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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 8, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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s, there will be an answer, we're up one and a half percent on the dow board. the nasdaq and s&p is up. the blood pressure is down, the temperature is up, the sun is shining, it's a great day. have a good weekend. we just heard the fbi director say hundreds, maybe thousands of isis recruits are already here, lured in by social media and ready to strike he united states. now the attorney general saying this. >> we are certainly using all the tools available to us to determine how social media is being used, but as always, we have to balance that with the -- with every individual's right to free speech, with privacy rights. those are very, very important concerns. >> important yes. put when it comes to tracking down isis in america are we being too pc? welcome everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto and this is "your world."
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the suspected isis terrorist deserve the same rights as law-abiding americans? retired green beret says protecting the public should be the top priority. you heard the attorney general everyone thinks about this, the first amendment speaking up, but when you put this stuff on social media your intent to join isis, your intent to her minutes you start to lose a lot of rights. >> i would agree charles. i think they should be held accountable for what they're putting there. this is -- the discussion about privacy versus free tom is something we have had and should continue to have. it's a very important dialogue. this is something if you look at in history we have seen before. if you look at something to the other extreme. remember that in world war ii, fdr -- we put an entire generation almost of japanese in internment camps under the name of staying safe, which we can all agree on is not the right thing to do. in this case, the difference
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here is we actually have probable cause. when you actually have individual on southern media say it is my intent to harm americans in the ute they should be held conditionable. >> someone says i want to join isis and harm americans there's your probable cause. what's the next step? we have interviewed these people. even a gyrocopter guy was interviewed. but then it seems like we drop the ball. >> well, when you say drop the ball, it's very hard, i think to -- i think the bigger picture here is to actually tie some of the local law enforcement organizations, all the way down to local sheriffs departments and counties, to the national broader intelligence organization. you have got different resources available to these organizations and we need to ensure they're actually speaking to each other. but i think charles really, if we look at it from a bigger picture, i think it was telling that she made this announcement, certainly on the wake of
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announcing she was going to launch an investigation into the baltimore police department. and the two things are tied. i think we're focusing on certainly some of the wrong issues here. and we're not looking at it from a broader sense -- >> ben, do we actually arrest these anymore they gone open media and say i want to join isis i want to hurt people because of whatever, don't like america ex-don't like the values of america. when they face that, is that probable cause enough to go out and detain them and how long can we keep them? >> so, look, i'm not going to pretend to be lawyer in this case. somebody offering support for isis saying, i believe in their message, again it's not something we like to hear. but are they crossing a line? i think the courts have to decide that to be honest. as a citizen i can say that if somebody comes on facebook or twitter and says, i am going to join isis and i'm going to play my role in harming americans, i
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think that should be grounds for somebody to be held. you -- it's your right to say it but also my right to protect my society. >> i do agree. we think back to 9/11 and how much intel we had amongst the different agencies who didn't communicate with each other and so toe see that repoeted is problematic you have been involved with the military. whose responsibility is that it? does that have to come from on high and filter down to all law enforcement levels? >> i do. i think we have certainly taken a right step. part of the problem unfortunately is bureaucracies become bureaucratic and they're slow to move. under the homeland security and you start add tag or 30 different organizations it's not just culturally different but the leaders have to work together to ensure they're constanting. it's all about timeliness. it's getting that information tying the clues together in a timely fashion so that our law
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enforcement can actually do it. but i'd like to see us actually start folk can youing -- it's focus on why there's such a hot bed -- why are they able to recruit? >> a whole different thing. for me the fact they're using social media as a double-edged sword because it gives us the ability to watch them very carefully, and to your point maybe act before it's too late. ben collins, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> good to see you charles. >> you too. now to jennifer griffin at the pentagon where they're beefing up security. >> reporter: i'm told there is no single reason the military did this. it's the first time since the tenth anniversary of 9/11 that the u.s. military has raised its force protection levels. the head of u.s. northern command ordered the protection level raised to bravo which means more security checks, more security guards, unexpected drills due to a quote predictable terrorist threat.
