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tv   Greta Investigates The Natalee Holloway Mystery 10 Years Later  FOX News  May 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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out there anyway taking the questions. thank you so much for watching "special report" tonight, i'm shannon bream in for bret baier good night from washington. "on the record" is up next. >> only one of two things. she was either dead or she was being held against her will. >> it was clear that something terrible had happened. >> i remember my girlfriend, i can't find emily. >> had been alone. >> i want the truth only. >> why won't you tell us the truth? >> because the truth hers hurts. >> he was a pure sociopath. he could look you right in the eyes and tell you three different stories in a row and each story sounded like the truth. he was that good. >> one worth coming out of
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his mouth. >> he is a good liar. it's been 10 long years and nothing. what happened to natalee holloway. i'm greta van susteren. the aisland of aruban is a paradise. with 100 classmates who had recently graduated. natalie traveled here to enjoy five days in the sun. but what no one knew was that her trip here would turn into an endless nightmare. we came back to the island to investigate the bizarre twists and countless lies that from the very begin having plagued her investigation.
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>> paradise island. ♪ >> welcome to aruba. located in the southern caribbean just 15 miles off the coast of venezuela. the small island is best known for white sandy beaches, pristine waters and cool trade winds. >> aruba is beautiful. >> i love the weather and the sun. i love the heat. cool. the beaches were gorgeous. >> the casino, you can do all kinds of things. >> the island is 20 mild long, six miles wide, and about the size of washington, d.c. and it's home to about 100,000 people whose slogan is one happy island. >> it's one happy island because everybody is always happy. everything is so relaxed. we have to look at life. we have a very interesting culture it. we have 45 different nationalities. we all speak four or five languages so we do pretty well in that. >> peter has been a journalist in aruba for more than 25 years. praise the online news site.
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>> aruba has a rich history with being a clone of the dutch and about 30 years now almost we became a separate entity in the commonwealth holland. with its own government. our main income is tourism. almost 100%. >> last year, more than 1.5 million tourists visited the island where the legal dr 18. when natalie arrived in may of 2005, she was just like any other tourist. i recently traveled back to the island with natalee's mother beth holloway. >> beth, it's so beautiful down here imagine that 18-year-old child of yours coming down here and what she thought was going to be her vacation. >> she was so excited, greta. i mean, we had done all the mother/daughter shopping before we came just to get the right little polka dotted bikini to make sure she had the right outfits to have everything she needed. she was graduating from high school. she worked hard. and she was just a great
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student. and, you know, it's a right passage. she was a good kid. she was well-rounded and a lot of fun. >> the fun southern beauty was born in memphis, tennessee to n. 1986 to parents beth and dave holloway. two years later her brother matt was born and the family moved to clinton, mississippi. after her parents divorced beth married a man named george doug twite. he relocated the family to alabama a suburb of birmingham. >> mountainberg is a sweet little southern town. you have that in your head that's exactly what it is. the yards are beautiful and the homes are beautiful. everyone is kind. >> lynn fearman was one of natalee holloway's closest friends. >> she came mountainburg in 8th grade, she made her way into a group of girls that i was becoming close friends with. and we clicked and started the typical junior high thing, you do the spend the
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night parties and go see movies and talk about boys. >> i will never forget her walking out her front door with her beautiful blonde hair and her smile and hopping in my little camry and then, you know, from then on, we were great friends. >> another close friend in their group was maly tucker, the three girls became fast friends and gave natalee a nickname. >> natalee was hooty who holloway and we called her hooty. >> hooty who hallway. >> natalee had several interests. >> she loved the wizard of oz. i can picture her room and it had all of these beautiful little wizard of oz things. she loved leonard skinner. those were her jams. ♪ >> natalee holloway. she was on the school dance team. they danced at all the sporting events. she was really smart. >> and all her hard work in high school certainly paid
