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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 22, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. i will be here monday and will have to tell you then what i did yesterday. >> we'll watch four jon. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. fox news alert. state department releasing its first batch of e-mails from former secretary of state hillary clinton. i'm gretchen carlson. we are here to bring you "the real story" today. the e-mails relate to the benghazi terror attack and show mrs. clinton received information on her private server since deemed classified. the e-mails are only part of an emerging picture into really what happened on that tragic night. here is what he said. "it is also important to remember these e-mail messages are one piece of information
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that cannot be completely evaluated or fully understood without the total record. ed henry traveling with the clinton campaign live in hampton, new hampshire, today. what is the fallout from the release of all these new e-mails? >> reporter: this is a big deal. back in march, hillary clinton was definitive completely direct and clear that classified information did not pass through her personal server when she had that news conference at the united nations. that now turns out to not be true. what we are learning today there is at least one piece of information. obviously, there is more e-mail coming out. we'll see if there is more down the road. the fbi, as you say, after the fact is saying that at least part of one e-mail exchange she had with another top obama administration official about the benghazi terror attacks is now deemed classified and cannot
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be shared with the american people. a minute ago hillary clinton was wrapping up her event. i shouted to her again about the e-mails. she said she would come back and talk with us. she addressed this very issue. >> first of all, i'm glad the e-mails are starting to come out. this is something i asked to be done, as you know for a long time. those releases are beginning. i want people to be able to see all of
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no classified information. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material. >> reporter: she is going to rest this on the idea that when she sent that e-mail the information technically was not classified. now it has been classified by the fbi as it's released. we don't know what the information is, but it's very sensitive. the fbi stepped in here. you heard her. i know it, there was no
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classified information. >> as secretary of state, i don't know how you could make that statement with the business you are doing on a daily basis. some would probably be classified. nonetheless, mrs. clinton trying to turn the page but republicans believe this is just the beginning with 55,000 pages of e-mails still out there. what will happen? >> reporter: we are just seeing a small sliver of those 55,000 pages. the part that relates to benghazi. was there at least sensitive, if not classified information that she also shared on that personal account? that personal server on big issues like russia north korea, isis? we are going to find out in the days ahead. senator rand paul running for the republican presidential nomination told fox he thinks the real problem is 30,000 e-mails have been deleted. listen. >> we'll see the ones she didn't destroy. this is coming from an individual who when she worked in the state department didn't
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obey the law to begin with which said she should have had an official e-mail on official government server. she's already broken the law once. now we are going to trust her the ones she turned over are all the e-mails? i personally won't be satisfied until we look at the server. >> reporter: another big development last night, the clinton foundation separately revealed there was up to another $26 million in contributions they had not previously disclosed. this from about 100 speeches that bill hillary and chelsea clinton had given in recent years. they didn't take money for their pockets, they took the money fees that went directly to the foundation. all of this happening at once. a lot of big stories hillary clinton on the campaign trail trying to put it behind her and say she's focused on issues like the economy and small businesses here in new hampshire. >> when you are running for president, you have to answer all the questions. ed henry, live in new hampshire. thank you.
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another fox news alert. we are waiting formal charges for the suspect in the quadruple murder of a d.c. family and housekeeper. darryl dylan wint held them hostage for money, bludgeoning them before killing them. after a week of serving u.s. marshals caught up with him last night. >> when will he be in court? >> it could be any moment. he is here in the courthouse. they've got to work their way through everybody arrested yesterday and get down to mr. wint who does have a public
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defender we are told to answer for those charges. four counts of first degree murder. he made his way all the way to new york officials believe, in the past couple of days. came back down to d.c. that's when u.s. marshalls moved into arrest him with what they call overwhelming force in numbers. >> we followed him about four, five miles. he did a wacky u-turn. we got to a situation where we could successfully take him down and did our standard practice vehicle pin maneuver. >> reporter: this is the family who was killed along with their housekeeper. according to officials, they were held for about 24 hours. during that time two things happened. one, the pizza was ordered from domino's. that's where mr. wint's dna ended up on. number two, there was $40,000 delivered to the home by a personal assistant to the family.
