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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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e you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern right here "on the record." the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> in mosul in ramadi, in fallujah, isis is literally lighting people on fire. >> the situation now almost out of control in iraq as thousands of frightened refugees stream into baghdad. now, we hear some americans are going over to fight isis on their own because the obama administration is not doing enough we'll have two special reports. one of the biggest patriots in the country actor gary sinise who raises millions of dollars for vets. why does he do it? we'll talk with him tonight. >> we just found out that when we put clothes on him
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he lit up. >> also ahead this dog now earning six federal governments modeling men's clothing. miller is appalled. >> i don't understand the world at all anymore. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will the jihad defeat america? that is the sung of this evening's talking points memo. close to two years ago reports began surfacing that militant jihadists were gathering power in syria. president obama did not take any action. then the situation began to get worse. isis infiltrated into iraq and a full fledged ground war began. once again, president obama did little. finally, the conflict threatened kurdistan, a strong american ally in the
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northern part of iraq. that situation forced mr. obama to step up bombing the isis savages who were also taunting the u.s.a. and the world by beheading captured westerners on camera the. but despite all the carnage president obama and the pentagon did not develop any cohesive plan to defeat isis. >> why is there no coordinated strategy to defeat the jihad after all this time? teddy roosevelt's basic philosophy was speak softly and carry a big stick. with the obama administration, we basically have speak incessantly and carry nothing. the american people deserve to know the truth about president obama campaign to defeat i didn't harassment the truth is there is no campaign. >> and to this day there is no campaign. today, tens of thousands of refugees in iraq are creating chaos as they march toward baghdad. isis has captured the city of ramadi, just 70 miles
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away from the iraqi capital shades of vietnam. this is a catastrophe. yet, the obama administration still doesn't see the urgency. >> we have seen a lot of success but we have also seen significant periods of set back. that's part of what a military conflict is going to be, particularly one that's going to be a long-term proposition like this one. >> well, it will be a long-term proposition if the iraqi government falls which is certainly possible. perhaps all americans should send mr. earnst some sand so he can put his hand in it. the brutal truth is, the obama administration is losing fight against isis. that savage group is now operating in nine countries may have even infiltrated into afghanistan where we have u.s. troops. we'll get to that in a moment. talking points believes that the apathy, the obama administration has shown to this growing worldwide threat endangers all americans. the best historical comparison can i give is you president james buchanan who ignored the growing threat
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of succession from the southern states. did little to keep the country together and press stow a bloody civil war breaks out. thank god abraham lincoln had the guts and intelligence to win that war. if president obama doesn't kick in t. into floor quickly, the next president of the united states will be facing an armed conflict in the middle east that will dwarf anything we have seen so far. including the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan. that's the memo. now top story tonight reaction. dancing with the devil. the perils of engaging rogue regimes. and lt. colonel tony shaffer, senior fellow at the london center. colonel, i understand that you have new information about afghanistan and isis, what is it? >> bill, basically isis is on the move. not surprisingly. what they are doing in afghanistan is quite brilliant. the much like they partnered with the baath party in
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northern iraq to understand how to go about dismantling parts of the country. they have now there partnered with something called the higg. a terrorist organization by a guy named hekmati war lord. right now my sources tell me they have control of five northern provinces in afghanistan, plus they are now taking over the drug trade in the south. north and south. we're talking about over 1,000 isis fighters. many of which are actually you see becks uzbecks. threatening, setting up attack system so they will take control of the old smuggler routes. and they are going after north, bill, the actual mineral resources. there is lithium resources there, biggest in the world. china is already there exploiting some of that, the copper there but essentially isis is playing it smart. >> isis is moving in with the help of this small terror group. what about the taliban? are they going to fight it
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out with isis? >> that's an interesting point. the afghan people are not -- are very resistant as we have found to anybody they consider an invader. they did accept al qaeda bill. they did allow al qaeda to exist there peacefully coexist. this search did. al qaeda was kind of coexisting, not taking over. isis is now taking over. i think there is going to be some real issues. i'm hearing from the afghan government who is aware of all of, this the pentagon is down playing it obviously the pentagon is aware of this, trying to mobilize even some of the taliban. >> interesting to see how that shakes down. all right, now mr. aruba, i am fairly in a fairly strong way indicting the obama administration for basically being apathetic in the face of this growing threat. and you have to acknowledge the growing threat. even if mr. ernst plays it down. do you understand the appear that's reuben. >> i think the basic problem, bill, in the fight against isis it's one step forward two, steps back. but the white house and the pentagon will only allow the
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reporting of the one step forward and so we don't recognize that we are losing this war. and that we refuse to recalibrate our strategy in order to win. >> okay. but they don't acknowledge that they are not going to acknowledge that if i had the president on or even the joint chiefs of staff they wouldn't acknowledge that last night there was a meeting in the white house. a late night meeting okay? to come up with some kind of strategy. but i'm saying to myself, you know, this is going on three years now that this threat has been in play. and there is still no strategy. and you are are seeing ramadi 70 miles away from baghdad fall? and all the blood and treasure that the yats spent in iraq is going down the drain before our eyes and you still don't have any counter to it? is that just incompetence, mr. reuben? >> it is, bill, that's just the tip of the iceberg. because, when the obama administration looks at what's going on with the islamic state in iraq, they want to look at this through the lenz of grievance. they want to say the reason why we have the islamic state is because the iraqi government isn't generous enough. isn't talented enough.
