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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: see you pack here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert. a treasure trove of brand new documents belonging to usama bin laden released this morning. they were found the night the navy seals raided his compound in pakistan killing the terror leader. hello, everyone. welcome to "outnumbered." i'm an diao tantaros. here with us today, sandra smith, kimberly guilfoyle, rachel campos duffy and today's #oneluckyguy, the perfect one today, mike baker, former cia covert operations officer and president and cofounder of the private intelligence and security firm diligence llc.
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mike baker is outnumbered. >> that is all the time we got. >> we are dying to hear what you think about these bin laden documents that everyone has been pouring over. so let's get right -- >> fascinating day. >> really fascinating. now to those documents uncovered at usama bin laden's compound. the information released approximately four years after the 2011 raid that ended with the terror leader's death. here he is in the compound. those documents shedding new light on bin laden's life and how he remained obsessed with attacking americans until the very end. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us with the details. >> thank you, andrea. we're going document by document here at fox and so far they paint a picture of bin laden issuing orders from his compound in pakistan, micromanage together smallest detail and kind of wearing many managerial hats. this document in fact is application to become a suicide bomber, asking the applicant for their history their personal
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information, and even a emergency contact in the event that at the do become a martyr. another document reviewed by fox shows how paranoid the al qaeda leader had become after more than a decade on the run. and was a $25 million bounty on his head. one of his wives was coming from iran to pakistan for a visit. he ordered that she leave all other personal belongs behind, quote everything a needle might possibly penetrate. some have chips developed for eavesdropping, so small they could be easily hidden inside of a syringe. bin laden writes about the arab spring in 2012. on one hand celebrates the overthrow of dictators like the tunisian leader ben ali there is anxious tone how will al qaeda remain relevant in this changing landscape. the documents recovered from the compound four years ago are being released now because, legislation mandated their declassification. the former head of the defense
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intelligence agency mike flynn recently told fox's bret baier millions of documents were recovered in abottabad and there was a conscious decision not to exploit them and review them, claiming he was told basically to stop. what is more important, flynn makes assessment that the documents showed operational connections between bin laden and the affiliates that were operating in north africa, east africa and yemen, not that he was so isolated that he had lost control of the network. andrea. >> catherine, really interesting stuff, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> mike what jumps out at you the most reading these documents? >> first of all you have to think about what the time frame is. it has been going on four years since the raid on bin laden and some of this material he was writing ahead of the anniversary of 9/11 the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. so you have to put it in context there with now what's happening because, some people have been
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amazingly quick. these things were just released right? some people are already out there, shows he doesn't agree with what the islamic state is doing. well you're not, putting all of the time frame into context. there is no way he could have imagined what would have happened four years on from where he was writing at that point in time but i think part of what you're see something also, just the musings of an individual who, while not completely isolated was disconnected to some degree from the operational data day. so i think, in part, not to play, you know armchair school gift but i think he was looking for ways to be relevant in a sense. i do like, i think my favorite comment so far out of what we've seen, those iranians they can't be trusted. if bin laden knows that, then, you would like to think that our own administration would have a handle on it. >> before we open up to the
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couch to ask for questions of you i want to go back to something what he said. he encouraged al qaeda caliphate this is the biggest foal of isis instead focus on killing americans, bomb embassies. put the caliphate on hold he said. do you think that led to the rice of isis? they said you know what? we have different priorities. caliphate is the main goal. bin laden wants us to kill americans. we want to prioritize here. do you think that co-led to formation that we're seeing now? >> i think what led to the what we're seeing now is formation created by a vacuum in iraq. he was all about the caliphate. you can argue in terms of about how he felt among violence among the sects and shiite fighting sunni. >> did not like it. >> he was arguing against it often but at the same time would a, would this now territorial physical manifestation after caliphate
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excite him? of course it would. he would be looking for ways to capitalize on it from his perspective. there were always leadership battles within al qaeda. there were always efforts to figure out who was going to succeed him. at the end of the day they're all jonesing for the caliphate. >> what is always interesting to me what stuck out to me i'm following the money trail when it comes to the terrorist groups. when it comes to al qaeda, appears some of memos written to bin laden, they were strapped for cash. one memo they clearly wrote there is a financial problem, it was written. usama bin laden stressed that he was concerned about the effect of climate change on the muslim world, talking about let's not deplete the precious groundwater. talking about ways to store wheat because he was fretting about food security was often what he was writing about. >> yeah. >> the finances behind al qaeda were obviously a huge concern for him? >> yeah. that is, you know, they have solved that problem in part by having physical territory, right? that gives them revenues whether through extortion,