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the pentagon followed suits. signs at the entrance of the building remind is those raving that the security level was now fp con bravo. the idea, defense officials tell me, is to keep would-be attacker offs guard. air force bases and were on high alert as well as cheyenne mountain to assure military families who have been threatened directly in isis postings. the decision to order heightened levels comes a day after the fbi director warned that isis followers in the u.s. are being urged to strike. the pentagon said, quote we share the same concern about the potential threat posed by home-grown violent extremists as successed by director comey and others, while our con change is not tied to a specific credible threat, recent events have led he need to take prudent steps to ensure our pf
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con measures can be increased. the national museum of the u.s. air force in dayton, ohio, hat canceled the spring concert due to elevated security levels at wright paterson air force base as just one example of how serious the military is taking this heightened security alert. >> thank you very much, jennifer griffin, if a amazing. now on wall street. an amazing day. stocks taking off. surging 267 points, fueled by the latest jobs numbers. now, they don't look great. 223,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate dipped to a seven year low but the report was not too strong. they're qualifying ited toly lockses bus investor -- gold dilocks because investors are bidding it will prevent the fed from hiking interest rates. the dow a gain of 166 points. to baltimore despite critics blasting a rush to judgment, are we now rushing to review all officers?
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today the department of justice is opening an investigation into weather -- whether the baltimore police department engage fled at paper for practice of violations of the federal constitution or federal law. this investigation will begin immediately and will focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers used excessive force including deadly force conduct unlawful searches seizures and arrests and engage in discriminatory policing. >> the justice department launching an investigation into the entire baltimore police department. after charges were filed against these six officers in the death of freddie gray. niger says you can't paint all police with the same brush but marjorie thinks the investigation is critical. why? >> well, first of all you have public opinion to deal with, and clearly there is a lot of unrest in baltimore, and having good
1:12 pm
information doesn't hurt anyone. if it redeems the police force that gives them an out and will ease tension. or if there's a systemic issue within that baltimore police force it will bring it to light and allow to us remedy the situation. so from a public image and a justice standpoint, makes sense. >> nigel when i hear we make these decisions based on public opinion could be a euphemism for mob rule. >> i agree. this is largely done for public relations and political reasons. the fact of the matter is, where do local officials have culp ability and responsibility. late assume there's a long-standing civil rights problem within baltimore police department that is a very significant black population within the baltimore police. does not the mayor or the former mayor who is running for president of the united states, and followed his mayoralty with
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being governor of the extra of it m -- where do these local officials have responsibility for what exists within their city? >> marjorie you have a city that is -- to niger's opinion -- rub by a lot of black people from a long period of time, at love democrats for a long period of time. this sort of rush to have the entire baltimore police department investigated -- where did this come from? did these guys turn overnight or led astray by black leaders and democrats? >> well, i don't think this is actually a political thing itch think this has to do more with systemic issues we're dealing with nationwide. we're seeing issues with police forces around the country unrest in communities that do exemplify a racial divide and there are lot of people on all sides who sides who are eager to remedy that and understand and look at what happens in terms of how we manage criminal justice and
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imprisonment and how we deal with police. and there is no question, studies out of harvard and many other esteemed universities say there is implicit bias, and by acknowledging what that is, justified or not and how it impacts the way we police, how we hire, how we deal with race in the country and it's important. >> let's bring in a new york city police detective. i think you have hear mostly what marjorie had to say. there's an implicit bias. how do we deal with police. obviously feels like the police are under a tremendous amount of fire and it feels to a certain degree they're being found guilty in the court of public opinion, or somewhat by the law officials. >> doesn't make me feel good especially when you examine it against verifiable facts. look at the number of police shootings, let's go into that very narrow, skinny subset. there were nine, nine shootings by police in 2014.
