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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 9, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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like it. >> you redeemed yourself. >> thank you. >> dvr. that's it for us. the justice department signs on to investigate another police department an entire department under the microscope on a day when another police department came out in force to bury one of its own. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. loretta lynch released a report today about thousands of officers that lined the streets to say good-bye to one of their own shot to death while on duty last week. kevin corke is joining us about investigating the police and letting them do their job.
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>> reporter: new york in a solemn sea of blue. >> we are with you. >> reporter: by the thousands, law enforcement officers mourn the death of the nypd brian moore, the 25-year-old officer would was gunned down while on patrol in queens. todays pro- todays pros todays pro-session pros procession. attorney general loretta lynch announced that the justice department will investigate the baltimore police department's use of force and discriminatory policing. >> if unconstitutional policies or practices are found, we'll seek a court enforceable agreement to address those issues. >> reporter: the department by the civil rights division is separate from a probe already
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under way into the death of 25-year-old freddie gray who suffered a fatal spine injury. elijah cummings said, "the doj has reinforced its commitment to helping us get to the bottom of the breakdown in trust between the police and the community." this latest investigation was conducted in ferguson missouri where a white officer shot an unarmed black teenager last year. the doj concluded that the department routinely practiced racial practices. while the victim in each instance was black, half of those charged in the freddie gray incident are african-american. the mayor, police chief and city's state attorney are african-american. >> the downside is that they are asking in federal bureaucrats
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who are hostile to law enforcement, have no experience actually as law enforcement officers and they are not going to get a fair evaluation of the practices in baltimore. >> bret the attorney general's probe mirrors a pattern of looking into local law enforcement officials and their affairs and that's troubling for a great many critics. since 2009 federal authorities have looked into at least 20 police departments across the country and that is part of an increasing reach by the government into local law enforcement. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn, thank you. so is the justice department doing the right thing by investigating baltimore's entire police department? let me know at or #specialreport. president obama visited portland today and visited nike headquarters to say it's time quote, to just do it on the
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transpacific trade deal. it's one that would give the u.s. the upper hand and critics were quick to point out that it was not a backdrop given that nike doesn't make any of its shoes inside the united states. for its part, nike pledged today to create up to 10,000 jobs in the u.s. if congress allows president obama to fast track that deal. the unemployment rate was brought down to 5.4% the lowest level since may 2008. the job participation rate ticked up a tenth of a percent to 62.8%. that is all welcome news to the job participation rate on wall street. the s & p 500 was up 8 and nasdaq closed 28 ahead and nasdaq 58 ahead and nasdaq
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lost .005%. the pentagon has raised the threat level to the highest point in nearly five years. as national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports, it's due to new terror threats and you probably won't be surprised who is making them. >> reporter: it's the first time since the tenth anniversary of 9/11 the u.s. military has raised its force protection levels. the head of u.s. northern command admiral william gortner raised the level to bravo at all military installations, which means more security checks more security guards, unexpected drills due to a, quote, predictable terrorist threat in this case, involving isis. >> there's been private behind-the-scenes back channel warnings about this but they are doing this and it tells me there's something out there we have to all be concerned about. >> reporter: the pentagon followed suit. those arriving at the entrance to u.s. military bases across the country this morning were reminded that the security level
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was now fp con bravo, the idea to keep would-be attackers offguard. this is not due to a specific, credit credible threats but certainly informed by recent events. prudent measures to be unpredictable. james comey says it's almost as if there's a devil sitting on the soldier saying kill kill kill all day long. they are recruiting and tasking at the same time. >> right now they are using social websites social media to entice these people to be the go away or attack people within the country. >> reporter: the pentagon shares director comb director comey's threat. isis has warned that dozens of trained fighters are hiding in the u.s. and are now ready to strike. in march, isis put out a so-called kill list targeting the names and home addresses of
