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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 22, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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20/20 or ask the question that truly matters for our safety now. thank you so much for being part of "the real story." you can find my take at real story. it's easy to sign up for the e-mail. have a great memorial day weekend. here's harris in for shep. >> thanks. digging through hillary clinton's e-mails about the deadly attacks on the u.s. outpost in benghazi. the state department released the first batch of documents and clinton just said on camera there's something in at least one of them we may not get to see. new information on the money flow to her charitable foundation. millions of dollars coming to light. why now? a live look at capitol hill now. the senate is debating what to do about the nsa snooping program to collect all our phone records days before it's set to expire. and the suspect in the d.c. mansion murders faces a judge this afternoon one week after the brutal killings of a couple, their ten-year-old child and
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their housekeeper. we're live at the courthouse. i'm harris falkner in today for shepard smith. former secretary of state hillary clinton received information that is now classified on her private home e-mail server, but state department officials say the information was not classified at that time. they had to do with the attack in benghazi. after we lost our ambassador, and three other americans on that deadly night september 11, 2012, the e-mails show hillary clinton exchanged information related to the arrests of possible suspects. state department officials say the fbi later determined the material needed to be classified, and blacked it out before releasing the e-mails today. secretary clinton said the information was handled by the book. >> the fact that we have released all of them, that have any government relationship whatsoever in fact, the state
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department handled that anyway because they went to the account. i'm aware that the fbi has asked that a portion of one e-mail be held back, that happens in the process of freedom of information act responses but that doesn't change the fact that all of the information in the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> analysts say because that information was not classified at the time the secretary did not break any laws. of course these e-mails coming out as millions of americans are hitting the road for memorial day weekend, but today's release is just the beginning. the nearly 300 e-mails we're getting today are only some of the 55,000 pages she turned over to the state department for release. officials say they'll make the rest public on, quote rolling basis. we have team fox coverage. ed henry is in new hampshire traveling with secretary clinton, first let's go live to james rosen who has been read through the e-mails and is live at the state department.
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>> good afternoon. 296 e-mails uploaded today to a department of state server clearly having problems. it's a slow process. we're still going through the e-mails. as you correctly noted one of the big headlines is about a sentence and a half from these e-mails that were exchanged on secretary clinton's private server specifically one e-mail in 2012 that was sent to secretary clinton has been asked by the fbi to be redacted and upgraded from unclassified to classified. at the state department briefing a few minutings ago i asked the state department spokesperson if imbedded in the request of the fbi was the suggestion that this sentence and a half should have been classified long ago back in 2012. she said not necessarily. let listen. >> it's possible that the degree of sensitivity of certain information could have evolved over time due to changing world events or national security interests. it's also possible that the details of our cooperation with other countries would be upgraded if their public disclosure could negatively
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impact u.s. foreign relations and it's possible that a candid exchange of views among officials could have a negative impact on foreign relations. those are general. i'm not referring specifically to this sentence and a half that was upgraded today. >> reporter: another revelation from the e-mails concerns secretary clinton's chief of staff at the time, cheryl mills, and the head of the national counterterrorism center at the time matthew olsen. olsen gained fame because seven days after the benghazi attack he was the first u.s. official to state publicly they were a terrorist attack in the e-mail reese leased today olson can be seen confideing in sheryl mills how well he thought congressional hearings on benghazi were going at the time. also how well he thought his own interrogation by the accountability review board win at the time. i thought the arb session went very well, he told cheryl mills and lastly, he told her we continue to fend off questions about the unclassified talking
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points that suggest a relationship between one of the senior most intelligence officials in the country and secretary clinton's chief of staff we did not know about before the state department says there was nothing improper about it. one last point that we discovered in these e-mails. on september 15, 2012, three day after the benghazi attack, secretary clinton was at her home in northwest washington, she was to receive at 9:30 that morning the presidential daily brief. it's the most sensitive document that the intelligence community produces and it goes to the president and other top officials each morning. secretary clinton wrote to hearteds at 10:43 that morning i just woke up. so i missed dan. dan being the aide who was prepared to deliver to her the presidential daily brief. so she slept through that on that occasion. >> james, thank you very much. team fox coverage continues now. ed henry is traveling with the clip top campaign and is live in hampton, new hampshire. ed, our reporters just moments ago hillary clinton spoke for the second time this week after
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going a whole month without hearing from her. we're hearing a lot. >> that's. what she is trying to do is pivot off all the trouble in washington. she said i'm going to be a small business president. i want to focus on the economy and jobs and aims but these questions followed her all the way here, and at the end of this brief media availability with reporters, she was pressed on whether her credibility is now on the this benghazi issue. here's what she said. >> why haven't you done a public up to hall event -- >> americans don't believe you told the truth -- >> i'm going to let the americans decide that. thank you all very much. >> reporter: clearly trying to say, she is not going to focus on these various controversies. let's not forget, though, that what james was just reporting on this, this is just a small shipment under 300 e-mails.
