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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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umbrageous. thanks again for watching to night. ms. meagan is next. please remember the spin stops here. breaking tonight, angry new questions about who is protecting the investment of american lives spent to help iraq. as a terror group the president once described as junior varsity wracks up a major win in that country. good evening. i'm meagan kelly. tonight, the flag of the terror army isis flies over the center of town. the iraqis struggled to hold ramadi over months but over the weekend the islamic state group moved through. it is what has become the terror group's trademark after
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capturing a city. despite the money and training the u.s. spent on the iraqi military when the islamic state break through came the cameras captured the iraqi vehicles racing out of town. once again, they cut and ran. now thousands of iraqis maybe tens of thousands can be seen trying to escape on foot looking for safety after leaving a city where 200 american soldiers gave up their lives in the iraq war. recall this terrible scene from april 6, 2004 and we warn you it is disturbing. 11 years ago a dozen u.s. marines lost their lives fighting to rout some bad guys from a city where some very bad guys just took over. look at those terrible pictures. and look at that remembrance of the fallen. moments ago i spoke with the ceo of concerned veterans for america.
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pete we show that video. of course not to be sensational sensationalist about the loss of american lives but to remind the audience of the blood and treasure that was left on the streets of that city. and for what? now that it's back in the hands of these terrorists. >> you know to the veterans of ramadi and anbar province i salute you. to the 238 men who gave their lives in that soil we will never ever forget you. and for the policymakers in that administration who forsake that and threw that under the bus, shame on you. this policy has consequences. retreat from the battlefield before it's finished has consequences. ramadi is strategically significant. the logistical supply lines between baghdad and syria and the dam that could unleash water on baghdad. this is a huge blow to the effort of defeat isis and a
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major blow to everyone who gave so much. who turned that country around. ramadi is where the anbar awakening started. ramadi was pacified in 2008 2009 2010. it didn't needs american troops to remain secure. but when we didn't sign the agreement and president obama and hillary clinton supported a policy of retreat in iraq it slid in the wrong direction. i thank everyone who served and gave so much but the policies of the administration unfortunately have undercut it. >> we were just told on friday that they the were on the defensive, the islamic state was on the defensive. 48 hours prior to this event, the top u.s. official said it might be a pr stunt, the reports we were hearing about the damage there. do you believe we have a handle on what is happening with the islamic state in the middle east right now? >> no. there's a fundamental break.
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our presence is limited to training on bases. our pinprick air strikes are not having the effect that we want. this is not as if ramadi was a secondary effort. this was isis's main effort to retake and they've been going after it for over a year. iraqi sent reinforcements. we sent air support in the air to try to pull back to siege. they were determined and they've seized it. and for whatever reason the white house don't want to admit that this caliphate is continuing to respond in iraq and syria and around the globe and seeks to go at the very heart of what we believe. it is a manifestation of failed policy. the question we need to ask hillary clinton is knowing what you know now, would you have supported precipitous withdrawal from iraq in the administration. all of the things that she supported, the administration supported led to the same question in libya. when we didn't have a plan that went south.
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so it's what happens when america doesn't lead doesn't have moral clarity and isn't willing to be strong. we're seeing it laid out in front of us. >> why did the iraqi security forces that we've trained and invested so much effort in once again cut and run? >> it's a very important question. a really frustrating one for me. we know they're getting training from americans and others aez well. you know isis is motivated because they're fighting for a caliphate. you know the iran any malitiailitias are fighting. they wonder if the political system supports them. the prime minister has hedged toward iran. and the sunnis wonder are they really backing us. it's so bad in anbar province that they're calling for the shiite provinces to come help them. that's how much the iraqi army wonders where the support is coming from. they're done in the face of the enemy, going to put their
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weapons down. it's a serious problem because we're not there with them. >> and all eyes are on baghdad as a city fall to isis. this was an important one and a an important one to get back. pete thank you. >> thank you, megan. >> joining me with more mark who just penned a washington post column. mark thank you for being here. the wag post out with an editorial from the paper calling this a stunning fall in ramadi saying it exposes president obama's weak strategy saying the u.s. lack as strategy going on to say, there was hope that the president's half measures might be enough but now even modest optimism is questionable. what does it tell you? >> it tells me that we're talking about the wrong thing. we spent the last week talking about what happened in iraq 12 years ago. while we wer doing that in the here and now, the terrorists
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were on the march in iraq. they took ramadi over the weekend. on the outskirts of baghdad. 80 miles away. our strategy in iraq is failing despite months of american bombing. the terrorists are on the offensive. this is and unmitigated failure. what the american people want to hear from their presidential candidates and the president of the united states is what are you going to do about it today? >> as a person who asked jeb bush that question both are relevant. people want to know what the philosophy is in terms of going to war. at what point is it worth it. i want to ask you about what the "post" outlined tonight. they talk about how captains are being slaughtered. that isis seized u.s. military equipment, including 30 u.s. military vehicles that we gave them the day before, the day before as we're saying this is a pr stunt. we're giving 30 vehicles that now are in the hands of isis.