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there was 41 ten years ago. >> nine. nine, all the numbers are way down. what happened here and what marjorie is referencing in my view is that this antipolice sentiment raging because of the consequence of rhetoric, some of the rhetoric spewed here after the december 20th slaughter of the two officers, that actually degenerates and devolves, disembowels the police to the sense it inflames and end boldens the bad guys, which is why you have brian moore shot in the face in broad daylight. >> guys, also in the middle of this today we had the funeral service for brian moore. thousands of policemen from across the country turning out. in fact they turned parts of long island into a blue sea. a sea of blue. and at the same time in washington we're hearing about a new bill sponsored by two democratic lawmakers that will require that states hold
1:16 pm
mandatory sensitivity training for law enforcement officers annually conducted by certified instructors. so pat you attended the funeral? would it be something that police could help to the police in some way? certainly harder to lobby -- lob these charges at the police if they're getting training training and being -- oversight, but is it an insult. >> i don't know it's insult but it would agree, even help marginally. there's no downside to additional mandatory sense festivity training ex-it needed or necessary? a knee jerk response to the viral nature of the antipolice sentiment raging, right or wrong, false or unfalsely throughout the nation, is irrespective another that the short answer is, absolutely. >> the problem is not necessarily sensitivity training in and of itself. it's the context in which it
1:17 pm
comes to fruition. the context of a very viral as the detective said, antipolice sentiment that seems to ben generated from the like's the president's go-to man on race relations with the police, al sharpton, the story of the early part of the century should be the fact that cities like new york city, washington, dc, new york city and '80s and '90s had a murder rate before 2,000 per year. most of those people were black and brown lives. the fact that it's been dramatically cut down by record numbers, that should be the story and it should be a celebration of the police and the community where these lives have been saved. >> marjorie, what would you make of that? we have these cameras out there these things when they happen, they're more visible than ever before. i don't know it necessarily means it's worse. could these things that put the mights under a microescape and make them seem guilty before
1:18 pm
proven innocent or otherwise. can it make things worse? >> i think feign there are no real winners in this. obviously we have a vest evidence interest as a public in seeing the police be effective and seeing them be protected. we look to them to protect us. and so it's not that we want to disdecreed -- discredit them. it's the opposite weapon plant to make sure the system is trusted and feels transparent and absolutely there's reason on both siteses of the argument that police can feel afraid or that there may be bias in some communities. i think what this is about a national conversation and it's about structurally how we deal with race relations between law enforcement and communities, and i think as much as what we're talking about this investigation, and measures around sensitivity its to help police force appeal more effective and communes to trust them. >> marjorie clifton niger ennis, and pat, thank you very much. the job market is improving why is hillary clinton hurting. why polls in a key state may
1:19 pm
have her campaign very worried. and see this guy? a judge just let him go more proof we can't close gitmo.
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from a front runner to rung behind in look at this. back in february, hillary clinton leading the polls of likely new hampshire voters of jeb bush and rand paul. pretty healthy. now? well, the same polls she is actually trailing beth of them. a pretty beginning reversal. and if mike warner is right not a good sign going forward. mike, what is going on here? is new hampshire, hillary clinton seems like a lock. this is shocking how quickly the numbers have pulled back. >> that's right charles. we should implement some caveats
1:23 pm
here. this is an early poll. we're so far away from the new hampshire primary we should take all this with a grain of salt. and also we should recognize that hillary clinton hasn't been back in new hampshire, i think at all maybe once, since she entered the presidential race. i was just in new hampshire a couple weeks ago and all these guys, jeb bush, rand paul, marco rubio, ted cruz, were all over the state. all that being said it does reveal some foundational problems with hillary clinton's campaign, which is that as soon as she is up against some sort of legitimate competition whether it's jeb bush or rand ball or marco rubio who are all leading her she crumbles and that's what we saw in the 2008 campaign against barack obama. once people realize there's somebody else that we can vote for, we don't have to vote for hillary clinton she kind of lost the magic. >> what does she have to do? you announce over the internet, give limited interviews. i think "the new york times" of
1:24 pm
all publications actually took her to task over how few hard questions she has been asked over the last couple of weeks or months. what kind of approach are they going to do? had this thing on neutral. thought they would glide into the white house and maybe it's not that easy. >> i think the clintons are in a bit of a dilemma here. their strategy seems to be, no questions, no events. she hasn't had any campaign events since the first week, and she is now falling behind the republicans. if this is a trend that continues they're going to have to change course. then what happens if they change course? beth out there and talking to voters being more visible and as things have shown in the last year as she was doing the book tour, sort of looking -- more people see of hillary clinton the his they like her. there is a dilemma. i'm not sure what she should do about it. >> they better figure it out quick. if numbers flip-flop like that,
1:25 pm
whether she there is or not that's a red flag. >> thank you. >> yeah, baby. the uk'srvative prime minister, david cameron with a gargantuan win but a big one for conservatives here as well. the u.k. polls had these guys neck and neck and the amount of seats that the conservative party won and labou roe lost, i'm rejoicing because what their issues are over there mirror the issues we're debating here. >> a good point charles. this was a resounding victory for the conservative party despite all expectations, they won a majority in governments and basically the conservative campaigns on robust conservative principles limited government, low taxation, and hard-line
1:26 pm
immigration policies no talk of. necessary city for illegal immigrants. what you saw were sweeping gains for the conservatives about 50% of the british people as a whole voted for either conservative party or the u.k. innocent party in england the figure what higher. we have seen in the u.k. voters embracing conservative pollties and rejecting big government, big spending, socialist ideas. >> and here's the thing. to your point. the conservatives over there weren't afraid to campaign on those issues. it feels like in america, mitt romney was extraordinarily apologetic for his amazing success, which put thousands of kids through college millions of people aid to feed their families. the shied away from that. do you think the message might be capital him is what got us here we should defend it, whoever the eventual g.o.p. candidate is? >> i think like america is at
1:27 pm
its heart a conservative country, and british voters were very afraid of the specter of socialist big government style policies and as my old boss, margaret thatcher put it, the problem with socialist governments is they always run out of other people's money to spend. and i think that under previous labour administrations in britain, they have run out of public money and what you saw here in britain were kintives standing on conservative principles and embracing conservative ideas. so an emphatic rejection, i think, of the idea that conservatives can't win elects based upon conservative prim principles. >> go figure. i it was amaze possession watch. you mentioned margaret thatcher, and her partner, ronald reagan. i've i'm a g.o.p. i'm having good day dreams right now.
