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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 11, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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red in cold blood and now four suspects are under arrest. >> this morning the accused killers are set to face a judge. kelly wright is here with the latest. >> four suspects in connection with killing the officers will appear in court today. marvin banks and jody kael low way -- calloway. kurt lis banks is charged with stealing a war and clark for when fellow officer corey tate arrived they went up to the car. that's when someone inside began shooting killing both men. police and family members are visibly shaken as they mourn the loss of the two officers that were shot and killed over the weekend gunned down on saturday while making a traffic stop.
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>> we need to pray for them. >> for someone to gun down a police officer without any sense or meaning to it needs to stop whether it is here or somewhere else. >> benjamin dean was highly decorated earning officer of the year corey tate a rookie cop who always dreamed of being a police officer. they become the 30th killed in the line of duty. 126 died last year. the entire state is mourning the loss of these two officers adding this should remind us of law enforcement's unwavering decision to protect and serve. >> what do we know about the motive? they haven't released anything about a motive. we will probably find out things
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as these men and women come forward today. the four sus>> kelly wright live for us. appreciate it. >> two heros. >> extreme weather making a mess from a snowstorm in the rockies to dangerous flooding in the central plains. >> that's a tornado all of the way down. >> the first named prop cal storm of this season washes ashore on the east coast. jonathan sere reis live in myrtle beach, south carolina they have named anna. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning to you. it is strange to experience a tropical storm this early in the year. the hurricane season doesn't begin after all until june 1st. the center of the storm made land fall not far from where i am standing. things are calm right now. it was a far cry from 23 hours
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ago when the center of the storm made land fall. take a look at this video from north myrtle beach adds intense band of showers light flooding and slow traffic. there was little structural damaged the power went on in the storm. it is unusual to have a tropical storm so early in the year. weeks before the official start of the at atlantic hurricane season. watch this. >> there goes the school. there goes the school. >> and this was the scene in lake city iowa sunday evening a tornado tore through south central calhoun high school while hundreds were attending an awards ceremony inside. they had received advanced warning about the twister and were able to get shelter in the basement and locker room. it caused heavy damage to the building but no one was seriously injured. texas also experienced torn
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toes. a small twister went through a town near denton. there was also floodinging in texas where the national guard sent in helicopters to air lift people that had become inundated. while the atlantic coast experienced an early tropical storm another seasonal an nom lee, snow in may. this winter storm caused slick roads and several accidents and in low lying areas there were flash floods western parts of south dakota also got snow while the eastern side experienced tornadoes. you can see it was a weekend of extreme weather for much of the country. back to you. >> lots to cover there. jonathan siri live for us from myrtle beach. >> the head of the homeland security declaring a newer or of global terror. they blast the obama
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administration for not doing enough to keep america safe. >> rich edison is live with the latest. >> jay jan son says the u.s. is in a new phase of global terrorist threat where a lone wolf could strike at any moment. johnson adds the social media to reechl to inspire those living in the united states describe a new phase of original call to arms. >> seeing the directives as an on-line basis is really concerning. i am over here with charlie hebdo case how we can stop foreign fighters from coming out of iraq and syria to europe. we had a phenomenon where
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terrorism could go viral. >> they allocated no specific funding to fight extremism in the budget express. the terrorism efforts on johnson adds the government and state local officials are coordinating to address the problem. >> the subject of the lone wolf attacks what is secretary johnson suggesting to combat all of these threats for our country. >> better coordination. if you look what happened in texas that was a situation where local police we are identifying those that might act there and coordinating with the federal government. it is all about coordination between the local officials and the fbi. >> developing this morning, the moroccan pilot missing in yemen the pilot going behind enemy lines. morocco is one of the countries carrying out ireair strikes.
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the second moroccan fighter pilot says he cannot see if the pilot ejected. an investigation is underway. >> new overnight the french president touches down in cuba. the first leader of france to visit cuba in more than a century. he's set to meet with raul castro at some point today. he's expected to make a leading role between the europe teean union. >> they canceled this week's trip to meet with the president and other arab leaders. his representatives say it is all due to a scheduling problem. the plan has to do with mounting tensions over the united states working with iran to establish a nuclear deal. >> jimmy carter cut the trip to south america short. he isn't feeling well. he is 90 years old after a brief
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trip to guyana. no other details are released about the illness. >> and time for a look at who is talking. days after an appeals court ruled an nsa phone spying program is illegal, richard burr the chairman of the intelligence committee defends the bulk phone records collection. >> i think it should continue for the simple reason that it is effective in keeping america safe. in addition to that we have had no incident of anybody's privacy being incruded on. >> we collect numbers they are de identified. if that happens we have to go to court and he buys a judge, looks at the evidence and gives us permission to find out who whose
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telephone number that is. it does not allow us to have any content of the conversation. >> growing environmental concerns after a transformer catches on fire over the weekend at a nuclear plant sending thousands of gallons of oil into the river. it overflowed from the tank capable of holding 80,000 gallons. >> we had any water now and collect any oil that may be in the river. it was in the magnitude of 200 300 feet in diameter. >> the react tore could replain closed for weeks. >> ricky fowler finally silences the critics. >> ricky fowler.
