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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 8, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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strongest, most devoted and hard-working mom ever. brenda says her mom was the epitomy of unconditional love. and here are throw generations of moms in becky's family. thank you for being part of "the real story." happy mother's day. here's shep. >> the pentagon on alert. the united states military reports it's raising its security because of threats. this is a case at military bases across america. ahead, look inside condition bravo. after freddie gray's death in baltimore the justice department agrees to investigate the city's spire police -- entire police force. >> the department of yates is opening an investigation of the batmer police force. >> ahead how this is going town fold. and reassuring news about our economy. the unemployment rate falling to a level we haven't seen in seven years. of course, the news about
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paychecks isn't quite as good. let's get to it. >> we begin today with a fox urgent. a live look in baltimore where the family -- the attorney for the family of freddie gray is about to react to the news the department of justice will do a top to bottom review of the baltimore police department. we'll monitor what he has to say. first today the military bases of the united states are on nationwide alert. an air force concert has been canceled and a military museum calling off tours until further notice. it all comes as the pentagon raises its threat level to the highest point in half a decade. domestic military bases are now on so-called force protection condition bravo. second highest level or middle level, you can see there it's the middle of the threat alert scale and it means it's going to
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be tighter security at military installations. the pentagon reports the change is due to increased fear of terrorists tarring to going the military but -- targeting the military but officials say there is no specific and credible threat. still, the alert caused the air force museum in dayton, ohio to call off its spring concert and closed gallery tours to the public day after the fbi director held a closed door meeting with our catherine herridge and reporters across the nation. the fbi director warned that there are more guys like these out there. the suspects in the attack on that draw mohammad cop test, the anti-muslim get together in texas. he says that other -- the feds now know other isis-inspired terrorists are hiding out in the united states but that they've managed to go dark online and the fbi admitted it cannot find them. this heightened base security comes days every an online post claims the islamic state has
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dozens of trained fighters hiding in the ute. the post warned those terrorists are now ready to strike. of course, fox news can't confirm any of that. as for the military, isis has long singled it out at a priority target in march isis-links accounts of 100 user troop oops so-called kill list. we blurred in the names and mick tours but the post included all of it and called for isis foreigners to murder the american. jennifer griffin is live. that's used to tell recruits to till whoever you want. now they say kill those who are hurting muslims overseas. i if you can explain this bravo level. >> well, the bravo level basically means more security checks more security guards, unexpected drills, due to a quote, predictable terrorist threat in this case, involving isis. signs at the entrance to the
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pentagon this morning reminding the security level was fp con bravo. it's to remind military person knoll be alert -- personnel to be aalert and keep whoosh be attackers off guard. the command says third is not due to a specific credible threat but informed by recent events. prudent measure to be unpredictable. it mill lean long lines outside military bases as people are required to show two forms of military identification and much more patrolling for anything suspicion. the first time since the 10th 10th anniversary of 9/11 that the u.s. military has raised its force protection level. >> and the raising of the threat level here, does this have to do with that texas event? >> well, it's not directly related only to the texas event. it's been several isis statements and concerns. the decision to order elevated security levels at u.s. military installations is designed to re-assure military families who have been threatened directly in internet posings by isis and
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comes one day after fbi director james comey warned that isis followers in the u.s. are being urged to strike. the pentagon said today it shares director comey's concern about the potential threat posed by home-grown violent extremists or terrorists, knowing these terror groups like symbolic holidays, it's no coincidence the announcement came as the u.s. and europe celebrates the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. >> thank you, jen. let's bring in chris wallace now, from d.c. 70 days since victory -- 70 years since victory in europe today. and they've made it clear really in isis has made it more clear than, say alf quite did. remember al qaeda used to strike anything, struck the pentagon, which is military, struck at the financial center, headed to the congress. so they have had -- this bunch seems to believe they can get more recruits if they say we're targeting the military,