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criminal activity. oil and gas revenues we've been hearing about. you also have to look in terms of why release this now? i don't want to sound skeptical. yes i do. but, they have had this information for a long time. the first thing you do when you sweep up all this material you immediately look for actionable leads, right? you immediately look for, oh, that is the compound in abottabad calling. >> is that mrs. breaker? >> no otherwise would i take the call even on national tv. i apologize. what you do you sweep up all the intel and immediately look for actionable leads and anything that is parishable and you prioritize and use that 3 1/2 years on we're seeing some of this material. i can't help but think the reason this is happening the administration needs some good news. they're doing deflection which they have done many times in the past. >> to remind the american public of biggest --
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>> taking a beating on everything else going on in the middle east strategy. look at this, did you see the bin laden documents? >> now we're in a worse position than we were before. despite the gains we had made we let it go, slip through our hands because this administration reluctant to have a real plan and focus on terror in the middle east. you've seen isis step into what you described as a vacuum in iraq and it is dispersed. it really spread and metastasized. >> absolutely. >> i think one of the interesting things came out of this, who knew terrorists actually love some of their wives? i thought interesting love letters to -- one of them i found it really interesting. what do the documents tell you about how we should be adjusting our strategy? i think that is the bottom line question a lot of americans have, or any -- >> we can look at personalty issues and psychology of bin laden sitting in there and hopefully there is nothing actionable in the material we're getting right now. it has all been scrubbed screen
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and any leads were used and that's a good thing. what we need in terms of strategy, we need to win. we need to find a strategy. once we have the strategy we need to act it out and we're not doing that right now. >> we have a lot of resources. the men i talk to in the intelligence community and people in your organization they have a lot of tools available to them. it is not just about putting ground troops. people jump to that as okay, this is the ultimate extreme but there are many things we can do with covert operations and special forces. >> absolutely. and again, you have to, you know you don't want to be that person that has a dog in the hunt and never points out the good thing that the other side is doing. abu sayyaf raid. that is a good thing. thousands of airstrikes we're doing. that is a good thing the administration is conducting. but the at end of day we'll not take back the territory and hold it and create some order out of this chaos without people on the ground. and we're not getting the iraqi army to do that. >> mike, let me ask you about in
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these documents as well, bin laden writes about drones and how much he disliked drones. he writes, they are concerning and exhausting us. this guy was a meticulous editor that really mused about all sorts of things. we're finding out. but drones specifically besides the rise of technology, he talks about drones. what does that tell you about our fight going forward? that seems to be one of the areas this administration is pretty comfortable with? >> again, giving credit where it should be, the obama administration, ramped up the drone campaign much to the displeasure of the far left. it has been very successful. it is a very effective tool. as kimberly pointed out, you have to use all the tools. this is not one thing or the other. this is not we'll do air campaign and we'll rule out everything else. you have to use all the resources in your kit bag. the drone program has been extremely effective. >> keep it up. >> keep it up. you have to keep moving. you see the concern that it raises. he is absolutely right how we lost a lot of our cadre, a lot
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of our leaders of course he has. keeps them on the back foot. the more you keep them guessing the more -- >> the operation in and of itself, it works really well when you parrot with intelligence, with real time intelligence coming from actually having people on the ground so it can be more surgical and precise. >> absolutely. you're counting on what? local military or iraqi military. liaison partners saudis jordan anies. we don't have our personnel on the ground directing airstrikes. we're trying but not most efficient manner. at end of the day we need to do a lot more of the abu sayyaf raids as you talked about. >> not the distraction of the day, this is what people are talking about, that is the ultimate debate we're debating at home we'll go back to. hillary clinton finally taking reporters questions yesterday breaking what is nearly a month-long media silence. one columnist said it fails to address what he calls her
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credibility gap. we'll debate that. summer rite of passage for boy scouts no more. the group announcing a ban on water gunfights and lilts on the size of water balloons. yeah water balloons. are these rule changes really necessary? and have the boy scouts given in to the pc police? rachel has got thoughts on that. mother of seven? >> yeah. >> wow. >> and two boys. >> right after the show catch more on the couch join on "outnumbered overtime," fox we have mike baker here. click the o.t. tab if you have questions what it is like to be i don't know mike baker. international man of mystery. and who is calling him. we'll reveal who called him during the show. we'll see i on overtime. ♪ with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. the sunshine vitamin! ensure. take life in.