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former gitmo detainee, o'hare khadr is now walking free for now. winning bail from a canadian prison where he was serving time for killing a u.s. soldier in afghanistan. the canadian government will appeal the decision but retire u.s. army colonel tony shayster-fer saying this is all the more reason we shouldn't let this guys go from gitmo. thank you for joining us. this is a punch to the gut. >> i got an e-mail from someone who was in the room when the grenade rolled in and injured the sergeant who ended up dying. this individual, this noh matter what his age chose to be on the opposition side. he was an enemy combatant. we have 15-year-olds who go to jail as an adult for murder. this kid murdered a u.s. soldier when he was a noncombatant. this who is we have to take
1:33 pm
seriously the process we have in place, the dod process for reviewing prisoners. charles, we have the sim issue with the five taliban about to leave qatar and go back to afghanistan. dod has a very concise process of evaluating who is going to probably go back. this kid should never have been let loose because there's no doubt to his get. >> but colonel, you have a large chorus of voices saying let them all go. close the whole thing down. let them go. >> why don't we just open all the prisons. let's just have chaos. this is completely insane. charles, right here in washington, dc, during world war ii we had a trial of stab about tours who came here. we put most hoff the guys toking two who never killed anybody. the japanese war criminals were never brought here. the german war criminals were never brought here. there's other places they can be tried. get motive is a place we chose put our prisoners to be reviewed and tried. some probably should be put to death again this kid was involved directly in the death
1:34 pm
of a u.s. serviceman. therefore i don't think should ever see the light of day. this is insane. >> the u.s. serviceman, sergeant christopher spear, and his mother is just completely beside herself. she is hysterical. this is really a tough one colonel schaffer. >> this is not justice. this is insanity. we have to take this a lot more seriously because again,ing this kid is guilty. we have other individuals who are being -- about a third of the people we released from gitmo are going back to battlefield, taking up arms and i attacking us again. we have to do better. we're at war and this kid was a warrior, he chose to kill someone and needs to be held conditionable. >> aagree. >> me midst cleanup continues but -- the mid-westen cleanup continue buzz is mother nature just starting up?
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a new tornado warning in north texas is in effect on top of a tropical storm warning. rick reithmuth is in fox we center. looks like this could be a wild weekend. >> going to be a wild weekend. a wild week across the plains and the same areas hit with tornadoes just a couple days ago, under the gun today tomorrow and sunday. right now we have three different tornado watches in effect and one tornado warning
1:39 pm
here in just kind of to the east of the panhandle cutting across the red river. that is going to be the bull's-eye for the worst of the severe weather we'll see in the next few hours and overnight. might see a large tornado right here across the red river valley but tomorrow is an even worse day. this is going to be the worst of all of the days we have seen, and you see this red bull's-eye here. that's where we potentially could see very destructive tornadoes. western parts of kansas, down throughout western oklahoma, and significant threat as far south as san angelo. so we'll watch this carefully tomorrow. sunday, mother's day all of the mothers here from minnesota down how to texas part of the threat, and going into monday. we'll talk about that more tomorrow. a lot of rain has fallen this week. a lot of flooding and there is some really significant rain
1:40 pm
falling over the weekend you. see this bull's-eye, potentially over 12-inches of rain, going to cause significant flooding across kentucky and into -- texas into oklahoma, and arkansas and eventually in temperatures louisiana. one other thing we're watching, tropical storms that we're starting to watch. in may we don't see it often. officially hurricane season starts in june, but watch this little area. 23 storms that have formed in about 160 years and few of them have formed right in this area off the coast of the carolinas and we have one now subtropical storm, named anna, and it is going to strengthen a little bit and get a little better organized, probably become an actual tropical storm and make some sort of a landfall saturday night into sunday morning or sunday afternoon here on the carolina coastline. so a going on. a rough weekend winds around 40-50-miles-an-hour. nothing you want to be out there. not a strong hurricane.