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100 u.s. troops and more recently a known british jihadist issued a threat against the military commander charged with training the syrian opposition. u.s. military commanders want to reassure military families but urge everyone to be on alert. an example of the level of concern, the national museum of the u.s. air force in dayton ohio has canceled its spring concert tonight due to elevated security levels at wright patterson air force base. 3200 military installations, including all major bases, recruiting centers and health clinics are affected by the new security alert which comes on the eve of the gulf leaders arriving in washington for a summit on combatting isis. we've just learned, in addition to the meeting at camp david, saudi arabia's new king solomon will meet with president obama at the white house next week. bret? >> jennifer, thank you. hillary clinton faces a new controversy tonight. while the democratic front-runner pivoted left on
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immigration this week audio has surfaced that has her taking a much different stance. chief white house correspondent ed henry shows hillary in her own words. >> reporter: hillary shifted hard left appearing in las vegas with undocumented workers, particularly dramatic flip-flop when she was a senator and railed against illegal immigrants in an audiotape obtained by the republican national committee. >> we've got to do several things and i am adamantly against illegal immigrants. i made this exception on humanitarian grounds but certainly we have to do more at our borders and people have to stop employing illegal immigrants. >> reporter: now hillary clinton was illegal aliens to get citizenship. >> today, not a single republican candidate announced or potential is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship. not one. >> reporter: it also helps her try to lock up the democratic
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nomination by delighting "the new york times" editorial page which declared this week quote, hillary rodham clinton took a step forward, up front and to the left of president obama. this is it a good place to be for a presidential candidate who proposes to get the stalled debate moving again. that move to the left of mr. obama at the vegas event on cinco de mayo was no accident. at the annual steak fry, clinton ducked questions from young immigrants pressing why the president hasn't moved quicker on executive action. >> well i think we want to keep -- >> and in a recent interview with fox, democrat martin o'malley hit clinton for flip-flopping on her position to another key element of immigration reform. >> i know that for my part i believe that we should be making it easier for new american immigrants to obtain driver's
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licenses rather than harder. >> reporter: her aides believe she's leading on the issue which may be a helpful distraction from the fact that some democrats are piling on. the question surrounding the candidate and former president bill clinton. >> the amount of shamoozing involved and crossing lines and one person putting money in the foundation and clinton getting unbelievable amount for speeches and contracts going one way or another, it's not good. >> reporter: the clinton aides believe they will get past those questions because there's no evidence of contributors to that foundation. jeffrey sacks noted there are blurry lines and there is something there that could backfire in the general election. >> jeffrey sachs clearly a left-leaning person. >> absolutely. >> how many questions has she taken? >> seven or eight. most of the questions she deflected to talking points. other candidates carly fiorina
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needs to get her name out there. >> good to see you, ed. >> thank you. up next mr. popular. what is behind vladimir putin's approving approving ratings. there was a plane crash on interstate 285 in dekalb county georgia. fox 2 in san francisco, a father and two young children found safe after disappearing from their campsite. sheriff deputies say the family was found in good spirits about 10 to 20 miles away by the california national guard. the family member says the father spent hours attempting to draw the attention of search teams before being rescued. and this is a live look at new york from our affiliate fox 5. they are covering an unexpected turn in a child support case that sounds like it's right off of daytime talk show. twin girls born to one new jersey mother have different fathers. court documents show a paternity test revealed that the man who
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the mom wanted to pay child support only fathered one of the girls. experts say it can happen and it does. the odds 1 in 13,000. that's tonight's live look from outside the
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and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. conservatives in the uk are celebrating a big win today. prime minister cameron's party had a big win and how this could be a big win for the u.s. >> reporter: uk prime minister david cameron making the traditional post-election visit to the queen so she can ask him to form a new government. this after his conservative party scored aurprise win with the absolute majority in the house of commons, they will concentrate on a program of austerity and growth. >> the government i led did
