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tv   And the Good News Is...  FOX News  May 10, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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time. in death davy crockett is able to become what he never could in his lifetime a true american legend. >> no one would have picked me out of a crowd and say she will be the white house press secretary one day. i didn't think that about myself either. >> i am not going to respond to every political volley. >> and a fox news favorite. i am dana perino and this is "the american story of dana perino how the blue skies and sunshine of wyoming shaped her success. how president bush hand picked her to speak on his behalf. and what happened when the cameras weren't rolling? the classified secrets she kept from the press. i am elizabeth hasselbeck the dana you know now speaks for
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herself. before she found her voice she benefited from bold and courageous chances of life love and work. from the childhood visit to the white house call it love at first flight dana's story will infire inspire you especially young americans ready to graduate from school. in this country you can do anything you want. she is proof. let the good news begin. >> dana and the good news is you wrote this book. so many people are about to read it will embark on your journey from ranch to white house. from sitting in horses sitting on air force one with the president of the united states. >> this book is little house on the prairie meets the west wing. >> do you think your story could be every woman's story? >> sure. one day you are sitting on the barnyard fence thinking you could never leave this place and next day you are on marine one with the president. >> my groundedness, my experience because i worked was
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very helpful to everything i was going to do in the future. >> i want to go back to wyoming because after reading his book i wanted to move there. you learn so much there and you say it helped you when she went to washington. >> my mom and dad moved from denver, colorado. we spent every christmas, every easter holiday and our entire summer up on the ranch. i think that's where i really learned the values that i grew up with and that i hold dear today and that i see replicated through my life so far especially at the chietwhite house. >> anybody expected her to go on and do something with her life. >> we hope we contributed to that. >> migrate grandparents came toityto from italy. they took them off on the offer of the homestead act. they had a little place 500 acres. this is all we will ever need. they raised our family there.
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it is what i describe as them walking into one side of the american dream and my sister and i and my cousins walking in on the other side. they would have never imaged i would achieve some of the things i have had an opportunity to do. the i think back to my groundedness when i learned there. you learn quickly they are you are no better than anybody else. they don't like showoffs or tattle tails and loyalty is important. there's also a sense of of the outdoors and respect for mother nature. and a sense of optimism. if you are part of a ranching family you have to have faith and optimism that things are going to go your way at some point. typically there will be a drought or a terrible storm or tornado or something like that that comes along that will maybe set you back a little bit. each year the ranch grew and grew to the point that my uncle
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matt perino and my cousin still ranched that land. of course it is much larger now. >> ranchers are the most optimistic you will deal with. whatever it is next year will be better. we really believe that. doesn't mean it will be. but we believe it to be. should be. we are optimistic. >> they don't sit in offices. their office is their satddle. >> i like the way of life the freedom we have out in the wide open spaces out in god's country. >> there's a moment in the book where you are with your grandpa, you are riding and a horse goes down. what happened. >> the ranch is about 18 miles on a gravel road from the main i
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remember we were riding back it was my sister and i my sister who is younger than i am. i was about 6 she must have been 4. we came to a cattle guard and one of the horses had fallen through and broken his leg. we came upon it and the horse is writhing and is in pain. my grandfather slowed down. he was reaching behind for the rifle that he had in the truck. he said to me get down and he looked me in the eye and said don't get up. so i closed my eyes. i cheated a little bit. i didn't get up but i did look up. i remember seeing his face. it was framed in the window. i saw this tear come down his face and i knew how hard it was for him to put down an animal he cared about. when we get back in the truck. when he gets back in the truck. i think he knew that i had looked up. he put his hand on my knee and he squeezed it.