1:41 pm
that is good news. but a rough weekend across the beaches throughout the south. >> at least it was an amazing day today in most of the country. >> sortly in the northeast. >> thank you. all she wanted was a driver's license. now she thinks she hays a license to -- florida resident tammy he masters war mistakenly identified as a sexual predator. on her driver's license. if the shoes this attorney says she has a good chan. jay happ disagrees. why wouldn't she have a good lawsuit? you stamped this woman a sexual predator. >> this very well settled law. government entities such as the dmv, particularly in florida have what is call sovereign immunity. you can't bring a negligence case against them. there's very well settled law in the federal court of appeals
1:42 pm
the 11th circuit indicating governments are immune from these lawsuits unless the tort is intentional. they have to show they intentionally did this to her. otherwise the government is going to be immune from the lawsuit under a 2005 court of appeals case. this is clear law. >> dianne bass, i guess what jay is saying you can't sue city hall you. say you can. >> i think she absolutely has a case. being wrongfully accused of anything any kind of crime is a terrible experience, but can you imagine being mislabeled as a sexual predator? >> have read any cases. >> let her finish. >> she is listed -- asking for accountability asking for action to be taken and she is asking for an apology -- >> but dianne -- >> some sort of -- >> hold on -- as a result of
1:43 pm
this being stamped on her driver's license. >> she has actual damages. she went into court and a judge and a bailiff saw she was marked as a sexual predator. she had to deal with that outrageous emotional distress. she was held and detained by security at disney world with ear fiancee, for three hours. where were her children? >> diane cite me a statute or case -- >> jay i had a client -- >> in the 11 stricter. >> in disneyland. >> go ahead -- hold on jay jay, let her give her side of this. >> different part of the country. under the nine. >> hold on, jay. >> jay. >> go ahead. >> as this woman was holding on to this license, she would afraid -- she could have been arrested for having children in her car for being at her children's school, anything could have happened. who are they going to believe? this woman or her government
1:44 pm
issued i.d.? this outrageous, never should have happened and they have to correct this problem and they need to apologize to this woman. >> jay let me ask you. you keep talking about these past cases. we have enough cases up don't know how the law work us but we no it's not always etched in stone. >> i don't disagree with diane it was horrible. but the law is very clear and in the 11th circuit. you cannot sue for a government's negligent action. it is well settled law. and the case is from 2005. there's another case from last year in the 11th circuit. diane practices in the ninth signature in california. they have different laws. we don't allow government immunity. i arranged sovereignty immunity -- >> a lot of 0 people hope she'll give it another try. it was despicable what happened. day ann jay you're fantastic.
1:45 pm
for forget about the balls being deflate. try patriots pans this star quarterback appears to be scrambling. >> not much time to digest it.
1:46 pm
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just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at "deflategate" record says tom brady probably cheated. >> it's only been 30 hours. i have not had much time to digest it. but i willett will let you know how i feel. >> are you that slow of a reader. >> misathleteic career is better than the academic career. used to reading xs and os. this is longer.
1:49 pm
>> it was a long report but that was a nonanswer. but is this a smoother strategy? let ask generation hex. christina, my wingman and producer-and kailey is with us as well. christina, you think the silent thing or this dumb act is smart. >> well, tom brady has nothing to gain by speaking out right now. he already -- >> how about -- >> well, bottom line here is that if dom brady wants to show everybody he isen in, maybe he should hand over his cell phone and text messages to show that. right now it looks like he probably cheated. and if he cheated, he should be punished in some fashion because if hesen what kind of precedent does that set? >> anything happen to him if he says yes i did it. there's no culpability anymore. it's like politics. they say yes did it, lied.