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important work. it laid the foundations for a better future and now we must build on them. >> reporter: a big loser, the center-left labor party of ed miliband. he stepped down swinging. >> the arguments of our campaign will not go anywhere. >> reporter: according to frazier nelson many are not buying that. >> not really in person. >> reporter: a more conservative tone to cameron's cabinet is expected now that liberal democrats are no longer and for it is party, the green party failed to add is single member to its one-party seat total. president obama saying in a statement, i look forward to continuing to strengthen the bonds between our countries as we work together on behalf of
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global peace, security and prosperity. today's ceremony marking the 70th anniversary as victory in europe and world war ii is a reminder of the quality of the u.s./british alliance. >> they are more willing to join america. britain and america, they are great world's best hope. >> but cameron's next term the number of seats won by the scottish national party could mean more momentum with another inat the independence vote and an an anti-union party to a planned referendum on eu partnership. >> another big loser here former obama campaign strategist david axelrod. he was hired, reportedly for $450,000 to help advise the ill-fated miliband campaign. he stopped off in london half a
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dozen time during that period. but no worries, jim messina also helped out the conservative and wenting winning david cameron. that goes to show you, all politics are lucrative if you win or lose. >> greg, thank you. russian's economy is tampg tanking. all of this while vladimir putin enjoys a surge in popularity. amy kellogg tonight with a look at why some dark economic days putin has more fans than ever. >> reporter: with russian president vladimir putin's popularity at 86%, he has become an industry. with silver rings bearing his likeness. this youth group supports artists who support brand rush
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russia. >> translator: i want to thank him for giving the dignity back. >> reporter: on the eve of the biggest military parade ever to celebrate 70 years since the fall of nazi germany and to roll out expensive new tanks and weapons, many say he has restored russia's mite. some say the strong criticism by the united states and its allies has not managed to dent putin's popularity, at least not yet. he seems to have turned it all to his advantage creating russia as a fortress under siege. a recent poll shows 73% of russians have a negative view of the united states. much of that thanks to the government controlled media. no one could have imagined the ma nip pew la tif power of television. >> reporter: what is left of an opposition that was strong a few years back now can't manage to organize a big rally.
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and when they do they get arrested. >> russians believe that being a good citizen means not to ask questions about the performance. they are immune. they are untouchable. >> reporter: tomorrow's victory day parade mark as triumph shared by russia and western countries who are allies in world war ii. but this year most western leaders are staying away. in moscow amy kellogg, fox news. still ahead, odds of a certain senator declaring a run for the white house appeared to have moved from 98.6% to 100%. senator lindsey graham has set a date. first, a day of celebration and remembrance marked by a spectacular show from years past right
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70 years ago, nazi germany surrendered, marking the end of world war ii in europe. today, a poignant display in our nation's capital of some members of what has been called the greatest generation our nation's heroes from world war ii lived on. correspondent peter doocy with a day of stories from brave world war ii veterans seven decades later. >> the allies won control of the sky. >> reporter: these are the planes that helped liberate europe 70 years ago today and this afternoon, a rare flyover across washington leaving a city always looking ahead looking back and looking up. >> that was my airplane. b-51. that's wonderful. >> reporter: many here remember it vividly. in fact one veteran told us on this hot afternoon, the thing he
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remembers about this day seven decades ago was a cold one. >> we emptied out the built-in brewery that took our trucks and we made big piles out in the center of the town and everybody came out and had a glass of beer and celebrate the end of the war. >> reporter: there hasn't been a flyover like this since the '70s and normally air space here only gets shut down for the president. but today, nearby reagan international airport cut off landings and takeoffs until the last decade's old warplane roared past the monument to salute the brave veterans who saved the world 70 years ago. >> i get nostalgic whenever i see this stuff. it takes me back. >> reporter: one airborne artifact had to land because of a hideydraulic like.
