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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. be sure to catch "outnumbered" everyday at noon. catch me and andrea harris. have a great night. you take action to protect your ship keep your crew safe. it's duty, so too with climate change. >> president obama speaking to coast guard academy talking to graduates climate change must be addressed by the what? senator ted cruz fed up with liberal tv reporters. tonight we'll show you amazing q&a. >> do you have animosity against christians? scouts can use them to shoot
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at targets not people. >> no more water gun fights for boy scotts. too politically incorrect. >> what are they going to do? caution. you're about to enter the no spin zone. "factor" begins right now. hi. i'm bill oreilly. thanks for watching. speaking to the graduating class yesterday, president obama said this. >> i'm here to say the climate change is a serious threat to global security immediate risk to our national security. make no mistake a it will impact how we defend our country. we need to act and act now.
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>> the president believing drought in nigeria creates in instability and makes it easier for groups like boko haram. that's what mr. obama believes. i think it's fair to say that theory surprised awe a lot of military people. >> the president of the united states says today it's climate change we have to worry about. i'm worried about climate change. do we give a [ bleep ] about what's happening in the streets of ramadi? >> as for isis taking ramadi mr. obama contends usa continues to downgrade that savage group. he does acknowledge setbacks. with isis controlling half the country of syria, i'd say
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setbacks might be stereo genttoo gentle. it's fine to want a cleaner planet, i do. every sane person supports that. to tell a group of military graduates climate change is defense priority borders delusion. people are being burned to death and beheaded by savages and the president is presenting climate change as a military priority. that's like george washington telling troops to concentrate on making wax candles and apple cider. good grief. yes he gave the order to get bin laden and for using drones to kill terrorists. i give him credit for that. the coast guard is used to
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contemplate climate change. hope everyone got some cider after that speech. now top story and reaction. director of public citizens energy program and jeremy simons. where am i going wrong here mr. simons? >> first to start where you're going right which is we need a clean plant and reduce the harmful pollution that gets us there. that's part of obama's point. the place you're off track. this is a false choice. this isn't a choice between dealing with atrocities of isis or deal with climate change. far from it. we're perfectly capable of leading a clean energy resolutions in the united states and reducing -- >> didn't it strike you strange in a graduating speech to the coast guard, climate change would emerge? he gave more emphasis to climate change than fighting isis.
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come on. isn't that strange to you? isn't that strange to you? >> well it's not because i've been watching this issue some time and it was actually under the bush administration. george w. bush this issue serviced and president bush warned -- >> he didn't warn at a military gathering. mr. slocum little strange, out of context? >> not at all. the u.s. chief of naval operations and head of the coast guard, each issue annual reports talking about the need for arctic strategy in light of the northern icecaps melting and re recedeing receding. when these melt and recede it opens shipping lanes that vastly benefit russian activity -- >> let me throw in something. >> you are. >> no i'm not.
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i'm saying it's a matter of priorities. shipping lanes that might benefit the russians are not as urgent as isis taking over iraq and syria. i'm sure you agree? >> of course. >> in tasmania they're having a problem with so much ice. build up in the south and melting in the north. i want to point that out. this isn't a slam dunk by any means that the earth's climate is debatable proposition. i want to get back to president of the united states. you both have to understand he's having a hard time against isis. you both understand that? he's having a hard time dealing with isis. do you both understand that? >> of course -- >> do you understand the president is having a hard time dealing with isis mr. simons? >> until the isis threat is
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over we're all having a -- >> you both understand the united states most powerful nation on earth is having a problem dealing with 50,000 jihadist savages? you understand that. he's the president of the united states. what he says goes around the world. he chooses to make climate change rather than go to you know a solar institute and i'd have to problem with the solar change speech there. i'm not saying there's not climate change. that's not me, and you know it. this sends a message his priority is theoretical while people are getting burned to death on camera over in the middle east. >> bill -- >> when hurricane sandy struck -- >> bill do you understand that the pentagon can do many things at once? it can deal with -- >> yes understand that. >> and emerging threats. >> they're not dealing with --
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the pentagon is not dealing with it. it's ignoring it now. it's out of control now which is why i'm doing this segment in the lead position. >> we don't want to do a segment on the oreilly factor ten years from now saying -- >> i'm saying the military should pay attention to the issue but not that time. >> i think there's urgency to it. if we wait and wait to deal with climate change it will be too late. >> he's waiting. >> we are waiting because we're not making the investment investment in clean energy. we need to take the steps to break down -- >> let me break this to you gently. if a private company could come up with an energy efficient clean fuel, there would be the new ibm. me. there's research going on all over the place to get that.