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she just turned over hillary clinton did, 55,000 pains of e-mails to the state department. this is just about benghazi. there's going to be e-mails about russia, maybe north korea isis lot of other big issues potentially other big e-mails to come in the days ahead. >> you know, ed, can't mills the fact that they state department is spending all this energy and time making sure that our national security was not compromised by the former secretary of state and her private e-mail server at a time when ore national security has new threats every day from the likes of i've sis and more. just can't miss that. we just heard from james on the classification issue. doesn't this conflict what if she said in the past or no? >> it certainly sounds like it does. you heard hillary clinton a moment ago when you played the clip trying to say, at the time that she exchanged this e-mail in 2012, the information about benghazi was not classified. but the fact of the fbi now after the fact is saying, wait a second this should be
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classified information cannot be sent out in the public, this is different than what she said back in march. she had that big news conference at the united nations and made this vow to the american people. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. so, i am certainly well aware of the classification requirements, and did not send classified material. >> reporter: so again raising questions now about what she was sending on the personal server when let's not forget, former cia official mike morell said a week ago he thinks that permanent i'm -- the personal i'm server was read through by foregovernments so was some information compromised? >> that is scary stuff. again so much energy and time spent doing this instead of other thing that the state
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department i'm sure has on its list of things to do look, let's change topic a little bit here because something else came to light today. the clinton charitable foundation ed, has now revealed millions of dollars in previously undisclosed payments. >> reporter: that's right. they say there are now -- there's up to $26 million in new contributions we had not heard about in recent years because they were not direct contributions. it was money that they were basically -- fees based on speeches bill, hillary and chelsea fav. up to $26 million. a lot of money interesting it was leaked out late last night by the clinton foundation. why is that interesting? e-mails coming out today right before the holiday weekend when your bury news. the foundation does the same last night. >> no doubt. ed, thank you very much. let's bring in now "fox news sunday" anchor which is wallace. this is coming into our urgent, this from marie harp who is
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saying she is confident that hillary clinton's former e-mail server was never hacked. and the concern there is that foreign governments might have had a look at some of what was in her e-mail. i'll just start there with you. your thoughts. >> well, i don't know how she could know that. it's not like there are tell tale signs left when something is hacked and one assumes any foreign country -- the former acting cia director raised the possibility or even the likelihood that some foreign government might have hacked her private e-mails. i would think they'd be sophisticated enough not to leave any fingerprints. a couple of other thoughts i have just listening to the two reports. ed henry was talking about the fact that in her news conference at the u.n., hillary clinton said and we heard the sound bite i never e-mailed any classified information. i never sent any classified information. well you can argue but now it's been classified. there's another point. she didn't send this. she received this.