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." now the media silence is prone. hillary clinton finally taking reporters questions yesterday for the first time in nearly a month. listen what she asked about her private emails while she served as secretary of state and whether she wants them released? >> i have said publicly, i'm repeating it here in front of all of you today, i want them out as soon as they can get out. >> will you demand it? will you demand isn't. >> they're not mine. they belong to the state
9:17 am
department. >> one columnist said the rare news conference fails to address what he calls, hillary's credibility gap. the "national journal"'s ron fournier writing quote, i don't believe hillary rodham clinton says she has no control over the release of state department emails. i don't believe her because a person's actions are more revealing than words. i don't believe her because i covered clintons since the 1980s and know how dedicated they are to telling the truth slowly. andrea clintons, if their lips are moving they're not on truth serum like the song, write. >> if your lips are moving you're lying? okay. credibility gap, not only did she not address it, she made it worse. that was not a press conference. if i were advising her i would say you know what? never talk to the media again. she really doesn't have to. she has this high approval rating among democrats i'm being serious. i would tell her no press conferences for you. do not take anymore questions because she is terrible at it. kimberly she lied i don't know how many times in that press
9:18 am
conference yesterday, multiple times. she has control over her emails. she deleted thousands of them. she could have turned over the server. now a war between the obama administration and clinton camp which i do not think is a place she wants to be. >> i would have agreed with you before, why try to fix something that is not broken? she is still polling well although she has been in hiding and not talking to reporters but i think the buildup to the actual statements she finally made to the press, put so much weight on her answers there was no possible way she was going to say anything right yesterday. i think that is the problem. everybody is putting so much weight on anything she is finally going to say there will be no doing right here. by the way, when he writes, i don't believe her because a person's actions are more revealing than their words, he went on to say, she kept her government email on secret server only under pressure from congress returned less than half of them to the state department she deleted rest. she considers them hers. backup to everything he is saying so easy to read and makes so much sense.
9:19 am
>> yeah. mike what do you think about this? she knew what she was doing. she knows they don't have the good ones right? telling them to release them, et cetera. she did a deliberate act consciously knowing that she was destroying evidence potentially emails she should have given to the american people who were paying her salary. >> right. god bless people can watch her say she is so frustrated about how slow it is getting these emails. i just want this to get them released. i'm so mad about this whole thing. god bless people that can watch that and still pull the lever and vote for her in 2016. >> right. >> i don't understand it. we see this, we're able to suspend disbelief. like in in 2008, when we thought all good getting somebody in the office that has no managerial experience or experience running anything. it ised about enough so have form over substance. now we're getting, clinton and drumbeat look all the substance. she will be great. we know from all these years
9:20 am
what do they do? they obfuscate. this is what they do. i don't have a lot of hope. i'm very cynical when it comes to the political process in this country. unless we get term limits and campaign finance reform we'll never ever get really top-notch candidates. we'll not get big brave decisions because those two issues campaign finance and term limits are key. >> they're mishandling her. if you're going to address these questions about the email they should have had her sit down with a friendly reporter. there are plenty of them. george stephanopoulos hello, and answer those questions about email rachel. instead they did silence. and put her out there to get random questions. now she will go into hiding even more. >> she might. you talked about where she lied. one point she told the truth. of course i passed on these emails from sid blumenthal because he is my friend. she is confirming this sort of crony capitalist, i scratch your back, you scratch mine, the clintons are kind of famous for. i think the concern here is that
9:21 am
