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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 16, 2015 12:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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fnc. that is it for my panel. and thank you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. a fox news alert. american commandos mount a daring raid taking out a senior leader of the slauktislamic state in a fears battle. killed the commander in charge of the oil and operations. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> we are told no american troops were killed or injured. john is live in jerseyja roos jerusalem
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with more. >> reporter: the raid was dangerous and risky but being called at this point a success. as far as the isis commander his name is abu saed and being described as isisce isis's cfo. basically in charge of the financial operations oil and gas. and it was a dramatic raid. force members were air dropped deep into isis territory in eastern syria near an area the al amar oil fields one of the biggest in syria again under isis control. they got into a fire fight. they tried to fight back and were killed along with at least a dozen other isis militants according to our sources on the ground. and we're also hearing there may have been hand to hand combat. so this was a very dramatic and
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intense operation. they also captured his wife unsayaf. and they rescued that young woman who had apparently been taking as a trade. and they were able to get that woman out of there. and his wife is said to have been involved heavily involved in isis's human trafficking operations. so intelligence officials are hoping to glean information from her. spite this being called -- albeit a dangerous and risky operation, despite it being called a success at this point isis continues to gain ground in syria and iraq. >> and they have also taken the city of armani in western iraq. what are they doing to try to fight back? >> reporter: we're hearing from our sources that three iraqi
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combat battalions are set up on the outskirts of ra mrksmadi and planning to launch a defense. the problem is isis since april captured the northern and eastern sections of the city. and yesterday the militants blasted their way in using suicide car boom attacks into the center of the city raising that ominous black flag. and at this point also the growing humanitarian crisis. thousands as we've been seeing in dramatic images trying to escape the violence. men, women and children gathering anything and everything they can carry. and one thing we're hearing from our sources, very disturbing is that isis militants have been executing those people trying to escape including women and children. it is a very dire situation. we are monitoring what's happened to see if those
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battalions are indeed going to launch the offensive and if they will be able to take ramadi from isis miltons. >> so much to talk about here. thank you very much. and while the pentagon is confirming the death of a top isis commander in sere,yria e our next guest says operations by u.s. forces raise several new questions about fighting the terror group. now let's take a look at some key points on america's antiterror raid. last night president obama opened the door for raids on isis in iraq and syria. last july the u.s. launched a secret raid in syria to try to rescue james foley and other hostage, only to find they had been moved. foley's isis captors eventually killed him and a professor being held in yemen. and back in 2008 special forces killed a syrian terror leader linked to al qaeda and smuggled
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fighters weapons and cash into iraq. from the fox weather center now, more severe weather likely across the plains this weekend. right now they are mopping up in the houston area where several inches fell throughout the week. flooding roads, cutting people off from their homes. let's get the latest from meteorologist jenna seem. >> i think i saw a snake in there as well which sometimes happens when you have flooding. flooding is one of the if issues as is the threat or severe weather including hail and damaging winds. this is tornado watch in effect here for portions of the texas and oklahoma pan handles. and south and east of amarillo we have a tornado here. this is doppler radar indicated with some rotation here. looks like a severe thunderstorm warning. so they are starting to pop. we do think we have the
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potential for a severe weather outbreak. and even outside of the watch box we have a tornado warning in the wyoming. it is going to effect a lot of real estate this system over the weekend. from the rockyies colder than average. behind it warmer than average. and the all the ingredients we talk about for the athlete of severe weather are here across tornado alley. the orange and red is where we think everything comes together. but still we could see tornado watches and warnings extending from the texas big end area to the upper midwest. and again focused in on this area we could see the real real damaging wind and hail and tornado threats. tomorrow we're still not out of woods. little rock duluth minnesota. and snow behind the system. several inches for parts of the northern plains. watching the cold front mid way
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through sunday snow flying across the rockies and moving into the monday. look at this. i mean incredible amounts of snow across portions of canada into the northern plains. all of those fwreents and it is going to be quite a dynamic system for the next 48 hours. but this is typically where we look for threat of tornados in may and we are on par of having a busy tornado may. >> wow. incredible to see snow this time of year. >> yes, ma'am. >> all right. thank you very much. >> u.s. regulators are ordering amtrak to improve the safety of its route after tuesday's deadly crash in philadelphia. the federal rail service must now ensure automatic speed control systems are in use on northbound trains and assess the risk of curves in the track. this comes as the fbi looks into whether an object hit the trains windshield movements before it derailed. a crew member reported hearing the engineer saying it had been
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struck. but he remembers nothing from right before the train went off the tracks. two other trains in the area were damaged by flying objects around the same time of the accident. >> dozens of pangssengers are still recovering. we're going to hear live from philadelphia with stories and the latest on the investigation. plus officials on the scene of another deadly passenger train crash. what led up to the tragic accident? let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. (dog) mmmm. we've been together since 2012. dinner is absolutely our favorite time together. i do notice that sometimes i eat better
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school's sports arena earlier this morning has died. he was set to graduate this weekend. and mixed reaction to a new york city measure requires most office high-rises to turn off the lights at night as a way to cut energy costs. according to a poll 71% of the new yorkers like the idea but some are concerned that it could make the city less safe it a night. more now on our top story. the pentagon saying u.s. forces killed an isis commander during a raid over night in eastern syria. the leader's wife is now in custody and being interrogated. defense secretary says no u.s. forces were killed or injured. casey mcfarland thank you very much. outline it for our viewers how significant this kill is in the fight against isis. >> well it is a couple of things.