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so maybe when she said i didn't send it, she was being -- i mean, some could say christian -- clinton union, what the meaning of the term is it. she received the information that was later classified. that's one point. and another point i think that i would make is that it's almost like we're being distracted or -- by a bright shiny object up here. let's look at these 300 e-mails and talk about the 55,000 pages of e-mails. one of the things we're not talking about is the fact this is install her private server, it was all vetted by hillary clinton, it was all vetted by her lawyer, and only that information which she deemed fit to give to the state department is now in the hands of the state department. so -- i'm not saying that it's necessarily the case but it is at least worth raising the question if there was something damaging, if there was a smoking gun, how do we know that it was ever given to the state department because we have been told that hillary clinton
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deleted 55,000 e-mails and then wiped her server clean so there's no way of knowing whether there was something on there that maybe perhaps more damaging that we're never going to get so see and neither is congress. >> chris you hit the nail on the head. i've been asking this all day. if there are problems with this batch she turn over, what the heck do the other e-mails look like, and with the way why didn't she just erase all of them? >> well, that's a good question. why she didn't erase all of them. we don't know whether there's something more damaging but raises the question and that's one rope that trey gowdy the head of the house benghazi committee talks about wanting to see the server and talk to hillary clinton about what she decided and how the process understand which she decided to delete e-mails. there's a huge question here. she decided what was business, what was appropriate to go to the state department, what is in this document dump, the day before the memorial day weekend and what wasn't, and at least raises the question, was there
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something she decided not to release to them that we'd all like to see. there's only one other point i want to make here and that is i've been trying to negotiate the e-mail server and you heard this from james rosen how it is slow going -- do toe go through the web site the state department set up. it's about as efficient as the obamacare web site was harris. >> it's slow. >> takes forever to get into it, takes forever to get one of these e-mails so it's very, very slow going and as i say; it reminds me of the obamacare rollout. >> doesn't pride me. 5,000 printed pages she handed over, slowing down the process. there's software to make those things searchable but nothing to make you read any faster. so when the state department said he had to hire people to go through the stuff you can understand just what a quagmire all of this has been. quickly issue method the point with ed henry and i believe also with james it is shameful that
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we're spending this much time, via our state department, at a tame when we know there are threats against the country, to find out whether or not what she did with her private e-mail put us in a further threat mitchell final question for you what's worse on this friday for hillary clinton politically, the fact there's all this millions of dollars flowing into a foundation that we never knew about before, or potentially something going on with the conflict of interest or otherwise with these e-mails that have come out? quickly. >> well, that's pretty hard. what do you prefer, six or half a dozen? the interesting question is whether any of it is damaging. the ron if say that is because so much of this is now baked in the cake. either you're disturbed by this and think it's legitimate and reflects poorly on hillary clinton or you have just decided that, you know, this is all an attack by a opponents or i don't like this but i still like her, and i wonder whether it is actually changing any minds at all anyway. >> chris wallace have a great
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holiday weekend. thank you for helping us break down the breaking news. we chris will talk with mike huckabee on sunday. don't miss it. stay close.
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damage or anybody hurt. we'll follow this very closely and bring you more news as it happens. the senate is debating what to do about the nsa snooping program to collect our phone records before lawmakers pack it up and head on vacation. the house already passed an nsa reform bill and left town. some senate republicans say the bill guess too far and threatens national security. they're push topping extend the surveillance program before that law authorizing it expires. kentucky republican senator rand paul opposes both the house bill and the temporary extension. we saw him earlier this week, the presidential candidate speaking on the senate floor for more than ten hours calling for comprehensive surveillance reform. we have seen standoffs like this before usually over the budget. but u.s. officials are warning lawmakers not to play chicken with our safety. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. what are the options? >> reporter: we expect critical test vote this evening. here are the options elm the
12:19 pm
u.s.a. freedom act which the house overwhelmingly passed last week which would ask the telecom companies to keep the phone records instead of the nsa. senate republican leaders are not convinced it will work or maybe very inefficient so they're pushing for a two-month extension of current lawyer. democrats don't like that. so there's talk of a shorter extension, perhaps one week. the senate majority leader favors to -- two months. >> be a mistake to take from our intelligence community, any of the valuable tools needed to build a complete picture of terrorist nutworks and their plans such as the bulk data collection program of section 21 attempt intelligence community needs these tools to protect us. >> the senate intelligence chairman offered a compromise that would include the house bill but allows to years for the fran signifies from the nsa to
12:20 pm
the telecom companies hold that phone data. >> we can certainly say this, senator rand paul has got an lot of support, we see it all over social media. what is the white house saying? >> reporter: the white house has been pushing hard for lawmakers to pass the house-passed bill, one noting the house is out of town now and they want to make sure there's no lapse, no gap in some of these critical terror tracking tools. >> the program lapses on midnight' of may 31. so we know that the house of representatives is not scheduled to come back into session until june 1st. so even under this strategy, that some republicans are advocate it would almost guarantee a lapse in the program. >> reporter: senate republican whip john cornyn of texas says he expects they will get this done tonight. he says they need to get over the memorial day week holiday and then they can get back to
12:21 pm
the drawing board. it's not clear which plan they passed. >> thank you very much. police and u.s. marshals caught the man accused of murdering three families and a housekeeper in a d.c. mansion. he is due in court. ♪ calloused fingers from my guitar strings. ♪ ♪ wild like the wind in the tall pine trees. ♪ ♪ i got roots and i got wings. ♪ ♪ sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day!