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8:12 pm's handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. . tonight more stuff on hillary clinton and the benghazi attack. it is said hillary clinton received an e-mail from her friend blumenthal who was working on business dealing with big shots told hillary clinton through e-mail the terror attack was planned by organized terrorists. the next day hillary clinton told a different story. ed henry is covering the clinton campaign.
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pick up the story from there. >> the only thing you left out -- let me take a step backwards. the day before it was said this was planned, al qaeda was involved. involved involved. blumenthal also sent a report to hillary clinton saying he thought he knows about libyan intelligence is another question given -- on september 12th he said it was based on internet video. >> let me explain gently why i left that out. the e-mail he sent afterwards contradicted that. he said i have updated information for you. all right? this is what really happened. why would i mention this e-mail before that? let's pick up the story. she got this in a definitive way from sidney.
8:14 pm
apparently according to "new york times" she sent it out to key officials. the next day she did what? >> september 14 she went to andrews airport base with president obama and said this was an internet -- this is where they were -- >> she got updated information are from sidney saying this was internet video. >> right. that's when the four american who is had been killed in the attacks, their coffins came back to andrews. in the remarks to the american people hillary clinton said this was inspired by the internet video. i think in fairness i went back to the day before. blumenthal gave two theories on two days. >> what was the last thing he gave her? >> that we think this was planned. we think it was a terror attack. absolutely right about that. >> if you're secretary of state and relying on this guy.
8:15 pm
he's your eyes and rearears in libya. why wouldn't you mention both? >> i agree with you. all i'm saying is you have to acknowledge in real time in those days there were two theories that emerged. in blumenthal's second e-mail he was not saying that's the definitive account. that's all i'm pushing back on. september 14 hillary clinton having two e-mails from blumenthal and probably of officials like ben rhodes at white house. she picked one narrative. that was her mistake on the 14th. there was one more favorable to the president and wasn't true. >> okay. that's a reasonable statement that you just made. leon then secretary of defense told me he from the jump said to both president obama and hillary clinton this was an organized terror attack. >> right. >> now you've got sidney from close and dear friend and
8:16 pm
secretary of defense saying the same thing. yet you go on television with the president and don't mention it. that's bs henry. you've got to go both. >> right. >> you've got to say i'm hearing both and we've got to get to the bottom of it. >> that's fair. i'm going back to the previous day, both e-mails. she should have presented the american people if at all there were two theory ares. she went with the one theory. >> she didn't have to say there was a theory by a video tape. panera is bigger than sidney. it drives me crazy. you know what happened. i know what happened. everybody watching knows what happened. this was a political thing they threw out there. last question hillary clinton gets up in the morning, okay and she campaigns. she's going to be doing that the next year and a happen who's running the show telling her where to go and what to do?
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>> john pedestrianestaa. >> is he with her? >> he's a strewed operative. he was in the white house as a counselor pushing change on climate change and other issues the left is excited about. he's in charge of the campaign back home and also running around the country. been in san francisco, chicago, raising money for the campaign and also for the super pact. a that's big. >> i assume there's e-mails going back and forth. i'm told he's talking to obama white house behind the scenes. >> do you think the obama white house is coordinating with the hillary clinton campaign? >> i don't think they're directly coordinating but i think there's conversations being had. dana's top stories of the week. one is rand paul who dan and a
8:18 pm
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"personal story" segment. ms. dana let's bring in ms. dana perino who's book has become a best seller. congratulations. >> thank you. >> every week we ask you to bring in two stories you believe affects all americans. first is the gop grand party debate. first we've seen on fox news in early august. why is that a headline? >> because now the race gets serious. we're is 11 weeks from the first debate. 19 candidates and counting.
