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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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o'reilly o' thanks for watching us tonight, miss megyn is next please remember the spin stops here, we're looking out for you. new developments after our exclusive interview with jeb bush, some in the political media pounszed on what governor bush says was a misinterpretation, and declares his candidacy the media, some dead in the water. welcome to the kelly file everyone i'm megyn kelly. jeb bush gave his first national television interview in several months. sitting down to answer tough questions. while we covered a lot of political ground. the moment getting all the attention was a response to a question that he says tonight, he misinterpreted. >> knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. and so would have hillary
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clinton, just to remind everybody, and so would have almost everyone that was confronted with the intelligence they got. >> you don't think it was a mistake. >> the intelligence that everyone saw, not just the united states. was faulty. and in retrospect once we invaded and took out saddam hussein, we didn't focus on security first. and the iraqis in this incredibly insecure environment turned on the united states military because there was no security for themselves and their families. by the way, guess who thinks that those mistakes took place as well. george w. bush. >> today the governor appeared on sean hannity's radio show to talk about what happened. >> i was talking about given what people knew there, would you have done it? rather than knowing what we know now, and knowing what we know now, you know clearly there were mistakes as it related to faulty intelligence in the
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leadup to the war and the lack of focus on security. my brother's admitted this and we have to learn from that. >> is the onslaught against governor bush over this one question fair? brit hume joins me now, is it? >> well look he clearly misunderstood your question although the question was quite straightforwardly posed, there was nothing about the question that should have triggered the answer but i must say the first time i heard the exchange i didn't catch that he had blown it the answer he gave, though, once you listen to it is clearly and unmistakably an answer to a question about what you would have done had you not known what we know now. if you only know what we knew then that was blindingly obvious to any fair minded observer and he's been criticized by a lot of people who were not making attempts to be fair minded observers. >> my own feeling on it is he was ready to make news on iraq he hasn't said that much on
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iraq. thus far, he was ready to finally say how he feels about it that mistakes were made and take a position and he heard iraq and this is a candidate's cue to say what you're going to say, and he sort of didn't hear or rejected that question and it got him in some trouble. >> he had a talking point ready, he knew and had to have known for the longest time when he sat down for an interview, a searching interview like the one you did, there were going to be questions about iraq and he had this answer ready. and, you know the answer was obviously carefully thought through, it ended up dove tailing with what he said his brother now thinks. he was able to answer a question on iraq admit there were mistakes say his brother agrees with him, and tie the whole thing up in a nice little bundle. he didn't get the question he needed for that answer. and the result is what you saw. you have to add this i think people have been unfair in their criticism, but once that
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happened he or someone close to him should have said, governor you misunderstood that question and you need to straighten that out, it may have been after the interview was over but by later the same day or the first thing in the morning, i guess yesterday morning, he should have been out with a clarification that he did not make until sean's radio show this afternoon, that left that thing lie out there and threw two or three news cycles. and become a problem for us. >> you have to assume they didn't anticipate people were going to jump to the conclusion. the headlines today, this is where some have gone with this look at this from -- this is from msnbc. is jeb bush's position on iraq a disqualifier. politico comes out and says will this take down another bush? i mean i -- they may have been a bit surprised by not just that blow back from some on the right, but criticism from many on the left.
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>> megyn, if your name is bush and you're running for president, you have to be careful about iraq. and i think he thought he had been obviously as we just discussed, he had something to say that i think he thought would cover the base but he didn't get the question that occasioned that and i should have moved quickly to he or his team should have moved quickly to clean it up as they now have done. >> let's talk about the blow back he's received from some in the right. byron york wrote an unforgiving piece, talking about how this was a disastrous defense in the iraq war. laura ingram came out and said this. >> no hillary wouldn't she wouldn't thoerize the war now if she knew now what she knew then of course not. that's just a fun hypothetical you have to say no to that you can't say yes, i still would have gone into iraq. if you do you just have to have -- there has to be something wrong with you. >> what did you make of that?
