britain is the closest friend and ally and is the beating heart, the engine of the treefree world. so it's in america's interests for a united kingdom to be strong and powerful on the international stage. you need strong british leadership alongside american to stand up to a whole host of threats and challenges to the free world. so if you want a strong relationship you need strong british leadership and the you nighted king tomorrow with a powerful nighted king tomorrow with a powerful economy. many british voters viewed the
11:24 pm
social list leader as far too left wing. he was derided i think in the british press as red ed because of his far left views. there was also the threat of course of a coalition of the labour party and the far left scottish nationalist. that frightened a great deal of british voters. so i think we've seen an electoral backlash this evening against what would have been an extremely left wing government. >> we always talk about electing cameron or miliband but they're not the two that are -- you don't elect a prime minister. a party wins right? >> yes. that's right. the voters are voting here for the conservative party. david cameron i think is certainly going to remain as the prime minister. this always of course paves the way for the eu referendum to be held in 2017. an opportunity i think for britain to break free of the shackles of the european union. so this is an election with
11:25 pm
hugism implications on the international page. >> if the labour party won, what would it mean on issues like that is national security? >> i think you would have seen a weaker relationship under miliband would you have seen less leadership on the international stage. practices more isolationist british government and i don't think that would have been in britain's interest or the interests of the united states as well. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> now to capitol hill the senate approving a bill to give congress the right to review any nuclear deal between united states and iran. that bill now heads across the hill to the house. and brace yourself the irs, the agency you pay for, is at it again. you have to hear how the irs is rewarding its own workers caught cheating on their taxes.
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tom brady, quarterback of the patriots is at a public appearance first since the nfl announced it's probable that the team intentionally deflated footballs. we're not sure if he will address the controversy. if he does we'll bring you his comments immediately. we're monitoring this one. and get ready to throw something, the irs just did again. a new report finding that the irs promoted employees who
11:30 pm
cheated on their taxes. from 2004 to 2013 thousands of employees cases were investigated for cheating and the ig says 1580 of those cases where employees intentionally cheating. and it gets worse. this 60% of the intentional cheating cases, irs managers refused to fire the employee many even getting promoted. our panel is back. john what? how does this happen? >> it's a city where everybody is spending somebody else's hone. so it's a big bureaucracy. and it's slow to move and it doesn't operate the way private industry does. what we don't know is the tine of infraction. so little small things does the person really deserve to get fired for no. but for more serious infractions, the story in the washington times says that only 1% of those found to have had these infractions were ultimately fired. >> if you inflate your expenses
11:31 pm
whether a dollar or a million, doesn't matter except when you come to the point of intentionally. because once you form the intent i think these are -- i'd refer them to the justice department. these are crimes. those who claim the stimulus home buyers tax credit without buying a home. that's fraud. >> no way that could be interpreted any other way. you definitely know if you bought a home or not. you're definitely scamming. and to deep your job because of mitigating circumstances and get promoted? there is a that youlaw that they're supposed to be fired, but in 60%, there were mitigating circumstances? >> there is no mitigating circumstance like if you didn't buy a house, you didn't noe know you bought a house? how can the commissioner keep his job? i know he's only been there since december of 2014 but at some point you have to accepted a message to the american people we give a damn and we're not finding cheaters and promoting
11:32 pm
them. >> here is the big issue for the american public. these are the cops on the beat. and at a certain point you expect the cops on the beat to be at the standard that everybody else is held to. actually even higher. right? because it gives credibility to the regulators. when the regulators have this kind of problem, and again, not everybody deserved to be fired. it depends on -- >> i think anyone who intentionally cheated deserves to be fired. intention is my key word. >> but the couple of bucks -- >> intentionally, you fried to rip off the taxpayers. i don't care if it's a glar. dollar. >> if i made a little mistake they wouldn't have any trouble -- >> auditing you. that's true. regardless at the end of the day, it is the credit andbility of the organization. and if you expect the average taxpayer to live up to therules, you have to hold your own to the account. >> and they don't have any incentive to do so. items
11:33 pm
it's not like it's a business where they have to hire honest and good people in order to function. they just didn't want to fire their buddies. >> i think president obama should push him out or fire him. and i also blame congress. their job is for oversight and they hold hearing after hearing and nothing gets done. >> and it's interesting that the irs response to this was that, look, we'll be more transparent, but we want the commissioner to still have discretion in these cases. and that's really not what the public wants to hear. >> it's not working. >> did disgraceful. anyway panel, listen to this one. more taxpayer hone town the toilet. senator john max reccain released a series of reports and his office claiming this year $294 billion of your tax dollars will go toward expired government programs. expired? what are these?