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targeting the ones who have been hurting muslim and muslimland. >> but then look at what happened in garland. there was no military involved there. as you say it was the cartoon contest, drawing pictures of muhammad. i thought the briefing yesterday -- i wasn't there just raved about it -- by fbi director james comb ya was alarming. he talked about hundreds or thousands of home-grown terrorists who are being recruited over the internet. they are on open web sites and then directed to encrypted web sites the fbi directar admitted we can't break through where they are directed to find something to attack. it used to be in the good old days, if you will, they were vetted but now in effect what isis and other jihaddist groups are saying, consecutive somebody in the name of us -- kill somebody in the name of us. so it's random, just go out and
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kill somebody and then say you did it because you were instructed to by us, and one of the other opinions, with all of this going on -- we try to draw a stinks, inspired by, directed by. he says that doesn't mean anything anymore because they're just going out and trying to recruit people to go do their worst. >> your point is well taken. i felt the same way reading through the transcript of that. and as they talked about how they used to be able to say, all right, we know if you're one who talks about and it you just yack yack yack on the internet and if you're one who is outout trying to get weapons and targets. but they don't know that anymore because they go to encrypted sites so they can't know who to follow and who not to follow. it's like fishing in the dark and then they just put the military bases on alert. >> that's right. one other thing that comey said, it's like trying to find needles in haystack, except the haystack is the spire country talk about
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having people under investigation in all 50 states and the needles are these -- it's relatively speaking few but as comey said, it could be hundreds or even thousands of people who are bag radicalized on the internet. they may have contact or may just be reading some of this stuff. apparently what they're reading, whether it's videos they look at or propaganda material they read, is increase living sophisticated and unfortunately isis is getting better at being able to appeal to these confused, obviously as time goes on, twisted, deranged people and get them to commit these acts of violence in home country. >> sounds like that i was always been good at it bit we've been good at watching them do it. now they're hiding better. whenever you read detailed things like this i wonder if -- the worth part of these as horrible as human life is and this loss of life is and horrible as an attack is, the collective freakout later can
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have long-term damage. i wonder do they think something is about to happen and they're just kind of giving us, all right, get ready? you economy? -- you know? i don't know. >> i don't know. one question you wonder about is when james comey says there are some web sites that are encrypted, you wonder is that really true or is he saying, we can't read them but in fact we can read them and is hoping people will go to those web sites, because it was only three hours before they were able to detect the fact that one of these guys, el to -- elton simpson was -- in garland texas. there's a difference of opinion. the fbi says they sent a bulletin to the gar planed police, the police say they never got any notice at all. >> chris we'll watch out for you on monday.
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chris will have more on the shooting in texas on "fox news sunday" and talk with the chairman hoff the house home leaned security homeland security and he'll talk to dr. ben carson, g.o.p. presidential candidate who kicked off his campaign this week. the one who said that the gay is a choice and if you go to prison you might turn gay. he said a lot of very interesting things along the way. >> he has said some interesting things and a pretty remarkable guy. >> my god there's no doubt about that. a lot of people in maryland, by the tens and hundreds of thousands read his books because he is one of the finest neurosurgeons who ever walked the face of the planet. he has god-like status within that community. >> well, around the country gifted hands the best seller. the head of speedat crick neurosurgery. very interesting character. no plate background help says that's an advantage. not a negative. we'll talk to him about who he is where he came from, some of
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his controversial ideas and his program where he wants to take the country the -- also, on wednesday i went up in a b-24 liberator bomber -- >> who did you bomb? >> -- >> -- to prepare for the flyover. >> who did you bomb? bomb anybody good? >> nobody but i took jessica locker, your producer, my executive producer, she went up and loved it. we had a good time. >> jessica used to be such a lovely person. a producer for me on the fox report and season producer here and we loved her to pieces, but she needed to move and i was like you can go to washington but you'll be stuck with that man. and apparently she has survived, children intact and everything. she used to be a spectacular human being. have you ruined her completely? >> no. she says she has never been happier. >> way she is happy to have moved. you had to travel so far in new
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york and so expensive to live here shoe couldn't do it. having a family. do not have dilutions of grandeur. she is happy because her family life is better now. it's not because she is near you. >> well, you know, whatever it takes to get you through the weekend, shep. >> that and two wins over mississippi state and i'll be good to go. nice to see you chris. >> yes, sir. >> wish lower rain a happy mother's day for all of us. >> i will indeed. >> thank you. well there is some solid news for anybody looking for a job. the problem is also bad news for those who already have jobs. details on that coming up. plus want to guess how many americans reported some kind of identity theft last year? the nows that might have double checking the security of your personal data coming up. identity theft. there's more of that than there was pickpocketing in new york city in the late '70s. stay with us.
