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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 16, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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for watching. this is a fox news alert. i'm shannon breen in for bret baier. the boston marathon bomber has been sentenced to death. we have fox team coverage tonight about the amtrak crash. there is an amtrak funding debate and what they have been getting for their billions of bucks. leland vitter is on the ground where a news conference just wrapped up with very interesting information. good evening, leland. >> reporter: good evening, shannon. the fbi is trying to figure out what caused a large dent in the lower left-hand area of the locomotive in question. a commuter train on the very
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same track the night of the accident reported either being shot at or hit by a rock and a conductor on the train seems to remember her engineer of the amtrak train saying something similar happened to their train. now, obviously the best information would be from the engineer who the ntsb just got done interviewing. however, the last thing he remembers of tuesday night was ringing his bell at a station three miles from here. investigators say they don't yet know why the train accelerated from 70 miles per hour to 106 before it approached the sharp curve. the engineer must manually increase the throttle for the train to speed up. >> the throttle unlike your car which maybe is variable there are set positions for the throttle. we call them notches. and the top speed is eight
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notch. >> reporter: brandon bostian's attorney says he doesn't remember much about the crash because of a concussion but he's been outspoken about train safety writing on online forums about changes to work and rest rules. what will you say, he wrote on, when the crew that's been on duty for longer than 12 hours accidently falls asleep and passes a stop signal killing dozens or hundreds of people? at least one of tuesday's victims, an amtrak employee feels he already knows why the train crashed. his lawyer filed suit even before most of those killed had been buried. >> whether they believe it's a personnel-oriented or mechanical aspect or failure to have the proper kisssystem all of the negligence lies on amtrak in this case. >> reporter: if installed and working properly on the track, technology called positive train control could have prevented the accident.
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but an amtrak inspector general report says the, quote, most serious challenge to implementing ptc is acquiring radio frequency. needed for ground-base censors to keep it under the system. >> reporter: once again, he used this opportunity to demand inward-facing cameras in the locomotive that would provide a record of what would have happened in cases just like this. back to you. >> all right. leland vitter thank you. democrats are using the crash as a launching point to argue for increased funding for amtrak. there are billions of taxpayer dollars that amtrak has already received and what if anything it has to show for it. >> in the first round of funding we'll focus on projects that can create jobs and benefits in the near term. >> reporter: in 2009 president obama gave amtrak $1.3 billion
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in stimulus funds. amtrak prioritized that money to upgrade bridges, restore stations spending only a fraction on the safety system designed to slow a speeding train. >> i can say confidently, positive train control would have prevented this accident. >> amtrak needs to improve but they are a long way from operating from how they should operate. >> reporter: one reason they don't want to give amtrak more money is because how it spent what it already gets. amtrak loses $80 million a year selling food. there is overhead that costs taxpayers 3.40. 9.50 for a hamburger that costs us more than $16. taxpayers subsidize every amtrak food worker by $68,000. >> if we want to keep giving amtrak billions of dollars, we may as well take millions throw it in a dumpster put a match to it and burn the money.
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>> reporter: congress is not blameless. it ordered that stimulus money be spent outside of the northeast, which is where it is needed. take new orleans to los angeles, $500 over and above is subsid sized what they pay for a ticket. >> they take some money here to make this senator happy and then this mayor happy and as a result we have undermaintained facilities that haven't been improved enough. >> now, right now they are at 400 and maybe 1200 by january but in addition to the radio frequency issue, the inspector general blamed the fragmenting budgeting process. shannon? >> we'll talk about that with the panel.
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william, thank you. >> now to boston. the verdict from a jury of his peers. good evening, molly. >> good evening. seven women, five men, after more than 14 hours of deliberation determined that death was the appropriate plan for the convicted marathon bomber to render justice in this case. dzhokhar tsarnaev retained his indifferent demeanor has his fate was delivered to a packed courtroom. some of the jurors were tearful. ending the many weeks of graphic evidence and listening to heartwrenching testimony. when twin bombs placed by he and his brother tamerlan placed at the boston iconic marathon in april 2013 264 people were injured, some horiffically maimed and four people were killed krystle marie campbell
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and sean collier and martin richard and lingzi lu. tsarnaev was inspired by radical jihad. >> the defendant was an adult who came to believe in an ideology of hate and expressed those beliefs by killing, maiming and mutilating innocent americans on patriots' day. >> reporter: survivors of the attack are beginning to weigh in including a transit officer who nearly bled to death after being struck by a bullet during the brother's standoff with police in watertown, massachusetts. he was promoted to sergeant and writes "we can finally close this chapter in our lives. the verdict, undoubtedly a difficult decision for the jury gives me relief and closure as well as the ability to keep moving forward." shannon?