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manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at the ex-convict charged in kings with the murders of four people at a mansion in washington dc is set to appear in court this hour. police arrested 34-year-old dar t in washington. u.s. marshals nearlily missed him in new york before spotting him in maryland and then caught him in d.c. they trailed him. his charges four counts in connection with murder while armed. investigators were able to identify the suspect after find his dna on pizza crust at the
12:25 pm
family lazy home. the victims, an executive, his wife their ten-year-old son and family housekeeper. police say somebody had either beaten our stabbed three or four of the victims before setting the home on fire and the suspect at one time worked for the executive he killed. leland vittert is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: we just got our hands on the charging affidavit here which had been sealed and a lot of details about this grisly murder coming out including the fact that the housekeeperkeeper who was killed was alive at the time the fire was set and was rescue bid firefighters who later could not save her. dar ron wint was a welder by tried who has worked for one of the family companies. he had been on the run since last wednesday when he fire was set at this home. a crime that according to the affidavit lasted roughly 24 hours. it's unclear when exactly police were able to narrow in on wint,
12:26 pm
but over the past couple of days it's clear that he became suspect number one and they used what they called overwhelming force and numbers to arrest him. >> we followed him for about four or five miles and did a wacky u turn. thought they were being tailed. we got to a situation where we could successfully take him down and we did our standard practice vehicle pin maneuver. >> reporter: and according to the affidavit wint took the family essentially hostage the night before the murders and fire, ordered a dominoes pizza to the home, and that is how they tracked down his saliva on the dna. the other thing that came to the home delivered bay personal assistant to one of the victims $40,000 in cash, and they believe they found some of that cash with wint when he was arrested. another highlight from these charges documents is police say what we have believed all along
12:27 pm
is that it was impossible for just one person to commit this crime, but so far who the other suspect may be or who they're trying to track down they haven't told us. >> separate from that, are the people who were taken in -- we knew he was the prime suspect but they also arrested some other people who were with him last night. >> reporter: exactly. and that's one of the real mysteries. last night wint was in a caravan, if you will, with two cars a large box truck and then a separate car with five or six other people. he -- they were all taken into custody when the u.s. marshals pinned them down there in an area of d.c., a couple of miles from this murder scene. so far we have been told that all of those people have been released. now, why they were released or whether the police believed they have some other lead on who could possibly have been one of the accomplices here, we just don't know. >> thank you very much. islamic state savages on the march in iraq.