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symptoms may include dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be life-threatening. other common side effects include low potassium in your blood and injection site reactions. get medical help right away if you experience trouble with breathing serious allergic reactions like swelling of your face tongue, or throat, sweating, extreme drowsiness dizziness, or confusion. now i know about novolog®. taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. there's breaking news now. a judge just declared a hung jury in the case of the disappearance in new york city. he was one of the most famous missing children in all of american history really. one of the first ever to appear on milk cartoons. jurors have been at it and today they decided the fate of the man accused of killing him came back to the judge for a third
12:16 pm
time. the jury came back for a third time and said we can't do this. we cannot come up with a verdict. the judge said, okay, hung jury. they've been deliberating now for 18 days. the longest deliberation in a new york murder case every in the history of new york juris prudence the longest deliberations ever. they had twice before told the judge they could not reach a verdict but the judge kept ordering them to go back and try again. so much was invested in this. a community waited decades for some sort of justice, and this time the judge released the jury declared hung. laura ingle is lawyer in new york. what a horrible disappointment for the jurors as well. >> absolutely. we have been hearing from our producer in the courtroom these jurors have come back. again, as you reported, this is the third time they have come back and said they just absolutely are hopelessly dead
12:17 pm
locked following 18 days of deliberations and earlier in the week when the jury could not come up with a unanimous verse for the second time the judge urged them to keep trying telling the panel only 12 people in this world have listened to and seen all the evidence and those 12 people are you. we have been talking about 54-year-old pedro hernandez. who work at a convenience store where etan patz was headed to. he was charged with second degree murder ex-kidnapping. his disappears brought the heightened awareness about missing children, and we want to tell you that's prosecutors -- up to prosecutors now to whether or not to retry the case, and earlier in the week the manhattan assistant d.a. said she would rather have a second trial for -- than a verdict for the verdict's sake.
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the up employment rate just hit a seven year low accord thing the labor document. if we had a band it be playing. it's now 5.4%. the lowest unemployment rate since may of 2008, about six months into the great recession. now, people will tell you the anyway sayres will say yet but blah, blah blah, they've been keeping the numbers the same way all the time. the labor department reports that employers added 223,000 jobs in the month of april alone, an list is say -- anallies -- analysts says that might be an indication the economy is recovering but paychecks are still not rising because employers hate us. not me. i love my employer. but day-to-day folks all the states everywhere, just -- >> you think prices are going down? they're not. let me get you a couple of interesting numbers. they are good numbers but they're not great numbers according to wall street. the stock market today up two
12:19 pm
percent here, 279 -- >> would you hugh, -- woo-hoo big numbers. >> news isn't huge -- >> that's breaking news. where is the dow -- come on, dow. >> 274 -- >> look at that. >> that means you can retire sooner than you expected maybe. i hope. so. >> like tomorrow. >> anyway, that could happen0. couple of numbers to notice that maybe you didn't see at first blush. march, remember how disappointing march was? >> yes issue it was cold oh, you mean the numbers. >> it was 85,000 jobs. you talk about wages though are, right? the wage again tenth of a percent. that's 2.2% on the year. we need more wage gains so people spend the money save the money, invest the money. >> maybe they'll raise the minimum wage. i don't know. i'm watching.