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>> molly, thank you so much. homegrown terrorists present a serious threat all over the world in the uk. isis is attracting new members at an alarming rate. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg talkot is live. >> reporter: in the uk homegrown terrorism is not only a threat but a reality. scotland yard coming out with a report that there are a rising numbers willing to fight here at home. 700 suspected terrorists left uk to fight in syria and iraq and half of them have returned. in a recent 12-month period there were 338 terror arrests, a record 200 people awaiting trial. >> the report says the number of people coming back those are the people that we need to worry about. >> reporter: also unsettling an increase between women and teens going radical. they were seen transiting
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through turkey to syria earlier this year. their whereabouts are now unknown. a woman was arrested today suspected of raising terror funds. according to officials, isis is sending a message to newly converted extremists. >> it's about driving fear and terror in the hearts of the enemy. that's how we see it and we sadly, are the enemy. >> reporter: they take these dangers seriously but want to do more. prime minister david cameron's win last week means he will push new laws through parliament including phone surveillance. >> we need to combat those in authority who are pro et momoting hate and intolerance in our society. >> reporter: and focus more attention on social media. authorities hearsay they are taking down 1,000 terror-related
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posts each week. >> reporter: reaching smartphones and bedrooms powerful and dangerous. shannon? >> greg palkot thank you. isis torched government headquarters in ramadi. kevin corke is live. >> reporter: supporters called it a symbolic victory for isis one which critics say will overwhelm the obama doctrine in iraq. the islamic state's black flag hung over a government compound in ramadi. militants overran much of the western provincial capital. this comes as the islamic state reached an audio message of abu bakr al baghdadi and called for
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his infidels islam was never a religion of peace. islam is the religion of fighting. from the white house to the pentagon administration officials downplayed the significance of the compound seizure in ramadi suggesting it was a propaganda victory more than anything else. chief of staff of the u.s.-led combined u.s. task force said iraqi security forces continue to control most of the key facilities. white house spokesperson eric schultz added that the coalition was doing their job. >> the u.s. coalition is performing the role that the president has envisioned and that we are focused on. >> reporter: the drama in the middle east unfolded in hours in which the white house promised an enhanced security posture for it is partners in the region to combat ongoing threats from countries like iran who have backed houthi rebels and disrupted shipping lanes in the gulf.
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still, the summit failed to make the splash that the white house hoped for as four of the six leaders invited skipped the event, including the king of bahrain who opted to go to the horse show with the queen of england. >> they are going to pursue other alternatives and talk to russia and china about getting them involved for further protection. it's a real deterioration of america's posture in the middle east. >> you heard me mention iran in the piece. i want to share something with the viewers very quickly. the house overwhelmingly passed legislation that would give it the right to review and possibly reject any arms deal with the regime but we're told by the administration tonight that the white house set the president will in fact sign that into law. back to you. >> interesting. kevin corke live at the white house, thank you. up next $200 million for a website that doesn't work. and likely never will. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. kttv ines with much
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needed rain. flooding has occurred where more than 1.5 inches of rain has fallen. in phoenix, 92 puppies rescued from a puppy milk cared for by inmates. the focus is on getting those pups healthy, removing ticks and cleaning them up. the case is still under investigation. and this is a live look at new orleans from fox 8. the big story there is the king of blues is dead. b.b. king's 70-year career took him from poverty to traveling and playing at shows into his 80s. he gave a guitar to pope john paul ii and sang sweet home chicago with president obama. ♪ everybody let's have some fun ♪
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president obama observed national police week today by honoring officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. 131 officers died last year in the line of duty. he didn't specifically mention recent deaths of black suspects in police custody but called on americans to honor law enforcement heroes by working harder to heal risks in the communities they serve. the state is looking at a boone doggle. hawaii is coming to the realization that its obamacare website does not work and may not be worth fixing. >> reporter: this is hawaii's obamacare insurance website. it is where hawaiians line up to sign on for obamacare. the federal government awarded the state more than $204 million to build it. it's likely to shut down. hawaii is attempting to salvage