in the end she is going to have to rally the same coalition, we talk a little bit about this sandra, this morning on morning bell. she will have to rally the same coalition of young people, of minorities that obama had. and she is going to the left on economic issues, because that is what she needs to do in order to counter some of the scandal that she has. but the fact is, the obama policies have not worked for minorities or for women. minority, you know hispanic homeownership is down. poverty rates are higher for minorities. i think going into that agenda is actually into the going to help they were because the results have not been there for the obama administration. >> that was a good plug for "morning bell," by the way. well-done. >> a lot of friends on this couch. revealing new poll what republicans think of their field of 2016 candidates and why their answers could be bad news for democrats including hillary. one possible republican candidate taking on conventional wisdom that says a college dropout can't make it to the
9:22 am
white house. why governor scott walker says the lack of a diploma on his resume' is a plus. ♪
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♪ >> well new poll numbers on how republican and democratic voters feel about their parties current crop of presidential candidates. on republican side six who have officially announced a 2016 bid and another five who have officially launched exploratory committees with even more saying they're thinking about running. and republican voters say they feel pretty good about that. 57% say they have an excellent or good impression of the white house hopefuls. on the democratic side there are just two declared candidates so far and only two others exploring a run, former senators jim webb and lincoln chaffey. former maryland governor martin o'malley scripted the
9:27 am
exploratory stage but is expected to announce may 30th. those options making democrats less optimistic than republicans with 54% saying they feel good or excellent about their field of their candidates. let's start off with the republicans first. rachel, are you excited about the plurality about the crop of republican candidates? >> here is what i think. i think the democrats are kind of bored because they have one flavor, hillary. and i think republicans have like 31 flavors. so there is some -- >> baskin-robbins. >> baskin-robbins. there is something for everybody. everybody is excited. i think the question will be when it finally gets narrowed down will the one person gets narrowed down to excite them. that is what pubs have to have make sure the excitement matches. >> sandra some of the flavors didn't go very well. >> we're still talking about gold medal ribbon. if this turns to ice cream we're done. >> sandra, what do you think? we've seen some of these flavors
9:28 am
before? >> honestly the general interest in this presidential campaign is what caught my eye. i'm so thrilled to see the number of voters at least giving some thought to presidential candidates this early on is a major positive for america. since march, 58% to 66% we're now seeing. so, you know those are registered voters by the way. i think the general interest in this campaign is rising. people are getting more and more interested. they see the opportunity for somebody to emerge on the right, you know, hillary has been a long-time frontrunner on the left. is there somebody that hasn't emerged yet? i think the general interest is a huge point to take away here. >> kimberly, is it also, break it down to be real here. >> okay, let's do it. >> we'll be real. >> is it that people are not going to say, no i hate all the candidates and we're going to say that we have a terrible field and we'll lose to the most corrupt woman in the history of the world? >> now you have done it. what are they supposed to say?
9:29 am
i'm not excited? >> need truth serum? >> get her a scoop of gold medal. >> cheer you up with ice cream and fudge on top. i think people are pretty excited about it. will it stay that way? right now let's see because hillary clinton i mean i agree with you. i think no matter what they will make it happen but, i think we do have an exciting field of candidates. i'm pretty psyched about this. if it only mitt romney had taken his shirt off last time -- >> i agree with that. >> am i right? >> you're absolutely right. >> wouldn't have pulled my vote but i see what you say. >> nevertheless, show personality. >> mike baker, you sort of gave me the skintty side eye? >> exactly. stinky side eye. i'm glad to see the debate. i think that's great. i love the pactfact it's a robust field. here is where i'm going with this, and that's a great thing. here is what i think. they will beat the crap out of each other.