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>> me, too. >> we'll watch for you this afternoon in an hour and 40 minutes from now. >> i below be there. >> going to wear yellow. >> yes. >> i like it. hackers stole personal information from a lot of people last year. how many people? >> 70 million. >> 70 million americans. you're good. or you can read. that's according to a new survey from consumer reports. it finds almost 80% of problems started with actual stores and banks. i think that word was actual. plus just 18% happened online. the report also found a record of almost 800 data breaches last year. 800. up more than 27% from the year 2013. the lawyer for freddie gray's family speaking just moments ago, as i mentionedded, after attorney general loretta lynch launched an investigation into the baltimore police department. we'll have reaction from the family's lawyer. plus, a funeral for a new york city police officer who died in the line of duty just 25 years
12:21 pm
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the lawyer for freddie gray's family spoke moments ago after the fed launched a civil rights investigation into the baltimore police department. >> we are gratified that national attention has been focused on the problems of the baltimore city police department because that gives us reason to believe that these problems can be solved. but first they have to be identified honestly and truthfully fairly and impartially. >> the attorney general says the justice department investigation will look at any pattern of discrimination or abuse. >> we will examine policies,
12:25 pm
practices, and available data, and at the conclusion of our investigation, we will issue a report of our findings. if unconstitutional policies or practices are found we will seek a court enforceable agreement to address those issues. >> the attorney general called bad relations between police and their communities one of the most challenging issues of our time. she met with local lowereds in baltimore earlier this yankee and opened the investigation at the mayor's request. prosecutors say freddie gray's spine was nearly severed while he was in police custody last month. six officers now face charges different charges in the case. john busse. kind of expected. >> this goes beyond the u.s. investigation into whether his civil rights were violated. it goes beyond the city's prosecution of the police officers. this is a bigger, broader look at the police department. whether or not there are unreasonable searches,
12:26 pm
unreasonable stops unreasonable force, broader culture of the police department in baltimore. >> has reporting indicated what police are saying? i guess through the union in response? >> some of the comments from the union are we welcome this, we have had issues with management of the police force. the police force is saying the officials are saying we welcome it as well. the mayor at first was also hesitant and then welcomed it in. cities don't necessarily like this because the u.s. justice department coming in and telling them what to do, they lose control. at the same time, there's virtue in it because it offers an opportunity to reform practices that perhaps have become culturally imbedded and as the attorney general pointed out there's a consent degree that usually follows supervision but if the supervision doesn't result in changes they can sue. >> there are a lot of extenuating circumstances not just in west baltimore but big cities across the country with areas of blight and neglect that have been going on since i was a
12:27 pm
child. >> this is true. you take that amtrak through even just the station of baltimore, you can see the blight you described. detroit is one of the other cities. loretta lynch went to baltimore and said relations between the community and police she felled has been severed fairly serious comment. this not unlike other investigations that the justice department is pursuing in other cities. >> john bussey, thank you. >> pleasure. >> thousands of police officers from across our nation gathered just outside new york city today to pay respects to one of their own. ♪ ♪ sunset. >> number city police officer brian moore died this week. he was just 25 years old. investigators say he and another officer stopped a man suspected of carrying a gun. they say the suspect opened fire
12:28 pm
on them. shot officer brian moore in the head. he later died in the hospital. he was on the force just five years. his partner was not hurt during the shooting. really i sounding images of the -- really astounding images of the funeral, and this is how it works in new york city. way too many of new york city's finest have died in this way. would you look at this? thousands and thousands saluting. as his remains come by. it's an incredibly powerful thing. the level of support. not just from new york city, but from police departments and sheriffs offices all across the land. salutingsaluting the hearse and the family. this is brian moore's family, his father here in the background, just as open for the world to witness their grieving as anybody ever could be. and just a couple of police
12:29 pm
officers sharing a hug today because when one goes, it certainly affects them all. this is a sign of the times. heavy security at the funeral. these are police snipers looking over the area. they thenned to take out individual police officers. it has happened right here, and awful sign of our times if there's snipers on a roof protecting those who came out to mourn the loss of one of their own, and finally the new york city mayor bill at the deblasio touching the casket. the police commissioner willam bratton, and julie bander was outside the church. quite a police presence. >> you set the tone. haps down the -- hands down the most difficult day mother or father do face but they could not have had more shore of support. 30,000 police officers. not just in the new york city tri-state area but from all over the country. they stood in