8:22 pm
>> 19 can't be on the stage. >> no, they can't. fox made a decision. they're going to take the top ten based on average of polls. now you have candidates -- i think there's 19 might be 20 by then. >> so poll averaging. top ten in the poll will appear on the stage. the others will not. >> they won't. so that i think the debates will also matter. think about last time rick perry was doing very well and had the oops moment at the debate never recovered. i felt bad for the texas governor. >> me too. it happens to everybody. >> on a big stage, get brain lock. it happens to everybody. you're right if you make one mistake. i don't think you can have a debate with 10 individuals. if bear and kelly and somebody else will moderate. >> and probably chris wallace. >> three moderators ten people. their head is going to blow off.
8:23 pm
>> i can't do that math. you have an interesting choice to make. if you don't think you're going to make it to top ten, maybe you go to i iowa or malpractice ina -- go to iowa or new hampshire and focus on that. >> a lot of the country doesn't want hillary clinton to be president. it's true other. 25% of the american people now think hillary clinton is a trustworthy woman. if given the alternative, it's going to be an interesting race. the second story you have selected is rand paul objecting to the patriot act which congress is trying to decide whether to extend or not. let's roll the tape on mr. paul. >> there comes a time in the history of nations when fear and complacency allow privacy to
8:24 pm
suffer. that time is now. i will not let the patriot act, most unpatriotic go unchallenged. >> he looks sluggish because he spoke ten hours straight. >> he believes passionately in this. i believe he's passionately wrong. >> was he allowed to go to the bathroom? >> no. people can come in and sub for you. >> he was there ten hours. look he's running on libertarian platform of privacy is sack toe sank in america. you feel he's wrong. why? >> he's no longer running in the united states senate. he's running for top job, commander in chief. your number one constitutional duty, protect the nation. he's arguing for wholesale -- >> it's ruled constitutional.
8:25 pm
let's do it on it's merits. i believe the patriot act could be modified in a way to make it stronger and better without the intrusion we have now. am i wrong? >> you're not wrong. nsa is willing to make a some changes. i'll guarantee you, if he were to walk into the oval office as the next president of the united states the first thing he'll want is all tools available to him. >> i think most americans want that. at this point, i think we have to have a serious discussion in congress to make the patriot act better and protect americans from not only terrorism but from you know somebody that would abuse their eveaves dropping privileging. >> he realizing it's wise and undangerous. hasn't done it because it was the right thing to keep it open. >> dan and a half perino buy her book.
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8:30 pm
i didn't know that. so you're a canadian guy by birth. get a tough blow when you're a kid. your father dies. >> i was 5 years old when he passed. >> your mom raises you and two siblings. >> she did. my father dies leaves her barely enough to pay off the house, doesn't leave enough to take care of the kids. she goes to work as a cashier in a local pharmacy. making $90 a week. managed out of force of will, prudence prudence theftiness to keep clothes on our back and roof over our head and brought us up. >> you go to college and don't graduate from college. correct. >> you wanted to be a dj. >> i wanted to be on radio. people on radio were my idols. i thought i want to do that. i wanted to be a doctor. i look back now and say why wasn't i a doctor?
8:31 pm
i said i'll take two years to get to the top radio station in the country. >> you're on the top radio station in canada. you're an idol. >> we started a rolling stone for television called "new music." that was the first of its kind really anywhere in the world. it seems when a form of music becomes popular, a lot of bands you never expect to see come up with big hits. >> i interviewed u2 police culture club before anybody knew who they were. >> who was the biggest rock star you interviewed? >> probably robert plant. >> from led zeppelin. >> he came in to the station. we interviewed him on the roof. >> did you give him a hard time? >> nothing to give him a hard time about. >> how do you make transition from rock guy in canada to american journalist?