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one, it is probably quite significant not just because you killed a bad guy. it is always a good day when you kill a terrorist, especially an isis terrorist. but it is probably very significant for intelligence gathering. who was this guy? referred to as their chief finance officer. he is in charge of their oil revenues and that is a big part of isis's funding. so not only have they gotten rid of this guy but my guess is by taking his wife who was an integral part of the operation and also whatever intelligence they may have gotten laptop thumb drives we have an indication how they move money. how they get it and hoouf it. and that is a critical part because we are not going to defeat isis by boots on the ground. looking at the vulnerabilities and particularly financing. >> interesting you mentioned t boots on the ground. obama's mission was not to allow u.s. troops boots on the ground. so there are several reasons why this kill makes you nervous. i want to ask do you believe
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that the operation was too risky? >> well you don't know. i'm not reading the intelligence. obviously the president made a tough call. and i give him full credit for it. it all went -- seems to have gone perfectly. i give american special forces full credit for a perfect job. the problem is if something had gone wrong. we could have seen a blackhawk down situation. if americans taken prisoner ransomed. we can imagine the horrible videos. there is alws that downside risk. i guess what i want to know is where are we going with this? the president keeps saying no boots on the ground but this was boots on the ground. are we going to have a more significant involvement of american combat forces or is this a one time thing? those are big questions. because when we got those wrong julie in vietnam and afghanistan and iraq we got into trouble and we don't want to make that same mistake yet again. >> the raid was supposed to be a snatch and grab mission to capture abu alive.
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it was not the plan to kill him but because he fought back there was a gun exchange and that is what happened. but would we have been more useful alive than dead? >> you don't know. clearly they have got the wife and she is unlike most women in isis who really don't have a significant role. >> she's involved. >> and she has knowledge. and at a minimum she is going to know who came to that house. >> my assumption is the reason they did this raid instead of a drone strike is they wanted to gather intelligence. >> u.s. forces have his wife in custody. she also has knowledge specifically having to do with human trafficking. how might they use her to gain intelligence? and whose going to be doing the
12:46 pm
interrogation? she is currently in custody in iraq. >> american forces in iraq. she is not going to guantanamo bay but interrogated by american forces. presumably iraqi forces as well. depends how much she cooperates but she would be able to identify other key leaders. one of the things that isis has been so mysterious to to us. their leader al baghdadi we've only seen a couple of times. we know he's active charismatic but we don't know a lot about where he is or how e operates. he also don't know about the hierarchy. the key leaders, where are they? how are day moving around? she presumably would have information. >> we just need to give huge props to the u.s. special ops that went in there because this was so dangerous and none of them were killed with a battle with isis militants, 12 of whom were actually killed. and what does this say about our
12:47 pm
pre planned attacks on isis and syria? and does i mean we're making significant gains? >> good point because on the ground we are not making gains. key cities have fallen to isis. they remain in isis hands. ramadi is in combat now. isis could have control of that. they do have control of key oil facilities and refineries and fields. so we are not winning the battle on the ground. the question is are there other ways to win the war. the iraqi forces are on the ground and the shiite militias are on the ground. we're providing intelligence and equipment. and as you have seen we've just had this one successful raid. my question where does this two from here? is this one successful operation or the beginning of a deeper american involvement with the forces in the region? >> always great to have you on. thank you so much. a teenager overcoming
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of all the high school pole vault thing, one gets a lot of attention, but not an easy sport. imagine what if you did it while blind? meet charlotte brown. she is a senior in texas who took the bronze medal at the high school pole vaulten championships and, yes, she is blind. now, to make the vault, she
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counts her steps and then a beeper goes off, and tells her when to plant the pole. incredible incredible. charlotte cleared 11 feet 6 inches and accepted her medal alongside her trusty service dog. that is incredible. >> very inspiring. >> absolutely. well a new app is fighting crime and saving lives by helping people alert their family and friends in the event of an emergency and captures digital forensics bringing criminals to justice. here to explain, founder of kevin, good to see you. tell me how does this new technology work in terms of alerting people to be safeguarding their lives, their families? tell me about it. >> well so what -- thank you, first of all, kelly, for having me on. what we found is that it seems like crime is escalating and we need better ways to augment how
12:53 pm
we go about captures criminals and bringing them to justice. so basically if we were to develop a smartphone app, that would be easy intuitive. users can actually activate the smartphone themselves two simple buttons, somebody as young as 5 years old, or up to 85 years old should be able to use that, basically choosing which button would be most appropriate for the circumstance. both buttons do the exact same thing. they activate your safety net, the people you designate at people would, that love you, your family and friends coming to support you in relative times of distress. essentially the difference is the panic button actually has an audible alert to sort of bring attention to your relative at that time. >> and would we hear that if you pushed that or cause people to come to your rescue while on live tv? we don't want that to happen. >> if i hit my button my safety net is activated, a few of my friends, family loved ones and
12:54 pm