9:30 am
we'll spend all our money. they will throw a lot of ammunition over to democrats as a result of this. again realizing debate is important and diversity is great. then we'll end up with this jugger gnat anyway. in 17 we'll be smacking our heads, that is what we end up with, hillary clinton. >> thank you. some truth to power. >> i think republicans need to be cautious. it is about likability and one place they can beat hillary. she is not that likeable. i'm not even sure that bill clinton likes her. >> oh. >> stay on that. possible candidate for the republican nomination wisconsin governor scott walker making the rounds in washington. we're told he dazzled a crowd of some 80 republican lawmakers with his knowledge of the issues. and the way he took on the question of his lack of a college diploma that. governor walker who dropped out of marquette his senior year to take a job, reportedly says he not seeing that bullet point on
9:31 am
his resume' is a plus because more than 60% of the americans don't have a college degree. one republican lawmaker describing so-called college question as a elitist. rachel, i will go to you on this one. could this be seen as an asset for a presidential candidate? >> no, i don't think it is an asset but i don't think in his case it will be a negative because i think people will be looking at what his experience is. i happen to have a postgraduate degree. i think the best part about having a postgraduate deagree or degree in general -- no best part about having it, i think best part of having you're not impressed with people that have it. but i will say this yesterday he went to the hill. you have worked on the hill. you know how absolutely busy congressman are. he got 70 members of congress to show up to his meeting. there is serious interest in his ideas. and i think that is what will drive it. nobody really cares about hillary -- obama has a harvard degree and look where we're at economically and foreign policy? >> by the way to mike baker who
9:32 am
says he has two postgraduate degrees -- >> i was lying. >> rachel campos duffy. >> just trying to show her up. >> doesn't matter. >> but, kimberly, seriously this is an interesting question though. i mean could this help him to apply or appeal to every-day american? >> i think it makes him very relatable. to say not only is a degree in education most important certainly, but how about focus and applying yourself getting after it? have a strong work ethic. don't expect things to be handed to you. he had to work hard to get where he is. he is an innovator. he has ideas. he is a exciting candidate. i think he will be one of the last ones standing in the long run. i would suggest, do this both way online get credits and earn that degree as a positive example that you can do it even if you have a job, you can go back an finish, get some of those last few credits that you need because that is a good example. >> i don't know that is a box
9:33 am
you have to tick off in life. i know a lot of people with college degrees i would never hang out with a complete -- i can't say that can i. i had to redirect. i realized we're on day time tv. the point being that lives known people who have done wonderful and great and marvlous things in life without a college degree. we've gotten to this place in life everybody need as college degree. that has become a problem. not everybody frankly, cut out or destined for college degree. i have a college degree and didn't do me a lot of good. >> attacking him for not having one. they overreached. that was a huge mistake. >> right. >> what is walker supposed to say? yes, it is impediment winning the white house? no of course he will not say that he will say it's a bonus. i agree with you, rachel i don't think it hurts him. not having it is not something to brag about. take kimberly's idea get sponsored by university of phoenix, to take online classes. probably doesn't have the time.
9:34 am
i think it makes him relatable and shouldn't run away -- >> should balance out appeal that hillary clinton is going after everyday american but yet is raking in millions of dollars in speaking fees, she and her husband, every year. maybe he is trying to say, hey, i know more what it is like to be like you considering more americans. >> absolutely. he made that contrast. here's hillary who says she never even driven her own car i don't know how many decades. then not very long ago one of scott walker's campaign speeches talked about how the shirt he was wearing, sweater he was wearing got at kohl's on sale for $4. he is regular guy. i happen to know him personally. you will never meet a more down-to-earth regular guy. let's be clear he is sending his own kids to marquette. >> there you go. >> he does believe in education. >> people want somebody to look up to to aspire. they want their kids to see. criticism of the administration mounting over the fall of ramadi to isis but the white house insists its policy
9:35 am