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the question is whether our government the people running the war have any idea what they're doing. >> the commander in chief doesn't have any idea what he's doing. but the american people know what needs to be done. the american people want to send ground forces to iraq right now to fight isis. there was a poll in march that said 36% of americans want to send ground force to iraq including 73% of republicans and 53% of democrats, a majority of democrats think we need ground forces. there's absolute consensus among the american people that we need ground forces there's consensus in our military commanders. the only one who doesn't seem to realize that we can't win this without ground forces is the commander in chief. >> even the washington post addressing that saying president obama refuse to send special forces and military assistance that could meet the threat. he thinks everything is a commitment to a long-term war. we've lost mosul, with eave got
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ramadi and opened up the pipeline from syria to baghdad. apt what point is this president going to say i can't run out the clock. i am going to have to deal with this before the next president comes in? >> he has to deal with it but he's not going to. he doesn't want to. 12 years ago we had flawed intelligence in iraq. president obama had accurate intelligence in iraq for a year the intelligence community was telling him isis was on the move they're going to take mosul and going to try to take baghdad. he dismissed them as jv terrorists. he's not listening to the military commanders and he's not listening to the american people. >> they will be heard, because people are being slaughtered at the moment including women and children civilians and on and on it goes. mark it's good to see you. >> thanks megan. new fallout after the president orders new restrictions on police
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departments across this country. while the d.a. down in baltimore is now trying to shut up the police who have been charged in the recent death of a suspect. meanwhile, she was out there holding a 20-minute press conference but the lawyers for the cops can't speak. a tail of two profes ares each making controversial remarks on race and each getting a very different reaction from the folks that they work for. and then the story u.s. senate candidate loretta sanchez made this weekend and a campaign trail gaffe that left her rifle at a loss for words. >> i'm going to his office thinking that i'm going to go meet with -- right? that indian american.
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of cops were recently injured by protesters despite their protective gear the d.a. in that kais against the six cops has now asked the court to put a gag order on the cops charged in the recent death of suspect freddie gray. denying them any right to talk. let's start there. joining me judge nepal tan no. she's got some nerve. >> it's far astray from the first amendment for somebody in the government to try and silence her critics while she herself is free to criticize whatever she wants and politicize the prosecution. >> she stood out there for 21 minutes and in great detail maligned these guys. >> a gag order basically says to the lawyers and the lit gants in the case you may not speak publicly about your case.
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as reprehensible as it is if you're going to have a gag order, it's got to apply across the board to both sides. >> it's a little late. >> correct. >> she can't say okay now it applies to me because she already had her bite at the apple. 21 minutes she stood out there and told us everything they did and why they were guilty. >> she basically wants the trial judge in this case to violate the first amendment by using his power as a judge in the government to silence people who want to criticize her. the whole purpose of the amendment is to encourage open wide robust debate about the people and policies of the government. the concept that somebody could be silenced is reprehensible. >> can you imagine if you were representing one of those cops and you went in there to convince the judge that she went in there and told the world exactly how my client allegedly committed murder. now she doesn't want me to go on television to speak the a show
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here speak to a show there to rebut the charges? on top of which they're saying to the court, make her release the evidence. they have said we want to release the evidence in the case before she gets her gag order if she gets it so at least we have the opportunity to say here's what she's producing to support her charges and here's what we say about it. >> i was giving merher the benefit of the doubt as you should give anybody the benefit of the the doubt. but i'm now beginning to think the may be a two-bit political hack who happens to have gotten elected as a prosecutor. unlike a lot of people she still has the mind-set of a politician. and still believes she should use the levers of power to serve one group, not to serve the count september of justice. to suggest that the people she has prosecuted cannot criticize her and she can criticize them is something that would delight vladimir putin. >> i don't think he's paying
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attention to this case. >> they're awful. whatever they were presented to me i denied them and sometimes i was reversed by the appellate courts and forced to enforce them in ways i profoundly felt were unconstitutional. >> now that he's already gone out there, i's not fair. good to see you. >> pleasure. president obama today traveled to camden new jersey to announce a ban on a sale of some military style hardware to local police departments. and he restricted the use of some other equipment like riot gear. kevin jackson is a conservative radio host and author of race pimping. guys good to see you. the president says that these cops don't need it and shouldn't be trusted with it. and the administration points to places like ferguson as evidence of that. your thoughts kevin. >> what a joke. i mean look barack obama should make the cops use rubber bullets and take off their flack
6:19 pm
jackets or send them out buck naked. he's not try to protect these guys. this is a po lit zie nation. barack obama wants to make this about police overpolicing. that's not even what happened in ferguson or baltimore where they told these guy to stand down. >> richard, the cops are not happy. the head of the fop came out and said this is going to hurt law enforcement. why would you deprive them of tallahassee like riot gear that they need and we've seen in recent days they do need? >> i don't know when the fop is ever happy. this use of excessive force, it's really reached a tipping point in this country. you look at some of these places that have bought the mine resistant vehicles.