would know exactly where i am right at this second. >> wow. >> fundamentally, two things we've done here. so it isolates and provides the exact location of where you are at that second. and it tells your safety net where you are, and number two, it delivers the actual video of the incident. whatever that was. >> kevin, how does this -- help in terms it of neighborhood and community policing? i understand some sheriff's department are already getting behind this new app? >> yeah. ideally what you have is the ability for personal for your own personal safety. now actually what we have additionally is when you see suspicious activity we have buttons here along the bottom. one for the a still photo and one for video where you can actually use that to document suspicious activity. now, understand kelly, this app is cloud based. essentially it's a black box of your incidents. no one can take it from you. no one can ask you to delete the
12:55 pm
file or delete the video or anything like that. essentially everything is streamed directly to the cloud. so what happens is as you collect suspicious activity within your community or within the neighborhood, then that's, that can be later used to actually put together a case against people that you know they're in the neighborhood that are wreaking havoc or doing other thing that are suspicious and within the neighborhood. >> kevin mcgary. bottom line is that if i get my family hooked up with this app, this mysafetynet. i can use technology to warn my family what's going on with me and they can do the same as well? >> absolutely. it's available in the app store and in googleplay and anyone were use it absolutely. >> wow. kevin, very good. see technology coming forward to help with crime prevention. thank you very much. >> thank you. people across the country helping a starving veteran in north carolina now. the reason 81-year-old clarence
12:56 pm
blackmon returned home earlier after months in the hospital for cancer treatments only to discover his refrigerator was empty. so he called 911 for help. >> i was hungry. i feel hungry. a lot of people can't say that but i have. you know and i cannot stand to see anybody go hungry. >> so with her supervisor's permission marilyn hansen bought groceries and delivered them to mr. blackmon with the help of police officers from fayetteville. blackmon soon will have a nurse check on him wait to a week. >> a good deed. >> definitely. american boots on the ground. carrying out a surprise raid. and that more coming up, next. go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat,
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a fox news alert. u.s. military delivering a huge blow to isis in syria mounting a daring raid that ended with the death of a top terror leader. hello everyone. good afternoon, welcome to a brand new hour inside "america's news hq." >> and carrying out the daring operation overnight. the raid killing wung of inging one of the group's top leaders, captures his wife and rescues a woman held as slave. the u.s. has been conductsing air strikes in syria since last year but this is only the second time troops have actually carried out a raid on the ground. live in washington we have the latest details about this. molly, quite a daring thing.
1:01 pm
>> reporter: very much so kelly. president obama is praising the u.s. special operations forces and army delta commando team in this case that carried out the risky operation overnight against the islamic state terror group or isis. the president had to give the go-ahead for the raid and today his national security council put out statement saying "as commander in chief, the president is grateful tore the brave u.s. personnel who carried out this complex mission as well as iraqi authorities for support of the operation and for the use of their facilities which contributed to its success." the united states will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our iraqi partners in our effort to degrade and ultimately destroy isil." u.s. forces went in to a site in eastern syria tried to grab a senior isis leader abu sayaf and his wife. he put up a fight was killed and his wife captured in u.s.
1:02 pm
military detention in iraq. one fox military analyst says this raid is a step in the right direction in the fight against isis. >> i hope it encourages them to do more because we're not truly putting the kind of pressure on the isis leaders as we did in iraq when they were al qaeda in iraq or the taliban in afghanistan. that would be significant, if we able to step this up and do this routinely. >> reporter: the general says it's us military also likely gained a good bit of intelligence from the electronic devices and material the delta commando team picked up from the location where they found sayaf and his wife. kelly? >> reporting from washington, thank you, molly. r. the fbi now looking at damage to the windshield of the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia. looking to see if it was hit by some kind of object. this before it went off the tracks. two other trains were both hit by objects around the same time
1:03 pm
in the same area causing window damage. the engineer of the derailed amtrak train saying he still cannot remember anything in the minutes before the crash. brian yennous has more in philadelphia. >> reporter: hi julie. exactly right. the fbi had a presence here on the crash site from the very beginning but the ntsb asked them to analyze the lower left portion of the windfield for amtrak train 188, particularly a circular break that could have resulted from someone throwing or shooting something into the windshield. before the train crashed tuesday 9:21. an assistant conductor in the cafe car says she overheard the engineer talking by radio to a local septa train engineer they had both been hit by something before the derailment. >> she waumed edrecalled the septa engineer reported to the train
1:04 pm
dispatcher he had either been hit by a rock or shot at. and that the septa engineer said in a he had a broken windshield and placed his train into emergency stop. >> reporter: flou,if true a total of three trains were hit by some object in the area of the crash within 20 minutes of one another. the front windshield of a septa local train traveling to trenton was reportedly headed around 9:10 forcing that train into an emergency stop. a passenger onboard tells me he saw amtrak 188 race by his train and heard the crash minutes later. >> the train went by. no big deal. when the crash happened, and it was coupled with the conductors explaining that there had been a derailment, at that point, yeah everyone was surprised and shocked, and went to their cell phones trying to find out what was going on.