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>> he had a tear in his eye. he had to have a little compassion in this business. >> i think about the men in my life my grandfather, my dad, my husband, and the president of the united states who i have helped shape who i am today as having the strength and dignity, but also a gentle side that they used in dealing not just with me but are with everybody and every being in their lives. >> i think that my grandfather of 43 w06ould have had a great time. 43 used to love me about the ranch. he knew a little because he had his own. he would have loved to learn about what it was like for me to be on the ranch. >> i love what you write about your dad. you say he got you hooked on news? >> yes. when i was in third grade he had me read the rocky mountainous in the denver post every day before he got home from work and i had to choose two articles before
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dinner and i remember that as a time of special time between a father and a daughter which i think is very p important especially for later on because if you are in a relationship with your dad beforewhere you feel comfortable expressing yourself and you feel empowered to say what you think, you gain confidence there. >> you had the gain of confidence. >> my sister used to get annoyed because on saturday we would have family meetings about which church service we were going to go to on sunday the earl lirp and the late. i would always ask to go to the earlier service because if we did that we would get home in time to gowatch meet the press. >> this was the early days of feminist marketing. anything boys can do girls can do better. i don't believe that but as a young kid i wore that t-shirt every where. my dad early on said he wanted to make sure that we as his
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daughters knew anything -- we were equal and capable just like anybody else. >> i love that. >> traps dana perino's future was fore told on a trip to the nation's capitol at the age of 7 years old. she asked for a tour of the white house and she got a picture next to president carter's red phone. she promised her parents she would be back and she was. but the road to the white house was anything but what she expected. >> every time i had a plan something else happened. i didn't plan to work at the white house. i didn't plan to be on the five. accident plan to get on an airplane that day and fall in love and change my life completely.
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when dana bought it a new challenge or presented with one you supported her fully wholeheartedly so. why? >> because i love her. it's as simple as that. >> i met my husband on an airplane. he's 18 years older than me. been married twice before. i was 25 years old. and i was head over heels in love with him and he >> i was head over heels in love with him and he with me and six months later i moved to england lead ago great -- leaving a great career track in washington, d.c. the good news is... every time i made a plan something else happened. i didn't plan to work at the white house. i didn't plan to be on the five, i didn't plan to get on the airplane that day and fall in love and change my life completely. >> this is out of a movie. you almost missed a flight that
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had the man your soul mate on. >> i was walking around the lane and this blonde in front of me with pony tails swinging and i said i hope i set by her. now then i saw dana. no. >> we happened to be assigned seats next to each other. >> you catch a car what do you do with it? dana looks the way he does and i look the way i do and she is 18 years younger than me. i imaged a relationship. >> i did a kwikscan. i was like good looking accent british accent. no way. he sat down and he had a book. i love books. i asked him about it and we started talking and that was it. >> did you ever finish the book? >> nope. never finished it. >> does it still have the book mark in there. >> probably still has the book mark in it. might be the boarding pass from
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the flight. i have to look. >> you are sitting next to him and you fell in love right there. >> i remember looking out the window aing dear god i know i asked you to help me find somebody but this can't be the god. we are on an airplane about to land. can't possibly be the one. but he felt something and so did i. he ended up coming back to the states 6 weeks later. a month later i went to england for a visit and i moved there four months after that. >> did you surprise yourself with that move? >> yes. >> i don't do spontaneous things. >> you try. you say i want to be more spontaneous but you wanted to be. maybe that was a part of it. i say women goes through a quarter life comprise sis i try to give them advice on how to deal with that. >> the joy of being loved
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actually has helped my career immensely. had had gone through the drought of not finding any one to date for several years. i also loved him. i thought what's the worst thing that can happen? i come back and start my career over. it wasn't a consideration. when i got the advice to choose to be loved and took it that was the single best decision of my life so far. >> falling in love on an airplane gave dana perino new life. her career took a back seat. she lived in washington, d.c. in a country where she grew up spending a life in england where her family drewgrew by one. little did they know the sudden turn their life would take. soon the white house would be calling. america was under attack. >> after 9 the-11 the president gave a speech where he said we will not tire we will not falter, we will not fail.
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welcome back to and the good news >> welcome back to you. the good news is who knew the 7-year-old farm girl from wyoming who promised her parents she would one day work in the white house would be hand picked by the president to face a sea of reporters and the circus known as the white house pressroom. after two years as deputy press secretary dana perino stepped up to the president with george w. bush by her side. their announcement made history. she was the first woman to represent a republican in one of the most crucial roles neither the president or the press were celebrating. times were tough politically and personally nor everyone involved. >> there's a quote president george w. bush offered this nation in a time of great tragedy.