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>> amazing. it was the greatest finish in the 34 year history of the player's championship. fowler going an amazing 6 under in the last six holes. even with that stunning finish he had to go head to head in a playoff with kevin kiss ner eventually sealing the deal with a five foot birdie put. >> his mom was at the airport. come back your son might win. she came back. he face planted his girlfriend too. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. don't loot look down the daring dissent on one of the world's tall ets buildings. you have to see this to believe it. >> a change in the air the new federal crack down that could have you paying more for plane tickets. >> parents facing charges for what they did when a coach benched their son. we report you decide. >> first a look at the weather across the country today.
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i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. >> a desperate search for a missing college student who vanished just before graduation. the parents of john stein dorr of thought he was graduating from penn state friday when they went to his apartment he was gone. he wasn't set to graduate because he never finished his classes. they had no idea. he left all of his belongings behind in his place and they left behind several possible sightings. >> a mother's day melee. more than 100 people getting
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into a big fight during a family day at river beach in massachusetts. it all started when two women began fighting and their boyfriends only made it worse. people flowing bottles and rocks in the crowd and at police officers. police raised 1 people. the peace benefit concert in baltimore. the singer performing two songs. marilyn mosby was called up on stage per spokesperson saying the tickets were a guest from her husband. gray died while suffering injuries in police custody. concert goers say it is time to focus on justice and on peace. >> i could understand the frustration people feel about it
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happening during but i understand how other people feel about how violence over the up rising is not necessarily the best way to deal with all of the frustration. >> there are things we need to do to make sure these don't take place. >> a portion of the concert proceed will be donated to youth charities in baltimore. >> the 2016 gop field is growing with six candidates launching presidential campaigns. some of them are forced to defend their experience. >> how many voters have low regard for washington politicians being an outsider is not necessarily a bad thing. still one recent poll signed 70 percent of voighters would be
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uncomfortable electing someone with little political experience. they both defended their qualifications. >> i am not a political feeneo fight as you say. i have helped others win. in addition i have done a lot of policy work for secretaries of defense. secretaries of state and homeland security. >> there is real life experience and politics. there are good people in the political arena. i am not sure they actually in many cases understand real life. >> the third to announce is mike huckabee. strong social conservatism appeals to many in the gop base. he is facing tough questions in the defense of social security. they are preserving it for new
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limitations. >> why would you punish recipients who played by the rules you were forced to play by. >> according to the poll april 6th paul walker has a big lead in the iowa republican congress. rant paul marco rubio ted cruz and mike huckabee are jockeying for third place while jeb bush is in 7th place with 5 percent. in washington doug mcelway, fox news. >> a new warning for travellers as bargain basement airfares. >> here now with how the government is cracking down. >> if you scored a ticket for 50 bucks for a trans-atlantic flight your luck has run its course. the fare watchers exploit the vulnerability in the airline's web site.