1:05 pm
>> reporter: now before the septa train passenger madison calver witnessed a southbound amtrak 723 train. >> working on my laptop following um with e-mails. all of a sudden a crash didn't see what happened everything was destroyed, enough so that the damage was -- [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: the new revelation brings on a whole new set of questions. also including, what exactly were these objects if they were even thrown or shot. the other thing, could a flying object maybe have interfered with the engineer brandon bostian, causing a chain reaction? the 32-year-old, remember was concussed and remembers nothing about the event shortly before the derailment and the ntsb says he's been extremely cooperative.
1:06 pm
they don't know what causesed the train to accelerate and double the speet limitd limit minutes before the crash and speaking of rail equipment, the federal railroad association today ordering amtrak to really heighten all of their safety in the northeast corridor. their busiest section in the country. they've ordered amtrak to ensure automatic speed control systems, those technology that automatically stop as train from speeding on curves be installed on all northbound trains. the sad irony here is that there was a northbound train that had had -- the southbound train had the technology. but the northbound train did not, and that unfortunately, could have prevented this tragedy. now, they also are asking amtrak to increase speed limit signage for engineers along with re-assessing all curves that could be dangerous. the ceo for amtrak recognizes its their fault and they take full responsibility and hope to
1:07 pm
have these technologies in place, at least the positive train control, by the end of the year. julie? >> thank you very much. that safety system he was speaking about a calmed positive train control, and in 2008 congress actually mandated that amtrak install that nationwide but unfortunately, there are many tracks that still do not have that in place. why? what can congress do to make our tracks safer? we'll have much much more on this when joined by congressman jeff denim of california. he is chair of the subcommittee on railroads, pipelines and hazardous materials. he visited the crash site earlier this week. i'll speak to him live in a few moments. so stay tuned. now to a disturbing new report affecting our national safety. the homeland security department's watchdog revealing the department actually failed to keep track how many times it used prosecutorial discretion to justify the release of illegal immigrants. chief intelligence correspondent's is following this story from washington. >> reporter: according to the
1:08 pm
homeland security department's internal watchdog despite a $21 billion investment it's impossible to assess whether the obama administration has made the deportation of criminals a priority because the department is not adequately tracking the data. the 22-page report investigated prosecutorial discretion. the ability 67 agents to identify individuals as a security risk and deport them on an expedited basis. republican ron johnson is the chairman of the senate homeland security committee. >> the main point is that the department of homeland security is not collecting the data, the information they actual think need actually need for in policy. >> agents said in many cases they can't access an individual's criminal history. "as a result aliens convicted of or want ford a felony in their home country but not convicted of a significant misdemeanor in the united states may not be
1:09 pm
identified as a dhs priority." the administration said republicans are also to blame. >> we need to better prioritize our resources. not augmented because republicans in the house of representatives blocked it. >> reporter: senator johnson says this chart shows the number of unaccompanied chin exploded from 10,000 in 2012 to more than 50,000 last year after the obama administration implemented daca. deferred action for childhood arrival. >> that was caused by u.s. policy and that's something this administration doesn't want to really admit. >> reporter: a senior homeland security official emphasized prosecutorial discretion is not a one-shot deal. there are many chances to deport someone built into the system's in a statement, a department spokesman said they're creating a more centralized database. >> kathryn harris in washington. thank you. spring is bringing a whole lot more than just showers. it's delivering a nasty punch of wind and hail across a huge
1:10 pm
stretch of the country. senior meteorologist janice dean joins us live from the weather center. talking snow before but spring is really sprung a lot of nasty weather all over the place. >> absolutely. it's the clash of the two air masses julie, we look for. especially in may where we typically see the most tornadoes nap is what is happening this month. we have tornado watches here for parts of texas through oklahoma and then our latest one moving into the central plains until 9:00 p.m. local time. this for portions of kansas here and you can see the snow on the back side of this. that's how dynamic this system is. over a foot in the mountains, and right now we have a couple of tornado warnings in and around the shamrock texas area on i-40. so people are urged to take shelter immediately. this is going to be ongoing throughout the afternoon and the evening, into the overnight, as these storms start to fire up and potential for a severe weather outbreak underway.
1:11 pm
radarestation radarestation, over a foot of rain in the past 48 hours and more rain in store for the regions. we had a tremendous drought across texas. that's being wiped out by all of this rain. so that's the good news. the bad news is all of this rain is coming in a short period of time. the ground is saturated, it has nowhere to go. flash flooding is occurring and imminent. here's your severe weather setup we looked for as the cold front moves in. on the back side snow. over rockies and northern plains into monday there's our severe threat across much of the central u.s. ahead of it very warm unstable air, and we've got all of that moisture moving from from the gulf of mexico and dynamics again for potential of tornadoes for the central u.s. with that cold pocket of air aloft that we need. winter storm advisories for the rockies, in through colorado and new mexico. over a foot of snow is possible. jumy you're a skier, you can appreciate this julie, maybe it is getting a little old. back to you.
1:12 pm
>> not in my neck of the woods. really does me no good. plus i returned the kids' season skis. >> you can always fly. >> yeah. not so crazy about flying. that's the only problem. all right, janice dean thank you very much. i have a bit of aerophobia. not sure if you're aware. >> i wasn't aware. >> i don't like to fly so much. >> okay. >> all right. >> all right. stick with us. continuing coverage on that daring ground raid against the islamic state in eastern syria ending with the death of a senior isis commander. >> and patriots quarterback tom brady going on the offensive over deflategate, but will he be able to fight his suspension? we'll talk about it with our legal panel, next.