1:26 am
the 300 world war ii veterans watching just made up a fraction of those on the white house lawn and that chance to see this is dwindling. >> it's our time to go to turn it over. >> reporter: peter doocy, fox news. >> a great day. thank you all for your service. tune in to "fox news sunday" this weekend. chris wallace will show you what it is like to fly in one of those vintage planes when he boards a b-24 bomber that took part in today flyover. that's all on "fox news sunday" this weekend. subtropical storm ana is the first named storm and it is making its way towards the east coast. it's expecting to strengthen and
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there will be several inches of rain expected this weekend. new england patriots' quarterback tom brady did not confirm or deny allegations that he knew footballs were being deflated all along in the championship game. last night he deflected questions about an nfl commission report concluding that he likely was aware someone was decreasing the air pressure in those balls. brady told the crowd he needed more time to process those reports. coming up money matters. can a candidate be wealthy without being called out of touch? do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™. wóóó
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time for some politics. another republican candidate will throw his hat into the crowded ring for 2016. meantime his opponents descend on his home state to show that south carolina's favorite son is not guaranteed to win the primary there. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in the state tonight. >> reporter: south carolina lindsey graham plans to announce his presidency plans on june 1st. as a favorite son and veteran from south carolina he should have an edge but knows to be taken seriously, he'll have to prove himself in iowa and new
1:32 am
hampshire. >> iowa is like south carolina but flat. i've got to finish in the top tier in new hampshire. and then i win south careoline yeah. >> reporter: graham said he will veto a bill that does not have a path to citizenship. rick perry likewise knows that new hampshire and iowa are critical. he announced his short-lived 2012 campaign in the state. >> we were not prepared and i started three years ago on the preparation side of this not because i made a decision that i was going to run but i knew if i didn't do the preparatory work it would forbid me from being a viable candidate. >> reporter: mike huckabee won there in 2008. >> when they come tell them to drop out and support me. >> reporter: rec santorum won
1:33 am
iowa's 2012 caucus. iowa's caucus turns on social conservativism. in new hampshire, it's frugality. >> the social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, military focus conservatives, it's a test of your strength both as an organization and a test of your message. the idea being if you can win south carolina you have that projectability and you can win. >> reporter: jeb bush this week counted his brother george w. bush a top adviser on israel skipping the forum to deliver the commencement address. bush has lifted the cap on donations to his super pac. there will be one or two forums virtually every week or two from now until august when the official debates begin for the republicans. mitt romney is now going to be hosting one in june in utah. several of the top tier candidates have been invited, including jeb bush but he will not be going. at that time he's planning a european trip mid-june after
1:34 am
which he'll come back to the states and declare his candidacy. mike hck stop in here today and we're waiting on rick perry. the forum is in full swing. >> it's very crucial which sauce you choose. very crucial. in south carolina. carl cameron in taylor, south carolina tonight. now to money and the role it plays in politics. after the attacks on mitt romney wealth is often seen as a liability. we're already seeing 2016 contenders trying to downplay their fortunes. but is the media critics fair? host of "mediabuzz," howard kurtz is here to discuss these money matters. >> good evening, bret. when mike huckabee kicked off his campaign he talked about his modest upbringing. >> i don't come from a family dynasty but a working dynasty. i grew up blue collar not blue
1:35 am
blood. >> former governor making plenty of money in recent years, including at fox news prompting politico to dub him the 1 percenter, especially for republicans like mitt romney he was like an out of touch plutocratic, things that he said i like being able to fire people and drives a cadillac. drawing media scrutiny with business week proclaiming, jeb bush has a mitt romney problem but will democrats going back to fdr and jfk often assumed to be champions of the middle class. still, journalists blow the whistle when candidates engage in blatant poor mouthing as hillary clinton said about her $5 million in speaking fees that she and her husband were dead broke when they left the white house. this week bill made it sound like they are just scraping by when nbc's cynthia mcfadden
1:36 am
asked him would he stop giving those $500,000 speeches while his wife runs for office. >> reporter: will you continue to give those speeches? >> oh yeah. i've got to pay our bills. >> the former president has made more than $100 million in speaking fees. they need to be careful not to be disconnected from average americans and should apply the same standard to those in politics. >> howard, thank you. should the entire baltimore police department being under investigation following the actions of few? we'll tal
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today, the department of justice is opening an investigation into whether the baltimore police department has engaged in a pattern or practice of violations of the constitution or federal law. >> baltimore is a minority/majority city as far as
1:40 am
