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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> they don't know what shipwreck it is and will not try to find out. >> too expensive, they say. have a great day. >> "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts now. fox news alert. seven people confirmed dead after that horrifying train crash on the busiest passenger line in the country. reports the train was traveling 100 miles per hour instead of the speed limit 50 when it crashed. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." the mayor of philly will address the derailment accident. we'll go live when that begins. rescue crews are still surveying all that wreckage as survivors begin to describe the chaos of the crash. >> some people are looking for exits, other people were asking for help. somebody popped the window at the top and we were able to climb out. i helped a woman. somebody helped me up.
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we were all exchanging trying to get out of there. >> those were the lucky ones. the crash tearing all seven flying off the tracks two left standing upright. one nearly flipping totally upside down. investigators now also analyzing the data recorders for clues about what went so wrong. peter doocy live for us in philadelphia. >> reporter: these commuter train tracks have speed limits. the speed limit on the rails behind me is 50 miles per hour. the latest information we have from data that the "wall street journal" gathered is that train number 188 that derailed was traveling twice that fast going up to 100 miles per hour around a sharp curve. what you can see is an urban area where you would think, common sense, the train would be traveling very slow. the onboard data recorders and cameras are in nearby delaware being analyzed.
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there should be more specific information about those metrics soon. >> the event recorders themselves can give you information about the speed of the train. any brake applications throttle applications that the engineer could have made horn bell. it can give us a lot. that will be key to this investigation. a good download of those data will be done this afternoon, i think. we hope to be able to provide you with information. the engineer driving train 188 was hurt but the mayor says if he hasn't already spoken to investigators about what he saw and what he did, that was expected to happen any time soon. >> "the philadelphia inquirer" said he will not talk to officials and left with an attorney. in the meantime within the last hour another person has died. now it's seven people.
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what else we learning about the victims? >> we have very limited information so far about the victims. it is obviously a situation that is still unfolding behind us. we know one of the victims was named jim gaines. he was a father of two and associated press video software architect. he is dead at 48. another was a naval academy midshipmen on his way home to new york dead after two years in annapolis. there are dozens more in hospitals who are hurt. nobody knows how many people may be trapped in the wreckage. a manifest provided by amtrak is not precisely linking up with a list of victims that authorities have collected. things are very fluid here but rescuers and investigators are working quickly and they are working uninterrupted. northeast regional service on the amtrak line out of philadelphia to points north remains suspended indefinitely. >> peter doocy, thanks much.
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>> an ntsb investigator begins to sift through the data recovered from the amtrak train's black box. the "wall street journal" is reporting that the train was traveling at over 100 miles per hour as it entered a sharp curve where the speed limit is 50. joining me formal national transportation board chairman. let's start with this speed report. 100 miles per hour. what do you make of it? >> thank you, gretchen. my take on that would probably be it was some failure of the train control system which is designed to prevent exactly that. it's designed to make sure the train does not enter an area where there is a speed limit and exceed that limit. so there was some sort of failure of that. we don't really have any idea what might have caused that until the ntsb gets a lot more data. >> let's educate our viewers
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here. i became educated on this this morning reading a lot of material. it used to be there was an automated train control, the old system that would automatically slow down the speed of a train if it needed to be. now there is the positive train control. apparently it was on these tracks. what is that exactly? >> positive train control is something that was an act of consideration when i was on the ntsb it was on the most wanted list since the 1990s. in 2008 there was a requirement for positive train control to be implemented. the way the rule came out required it by 2015. of course we are now in 2015. the amtrak corridor northeast corridor implemented a system called is aes, advanced civil speed enforcement system which was there speed control
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component of positive train control. the idea is to use gps, the network system satellite network to tell you exactly where your train is and the system would also know where other trains are. >> so even if this engineer didn't realize he was coming upon this curve or was speeding in general, we don't know what this should have slowed him down is what you are saying? >> that's correct. >> is there any way to turn that system off? >> i would have to believe there is a way. for example, on commercial airplanes there are circuit breakers that the pilot can use to deactivate any system which ismael functioning so they can manually operate the airplane. i'm assuming at this point, i do not know this for a fact but i'm assuming the engineer can deactivate the positive train control, if necessary.