7:20 pm
what was it? what did you do with that quote? oo right after 9 the-11 the president gave a speech where he said we will not tire -- >> we will not tire we will not falter and we will not fail. >> i think his loadeadership really came into focus after 9-11. he didn't intend to be a war time president. war came to him. i had it tapped on my wall in every office i worked in in ore 7 years in the administration. he stepped into the role as white house press secretary at a time it was not easy. >> there was one point we were considering walking away from it
7:21 pm
all. >> i had been in the administration for about six years. i was looking ahead thinking what am i going to do as the deputy for the next two years or should i get off of this crazy train now and try to have more of a normal life with peter. i get to the white house that morning and i ask ed gillespie if i can have a moment. he was director of communications. i need to talk to you, too, so let's meet at the the meeting. it was going to take everything i had to tell him i was going to leave the white house. >> i said can i ask you something? you mind if i go first? then i told her tony was leaving and the president wanted her to serve as press secretary. >> did you about fall over? >> i was so honored. of course i said yes. i wasn't sure if the president thought i was kind of the next in line convenient choice but it was when the president came
7:22 pm
to the briefing room with tony and me and stood there at the podium and looked at all of the reporters costedtossed away his written remarks and said look. >> she can handle you all. she is capable of handling your questions. >> glad to get that choir singing. >> she is incredibly smart and very hard-working and she has a great way with people. i knew she could do the press secretary job more importantly i knew president bush said that. tony snow is much loved by all of us who worked in the white house. >> i did take over for tony snow. never knew any one like this in washington that has friends every where and he loved the job. he was battling cancer and he needed to go to spend some more time with his family and try to get healthy. i needed to step into that role. >> what are your goals? oo if i had a crystal ball i
7:23 pm
would tell you. it takes three to tango. >> what would you like to know? >> did a phenomenal job but her and i had a complicated relationship then. >> are you saying from august when the president was tipped off -- >> come on. ed. >> did you ever think when you were standing at the podium and she was giving the finger behind it -- >> flipping the bird? >> ill willlittle birdie. was it aimed at you? >> i know for a fact it was. she was angry at me. here we are friends later. >> you know what i learned a lot about is about grace and dignity. i learned that from president bush and to follow his example has i believe made me a better person. >> what else did this president
7:24 pm
poach you -- teach you? >> forgiveness is a big one. you don't think you would learn that from a boss. scott mcclellan the press secretary hired me and was a good friend of mine. when he left the white house not under his own desires. i think he was very bitter about that. he wrote a book that was extremely critical of the president. i thought that was the biggest act of betrayal that i had ever experienced. the president picked up on something i hadn't admitted to myself. he finds out and calls me into the oval office and says so i hear you are upset about this book. i said yes, sir, i am because the coverage is bad for you and it's not going to end for a while. sunday shows will be covering it. he said i would like you to try to forgive him. i said but i -- he said no buts. i don't want you to live bitterly like he is. i felt a weight lifted off to
7:25 pm
me. he crossed the threshold of the oval office. i said by the way i don't think you would ever do this to me. i realized that's when i knew the president knew me bert than myself. i knew the president wouldn't trust me. he was letting me know that wasn't the case. >> incredible relationship. father like. >> i think of him as a second father sometimes. >> he's a warm generous strong in many ways man. he's been grateful tofor and great to dana. >> there's a moment when the fathers collided. >> the president and mrs. bush were hosting the president of italy at the white house. i said i think i should invite my dad and see if he would like
7:26 pm
to come out before the administration ends. i wasn't sure if he would say yes but he did. my husband and i ranged tickets. my dad never wanted a tux. a black tie event. we got that organized. i didn't bother the president with it we were in the middle of a financial crisis as well. on marine 1 i am sitting across from him like i am with you looking out the window waving. he said so i see you invited your dad to the white house. he had been working on the seating arrangements. yes, sir, i did. looking out the window waiting th's a big deal. he looked at me as we passed the washington monument and said i am so proud of you. those are moments i wanted to share in it book because historians and policy analysts are going to write about the bush administration's policies and decisions for the rest of time that nobody else can provide these kinds of stories
7:27 pm
like i can from a press secretary standpoint. it will made the moments working for him not just the honor of my lifetime but really helped me become a better person. a oo dana's decision is one they never regret. dhefl oped a connection that went far beyond this room. next dana shares the most personal stories that she kept secret from the press and offered the lessons in loyalty why she stood by his side while his popularity went down. nothing could sway him not even a black eye. >> we had a great team. white house was a joyful place. >> every day was stressful but joyful. becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything.