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now i know about novolog®. taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. a fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. terrorist tried to launch a new attack not far from where they shattered christians in the university of kenya but security forces stopped them. a source telling reuters police and the army filed at al-shabaab militants after the hung their flag at a mask. no word of anybody getting hurt. last month nearly 150 people died in the attack on the university. it could take months for investigators to figure out what caused the oil spill near accept barbara. according to the operator of the pipeline. fans of the late blues legend b.b. king can pay their respect today at a public
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developing this hour islamic state savages seized another town in iraq's anbar province after local fight ared used up their ammunition and then ran for their lives according to a local tribe leader who says the government left them to fend for themselves. he says isis terrorist are now just a few miles from an iraqi military base, and it's just the late nest a series of recent isis advances. the militants captured ramadi, the capitol of anbar province and yesterday overtook a border crossing between iraq and syria after taking palmyra. activists say isis has slaughtered so many syrian soldiers and pro government gunmen. one report indicates close to
12:34 pm
300 are dead. activists say the terrorists control half of the country of syria. one activist says the militants are using loudspeakers urging people to turn in troops who are hiding inside the city. she says isis shot and exiled many of enemy in the streets. there are concerns the militants might destroy the city's famous ruins. those have been standing for 2,000 years. one of the footprints of civilization. connor powell has more on this do we know if syrian forces are putting up a fight against isis? >> reporter: from what we understand isis is firmly in control of this city and beginning to enact they're revenge on the local population. what we understand is the syrian forces that were there fled to a nearby syrian military base. graffiti going upped around the area that says isis is here to stay. the latest video from palmyra shows militants capturing syrian military positions and equipment
12:35 pm
in and around the city, everything from rifles and ammunition to body armor. isis now going door to door looking for anyone who doesn't support the militant group. palmyra is home to some of the oldest ruins in the world. there are growing concerns that isis may destroy all of some of those 2,000-year-old ancient artifacts in the area as they have done in other cities in iraq and syria. so the isis victory in palmyra could cop with a heavy historical and humanitarian cost. >> in iraq, what's the latest out of ramadi? >> reporter: well, isis seems to be so supremely confident of the grip they have over ramadi right now that just days after taking the city they're already starting to push out into the surrounding area. in the last 24 hours they've taken control of several smaller towns and villages and they are inching towards a key iraqi military base in al-anbar province and despite the training and support that iraqi
12:36 pm
military has been getting from the u.s. and other western countries, iraqi troops folded and fled ramadi without put upping much of a fight. iranian backed shiite militias appear to counterattack to protect this iraqi military base but isis has a firm grip on the primarily sunni area and the iraqi security forces are in such a state of disarray it's unlikely that these shiite iranian-backed militias are going to make much of a dent on isis, at least in the near term. the u.s. has been focusing on a fight for mosul later this spring and summer. now they have to worry about how are they going to take ramadi back from isis. the entire strategy in iraq really does seem to be coming undone right now. >> the secretary of state john kerry, says we can easily take it back. we'll see if that happens good. to see see you. >> let's bring in jack keane a fox news military analyst.
12:37 pm
general so good to have you. let's start with the breaking developments. first of all the idea, can we really take these things back so quickly? >> i doubt we can take them back quickly. we can take them back. it's likely they could muster enough shia militia to do that, but can they hold it? you're not going to hold these sunni towns along the the river valley. they're not going to tolerate the shia because of the sectarian violence taking place over the last ten years and they're very fearful that the shia militia will kill them, and they have in the past. so this is a phony situation. it's unfortunate it's come to this this is uncovered in my judgment the real problems we have with the strategy. it is fundamentally flawed, and we're not just failing here.
12:38 pm
we're in fact losing. >> you know, i know that you were on capitol hill yesterday testifying before the armed services committee. i want to watch it with you and get your thoughts on how best to fight this. you brought up special ops and i'm reading today in many different sources are showing that some of our special ops feel like the president isn't using them in the way in which he should. let's watch the general on the hill yesterday. >> special operation forces direct action teams should be employed not as an exception whichs is what we saw this last weekend in syria are but routinely in iraq and syria against the isis leadership critical infrastructure. >> general how is it that isis can hit two countries and take town after town after town in just a few days? what's happening? >> well, the reality is the concept we have here is that we're going to deal with iraq first and not really deal with
12:39 pm
syria. we're only going to try to degrade isis in syria which hasn't worked. so isis has expanded rather dramatically in syria and syria is key to isis. it is their headquarters. it's where they recruit from. all of the new people come into syria from still turkey, a thousand a month if you can imagine that. still going on. they train them there and it's from there they conduct the logistic operations for all operations in iraq and also in syria. so obviously syria is crucial. we have no plan to defeat isis in syria. that's what is so fundamentally flawed about this, which means even if we reclaim territory in iraq, which is highly unlikely if you don't do something about syria because it's a sanctuary. that permits isis to stay for years, killing mass assassinations behead examination enslaving and raping women. that's what we have underwrote here.