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i would say up front there is no reason for the engineer to want to do that because it protects him against slight human errors. >> i'm wondering if somebody could hack onto that system as well. it remains a mystery at this point in time. richard healing who used to chair the ntsb. thank you for your expertise today. >> thank you very much. what liability does amtrak have in this deadly crash? brian claypool defensive attorney joins me on the set. it's a federally run organization. can you see the federal government? >> you can sue amtrak. the stronger your case is would be based on whether there was human error by the engineer in this case. what we are hearing now is if he is speeding 100 miles per hour there is a connection between the high speed and the train wreck, you can sue under a theory called vicarious
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liability. >> what about the 200 or so injured and maybe people who didn't have serious injuries? >> the problem, you have a $200 million cap for a single train wreck that you could sue for. let's say there are 200 victims here. there might be only a cap of $1 million totally per victim and that is patently unfair. >> why is there a cap? >> because it's the federal government. taxpayers are going to pay for this. another issue you have to look at also was this the result of the throttle application that failed? if it's a component part of the train, the claimants might be able to also sue the manufacturer of that component part. in that case there wouldn't be a limit on what you can recover. >> amtrak says in its own press release how they have a pressing
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need for infrastructure improvements. is that grounds to sue? >> here is the first thing you have to answer in this tragic incident. you have to determine whether it's the result of human error? is it the result of the condition of the train? the failure, for example the throttle application, or something wrong with the train track itself? once you determine that you can figure out who you are going after. for example, this is a very highly traveled corridor. the busiest in the country for amtrak. if there is a problem with the track, look at who owns the track, too. if it's owned by a private freight line like union pacific or csx, they don't have an incentive under the current law to maintain that track because of an indemnity agreement amtrak has. >> it's so complicated. we'll get more details. there is a press conference moments from now. thank you. >> thank you. reports out of north korea today pointed to yet another brutal public execution of a top
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official at the hands of a leader kim jong-un. what does it say about the state of north korea and a regime? what about the iranian's nuke talks? >> details of another horrific train accident coming to light now. what investigators are saying about the cause of this crash that happened south of the border.
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we are still awaiting philadelphia mayor michael nutter set to give an update on the amtrak accident. a pastor and members of a nearby church rushed to the scene when they heard the sirens last night, bringing supplies to help those wounded and stranded. pastor great to have you on "the real story." you were needed last night. how did you help?
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>> well we were sitting at home relaxing. people started to text me. soon as we got the text messages we ran out the house and another couple of us with me and my wife we had sandals on. we formed a circle and started to pray. as we prayed more team members came. we said what can we do? i recognized local firemen and we just started to bring water and gatorade and towels. we wanted to be seen and not heard. so that was kind of our goal last night. >> the most seriously injured were taken away and taken to the hospitals. there were passengers simply stranded. you were helping them as well right? >> as we were starting to distribute stuff, one of the red cross guys came up to us and said can you go to the school and take some of this stuff? we sent a group over there and
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started to bring in waters and gatorade and stuff. that was really our way to serve those people. we didn't necessarily interact one-on-one or pray necessarily or talk with the victims. we were around them bringing them stuff. that's how we served and helped them. >> you never know when your call is going to come. you happened to be in that neighborhood. you and your members of your search served everyone well. thank you for your time today. we are still awaiting that presser. nobody has come to the microphones there plenty of interest finding out what the mayor of philadelphia is going to tell us about exactly what he knows happened in that accident last night. we'll bring that live when it happens. a new report from south korea's spy agency revealing north korean dictator kim jong-un publically executed his
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defense minister with an anti-aircraft gun. it's the man you see right here. the reason? sleeping on the job, talking back and complaining about the young leader. let's bring in monica crowley, online opinion editor for the washington times and fox news contributor. i guess if you fall asleep in a meeting after serving your country for decades and decades, they off you. >> this is how communistic dictatorships behave. they operate by intimidation fear and terror. this is not the first time they publically executed somebody they thought was being insubordinate to the regime. this is how tyrannies behave. not a surprise. >> i want to show our viewers the satellite advantage of the execution site in north korea. this comes from a human rights group. they are able to capture, to say this is where the public execution was when the anti-aircraft shots came in. >> usually when you see something like this from north