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if only they would be nicer to the sunnies then maybe the islamic state wouldn't massacre christians and women and so forth. but, you know, that doesn't plain why we have the islamic state in libya. that doesn't explain why we have the islamic state as we just heard in afghanistan or in yemen. the fact of the matter is we are battling a fight against ideology and while they may be playing chess we're not even playing checkers, we are playing solitaire. >> you didn't answer my question. is it incompetence that the obama that administration does not confront them? is it incompetence or something else? >> it's willful incompetence and let us hope it's not something else. >> i mean, the only other thing would be ideology in the sense that he is so against armed conflict that he let people run wild. what do you think to that question, colonel shaffer? i mean, obviously the united states most powerful nation in the world and president brags about the 50 second coalition which is a fan
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phantom. doesn't exist. there is no will to do it, why? >> there is no political will. let me say. this people in the pentagon, senior office who get exactly what you are saying. the problem is the political narrative that the white house dictates does not meet the reality of which we are facing. now, the question becomes why doesn't the political reality even touch upon the on the ground reality? the question -- i believe the answer is you have total incompetence nobody there like a bud mcfarland who had a military back ground national security advisor plus you have this political narrative which drives everything. you put those two things together. i think that's what we are seeing. severe detachment from the relation we face. >> you are saying there are people in the pentagon, there are people in the cia other intelligence agencies that are begging the president and the general to do something and just not doing it they just just won't. that's certainly possible. next on the rundown some american vets going to fight isis on their own.
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spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. impact segment tonight. a group called veterans against isis is about to launch a combat mission to fight the jihadists on their own. joining us now from jacksonville florida sean roe founder of the group and former army sergeant who did serve in iraq. so mr. roe, let me get this straight. you guys have a group of all americans, mostly veterans, mostly combat guys and you are gonna go on your own to syria to fight isis is that it? >> our primary mission is to eliminate iraq from under isis control.
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two dozen not going to liberate anything from anything. if you go over with just a few, don't you run the risk of being kidnapped and beheaded by isis? certainly they are looking for americans to take hostage. >> we will be working with the locals over there i will put my team four times against the number of isis. they don't have nearly the amount of training that we have. >> so, but you must acknowledge the danger. so you are going over to a foreign nation and u.s. government doesn't want you to go by the way but they can't really stop you. you are going over there and then you are partnering up with some people who you really don't know that well, right? i mean, they are supposedly anti-jihadists but you really don't know, do you? >> well, the person peshmerga is a decent group. >> going to go to kurdistan not syria? go up to kurdistan first.
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>> we are establishing connections in both iraq and syria. the kurds are in both areas. >> right. all right. so the kurds i would trust more than, you know, but if you drop yourself into syria, you are are going to get sold out. you know how dangerous it is over there. >> it's going to be dangerous regardless. >> it's going to be dangerous regardless but i don't want to see your head on a stick and a an american is worth half a million dollars over there. >> they're not going to capture us. if they take me, they are going to be taking my dead body but it ain't going to happen. >> all right. you understand though the danger of dropping yourself into a war zone that's pretty much out of control. i mean there are some u.s. advisors over there and but i don't think they are going to hang with you guys, are they? >> well, hopefully we can get. we already got three rangers on our team. we have a pretty good team. >> exrangers they are not -- >> -- former rangers. >> so i'm not sure about you know, and i'm looking out for you here, sean, i'm not sure about the wisdom of this. >> it's crazy i admit it.