6:20 pm
there are no land mines in the united states. morgan county alabama with a population of 100,000, they have two. they don't need this type of equipment to do good policing. good prising requires commune conversations and taking criminals off the streets. none of those includes tear gassing americans. this is not a war zone. ramadi is a war zone. >> you look at the equipment they're prohibiting, with it's like the m raps that he's referring to bay nets grenade launchers. do the cops really need all of that? >> they may not need it but you know what -- >> why give it to them. >> in the event that they do i would rather they have it. what i'll tell you is this. when you talk about riot gear lack of something as simple as riot gear there are cops in baltimore, cops in new york that very hurt certainly in baltimore, there are cops being killed ambushed -- >> i hate to interrupt.
6:21 pm
>> let him finish. >> then don't. you can talk about the type of materials they're using. have they used any of these weapons? no. >> they have. >> i would rather them have them than not have them. where did they use a m happen? >> ferguson. there's in land mine. no need for it. >> i asked kevin if they need to equipment. remember in baltimore where they were throwing concrete huge slabs of concrete at the heads of the cops and the firefighters as they drove by to try to protect the community. i would rather been in one of those vehicles if it were coming to me than exposed in an open vehicle. >> i think the point here is if the blt more police -- tlrchlts is somebody condoning it. >> if the baltimore police department had worked with the community and had community conversations, it would have never gotten to that point. >> i love that utopia. but when it starts unraveling don't you want wob in the
6:22 pm
protected vehicle. >> the chief of police in washington she didn't have to do any of that. >> look. at the end of the day, at the end of the day, meagan this is sub tro fuj for exactly what's happening in all of these urban indock trizags ernts where blacks are always in charge looking to blame somebody else for the problems that they create. this is not a cop problem. it's not a problem with the types of equipment -- >> you can't tell me -- >> i'll give you the last line richard. >> come on. >> i'll give you the last line. >> there's a problem -- >> if your name is not richard, you're not called on. >> we are seeing tanks down the streets of america. >> i don't mind seeing tanks. >> guys got to go. good to see you both. up next, congresswoman loretta sanchez is getting a lot of attention after she shared this with some of her democratic
6:23 pm
delegates. >> i'm going to his office thinking that i'm going to go meet with -- right? indian american. and i go in there -- >> chris has the fallout from that in a moment. plus a tale of two professors making controversial remarks on race and each getting different consequences from the folks they work with. today i traveled to new hampshire to question chris christie. what he had to say about federal spying and a very famous bridge. >> the case is not yet closed so some say what if you get dieted. are you a risky bet. here. in my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's the kelly file with megan kelly. well everyone makes mistakes. politicians call them gaffe but this next one may go beyond that. loretta sanchez announced her campaign for u.s. senate on thursday. she's running to replace barbara boxer. then two days later while speaking to delegates in california ms. sanchez attempted to relay a little story about that time she confused indians from asia with native americans. >> i'm going to his office thinking that i'm going to be go be with -- right? that indian american.