12:30 pm
silence in support as the casket carrying the body of brian moore was removed from the church. a very difficult moment. then 11 police helicopters and a v-shaped formation now overhead, and then when an officer employses the foldes flag in his mother residents arms, hi dad broke down sobbing uncontrollably tearfully very hard to watch conclusion of the funeral which began at 1 1eus, the moen when brian's family was led to the church including an incredible sights. hundreds of police officers on motorcycles from cities from philadelphia to boston himself mom and dad taking one final journey with their son. at the funeral sea of blue, men and women who put their lives on then line after day and nypd commissioner bill bratton possess hues how many his promoted moor to detective. >> he dreamed of being a cop. he dreamed of following his dad
12:31 pm
whom he loved so much and dreamed of following his up kell and cousins. he dreamed of getting the bad guys off the street. he wanted to make a difference. >> reporter: a lot of friends say brian was born to be a cop and died trying to protect and serve. >> julie, thank you. a veteran injured in combat says the feds stopped giving him his benefits because they said he was dead. he is like, whoa. can't do this when you're dead. i can do this. now the vet says he is fighting with the government to try to convince them he is not dead. congratulations to the government and details on the case ahead. and it's been 70 years since ve day. coming up now live report from the national mall in d.c. where so many gathered to remember some 400,000 americans who died during that war.
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a fox report now. a small plane crashed and an up thinkable tragedy on the freeway in atlanta. happened shortly after the plane took off from the away, headed to mississippi. friends there tell me greg byrd, two of his sons and one son's fiancee was headed to another son's graduation ceremony this weekend in oxford, mississippi in ole miss. emergency crews tell us the plane graced the hood of a tractor-trailer before catching fire, killed everyone onboard. one fire captain saves it was a miracle other cars or trucks were not hit. 285 now closed in both directions, snarling traffic for miles. transport officials tell us some lanes could be down for eight hours. robert byrd on the lift of the screen is the surviving son scheduled to graduate this saturday. his father and two brothers killed this morning. our deepest condolences.
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the feds sent a letter notifying relatives of a veteran he died but did not count on the veteran opening the letter himself to realize he was dead. he is now fighting back in all of his aliveness to get his benefits back after he said the government cut them off pretending he was dead or thinking he was dead. here's the dead guy north dead gay, robert presley, he says she cannot work because of combat injuries, not because he is dead and his family depends on the checks from the government. >> scare monday to death that at the touch of a button or because of somebody's clerical error my whole life could be taken from me in an instant. >> the department of veterans affairs says officials are trying to figure out what happened to fix the mistake. lea gabrielle is here. not the first time the va made a mistake like this. >> unfortunately it's not.
12:38 pm
spoke with a veteran who also received a letter that was sent to his supposed widow and i actually have a copy of the letter right here. it says we're sorry to learn about the death of james fell, extend to your our deepest sympathies. you can imagine what it was like for him to read this. we spoke with him over skype today. he said he was able to get his benefits back but is frustrated with the lack of accountability. >> i mean, there's zero, none. if you ask how this happened, how did i end up deceased in the computer? we don't know. was the answer i was given. >> he received his medical care from the va at a hospital in arkansas. now, he says that the irony is that he actually received a call from that hospital seven days after this letter was sent to him, that basically was trying to schedule followup appointments. so seems as if the the different
12:39 pm
branches are not communicating. >> how often does this happen, the dead not dead. >> there aren't any specific numbers for the va but you know how when government bureaucracyes get going sometime things get worse. the social security administration received death reports from ault all sorts sorts of different sources including the va and doesn't always check the reports. according to a government accountability report more than 8,000 mistakes were made in the associating security administration death dabs addiction and had to be deleted over the course of a year. the social security administration says this happens bus the person actually turned out to be alive or was misidentified as shrub else or because of a simple data entry error, and of thousand this comes at a time when the virginia has already been under fire authorize the lengthy wait times for veterans trying to receive medical care, and the ap just recent live reported that those wait times have not gotten better. >> going to take a long time. thank you.