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>> obviously we want to defeat the jihadists but i just -- you know, if you go over there and take a wrong turn, you are going to be dead. >> we can't let fear incapacitate us, bill. they need help over there no one can disagree with that who better than american veterans? >> how are you getting the money to go over? >> we are funding ourselves mostly. that's why we are reaching out for help because we are going to need all the help we can get in what is going to be a lengthy and demanding mission. >> how are you going to get arms? >> we're going to have to purchase them over there because we can't take them. that's why wees raising money. arms, looking to raise funds for medical supplies. hoping to get armored medevac vehicle and trucks and maybe a mini drone. >> how are you yourself going to get into kurdistan? >> it's going to be a challenge and obstacles we have to overcome. we can't let fear or doubt
5:17 pm
stop us, bill. >> all right sean, i wish you the best. i hope you think it out though. because i don't want to be reporting three months from no held in some cage some place and set on fire. you know -- >> -- it's not going to happen bill. not going to happen. >> all right. thanks for coming on. directly ahead. why is hillary clinton hiring so much hatchet men brutal guys? we have a report on that. larry, gary sinise on why is he devoting much 6 his life to helping vets that badly need help. factor is comingeadi right back.
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fact toll follow up segment tonight, the house committee investigating the benghazi attack has subpoenaed a man named sydney blumenthal. is he a close friend to bill and hillary clinton who son the payroll of the clinton foundation when mrs. clinton was secretary of state. apparently mr. blumenthal
5:21 pm
had private business interests in libya at the same time he was emailing mrs. clinton about policy there. it's all kind of murky but there is no question that sydney blumenthal a long with a number of other individuals is a very controversial person so much so the obama administration for bade hillary clinton to hire him to work in the state department. with us is the president of the accountability project and andrea tantaros the host of outnumbered. do you know why they for bade her from hiring him? >> yes. they know his past. is he not a new hire or new friend of the clintons. he is a point man bill, for the clintons. he is their hench man. they sent him out to smear monica lewenski back in the clinton scandal. he has been around since the days of white water. >> who else did he smear. >> he smeared a the love people. he smeared president obama for the clintons. >> there you go, barack obama nomiki ordered that he not be hired specifically
5:22 pm
because he smeared obama in the primary against hillary clinton had. >> yeah. he was the guy. >> he was the guy. >> there were a lot of deals that obama made with hillary in order for her to it become secretary of state. >>s that yuan before them. >> that was one of them, that's correct. >> so now we have a sitting secretary of state getting emails from blumenthal and the only reason we know this is because somebody hacked into hillary clinton's -- no blumenthal's account a romannian, and got those emails because hillary erased hers so you wouldn't see the blumenthal stuff. so nomiki as a democrat how troubling something this to you. >> it's troubling when anybody uses their relationship. >> not anybody. democratic nominee for president, presumably, how troubling is it for you? >> it doesn't look good. but, is it illegal? no. i mean, there are a lot of people, the way that things work in these countries, you know, i worked in libya and there were contractors everywhere trying to make few bucks because there is a lot of business to be made in a oil-rich country.
5:23 pm
>> you know after qaddafi went in and tried to make money. >> relationships very clear here. >> one of the relationships andrea was with the secretary of state. >> with the secretary of state. so he is being paid also by the secretary of state foundation at the same time is he drawing a salary and bill, is he drawing a salary from the attack wing of the democratic party media matters. >> media matters. >> which claims to be a 501 c 35 charitable educational. >> he can get away with all of that. >> i don't know about that. >> what he can't get away with though is if hillary clinton intervened on his behalf to say set up a business deal. >> we don't know that for sure. >> no? we don't. >> we don't know for sure. he sent memos. it could have been that they hired this group in libya basically hired him because of his relationship and he sent a few memos just to basically make a few bucks. that doesn't mean it was going to enact policy or
5:24 pm
influence her she passed them on. she questioned them. >> this is the 85th incident of might have, could have, doesn't look good. is it 85? i think it might be 92. it could be 112. but it never ends. >> but he is the point man between the state department the clinton foundation and media matters. why media matters is important is because the question today is there are 501 c 3. does the fec need to get involved and take away not just their campaign charitable donation status. but are they breaking campaign finance laws? because the question today bill is media matters helping influence her campaign? because he is. >> of course he is. just said there is not a legal issue. of course there is a legal issue. >> don't expect the federal government to enforce anything because they are not going to. but, the folks aren't going to get involved with that. the folks the voters, the people who are paying attention somewhat, all right, they are getting overwhelmed nomiki. don't you agree?