6:28 pm
>> oh loretta. so is that it? is she done? she says i don't hide behind my handlers. >> so if she was joe biden, i don't know it might work out for her. but joe biden is the only person in america who is allowed to make racist comments and continue on in politics. because he's a democrat and facing a very liberal obama backed opponent in her race it's unlikely she's going to be able to get there from here because she's committed the cardinal sin. if you remember the back and forth we had in washington last week it was about was it sexist for barack obama to refer to elizabeth warren by her first name. there was actually a debate. if that's the threshold for identity politics in the democratic party today, i would
6:29 pm
say that making that gesture and that noise probably is -- >> a cardinal sin in the democrat party. if it was sanchez versus a republican for this seat they would be completely behind her. >> i think that's fair. and i think we should remember that if this was a republican let's say, let's imagine that as the republican candidate for senate even in a red state had done this the amount of national outrage and media coverage would be enormous and it would be for everybody. but in the case it's a democrat not just demeanors, hispanic democrats. you have to check all of the boxes. a very different rubric that you have to go this through. >> you're wrong about it being joe biden. harry reid has said many racist things and managed to survive. >> true. >> chris, good to see you. >> you bet. we're tracking the fallout
6:30 pm
tonight in a tale of two college professors. each of who shared a controversial comment about race but they were treated to different reactions from the people who they work. >> good eving, two very different responses as you say from two prestigious institutions of higher education. one receiving at least for now the lighter rebuke. as the kelly file previously reported, the doctor newly hired by boston university recently expressed regret for a tweet in which she labeled white males the problem for america's college. bu termed those comments as an exercise of freespeech. now a facebook threat there from february turned up h in which grundy appeared to have scolded and mocked a white rape victim.
6:31 pm
yet it has been the case of professor jerry huff of duke university's political science department that invoked a firestorm complete with comments fro duke saying how offensive the professor was. ten days ago he blamed the baltimore riots on racism. so where where the editorials that say racism doomed the asian americans. they didn't feel sorry for themselves but worked doubly hard. every asian student has an american name that imbeized their desire for integration. every black as a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire. huff is scheduled to return in next year's spring semester. anyone who says anything is branded a racist.
6:32 pm
tonight he e-mailed me directly. i would be grateful if you stick to what i said about the democrat ikic coalition. king's dream was melting pot and not diversity. by the way, contacted dr. gruny for comment. she didn't respond except to take down her facebook page. >> speaking of a time when rycism comments were bantied about. i know you're a huge fan of madmen. did you watch the finale last night? what did you think? >> my wife and i wept at the last two episodes. >> again? >> yes. >> what is with all of the crying, rosen? >> i'm that kind of a guy. i thought matthew weiner. >> weiner.
6:33 pm
>> he seems to have learned the lessons from that baffling finale from the sopranos. he weaves his inner torment into the winning ad. for those of us who hunger for time travel back to the 1960s and i know i'm not the only one, we depended on madmen to satisfy that longing. and today there's a big gaping hole that will not be satisfied. >> was i the only one, although i don't drink scotch or bourbon, who wanted one during that show? >> that was a lie. you have in fact drunk me under the table on occasion. i don't know where you got that from. >> i didn't hear a word of it but i deny all of it. up next my exclusive one on one with new jersey governor chk
6:34 pm
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super-human to play. this game is for everyone. there's a lot to love about golf. and all of us at the usga want to make sure it stays that way for years to come. discover more @ breaking tonight, a kelly file exclusive with a man who could shake up the 2016 race for the white house. new jersey governor chris christie delivering a big policy speech in portsmouth new hampshire. something he says president obama has abandoned. >> once america sought to lead the world, now or president leads from behind. well if we want to lead from behind we're going to be left behind. none of us should doubt our ability to lead in this new century.
6:39 pm
this can be the second american century and it must be. >> moments after those remarks the government nor spoke with us and made the case for chris christie the possible can date. we're here in portsmouth new hampshire. your people chose the location. there's a bridge behind you, bridge behind me. pretty gutsy. >> nothing but guts in new jersey. >> so far there's nothing tying you to giving the order in the bridge gate scandal. >> nor will there be. >> what if you get incited? are you a risky bet? >> the u.s. attorney said there will be no further charges in the bridge matter. he said that affirmatively. this has been 15 months of investigation and there's been no connection to me because there is no connection to me. i had nothing to do with it knew nothing about it and nor will there be evidence come to the con tear because it didn't happen. >> did you get a letter exonerating you from the u.s.
6:40 pm
attorney? >> no letters. i was never being investigated. >> the polls say by a 65 to 25% margin the new jersey voters say you would not make a good president. they know you the best. why shouldn't we trust them? >> they want me to stay. i've heard that from lots of people. don't leave to run for president because we want you to stay. >> but they say you would not make a good president. >> i think people hear the question they want to hear. the fact is that polls in new jersey will go up and down. i've been as high as 75% and 80% approval and as low as 35% approval. 's bounced back and forth because i do think the consequence that people agree with or disagree with. >> four years ago there were republicans begging you to run. do you feel like you missed your window? >> no because i wasn't ready for president. you don't base this on politics.