12:40 pm
>> how is special ops play a role. they'm conducted a raid. how do you want to see us fight this with special operations? >> well, it's bigger than special operations but just dealing with that issue we very successfully in iraq and afghanistan, particularly during the surge in both countries conducted eight to ten of these operations a night. in fact when win took osama bin laden down there was agent going down that night in afghanistan. and that's one way to put significant pressure on the leaders. other things we can do with special operations. we can take larger fors, like the rangers and do sizable raids against isis installations. at night surprise, go in there destroy the installations consecutive the isis fighters, or other critical areas they have and get out rapidly. we have the camable to do that, have done it in afghanistan very successfully. there's a lot we can do here without being an occupation
12:41 pm
force. >> quickly. force those people who say they just don't have a third or hunger for more war why fight this one? what's at stake? >> well, isis, i think anybody looking at this can see it has expanded into yemen into libya into afghanistan eight provinces in afghanistan and egyptian sinai so it's expanding throughout the middle east and south asia. its is a threat to our interests in the region and a threat to the american people at home. they're motivating and inspiring people to kill americans. we need to stop it and we need to defeat it, and right now we have inadequate plans to do that, and we have to find our will to do it also. >> i've heard the number 20,000 boots on the ground. doesn't have to be ours. it can be a momentty sectarian coalition although you say it's not possible. how many people too we need? >> just to assist the iraqi security forces, we need probably at a minimum of 10,000
12:42 pm
additional trainers and advisers, forward air controllers, patch he could pilots c130 airplanes. somewhere between 10,000 or 15,000. we have 3,000. i'm. no talking about combat troops. i'm talking about people help the iraqis do better. >> we could have the done this much more efficiently with fewer people had be one fighting this over a year ago when the president thought they were the jv good to see you. thank you very much. we'll be right back. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424.
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is floods do happen. protect what matters. call the number on your screen or visit the website to learn more. a crash killed two marines on an as spray in hawai'i and that has brought new attention to the aircraft. look at our wall now. that's an osprey on the left. it can take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane. it's replaced the ch46 sea knight on the right. the replacement process ends last month and marines who used to fly aboard the sea knight
12:46 pm
have been adjusting to the process. lea gabrielle got a chance to ride with some of them as they're part of new york's fleet week. it's alive around here. she is in times square with more. >> reporter: harris, the marines are hear in times square and also been heading out to the communities. i went along with them and to hear about what it was like to transition to. >> we went from 46s everything new everything about the plane to a plane everybody was in a learning stage. >> that learning stage is over for the as -- osprey. it's battle tested in iraq and afghanistan. na recents have been phasing in the aircraft for ten years while phasing out the choppers on which they'd long relied to deliver troops and supplies. >> bricks -- brings a tear to my eye. i loved it. it was handa work horse. >> the frog first enter cam bad during the vietnam war and
12:47 pm
remained in action for half a century until the final operational squadron switched over to the osprey last month. troops said it took awhile to get the hang of things. >> you have to troubleshoots more, a lot more working on the aircraft doing to advanced components. >> we boarded one headed to a school demonstration. marines need to be able to get in and out of tight places quickly. in the past they used the 46 which limited how far and fast you go. the osprey changes everything and can go twice as fast and five times as far. marines say that makes them less vulnerable to enemy attacks heading into battle. >> it's very quick. we're in and out rather than a ch-46, we come in low and slow. >> but for pilots, like major the transition has been bittersweet. >> it's sad to see it go but it had its time. time to move on. look forward to the v22 taking
12:48 pm
its place and doing some great things. >> reporter: as for the safety record of the mv22 osprey, it's had problems in the past but marines say it is safe and now has a better safety record in terms of mishaps than any of its helicopters. >> you're my hero for a lot of different reasons, now especially because you can talk live while on a c8, like i'm shaking and i'm here on set. amazing. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> more than 37 million americans are expected to hit the road and the sky this weekend. the number is up from last year and the high nest a decade. geri willisser is here. >> it's going to be so crowded. start early or you have to take the back roads because everybody is driving theirs year and