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off. >> she was already enrolled at the university of alabama. she had three scholarships. she was ready to go. she graduated with all honors, math honors, science, spanish honors, she had a 4.17 gpa. >> what do you think she would have done. >> she wanted to be a doctor. once natalee holloway set a goal, she was going to meet it. she was always like determined that she wanted something she was going to make it happen and she was going to get there. >> on may 26th, she left for aruba. >> she came and woke me up early that morning and because i was going to drive her to a friend's house. unload her luggage from the car. give her a kiss goodbye. and she began walking, making her way up the walkway. i just sat in front of the little girl's house and watched the door open, and you could see the lights. i watched natalee's silhouette disappear into the light, closed the door. i thought, okay. i love you, have a wonderful
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time. i'm thinking i will see you monday. >> we stayed at the holiday inn. when we arrived in aruba, we were so thrilled. i'm pretty sure all of this girls ran and put on bikinis and were on the beach within hours. >> i took beth back to the holiday inn the place where natalee met juliet. the dutchman and friends were the last ones seen with natalee holloway before she disappeared. >> beth, this is the holiday inn where natalee was staying, right? >> right. that's where she stayed. and pretty much 153 of her classmates were staying here at the holiday inn. >> over my shoulder between us is the casino, part of the hotel. that's where she met joran van der sloot? >> yeah. and joran had been hanging around the entire weekend. he already made himself fit in. said he was 18. i'm staying at the holiday inn. i live in the netherlands. >> call that lie number one.
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>> that would be lie number one. you are exactly right. >> 10 years ago carlos and charlize was a popular bar. last night in aruba natalee and her friends went there. cal guitar strings. ♪ ♪ wild like the wind in the tall pine trees. ♪ ♪ i got roots and i got wings. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ]
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nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist, ask your doctor or visit in aruba, charlize was a popular night spot. 18-year-old natalee holloway and her friends spent what was supposed to be the last night on the island drinking and dantszing in the busy club it was there that natalee met one dutch born joran van der sloot. >> although i didn't meet him directly, quite a few of the girls were never got the sense of alarm. >> so just who is joran van der sloot. >> at 17 years old joran van der sloot was already
4:12 pm
showing signs of antisocial behavior. >> thompson and lisa pulitzer's book called called"portrait of a monster." he was a pure sociopath. he could look you in the eyes and tell you three different stories in a row and each story sounded like the truth. he was that good. >> he had discovered the casinos in aruba and so he would go out almost every night and spend hours upon hour at the casinos drinking, gambling. he was stealing money from his parents. he was coming home past curfew. i think there was a lot of tension in the home. >> joran's father was a lawyer and judge in training. his mother anita was an art teacher. he and his two younger brothers lived in this house in the a town in aruba. >> i always got the feeling that joran's only family was afraid of him. there was an incident that he wheat one of his younger brothers within an inch of his life. somewhere at that point they moved their teenage son into a guest house where he had no direct supervision at
4:13 pm
snrawl. >> joran attended the international school of of aruba where he was standout. he was a regular at the casinos and night clubs. may 29th, 2005, he was at carlos and charlie's with two friends. >> what time do you think you stepped foot out of carlos'n charlize. >> did you walk out with natalee. >> yeah i walked out with her. >> did you have her hand. >> had each other's hand and seizure was with us as well. >> where was deepak. >> he was at his car. >> in those early morning hours of may 300th, natalee holloway was last seen getting into deepak's car with joran van der sloot and the pal co-brothers. >> had you made any agreement with natalee to leave with her. >> not at all. that came very spontaneously. yeah, you want meal to go with you? i was like okay. then we ended up leaving. the point was to go to my house.