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the site called the hawaii health connector. the operators have a contingency plan. scrap it altogether. >> in the case of hawaii they have an exchange that they were not operating very well and the lack of political support in the state legislature to provide that financing so they are coming up empty. >> reporter: hawaii would join states like oregon with federal grants running out, the state exchanges have to be financially self-sufficient. many are looking to insurance companies to fund shortfalls. >> i think we will see further attrition among the existing state exchanges and more of them -- not all of them converting over to federal exchange status. >> reporter: obamacare state supporters in response to questions regarding the health of state exchanges, a spokesperson with the department of health and human services writes we remain committed to working with states to ensure that all americans have the ability to shop for quality,
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affordable health coverage. they will best serve their state's consumers in 2016 and beyond. >> other states are dealing with unexpected costs. massachusetts, colorado maryland and vermont are addressing cost overruns technical issues or issues with contractors. shannon? >> i know you'll stay on it. >> yep. >> thanks, rich. a bipartisan majority in the house passing nearly $612 billion defense spending bill despite president obama's veto threat. the white house disagrees with a host of provisions in the bill including calls forearming ukrainian forces fighting russian-backed russian-backed separatists. the helicopter in nepal has been found and the wreckage and there are likely no survivors from that crash. still ahead, kayaks versus
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an oil rig? the battle of arctic drilling takes over the port of seattle. first, from georgia to iowa the gop white house hopefuls are in full force making their pitch to voters.
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the clinton foundation funding questions have continued. host of fox's "media buzz," howard kurtz on the questions of objectivity that george stephanopoulos is facing. >> reporter: george stephanopoulos failed to disclose $75,000 to the clinton foundation. >> they were a matter of record but i should have made additional disclosures on air
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when we covered this and i believe that's a mistake. i should have gone the extra mile to avoid the appearance of a conflict. i apologize to all of you for failing to do that. >> reporter: the issue is especially sensitive because of the abc anchor's background as an operative and white house aide for bill and hillary clinton. even as he aggressively interviewed the author of "clinton cash". >> the clinton foundation says he haven't provided a shred of evidence. >> and talked about it on "the daily show." >> it's got to shape the thinking. >> right. >> reporter: some republicans were quick to call him bias. >> i think his bigger problem is his association with the clintons and given mrs. clinton's prominent role i wonder if he ought to sit this one out. >> he's now interviewing the guy ex exposing the clinton foundation. >> reporter: abc tells me that
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while stephanopoulos did not recuse himself from the presidential primary debate and will lead campaign coverage. this undermines his 18 years at the network to shred his partisan past. shannon? >> howard kurtz, thank you. republican contenders are trying to stand out against a growing crowd. mike emanuel has coverage on the 2016 round-up. >> reporter: likely candidate chris christie are in georgia speaking at the state party convention. rubio took center stage this afternoon calling for a new era. what we need is transformational leadership. the kind of leadership that allows this country to fully transition from yesterday to tomorrow and allows us to achieve what we -- what is within our reach to achieve. >> reporter: cruz addresses the group this evening with a push towards a unified southern regional s.e.c. primary, with
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increased interest in georgia. chris christie spoke about the challenges of leading a blue state and sounded close to announcing a white house run. >> people say lots of different things about me both good and bad. but what they will never say is this. no one will ever say, i wonder what chris christie is thinking. >> and it seems to me everybody, that might not only be good for what ale us at home and around the world. we need clarity and attention. >> reporter: they will shift tlear their attention to iowa. jeb bush ben carson carly fiorina, lindsey graham bobby jindal george perform ataki and raund paul and rick perry and rick santorum and donald trump and scott walker. >> they will get to meet the
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candidates and talk to them one on one which is the most important thing we do here in iowa. >> reporter: bush has indicated that he will not participate in the iowa straw poll but will make some effort here. walker is the early favorite in iowa after a strong showing at previous cattle calls. with that many hopefuls speaking it won't be easy to stand out. party officials say the opportunity to engage with and impress gop activists will be critical. shannon? >> mike emanuel on the road in iowa, thank you. next up in "the grapevine," a three ree on who gives the best advice for launching new graduates into the world. the answer may surprise students themselves.