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to me that just -- >> well look. i thought it was pretty obvious from the way he answered the question that he was answering the wrong question and misunderstood the premise of it. and laura's a smart lady i might have -- i would have thought she would have came to the same conclusion they both just took the answer at face value. >> doesn't that show you -- >> it's not entirely unfair to do that but, you know i think in this case it was not reasonable. >> doesn't it show you the depths of the dislike by governor bush from the wing of the republican party, this is one of the challenges he faces? >> i would say that the major challenge he faces trying to get nominated in today's republican party is making peace with its right wing. and he's got a couple big issues you just mentioned immigration being one of them. common core standards being
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another. which he's not backing away from it doesn't do him any good with the people on the right, on common core in particular the ignorance is breathtaking. but that's something. that's also part of the hill he's got to climb, if he has to explain common core and get people to go along with him, he has to make the case on that and overcome a lot of misapprehensions about what those educational standards really are and what they mean. >> having seen the whole interview now, he made a lot of news. and just observing him in that context for so long i thought was interesting from a political and journalistic standpoint. >> i agree with you entirely strengths and weaknesses much as that speech he made down there, where you saw him, that was a very interesting and compelling case for christianity he made and for religious
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freedom as well it wasn't made in stem winding fashion, the 35,000 strong christian audience didn't rise to his feet as one and cheer him for making it. but when you read it i thought it read better than it sounded. and the answers he gave you were thoughtful well informed it shows you that he's an intellect of some standing and he's reasonable impressive but, you know it's often said that the worst thing you can say about a politician is that he's good in small groups it's like -- you end up being a political wall flower if you can't stir a crowd. that's a further challenge for him. >> we will continue to watch, and there's much more coming up. brit always great to speak with you. >> thanks megyn. one of the men who has to get past jeb bush is here after this break. our interview and his own positions on some of these matters. and president obama taking
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well as brit hume just laid out, in the 24 hours since our interview with jeb bush much of the political media has obsessed over one answer ignoring other news that could have a big impact on 2016. including what the governor said about leadership common core. >> self-deportation or making things so harsh is not really -- i don't think that's practical, rounding people up door to door isn't practical either. a practical solution of getting to fixing the legal system is also allowing for a path to legalize status. not necessarily citizenship, common core means a lot of things to different people they could be right, based on what's in front of them. i respect people having a view but the simple fact is we need higher standards, they need to be state driven. the federal government should play no role in this evening in the creation of standards,
6:13 pm
content or curriculum. if i show my heart, show that i care about people show my passion for the things that need to get fixed, show my leadership style, this isn't like running for the senate. you can vote for me and the words go into the ether, because you know nothing's going to happen. >> earlier i smoke with ted cruz the first republican to enter the 2016 race for president. senator, good to see you tonight. what did you think of the jeb bush interview? >> it's great to be with you, always great to join you. i'm a fan of jeb bush. i'll give him credit for candor and consistency, he is running based on his views, his views are different from that of a lot of republican primary voters. he's honest about it we're going to have a clear straightup debate about what's the right direction for the republican party to go and what's the right direction for the country to go. >> what about that? looking at the records, most of the candidates can be hit on
6:14 pm
position changes. you don't have many. i'll say that because i looked at your record closely. jeb bush doesn't. he stands by even the most controversial things. do you believe he deserves credit for that. >> i think it is important for someone to stand by what they believe. and you know what i've tried to do in the senate has been simple tell the truth, and do what i said i would do if i'm with you, i'm really with you, if i'm not with you, i'm not with you. i think people respect that. >> obviously we spent a lot of time on immigration and common core which is are the big issues for him. the subject of immigration, you've been passionate yourself. he said to me i pressed him for example on when you were governor of florida, you supported in state tuition rates for the children of illegal immigrants. he said what are you going to be with a kid who happens to be here illegally, who is valedictorian of his high school
6:15 pm
and can't go to school without that rate? you're going to say no? there's a point at which we're over the line. have you to show those kids some respect. what's your answer to that. >> there's a lot of candidates who have supported amnesty oregon back and forth on the issue. my position has been consistent and clear. i think it's wrong. it's unfair. >> this is a different thing. it's a benefit for an illegal immigrant child. maybe a little less controversial than amnesty, but it's still controversial. >> if you grant in state tuition to students who are here illegally, that comes at the expense of american citizens or it comes at the expense of legal immigrants who follow the rules to come here there's a finite number of slots, and a finite number of dollars. and often the people that get left behind in this immigration debate are legal immigrants people like my dad who in 1957 fled cuba he came on a student visa came here legally, and i
6:16 pm
think most american people outside of washington agree that we need to secure the borders, we need to stop illegal immigration. amnesty is wrong. >> he says that too. >> and -- but that amnesty's wrong, and this is where, you know i disagree with the many 2016 candidates who have embraced a pathway to citizenship. >> common core he's going to stand on that and defend that as raising american standards, you see it a bit differently. >> i do. i believe we should repeal every word of common core. the reason is simple. i think education is far too important for it to be governed by unelected bureaucrats in washington. it should be at the state level. >> but it is. but it is. the response to that is that the governor's got together to push this through? >> but megan, that's not how it works, the obama administration has used race to the top money, federal money to force states to adopt common core standards.