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>> remember, joran had claimed he was a tourist. why would natalee think he had a house? >> after they pull out of carlos and charlie's that's where the story guts fuzzy and murky and the mystery really begins. >> beth holloway was driving home from vacation in arkansas when her cell phone rang, life for the family and friends of natalee changed forever. she hadn't shown up for her flight home. no one knew where natalee was. >> natalee was such a schedule-driven young girl that i knew if natalee holloway was the only one that didn't show up to the airport that morning, oh, yeah, that something terribly wrong it happened. only one of two things, she was either dead or she was being held against her will. >> i remember being in line to board my flight and two of my girlfriends saying we can't find nated lee. and the words out of my mouth were beth is going to be so mad. because that's the teenage brain. >> beth's drive back to
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alabama turned frantic. >> that must have been the ride from hell you have got a missing child. >> yeah. once i knew that -- i had to get to aruba and i had to get there that day. and i began calling my friends from home who might know private pilots. >> beth also talked to some students still waiting to fly out of aruba, they told her natalee was last seen with a guy named joran. friends quickly managed to have a private plane made available. beth, her husband and some friends were in aruba by 11:00 p.m. that night. >> we hit the ground running. >> that's what i thought. hit the hotel, stopped there and then where did you go? >> carlos'n and charlie's. >> no one at the bar was any help so they returned to the holiday inn. >> the hotel manager was great and trying to figure who this guy was. she actually came up with his name. we had part of it and she finished it for us the sleuth.
4:16 pm
vander absolute on the camera. when they got there beth stayed in the car. >> car door was open and joran and police were all talking until and english. >> native dialect. >> yes. >> did joran ever say anything? >> yes, he did. >> what did he say? >> it got heated because he was actually talking about what sexual activity he was engaging in with natalee in the backseat of the car. >> he said that then? >> absolutely. >> in june of 2005, beth told me about the first time she came face to face with van absolute. >> i set i want my daughter. >> he threw his head back and chest and said what do you want me to do? what do you want me to do? >> i remember the phone being on speaker phone and just hearing beth's voice. and like that was when it
4:17 pm
was real. we knew joran had something to do with it and i can just remember all of us being so intense, screaming into the phone. it was him, it was him. >> yet neither joran or the kalpoe brothers was arrested by police. at one point the local police said natalee had probably wandered off on her own that had beth enraged. >> had you no doubt these three are the ones who know? >> i have absolutely no doubt at all. >> as the search for natalee continued, more friends and family, including natalee's father dave holloway arrived on the island to help. aruban and american volunteers were also helping to search. >> earring? >> dissatisfied with the way local police were handling the case, the desperate parents went to the media to get the word out. >> she is an amazing 18-year-old girl. please help bring her home.
4:18 pm
>> by her fourth day in aruba, beth was exhausted. >> i hadn't slept, i hadn't eaten, i hadn't bathed. >> with her daughter having vanished and not a scrape of evidence on behalf of the state of beth holloway was near the breaking point. >> you went to a chapel at some point. >> it was 5:00 a.m. i told the taxi driver to take me to a church or take me to a chapel or just somewhere that i could pray. >> the driver took her here to the alta vista chapel. the road to the chapel was lined with crosses. >> i had her senior portrait with me and started walking. there was a large white cross. when i got to the cross, i just fell to my knees and began to cry and was praying and just begging god to give her back to me. and it was probably like the fifth or sixth cross that the answer to my prayers
4:19 pm
came and just complete peace blanketed me. and at that moment, somehow i understood that natalee was with god and that's where i found my first peace. >> for beth, that sense of peace was a turning point. now the work belonged to me and the work was to be done to what happened to her and to find her and to find out and to seek justice for her. >> coming up, the justice beth so desperately wanted for natalee seemed to finally materialize but the twists and turns in the disappearance of natalee holloway were far from over.