its government is concerned. it has a well-integrated police department and i think it was a mistake to use every time there's a confrontation between the police and an african-american. >> the attorney general talking about the investigation into the baltimore police department this on a day when another police department in new york came out by the thousands to say good-bye to one of their own. this is following the death of new york police department's officer brian moore who was killed while on patrol in queens. the commissioner there in new york made that point. >> this death comes at a time of great challenge in this country. the police officers across the country. we cannot be defined by that
1:41 am
criticism because what is lost in the shouting and rhetoric is the context of what we do. a handful of recent incidents have wrongfully come to define the hundreds of millions of interactions that cops have every year. >> so what matters in this investigation? steve hayes, juan williams and charles krauthammer. juan the attorney general, it's one of her first big moves, agreeing to this investigation called for by the mayor of baltimore. >> i think that's the most important point. it's a key distinction. it was initiated by the federal government and here you have the local government making the request and, of course the local government saying we'll cooperate fully with the investigation. so it's of a different nature and tenor as they go into it and the question is how does it fit
1:42 am
into the larger pattern? and, again, the effort would be i think, an emphasis on community policing getting police to be in a better position to deal with what is often an untenable position that they are put in which goes to dysfunctional chaos neighborhoods and be expected to somehow deal about it. >> the baltimore paternal police said the department of justice also considered expanding the scope of their review to include the practices and policies of the mayor of baltimore stephanie stephanie rawlings-blake and we agree that the same is required of baltimore. charles? >> look at some point you have to say at what point will they
1:43 am
stop this? the police department is under the jurisdiction of the mayor and that's how a democracy works. you elect the administration and they control the police department. this sort of an admission, throwing up the hands saying we don't know what is going on. these laws originally intended to deal with hostile and often racially hostile administrations using their power against minorities but here in baltimore we have an african-american mayor, an african-american police chief and city's attorney. three of those charged in the wrongful death are african-american and the one facing the most serious charges himself is an african-american. at some point we're going to have to say localities have to say there's some reason why you cannot trust the local
1:44 am
administration the mayor, and that administration to deal with their own departments. >> because, by doing that steve, it sends its own message. >> right. and i think that's actually the intent here. it's important to note that there's already an investigation. i mean there's an investigation that was triggered by the killing of freddie gray the police department. this is a separate civil rights investigation and for the reasons that charles suggested, i think it's perhaps redundant and maybe unnecessary. it sends a message, it's designed to make people feel better about the situation. it's designed to placate people out on the streets protesting and raising a fuss. the problem here is that this will not, again, get to the core problems. this will not address these. we know that the president is not going to address these. he's been handling these policies in terms of the cities in america, the same way for six years. he made very clear in his statement after the case came out that he was not going to --
1:45 am
he was not going to change this. his prescription is to dump more money into cities to expand government further and to hope for different outcomes. we haven't had different outcomes. we've seen the expansion of government in many cases has displaced the role that the families have had for centuries and that's not going to change under this president and -- >> allow me a moment to speak to the two of you. it seems to me charles, on your point, that in fact the protection given to police are protections in the case of maryland given by the state government not the city government. and, yes, there's a mayor and the police report to the mayor but clearly she does not know how to reform that police department and has failed previous mayors have also failed and that's why the black community in that city feels there's a pattern of police abusing their trust at a protect and serve. and to your point, steve, i think the president had an entire panel of police chiefs from around the nation who said
1:46 am
here are steps we can take to improve policing and wore note're not close to it. it's not beyond the police to say we want to improve this situation. >> i'm not talking only about the matter of policing here. i'm talking about the deeper cultural issues that you've talked and written about, that i think everybody agrees we need to have addressed in this country and the president seems unwilling to address them in any kind of a serious way. >> final word? >> what you're saying is that a federal system if the locals cannot handle their situation, if they are incompetent, the feds ought to step in. i think if you have a pattern of that you can end up by federalizing everything and that's not what we want in this country. next up a trip to the casino.
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it is friday and you know what that means, it is time for the candidate casino. start on the gop side of the house. a lot of people ask, why do you do this? because it actually draws the panelists out to say, you know where they think things have shifted, and also you can play at home. and we'll put up at least one of your choices. steve, let's start with you, where do you put your $100 in chips? >> i believe that the fundamentals of the race are the fundamentals to the race. but i'm giving a boost to marco rubio. $10, still, on ted cruz and $5 on some dark horse out of the field. and i think that's because marco rubio's had a couple good weeks since he announced he's given a good announcement speech and positive poll numbers.