does not need an overhaul. we'll ask our one lucky go, former cia covert officer mike baker what he thinks next. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." the pentagon telling fox news a short time ago there is no major review underway of its isis strategy despite the group's capture of the key iraqi city of ramadi. this as white house press secretary josh earnest says that despite some setbacks the strategy overall against isis has been a success. >> are we going to light our hair on fire every time that there is a setback in the campaign against isil? or are we going to take very seriously our responsibility to evaluate areas we succeed and evaluate steps that are necessary to change our strategy where we sustain setbacks? >> the white house's glass half-full attitude not sitting well with key laak makers on
9:40 am
capitol hill. house lawmaker michael mccaul recently in iraq with this reaction today. >> to say we're on the offensive and isis on the defense is absolutely incredulous. they have taken over ramadi. the black flags were flying there. this is a key transit point between syria and iraq and now it is has fallen to isis. whatever the strategy is, i'm not quite sure what that strategy is. it is not working right now. >> mccaul also says he does not think defeating isis is the white house's top priority. mike baker, when josh ernest was up at the podium and referenced the fall of ramadi to isis asset back, you were shaking your head. >> i am sure he would like to walk back the little phrase what will we do set our hair on fire? that is one of those things. people latched on that. we get past that the big issue here do i think that defeating isis a top priority for the
9:41 am
white house? of course it is because if for no other reason they understand the political importance of it. do i think that -- one of the things you learn in the age sy in the cia is that things constantly change. so you're taught to always evaluate and constantly be evaluating risk versus gain, looking at new intelligence because you understand that everything changes on a constant basis. for them to say that there is no major review underway is, is telling and very disappointing because there should be review constantly underway of g. >> sure. >> and the current situation when josh earnest and the white house talks about this and they say, well, you have to expect certain setbacks particularly when you're in a long-term strategy such as we are in. again very telling and very disappointing. what are they saying? this is the strategy we chose. it will be a long term because this is what they have decided to do. essentially a stalemate strategy where you rely on limited intelligence to drive an air campaign while you hope for that
9:42 am
happy magical day when unicorns and winged monkeys come flying out that the iraqi army is going to take over the fight. and that has been our strategy. it is not goaling to work. so what do we do? we conduct a review. there is nothing wrong with that but i have a feeling that they're very reluctant to admit any mistakes. we've seen that in the past. >> but rachel there is no review underway as the pentagon made that very clear. mike saying there should be a review underway. particularly calls for review underway to question whether or not there should be more ground troops rather than relying on these airstrikes? >> i think there is a strategy. the only disternable strategy which is alignment with iran. why weapons go through baghdad to go into the hands of iranian-backed shia militias. wait a minute. just yesterday on the hill, my husband met with a sheikh, a sunni tribal leader who is on the hill. they have already begged the administration to send them
9:43 am
weapons directly to them because they can't get it. these are people who fought before. it is their land. they want to take back ramadi. he is from ramadi. they're on the hill asking members of the congress please get your people to send them to us. we're not getting -- we have people that want to it too. the thing is, there is a basket of options. we just can't go with the shia. we can give to the kurds. they want to fight. tribal leaders want to fight. why are we doing this, only iranian-backed -- >> there is fairly well-worn path of iraqi militia leaders and others back and forth to washington asking for arms, first of all. so this is a constant on their part. we actually worked with the current iraqi government to convince them not to bring in the shiite militias. that was our call. we told them not to do that which contributed to the fall of ramadi in a sense because we delayed that now we're backing off. we talked to them. prime minister has good enough control over the fighting units and militias that they're going with it.
9:44 am
now all of sudden it is okay with us. we don't want to kid ourselves. we have no leverage out there. we have handful of trainers. it is dog's bodywork. but doing their best to bring up iraqi military we've been training and as seg with over decade. >> that is the jv team. >> my point being the strategy that somehow we're now going to get the iraqi military capable of doing this? the fact that we're going to convince the iranians to do what we like them to do? we don't have control over what the iranians are doing over there. we don't have control over militias or iraqi military are doing. we're losing this thing, very, have he quickly. >> they're not trying to defeat them. >> right. >> exactly. >> we're running a banner that says the white house sees the current mission there as success. have the pc police finally gone too far? boy scouts are banning size of waterer guns and limiting water balloons. really? boy scouts?