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back to our top story now. u.s. commandos mounting a daring raid against isis in the eastern syria area killing one of the group the top leaders in a dramatic firefight. they also captured his wife and we are told no americans were hurt in the battle. all of this comes as syrian state media reports government forces have killed at least 40 isis fighters in a separate attack on the country's largest oil field held by the terror group. talk now with about all of this with captain chuck nash retired navy captain and the fox news military analyst.
1:17 pm
captain, good of you to join us. does this show we're on the right track -- first of all, congratulations on the success and without injuries to american forces. >> extremely well done by the delta forces guys and the other thing that heartens me over this is the fact that the intelligence was so good. we had had a couple intelligence failures and in that game it's really hard to call them failures because it's just so doggone hard. but this one came off without a hitch. okay. they kim add guy, but the choice was capture or kill and they couldn't take him alive, so they at least they got rit of him and he's no longer sucking oxygen. that's good, too. >> the other thing. they were able to retrieve information on a computer. what might that tell us about isis? >> yeah. well that could be the key to opening more doors and maybe
1:18 pm
even if we had captured him alive, were counting on his testimony and his recollections, because what this could show us kelly, is it could open the doors to the distribution channel for their petroleum products they were selling ill lice italy on the black market. who were they sell to? where can the funding sources? who were those people? and if i were one of those guys or one of those companies that has been dealing with these people i'm going to be looking over my shoulder and i'm going to be waiting for a knock on the door in the middle of the night. there are some bad people coming to see me. >> we've been talking about the wife of this gentleman, abu sayyaf. talking about his wife and the fact that she was the head of the human trafficking for isis. what might we learn from her about the operations of isis? >> well, i think her part of this might be just the insider information that one can only
1:19 pm
get by being intimately close to a principle in the organization. who does he talk to? how do they communicate? not only the communications devices or methodology that they figured out from the raid that they grabbed when they were there, but talking to someone who lived 24/7 in that close proximity to somebody in that senior leadership position you're going to come away with priceless information you could get from the no other source. >> captain, let me be clear. i said gentleman. they is not a gentleman at all. >> no not quite. >> more savage than anything at all. >> not quite. >> you see providing a lot of intel as live umm sayyaf? his wife? >> yeah therefore people probably spoke freerly around her, because what was she going to do about it? people hear things see things.
1:20 pm
in close proximity showing that gal pictures. have you ever seen this guy? seen that guy? we're going to collect a lot of intel from these people. >> and the sad part is that she will return to her family but there are so many yasidis captured? >> yeah but what they undertook, it's so risky to do something like that. to go behind enemy line into enemy territory, with a small group. although well trained and heavily armed, to try to get back there and do that kind of a thing, i mean it's really a gutsy move but that's why we have those guys and i hope we wind up doing more of this because we've got to keep these bad guys looking over their shoulder and having more security around them because that's less fighters out in the field, if they're protecting themselves. >> captain, you're right, as
1:21 pm
always. the main thing, make sure intelligence is right. it worked this time. worked really well. >> absolutely. captain nash. >> thank you. >> you bet. we will continue to bring you breaking details on that ground operation in syria taking out a tom isis commander. also another twist in the amtrak investigation. a cracked windshield leading to questions about whether someone was trying to hit the train and with what. plus new england patriots quarterback tom bramddy fighting back against a suspension in deflategate. does he have a chance? our legal panel weighs in, next.
1:22 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪ fox news alert. new detail on today's dramatic raid in syria against isis. the u.s. delta force taking out one of the terror group's top leaders and captures his wife. meantime coalition forces today continue to attack isis targets in syria and iraq. all of this as iraq's military sends reinforcements to help
1:26 pm
fight against isis and the embattled city of ramadi. live in our middle east bureau we have more details. >> reporter: kelly, at this point we're hearing from iraqi military sources telling fox news there are three iraqi military combat battalions on the outskirts of ramadi gearing up to launch a major ground offensive to try to retake ra maud fri those isis militants. we know yesterday they blasted their way into the city center with car bomb attacks, suicide attacks against targeting iraqi security forces police and also targeting government buildings. now, this is a fight that's been going on since april. isis militants captured the northern -- eastern sections of the city but on thursday isis launched this ground offensive, and friday took the center of ramadi. this is very dangerous, because ramadi is in a strategic location. it's 70 miles west of baghdad. it's along a major transportation corridor and
1:27 pm
tonight the humanitarian crisis continues. there are thousands of people fleeing. men, women and children families trying to get out and escape the violence. so this remains an ongoing critical fight. in another major development, we've been talking about this all night. news came out today, as we've been reporting, that the u.s. army delta force commandos launched a raid deep into isis territory in eastern syria near an oil field. one of the main oil fields isis controls in syria. they got into a firefight and killed a man named abu sayyaf u.s. officials say was in charge of isis' financial operations. some describe him as the cfo of isis controlling both the oil and gas flow and basically, the money flow in terms of isis operations. during the raid an intense firefight happened. 12 other isis militants were reportedly killed. some in hand to hand combat. an intense fight.