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korea, we have very little intelligence very little information about this regime. it's called the hermit kingdom for a reason. if these reports are true it indicates a couple of things. first of all, there could be some political chaos, upheaval within the regime and he is trying to consolidate power. send a shot across to anybody who might think about challenging him for power. the other thing is most of the global news has been concentrated on the iranian nuclear talks as on russia and vladimir putin's aggression. it could be now he is jealous, not the center of global attention. about a week ago he did a missile test. it got very limited attention in the west. now he is probably saying look i'm still here. one of the way to try to get global attention is executing a member of his cabinet. >> unbelievable. we have so much breaking news. thank you for your analysis. the execution of north
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korea's defense minister for apparent disloyalty to kim jong un is proof how ruthless and vile dictatorship-run regimes are truly are and trying to trust them ordeal with them may often than not conclude with bad results. the defense minister had been loyal to not only kim jong-un but his father for decades. then because he may have dosed off during a meeting, he is taken out. it tells us what can happen putting any trust in regimes that are so unpredictable. and reminds us how lucky we are to live in a nation that is free. quite frankly, the greatest nation in the world. it should remind us how the iran nuke talks can be seen as similar. another rogue nation that says one thing and does another. with the june 30th deadline for some sort of deal now in front of us do we believe iran can finally be trusted when they have proven time and time again the answer is no? the execution of the north korean defense minister is awful, but a world with more rogue nations with nuclear bombs
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would be worse. you can get my take at and get it delivered to you via e-mail every day. go to it's easy to sign up. fox news alert again. we are awaiting the philadelphia mayor michael nutter set to give an update on the amtrak accident at any moment. of course we will bring that live. >>. >> the train derailment there is just the latest in a recent spike of amtrak crashes. how this accident compares to a grim history of incidents, including a catastrophic derailment over a swampy bayou in louisiana. update on the where abouts of the marine helicopter that vanished in nepal what we know about those onboard. out of 42 vehicles based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts name the volkswagen golf
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this is the ntsb removing the data recorder from the derailed amtrak train in philadelphia. they hope that box will give them clues about what led to the accident. as you can see on the other side of the screen the mayor of philadelphia is making his way along with a contingency there to the microphones. his press conference is about to begin. again to the image on the right, you can see that black box is actually orange. that is the data recorder inside the amtrak train. that is where they will be able to get information relatively quickly. at the earlier press conference this morning the gentleman from ntsb said it would be a matter of hours before they would know what happened in this crash. let's go to the live press conference with mayor michael nutter of philadelphia.
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everybody ready? all right. a couple of brief updates. there will be some new information. there will be a recitation of much of the same information that you had before. again, we continue with the search operations but there is also a full investigation going on. you saw earlier the national transportation board whose representatives are here their personnel are on the ground. any information i give you, unless we say thought is confirmed information, is still preliminary. there is an active investigation going on at the site. as you can see, i'm joined by pennsylvania's two senators in
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alphabetical order. senator bob casey and senator pat toomay. chief inspector sullivan is here on behalf of the police department fire commissioner derrick sawyer is here on behalf of the fire department. public safety. director of communications. i know many of you have reported but we will now confirm that unfortunately there are seven individuals who are deceasedid heeceased as a result of the tragedy of last night's train derailment. again, we have been assisted at an incredible level by amtrak. certainly want to express appreciation to board chairman
11:26 am
as well as the board member from ntsb ntsb. we have begun the process of notifying next of kin. i do not have any information on names of individuals. i'm not in a position to release that information in any event. i don't have it any way. we just took another site visit with our two senators. we've begin them a full briefing by all agencies at the table. letting them know what their role and responsibility is but also we wanted them expressing our appreciation to both of them for being here. we wanted to make sure they saw the scene, as well. first i'm going to ask sam phillips to come up. we are still trying to get
11:27 am