6:17 pm
>> can't they bail out if they don't want to be a part of it? >> sure they can, but there are a lot of dollars connected to it the federal government it's sort of like the drug dealer that goes to the junior high and gets a kid hooked by just saying try it once the federal government good in a to the states with dollars, there are so many strings attached. >> let's talk about the iraq war discussion. knowing what you know now, would you have authorized the invasion. he answered a different question than the one i asked, and now he's come out and said i didn't -- i misheard. let me just ask you the question knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion of iraq? >> of course not, i mean the entire predicate of the war against iraq was the intelligence that showed they had weapons of mass destruction. i would note there was a bipartisan consensus, both republicans and democrats looking at that intelligence concluded edd it was a real threat. we now know that intelligence
6:18 pm
was false. there's no way we would have gone to war with iraq and we know that now. >> i know -- do you defend the decision to go in by president bush at the time given the information he was given? >> at the time i wasn't serving in the senate so i didn't see the classified briefings, i didn't see the inning tell against, i don't want to second guess based on what i lack of complete information. >> you said that before you don't want to do a hypothetical because you didn't see the intel. let me ask you this governor bush said something else i thought would be controversial. >> nation building is a good sentiment. i asked if he subscribes to his brother's foreign policy. nation building is a good sentiment. exporting our values is a good sentiment. the core of my foreign policy will be peace and security. you have said something different about what you called the cruz doctrine. what is the difference? >> well to be fair i don't claim to have any doctrines and certainly don't hope to but,
6:19 pm
you know i think foreign policy ought to be dictated by the vital national security interest of the united states. if and when military action is required we should be reluctant to use military power. america always has been -- the biggest country reagan ever invaded was grenada, if and when we're required to use military force it should be with a clearly defined objective, with overwhelming force, and then we should get the heck out. it is not the job of our soldiers sailors and airmen and marines, to transform for a nation for the democratic u taupe yarks it is the job to hunt down and kill terrorists who want to murder americans before they can carry out jihad. >> you got hit by buzz feed recently a washington post columnist picked it up for your attendance at committee meetings in the u.s. senate saying that you have missed too many. and suggesting that this has been a dereliction by you,
6:20 pm
because you're not doing -- jennifer rubin wrote, there comes a point at which the taxpayers are not getting their money's worth, because you missed 125 role call votes this year. >> look it's not a surprise that the washington post is criticizing me it's not the first time i promise you it won't be the last. what is the simple reality is anyone who is running for president. you have to be out campaigning in iowa new hampshire, new hampshire, south carolina, you have to be listening to the people meeting the people hearing their questions, that's the way our system works, it's a great system. it takes time if you look at every senator who has run for president, they end up having missed a lot of committee meetings a lot of votes, to do the job responsibly, you need to look voters in the eyes and answer their questions. >> here's my last question to you. speaking of looking people in the eyes and answering questions, there was a big dust up between you and mark halpern this week he asked you
6:21 pm
ridiculous questions about your cuban heritage and whether you would speak in spanish. it seemed to many like he was trying to test your cuban heritage he came out and apologize because there was a dust up in what some are now calling your finest moment you were quick to come to his defense, and really took the classy route. i want to give you the chance to tell the audience what you said in response to what could have been the opportunity to step on the neck of a journalist who was in trouble. >> thank you, megan. i thought it p was much ado about nothing. i mentioned mark halpern. he took some grief for some silly questions he asked me he offered an apology, and i said it was neither. it wasn't needed because offense wasn't taken, i don't think it was intended. i certainly appreciated the apology. i'm proud of my father's journey from oppression to freedom. i'm proud of my irish italian
6:22 pm
heritage. if you care sometime we'll have you over to the house and my dad will fix some cuban food we put on the table. >> i'm going to test you on your italian food. the nfl is earning more than $10 billion a year. so why are some charging our military for honoring heroes at nfl games. president obama today found a new problem for which he could blame fox news. james rosen is here with that story and a little fact checking next. >> i have to say that you know if you watch fox news on a regular basis, it is a constant menu they will find folks who make me mad. i don't know where they find them. i don't want to work i just
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new reaction after president obama takes a swipe at fox news today for showcasing low income folks who are gaming the system on his watch. >> i have to say that if you watch fox news on a regular basis. it is a constant menu they will find folks who make me mad. i don't know where they find them right? they're all like -- i don't want to work i just want a free obama phone or -- >> james rosen is one of the people who has made the obama administration plaid. he is here with more. hi james. >> there was a time and i remember it well because i was the reporter of record on the story for this channel, when it was all happening, when the obama administration launched a