1:28 pm
also abu sayyaf's wife also captured in under u.s. military control right now and is being questioned and she is said to be involved in the human trafficking operations that isis has been involve ared in including sex slavery. those u.s. commandos also were able to capture, they were able to rescue a young yisidi woman enslaved by these people the sayyafs. the command others got out unscathed. a dangerous and risk operation but a success. the critical fight continues in ramadi and remains a very dire situation there. so basically, kelly, we're waiting to see when this ground offensive is going to be launched by the iraqi military forces and will they gain and take back any ground from isis there? kelly? >> thank you. keep us updated. john hutty.
1:29 pm
>> reporter: will do. malt pell people reporting some kind of object hit their train in the same general time and area as the amtrak train that derailed tuesday. the fbi is involve ared and checking damp to the windshield of the amtrak train as you can see there. the crash killed eight people and injured more than 200. federal regulators now ordering safety improvements along the busy northeast corridor. joining us now for the very latest on the developments california congressman jeff denim is chairman of the sub commit on railroads, pipelines and hazardous materials. thank you so much for talking to us and i understand that you visited the crash site on wednesday. in fact, we have a couple pictures of talking with investigators there. did you see any evidence of the windshield damage? >> i did, and those were some of the questions we were asking both the ntsb director as well as fra directors there, was specifically what hit the
1:30 pm
windshields and what was the impact of it? >> incredible. i have been reading reports in the past that in this exact same section of the track, that people had been known to throw rocks at trains in this particular section of the route. have you heard of that? >> no. i haven't heard of it but we are still very focused on the fact that this train was going 106 miles an hour. well over double what is rated during that section. >> right. >> and we have concerns that there's either human or mechanical error in this. >> yeah. and a lot of the concern is whether or not the amtrak engineer was distracted somehow. now investigators need to conclude whether a hit on the windshield is reason for distraction, considering he has no memory of the train accelerating over 100 miles per hour before turning that curve and derailing. how do investigators figure out if it was human error or if it was a rock or somebody shot at
1:31 pm
this trant, which then distracted the engineer? >> yeah. it was a new train. the train had only been in service for just over a year. >> yep. >> so we are looking at the mechanical aspects of this and certainly with the cameraened a the black box on the train, we expect to have a full investigation-of-this. you know such a horrific accident. you know people are going to demand answers. the family members that lost loved ones are going to demand answers, and we need to make sure this full investigation happens to make sure it never happens again. >> that is the goal on top of trying to figure out what caused this. prevent this from ever happening again. the federal railroad administration says this was amtrak's ninth derailment this year alone. in 2008 you know congress mandated a safety system known at positive train control to be installed across amtrak by the end of 2015. here we are, we're in 2015 and only a few of the nation's lines actually have it in place. why is that? >> women, part of it is the federal communal cases agency
1:32 pm
has not given them full authority on the northeast corridor. we expect amtrak to be working with the administration to put this in place immediately. it should have been done already and, in fact on this curve, automatic train control, the sister of positive train control, was put in place on the other side of the curve. >> that's right. >> we're making sure it gets implemented now immediately. >> and this is the northeast corridor where the accident happened. that happens, by the way, to the amtrak's busiest stretch. what can congress do to help get thissafety system put in place nationwide whip know delays so that this never happens again? >> we've allocated the money. many times amtrak switches that money to different areas, different parts of country or spends it on different things. we have a mandate they actually fulfill the commitment of positive train control and not wait until there's another accident. in a couple years, a couple years ago, metro north with a
1:33 pm
similar type accident and they should have had positive train control there at that time. they do now. we can't continue to wait until there's an accident before we put the mandates that congress has put in place. >> what more do you know about the amtrak engineer? he apparently has been extremely cooperative, he has smichted blood submitted blood test answering as many questions as he possibly can. unfortunately, he just doesn't remember the actual accident. he doesn't remember taking the train up to 106 miles per hour when it hit that curve. another train nearby that alleges to have had something hit its windshield actually had to pull on the emergency brake. what do we know happened in the moments before this crash happened that this amtrak engineer is unable to fill the blanks of? >> we know that he had been on amtrak's pay role for five years, had done this route many many times in the past. we know the train left the station on time. so he was not in a hurry to try to make up time.