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that cash was missing. we are told yesterday when he was arrested, there was a lot of cash found in one of the vehicles he was traveling. in. >> when he was arrested there were a bunch of or people with him in that car. what has happened to them? >> exactly. stunning there was five or six other people in these two cars that the u.s. marshalls pulled over one being a box truck. all of them have been released. unclear if there were any outstanding warrants for any of them. they've been released. so far wint is the only one charged in that crime. so many experts tell us it would have been difficult for him to pull off this crime for 24 hours inside that house without any type of help or accomplices. obviously, we'll see if police bring out any more information on new suspects. >> thank you so much. u.s. marshalls were called into catch wint. 34-year-old ex-con cut from marine boot camp before
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graduation. the marshals tracked him thank to the pizza crust and tracked him to a howard johnson motel in northeast d.c. here is what the marshal service had to say about the takedown last night. >> they put up a helicopter for us. once we got to a good location able to pin the vehicle in and track him safely. no one got injured. multiple people were tan taken into custody. >> are author of "why we love serial killers." that's quite a title. what is going to happen in court today? >> he will get arraigned in court and charged with four counts of murder. i'm sure the judge will set no bail whatsoever. he'll be remanded. then the proceedings will start going from there. there's going to be an indictment in the case i suspect, in short order.
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while that is all happening, police will be building their case for months and months to come. >> part of the problem is he set the house on fire after he allegedly killed these four people. that could make getting some of the evidence difficult. he screwed up with that pizza crust. he was dumb about ordering the pizza. i need to know from you, scott what do you think the motive was? >> first of all, i don't think this is a professional criminal. i think what we have here is a very violent man, unstable man, has a history of violence and instability. i think the motivation was really rage. apparently he worked for the victim in his iron works company. i wouldn't be surprised if we find out he was let go under circumstances, perhaps fired. i authentic this may well be a crime of retribution. >> why would it takes so long to carry out this crime? he apparently went to the house the night before and bound them. then probably didn't kill them. was he waiting for the money? >> i think he was first looking for the money.
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i do believe there were other people in the house. i don't think it was a solo crime here. certainly we have to find out the money was delivered to the house by another employee of the company. how that all worked out. certainly, he was probably holding them hostage, i suspect. then something went horribly wrong. the rest is history. >> it's bizarre, is it not? he did get the money. >> that's right. >> we don't know what could have gone wrong. what are your thoughts? >> again, we are dealing with an unstable individual here. let's say extortion was the primary goal to get the money. extortion, a professional extortionist will not blow up the house, torture, kill blow up the car. i'm not sure murder might have been the motive going in. i think this is an unstable a individual who had retribution on his mind. a man who felt hourpowerless.
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i'm going to show you. i'm going to torture, mutilate and ultimately kill and blow up your house. that is an unstable individual. >> he is now in police control. we'll see what happens in court. david and scott, thank you. >> growing frustration on capitol hill. isis marches forward in the middle east. >> you are calling josh earnest an idiot. >> well look i'll retract that. it's infuriating though. >> a navy seal joins us live.
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welcome back to "the real story." president obama defending his policy and regarding isis.
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the president calling what happened in ramadi a tactical setback, insisting the u.s.-led coalition campaign against the terror group is, quote, not losing. frustration from special opposite forces who want to take their fight directly onto iraq and syria. the man who killed osama bin laden, rob o'neill, former navy seal and fox news contributor joins me with his thoughts. welcome to "the real story." great to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> there is a report today that special ops said we are doing everything through cell phones it's hard to do much when you can't go outside the wire. >> that's the word i'm getting, too. they are frustrated with a lack of a plan. they did get together at a conference in tampa. right now with really nobody on the ground it's difficult for them to try to make phone calls to their sources.