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more than a week after natalee's disappearance, the aruban police finally
4:23 pm
arrested joran van der sloot and his friends deepak kalpoe. >> it seems so unreal all that happened right here at the holiday inn right at the entrance. and, of course, that's where joran says that he dropped her off and that she fell and hit her head. that's the first story he told. >> yeah. first story. >> they all get together and concoct this story. and it's a pretty basic story. they say, listen, we are just going to say we dropped her at the hotel. she was really drunk. she was talking to a security guard who we can barely describe. as long as we stick to that story, everything is going to be okay. >> basically making up as we go along. -- we got out and deepak said two security guards there that saw her when she got -- when she stepped out of the car. and that's what he told the police and i was like, you know, that's what -- if you also look back at that you are like, i mean, that's horrible. they got arrested and held
4:24 pm
for 10 days because of this. that's really i mean, that's something that gentleman forgive myself for either. >> there was speculation that they had even gotten some advice from joran's father who obviously didn't want to see his son go to prison. >> their story quickly fell apart after surveillance footage showed they never dropped natalee holloway off at the inn that night. >> there was clear that he had been alone. that the kalpoe brothers dropped him off at a beach. deepak was at home and using a computer. at that point joran was hung out to dry because he didn't have those two friends to fall back on as possible alibis for himself. and so that's when the story really started unraveling and all different scenarios started to come up with with joran. >> why do you think he needed to lie? why did he not think it was enough to say i left her on the beach? >> of course that's what we should have done. i mean, that was the biggest
4:25 pm
mistake. probably the biggest mistake of my life. at that point it's just -- i wasn't thinking that, you know, probably wasn't thinking clearly like something -- you know thinking something bad might have happened to her, you know. wasn't thinking clearly didn't want anything, you know, to do with that. i just wanted to get away from it, you know, as fast as possible. >> there was no evidence that natalee was ever left on that beach. >> all we wanted to do was get on a plane and go search the field of aruba. that's all we wanted to do. we weren't allowed to do that. >> back home in mountain brook, natalee's friends found another way to help. >> we would just sit these bracelets in gallon size bags and put them in a box. >> hope for natalee bracelets. did you wear one? >> yes. >> okay good, great. >> hang on.
4:26 pm
>> thank you, pass the word around. i know every household in aruba is looking for natalee. >> making those bracelets gave us purpose and i think we were totally in this blind process, the first message was let's send this to aruba and keep natalee's name alive i think the bigger gift was we got to do something. it was just amazing now that i look back on it to see how our community came together, yellow ribbons lined the street because we were ready to welcome natalee home. the weeks after natalee's disappearance is such a display of southern hospitality in that that southern people have. unbelievable sense of love and sense of hope. sense of hope was with beth. we encountered joran father paulus. >> this is the home of joran van der sloot, his family? >> yes. >> remember how we were
4:27 pm
standing here and paulus came out here? >> i'm natalee's mom. i just want to give you a prayer card. thank you so much. >> thank you. i'm natalee's mom. >> come in? >> yes. >> okay. greta van susteren, thank you. this is beth. >> stop the camera. >> i have to he will you that was one of the most bizarre cameras i ever had was that day inside that house. >> we sat down at the table. aknitted that, you, paulus and me. >> um-huh. >> you and anita did all the talking. >> paulus couldn't speak. >> he -- you kept saying i just want to know where my daughter was. >> i just wanted to get her and get the heck out of here. get me her back and get me
4:28 pm
out of here. i don't want to be here either. >> were you watching paulus at all during the whole thing? it was as though someone had a hose over his head. he was soaking wet in perspiration. soaking wet. >> it was dripping and pooling on the table. evidence made puddles on the table. yeah, it was pathetic. i guess i thought he was going to be the stronger type man. remember i put the prayer bracelet on him he couldn't even lift his wrist up hardly it was shaking so badly. >> there was something seriously wrong with him. >> yeah, yeah. definitely. >> and then the sobbing mother who could see no wrong in her son. >> guilt speaks volumes, you know. >> coming up, joran continues to talk to beth holloway. she and her lawyer had other plans for him. >> i was wired to the hilt. audio, video. dozen agents in the next room and in the hotel. the nic,
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. presidential hopeful and former secretary of state hillary clinton received sensitive cia info on her private email account. that's according to 900 pages of correspondence released by the state department today. some information in the emails discuss the 2012 attack in benghazi and were later classified secret. clinton's decision not to use an official state department account has some critics painting her as secretive and above standard scrutiny. clinton is the democratic frontrunner in the 2016 race for the president. a navy jet going off a runway and into san diego bay. it happened at a naval air station near downtown san diego. a spokesperson says the pilot was air lifted from the water he and that he is being evaluate ted local hospital. i'm patricia stark and now back to "on the record."