1:34 pm
but in a area that is eight miles long that he should have been doing 50 miles an hour or less he got up to 106 miles an hour and two to three seconds prior to hitting that curve, he did hit the emergency brake, but it only slowed the train down about three miles an hour. >> congressman denim, thank you very much. we look forward to answers especially for all of those families. such a tragedy. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> kelly? the new england patriots aren't taking their medicine quietly. publishing a response to tom brady's suspension and the deflategate findings our legal panel looks at how their appeal to the league might play out. when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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♪piano music♪ [beautician]well,what do you think? [woman]look at you! you look so good. [older woman]thank you! [beautician]it's so nice of you to drive your friends around. [woman]as long as i can drive,i'm happy to help. [announcer]you don't need to earn a paycheck to work hard. working together,we'll make sure you spend your retirement the way you want to. wells fargo.together we'll go far. welcome back. tom brady and the new england patriots aren't throwing in the towel, appealing the quarterback's four-game suspension by the nfl in the wake of deflategate. the league confirming that commissioner roger goodell will
1:39 pm
hear that appeal. >> and the team publishing a response brady likely liknew about the under inflated footballs. one of the arguments, the ball boy calling himself a deflator wanted to lose weight. and defense attorney and former federal prosecutor defense attorney richard st. paul as well. let me get it straight. the nfl players association file an appeal on behalf of tom brady. they believe that i'm quoting, given the nfl's history of inconsistent sips in disciplinary matters it is only fair a neutral arbitrator hear this appeal. tom brady likely knew that the ball was being deflated. what is their appeal here? >> look doesn't matter about the impartiality it's a contract. the commissioner can hear the appeal. the players agree to that. game over. stop whining. go through your appeal. file your appeal but no ability
1:40 pm
to ask for an outside arbi the common sense argument which i'm not necessarily endorsing, in regular litigation right you appeal from a trial court. you don't go to the same judge. right. that's what's going on here. >> right. >> one of their complaints. the other complaint interesting in the letter they wrote to the nfl, they say that only the commissioner can impose the sanction it turned out to be troy vincent who did in in lieu of the commissioner. that doesn't carry that much weight. >> bottom line the nfl has to do something about its policies. >> yes. >> and roger goodell is in the hot seat because, if he chooses to side with brady and lower that suspension. >> yes. >> what does it say to the rest of the league? >> well it's a bad, bad message. >> there are inkirchlt siffs s inconsistencies. the federal government has guidelines. do this this is the penalty. everything stays consistent and
1:41 pm
that's the issue with ray rice two-day suspension now going back. a history of inconsistencies i agree. this is not court, end of the day. not entitled to a appeal and agreed to have roger goodell -- >> is it meep or do you believe the four-game suspension is a slap on the wrist? if this guy actually affected the end game of the afc championship -- >> first of all, they're scapegoating in the clubhouse. right? he ended up getting fired, and brady essentially getting a slap on the wrist. like you said this will cost him $1.8 million over -- >> surprised. >> that's nothing. this is greed. all this is. it's greed. >> this is is a bunch of millionaires while whining against each other. >> nfl, over $9 billion franchise. the patriots themselves are $2.6 billion franchise and this is absolutely ridiculous. all people want to do see you play ball. >> i want to see an apology. >> wait. bring in something else here.
1:42 pm
you alluded to it. ray rice. beating his wife then his fiancee, two-game suspension. >> nothing. >> look at the inconsistencies. >> the counterargument, don't interpret it wrong, that's easy to do that's not necessarily the conduct of the sport of the game. it's a separate matter and should have disciplined him in a different manner. >> there were other people also accused of domestic violence. >> right, right. >> and they only received limited suspensions as compared to tom brady. >> the claims in the letter i don't know if i mentioned it the panel, disproportionate to other situations. in rice remember what happened was the commissioner imposed the two-game ban. everybody went crazy. he upped it. no no. like double jeopardy. different situation. >> and supposedly had never seen the video, turns out he definitely saw that video. as far as i'm concerned the nfl needs to clean up its acted and this is an opportunity for them to do that and four games is nothing. >> agreed f. he comes back and
1:43 pm
lowers it gives him a little -- one game? what happens to the nfl? what does it say to women? i mean -- >> stop whining. >> oh, my. take accountability for god's sake. >> and apologize. >> take the penalty. apologize. >> done it beforehand. i can understand why he wouldn't turn over e-mails. personal stuff. >> learned that from somebody else. >> yeah hillary clinton. >> forget it. the evidence isn't that heavy against tom brady. he should have known, likely to know the ball was deflated. >> don't you think -- come on. tom brady's handled enough balls in this career to know. please. >> generally knew about it. >> i mean give me a break. he's handled enough balls in his career. don't take this the wrong way, but it's true. no. if you pick up a ball and it feels softer than it should -- i'm sorry. you're a professional athlete. take some accountability. this is b.s. >> take the penalty, move on and
1:44 pm
get ready for some football. >> play football. >> exactly. what we want to do one of the many reasons i don't watch football. >> a legal test man up stop whining, play football. >> and take a pay cut for god's sake. they've overpaid. >> he was bounced from last year. he took a pay cut, the commissioner. >> my heart hurtsz. >> my vent session is over e. that's all the time we have. in today's "beyond the dream," huntington engles newport new ship building bashaned in virginia. america's lashest military ship-building company. while they live up to its model always good ships it also lives up to bringing the best out in its people. created one of the pop apprentice schools in the country, which improves not only productivity but helps individuals improve their lives.