5:25 pm
it's overwhelming. it never stops. >> general voter. confusing situation. what she needs to fear is if they start to subpoena one person by one person, by one person in her inner circle, that's what's going to look bad. she is not going to go out there and have people defend her anymore. that's what's going to hit voters. >> they are bringing in a lot of people. they being the congressional committee investigating benghazi but the fbi should be in on, this don't you think at this point? >> 100%. absurd where is the fbi. >> she broke the law when she got rid of those emails, bill. there are legal issues here. they do need to find out what really happened. it's a window into how she is going to run her white house. >> that's for the voters. what my concern is that you have a government now that is simply refusing to look at potential corruption. and i use the word potential. they just won't. i mean, what kind of government is that? >> designed by the lawmakers benefiting from it. >> we the people are supposed to be protected by the fbi. where is it? >> i do think though it
5:26 pm
depends. yesterday, when she came out and she threw the obama state department under the bus for not releasing the emails, she has got to be careful, bill, because if she and her husband don't walk a fine line. >> they're good at it. >> particular -- tick off this administration and they did go after her. >> they can't do that they would lose the vote. that hasn't happened before? of course they have. it shouldn't be that way. it should be the federal bureau of investigation. ladies, thank you. >> he wool see. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. gary sinise raising millions of dollars helping wounded vets all across the u.s.a. why is he constantly working on their behalf? we'll find out. miller on putin it and romney showing off watch choo side. wow. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full
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truth serum segment tonight. two hot topics, federal complaint against harvard filed by somation groups asian groups folks wanting to come to the u.s.a. legally not able to do so because of the current policy on illegal aliens. >> the line of foreigners trying to enter the u.s. legally stands at 4.4 million. 100,000 more than last year. why? the agency in charge is busy. helping illegal immigrants who received residency under president obama. >> they are not qualified for legal immigration in most cases and yet their applications were given the highest priority. >> that priority meant
5:31 pm
processing times rose from two months in 2012 to as many as 18 months today spouses and children of citizens like jimmy. >> it's depressing. there is no way to beat around the bush. it's depressing. >> now that man is in chile. is he unemployed. married to an argentinian woman. have a family. they are trying to get to the u.s.a. he has been down there a year and a half. he can't get here. with us now here in new york. sean and with us in washington shannon bream. both fox news correspondent. what's the truth about legal immigration. is it more difficult for people to get here now because of the illegal immigration executive order signed by president obama? bill according to documents provided. state department documents and others from u.s. citizenship and u.s. immigration status. it's getting worse because they are prioritizing those who a couple years ago got this deportation delay by the president. not his most recent
5:32 pm
executive orders but the ones passed back in 2012. the people who are playing by the rules, it takes them how long on average to get here? >> well, there are more than 4 million of them now waiting and there are limits on how many can get in each year. depending on whether you are an immediate family member, those are supposed to be prioritized. a matter of few months. others given estimated time of 33 years bill. >> wow. 33 years some of them take. not everybody. if is you have a skill and have people here, it can be. but let's face it. it is much more difficult to come here legally than illegally. if you come here illegally now, you are in. you are here. so why would anybody go through the horror of jimmy now, i am going to ask you do something for us, shannon. >> you got it. >> ask this guy and his family to get this guy from chile. here it is. he can't work in chile because he won't let aliens work. there you go. ask him try to get him here
5:33 pm
and on a hardship situation. you know everybody. everybody in washington likes you. they strike me. so you will get a lot more. okay? so we report. >> i will make some calls. i really will. >> report back to us next week and we will see what happens. >> we will do. on this ethnic deal here, harvard, where did you go to college? >> i went to georgetown. >> georgetown? >> if they saw my test scores i wouldn't have gotten in. >> you went to georgetown. i have a masters from harvard. >> you do? >> but there is an asian groups in america. i can't say they are all asian americans mad at harvard, why? >> they say that the asian kids are getting discriminated against. here is the complaint. 64 groups have filed this with the department of justice and department of education. more asian kids should be allowed into harvard that there would be discriminating against because of their race. 200% of the freshman class now at harvard asian. they say if you look at the test scores. these kids are smart. >> asians are very high achievement. >> it should be like 42% or even more. >> they say that based on