9:45 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon? jon: hi, andrea. in the next hour documents
9:49 am
released in the compound where usama bin laden was killed. among the revelations, he wanted them to focus on killing americans rather than building an islamic state. we'll dive into the documents with an expert next hour. secret spy mission launched from cape canaveral last hour. the air force sending an unmanned mini shuttle into the space aboard an atlas v record in a successful liftoff. it is the fourth flight for that secret military research program. police say more than 1000 weapons have been ever ared from the scene of that fight between rival motorcycle gangs in waco that left nine people dead. updates in the next hour on "happening now." andrea. >> thanks. age-old rite of passage in the dog days summer will no longer be for many boy scouts. the national organization announcing a ban on water gunfights and a limit on the size of water balloons at their summer camps. the scouts saying the idea of pointing, even a play gun at
9:50 am
someone is not quote, kind. the change not sitting well with many commentators on the scouting magazine blog. what a load of politically correct [bleep] one said. mike, if we keep emasculating our boys and not letting boys be boys, you have three of them yourself how will we raise next generation of hardcore cia operatives and navy seals? >> first of all that was very nice unloaded question. >> you obviously know how i feel about this. >> we're on the same sheet of music. yeah, my three boys, scooter slug-fo and mugcy, one is turning eight. scooter is turning eight this weekend. thing we're doing, having all the friends over. dividing two teams. giving them massive buckets of water balloons. we'll let them loose. that is what you do. people will say that sounds sexist. that is what boys do, right?
9:51 am
you pick up a stick. well you don't want to give a weapon, play weapon. i could take away all the nerf guns and all the play weapons that they have right now. they will go out in the backyard, find a stick and it's a gun. so i'm sorry if that upsets some people. i'm not stopping that. in effect the boy scouts are bowing to this saying well we -- it is again, emasculation concept. >> feminization of boys. >> exactly. >> someone save the super-soakers to the moms of boys on other side of the couch. >> they're allowing water balloons but only water balloons size of ping-pong balls? is that possible. >> bigger they are the easier it is. >> you came to my house, so offended you wouldn't know where to start. it is full blast there at all times. gigantic like, nerf guns bigger than me. we have all kinds of things. >> kids will spend all day long playing war.
9:52 am
whole concept god forbid we offend anybody. god forbid we don't all get trophies. everybody has to get participation medal. it is nonsense. you know what we're doing? every generation, we, of course we want things to be easier for our kids. of course we want to be inclusive. >> woosieification. >> thank you. that was what i was -- >> can i speak to the single women? i do think culture matters. i think what we're seeing is, i notice a lot of single women frustrated with, what i call basement boys. guys who play games, video fame, not the kind of tough -- >> looking over at me. they're not in my world, honey. i tell you. >> would you say it that there is an effect on that in the long term? we will end up raising woosiefied boys if we keep putting these kind of parameters. >> there are a lot of thumb sucking beta wearing pajama boys. that is bigger problem. i don't think we have time to address that we'll doing it during overtime. there is a tease.
9:53 am
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>> girl if you need to talk to your man and want him to listen wait until 8 o'clock p.m. it is not scientific? women tend to broach serious subjects in the morning and men are likely more to pay attention after dinner. and men enjoy meaningful conversation while driving. the worst time to talk to your man while he is playing video games. >> and kimberly? >> i love a real real man. 8:15 is the time to broach him with something. >> we have to get them in the right mood. and let them eat something and i always carry granola bars with
9:58 am
me. and put it in their mouth. they are happy. >> it totally works. this is like a serious segment. you feet them no matter what. and then after what they have done there is after a little iks they will listen and do whatever you want. >> oh really. that is a formula. granola bars and cocktail and wait until they are not angry and i love the sexy outfit. what do you think? >> i wonder if there is going to this? >> no i am waiting my turn. >> and i think there is a lot to it. and in the end of the day, you can get their attention. but make sure there is not a football game.
9:59 am
they will not talk to you if there is a game on tv. video game is word. i don't know if i would want to talk to them anyway. >> if you are having a hard time getting your male pal to listen to you, there is something wrong with your male pal. that is out first of all. and the other part who is eating dinner at 8:15? we have boys at home and we are crashing trying to get those kids to bed and get lights out. more important than the timing when you talk to a man, is understanding the differences of how men and womenlisten. >> and when men listen this is the secret to life. i pass it to the view is. men listen to solve a problem. they are not listening just to listen.
10:00 am
they will jump in because they are looking for a solution. >> we'll continue this conversation and we will be back on tv at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the look at the most wanted terrorist. >> what osama bin laden was doing in the final days. >> new information on what motivated the most feared terrorist as more documents are released in the siege on osama bin laden. >> terrifying moments as a motor attacks a family in the suv. >> and now some of the suspects are in court and the family is reliving a nightmare. >> and a massive


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