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flash flooding after four-days of heavy rain many roads are closed the small town of crumb hard hit. making rescues like this one today. meantime the number of people heard rising to 9 after a tornado struck the small south dakota town of dell month. none of the injuries are life threatening. about 20 buildings were damaged. fourth suspect charged in the fatal shootings of two mississippi police officers. the suspects will appear in court for the first time tomorrow. two are facing charges for capitol murder. one was highly decorated earning officer of the year of 2012. the other a rookie cop who always dreamt of wearing blue. i am kelly wright now back to fox news special log on to
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>> > welcome back. i am elizabeth hasselbeck. we have seen dane raw perino achieve much success hand picked by bush to represent a republican in front of the press. it was a privilege that carried with it a lot of weight. the media turned sour and dana was front and center defending the administration who had the most difficult years at the white house. she saw a different side of the president that few americans would expect how he defended our country when the cameras turned off and supported our troops and their families in the toughest of situations. >> emotionally and mentally the challenges of the job as white house press secretary are as far as we can understand it understood. there were physical moments in there too. you got a black eye in baghdad. what happened?
7:33 pm
>> i took a boom mic for the president. we were in the trip the last of his presidency and everything was going smoothly. we went to the press conference. one of the journalists took off one of his shoes and through it at the president's head. you list tone the tape you can hear a yelp in the background and that was me. >> when the shoes were thrown the secret service agent left the mike and the boom mike swung and hit me in the eye. we thought we were going to leave but the president insisted we would stay there and take the questions. >> i didn't want to leave to give him a slight victory but i wanted to say to the young iraqi press corps i wanted to answer the questions. a oo when he saw me i saw you were crying i didn't know why i thought it was because the guy through a shoe at me. i said no sir i grew up in
7:34 pm
wyoming. i am a little tougher than that. >> tell a story in a moment where the president is visiting. he just presented him in a purple heart and wasn't conscious at the time. >> it was my first time ever going. >> he told us about the first wounded warrior he was going to see. he was injured in an ied attack in iraq. he had been flown to the air force base. he never regained consciousness. >> they were so pleased to see him. the child asked the president what is a purple heart. the president got down on thehis knee and said it's an award for your dad because he was so brave and courageous and he loved this country and he loved you, too. just then from where i was
7:35 pm
sitting i saw the soldier's eyes open. the medical team rushed towards the bed and the chief naval officer held him back and said i think he wants the president. >> the president got up and went to the side of the bed and held this -- it was a marine. held the marine's hands and he sat looking at the soldier making eye contact tears streaming down his face on to the wounded warrior and touched his forehead to his. the reason i tell that story is one maybe it was a little bit of a miracle that the wounded warrior heard the president talking to the child and wanted so much to be a part of that moment. it is interesting you get to witness as a press secretary the president of the united states with a soldier that they have asked to go and do something very difficult for america.
7:36 pm
that is a relationship none of us will ever understand. >> sadly he died days later in surgery. >> with the president's tears on his face. >> you spent a lot of time with the president of the united states. obviously a close relationship. if you were to sit here and describe him right now personally, what would you say. >> i would say he is always the most prepared person in a room. he cared more than anybody about what we were going to say and how we were going to say it. how the american people and how our allies how the troops would make a message. he is very funny. he is very grounded. extremely well read and he's one of the strongest and gentlest people i have ever known. >> just that your grandpa would love. >> what do you miss about being with the president?