5:34 pm
scores harvard should be 42%. did you know the university of california berkeley i think it is is 49 asian? >> they don't use race as sphak tore. >> half the school is asian. so harvard says well, we are not doing it but they really are doing it getting certain amount in each race diversity. >> can't have quote attachment factor according to the supreme court. asians 14 to 18%. they are 20% now. >> at harvard. >> whites had 2 to 4 the. blacks to 6 to 10%. hispanics 7 to 10%. although they don't use quotas. they deal with the holistic person. the individual person and they clearly did that with you. they looked at bill o'reilly. look at that you are holistic. >> i did go for my interview with a wind chime and held it up like this. do you believe based on your research in the truth
5:35 pm
serum segment that harvard is keeping down asian students on purpose? >> my personal belief is it could be a factor based on how well they do on their tests but i do believe you should look at the full person or they never would have gotten into georgetown. >> eric shawn everybody. when we come right back, it will be miller time. how much has the d man donated to the clinton foundation and why didn't he tell george stephanopoulos about it? what about the macho antics of putin and romney? oh look at this. miller is next. introducing the new can-am spyder f3. with a cruising riding position and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am dealer and test drive the spyder f3 today.
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thank you for staying with us, get to the sage of southern california who joins us from southern santa barbara. miller, i have got to know how much you donated to the clinton foundation. come on, how much? can i go on record first and say jimmy is the coolest name i ever heard. that's like a pawnshop owner in a david mammoth play or something. change the name to the gugliata factor. >> he we will try to get him back. >> all right. jimmy is cool. you are saying i'm coming to you from santa barbara. that's facade back there i accidently signed my power of attorney over to the clinton foundation and
5:40 pm
tonight i'm coming to you deep from inside the boughs of that turkish prison in the midnight express. i don't know what they are doing running up bills over there the clinton foundation has more shaky donors than a blood bank next to a bus terminal. clinton global initiative has, by the way replaced specter in the new james bond film and at the end i hear daniel craig and hillary's character, which is called no job they get into the fight to the death at the end. if i was hillary i would double down on all of this stuff. i would never talk to the press. i would take donations from everybody. this is the way she will win. it's not about whether she is candid anymore or truth teller and effective politician. people on the left like her because she is like lucy pulling the football out from us guys, the conservatives, charlie brown. that's all they dig about her is that she drives us crazy. that is what is going to get her elected. people never leave the clintons. it's like hotel california. george stephanopoulos can't
5:41 pm
get out. he didn't work this hard for the clintons when he worked for the clintons. >> all right. let's go to two very other powerful politicians. lad putin who played hockey in russia and scored 8 goals in one game because the goalie wouldn't block it for fear of being executed. there putin okay. he is -- look at him. who is going to block his shot? no one. i don't want to go to siberia. it's cold enough. and then very good lad yeah. and then mitt romney in a boxing match for charity. look at the mittster if he had campaigned like that he would have won. >> i think putin looks adorable in that hockey sweater. looks like the oscar statue on a hayride or something. it's nice to see him wearing something because he usually bears his chest more than pam anderson in the early to mid 90's.
5:42 pm
we have him over there playing hockey and on our side of the pond john kerry shot a 99 in frisbee golf. we are way behind in the macho quotient. like you said 8 goals with that speed on his skates and ha shot, it's like playing poker with sam. you don't want to win because you lose at the end of the day. >> i'm not raising you sam. it's all yours take it away. mitt is such a nice guy. he actually brought -- he brought holly field's ear back off tyson and reattached it. too nice. restore the site of four people around the country so it was a good cause. i was impressed with romney. i wish he had had campaigned that way showed up in the debate like that. i would have won. there is a dog miller, a dog who is making $15,000 a month. roll the tape.