11:17 am
it's hard to see what's going on. a lot of people are frustrated. >> they basically are frustrated because what they are saying they are fighting from remote locations. meeting by remote control because they are not physically there. >> that's true. that's a problem, too. it's not going to be this all or nothing strategy where we need to reinvade iraq. we need troops on the ground to reassure our allies they have our support as far as medical evacuation intelligence and close air support. when isis fights for example the government troops in iraq they don't trust their own chain of command. they leave. >> the flip side is why should the u.s. fight when the iraqis don't even want to fight the battle for themselves? >> well it's a big fight for us. if we allow this islamic state to form it's going to be a major training ground for terrorists who want to attack the west. the ultimate will attack our friends and europe and attack us here in the united states. they'll be able to stage from
11:18 am
there we need to decide as a nation do we fight them now and stop them or wait till they get here? >> what do you make of the fact the obama administration is doubling down saying our isis strategy is perfect? president obama nine months ago said his goal was to destroy and degrade isis. is that really happening? do we need to change the policy? >> i think the policy should be changed a little bit. i think the administration right now is happy with the legacy being known as they got the troops out of iraq and had a big drawdown in afghanistan. they like that. i'm sure they are doing stuff behind the scenes. they need to think outside the box and get something from a marine unit out of the mediterranean sea in western syria or put troops in some of the bases we have established. we need to fight them. we've proven recently once americans fight isis toe-to-toe it's not a competition. we can wipe these guys out. >> taken from somebody who's been there and knows what he is talking about. rob o'neill, have a good
11:19 am
weekend. fox news alert. the state department many marie harf. >> could negatively impact foreign relations. >> can you tell us what it was upgraded to? >> it was upgraded to secret. >> which is the lowest of the -- >> there is confidential which is lower. >> more generally, there are a lot of other redactions. >> correct. we tried to set expectations there would be. >> do you have -- are you able to tell us what the majority of those redactions were for? what was the reason? >> i don't have a breakdown. next to each redaction there is a code for the exemption that is cited. you can take a look at all those codes. i don't know them all by heart. i haven't done a numerical breakdown how many apply where.
11:20 am
as i noted, these were provided with very few redactions to the committee. this one e-mail we referenced that has been upgraded was provided unredacted and unclassified. because there are different standards for public release under foya. >> the committee has the unredacted versions? >> correct. >> was there stuff sent unredacted? >> there were some redactions but it was limited. this is an agreement we made to the committee. >> despite the fact this information was not, as you say, classified at the time it was sent to her. >> correct. >> is a problem that this information which is clearly sensitive, though wasn't classified at the time was being passed around on a private server? >> i think we've spoken more broadly to this issue in the past in terms of the fact that there was no prohibition from
11:21 am
using private e-mail as a public official. we've spoken about this in the past. i don't have much more to add than that. i would note this information was not classified at the time. judge, what was it considered at the time? >> unclassified. >> not even sensitive? >> had no markings on it. >> nothing. >> when it got sent to the hill, it went in unclassified form. this again, as part of the process, this happens about several times a month on average where for a variety of reasons under the foia law, something that has been previously unclassified is for public release deemed to be classified. >> when was it the fbi asked for this to -- >> we've been listen to marie harf being grilled about the redactions in these e-mails released by the state department today. some the fbi or at least one e-mail taking some information out. now this information is classified. at the time these e-mails were sent they were not deemed
11:22 am
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you are not supposed to do it when you drive, right? commercial pilots will soon be allowed to text in the cockpit. it's part of a new program to get passengers like you and me in the air faster. the faa says after two years of testing, new flight clearance technology ready for take-off. pilots get to text, huh? >> they do. air traffic controllers get to text. normally as aviation technology gets better passengers don't notice this but this is exciting because we will feel the impact.
11:26 am
it will speed things up getting planes in the air faster and getting us to destinations on time more often. it's data communications. its main goal is to streamline communications between the cockpit and control tower. the way it works, air traffic control towers give pilots verbal constructions and they verbally confirm those instructions. the pilot enters all the information into the flight computer. if something changes like weather or increase in traffic, the conversation between atc and the pilot has to happen all over again. with data com, the controller clicks a button that sends a flight plan directly to the onboard computers. the pilot checks it and accepts and off they go. the people handling all that air traffic are giving this program a thumbs-up. >> it will reduce workload and lessen the stress when we have an overload of aircraft wanting inging
11:27 am
clearances at one time. i've been a flight data specialist 34 years now. >> people believe it will get rid of errors that happen during verbal exchanges. it's currently being tested at newark liberty airport and memphis national. this summer it will roll out in houston and salt lake city. next year 50 airports around the country would have data com. the trick is putting new technology in all the airplanes which could take a few years. it's not mandatory. experts say within five years, this will be the primary form of communication. >> let's hope it's secure so nobody else can get into those systems either. >> yes. >> trace, thanks so much. hillary clinton receiving benghazi e-mail on her private server now deemed classified. our political panel is coming up next how this might affect her presidential run. it's memorial day weekend. we want to say thank you to all our current armed service members, as well as their
11:28 am
families. and remember those we lost during and not during war times. our question of the day. how will you honor those who sacrificed so much for this country? tweet me at gretchen carlson. hashtag the real story. go to my facebook page today, as well. there is something special there.