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crushes. >> the age is not over the avenger sequel now for the second week. another 77 million in details over the weekend in a distant second place pothot pursuit. huge disappointment. it was expected to bring out a female audience but brought in only 13 until in sales. >> thank you, loren. >> thank you. >> the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up a new man in charge. isis making moves when it comes to the laoed heeader. what is changing the command. >> from innocent prank to felony charges why high school seniors are graduating with possible criminal records. thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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>> now isis is looking for a stand in leaner. abu bakr al-baghdadi is severely injured since a march bombing. isis plans on holding elections. three high ranking jihadis are looking to be baghdadi's stand in. former arkansas governor and presidential candidate mike huckabee says we are at war in jihad and in order to win we have to identify that. >> we are not at war in islam. we are at war with radical islam. we are at war with jihadism. the people who believe that their purpose on earth is to kill everybody who don't agree with them religiously, yes, we are at war with that. the sooner we come to grips with it and sooner we realize the fanaticism that is all about
2:25 am
killing somebody even other muslims the sooner we are going to be able to identify it sur p round it and ultimately defeat it. the pope of persuasion cuba president raul castro says pope francis inspired him to rejoin the catholic church. he thanked the pontiff for his role in restoring cuban ties with the u.s. after more than 50 years of tension. pope francesis will visit the island nation only the third to do so. before the speech to the u.n. general assembly. >> a brand new lawsuit is blaming the phoenix va center. the two and a half million dollar suit claims doctors told gene spencer he had cancer. it turns out the diagnosis was
2:26 am
wrong and he had more than weeks to live. the hospital is not responding to the allegation. >> it is time now to brew on this. parents under arrest accused of stalking their son's high school basketball boech because he didn't give their child enough playing time. david and nancy cushner are accused of creating a fake e-mail. police say the new jersey couple even contacted school officials. the parents are denying these allegations. what do you think should they face charges? send us comments on "fox friends we will of course share some of them in later in the show. it is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. he is not a candidate but jeb bush is taking a lot of
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making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. >> it is monday may 11th. a fox news alert. officers attacked. brand new information emerging about the deadly ambush on two cops. four people now under arrest as we learn about the final moments before the gun fire. >> the newer or of terror a startling warning from the head of homeland security as lawmakers grow more critical of the administration's response. >> we had the phenomenon of the united states where they can be activated by the internet and really terrorism has gone viral. >> what's being done to stop the spread here in the u.s.?
2:31 am
>> don't look down the video not for the faint of heart as daredevils scale one of the world's tallest buildings and capture the whole thing from above. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you and your family. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley air earhardt. >> i am heather childers. two mississippi police officers are dead gunned down in the line of duty. now their alleged injure-- >> the entire state of mississippi is telling all to be thankful for those who protect and serve.
2:32 am
34-year-old officer benjamin dean fulled over a vehicle for speeding and called for backup when fellow officer tate ter arrived. they went up to the car and that's when someone inside began shooting killing both men. four suspects are now in connection to killing officers dean and tate have been captured. they will appear in court later today. marvin banks and jody calloway are charged with capitol murder in connection with shooting the officers. curtis banks is charged with access re after the fact for stealing one of the officer's cars. cornelius clark is charged with obstruction of justice. you can't have these kind of events happening in this community. what i think we needed to do now is celebrate the lives of these two individuals. >> that is mayor de prespeaking about the two individuals. police and family members are visibly shaken as they mourn the loss of dean and tate. officer law corey tate a rookie
2:33 am
cop who always dreamed of being a police officer. dean and tate become the 39th and 40th police officers in the u.s. killed in the line of duty this year. 126 died last year. it is a very difficult time as you can image in hadisburg today. >> it is hard for us to watch this news coverage on this story. i know the mayor has been close to the investigation has talked to fox. what is he asking of the city now? how do they move on? >> during the time of grief mayor dupree is calling for the commune toit come together and pray adding quote nobody no parents wants to bury a child before them. here we are on mother's day as he stated. >> those two men are heros in our eyes. thank you so much kelly. >> extreme weather from the rockys to the east coast making a mess for millions of people
2:34 am
from it a rare may snowfall to dangerous flooding in the midwest. >> and the first named tropical storm of the season washes ashore on the east coast. jonathan siri is live for us in myrtle beach south carolina. >> good morning to you a far cry from 23 hours ago when the center of tropical storm anna made land fall right here in this general area. take a look at this video from yesterday morning. this is the scene in north myrtle beach as an intense band of showers crossed over the area. localized flooding slowed traffic in some areas. although there was little structural damage and the power stayed on. many businesses remained open through out the storm but it is unusual to have a tropical storm so early in the year. the atlantic hurricane season doesn't officially begin until june 1st. >> there goes the school. there goes the school.