7:37 pm
>> everything. >> like? >> i loved the substance, the importance of what we were doing. i love the writ i am of the west wing. i love the people that i worked with. we had big problems. i write about how we serve during two wars and a financial crisis a major natural disaster two supreme court nominations, major legislation, terrorist attacks. it was quite joy us every day. >> this president has taken on by big issues. he has been tested by many ways. this is a president who has done many things. >> dana and the president had begun through a lot together. their turbulent three terms had come to an end. the good-bye that left press secretary almost without words. >> was it hard to say good-bye
7:38 pm
to the president? >> it was horrible. >> what was it like? >> i felt a responsibility for the president and dealing with his press and his reputation and approval ratings. i wasn't the only one. there was a team of us. who is going to help him now? the morning of the january 20th went into the oval office and said this is it. yeah this is it. he said when i first walked in here on my first day i said i wanted to be able to leave being able to look at myself in the mirror and know that i stayed true to myself. i can do that. then he said now i am going to take one last walk around the south lawn. >> there's a picture of him leaving the oval office, the photographer in the overly office he walked out in his duster and i said there goes a great president. >> i still consider him
7:39 pm
commander-in-chief but he's also my friend. >> that it to be a hard good-bye. >> he hadit was a tough good-bye. he came to andrews air force base and everybody had heavy rarts for so many reasons like a huge transition. we wish them well and wanted them to know that they were loved and appreciated. i think that they felt that on that day. he saw me in a crowd and pulled me over to say good-bye. >> what did he say? >> we didn't talk. >> wasbecause he couldn't? what would you have said? >> bye. no. i don't know. >> at that point after so many years we didn't have too much to say that hadn't been said.
7:40 pm
>> the press secretary speaks for herself finding her voice on "the five." good news that every young american needs to hear how you can succeed just like dana did by following a few simple rules. >> i remember on the last day of leaving the white house i got in the car and rested my head on the back of the seat and said nothing i do will be that hard. then i started doing the daily show. dave's been working on his game... and starting each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like? invest in your heart health, with kellogg's raisin bran. no crying today...
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>> she was somebody who paid her dues had come from middle america and she brought that to the bush white house. >> she had a lot of ambition. we were pretty sure she was going to do something whatever that was. >> i think dana brings a very important per spictive to "the five." >> you got to watch it. >> all the time. >> welcome everyone. to the last press briefing of the bush administration. i never got bor i never got bored with the press secretary job. it is hardimpossible. it is hard to believe this is my final and 125th final press briefing. there's a end date to the white house otherwise i would still be there. i loved the job and i loved working for president bush. one of the things i say in the book i was asked if i would ever do it again. absolutely, i would. i would. but i wouldn't do it for anybody else. i wouldn't do it for anybody but president bush.
7:45 pm
>> they were planning and taking on whatever comes. when an opportunity comes you use it. >> i think that's a good way to put it preparation and being willing to make a move or take a risk is good. i have not always been good at it. in fact a lot of people have had to push me. president bush was one of them in the post presidency. i joined a pr firm after the white house. i went to visit him to say hello. >> i said here's 100 reasons why i can't. actually only here's one reason that you should. what is the worst that could happen? if your business doesn't work out you are going to be fine. i knew he was right. about three months later i had my own business going and thatting big pr firm i kept as a client. everything was going smoothly and "the five" started. >> this is "the five." ifs the first show. >> i am dana perino.
7:46 pm
>> i am bob beckel. >> i am your hobbit sized host. >> the best part of your day? >> i hope it's the best part of a lot of people's days. it is where all of my skills come together everything that i have learned and everything i am still trying to learn. at first it wasn't easy for me to get out of michelle because i had only spoken for other people, including the president of the united states. i was very comfortable doing that. you ask me my personal opinion about something it took me a while to get comfortable to express it. >> i would say six months and even to this day there are things i think that should open up more. >> who helps you do that? >> my co host for sureser to sure. >> i think the five has become like a family. we are as dysfunction al as any family in america. people can see that. >> if you think about how families have discussions at the dinner table "the five" is
7:47 pm
similar. we willuge debates everybody will have their point of view and by the end of the segment we are laughing. it goes into commercial break. that is a little bit of the appeal. we all have different backgrounds. everybody can bring a little something different to the table. we know each other well enough now that sometimes when if it has to do with the white house topic maybe i will be in the driver's seat for that segment. >> hillary clinton is expected to run a $2 billion campaign in her second bid for the white house. it has to do about sports. i am in the back. >> i think i would have even known that maybe. >> he laughed out loud. >> i say that greg is the brother i never wanted. >> passed her lunch in a themble she sleeps in a match box once beat a cricket in arm wrestling. there's a point to this joke. >> i am following. i am being sincere and trying to be nice to you.