11:34 pm
>> nobody is communicating. there are expired programs that they're still spending money organization agencies that are both working on the same program doing the exact same thing more than 40 agencies are working on different emergency medical equipment or non-emergency medical equipment. they haven't met since 2008. there is no way you're communicating like that. it's it's just -- i don't know if it's laziness but that's a lot of money to be wasting. >> $294 billion, that's a lot, but we're so used to billions that nobody seems to think how huge that is. i've heard reporters says's only $5 million or something. we've gotten used to these big numbers. but this is incredible. >> let's say $4 trillion in government spending $292 billion, 7% of that is being wasted according to john mccain. >> do you know what that would did if for my hometown?
11:35 pm
everybody could go to college. >> my favorite was that they're still spending on research for a grant that has expired for the army to determine the effectiveness of bomb detecting elephants. why was it initiated and where did the research go and why are we still spending on it? >> and i feel very bad for the american people because this is terrible. this is terrible that no one is doing anything about this. and it's beyond words. >> you see it all the time wasting on this wasting on this. and nothing is really ever done about it. the elephant thing is ridiculous. i don't know whose idea that was. >> maybe we should put names on who fostered these. >> exactly. who thought it would be great to have elephants looking for bombs. and why are we still spending money on it. >> mccain has a bigger point, too. he's concerned about the waste, but in an op-ed, he says, look
11:36 pm
we have the sequestration. he's concerned about the military getting less money from congress over time and his point is if we're going to be asking for more money if we're going to seek some relief from the sequestrationsee sequestration sequestration, we have to make sure -- >> everyone agrees that this is bad. so i don't get like if everyone degrees, why doesn't it get fixed? is there anyone that disputes waste is a bad thing? >> because it's a $4 trillion budget. >> wouldn't you like to be a hero and be like i changed this? >> they want to come up with a new program that can make them look good. nobody likes to cut things. they're hurting that person or that person. you want to talk about consequences you're definitely being hurt by having money wasted like that. >> panel, appreciate it. and up next, senator rand paul what would he do about he had edward snowden? he goes on the record next. plus tom brady has a statement.
11:37 pm
we'll hear what he has to say.
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which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. presidential contender senator rand paul is here and today a federal appeals court in a 3-0 ruling held that the nsa collection program is illegal and not covered by the patriot act. senator, welcome to the show and your thoughts on this 3-zip ruling by the second circuit. >> this is a big deal. we've been waiting for this for over a year now. i sued the nsa last year because i think that the whole program really is not consistent with the fourth amendment and what we find out today is that the supreme court thinks it's not even consistent with the patriot act, which also goes on to mention that many people this congress had no idea this program was going on, and most of us don't think that this program is consistent with what the patriot act actually said.
11:42 pm
>> so what are your thoughts tonight about edward snowden? but for edward snowden, probably the american people and maybe you wouldn't though about this program that now this court, this appellate court, says is beyond the authority of the u.s. government. >> well, the information became incredibly important because the director of intelligence james clapper actually came to the senate and lied about the program and said it didn't exist. so if not for the information that snowden released, we would have no idea that this illegal operation was going on by the government. so this is a big day and it's a big deal that the government has to live within rules that are set and if we have a government or an intelligence community that thinks they can do anything that's a real problem for freedom. >> so do you let edward snowden come home and not face prosecution? >> well, i think it's complicated this in the sense that he committed civil disobedience he broke the law.
11:43 pm
so there will have to be some sort of punishment, but i think it could be negotiated because he did to reveal something that the government was not telling the truth about and which the courts are now saying was illegal. so i think it definitely gives some justification to it but the other side of the coin is you really can't have people who have privileged information just decide when they will reveal it. a better way would be to actually have a whistleblower program where he could come privately and reveal the information, but he didn't qualify for that because he was a contractor and not a government employee. >> okay. and let's assume that we have a president rand paul. it is your justice department. what do you tell the justice department to do if you think something needs to be negotiated? what is the deal with snowden? >> i'm not sure i have an answer on that but i would as president immediately stop the bulk collection of records. i think it's unconstitutional. the court now says it's illegal.
11:44 pm
so i would not collect phone records without a warrant with someone's name on it with the i'ds we were looking for and with probable cause. so i would end the program that we have of bulk collection immediately. >> i should add that a review panel concluded that the program had not been critical to disrupting any terrorist plots in the u.s.. do you know of any success with this program? did it do anything for protect us that you know specifically? >> i know of no one that was ever caught or stoppedprotect us that you know specifically? >> i know of no one that was ever caught or stopped from this program. they say it was used in conjunction with other information, but typically we have information of an individual like the guy that did the shooting from phoenix, we knew his name. i'm all for look at his information. i'm for calling a judge and saying we know this guy simpson in phoenix and he's doing x, will you give us a warrant for his phone. if i was a judge, i would have said yes. but i don't want to look at everybody's phone records in phoenix, i want to look at the guy that we have probable cause to look at hitss records. >> senator, thank you very much.