8:32 pm
>> shear force of will and not letting anybody tell you that you can't do it. i said i don't want to do this the rest of my life. i want to get back to news. he said no problem, made me anchor of 10:00 show. did i hear about it? who do you think you are, you're a music guy, bla bla bla. one of the things i did to get away from that was moved to united states. >> who hired you first? >> cbs brand new ono in miami. >> many women with us tonight have had the procedure. many have wound up on poegzopposeing side of abortion. >> i went back to canada to host morning show then back to cbs december '92. worked as a reporter became chief medical correspondent and chief white house correspondent,
8:33 pm
anchor of sunday evening news. >> why did you go from cbs to cnn? >> they made a bunch of changes and decided katie coursic been better. >> you go to cnn, like a witness protection over there. then you come to fox, the big dog. >> yes. >> final thing, your mom would be very proud of you. she died when? >> in 2010. >> how did your mother process your success? >> she was just very happy that i actually did something with my life. >> that you weren't in prison. same thing with me. when i go back they go how come you're not in jail. >> the last thing she said to me how come you weren't a doctor? i'm kidding.
8:34 pm
she was very happy. >> all right john. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you bill. when we come back bernie goldburg on ted cruz letting the texas reporter have it. bernie is next. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. ♪ roundup ♪ ♪ i'm a loving husband and a real good dad ♪ ♪ but weeds just make me rattlesnake mad ♪ ♪ well roundup has a sharp-shootin' wand ♪ ♪ i'm sendin' them weeds to the great beyond ♪ ♪ roundup ♪ yeha! [ whip cracks ] ♪ ♪ ♪ no need to pump just point and shoot ♪ ♪ hit 'em in the leaves and it kills to the root ♪ ♪ 'round fences, trees, even mulched beds ♪ ♪ 'cause
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i'm bill o'reilly. tonight, an amazing tv confrontation in texas. it happened tuesday when a local reporter caught up with ted cruz. >> do you have a personal animosity against gay americans? >> let me ask a question is there something about the left -- i'm going to put the left in this category -- that's obsessed with sex? why is it the only question you ask is about sex? i recognize you want to ask another question about gay rights. isis is executing homosexuals. this week was a bad week for gay rights. the expansion of isis radical thee cat kal islamics that crucify christians and behead children that should concern you more than asking six questions on the same topics. do you have personal animosity
8:39 pm
against christians sir? your line of questioning is highly curious. >> joining us now to react, mr. goldburg. you say -- >> well what i say will please nobody. let me say that first. i'm not a fan of ted cruz but on this he makes a good point what he's saying essentially to the reporter why are you putting me many the cross hairs when it comes to gay rights? why aren't you questioning america's foreign policy where isis is killing gay people? isn't that more important than anything i feel about gay rights and gay marriage? on that i'm with ted cruz. why would a reporter ask a conservative christian republican running for president if he has animosity against gay americans? two reasons. one, he's trying to make trouble.