7:48 pm
>> we didn't really know each other before we sat down until we did the pilot. then we sat down next to each other when you meet somebody who can finish your thoughts and laugh at your joke before they are even finished, those are special relationships. roger ail and fox news was really smart to put it all together. i didn't know if it was going to work. being on "the five" was the longest ever. >> dana showed us where she stumbled when it comeame to landing a job. it helps any young americans get backtracked all of the way to the top. the personal gift president bush gave dana. she has never told it in public until today. >> when i met dane nay you knew it was write but i-- right.
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the good news, is it's okay to have butterflies just as long as you let them fly in formation. that's one of the great pieces of advice dana perino has given. now she's returning the favor from uggs t from uggs to up talking the lessons she says are key to the success. >> one of the rooerns i wrote this book is i want everybody to know you do not have to go to an i've sri league school to end up advising the president of the united states in the oval office. it can be a little bit intimidating to think, well i am just from a small school no one has ever heard of when everybody around you in the room went to harvard and yale and princeton and stanford. a lot of young people want a precise plan from you that they
7:53 pm
can take down. when they ask me how do you become a press secretary? >> a country music dj. 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. for minimum wage if you wanted to be on television you had to start on radio. >> i encourage people to take risks, be willing to move. make friends. don't just network. make friends that you can rely on for the rest of your life. writing thank you notes shouldn't be a bit of advice you just write it. >> it is amazing to me that you should look too formal if they sent a thank you note. it will help you stand out. one woman said will it look like i am trying too hard to get the job? i thought please write the thank you note. if you want to be taken seriously you need to dress for the job you want to have. you won't get it if you are wearing ugg boots in the office.
7:54 pm
>> no up talking. >> most important thing. do you know what i am talking about when i say there's up talking. you know like young people they say it like this all of the time. they are not confident in what they are saying and they don't want to seem like they are being too bossy. if they state an opinion in the form of a question then they feel protected. a boss doesn't want to put their boss in front of a sly p enter client. the most important thing you can do for your children or high school daughter's friends or somebody that works for you if they talk like that they might not even realize it. just take them aside. don't embarrass them in front of other people. take them aside and it's the least thing we can do to try to help young people to be better at the work force but also in their lives. >> zip it. >> zip it is the advice from dick cheney. you never get in trouble for something you didn't say. i am not saying don't speak up. i am saying you should swallow
7:55 pm
your sarcasm. it might be funny to you and your buddies. it is usually not funny in the office. >> speak up when it counts. i feel like that goes back to the ranch. am i wrong? >> stick up for people even when they don't know you are doing it. always stick up for the little guy. the president and i ended up sticking up for a young woman reporter who was big footed by a network anchor. sticking up for people is always the right thing to do. >> someone would say i am speaking for the president, would anything else make you nervous? >> i do still get nervous. it is okay to have butterflies in your stock mac as long as you make them fly in formation. if you don't have a little bit of nerves before you perform you won't do well. >> a personal and private gift from the president of the united states that dana will pressure for the rest of her life. it has never been seen by the public until now.
7:56 pm
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before we believe you a special treat for you at home. it's one of dana's most treasured possessions. for the first time she's sharing it. the gift given to her by president george w. bush years after they both left the white house. >> no thing matters to me except for this. i've never shown it before. president bush painted this portrait of jasper as a puppy. >> he wrote awe note on the back? >> yes. it says, to dana and peter with affection, george bush, number 43. >> quite an honor to serve. >> yes. >> best thing of my life. >> while you might not have is a picture signed by the president the good news is wherever you start on a ranch in wyoming or in a big city on the coast dana's message is simple, you can achieve the american dream. >> one day you're sitting on a
8:00 pm
barn yard fence thinking you'll never leave and the next thing you're sitting on marine one with the president. >> thanks, everybody. bye-bye. >> thanks for watching. bill o'reilly's legends and lies, now. news is the first draft of history. it is immediate and takes place in realtime. legends take longer to develop than are sometimes based on men myth. this fox news series looks at the truth behind the legend.


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