families information about their loved ones who may have been on that train and reunify them. after sam i'll hear from the two senators. i'll come back with closing information. as we've been doing, try to give you opportunity for questions and answers for anything we can answer. >> good afternoon. as we've been saying all day, we are in the process of reconciling several different collections of data points. working with our hospital system working with our ems transports trying to account for those who we would consider walking wounded, those able to walk off the scene last night. those who visited our friends and relatives center which is at 3400 frankford avenue, coordinating with the medical examiner's office as well. we made really good progress accounting for the majority of individuals. we still have folks we would like to hear from. if you know of somebody who left the scene last night and is
11:28 am
doing well please have them call into amtrak's 1-800-523-9101. we want to account for everybody safely. the friends and relative center on frankfurt avenue closed. we transitioned everything to amtrak family assistance center at the marriott at 12th and market street. that is open as of 2:00 p.m. today. thanks. >> let me recognize leader of the american red cross here in philadelphia. again, one of our partners in any of these efforts, want to thank her and the american red cross. of course, the salvation army which has been on the ground and very helpful, and the great, great folks at wawa made
11:29 am
enormous contributions to the first responder personnel with water and a variety of other necessary supplies given the work they are doing. and helping them along in their work. first up will be senator bob casey then senator pat toomay then i'll be back. >> thank you very much. we are here to offer condolences and our prayers to the families of those who lost loved ones here as well as to remember and offer prayers and support to those who are still recovering those who are injured. i want to commend the work of the mayor and city officials, state officials, federal officials who are here too numerous to name. we are grateful for the work they are doing under the most horrific of circumstances. finally, senator toomay and i, after getting a briefing and a tour of course want to offer
11:30 am
our help any way we can to be of assistance today, tomorrow short term and long term. >> thank you, senator casey. this scene is a horrific and heartbreaking scene. my prayers go out to those people who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy, for those who are injured and all their families. i also want to take a moment to express my appreciation a great deal of credit. he and his team pulled together a very very effective and well coordinated effort that's included the federal as well as the city officials. we appreciate what they are doing, and we want to express both our condolences and our appreciation for that effort. can be doing to help we want to make sure it does that. >> senators casey and senator toomey thank you both. the response at the federal
11:31 am
level has been tremendous. with that in mind let me also report to you that shortly after the earlier press conference today, i had the honor and opportunity to speak directly with president barack obama who called wanting to get on the ground information and facts. the president is very concerned about what has happened here. expressed his condolences, as well. also pledged the full support of the federal government and all the agencies under the executive branch of the government. the president feels very saddened by what has happened. he was tremendously supportive and encouraging of our efforts here on the ground. for that, i want to say thank you to president barack obama for all his leadership and support in these difficult and tragic times. with that, let me open to some questions for anything we can answer. please understand if i can't answer questions, it's not
11:32 am
because i don't want to tell you things it's because i literally don't have the information. we are not going to speculate on anything. >> while the search is very active as we literally left the scene, there are significant number of personnel from the fire department, the police providing security amtrak personnel on the tracks and now off the tracks because most of the train is actually off the tracks. we will not cease our efforts until we are absolutely sure that we've gone through every vehicle. the search area has been expanded. there was expanded search area last night, also with canine dogs because it was dark. that search expanded this
11:33 am
morning with officers and other personnel to look even further in case someone was possibly thrown from the train. the search process is vigorous and active. what i'm going to ask you to do i should have said this earlier, if you could raise your hand give me an idea as to where you're from. as many as i can. i'll come right back over. >> there is a report regarding the speed, the train was going 100 miles per hour in a 50 mile-an-hour zone. can you comment regarding the speed of the train? >> i cannot confirm anything like that. i don't believe even the ntsb would be in a position to confirm anything like that. they are still going through the investigatory process as i mentioned earlier today. the event recorders, i think that's the official term for what we often call the black box, they're in wilmington delaware being downloaded and
11:34 am
analyzed. let us please not try to speculate on what you could find out in fact in a couple of days. i understand the need for you to get out information, but let us not have our need to get out information overwhelm our good common sense to have accurate information out in the marketplace. let's not speculate. i heard a voice over here. >> what about reports this train hit a foreign object? >> i don't have complete certainty about two trains. i'm aware of a report about one train that has nothing to do with this incident at all. different place, different train, nothing to do with this tragedy here. that may have been stones or rocks. nothing to do with this particular incident. >> at the previous press conference you said you believe the conductor the engineer was speaking to investigators.