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it is now that i ask the world to help me. >> the summer of 2005 was a long one for beth holloway and her family on the island of aruba. >> i'm asking all mothers and fathers in all nations to hear my plea. do not allow these criminals to walk among your citizens. >> on july 4th, a judge ordered the release of two suspects, deepak and is satish kalpoe. many were upset that she referred to them as criminals during the press conference. >> they were shocked at what she said. they understood, however, the anger and frustration of a mother. >> beth holloway was relentless with the police and insisting that something happened and joran and the kalpoe brothers were involved. >> the aruban police have a time limit. if you haven't spilled the beans by this date they have to let you go. >> police were still holding
4:34 pm
17-year-old joran van der sloot but getting past his web of lies proved difficult. in early september 2005, a judge ruled there was, quote, insufficient evidence to hold joran van der sloot and ordered his release. >> it was clear that something terrible had happened but the police did not have, as his father had advised them, they did not have a body, they did not have a case. >> joran, he just waited out the clock. he just sat there closed-mouth. didn't say a word. >> i think joran's lease initially was really confusing. it was also kind of a disappointment for that spirit of hope for natalee. this beautiful person was not served in that case. >> a year after natalee vanished i went to mountain brook, alabama, to see how brook beth was coping. >> this is natalee's room?
4:35 pm
>> um-huh. just left it pretty much as she had it. >> and these were some dresses that we had just bought for is a sorority rush. >> she had things planned to for the university of alabama. >> um-huh. >> i also spoke with claire and mallory. >> phone book and you also have to pass her. >> i still have a voice mail saved on my phone from her that like i cannot delete. every 21 days it says this message will be deleted and i listen to it and i resave it maybe i should let it go but i can't because, i don't know, i can still like remember her smells and her voice. >> going to college was hard. natalee had a room set up already. like she had a roommate and a dorm room and seeing that empty bed was just bizarre. >> shortly after his release from the aruban prison, the
4:36 pm
now 18-year-old joran van der sloot flew to holland to attend college. he wasted no time cashing in on his notoriety. >> he was recognized for all the wrong reasons. but it brought him income because he could call a tabloid journalist any day of the week and say i have got a fantastic story i want to tell you, it relates to natalee holloway, it's going to cost you $10,000. that was usually his fee. $10,000. and he would take the money and gamble with it and tell them whatever they wanted to hear. >> van der sloot made headlines in 2008 after a camera captured his latest account about the night he was with natalee. >> he admitted that he had been on the beach with natalee holloway, that she had gone into what was described almost like an epileptic fit or some sort of convulsions. that he freaked out on the beach and that she died right in front of him and he got rid of her body.
4:37 pm
>> joran later claimed he was lying on the tape. >> tonight, joran van der sloot goes "on the record" and he has a horrifying shocking new story about what happened to natalee holloway. joran contacted us claiming he wanted to tell us the truth about what happened that night. >> in november 2008, i traveled to bangkok, thailand to speak to joran. during the interview he claimed he sold natalee into sex slavery. there were holes in his story. >> i saw a guy and he came and he handed me a bag and grabbed the girl by the arm and he went to the boat that he had in the water. >> did you actually see the boat drive away with natalee? and could you hear her say anything from the boat. >> i heard something from the boat but i don't know what it was. >> to prove his story was true, joran provided us with audio recordings of telephone conversations he claimed were between his father and him. >>
4:38 pm
fox news was unable to authenticate the recordings, audio analysis indicated that the files had been sunged to audio processing. as i pressed joran for more information, he threatened to end the interview. >> i you want the truth only. >> yeah, i understand. >> why won't you tell us the truth? >> maybe because the truth hurts. >> as i was boarding the plane in bangkok, joran emailed me and said he made the whole thing up about selling natalee to a stranger. >> i believe this story probably -- he had a heart attack not long after. >> coming up. you won't believe what happened on the fifth anniversary of natalee's disappearance. with the help of comfort keepers,
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threatening evil, deceitful, thoughtful, calculating, killer. i think what makes him so bad is he is not just