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. graduation season is in full swing and one survey finds that liberals outnumber conservatives as commencement speakers. what is surprising is this headline in "the washington post." "why conservatives give better commencement speeches than liberals." the reason is simple. conservatives speak to grads as
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individuals, give shorter speeches with et abouterbetter stories and they are less likely to stick up to graduates. anthony scalia, an example of bluntness in 2010 depending on who you think you are. you the taxpayer have paid for european vacations you did not go on. some lawmakers are questioning money already spent. for example, a $275,000 study of tourism near the arctic circle. the nsf sent folks to norway to check it out. the head of the house science committee said a similar study could have been done in alaska. "americans are tired of writing a blank check to nsf to pay for foreign vacations." finally, love, this an outpouring of kindness.
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clarence returned home to an empty refrigerator. hungry and desperate, he called 911. >> whatever you can do to help i can't do anything. i can't go anywhere. i can't get out of my damn chair. >> this good deed went viral. so many people stepped in. he's got so much food now, he's sharing it with a local food bank. >> it was like a little miracle ringing in my ear and i thought, well jesus, you've answered all those prayers. >> he will soon have a home nurse to check on him twice a week. we thought you needed some good news. well in seattle, there's a battle brewing between a massive oil rig and tiny kayaks with tens of millions of dollars at stake. correspondent dan springer has the tale from the port of seattle. >> reporter: the polar pieoneer pulled in seattle's bay and
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there was no welcome mat. city councilman was there opposing it. >> this is about a peaceful protest, simply showing our opposition to their arrival. they are charging full steam ahead. >> reporter: shell is using the port of seattle for a staging area for the 20-vessel arctic operation, a place to load supplies and equipment before heading to the sea for the summer. last month, green peace activists illegally boarded the discoverer and the mayor tried to block it saying that it was invalid but they say alaskans don't get it. >> there are washingtonians that understand that alaska does it right, that we have protected our environment and continue to do that. >> when we don't have oil and gas infrastructure we can't provide jobs and services to our people. >> reporter: seattle stands to gain up to 700 jobs and over $30
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million. activists say it's not worth it according to shell's first attempt in 2012 when it ran aground and had to be scrapped. this week the interior department gave shell the green light with president obama on board. >> we're going to continue to use fossil fuels and when it can be done safely and appropriately, u.s. production of oil and natural gas is important. >> reporter: seattle plans on fining shell and the contractor doing the work but it's really just an annoyance for shell, costing $7 billion into the arctic exploration in hopes of tapping into 15 barrels of oil. shannon? >> dan springer in seattle, thank you. the dow jumped 20, s&p 500 was up 2, the nasdaq lost 2.5. the dow rose half of a percent and s&p grew by a third and
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nasdaq up shy of 1%. well the isis flag flying at a main government compound in ramadi. why the administration dismisses the gain as a propaganda victory. the all-star panel
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the momentum has been degraded and leadership cells pleasured and eliminated and supply lines severed. despite these successes, the president has made clear that there's going to be ebbs and flows in this fight, that this wouldn't ever be something short-term in duration. >> that is eric schultz, principle white house secretary commenting about isis and its progress or lack of progress as we get word that it has been very successful in the effort to take ramadi. jason is with "the wall street
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journal," charles lane opinion writer for "the washington post" and jonah goldberg at "the national review." welcome, gentlemen. how significant is this what we are hearing out of ramadi? >> it's very significant. what we just heard is a spin. pure and simple. it would be a huge setback. ramadi is in the anbar province the largest province in iraq and where the government still has control. so this would be a very big victory for isis. there's also a morale element here. we lost around 1300 soldiers and marines in anbar province after we went in in 2003. what are the families thinking about isis taking over what has happened in obama? what about the other soldiers who survived thinking about what occurred under this administration? i think this is a very big deal. >> this is not without warning. i mean for months we've been hearing that it was very possible that ramadi was in danger of being taken over at
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least in part. >> yes. in fact there were a mass exodus from ramadi at various points when the population became panicked by rumors that isis was on the way and then everybody moved back in because they thought isis had been repelled. i think it's a troubling development. i'm not sure it's quite the disaster yet that jason says. but i think it's wrong as some have been doing in the administration to dismiss it as a propaganda victory. because, after all, in a way that's what this war is all about, is propaganda. it's the ability of isis to project an image of strength and it's true they have taken a lot of hits from the u.s. air strikes. they have been degraded. but maybe in a way the message they are trying to send is even after taking all of the blows from the world's super power, we're still capable of penetrating ramadi and knocking over this government building. so what would impress me would be some evidence that the iraqi