11:45 pm
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tom brady making his first appearance since the deflategate news broke. he had a previously scheduled event. we're not sure if he will address the controversy and we are monitoring it. the second he does say something or if he does say something about deflategate, we will bring it right to you. and just a little while ago he did address this in a statement released through his agent. it reads in part quote, the welch report with all due respect is a significant and
11:50 pm
terrible disappointment. it's omission of key facts and lines of inquiry suggest the investigators reached a con krugs first collusion first and then determined so-called facts later. and punter steve weatherford joins us. >> good to be on your show. i've always been a fan. >> i'm a fan when the giants aren't playings packers. >> i know it. >> what did you positionthink of the report? >> it's very interesting. people are calling tom brady a cheater, but the fact of the matter is when you do something like decrease the air of the ball by one pound from 13 to 12 pounds and you beat a team by 38 points, i don't care if you're playing with a bowling ball, you'll win the game. and the interesting part about it is, greta, that it may make it a little bit easier for tom brady to fwripgrip the ball when it's cold or wet, and it might make it easier for his receivers to catch the ball but there is not a swaying of how easy it is just
11:51 pm
for the patriots. because it's just as easy for the defensive team the colts, to intercept the ball. so i don't think there is a great advantage that tom brady got by doing that but at the same time i put a lot of the fault on the nfl officials who are supposed to inspect the ball okay them, and then put them into league play. so i don't put this all on tom brady and at the end of the day, he's an nfl super bowl champion and he deserves to get the credit. >> well, i was ready to jump the patriots on this because i am a packer fan. and i've been hard on the patriots about this because the suspicion of cheating sends a bad message to fans and especially children. i didn't think the report was fair when it said it was probable or something like that. i thought that felt like a smear to me. either he did it and we found
11:52 pm
evidence and they should pun issuing him orpunish or not. >> if it's black or white and he's guilty you cannot compare the two of taking performance enhancing drugs like steroids to gain an advantage, which in my opinion -- granted it is my opinion and not the opinion of the popular public. but that is cheating. >> but to me -- >> it's not like a pitcher putting pine tar or vaseline on the baseball which directly gives you an advantage because it affects the movement of the ball. in is only taking a small advantage that is also an advantage of the defensive team as well. >> i don't buy that. like saying robbery isn't as bad as armed robbery. because that is true it's not as bad if you commit a robbery without a weapon. >> i don't see it as cheating. i see it as taking a -- >> then why have the rule? >> is it tom brady's fault or the nfl official's fault?
11:53 pm
maybe they should come an investigation on him. >> but if there is a rule you're supposed to comply with it. >> but you're going to do everything that you can -- >> within the rules. >> in preparation for a game. so maybe he inflated this them to 12.2 and if the nfl officials okay it i'll play with those footballs. it they inflate to 13 -- that's like saying we're not going to cut the grass the week before we play a team that is very fast to slow them down. that's not dheeting, it's just sxwaning gaining an advantage. because your team has to run on the grass that is really wrong. if their team is fast and you slow them down you still play on the same grass. >> i'm just more late lititeral. if there is a rule, i'm sort of like -- >> i'm with you. >> let me ask you a yes. you're going to prom this weekend. >> i am. i'm incredibly excited.
11:54 pm
i started an initiative about three years ago called project prom. i take 20 kids every year that can't afford to go. i take care of everything. hair nails, tuxedos, dresses, tickets to the prom, dinner limo. and the reason is to know she's kid there is are people out there who care about them. i typically do them in depressed area. the first year was long beach island in a school that had been affected by hurricane sandy. and it gives me a chance to moets straight and inspire and educate these kids. and i'm excited. i've got my dancing shoes on. >> you viewers will want to read more about it. thank you. >> and why i think one nba team stepped over the line.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
test test. test test
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11:58 pm
let's go off the record for a minute. it was stupid effects and i'm talking about cleveland
11:59 pm
cavaliers in-game proceed hoe. it was supposed to be a spoof on dirty dancing, but it was lame. some even say it was an attempt to inspire domestic violence. here it is. ♪ this could be love because i've had the time of my life than i've ever had ♪ >> what surprised me is this had to be a group effort. at a minimum, it required someone to come up with the idea two actor, i'm sure a producer cameramen or two and cavalier marketing executive or two or maybe three. and no doubt other cavalier executives green lighting this video. no it is not the worst. and the cavaliers have since apologized for the video. but how do you find so many tone deaf people in one place at the same time to agree to the same
12:00 am
dumb whied? what are the odds? apparently pretty high in cleveland. thanks for being with us. if tom brady does address the deflate live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. from the nation's midsection to the southeastern seaboard people are in severe weather watch this morning. part of the threat comes from the first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season. subtropical storm anna. now off the coast of south carolina with 45 mile per hour winds. in the south east and midwest tornadoes like the one which roared through northern texas yesterday have forecasters worried. more could beheaded to the plains in the next 48 hours. in oklahoma they are still cleaning up from the debris from a rash of twisters that left many homeless on wednesday. >> just complete shock.


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