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bottom of the hour quick look at the headlines. a cruise ship is back in boston after running aground a reef in bermuda. good thing we weren't there this week. it was six hours before a rising tide pushed it into deeper waters. >> grand jury in baltimore indicted six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. this allows the state attorney to move ahead despite criticism she may have overreached. >> imagine spring time in paris without the eiffel tower. workers walking out to protest a surge in pickpockets, shutting down the world's most popular tourist spot. the rhetorical sparks flying as john mccain calling josh earnest and idiot discussing the gains of isis. >> the white house reacting to the release of the nearly 300
11:33 am
hillary clinton e-mails during the time she was secretary of state, including documents on the terror attack in benghazi. kevin corke live at a busy day at white house. there was classified information sent to hillary clinton's personal server. is the white house concerned about that? >> honestly it's one of those stories where you listen carefully to what exactly is being said. you are not going to hear them come out and say we are deeply concerned about this. that doesn't play to the political leaning of the current occupant of the white house. here is what they did say. no not yet or no not really. what they did say, they start of described what happened then and why they are not concerned now in broad terms. listen carefully to josh earnest talk about it. >> so it's not uncommon for information previously unclassified to upon later review and based on changing events in the world, be deemed
11:34 am
classified. >> reporter: so what he is saying there is sometimes something is classified today and later deemed not classified material. or you can go the other way around. let's say by the time she sent that e-mail it wasn't classified. later they make the determination probably want to hang on to some of that information. that's the word play we heard here today. right now they say they are not that concerned. >> okay. now in the meantime they have another problem. they are continuing to defend the strategy against isis as isis continues to march forward. what did he say about that today? >> oh boy. can of worms. can i put it that way? we've been pressing him obviously about the administration failures in iraq. in particular the routh in ramadi. josh earnest said we will not set our hair on fire with every
11:35 am
setback. senator john mccain was very forceful in his disagreement of that characterization. >> imagine a number of american troops are not necessary, but american troops are necessary. do you know 75% of the combat missions that our airplanes go on return with their bomb loads? why is that? we don't have air controllers on the ground to identify targets that need to be taken out. >> reporter: he is saying the strategy as currently constructed isn't working. he called josh earnest a, quote, idiot. he later retracted that. i did mention that to josh in the press briefing today. josh said something like, always classy i think is how he classified the comments there by senator mccain. a contentious place. what can i tell you? it's that kind of day here at the white house. >> there may be more days to come like that with some of these stories. koechb cork
11:36 am
kevin corke, thank you. >> the spokesperson at the state department still getting grilled over the hillary clinton e-mail dump and redactions and whether any of that information was sensitive when she was writing and receiving those e-mails that are now deemed classify. let's bring in alan coombs. they are all in damage control. shouldn't be the says when you are secretary of state you know most of the information you are talking about would be sensitive to begin with? >> absolutely. the administration should definitely be questioned about this. it raises some serious questions about president clinton's time as secretary of state. this is problematic for hillary clinton. she's seen the self-inflicted wounds and effects from the blowback from controversy surrounding her private e-mails
11:37 am
and the clinton foundation. she is losing to one or more gop candidates in certain battleground states like new hampshire, iowa or colorado. the majority of voters don't trust her. what these e-mails show is this surfacing of this tangled web between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. >> now it's adding in the benghazi situation. alan you probably don't think this is all that serious, but the fact of the matter is she is on record when she had that first press conference talking about the e-mails there was no classified information. now we are finding out today there was. >> no. at the time the e-mails were sent they were not classified information. >> that brings me back to my original point, as secretary of state don't you realize when you are in that role probably one day some of that information could be classified? >> i don't think she should have used her private server. she needs to get up and answer all the questions.
11:38 am
even whether an fbi investigation just to clear her name. i would like to see us move on from this. so far in terms of today's release, we found out she overslept once. she didn't like a picture of her in "the new york times." >> alan please please. >> there was some pedestrian stuff in there. let's not forget the fbi is redacting at least one of those e-mails thus far because there is highly sensitive information in there. >> alan please. you are trying to down play the significance of these e-mails. the fact remains hillary clinton went onto credible lengths to be deceitful. we have to remember these are e-mails she intentionally turned over that have now been deemed classified. she deleted 30,000 e-mails. puts into question what information has she deleted? what information is she hiding from the american people? that is an important question the benghazi committee should get down to. should find the information for. it does put into question the clinton foundation.