12:40 pm
>> thank you. >> it's ve-day. world leaders and veterans are gathering to commemorate the end of world war ii in europe. the day known as victory in europe day or ve-day. 71 years ago today. a celebration here and around the world. this video from the archives. way before we were around. shows people dancing in the streets in times square, and what a day it was. julia is here at bat nine with details, today and yesterday. how are you doing. >> good. there were celebrations and memorial services all around europe today. this is from paris. here you can see the president of france laying down a wreath in memory of those who died. and here you can see some polish vets saluting their flag. them firing cannons and salutes. and here's a scene from london. again you can see people saluting their flag, and here's kind of a really beautiful picture of vets from london
12:41 pm
wearing their uniform. >> not going to be much longer of that. >> nope. >> 70 years. >> can't believe it. >> i think you were just seven or eight at the time. >> negative seven or eight. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> washington, hundreds hundreds of world war ii vets gathered in from of the -- front of the memorial on the national mall and laid wreaths in memory hoff those men and women who gave their lives for freedom. [military music] >> more than 400,000 americans died in world war ii. and in a statement the president said those who made it home, quote, helped build the america we know today unquote saying, ve-day represents a hope for peace. also part of today's ceremonies, vintage war planes over the nation's capital. in world war ii formation. and peter doocy gets the enviable task of being on the
12:42 pm
national mall. one plane made an emergency landing, what happened? >> reporter: there was a hydraulic leak on a plane called the hell diver and that hell diver diverted just in time because reagan national airport which was the emergency landing spot, was also closed for this air show. it's really close by. less than three miles away from where an enormous crowd of tourists students, people on lunch breaks, and 300 world war ii veterans were gathered. the fact these planes are so old, added an extra element of intrigue since they were flying just a thousand feet off very hallowed ground here in the united states. but the plane touched down safely across the river was towed off the runway and dca opened up on schedule. >> that's good news. peter doocy, thank you very much. dangerous weather expected to hit the middle of the nation. five-day stretch this is day three, couple more to go. rick reithmuth with your complete forecast and important one this time around, plus, look at that.
12:43 pm
not that. but that. see that? there is a child in a phone? is that -- that's a suitcase. a roller board. rollers in first but if your child is in there you can put it in sideways. wait a minute. why did his dad put him in a suitcase? can you dream of an answer for that? i can dream up an answer. didn't read up this story in advance but i'm guessing i'm about to be mad at somebody's daddy. we'll find out together after this. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?"
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪ more headlines from the fox news deck. fighting killed nearly 7,000 civilians in eastern ukraine in the past year. 7,000. the country's president says more than a thousand people are missing. international monitors say the fighting dade down but government troops are still violating the cease fire. investigators say they may have font the boat cap side last month that killed hundreds of immigrants.