11:35 am
>> i need to correct something i said earlier. you often think of the conductor as the person in charge of the train or possibly driving it. that's incorrect on my part. it's the engineer. there is an engineer who actually drives the train and the conductor deals with issues of ticketing and customers, et cetera et cetera. i was incorrect earlier when i gave information about the conductor when i actually was talking about the engineer. the engineer was injured, received medical care. was then interviewed by the philadelphia police department. and made whatever statement he may have made. i do not know what his statement is. i'm not in position to talk about that. that's the normal protocol process and procedure. a statement was given.
11:36 am
>> were any of the deceased children? >> i don't have any detailed information on the deceased. again, i'm going to ask for your indulgence. we all do what we do for a living i get that. these are human lives. these are people with families just like any of us out here. i do not want to get into descriptions about individuals when families are still trying to figure out where their family member is. were they on the train did they not get on the train? were they injured? were they walking wounded and never reported to us? i don't have that level of detail on any of the individuals, the seven we confirmed are deceased. [ question inaudible ] >> i'm not sure what video you
11:37 am
are talking about. i did see on one station, i don't want to disrespect anyone it's a three letter station and two of the letters are the same. i saw on television some flashes of light, possibly from a resident video camera on the back of their home. i could not figure out what was going on in that. i'm not aware of any other video being available or being observed. >> can you confirm the engineer is not talking to ntsb investigators? >> it's my understanding from an earlier conversation at least at this moment that is not a part of the ntsb protocol under these circumstances. they are investigating the accident of a train. they are looking at tracks. they are downloading information from their event recorders. they are looking at where the
11:38 am
curve was. trying to determine a point at which the train actually went off the tracks. that responsibility is actually left to local law enforcement in this particular case. it's not a matter of ntsb not talking to this particular individual. it's not in their protocol for this moment that is left up to local authorities. this gentleman is going to hurt himself if i don't -- give me name and location. >> abc tv new york. do you have a general number how many people are unaccounted for and how much progress you made during the day? >> i'm not going to get into accounted for or unaccounted for. you know the details what i've given to you and confirmed. we have seven individuals who unfortunately passed away. we treated or transported upwards of 200 plus individuals and we have an estimate which is not completely tight or
11:39 am
confirmed of about 240, i think i said in previous pressers 243 total individuals we believe were on the train. we are still comparing train manifest and hospital records and matching up individually pieces of information we can glean. people buy tickets and don't get on a train. some amtrak personnel trying to get from one place to another may not have had a ticket or have been identified as being on this particular train. i am not going to get into the mathematical calculations of how many folks and how many did you transport. >> you are making progress? >> the answer to that, yes. [ question inaudible ] >> i have no information about that.
11:40 am
[ inaudible ] >> let me deal with that. again, i'm going to ask for your understanding and indulgence. we suffered a tragedy here in our city. seven people have died as a result of a train derailment which is a very unusual event. i don't believe that anyone sitting here standing here today has any memory of a derailment of this kind in 50 years. so what i ask of your indulgence is we do not get into policy discussions or what-if or what can you do or anything else. what we have to do today and stay focused on every person out here and shifts and waves of people coming is making sure we
11:41 am
are searching every car, every inch every thousands of square feet to find or locate individuals who may have been on that train or data capacity to make sure we are servicing people. there will be another day for policy and/or politics. i'm asking that today not be that day and we respect the folks who have lost family members and those we are still searching for. last question. >> you don't want to speculate on the speed of the train are. could you ask the president of amtrak what would be acceptable at this location in terms of speed? >> we are not going to get onto that. that is purely speculative. you want to talk about what's the acceptable speed. somebody else wants to talk about it was going 100 miles per hour and do the simple math to figure it out. that is not going to happen. this is really the last
11:42 am
question. [ inaudible ] >> you were in stereo and i heard neither one of you. i doubt that the chairman of the board of amtrak would have that kind of information. if we can get that information and are in a position to release it we'll be glad to get back to you. thank you. we'll be in touch. >> you've been listening to philadelphia mayor nutter taking several questions. highlights of this press conference. they are still searching every vehicle and surrounding area of this derailment for any other survivors. they are asking people if you were on this train or supposed to be on this train, let them know. they are trying to go through the manifest and make sure they have everyone accounted for. he was asked about the speed of the train. "wall street journal" is reporting the train was going 100 miles per hour instead of 50. which is the speedly. he refused to get onto that. no details or information on the deceased. he is still talking now.