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government is capable of an offensive. we'll see if they are able to pull that off. >> this area is significant for a number of reasons. but for the press secretary to stand up and say this on the day that we're hearing the same news is it some kind of disconnect for you? >> no. i agree with jason that it's absolutely a spin and i agree with charles that we don't know for sure that they are on the verge of taking ramadi. we just don't know yet. but there's another thing that's going on here which is that the more it even appears that isis is having success in anbar province and ramadi, the more difficult it is to rally the sunni tribes together to stand up and resist isis and it becomes all the more inviting for them to sort of cut deals and get co-opted by isis and at
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the same time it's all against the backdrop of obama's attempt to taunt iran. you're never going to get the sunni tribes to stand up and fight isis if a, they think the iraqi government is just simply a puppet of iran or, b, if they think their choice is between being led by sunni rebels or being led by rebels who are shia. there's a huge diplomatic political program that this creates if there is even a sense that isis is going to take over the anbar province. >> to the point of giving them reassurances of course the president this week met with members of the gulf state. we want to hear more about what he said about the effort to draw them together and make them feel that we are a trustworthy ally in this. >> and the tensions in the region and resolving the devastating conflicts will require a broader dialogue one that includes iran and its gcc
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neighbors. so a key purpose of bolstering the capacity of our gcc partners is to ensure that our partners can deal with iran politically diplomatically from a position of confidence and strength. >> jason, they certainly don't seem at least publicly to have confidence in our ability to assist them or willingness to assist them. >> i think the president is worried. i think this whole summit was a sign of desperation. these arab states do not feel we'll have their back and it's been very interesting to watch. sunni arab states sort of move away from obama's position and towards israel's position when it comes to this eastern deal. they think a nuclear iran is untenable. i think it's a sign of desperation by the president. let's remember another huge diplomatic fail is syria, where we learned that assad still has chemical weapons and is still using them on civilians. remember that red line? that's one of the reasons he's
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having difficulty. >> syria is actually gaining territory. it may be on its heels in iraq. it may not be but it's gaining strength in syria. >> and the president was very clear about that being a red line. we talked about it a number of times. what does it signal to people much close ner that neighborhood to all of those threats? out of syria, out of iran? >> i think people all over the world were a little flabbergasted when the president backed off that red line going back many months now. this gcc meeting is a disaster. it was supposed to be a high-level summit involving the king of saudi arabia he snubbed the president. >> we thought he was coming. >> he said he was coming. the white house announced he was coming and then he said after all, i've got to take care of something at home. >> catch up on "dontown abbey". >> there seems to be that the
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president has a deliverable, a security guarantee that he was able to present to them in writing in some form or fashion at camp david and we don't know how but that disappeared. when they got the impression that he was just going to have a talk with them they bailed out. and so the atmosphere of this is deliberately contentious on the part of the gcc towards obama and we'll have to see how that plays out. this is an extremely unsettled moment in the middle east. >> all right. more on that ahead. but also up next we'll talk about the deadly train crash that sparked a political debate and we'll talk about the clinton foundation donations and also the panel's winners and losers. the lightning round is next.
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at the president's budget level, $825 million, that was voted down. >> listen you know they started this yesterday and it's all funding. well obviously it's not about funding. the train was going twice the speed limit. adequate funds were there. no money has been cut from rail safety. >> all right. we are back with our panel. let's start off with amtrak. we are getting updates from ntsb who was running the train at the time. there may have been a rock or shot fired at the train. a lot of things developing minute by minute. something that's not developing is well established in reading so much about government assessment about amtrak's going. i had no idea because i ride all the time it loses so much money. it's never broken even. it's always lost money. >> they predicted that it was going to break even in three years. it always loses money. it will never be profitable.
1:51 am
and i find this entire spectacle ghoulish and outrageous. talk about positive train control which was not on that -- was not missing from that train because of a lack of funding. it was a technological issue but the idea that this accident makes the case for high speed rail on the west coast is absolutely insane. all high speed rail does is loses money at three times the rate of conventional rail. >> the numbers don't lie. these are government agencies, nonpartisan agencies, chuck that have said, for example that they're losing $80 million a year on food service and that 7 million of that, they say, is from employees food. it's not that good. i don't know about stealing it if jason had it jason nos what i'm talking about. it's not worth stealing. >> i find it ghoulish as it were over the dead bodies of so many people. having said that i think the case is strong for the northeast corridor for passenger rail. it's densely populated.
