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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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ii please keep the pictures coming. proud american is the hash tag. tweet elizabeth or i. >> thank you for joining us. hello, everybody. we begin with this fox news alert. the justice department saying it will now investigate after a cleveland police officer who fatally shot two unarmed black suspects was acquitted of criminal charges earlier this afternoon. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm uma pemmaraju. dozens of demonstrators gathering at the courthouse in cleveland, ohio to protest this verdict. officer michael brelow was one of 13 police officers who shot through the windshield of the suspect's car back in 2012. he killed the two unarmed people inside after they led police on a 22-mile high speed chase. cleveland's mayor calling for calm and asking the community to respect this ruling.
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>> i felt that the charge that was presented to the judge was one that was difficult to prove, and so my expectation i think with a lot of people is that it would be a very difficult uphill battle to get a conviction. >> the judge in this case saying he could not determine whether the officer alone fired the fatal shots because the other officers fired as well. 137 shots were fired in all. the officer was facing up to 22 years behind bars had the judge convicted him on two counts of voluntary manslaughter. the family of timothy russell reacting after the verdict. >> they were angry. you can't tell me that those officers were not angry at the fact that tim and melissa did not pull over. now, whatever reason they didn't pull over we don't know but what i can say is that it does not -- they did not deserve to
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die for fleeing and eluding. that's not a death sentence. >> a federal prosecutor is saying they will review all available legal options moving forward and take additional steps if necessary. the justice department already working to resolve a pattern of civil rights violations within the cleveland police department after a string of examples of excessive force. overseas now into syria, isis on the move. those militants are waging a campaign of terror in the city of palmyra. they are hunting down troops and executing them in public. the warning to anybody who tries to fight back against their power grab. this news is another sign that syrian president bashar al assad's regime is getting weaker and it's another victory for isis just days after the fall of ramadi. we are hearing that iraqi security forces there are trying to oust isis from some of the small towns surrounding ramadi but it's tough going. joining us with the very latest
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on the situation, john huddy standing by in the mideast bureau. john? >> reporter: yeah iraqi forces regained control of a town just outside of ramadi possibly showing the start of a major ground offensive that we have been waiting for or at least those iraqi forces trying to stop isis' momentum. now, take a look at the map to show you the town isis militants stormed the area yesterday, about three and a half miles east of ramadi. iraqi forces with the help from iranian backed shiite fighters several thousand have been joining iraqi troops launched a counteroffensive today and as i said regained control of that town. it's a critical strike back because isis has been trying to push closer to baghdad 70 miles to the east of ramadi and also an iraqi military base along the way where iraqi troops and also shiite -- those shiite forces shiite militia fighters have been gearing up to launch an offensive. that's where, by the way, an
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estimated 50,000 refugees and that number could be much higher that came from ramadi have been heading towards that area, towards the baghdad province. we continue to get reports of isis executing people trying to escape from ramadi and we are hearing similar reports from palmyra in syria. isis took control of the ancient city last week and the militants have reportedly been hunting down government troops shooting and beheading them in the streets as well. the city is an archeological site dating back 2,000 years, and are at risk of being destroyed. we have seen isis do that in other areas, including mosul, iraq destroying artifacts there. palmyra not only has historical relevance but strategic military relevance. i want to talk about this because isis now controls an estimated 50% of syria, mostly in the eastern and northeastern sections of the country. so taking palmyra shows that isis is pushing further west trying to get within range of
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damascus right around about 150 miles to the southwest. the city is also located along a major transportation corridor and is the first city that isis has taken control of from syria's military. so that is a huge and dangerous loss for bashar al assad's government. meanwhile, uma, in saudi arabia isis has also taken responsibility for a suicide attack on a shiite mosque saying that quote unquote, dark days loom ahead for shiites in saudi arabia. so very dangerous situation going on not only in saudi arabia but of course in iraq and syria as well. >> absolutely. very disturbing indeed. john, thank you very much for that update. what our approach to the issues is going to be are we going to light our hair on fire every time that there is a setback in the campaign against isil or are we going to take very seriously our
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responsibility to evaluate those areas where we succeed and evaluate where steps are necessary for us to change our strategy where we sustain setbacks. >> that from white house press secretary josh earnest this week defending the administration's efforts against isis and describing the fall of ramadi calling it a mere setback. the fall of ramadi and now the fall of palmyra is raising new questions about white house strategy including efforts to resurrect iraqi security forces and the focus of the u.s. working with iraq to retake mosul by the end of the year. also kurdish fighters are confronting huge challenges against isis as so many have yet to receive the promised equipment and resources to fight isis on the ground. they are taking on big casualties as well as they wait for the u.s. to act. joining us now, lieutenant colonel tony schafer along with bayonne raman, who is joining us via skype. thanks to both of you for joining us today. tony, let me begin with you.