11:43 am
he said no more questions. >> i ride the train on a regular basis. i've been on the 7:10 out of washington, d.c. yeah amtrak a lot. to see these cars these huge metal vehicles turned upside down one basically almost split in half most of the cars upside down on their side or tilting, the engine completely separated. you know this is a devastating situation. that was last night. then the second visit when we had more light, we brought in light cannons. to see it in the daytime is almost indescribable. it is painful. it is amazing. it is incredible that so many people walked away from that scene last night. i saw people on this street behind us walking off that train. i don't know how that happened but for the grace of god. thank you.
11:44 am
>> thank you, mr. mayor. he just finished the press conference through the grace of god people were able to walk away from that horrific train accident the one which he described the worst in the last 50 years. let's go now to the chair of the transportation and infrastructure committee, pennsylvania congressman bill schuster. i know this is a tough time for you. ironically at the same time member of congress today are debating and talking about funding and a budget for amtrak. what can you tell us. >> i want to say thank you for having me on your program. our thoughts and prayers are with those victims of that horrific accident. our thanks goes out to the first responders for their response. mayor nutter is doing a great job. the appropriations committee today has been debating that.
11:45 am
the ntsb are doing their job. we've been waiting to see why this accident occurred. we have knee-jerk reactions. >> they are calling for full amtrak funding in the wake of this crash. they are using the emotion of the times to say if we had more funding, maybe dot, dot, dot, what do you say to that? >> as the author we authorized $1.4 billion plus a grant program we want to put in place to help states make the investments needed. as i said i think we need to wait and see what the results are, what happened in pennsylvania. based on those facts and what happened to the accident then address the situation at that time. >> it's interesting because in amtrak's own press releases it sends out, it points out the fact they need better
11:46 am
infrastructure. as a federally-run operation, how do you respond to that? >> one thing amtrak always said they needed more funding we in house approved a reform bill for amtrak. they need to operate more efficiently. they need to operate more like a business. that's what we put into our reform bill which we passed in march on a bipartisan vote to do things like keep the profits from the northeast corridor in the northeast corridor. today it's the only profitable part of amtrak and it distributes that across the country. part of our reform is to keep the dollars in the northeast corridor. you have the most important rail corridor in the country. not just because of amtrak but transit and amtrak all use that corridor. over 200 million people ride those rails every year. it's very important we make sure we pay attention to what's happening there and do what we need to do.
11:47 am
>> viewers watching across the country maybe aren't as familiar with the fact this is a mode of transportation for you and me and so many people who live in this part of the country. congressman bill schuster of pennsylvania thank you for your time. >> thank you. it's time for an annual d.c. ritual. talking about the latest pig book report highlighting -- that is a cute pig. that is not what is in this report. it's the government pork barrel spending and how your tax dollars are being wasted. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool...