11:39 am
she was e-mailing about benghazi with sydney blumenthal who used to work for the clinton foundation. >> there are so many layers to this story. this is the latest revolution today. i want to move on to this. governor chris christie having an interesting moment for someone considering a run for presidential 2016. even though the event is meant for laughs the new jersey governor got a little profane when the topic turned to bridgegate with a lot of f-bombs flying. >> we don't have video because we just don't give a [ bleep ] any more. the truth of the matter is we don't give [ bleep ] about this or about any of you. but again, because i don't give a [ bleep ] about you. just [ bleep ] away from me then. >> that's a lot of bleeps. he wasn't on official government business as governor of new jersey or running for president in 2016. what do you think about it? >> we've seen a good reason a good example why or why not this
11:40 am
extremely eloquent gentleman should or should not become the leader of the free world. we've seen a wonderful bird's eye view of his temperament. >> are you being sarcastic? >> that's what i think. >> lisa what do you think? >> have you ever been to new jersey? his approval ratings probably just went up. these roasts happen all the time. chris christie was clearly joking. according to things i read his jokes were well received. i don't think it's that big of a deal. we've seen a lot of political figures that go to these events and let their hair down and say offcolored remarks. if anything in a state like new jersey it probably helps him. >> i think he should go into stand-up if that is your analysis of the situation. >> i don't know about that. >> first we have to figure out if he is running for president. >> can't wait. >> thanks much. >> thank you. time to check in with harris. i just saw you a couple of minutes ago.
11:41 am
we were doing something super secret. >> we were. >> you are in for shepard smith live from the fox news deck. >> absolutely not a secret. good to see you. he just went to capitol hill to cut through the politics and get to a plan for war. retired four star general jack kean will join us with his first impressions about breaking news with the islamic state savages. they just took another town in iraq. local fighters used up all their ammunition and ran for their lives. we are learning of more horrors inside syria as terrorists tighten their grip on that country. their biggest advantage has been recruiting killers along the way. the general says contrary to president obama, the u.s. is losing. he says there's only one way to stop foreign fighters from joining isis. our fox news journalists are making their way through the 296 or so e-mails from the former secretary of state hillary clinton's secret server. i'll ask if there are so many
11:42 am
problems or issues for clinton in this batch, if that exists why didn't she delete all the e-mails? that at the top of the hour. >> thank you so much. the senate could vote any time now between today and tomorrow holiday weekend, over whether to extend or replace the patriot act. this as an fbi report says the bulk collection of data did not lead to one single case cracked.
11:43 am
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the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. welcome back to "the real story." the patriot act gives authority to intercept and disrupt potential plots against the united states. as it turns out, fbi agents say they can't point to any terrorism cases that had been thwarted because of it. the justice department's inspector general says between 2004 and 2009 they tripled the bulk data collected from
11:46 am
americans. no major developments resulted from any of it. it did say material gathered was valuable in developing other leads or corroborating information. so there are calls for continued and significant oversight of bulk data collection. this is a huge topic. we saw senator rand paul go on for more than ten hours the other day. he doesn't agree with what the nsa is doing as doesn't want to support the patriot act. now we have this ig report that says they haven't cracked any major cases. what are we to make of it? >> you have a program if you believe both sides, you have a program that's never been shown to have intentional abuses so no problems but you also have a program as the i given said no fbi agent was able to point to a single case cracked because of this. they say it helps putting together an overall picture. it helps them corroborate other things. it did not lead to any cases being cracked. you have a program that may not
11:47 am
be abused but it also doesn't appear terribly effective, which is why we have such an intense debate on capitol hill over not doing very much but not doing very much bad, why don't we keep it? why don't we get rid of it? that's why you have such a fierce debate on capitol hill. >> it's so interesting this report comes out right now as we are going through this major debate. i'm sure you know senator rand paul and senator ted cruz are like yeah we told you so. other congressmen say we've got to have this thing. if we let it go if we let it fly, our country is in danger. >> no. that is exactly the debate going on right now. senator mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate took to the floor this morning and did two interesting things. he basically threw president obama's words back at him saying, mr. obama, just last year you were saying this program is successful and incredibleiness. now you are looking to get rid of it what gives? he also said we are not ready for a transition yet. there is a move afoot to give us
11:48 am
an extra transition period so the nsa can move to private holdings of the phone data so to speak. the big question is will that succeed? will we have this transition period so the nsa can set up a new program?nnell says if we end the program right now as this house bill calls for, we are not ready for that next step. that major debate is how much transition time do you give? can the administration get up and ready for a world which the data isn't held by the government, but instead held by private phone companies? >> it's complicated. what is going to happen? are they going to pass this? >> it's a good question. they are in the middle of discussing that. they'll pass something. i doubt they let all the powers expire because there are other powers that would expire everybody agrees they should keep. whether they pass the house bill or whether they pass some transition bill we'll have to wait and see. looks like we may go into the weekend on that.