2:35 am
>> and this was the scene in lake city iowa. hundreds went toward the high school an awards ceremony inside. school administrator received an advanced warning about the twister and were able to get them to seek shelter in the basement and looker room. texas was also among the state's experiencing tornadoes a small twister coretore through the town of van in the small town 26 people were hurt. there was also flooding in texas where the national guard sent helicopters to air lift people from rural areas in the northern part of the state that had become inundated. the colorado foothills experienced snow in may. this winter storm in spring caused lick roads and several accidents. in low lying areas there were flash floods. western parts of south dakota got snow while the eastern part
2:36 am
of the state experienced a tornado. heather and ainsley back to you. >> a fox news alert, the worldwide terror threat is not only growing it is evolving according to the head of homeland security. why isn't the obama administration doing more to keep all of us here in america safe 1234? >> doug luzader is joining us with the details. >> we have seen military bases really start wrach eting up security because the threats of intelligence agencies are saying on-line. >> we are very definitely in a new phase in the global terrorist threat. the the so-called lone wolf could strike at any moment. we are in a new earnnvironment because of isil's use of social media the internet which has the ability to reach into the home land to inspire others.
2:37 am
>> the state department is going viral as well. they are controlled the u.s. government called think again, turn away. some of the videos tell about isis recruits who lived to regret their decisions to join the fight. the schar man of the house homeland security committee says the federal government needs to do more to counter the threat. i think there has been an up tick in the threats out there the level of chatter, internet calls to arms if you will to light up potential isis followers potentially in the united states and it has had military installations. we are seeing these directives like almost on a daily basis. >> one of those videos produced by the state department that is on the youtube account has gotten more than 850,000 hits. heather. >> let's talk a little bit more about social media. security officials site that
2:38 am
long as a huge recruitment tool for isis. is it possible for the fbi to track terrorists that way? >> social media is probably one of the most critical fronts right now in the war on terror. >> doug luzader live for us this morning. thank you, doug. >> coming under fire for not registering a dot org under her name is fighting back. she is buying up domain names of her critics and even hillary clinton's. if you go to seth and chuck and hillary clinton dot net you will go to her site. time now to take a look at who is talking. hillary clinton's only democratic challenger for now believes he can beat her. senator bernie sanders says it comes down to one thing that being money. >> there is in my view massive
2:39 am
dissatisfaction in this country today with corporate establishment and the greed of corporate america and incredibly unequal distribution of wealth and income. people don't think that's a good idea including the politics of america. the supreme court decision clearly billionaires coke brothers and others are owning the political process. they will determine who the campaign is with. if elected president i will have a litanos test in terms of my nominees to be a supreme court justice. that nominee will say that we are going to over turn the disastrous decision. i do not believe that billionaires should be able to buy politicians. >> well the republican presidential field is growing by the day as you know. many are waiting for former florida governor jeb bush to jump in the first national
2:40 am
interview in months. bush talks to fox news megyn kelly about family and politics and if his immigration stance could be a roadblock. >> there has to be pint where we fix this system so legal immigration is easier than illegal immigration and so some respect for people a kid that might have been here 10 years that might be valedictorian of their high school to say you are not allowed to go to college. i think there's a point past which we are over the line. >> this is another area where folks say, i like jeb bush, how how can he ever get through the primary with this position on immigration. you know there's a core wing of the party with whom there will be a deal breaker. >> die know that. i have been traveling the last three months. i get a sense a lot of people can be persuaded, to be honest with you. here's the deal megyn, if i go beyond the consideration of running to be an actual candidate do you want people to bend with the wind to mirror
2:41 am
people's sentiment whoever is in front of you. i used to be for that but now i am for this? is that the way we want to elect presidents? >> you can watch the entire interview tonight on the kelly file 9:00 p.m. eastern time only on fox news. >> we will be watching. >> the time now about 20 minutes to the top of the hour. a subway employee. did you hear about this? sparking outrage. what she said about the deaths of the mississippi officers that got her fired. >> a new tool for hackers. the brand new way identity thieves are stealing your information and what you need to know to stay safe. >> oh baby the incredible catch making this dad a fan favorite. >> but first take a look at the weather across the country on this monday.