12:49 pm
flying. let's start with driving. 5.3% increase in the number of cars on the road. that's the number we're taking a look at here. that's 33 million vehicles that you're going to be fight for space with. sunny because gas prices are low. that's one big reason you. pay 2-point -- 2.74 a gallon. a month ago it was he coulder but last year it was 3.65. the numbers have come down and people are deciding we'll drive to our destination. >> what about the air? >> more people again. it's unbelievable. a record number of fliers 2. .4 million a day this summer. think about that. and what you want to know if they're going to be all these people flying, what airline is best at on-time arrivals? guess what. it's delta. u.s. air is second, southwest third. >> where is united. >> leading the worst list. >> that's what i'm flying in
12:50 pm
july. >> jet belue american, those are the ones with the worst on-time arrival among the american airlines. i got to tell you they are doing so many things to fliers right now in terms of adding fees making it tougher to fly. it can be such a headache but the airports, the planes, everything is going to be super crowded. >> some prices happen come down on air fares. >> the average price is down two dollars and a penny if you take the flights from the summer and find an average. so they're down a little bit. they could be down more in any view -- >> i guess i got lucky but i'll be late, according to you. have great holiday. up next, we'll head back out to the state department where james rosen has been digging through hundreds of hillary clinton's e-mails released. just the first batch from tens of thousands of pages during her time as the secretary of state. she printed those out. so that's fun. we'll be right back.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
an update. the state department releasing hundreds of e-mail's from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. james rosen is live at the state department and you have been get through more of them. i'm seeing your e-mails come through. bring us up to speed. >> here's a few nuggets we didn't bring you at the at the top of the show. they show hillary clinton when she was secretary of state in the months following the benghazi attacks trying stay abreast of new information but also at times expressing concern about where the story was headed. on october 10, 2012, there was a lengthy and tough day of testimony for patrick kennedy. he was and remains the undersecretary of state for management. he was in charge of all of the state department's foreign facilities including the benghazi consulates. and secretary clinton after his
12:55 pm
long day of testimony e-mailed an aide and asked did we survive the day? survive, yes that aide replied. now, that aide was jake sullivan, and one week after that exchange, on october 17, 2012, secretary clinton appears to have asked jake sullivan for the final set of the infamous benghazi talking points that sullivan other clinton aide, cia officials, white house officials, the month prior has painstakingly created and scrubbed free although references to al qaeda and terrorishing. secretary clinton asking for a set of the talking points. lastly on october 18, the next day, one of her other aides her chief of staff, cheryl mills sent secretary clinton a reuters interview with hatala, libyan militia commander bragged bet having been present for the benghazi attacks attacks and who would be arrested and charged for his
12:56 pm
knoll the attacks. it shows clinton may have known more about premed addition in these attacks when she said famously, was it's bunch of guys out for a walk one night decided to kill americans. >> that's the problem. you have the past record against what is now a permanent record. we'll be right back.
12:57 pm
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on this day in 1992, johnny carson signed off from "the tonight show." for three decades the kick of late night interviewed celebrities and told jokes with his trade mark golf swing. at its height up to 15 million people used to stay up late to tune in. after carson retired, jay leno won over the going over david letterman. letterman had his own successful late show which ended this week, but fans heard ed mcmay man yell here's johnny, "one last
1:00 pm
time, 23 years ago today. just a special word to all those military families who have one serving and ones who have been lost in wars. we're with you. thank you for your service. enough -- now neil. >> fox on top of the memorial day rush off and running. 37 million americans expected to cram the nation's roads and planes this holiday weekend but before you make that dash for the water you better hang on to your wallet. welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. the unofficial start of summer is on and we have you covered with mike tobin at chicago's o'hare airport where the airlines are packing in the fliers and some are packing on the fees. jonathan hunt in los angeles where lower pump prices have a lot more people hitting the road this year. and retailers on new york city says the gas savings may not be helping. also rick reithmuth on