8:40 pm
we know that. he's trying to get a headline. he's trying to trip up ted cruz. granted. the other reason is that there are more than a few conservative christians. i'm not saying a majority or anything like that but more than a few who not only are against gay marriage bill but detest gays period. i know this because when i come on this program and say i'm for gay marriage i don't only get e-mails from people against it. fair enough. reasonable people disagree. i get e hails from people that write the most vile things about gay and proclaim christianity. i know for a fact you get the same e-mails. >> yeah but not many. i don't get many of those owe. >> well -- >> let me define how i see this ted cruz thing. >> hold on. i'm not willing to accept it's a fringe. you don't know what percentage it is and you don't know. >> most e-mails float in here
8:41 pm
very small percentage attacking gays fundamentally because they're going to hell. very small for me. i applaud ted cruz. two reasons. number one, this anchorman, okay in a week where terrorism is running wild all right, and the economy is by far and away a, by every poll the most important thing for americans. chooses to do a question that ted cruz has nothing to do with. cruz doesn't have anything to do with it. whatever he thinks about gay marriage doesn't matter to the country. he does it to as you pointed out to be provocative and make a name for himself. cruz called him out. i'm going to say this the republican candidates better start doing what ted cruz just did or the media is going to slaughter them in the upcoming campaign. they better to every reporter who baits them every reporter who goes after them on niche ied
8:42 pm
logical things do what cruz did. go. >> couple of things. one, cruz is right. the media don't go after liberal democrats the way they go after conservative republicans. they don't have hillary clinton how do you feel about late term abortion and when she gives her answer saying wait a second, because the mother is depressed, you think it's okay to kill an eight and a half-month-old baby. they don't go after them with the same zeal they go after conservative republicans. ted cruz could have said of course i have month animosity against gay americans. next question. but you know why he didn't? because every republican lives in fear of the organized christian right. there may not be a lot of people in the organized christian right. they have a big megaphone. they live in daily and deathly fear of what they would do if
8:43 pm
you even say -- if you even say i have no animosity against gays. that's what they're after afraid of. >> listen that may be true but i don't know it in this case. cruz is a gutty guy. i don't know if he's a afraid of anybody. when i saw that sound bite i went yes, that's what you have to do. every republican. to stop the media dishonesty. i thought cruz -- i'll stand by what i said. bernie bernie you're right. nobody like what had you said tonight. >> you're absolutely right. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. gutfeld and mcgirk talking about guys nobody likes. chaos is moments way. isis, the boy scouts and atake these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything.
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back that "what the heck what the heck just happened? greg gutfeld and mcgirk. it's ebb and flow escapes and downs. >> number one, it's the creation of fox news to make ratings. we were told that that this is a concoction -- we make this up. it's incredible. i'm quite proud of it. the other thing is, almost all of this is our fault because we've never bought priuses. all of this horrible mayhem is caused by man-man climate change. this change in temperature has driven terrorism sky high --
8:48 pm
>> let me stop you. your theory is it's gotten so hot in the middle east that it's driven people crazy. that's why they're beheading everybody. >> that's president obama's theory. that's not my theory. he thought isis was jv. i think con is pop warner. >> look brilliant talking points this week how the iraq war was a mistake. it's a travesty we lost men. it would be bigger if we lost more men. >> let me put this to you and all people listening around the world. there are 50,000 isis people. there are 60 nations in the coalition against isis. 10,000 troops each equals mcgirk 10,000 times 60? >> 600,000. >> times 50. send them in. there will be a few casualties. >> of course. >> there will be many many more
8:49 pm
among the 50. do you object? do you object to that? that's not bad. >> thank you. that's all i'm asking. >> there's one mistake. you said 50,000 people in isis. they're not people. >> okay. gutfeld, fine. what i'm trying to do is get a serious point across. this is travesty for the entire world if 60 nations have signed on to defeat isis. pony up 50 each. we'll leave the charge a week. they're all gone. >> if you take the land you have to hold it. >> you don't have to hold anything. >> look it's a desert. they can't hide in the desert. >> they have country surrounding the 50,000. >> get the 10,000 from each of the 60 and knock them out in a week. boy scouts of america. were you ever boy scouts? >> no boy scout troop in the world -- >> all right. now the boy scouts can no longer
8:50 pm
have water pistols. roll the tape. >> to me boy scouts is about being a boy. >> the rule set by boy scouts of america is leaving local scout moms confused. >> i don't agree with it. >>
8:51 pm
justice warriors. what about tag? why must someone be it? can we play tag without anybody being it? >> it's a stigma. >> everyone should be running after each other in a meadow. last but not least, the worst game musical chairs. how unequal is this competition that somebody's left without a chair? in my world, musical chairs have no chairs. >> how are you going to have a wet t-shirt contest? >> i didn't think of it and there's a reason i didn't think of it. okay denver there's a college, they've hired a pot professor and you say? >> i say it's about time because i need to know more about pot. please. in a year we will be -- i hope in a year we'll be bored with pot. i'm glad that we legalized it but let's ban talking about it. >> half baked, pun intended.