1:50 pm
>> talking about two or three -- you have children. is he setting a right example for the kids. >> full disclosure, i am from massachusetts. i am a patriots fan, and a patriots' fan. >> have you taken down the tom brady poster yet? >> maybe the team is on to him but maybe tom won't be with them. >> i'm about to scoot on over with full disclosure i'm an indiana colts' fan. but it's strange to believe that you haven't read the report. you've had 30 hours and to suggest that in some way you haven't read it or did igested it that doesn't make sense. >> no matter what they were playing, your team probably would have lost. >> he doesn't have bigger fish to fry than to read a 200-plus
1:51 pm
page report about . >> it said that he's guilty more probable than not. >> that's the standard. >> listen after his career his reputation is -- these guys make a lot of money after their careers and i think silence in this case is not golden. well unless you're living under a rock in the past prince william and princess kate had a baby girl. why are people so obsessed with this dion? >> well they are our closest ally. >> how much did you bet on the name? >> i did not bet. i'm a brit and it was a very huge deal in my house. but america is secretly obsessed with britain. you know we love the music, british invasion the beatles album came out 40 years ago.
1:52 pm
we love them. >> very simple answer. prince william married a commoner. that's the real-life cinderella story. so for the masses if it can happen to kate middleton, it can happen to any one of us. >> i want to be a royal babe bow. >> it goes back and i agree, with any kind of celebrity, whether it's royal or -- >> not even our celebrities. >> but they do it right. they show the right way of being a celebrity. they are very graceful and they are not at the club at 3:00 in the morning getting on an elevator. >> you're exactly right. it's an aversion to our culture. we're going to embrace their culture. let's be honest it's the kardashians. we appreciate the whole thing. >> you put it all in perspective for me. okay. i'm on board now, guys. i'm also on board with big matt but it's under attack.
1:53 pm
so what does mcdon ldald's say? some of their stores are testing kale on the menu. are you loving this or not? >> i am definitely not going for kale. we have some fries and some apple pies. where is the big mac? i wanted to have one. >> here's the deal with the kale thing. don't pretend to be something that you aren't. >> right. >> they were a big owner of chipotle. >> yeah. >> they spun them off, and it's the big competition. they are spinning it all around. >> here's the problem, guys. >> it's brilliant, though. they are broadening the huge audience. >> no. >> charles, of all people i would think that you agree with this. >> because i think this millennial only eat healthy food is a farce. i think it's a farce. you go to shake shack, there's not anything healthy about it.
1:54 pm
>> but these people that don't normally go to mcdonald's, i think if you curtail your menu for them -- >> you know what i think the reason mcdonald's is in trouble is because they put apple slices and all of that junk. they jumped up the menu. they need a better quarter mac. that thing is 50 years old. >> let's be real ban salt insert kale. that's not what mcdonald's is. >> come on i mean there's nothing wrong with it. >> you're the epitome of healthy, young vibrant. >> i had a burger last night. no kale. >> mcdonald's is cheap, reliable and tastes good. if you can offer healthy items cheap for the masses -- >> it didn't work. >> it works with chipotle now. >> they have started healthy. >> if you look at the calorie
1:55 pm
menu -- >> they are offering tofu though. >> i'm telling you guys right now -- >> there's so many preservatives in that thing. >> we have food. >> and i'll be going there. >> the answer is you think kale? >> i think it's a good strategy. >> i'm going to say this. bigger fatter juicier burger or kale? you say what? >> i say kale. >> i'm not saying eliminate the burger. >> no. >> juicier big mac? >> the big mac. but kids if you're watching don't listen to anything i'm saying. >> let me ask you a question andrew. you didn't bring extra food and you didn't share. i mean this is what i'm talking about. you got the burger and look what he gave me. you get two of these for 50 cents. come on my man, what is going on? >> why blame the other guy? >> really, i'm trying to get us right now, corporate america is facing a serious battle with all of this stuff and i think too
1:56 pm
many are bowing to pressure from these french groups. i don't think it's all the millennials that want the kale burger. >> it's the open market. >> we have an obesity epidemic in this country so i commend mcdonald's adding healthier options. >> let's leave it right there. you start talking about weight and i get a little nervous. hey, we americans love america but, why? really why are we losing so much faith in our institutions?g all the things she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling and dana perino. "the five." today is the funeral for new york police officer brian moore who was shot dead last week. on monday this monday national police week starts to show appreciation for all of our fallen officers. it's needed now more than ever because, unlike cop activists, cop supporters have jobs. and so we must try harder to thank the police because they won't be asking for it. it was just months ago that


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