12:47 pm
italy's navy reports a robot shot video of the wreckage underwater off the coast of libya. official says smugglingers locked as many 800 immigrants in the lower level of the boat headed from libya to italy. a father accused of packing his son into a suitcase to something i problem africa to spain. security guards say they spotted the eight-year-old boy when they x-rayed the suitcase at the border crossing in north africa if the father faces charges of human rights abuses. look at that. sir, i believe there's a person in your suitcase. >> we're keeping an eye out for more tornadoes in the country. a rough couple of days. 51 tornadoes across several states on wednesdayens destroying homes killed a person. in oklahoma they're still cleaning up after a rare combination of tornadoes and flashflooding. here's one i never heard of. the one victim who died, drowned
12:48 pm
in the storm cellar, getting away from the tornado. never heard of that. forecasters say this weekend's storm could be even more powerful especially in southern kansas and western oklahoma and north texas. the many guy in the weather center rick reithmuth, this is crazy. >> the same spot under the gun and you have more coming. toward watches in the red river valley panhandle of texas and west texas including lubbock. that's going to get active tonight and we'll see possibly a couple large tornadoes cut across the area. tomorrow is probably the worst day of this across parts of western kansas, throughout western oklahoma,ludes oklahoma city, severe threat in dallas so big cities, and tomorrow of all days is the biggest threat, could see some large some long-lasting tornadoes and those can be so destructive. look at all these areas under
12:49 pm
watch. and the rain may have gotten ten inches already and over the weekend some spots maybe 12-inches of rain, big-time flooding concerns there. and guess what? hurricane season getting start a little bit early. officially starts june 1st but this is anna and we'll look at a landfall of a tropical storm saturday night into sunday morning, along the carolina coastline. >> mostly rain? >> mostly rain, wind, 40-50-miles-an-hour. not huge problems but certainly a nuisance for a lot of people. >> have a great weekend. treasure hunters off the coast of madagascar say they found what they believe is part of an infamous pirate stash. what is this? >> we her to that's shipwrecks in areas like the caribbean but one american treasure hunter's quest took him halfway across the world the other side of
12:50 pm
africa to madagascar. he has been exploring ship wrecks in the area for years. yesterday he found this, silver bar he thinks belonged to can't william kidd. captain kidd. >> why does he think that? >> it's known by historians that captain kidd's treasure-at laos part, sunk near madagascar. people have been trying to fine it for 300 years and he thinks he has it. the bar itself weighs over 100-pounds and he presented it to the president of madagascar in a really big ceremony. he and his team believe this is just one of many, and they're going to be making another trip to try and uncover the rest of the sunken treasure. >> look at those gloves. >> these are intense help found another ship wreck in 2013 off the coast of cape cod. so he is all about finding sunken treasure. >> thank you. sarah. >> thank you. >> a delta airlines jet forced to make an emergency landing.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
scary moments for passengers on a delta flight when smoke came into the cabin and the pilot jut down an engine. 89 passengers. pilot made an emergency landing in charleston. a passenger recorded the video of the flight. one man told reporters the crew instructed everybody to put their heads in laps for cleaner air which could be an uplifting flight. he says people were crying when they got off the plane. phil keating was not on the plane but is near fort lauderdale. what happened? >> reporter: mechanical,
12:55 pm
apparently oil leaked into two over aircraft's engines which was uneventful flight for the first hour, then out over the atlantic, what was a routine flight turned deadly serious. smoke inside the plane getting thicker, never a good thing. especially in this current terrorism climate. >> i was so scared. i started to scream. i was in tears. >> filled with smoke. >> i looked back toward the rear of the plane and it was -- it was dark. and people were coughing some people were crying. >> not religious but i clenched my fists and said, okay, god i'm with you now. get us down, please. and i promise to be a good boy. >> reporter: hope he is still being a good boy. while they were fearing the worst, other passengers said the whole plane remained very calm until landing safefully charleston. >> all right. thank you phil. we'll be back in a moment with a
12:56 pm
nod to this day in history and the final act for one of the greatest bands of all times.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
on this day in 1970 the beatles released their last album "let it be." they said they wanted to record the album live and then gave up the idea and brought in phil specter. but they did record part's the record on a rooftop in london. the band broke up a month before the album hit the stores, including the hits "across the universe" and the title track o'lit it be "which was written for aretha franklin. the beatles weapon out with a bang 45 years ago today. when news breaks our we'll break in, breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. speaking of breaking news, there
1:00 pm
will be an answer, we're up one and a half percent on the dow board. the nasdaq and s&p is up. the blood pressure is down, the temperature is up, the sun is shining, it's a great day. have a good weekend. we just heard the fbi director say hundreds, maybe thousands of isis recruits are already here, lured in by social media and ready to strike he united states. now the attorney general saying this. >> we are certainly using all the tools available to us to determine how social media is being used, but as always, we have to balance that with the -- with every individual's right to free speech, with privacy rights. those are very, very important concerns. >> important yes. put when it comes to tracking down isis in america are we being too pc? welcome everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto and this is "your