6:27 pm
war on fox news. with white house aids declaring us an arm of the republican party and trying to get us kicked out of the network news pool rotation. that effort was aborted, the president from time to time has continued to blame fox news for what he believes are popular misconceptions about him and his record. >> i have one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration. i mean that's -- >> i assume you're talking about fox? >> that's a pretty big mega phone. >> just in case your friends or neighbors or uncle jim who's been stubborn and watching fox news he thinks that somehow i raise taxes, let's be clear, if you talk to somebody who said i don't know i was watching fox news and they say this horrible -- and you -- you can
6:28 pm
say, you know what don't take my word for it go on the website website. >> just 40 days after that last comment. mr. obama apologized for the disastrous rollout of obama care and couldn't be heard mentioning fox news. and then rolling stone asked if fox news is good for america. fox news has a clear undeniable point of view. one that i think is destructive for the long term growth for the country. as an economic enterprise it's been wildly successful never has the president explored his own thoughts there. why is fox news so successful? only one of two things can be true either this largest of cable news audiences knows what president obama news namely that fox news is a slanted arm of the republican party, but still prefers to get its news
6:29 pm
from such a source we would be a center right nation or this largest of cable news audiences hasn't caught on to what is so obvious to the president and his aids isn't sophisticated enough to see what they see. the white house is effectively insultding the intelligence of the american people. >> like their adviser. under president george bush he took a lot of incoming especially from msnbc, and he never complained because it was beneath the dignity of the office. the point the president was trying to make today was about poverty, which happens to be an area where his approach has gotten a fair shot long before fox news came on the scene. the american taxpayer has shelled out an estimated $15 trillion on state and federal anti-poverty programs. the poverty rate has only declined in the 50 year span
6:30 pm
from 19% to 14 understand%. in baltimore, it's almost 25%. the percentage of american children living in poverty remains unchanged since 1964. here's my shameless plug. follow me on twitter. and right after this segment, i'll tweets out the modern president, under whom the poverty rate in america hit its lowest point. >> why can't i just google that. why do i have to go on twitter, sign up follow you. >> it's less typing. >> i have a better tease for you. why don't you take your last 15 seconds and telling us about the time you played the piano with paul mccartney. >> october 8, 2005. who remembers? >> i was there. >> the sirius xm studios picked out of the audience. my wife said please don't weep on this man. and i did i played piano, i
6:31 pm
said union wages, right? he said you're not going to get paid for this don't get above your station. >> i never forget when you came back to the station, you said the hands that wrote hey jude touched these hands. >> good to see you. don't you want to know more about that follow james on twitter, he'll offer you a few more facts. a month into her presidential campaign, and we still haven't heard from hillary clinton. now, some media outlets are finding new ways to call out hillary clinton. so much attention on jeb bush and what he said. how about on what hillary clinton is not saying. she's in the presidential protection program. plus we'll show you why students at a catholic college have decided they don't want cardinal timothy dolan speaking
6:32 pm
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a new landmark of sorts today as we mark one month into hillary clinton's presidential campaign and she's yet to give a single interview. taking a total of only eight questions, in a month from the press. she's running for president, you know. the last one came 21 days ago, unlike her republican rivals of course all of whom have given lengthy sitdowns. ed henry has been following the clinton campaign. he's in washington tonight. >> the post has a tracking device on its website, it's been 30,000 minutes or so. that's about two million seconds since hillary clinton took a
6:36 pm
question. no questions on the clinton foundation and e-mail issues. where she stands on the trans pacific partnership, the trade deal it's not just journalists putting the heat on her, you had democrats here in washington unveiling a liberal version of the contract with america. both said candidates need to show more courage, stiffen their backbones, say where they stand on key issues, it was jeb bush, a potential republican candidate who also went after clinton, listen to this. >> i go to town hall meetings don't screen the questions, don't have a protective bubble like mrs. clinton does. don't have town hall meetings or roundtable discussions where i pick who gets to come and i screen the questions and the press has to behave a certain way. >> look at the comparison between carly fiorina and hillary clinton. fiorina's had 21 press abilities compared to zero for hillary
6:37 pm
clinton. in fairness fiorina, her name is nowhere near where clinton's fame is. she needs to earn some of this free media. i talked to the clinton camp they say in a few weeks, we're going to see her get out there in the near term. also start doing interviews by the way, if you follow me on twitter, i'll predict what day -- i'm just kidding. i will not follow james rosen. >> he may have some interesting things to say. that hey jude story is like okay james, wrap. it's almost as if hillary clinton has gone underground, she's in some sort of presidential protection program. she's busy having meetings like this one. >> can i ask you some questions here? what about my parents? >> what about them? >> am i going to see them? am i going to talk to them? i mean, don't i have some kind of contact with them? >> no. >> no?