6:41 pm
your first determination has to be in here. do you believe you're ready to be president. the reason i did not run in 2011 is because i did no feel ready for president. >> what about marco rubio or jesh bush. they're appealing but they have less baggage. >> they're going to have to speak for their moments when they come. not for me to judge it at this point. >> what would chris christie bring to the race a as opposed to those guys? >> for instance i've been a leader in a state with a democratic legislature. nothing has been made easy for me. from that perspective, i think that's much better preparation for washington than if you're a governor with a state ledge chur the same party as yours. i like marco a lot, but i really believe the next president of the united states has to be a governor. you need to have the experience
6:42 pm
governing. we've had the experience of a one-term u.s. senator going to the white house and i don't think it works well. >> he says governors like you who don't deal with foreign policy every day would bnt ready to lead on day one. >> foreign policy is something you can learn. you can't learn how to make decisions other than by making them. foreign policy you can learn. and i've been working real hard over the last nine ten month to do it and i think the speech that we gave today is a good indication you can learn those things. >> you've said over the past week knowing what we know now you would not have authorized the war in iraq. any qualms about sending that message to the families of the fallen? >> no. because the honor that we give to the families of the fallen are still the same. this is about a strategic decision as president of the united states. and if we knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq i just don't believe we would have gone into iraq. and certainly if i were president, i wouldn't have authorized it. >> governor jeb bush told me nation building is a good
6:43 pm
sentiment and so is exporting our values. do you agree with that? >> i don't think nation building is a good sentiment, no i don't. and exporting our values depends on how you do that. i think we need to lead by example. we need to get the house in order here at home so folks want to emulate us again. who would want to emulate this dysfunctional mess in washington, d.c. who would want to say i see the way they're governing, let's do that. >> let's talk about national security and nsa and the patriot act. you spent a lot of time on that and you said today that civil liberties extremists believe if we weaken our capabilities that the rest of the world would love us more. the polling is la little outdated on that. but the latest polls show that the majority of americans disapprove of the government's collection of phone data on us. are you with the majority or not? >> i'm with what makes sense to protect america. and there's no reason why you
6:44 pm
can't do the types ofs that the nsa is doing. do them within the law and make us effective in terms of protecting the homeland. i think some of that data in the poll is a misunderstanding. people think they're listening in on conversations. we're not. it's simply a mischaracterization by some partisans. i've done this. i was the united states attorney for seven years in one of the real hot spots for terrorists activity in our country, in new jersey new york metropolitan area. and i know how effective these tools are and how necessary they are. appropriate law enforcement against anyone who goes across the line can do this without throwing the baby out with the bath water. >> what about those who say what we saw in this case was james clapper sitting there with the not wittingly we don't do it. this is a lie. >> it's about being aggressive and asking the right questions and doing the right digging. >> they did and they got lied
6:45 pm
to. it makes people mistrust them. >> i don't think they were as aggressive as they could have been and i don't think they knew as little as they claim to have known. >> congress overseeing this matter? >> yes absolutely. >> you said today that all of these fears about the government in this area are bologna. but you know a lot of people out there distrust the government from the irs scandal to spying on reporter to the lies that were told about the nsa. they're saying really all the fears are bologna? >> no one pointed to a specific instance where the law was violated here. i don't believe that the right way to go is to make us weaker in terms of garting inggathering information. president bush said we cannot let this happen again. the only way to do that is to intervene before the attacks are perpetrated. not to wait until afterwards. >> there's much more. but first the governor shared a great story with me today about
6:46 pm
the bridge controversy, the "the new york times" and a little phone call he made. go to slash the kelly file to see that. and up next he makes some news on immigration. >> would you reverse president obama's executive action on illegal immigration? (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. right now, verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. yeah, 10 gigantic gigs. for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want.