1:51 am
he as done quite a good job raising money at this time when people aren't seeing exactly what money's been raised. >> well our viewer jammy, on twitter agrees you, putting the most on rubio but spreads it around. we don't like using dollar chips, but we've let it in since it's a viewer. jeb bush 5, and fiorina and huckabee and graham who says he's going to get in june 1. okay juan? >> i like the idea of jammy being nice to those candidates, all that matters here is money and polls, and bush is so far ahead at this point, but 35 on bush rubio's come up. i give him 20. walker still in the game at 15. that's the top tier. but then i go down to cruz who's done very well with money. paul who's ahead of clinton in some polls, and i'm being kind
1:52 am
to carson and huckabee keeping them in the game. >> charles? >> kindness is not my suit. steve stumbled on the truth this week. he got rubio at 40 which is exactly the right number. he's doing well and there was an interesting poll that he came in rather close second to bush in terms of who's your favorite but on the other question the broader question who could you, which candidate could you support, meaning someone who would be a send choice he was actually number one. i think he deserves to be up there. bush i have at 30 scott walker at 20 he's holding, and i don't see anybody right yet who will graduate to the stop tier. i think it will happen still waiting out there, and because it's spring and ve day, i'm giving a big 10 bucks for wine women and song. >> we've moved on. >> am i off the wagon or on the wagon? >> i don't know what you are. let's go to the democratic side
1:53 am
of the casino. same dealer and we have $100 in chips on the democrats. now when the issue of hillary clinton comes up you have the e-mail situation, the funding of the clinton foundation. now you have a new controversy about what she said before about immigration and what she says now about immigration. take a listen. >> i will fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship, and i don't understand how anyone can look at these young people and think we should break up more families or turn away more hard workers with talent. >> we've got to do several thing, and i am adamantly against illegal immigrants. certainly, we've got to do more at our border and people have to stop employing illegal immigrants. >> so the new hillary clinton statement is much more in line with the democratic party, so that being said $100 in chips. >> well we've seen her evolve
1:54 am
on several issues now. i don't think that's fundamentally going to be her problem. the problem is she's not a great candidate. that hasn't changed. $50 on her before i have $50 on her of about. everybody in the world thinks that's low. i have the remaining $50 on the field. and if she really crumbles several people who are not in the field. >> i am a man who looks at the numbers and the fund-raising the polls, all the controversies that have come and gone. and she's still in the polls beloved by democrats, but there's no way she's not a winner. >> we don't see too many black chips on this table, but juan put it all there. >> the one you almost got it right. it's $95. >> almost. >> on hillary, i had her at 80 for a couple weeks. the immigration thing is an announcement she's going hard left. nothing is going to stop her. she is now level of obama on
1:55 am
immigration, which is way out there, which means she's going after the base which means that elizabeth warren is not going to be getting in which means she's got it sewn up. the five is for an act of god. >> send us your break down of $100 in chips. kind of fun. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for pros and cons of celebrating mom this weekend.
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finally, tonight a friendly reminder. sunday is mother's day. one late night host weighed in with the pros and cons of mother's day gifts.
1:59 am
>> pro, spending quality time together with no fighting. connor and mayweather and pacquiao call that boxing. pro, hiring a cleaning lady to give your mom the day off. con, then making someone else work on mother's day. pro, buying your mom the apple of what. con, teaching her the entire summer on how to use it. >> well to the moms in my life my mom pat, my mother-in-law barbie my wife amy, happy mother's day early. your mom 93. >> 39 and thriving. >> thanks for inviting us into your home this night. fair balanced and unafraid.
2:00 am
greta goes on the record right now.y. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." tonight -- >> he will -- >> they continue to silence free speech and the associated press is forced to backtrack on a tweet about pamela geller. >> i know you are used to stepping over women but not going to have it here okay. >> back to respond to the latest attacks. >> i think senator rand paul is divorced from the reality of the nature and the magnitude of the adversary we face. >> and senator john mccain doesn't mince words bashing senator paul's stance on the surveillance program. the kentucky senator will be here to respond. >> haven't had much time to digest it fully. when i do i'll be sure to let