1:45 pm
in the navy sailors need ships to defend our national security around the world. for more than 100 years, newport news ship building has been supplying the navy with the best fleet of ships ever built. from nuclear powered aircraft carriers to destroyers and submarines. the company relies on a motivated and intelligent team of employees to accomplish its goals, it does that by pakinge ing making the american dream achievable. >> for a lot of people i think they have to be reminded that the american dream is out there. for those of us who have benefitted from that i think it's really important for us to reach out and bring people along and show them that the dream is still alive. >> reporter: in 1919, the company which employs 40,000 people now launched an apprentice school teaching the ship-building industry. the ceo calls the school the gold standard for apprentice programs. >> we believe deeply in investing in our people. that's the number one investment
1:46 pm
we make. most of the folks don't come here with degrees in ship building's so we invest in that. we invest not only in their craft, but also we invest in their leadership ain't. >> we have a student body today of about 800 students. our student body today represents 27 states in the united states. >> reporter: the apprentice school offers 19 trades plus eight optional advance programs in the ship-building industry. all of the programs can lead to the opportunity for the apprentices to complete their associates or bachelors degree and it's all free. yes. a quality education for free. >> cradle to grave, this is really a free opportunity to receive a rewarding career and education. >> reporter: the apprentice school also provide as college-type atmosphere for the student workers, providing on-campus housing as well as collegiate-level athletics. >> this is amazing. why would you have this at an apprentice school? >> well this is our now athletic center and we believe
1:47 pm
strongly and have since 1919 that athletics play a very important role in the development of leadership. we've actually won small college championships in men's and women's basketball, baseball and wrestling wrestling. >> reporter: because of its great teaching at no cost competition for getting accepted into the apprentice school is very competitive. -of- elise accepted two years ago. before that she was working two jobs to make ends meet for her two small children. she says the school dramatically changed her life. >> have the time in evenings to come home and do homework with them. able to see them on the weekends and spend time with them which is swun of the most important things about being a parent. being with your kid. >> reporter: joshua tidboe start add year ago and says it's the best choice he's ever made. >> pay is good but that's not really what it's all about for me. but -- i get at free education. i get opportunity. i get -- to work on something i
1:48 pm
believe in because i have a brother in the navy. and, you know, we build navy ships. so i take that really seriously. >> reporter: takes it seriously. josh dreams big, aims high and aspires to be a future ceo of the company. good for hem, and elise, being a leader helping others to lead. very good program. all free. >> amazing. >> unbelievable. >> incredible. a generous donor honoring the memory of a sheheriff's deputy who lost his life in the line of duty. his old patrol car back on the road. why the new owner is calling it a priceless gift. just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house.
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now for a look beyond the headlines, here is liz trotta's week low comments tear. >> the war is on in the streets of america. the president calls it a slow rolling crisis. it's an undeclared war we thought made indiana with election and reelection of the first black president. we should have known better. considering how ingrained the leftist lessons of a lifetime have consumed his policy. the rising numbers of police officers dying on the job, 44 so
1:53 pm
far this year, is one barometer of the nation's declining civic house. just last week in manhattan a crazed man wield ago hammer attacked a police officer in broad daylight. this was the late nest a rash of random assaults on police. it seems closure the cop haters are taking their cue from washington. coupled with the uncomfortable number of young black shot or killed by police, we have a continue justify an old debates over racism eat up the oxygen of free speech. there is no chance for a national conversation on race. not when there is the ever handy risk of being called racist. on this day of national police week however as a stead beat of media coverage treats every police shooting as reality show, we should face up to why so many law enforcement officers are checking their dedication as pressure mounts against them.
1:54 pm
from the start, president obama signaled the royaling of the nation's police department through his attorney general eric holder. answering the call of liberal activists and civil rights groups holder aggressively beefed up his civil rights division and dispatched flying squads of investigators to monitor police forces in cities across the country. both men didn't seem to care how biased it looked to the people they governed. this was their time. it's apparent that the number of cops who abuse the innocent is too small to justify the furious uptick in judgments against them. we are at full throated demand to overhaul the nation's law enforcement whether hillary clinton began her presidential run a few dissing. she's making a hard left turn all the bake to her college days and you can be sure it's only the first step in the campaign to change the system.
1:55 pm
in truth, it is the system, the institutions of american identity that rankle attention the cop hunters and civil rights huck at thes. speaking at the national peace officers memorial service yesterday, the president was awash in platitudes and said he would do everything to combat the poverty that plagues the neighborhoods they patrol. as if that were the heart of the problem. the deputy killed in the line of duty just wanted a piece of his father's legacy. so when his dad's old squad car came up for auction in colorado, he within do bid on it. the car is valued around $12,000 with bidding skyrocketing. tanner through in the towel at 50 grand. a local rancher won the squad car with the high bid of $60,000 and was given the keys. now watch what happens next. >> here is your car.
1:56 pm
>> i shook his hand and i didn't know. >> the big hearted rancher didn't want to talk to reporters. the auction was to support a group that helps the families of fallen officers. tanner's father was killed in a shootout five-year ago. that does it for us. arthel neville and eric shawn are live next and i'll be back at 7:00 p.m. eastern. the fox report, hope to see you then. >> and have a great weekend everybody. >> it's beautiful. >> yeah. you got to get outside and enjoy it. >> yeah, weigh do -- we do.
1:57 pm
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fox news alert. we are olympianing more about the dramatic raid by u.s. special forces that killed a top isis leader in syria. a senior defense official telling fox news u.s. delta forces and isis fighters were involved in hand to hand combat and whether shots were fired the terrorists tried using civilians, including women and children as shields. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shun. sounds like a movie spectacular. as u.s. commandos took out a commander we're told oversaw the group's illicit oil and gas operations resulting in millions of dollars being funneled into the


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