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and now more with governor chris christie. on the subject of immigration, are you for a path to? >> i think that's an extreme way to go and i think that quite frankly what hillary clinton is doing right now is pandering. that's pandering. we need to have an intelligent conversation about this and bring the american people along to where we can find consensus. that's been the problem with this president. you don't build consensus by executive order and those who pander to make political points out of this. so no i don't believe that's the way to go or where the american people are. >> you say now that you are not for a path to citizenship, but in 2010 you said on "this week" that you were. what's changed? >> i think i've learned over time on this issue and done a lot are more work on it. everyone has to do what you need to do to get educated on these issues and learn. in 2010 i was in my first couple months as a governor. i've since learned the
6:51 pm
ramifications for these things. we have to come up with a solution for it. i think just immediately going to a path to citizenship as hillary clinton is proposing to do is just pandering. it's politics. it's not base edd upon an educated study of the issue. >> in state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants is something you were once against and then you signed a bill makinging it law in emergency flj. >> i did. >> why? >> because it made economic sense to do it. we didn't have the money in the budget to state that. as times got better in new jersey we already invest almost $18,000 per pupil per year in our k-12 education. it doesn't make sense to make it more difficult, more expensive for those folks to get a better education. we're already investing in it. >> to folks who say that's a magnet? >> it's not a magnet. people aren't coming to new jersey to get a little off their tuition. >> would you reverse the executive order on illegal immigration? >> yes.
6:52 pm
>> right away? >> i believe it's illegal. >> you signed a law for in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants you supported common core and the nra gives you a "c" grade. how do you get right with the gop on thosish snus. >> first off, i think the nra grade is based upon the state laws of new jersey are now, many of which existed before i was governor . look at the actions i've taken over time most folks would be happy with the actions i've take friend a second amend perspective. individuals who were put in a bad way by laws i think are overreaching. the veto that i did of a decrease in the magazine size from 15 to 10. a veto of a bill that would have expanded the weapons covered in new jersey. you're never going to be perfect with any group on any issue but i think when folks look at what my record has been it's a conservative record in new jersey. i think they'll be happy with it. >> hillary clinton, should the doj be investigating what kind of donations the clinton
6:53 pm
foundation received while she was secretary of state or what e-mails she sent while she was secretary of state and had a server at home? >> i think the server at home business is just absolutely inkred incredible that you would be secretary of state and be working off private e-mail and work inging and delete that go stuff is incredible to me. having worked for the government for a period of time i can't imagine that kind of thing. whenever that stuff is asked for from a legal perspective, we have it. all that stuff should be in accordance with the law. if there's a suspicion it's violated the law, the appropriate authorities should be looking at it. everyone should be shubt toubject to that. >> there's been a question about police tactics and riots. do you consider yourself a zero tolerance rudy giuliani type guy
6:54 pm
or the approach taken by the baltimore may? >> i don't think i'm either one of those. you take a look the at camden new jersey which at one time was the most dangerous city in america. we fired the entire police department. brought in a new police department with over 400 new members as opposed to 240 before and they have been emphasizing community policing and involvement in the community, walking beats ridinging bicycles on beats, being involved with the public in camden. what you've seen is a 55% reduction in murders in camden and you see that the public in the main is trusting the police department to do the right thing. >> it was said on our show that we are all relieved. carly fiorina said we are relieved to see the six cops get arrested in baltimore. do you share that feeling? >> no, i don't. i want justice to be done whatever justice is. and if those six police officers deserve the presumption of innocence just like everyone else in our society deserves it.
6:55 pm
>> good to see you. >> good to see you, too. up next an interesting story about yours truly and those shoes. we'll be right back with that. but first coming up on "hannity" -- >> you did this and you sent a message you were going there. did you know that it was illegal for to you do this? >> yes. >> okay. why did you do it? >> because i think it's more important that we have a congress that works for the people, and i want to draw attention to the fact that they're not and the fact that there are opportunities to change it.
6:56 pm
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so i almost did not make it to that interview with chris christie. i went to the dock. do you see these beautiful shoes? the right one got lodged in the floor at the sheraton. i was stuck. stuck, i tell you. and we wondered whether we might have to do the interview in the doorway of my hoetel. thankfully a pen and a parent of scissors freed me from my carpet
7:00 pm
prison and i emerged a free woman. me you, and jimmy chu. go to follow me on twitter. thanks for watching. this is "the kelly file." tonight another key city in iraq falls into the hands of isis. >> i support the beginning of a phased redeployment out of baghdad and eventually out of iraq completely. >> i am going to bring an enter to this war in iraq. >> president obama and hillary clinton betrayed america's fallen heroes by pulling out of this country too soon? those donations were a matter of public record. >> and george stephanopolous apologizes again for not coming clean about his clinton donations. >> i should have made additional disclosures on air. >> author peter schweizer is here to explain how deep the anchor's ties to the clintons really go.