6:38 pm
wait a minute. wait a minute. you mean to tell me god forbid something happens to my parents and they get sick i can't go see them. >> maybe something can be worked out, they're sick some extraordinary set of circumstances. >> i can't do this. i can't do this. >> she's going to have to do it eventually. the host of media buzz is here. it's like she wants to be put into office without any of the legwork with the people and media that it takes to get there. >> it seems like a strategy of stonewalling. i'm glad the media are going to this countdown clock mode. 21 days since hillary clinton has answered a question. this is part of the process of running for president, i don't think in the modern era, there's been a major presidential candidate who has done no interviews and stiffed the traveling press corps for this period of time. >> and contrast that with jeb
6:39 pm
bush he sat down with me for a lengthy exchange. he answered all these controversial questions. he went out there and he was respectful of the populous. and subjected himself to one of their representatives, media also serves as the people's representatives. >> sometimes people think reporters are so self-important we think these people should come to us. part of the process of running for president is not only showing you are adept enough to use the media to get your message out, also to show you can handle questions under pressure as preparation for the white house, jeb bush drew the contrast in your interview, he holds a lot of these press gaggles, he takes a few questions. hillary clinton not doing that i would argue it hurts her campaign as we saw with the private e-mails, the pressure builds up not oath do you have a disaffected press corps, by the time she comes out and takes a few questions. there's a negative backlog of these questions that are going
6:40 pm
to be thrown at her. >> i don't care who she sits down with. we could sit down with someone at msnbc who may be rooting for her. there's going to be so much pressure on her to answer all the tough questions, she's not going to get any of her questions out. every self-respecting journalist will have to hit her on everything. >> there have been telegraphs from the clinton camp they're going to have a better relationship with the press corps, and i think every campaign doesn't give us all the access we want and sometimes there are days that go by. >> and it's working for her. she's still leading the polls among -- she has no real challenger and she's not in the same kind of trouble these other candidates are in blues she says nothing. >> great to see you.
6:41 pm
>> i couldn't resist. >> we're just here to promote our twitter friends. why students at a catholic university don't want cardinal dolan giving a commencement speech. really? keers step powers is here on the free speech firestorm. with pro football teams earning billions, why are some charging our military for a salute to them at the games? well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.
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developing tonight, students at a catholic college are petitioning to get cardinal dolan disinvited as their commencement speaker because they say he doesn't represent their values. >> it's a catholic college. he's a cardinal. joining me now kirstin powers. author of "the silencing. how the left is killing free speech. that's a beautiful picture of you, by the way. >> this is yet another issue where -- i guess they think he's homophobe homophobic? he's homophobic and he's been complicit in sexual violence. therefore these cardinals don't want the students to speak. i think what you see here if people were to go look at this petition they make these claims with no supporting evidence? we don't know what it is they think is homophobic. that is typically what people
6:46 pm
are doing to silence people who have views that they disagree with they don't actually debate them they don't actually say what it is they've done wrong, they name call and expect the conversation to be over. >> you're a homophobe, you're a racist. the list goes on and on. it really does shut down speech in many instances. people don't want people to think they're those things. >> you have christina huff summers on she has questioned rape statistics she's called a rape denier who wants to talk to a rape denier? nobody. they don't want to debate her, they shut her down. any of the statistics that are put forward on that you hate women. >> it's like wait a minute i am a woman, i don't hate women. it's an effective tool they rye to marginalize you. >> what i talk about in the book is the tactics, it's dela get
6:47 pm
mizing people and dehumanizing you are a -- you're a -- you're not a real woman, actually if you are pro life you aren't a real woman. a real woman is pro abortion rights, they use they complain about massagenny and say it's terrible and they turn around and make misogynistic attacks. >> this is my problem with gloria steinem, if you're going to be a feminist and stand up for women's rights you have to cast a wide net. when they get attacked in a shovethistic way, you have to stand up for them too, but it doesn't happen. >> well they've started belatedly doing -- they were shamed into it a little bit. >> yeah. >> but they're not just not defending, they're engaging in it themselves. they -- and they're doing it intentionally, because it's easier to say, don't listen to