5:43 pm
a pet dog named brode has become a internet sensation as paid model for men's clothing line. on today's photo shoot he shows why big so keep for him to represent him. >> we found out when we put clothes on him he lit up. he started of posing for us. >> all right. so what say you now in the dog 15,000 a month wearing men's clothes. come on. >> well, it seems like a cute idea until you book him for runway week and he, you know, at the fashion week and he walks down to the end of the run way and breaks off a big growrl. that's when the whole thing gets really really ugly. between state and local. this dog is making 15 k a month. he is paying 52% out. i think that's 364% in dog taxes. and you talk about cruelty to animals. that's cruelty to animals. i have a prediction though. this dapper dingo some time in the next year will marry into the kardashian clan and
5:44 pm
triple his earnings. and that is not too rough. i'm gene shallot. >> if you saw us last night you know you can't say you are a dog owner anymore. do you know what you have to say? >> i gave up so long ago you tell me, billy. >> a dog guardian. it's politically incorrect to say you are a dog owner. all right? so the guardian is making a lot of money. >> to say i'm a dog con could you bine. >> there you go. miller and one footnote if you get dad tickets to see miller and me in the don't be a pinhead show dad will be happy. st. louis, chicago rose month theater. charlotte. south florida hard rock and casino. vegas. the comerica theater. details on bill o' make dad happy let him see miller and me. actor gary sinise raising millions for vets who need help. mr. sinise moments away.
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why is actor gary sinise devoting so much of his life to helping wounded american vets as you may know the lt. dan band which tours the country raising money for the gary sinise foundation. ♪ on and on and on ♪ >> a little earth wind, and fire there tomorrow night here in new york city at the hard rock cafe gary sinise's band and a bunch of other people hold a benefit and proceeds go to the wounded vets. i will be there as well to muck things up. here now mr. sinise.
5:49 pm
how many of these benefits do you do a year, do you think? >> oh, gosh. we have a lot of money to raise at the foundation. we are doing a lot of things building homes and resiliency events. the band is part of my foundation. >> right. >> you know i'm doing various fundraisers and the band fundraiser. so maybe 35 qun setters a year. >> all right. so almost every weekend you if you are doing 35 that's a lot. explain there is a foundation, i have a foundation named after my parents. you have a foundation. what does your foundation do? >> it's a military support charity. that's what it is. i have been involved with veterans going back to the 80's and after i played the wounded veteran in forrest gump in the 90's i got very involved with our wounded. and then after september 11th, you know we needed help with iraq and afghanistan. supporting our men and women, so i volunteered for th afghanistan, supporting men and women so i volunteered for the uso, started going out there and helping military charities like the
5:50 pm
independence fund. >> with the track chairs. >> i got involved with them in '08. >> your foundation itself, it gives money, it does what? >> well one of the programs we have is called r.i.s.e. restoring independence supporting empowerment. we want to provide specially adapted housing for wounded vets. mobility devices, track chairs, that kind of thing. >> right. >> adapted vehicles. we want to do things that are going to empower them give them their independence back. >> that's very very very important. you played an amputee in forrest gump and got to talk to some of the vets and got i guess empathy. is that the word? empathy for them that you felt it was your mission to do this? >> well partially and i had been involved with vietnam veterans groups going back to the '80s so i had very serious compassion for them. >> what was it that attracted you to the military side of it? >> the military in my family first of all. on my side of the family world war i, world war ii korea era. then my wife's side of the family vietnam era.
5:51 pm
it was really the vietnam-era veterans that educated me as a young man about what they had been through and how terrible it was for them it come home. when we started deploying to iraq and afghanistan, i just -- i didn't want to see that happen. >> you weren't in the military yourself right? >> no. i was -- >> i didn't serve, either. i can't say that i did nearly as much as you do for the military but certainly we've raised millions of dollars for the track chairs here as the folks know. when you do these things it's hard sometimes. i mean it's hard because you're a busy guy, successful actor. you live out on the west coast. you have a name to take care of. yet you're out all the time. all right. does that ever weigh on you? >> well it does but there's a lot of satisfaction also when you see that you can do something to help somebody. >> absolutely. >> you know there's a lot of spiritual nourishment you get from that. >> spiritual nourishment. you're a believer in god and -- >> yes, sir. >> and christianity and helping others? >> i've felt in some ways that i
5:52 pm
was called to do this. i have a -- there's a thing that i can provide. there's a thing that i can do. there's a way that i can raise awareness awareness. there's a way i can give back. >> you're using your fame obviously for good. to do this. and i kind of do the same thing. i figure geez you know million-1, actually 20 million-1 i'm here so i might do some good. the guy -- when i visit the wounded and i don't try to make a big deal out of it but they're so almost stunned to see you, you know? it's -- and it's me -- it's me the one, i'm the one that's privileged to be with them. >> i'm sure they're stunned to see you, bill. >> first thing, we didn't know you were so tall. >> i'm sure they're stunned. >> i bet you you feel the same way. i don't want them to think that i'm anything special. they're the special ones. you know they've given and sacrificed for their country. >> they don't expect anything. you know? i mean they really don't expect
5:53 pm
celebrities who walk in the door and take their time to come and visit them. when you go to the war zones and go to the hospitals and go around you play for them like i have over a number of years, even -- even with all that i've done i'm still every single time i do it i get so much nourishment out of it. i get -- i just feel that you know enriched in some way. there's really nothing better that i can do with my time than to support the men and women. >> memorial day coming up superpatriots, fleet week in new york city.nd i will be at the hard rock cafe. huge huge. more than a million dollars we raised for the vets this time around, right? more than a million? >> i'm sure there's going to be a lot of military there because it's fleet week. >> going to be a good time. >> i have the national memorial day concert, too, on sunday. >> i'll sing a couple numbers with the band. >> oh will you? what are you going to sing? >> "the good ship lollipop."