11:49 am
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just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at fox news. federal agents now have arrested two people in california, terror-related charges. both men in custody suspected of trying to join isis. one of them arrested at lax the other in orange county. all this following an investigation by the joint terrorism task force and we have been following the breaking news. what do you know? >> reporter: well, gretchen, the fbi appeared to have them under
11:53 am
surveillance for some period of time with the task force arresting one at lax while raiding his motel room almost summitly. they recently completed medical accounting school. this is video from the motel room shared with the parents. the parents say nadir a palestinian, was headed back to israel to visit family. >> my kids were born in this country, and i have four boys and two girls. we never had any problem like that. my son is a good kid. very nice and gentle. >> our son is a good boy. he is 24 years old. son, very full life, he is gullible and we are muslims and we not practicing muslims but he became a practicing muslim. >> one of nady rs social media
11:54 am
site suggests he watched videos on why muslims should grow their beards. this brings to 18 the number of americans arrested for joining isis, four for plotting terrorist acts and 150 who made it overseas. roughly 40,000 muslims and 16 mosques in orange county. these two face 15 years if convicted of attempting to provide material support to terrorism. >> we're covering these stories daily now. people wanting to go to the dark side. thank you. we asked you what are you doing on this memorial day to commemorate our fallen heroes. and look at the hard-working men and women who plant the flag at arlington every year.
11:55 am
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a touching tribute to the
11:58 am
fallen as we approach memorial day weekend. a group of stunts cleaning the graves at a long-neglected military cemetery in kansas city honoring african-american veterans buried this. this cemetery was once segregated and has been in shabby condition for a long time. the eighth graders placed american flags on the graves. another special honor for our fallen heroes. members of the u.s. arm's old guard spending hours placing a small american flag at each of the 228,000 graves at arlington national same at the. a 60-year-old tradition that takes a lot of planning. >> take busy four months to plan and execute what we call flags in and that plan is sexting off all of arlington and then assigning companies and battalions to specific areas within the cemetery. >> organizers say that flags in makes sure all the service men and women buried there are
11:59 am
honored individually on our memorial day. time now for my take. there's been much talk about the invasion of iraq in 2003 and whether or not any current day presidential candidate would or would not have invaded if they knew then what they know now. we heard jeb bush's firsthand and then a clarification, then marco rubio. is that really the request we should focus on in 2015? we reported about what is happening in that region today. up toes and cities in iraq falling to isis, including ramadi. half of syria now in the hands of to the temporary terror group and president obama calling it simply a tactical setback. one could argue as my friend charles does, the real question for current discussion should be when did the unraveling of iraq start and isis started gaining control? yes, we can go back and forth about what should have been done with hindsight 20/20 or ask the
12:00 pm
question that truly matters for our safety now. thank you so much for being part of "the real story." you can find my take at real story. it's easy to sign up for the e-mail. have a great memorial day weekend. here's harris in for shep. >> thanks. digging through hillary clinton's e-mails about the deadly attacks on the u.s. outpost in benghazi. the state department released the first batch of documents and clinton just said on camera there's something in at least one of them we may not get to see. new information on the money flow to her charitable foundation. millions of dollars coming to light. why now? a live look at capitol hill now. the senate is debating what to do about the nsa snooping program to collect all our phone records days before it's set to expire. and the suspect in the d.c. mansion murders faces a judge this afternoon one week after the brutal killings of a couple,


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