8:52 pm
it's ridiculous. look dude where's my chalk, how about that? >> dude where's my chalk. okay. you forget things when you're on pot. >> when are you going to learn? >> pot economics, the economics of pot. >> and then the first guest speaker will be a cartel member from mexico. this is unbelievable. >> what? >> fox news is giving gutfeld his own show. it's not a red eye at 3:00 in the morning, there's a reason for that. it's a great show. >> what's the name of it? >> the greg gutfeld show. by the way, quick summary of what it's going to be like. >> no no, no. i'll let you do it next week. >> i'm holding court. going to have a weekend with bernie segment, back to the books thing, then a waters world. but we're all going to be naked. >> it's on sunday nights after legends and lies. >> exactly, exactly.
8:53 pm
>> don't pollute the evening. starts -- when does it start? >> may 31st sunday night. got to watch it. if you don't -- >> gutfeld comes to your house with a water gun. gentlemen, thanks very much. how americans are answering a simple question what did hillary clinton accomplish as secretary of state. the tip moments away. when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief and in the morning i am back to myself dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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americans being asked about hillary clinton, secretary of state's success. in a moment we'll hear this. first, the mail. the fbi given its history should not engage in political investigations that's the job for the press. come on we don't have subpoena powers rich. foreign countries try to buy influence with top level officials, fbi has to look into the matter. that's the agency's job, to expose crime and corruption. get a grip. jim douglas, military has been
8:56 pm
advising president obama to take a stronger stance against isis. the plans are there, but they've only been executed when the president says go. barbara hall talking points on fighting terrorism were right on except for one thing, you left out the part about president obama losing the fight with isis on purpose. i did leave that out, barbara. the factor is a fact-based broadcast. ron, yorba linda, california. looks like gary sinise is a modern day bob hope as he does so much for the military. my friend's son who was in the military was dining in a restaurant gary picked up his check and thanked him for his service. i served more than 40 years, even though you did not serve in the military you are serving now by helping with the wounded vets. gary withholding last name in florida. i object to you by one-upping
8:57 pm
gary sinise by citing your work for the veterans. no matter what good deed you do someone will try to run it down. but that should never inhibit you. roger moore, adelaide australia, my country is actively fighting against isis and i think that should be acknowledged. i agree, thank you for your letter. karla sampson, illinois hey, bill saw miller 25 years ago at caesars in vegas, looking forward to seeing you guys in chicago. miller hasn't changed. the don't be a pinhead tour rolls into the windy city chicago, october 24th karla, at the rosemont. caesars palace in vegas the 25th. st. louis, charlotte, phoenix. details on billo' bill you never fail to thank premium members when you sign off the daily no spin news i feel blessed to have you. right back at you, dave.
8:58 pm
fun perk for all pms, we hope you listen to it so is the daily podcast, you hear the whole program. mr. o. i'm 15 and don't mind being called an urchin. enjoy your signed copy of legends and lies anthony. tip of the day, bloomberg media operation organized a focus group made up of democrats who sup >> this is a fox news alert. after a massive manhunt, police apprehended a 34-year-old who is suspected of killing four people inside of a washington, d.c. mansion. before setting the home on fire last week. the victims were found as
8:59 pm
firefighters responded to the scene. investigators believe the suspect who is a welder worked for their company in the past. police linked him to the murder scene after finding his dna on pizza crust. he was arrested and is in the custody of police. joining us now on the phone is ted williams washington, d.c. lawyer and former homicide detective. ted, what can you tell us? >> from what i've been able to learn is that in north washington an automobile in which darren went was in was surrounded by law enforcement and he was taken into custody without any kind of incident or anyone being hurt. >> do you know what time this happened? >> no. i was told that this happened
9:00 pm
here tonight, though. and that would have been after 7:00 hour. i can tell you during 7:00 hour, on the greta van susteren show i was doing the show from that location. that had not been an arrest and so it happened after that hour. >> so you have no idea what led them to track down this particular vehicle? >> no. i don't. but it was not surprised me if they had a tip. there were initially indications that he was in the brooklyn new york area. and then we started peeling back that onion, and it was determined that he may very well have been headed back to washington, d.c. to turn himself