6:48 pm
this person because they are not a real woman, and they're self-hating or puppets of the patriarch. >> the book is called the silencing, do you think only the left is doing the silencing? >> what about the right? >> i think think both. every person is an offender when it comes to trying to shut down ideas that they don't like. the difference is the right doesn't really have the power, the cultural power that the left has right now. >> it doesn't mean they'll always have it but right now, mostly -- in the places in academia and in the media they are the dominant force, i don't think even they would disagree with that that's really what this book looks at what is happening in these really important arenas in terms of people who don't hold the right views. >> why do you draw the line between standing up for free speech which you've done and haste, if you're an a.m. bass doir for free speech that
6:49 pm
doesn't necessarily mean you want convicted cop killers to speak at graduation ceremonies, because you think this person doesn't zbev a position of honor. >> i would always air on the side of free speech. sometimes that's going to mean there are going to be people you don't approve of. if that's who they want to have come and speak, i would say, err on the side of free speech. if you don't, people are going to be afraid to say what they think. the only way we can have knowledge in society is to disagree. sometimes they say offensive things. i quote the chris rock interview. when somebody says something that's racist and you confront them about it 99 out of 100 times they're sorry. and they regret you don't have to tarnish them as a racist and drive them out of society. let's create an environment where people can talk and debate and make mistakes. >> we are so far from that about. >> yeah. >> amen sister but we're a
6:50 pm
far, far, far away from that. >> i agree. we need to change it. >> great to see you. the silencing, here it is. this is a beautiful picture. listen to her. >> she's a smart lady. up next have you ever seen these tributes to our veterans at professional football games? did you know some of those are paid for? and guess how they are being paid for? and who is doing the paying. that's next. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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for years, football fans have seen some of our favorite teams honoring our nation's heroes at games. the pageantentry includes flyovers flag displays and
6:54 pm
marching bands. some of that patriotism has come with an nfl price tag attached to it. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom. >> most fans understand when a military commercial comes on during a football game the pentagon is paying for it. most did not realize when local military heroes are honored before the games, the teams aren't doing it to be patriotic, they're doing it because they're being paid. the same nfl that made $10 billion in 2014 had 14 teams, signed three-year contracts with the pentagon to is a absolute the military. the payments ranged from $20,000 to more than a million dollars for the atlanta falcons. we should note some teams did not sign contracts and still paid tribute to vets. the payments are unethical and hypocritical. pointing out, the league citing integrity and transparency leveed fines on the patriots for deflategate. if these teams want to really
6:55 pm
honor our veterans and service members, they should be making these patriotic overtures out of gratitude for free. they defend the payment as an effective way to defend soldiers. arizona senator jeff blake took a harder stance. listen. >> we don't have time for the senator. but. >> we have breaking news. we apologize for interrupting him. we have live pictures coming back from an amtrak train crash near philadelphia. several people appear to be injured. the associated press is reporting it is train 188 traveling from washington, d.c., to new york city. tonight, tuesday night when it crashed. and we're told the front of the train was going into a turn when it shook, an associated press employee on the train says it appears the train went off the tracks things are so. you can see clearly the remnants
6:56 pm
of a crash, things are so early it's tough to know right now. this is an amtrak train that's crashed in philadelphia. several people appear to be injured, traveling from washington, d.c. to new york city. and we're looking to get more information. the pictures do not look good. stay with us. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist abologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal
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7:00 pm
philadelphia. the information is scant, the details we have heard are not good. several people appear to be injured. and we are trying to figure out more. stand by as we try to get the latest news update. tonight former new black panther leader says baltimore police had it coming. >> the police officers that are killing us are the real problem. >> the war on cops new fbi statistics show a -- this is a fox news alert, we are still here tonight as we investigate what has happened near philadelphia as an amtrak train has crashes. the associated press is reporting that it is train 188. traveling from washington, d.c., up to new york city on tuesday night when it crashed. these trains go all the time the amtrak the acela. this is a