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fox news alert now, we just heard from the philadelphia mayor, nay your nutter confirming that seven people have died now after that train crash last night. ntsb removing the recorder data box. it's orange even though it's called black box. within a matter of hours,
11:51 am
they'll be able to listen to that and tell us exactly what led to this accident. at the same time, we have reports that the train was going as fast as 100 miles per hour when it went around that steep curve. the speed limit there is only 50. keep it here on fox for any breaking details. political news for you now because hillary clinton's standing on the sidelines, but caught in the middle of a that hillary clinton it nowhere t >> well that's right, gretchen it's interesting, not just about hillary clinton ducking the media. you have some on the left saying they want her speaking out on the issues like trade this morning. the liberal washington post editorial page has an editorial says quote ms. clinton says hers is a campaign to win the taken a firm position. that scene is a sign trying to win over people on the left like elizabeth warren by waffling. >> interesting. so the state department is falling behind on releases documents in freedom of information acts and they're
11:52 am
blaming it on all those e-mails they have to go through from hillary clinton. >> that's right. there's various lawsuits that are stacked up freedom of information requests and in some cases, routine documents. washington post reporting this morning that basically the state department is saying we're taking so much time dealing with the e-mails, some of which may have to be released in the weeks ahead that they can't release other documents, one that might be most interesting, pushing to get henry kissinger, some of his phone records from when he was at the state department. they're saying it's going to take longer. interesting, henry kissinger has been out of office for some 38 years. if they can't turn over those records, it'll be a miracle to get e-mails from recent months days and years. >> that is unbelievable. government at its best. ed henry, thanks so much. >> good to see you. hillary clinton taking heat for apparently avoiding the media. she's answered just eight questions from reporters from officially entering the 2016 race a month ago. compare that to dr. ben carson
11:53 am
who kicked off his own campaign just last week. well by our count, he's already answered at least 42 reporter questions since his launch nine days ago. it's that time of year again. today a real-life pig was on hand for the release of the "pig book." the anti-accounting for pork barrel spending. how the government wastes your tax payer dollars. mike emanuel live on capitol hill sounds loud out there today, is everyone looking at the pig? >> no question about that gretchen. those who study the spending say it's far below the record $29 billion in pork barrel spending back in 2006 but say there's still troublings expenditures. some examples $120 million for the m1 abrams tank senior department of defense officials opposed it but congress keeps funding it. he told lawmakers the army has so many m1 tanks that 2,000 are
11:54 am
sitting in a california desert. then there's $15 million for the pacific coastal salmon recovery fund. congress set it up in 2000 to reverse declines and steelheads supporting conversation efforts in california washington alaska and elsewhere, those behind the pig book say congress loves its pork barrel spending. >> until there is a permanent ban, tax payers really will be concerned and justified that present company excluded members of congress will continue to push hard for a restoration of earmarks and use various methods to skirt the moratorium. >> there's also more than a billion dollars for health and disease research at the department of defense. some are calling it the department of everything and say that money really should be used on helping the troops gretchen. >> mike e menmanuel thank you. and more on the marine helicopter that vanished in
11:55 am
nepal. what we now know about the americans on board.
11:56 am
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fox news alert now, philadelphia mayor michael nutter just wrapping up a news conference you saw it here. they are trying to update next of kin for the people who died seven people so far. police combing through the rubble. ntsb investigating exactly what happened and if speed was a factor. amtrak very popular with commuters of course on the east coast, the northeast corridor where this happened, actually the busiest railroad area in the country. amtrak runs more than 300 trains between washington and boston every day. more than 11.5 million people ride through the corridor and did so last year. that's more than a third of its total business. amtrak service just over 30 million passengers nationwide in 2014. so major developments to tell you about in the search for a missing camp pendleton based
11:59 am
helicopter in nepal. six u.s. marines and two soldiers on board has been spotted in a region north of the capitol of kathmandu, but it could take time to reach that site. the crew was delivering aid to earthquake victims just hours after a magnitude 7.3 quake hit midway between the capital and mt. everest yesterday. thanks for being part of a busy real story today, i'm gretchen carlson, now jon scott who's in for shep. just how fast was that amtrak train going? new reports that the train was doing more than 100 miles an hour when it jumped the tracks and collapsed into a heap of torn metal. now we're learning the engineer won't talk to police. ahead, you'll hear from people who were on the train when it happened. and we'll take you to the scene where crews have been hunting for clues in the wreckage. word from iraq that a coalition air strike took out one of islamic state's top terrorists. what it means for the fight against isis. plus the most dangerous jobs in america. from farmers to fishermen to
12:00 pm
garbage collectors new study reveals which occupations are the deadliest. that's all ahead in this hour of shepard smith


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