4:43 pm
instinctively bad, he is thoughtful in his calculating evilness. he thinks things through really well before he acts. >> kelly read me one of his emails from joran. >> this has also consumed five years of my life. i want to make an end to it and have a fresh start. i would not scam natalee's parents. >> the sympathy for natalee's parents is incredibly. >> nonsense. >> fake, phony, just more of the plan. >> you can't believe one word coming out of his mouth that is he writing. >> good liar in the sense that boy he weave some stories. >> after a preliminary meeting with joran in aruba on april 4th. kelly hatched elaborate plan to catch him in his lies. >> about a month later. i set up a second meeting with him. >> this time kelly involved the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office. the plan arrest joran and
4:44 pm
extradite him to the united states on extortion and wire fraud charges. on may 10th, 2010, after a series of emails, john q. kelly arrived at the marriott hotel in aruba with second meeting for iran. the fbi sting operation was underway. >> i made it very clear to him that i cash in hand but this time i was, you know, wired to the hilt. the room was wired to the hilt. audio, video. dozen agents in the next room and in the hotel. >> john q. kelly gave joran $10,000 of beth holloway's money. another $15,000 was later wired to joran's bank account. >> joran's decision to contact beth holloway was purely do i back kel. he wanted a quarter of a million dollars and said he was willing to take $25,000 down payment. in return, he would give them the location of the body. >> beth wired the money from alabama, which was our jurisdiction in alabama.
4:45 pm
>> for legal reasons so you could prosecute him in alabama. >> for the federal charges, you know, the jurisdiction in alabama for the wire fraud and extortion. and yeah. then we went and started taking his tour of what supposedly happened with natalee holloway. >> joran took kelly to this house near the aruba react club. he claimed natalee was buried under the foundation. you are looking at photos kelly shot of joran to document his story. >> i asked him which part of the house? he was very specific to the right under the little screened in porch area right there. she is definitely there, you know. concrete poured over it. >> about joran's story was just another lie. >> it turns out that that construction was not even happening or going on during that time period when natalee was on the island it was investigated. it was followed through, and another dead end. to do that to this woman who had lost her daughter desperately wants answers
4:46 pm
and just wants to lay her to rest is unconscionable. >> joran took kelly to this beach near the marriott hotel. here joran claimed natalee accidently fell and hit her head on volcanic rocks. panicked joran said he hid his body behind bushes and his father paulus buried her behind the react club. >> there is always one bit missing. details of how natalee got from the location on the beach to her supposed i resting spot under the foundation. >> the same scenario, she hit her head. she must have hit her head on the rock. the first elaborate lie was she got out of the car, she stumbled, she fell and she hit her head. >> the one continue itous thread through all of his accounts was natalee hit her head. and i think that was because if she was ever found, there is going to be a skull fracture. >> after iran showed john q.
4:47 pm
kelly where natalee was allegedly buried, the two parted. john q. kelly returned to the marriott hotel where agents were collecting their evidence. >> everybody was pretty excited. >> thought bingo, we got him on a crime at that point? >> certainly my thought. >> being wire fraud. >> extortion. he had taken the money and told the story. >> so, why wasn't he arrested bingo right then on the spot? that wasn't my call. >> what the holloways couldn't have known. what the holloway's attorney john q. kelly couldn't have known. he was planning on taking the $25,000 payment and entering a poker tournament in peru. the buy in was $25,000. what a coincidence. he jumped on a plane, he skipped town. >> having evaded arrest, van der sloot made it to peru with $25,000 of beth's monday. it wasn't long before john q. kelly received another email from joran. >> i did not tell you the truth so the information you have is worthless.
4:48 pm
check it out all you want but it's not true. >> he is so money-motivated, isn't he? >> that's all he cares about and he will take what he can get at the time. i think that's what drives him more than anything, just the need for money, the need to gamble. >> coming up,. >> beth is with -- bethenny is with him, she enters the room. she is neverliev seen alive again. proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. yup, we're constantly making thinkorswim better. here at td ameritrade, they're always working.