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so you can take the next big step. >> a mississippi sandwich shop worker is now out of a job after celebrating the murder of the two police officers in mississippi on social media. hours after officers benjamin dean and tate were gunned down mccurdy went to facebook and she quote two police officers was shot in hattiesburg tonight, got em. another post praising their killing saying no merodachbaladan see.mer -- no mercy. her statements outraging social media some boycotting subway shops. i will no longer eat at subway due to the comments at a loral mississippi location. subway should be asamed. a 19-year-old girl who works at subway praises the execution murder of two police officers
2:46 am
hash tag boycott subway until she is gone. >> she is gone. >> we will see what they have to say. >> you see troops being through out the baseball sooin. the nfl is actually getting paid to do this. you are footing the bill. the pentagon shelled out close to 5 and a half million dollars for tribute service to members since 2011 and critics say it is distasteful teams are compensated for patriotic events. >> a new nationwide credit card scam could be costing you big. >> ashley webster here with what consumers need to know. what do we need to know? >> let me tell you, identity thieves may already have enough information about you including credit card numbers. often they don't have the security code number on the back of the card which makes them useless if they don't have them. that has led to a brazen approach by thieves who call unsuspects victims posing as
2:47 am
fraud investigators. the scam artists claim to work for your credit card company they tell you there has been fraudulent activity on the account and want to make sure you have possession of your card. they want you to give them the security number on back. once they have your credit card information it is sold on-line on the ever expanding black market. what can you do to protect yourselves? monitor your bank accounts and never give out your credit card security number over the phone. the same doze for any e-mails that may be asking for your personal information if you have doubts contact the credit card company. >> ashley webster, thank you. >> log on to >> it is 27 minutes after the top of the hour letting the air
2:48 am
out of his legacy. when a deflate gate decision could be let down. >> a kidnapping unlike any we have ef heard of the theft that has zoo owners realing. >> see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> somebody took a caning rue? >> on father's day. oh man. coming up on "fox & friends" in 12 minutes four people under arrest for the murder of two mississippi police officers. their local mayor will up kate us -- update us live on the program. doctor oz is facing tough criticism. he will stop by and respond to the charges. mitt romney is hearsaying how he is training for his match against evander holyfield. we have a puzbusy three hours that
2:49 am
kicks off 11 minutes and 14 seconds from right now from here on your channel for news.
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welcome back to "fox and friends first." a senior prank gone too far. now four high school students could face up to six months in jail. springfield officials say the students deflated the tires on 24 school buses forcing classs to be canceled. the students are facing felony charges after bragging about the prank. estimates say they cause thousands of dlz of repairs.
2:53 am
a 74 woman tumbled from the trail. firefighters say the family climbed about a mile up, to scotts dale arizona trail when she fell 20 feet. the terrain was so danangerous crews had to use a helicopter to lift her up. a daring selfie 2,100 feet above the ground. the two fearless dare devils free climbing and their wearing no protective gear. the building in china is still in construction. it's set to open next year. it will be 115 stories tall. >> that's scary. the best catch of the day at sunday's phillies mets game was not made by one of the players. >> nice play. >> look at that. he bare handed the baseball with one hand.
2:54 am
a baby attached to the chest. >> an amazing bare handed catch made by a dad with his seven month old son strapped to his chest. the stadium going nuts for that father while the baby wonders why is everyone cheering for my dad. >> the time is six minutes till the top of the hour. this new jersey couple facing stalking charges. shaq comes up with a creative solution to stop himself from falling. pretty funny. ♪ i'm free ♪ ♪ free falling ♪ 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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two minutes before the top of the hour. in mississippi, four suspected cop killers are due in court after two officers were gunned down. two of the suspects face capital murdered charges. a new phase of terrorism, homeland security chief jeh johnson says lone wolf jihadists could strike at any moment. let's keep talking about this. what more should the u.s. do to fight the growing threat. you can go to our facebook page to weigh in. the nfl could announce its decision on deflate gate punishments as early today. tom brady could be suspended for knowing balls he used in the afc championship game were deflated. time now for the good bad
2:59 am
and ugry. up first the good. in a surprise play by fox sports the u.s. women's national team gets to kick it with their moms before heading to the world cup. the network flew the mothers. a zoo napping in wisconsin. a baby kangaroo and two baby goats have been stolen. the joey take-up from the mother's pouch. remember this shaq accident? that we showed you last week? now he has got a safety plan of sorts. shaq wrapping himself up in bubble wrap on last night's show so he won't get hurt. the new jersey couple charged with stalking their son's coach. they are accuses of creating a fake e-mail kroont threatening to have the coach fired. they deny the allegations. what do you think? >> danny on facebook ses, if
3:00 am
they are guilty yes get a grip is. >> my kid didn't get the time on the field. doing something like this never cross said my mind. >> richard says throw the book at them. it's a game. >> "fox and friends" starts now. good bye to you. it is monday may 11th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. tornados turn deadly. people across the united states being slammed by wild weather. >> there goes the school. there goes the school. >> oh, my goodness. just minutes ago, another twister touching down in texas. 26 people there are injured. homes completely destroyed. the breaking details for you straight ahead. meanwhile, gunned down in cold blood and left to die alongside the road. two more officers killed in the line of duty. today the four suspects go in front of a judge. if t


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