5:54 pm
it's fleet week. thanks gary always good to see you. if you'd like to help the rocking the boat charity, the name of the event tomorrow night, a $25 donation gets you a concert poster. go to help out the vets. and you get something nice as well. we're all out of the shirts. they're always sold out already. and we appreciate all you guys helping the vets. very hot mail segment up next. right back. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems,
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finally tonight. the e-mail. from florida, it's time to see the list of who gave what to the clinton foundation and what issues they had before the government. absolutely mark. that's why the fbi as i said should get involved. now. so the presidential campaign will not be affected midstream. elaine coop, grand rapids michigan why does fox news give the clinton campaign so much
5:57 pm
coverage? because the future of the country rides on the next presidential election. i'd say that's a big story. kim, charlotte, north carolina mr. o. you said your head droops when you see so many clinton controversies. you and i have the same ailment. ron miller madison, wisconsin, bill you said the only way wages will rise is for business to expand. that's not the only way. if fewer illegal aliens were working here wages would rise. not significantly, ron. real wage growth comes from skilled jobs and small business needs. not day labor. barbara edwards, las vegas, after listening to the list of words we can no longer use, i wonder how long before the words white house are banned. used to be called the executive mansion. did you guys know that? judy wake forest north carolina bill, i am honored to be called a housewife. i don't want to be called a domestic engineer. and here is the letter of the day from joyce, arizona. bill, you and stossel were
5:58 pm
laughing at the political correctness but who is behind this? who is stomping on our freedoms by telling us what we can't say? the media drives this stuff, joyce. some pressure groups come up with insane things feed it out on the net, then it gets picked up then they get on cable tv and are kicking it around then they accuse people of being racist or sexist anti this or anti that. it's how it comes. we live in an age where zellalots cause a lot of damage quickly. folks are scared to stand up to the madness. mark bakersfield, california i've been watching "legends and lies," it's fantastic, excellent work. robert north las vegas, nevada. bill, just finished reading " "legends and lies." outstanding. gratifying to hear so many of you like the fox news series and companion book. this coming sunday night memorial day weekend there will be a "legends and lies" marathon on fnc.
5:59 pm
the book of course, still a big seller. check them out. sean morgan, myrtle beach. mr. o'reilly i'm 13. i love watching "the factor" with my father. you've made news fun for me. david archery, strongsville ohio according to a dictionary an urchin is a child who annoys people or causes minor trouble. your point is, dave? that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news "factor" website different from billo' also spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no flummery when writing to "the factor. "we're all out of flummery. look it up. it's a great word. you'll be able to use it when in your conversations with folks. excuse me but could you tone down the flummery?
6:00 pm
give you a black eye, but -- thank you for watching us. megyn is next. please always remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. there is breaking news in baltimore. where on the same day obama administration officials met with the mayor, charm city appears to be turning into the wild west. nearly two dozen people shot over the last 24 hours. and sources inside the baltimore pd telling the "kelly file" this is not getting better any time soon. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. we have three major developments on the mess in baltimore. the head of the doj civil rights division making some controversial remarks involving cops and a history of racism. the baltimore prosecutor seeing her case against three of the officers begin to crumble is now