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well staying in peru 22-year-old joran van der sloot continued to do what he loved best, gambling. >> at the atlantic city casino joran meets stephany
4:52 pm
flores. that was meeting natalee holloway back in aruba. the two become chummy. they get to know each other. they play poker. >> may 20th, 2010 a security camera shows joran seated at a car table gambling and shaking hands with 21-year-old business student stephany flores. >> stefanie and joran leave this casino together. it's the last time anybody saw stefanie alive again. >> on the ath anniversary of natalee's disappearance in aruba, joran took stephany flores to his hotel room and murdered her. >> police believe the motive is probably robbery. essentially torturing her trying to get the pin numbers from her atm cards toe could fuel his gambling addiction. >> she is left just beaten up, half dead on the floor. >> stephany flores' dead body was found three days later. >> joran is eventually captured. he has fled peru. he has gone into chile but
4:53 pm
he is extradited back to peru. there is a trial planned but before the trial kicks off he pleads guilty. >> i traveled to peru where grn reporter dan showed me joran's handwritten confession. >> he as saw this email referred to him and found out about the previous natalee holloway's case and his involvement in that. i hit her in the face right above her nose. he grabbed her by the neck. with both hands. and i strangled her for about one minute. so i took my shirt and i put it on her face and pressed hard to the point where i killed her, the point where i killed stefanie. he actually suggests to the police that he would be willing to cooperate with the aruban authorities to locate the body of natalee. >> that's big of him. >> joran confessed to the murder of stephany flores because there was a body and there was so much evidence that it was impossible for him to come up with his
4:54 pm
story. but to this day he refuses to tell us what happened to natalee holloway. >> he will never be able to tell it the truth. i am confident that's the one thing i know in this is that he can't tell the truth. >> have you ever talked to the flores family? >> i went to peru and i wanted to go to peru to show support for the flores family because of what happened to stefanie. >> on january 13th, 2012, joran was convicted of the stephany flores murder and sentenced to 28 years in prison. is he currently incarcerated at a prison, high altitude prison known for harsh conditions. the dutch killer is also married to lady figaro a and also a father to a daughter conceived while he was in prison. >> there is an extradition order in place once is he done with his time there, whatever that is, be brought to alabama. they indicted him days after the flores murder. >> they waited until after the flores murder. they didn't do it ahead of time? >> that's correct. >> joran van der sloot, how
4:55 pm
do you feel about him? >> i actually feel good about him. >> how can you feel good about him? >> i feel good about him because is he where i wanted him to be years ago. justice has been served, at least for stephany flores' death. now, i don't think that justice has been served for natalee's death. >> i have learned to find happiness in things. happiness in my son. happiness in my grand daughter. you know, happiness in, you know, doing my speech therapy work. i can look back over the last 10 years. there were no steps wasted. and there are no regrets. i did all i knew to do and i think that that gives me greater peace now. definitely my hero. >> over the years natalee's friends have struggled but also find happiness. >> you are considered an adult when you are 18 but your brain isn't there. we were children and there is no way to conceptualize this at all.
4:56 pm
and still 10 years later i think i'm beginning to piece it together and i know i have done some really good healing. knowing that i can go through traumatic events because life goes on and sat things have happened to me since natalee's disappearance. i can get through these hard times. >> no parent should send a child off on a vacation and have this happen. you know, and there are so many parents that are watching, and i know parents -- i he know they will be happy to see you are doing okay. you are doing well. better than okay. >> i have lived every parent's worst nightmare. i'm the parent that nobody wants to be. but i have done the best i could to reach out to others and to deliver that message of hope and a personal safety message so hopefully their loved ones can be safe when traveling. >> to this day, the torment of natalee's disappearance a decade ago still haunts her family and friends. joran van der sloot's endless lies have created a slew of questions and no real answers. hopefully one day we'll all know the truth.
4:57 pm
until then, we will continue to follow natalee's case. i'm greta van susteren. goodbye. when you do business everywhere, the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. with the tools and the network you need, to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. he can not see through doors. his speed, anything but superhuman. but when it comes to health care options, george found helpful information and resources at this makes him feel unstoppable.
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