1:52 am
there are a lot of stops. the ridership is up. but the system wide subsidy is obviously a big waste of federal money and congress interferes with the spending to make sure it goes from this district to that district. they don't even get the maximum out of the money that they do spend. i want to sail one other thing about rail. it's 19th century technology fundamentally the idea that wire going to move large number of people through these trains is just not on. the reason it's going to lose money is we have trains and planes and cars to compete with them. frankly the bus competes pretty well in the northeast corridor as well. the next thing coming literally down the road is a driverless automobile. so it seems to me people are talking about we have got to pour more money into amtrak need to explain why with the exception of northeast corridor all these new technologies aren't going to render it obsolete probably within 10 or 15 years. >> i must remind everyone this is the lightning round. i'm going to go on to next
1:53 am
topic, jason. this is what george stephanopoulos has had to say in the wake of allegations that he gave 7 a thousandness donations to the clinton foundation while also grilling a man who wrote a book about the clinton foundation. >> over the last several years, i have made substantial donations to dozens of charities. including the clinton global foundation. those donations were a matter of public record. i should have made additional disclosures on air when we covered the foundation. i now believe not uncovering foundation was a mistake. >> he should have disclosed. if he violated some policy for not doing that he should be punished for not doing that i have no problem with that. claiming george stephanopoulos' scalp it might make some production happy it's not republicans happy. 89% of the media are in the tank for democrats. get george stephanopoulos off the debates. is he not going to be
1:54 am
replaced by george will or jonah goldberg. that is fundamentally the issue here. so let him apologize. also, you know, george stephanopoulos is a very established figure. he has been around for 20 years in public life. i find it hard to think there are a lot of people out there who give him a pass for former democratic operative helping democrats get elected drawing the line at this donation. >> donation directly connected to a story that you are doing? chuck? >> well, that was the problem. when he said this on jon stewart. he said people are giving money to the clinton foundation to buy access. that seems rather different in hindsight doesn't it. george stephanopoulos has himself raised the question like were you buying access by giving this money? i think he has a still more explaining in his future. >> he wool quickly work through our winners and losers starting with you jonah on this friday. >> my winner is the bill de blasio wing of the democratic party which has successfully pushed hillary clinton who is running essentially unopposed ever further to the left, that's
1:55 am
a really remarkable thing and my loser this week is senator sherri rod brown. i call him sherrod,. >> instead of. >> calling president obama by elizabeth warren by her first name was sexist. desperate hail merry pass lame as all get out and sherrod should know better. >> okay, chuck. >> my winner this week is congressman jim sensenbrenner republican of wisconsin and fellow spawn sores of the u.s.a. freedom act which passed in the house to win the nmpleted sa one day revolt against the trade promotion authority that immediately collapsed. >> jason? >> my loser of the week is jeb bush for repeatedly filibuster ago question about his brother and the war that he had to know was coming and will continue to come. it confirms the biggest fear of his backers is that his last name will be a liability. my winner of the week is
1:56 am
palestinian authority mahmoud abbas for getting the vad can for acknowledging the palestinian state it this understanding that israel is standing in the way of peace in the middle east. >> the understanding deflate-gate and the odds tom brady gets out of the
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niblely tonight tom brady is appealing his four game suspension after allegations of deflate gate after full it over we're not sure that's the best move. >> tom brady should be punished football tampering at the center of deflate-gate. he likely faces a suspension during which he will be forced to stay home, spend time with his wife and stair in stare in the mirror contemplating what he has done. tom brady, ready to learn his lesson. >> you all want the same punishment, don't you? all three of you.
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all right. thank you so much for inviting us into your home tonight. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. greta goes "on the record" right now. welcome to the special edition of "hannity" race relations in the obama era. in 2008 america took part in an historic election, pro-0 pelling barack obama, the first black president in to office with a sizable majority. many hoped the president would be the uniting force that we desperately needed. seven years later, the country is anything but united. tonight with the help of a studio audience we will analyze racial tensions and look for solutions. as a reminder this is what we saw and heard during the baltimore riots. [ sirens ] breaking news now