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this week the white house downplayed the loss of this key city of isis. you have news that the efforts to stop isis are really faltering badly and beyond iraq you have information that isis is right now making headway in afghanistan right now they are in control of five provinces, is that correct? >> yes. huge progress. let's be very blunt about this. everywhere that al qaeda was, isis now is and in one of those places where they are being able to make great gains is in afghanistan. they are going after the profit centers there. they have already taken over five provinces in the north and are trying to take over the old trader routes smugglers routes plus access to the key resources, mineral resources in afghanistan. in the south they have taken over three provinces trying to get control of the drug trade. what they're doing there is quite brilliant. they are trying to gain access and maintain control of the economic drivers of that country. they don't need kabul. they don't need kandahar. they need the resources. this obviously will be used to fuel their larger continued
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global expansion. >> let me ask, why does it seem the white house isn't appearing to be concerned about the gains isis is making right now? what are your sources telling you about our military leaders, how they are handling the fact that this white house continues to sidestep any significant offensive against isis at this point? >> well people in the pentagon actually know what's going on and are trying to do the right thing. it's because the white house is personally directly trying to control this, much like johnson tried to control the vietnam war from the white house. didn't work out for lbj and it won't work out here. we have to recognize the current strategy is nonexistent. there isn't one that actually does anything. let's look at what's going on in iraq for example. the iraq strategy to keep iraq together in one country is not going to work. the very reason the iraq army keeps collapsing is the country it was designed to defend back in 2009 no longer exists. you have sunni shiite elements which have completely split. they see these people these sunni see the shiite dominating baghdad, the iranians dominating
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baghdad and they no longer have any reason to fight. they are almost more closely aligned with isis than they are baghdad. all these things plus the refusal to arm the kurds continues to be the very issue why the strategy for whatever it's worth is not working. >> this brings me to our next guest. so happy you could join us here today, because as you know i have been interviewing your leaders over the past several months about the lack of needed equipment and resources that are being sent to the courageous kurdish fighters. i know that you just met with folks at the white house. even though we are hearing that plans are under way to step up supplies it's amazing to me those soldiers still are pleading for basic arms. what can you tell us? >> as you said the president was in washington just last week he left last saturday and he did meet president biden -- excuse me president obama, vice president biden and the pentagon state department and many others. his message was clear.
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we're very grateful to the united states for standing by us. we're also asking the united states to send us more weapons. we're grateful for what we have received and we're using them to great effect but we need more weapons because isis remains a threat. >> isis remains a threat but your folks have been pleading since last summer for basic supplies like helmets, bullets, night vision goggles. your troops are suffering high casualties there. if they have the needed equipment that they were promised months ago, would they be making bigger gains against isis? >> well our peshmerga have done very well already. we have retaken all territory that we consider to be kurdistani and we have held them back but it is difficult. they attack at night and without the right night vision goggles which is perhaps basic equipment in some armies but we don't have it it does mean that isis can threaten and attack us.
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but when the president was here he was reassured over and over again in all of the high level meetings that he had that the peshmerga would get the weapons that they need and this is the basis on which we are now working and are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with the united states. if i may, i do want to say thank you to america for standing by us. if it wasn't for america, if it wasn't for thestrikes, for the support that we're getting, the situation would be far worse than it is today. >> let me ask you, tony do you believe ramadi mosul and the other cities under isis control right now can be retaken by the u.s. or are we too far gone and the iraq we knew a few years ago is done that inevitably it's going to be a country that will end up being split up? >> the iraq that we 92 is gone period. the president has to accept that and get past that because of not being willing to understand that he is actually still pretending the government in baghdad is still in charge which results in the kurds not getting the gear and support
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that they need. yes, god bless the kurds for what they're doing but they could be doing so much better. two things need to be done. first, you need to arm the kurds to the level necessary to see them do more. i would use them as an internal expeditionary force to go retake all those cities back you just mentioned. they are able they are willing and plus they know how to fight. the iraqi army as we knew it is gone. let's use the resources we have get past this john mccain meme of wanting to send u.s. forces in there. let's use the things we have that we know will work before we send u.s. forces in. secondly we have to create or help the gulf coalition become what i would call the red sea treaty organization. we have arab armies we have trained for the past 50 years. president sisi and the egyptians can lead it. we can get behind the arabs who are trained and able and our doctrine and equipment to go do the fighting with the iraqis to put stability back. it will not be the iraq we knew but at least we have to push isis back retake the territory we have lost. we have to get away from this ungoverned space. the more ungoverned space there
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is the more isis will succeed and take over all the sites we are talking about. >> indeed. your advice is well taken. i hope that the white house is listening. we do need a strategy. my thanks to both of you. thank you so much for joining us. i know the kurdish fighters are truly brave individuals and they are doing the best they can under very difficult circumstances. now we would like to hear from you. can our forces retake the cities of ramadi mosul and others from isis or is it too late to act? tweet me your responses and we may read some of your answers a little later on in the show. turning now to politics. and the presidential sweepstakes and the focus of hillary clinton's e-mail. >> something i have asked to be done as you know for a long time. they were given to the committee some months ago and now finally those are getting released. so it's beginning. i just would like to see it expedited. >> that's hillary clinton reacting to the news of the state department finally releasing some of her e-mails.
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if the first round we can expect to know more about these 300 e-mails just part of the 30,000 plus that the former secretary of state hand-picked from her personal server for state department review. now these e-mails focus on the tragic benghazi attack killing four americans and is raising more questions than answers. all this happening as she selectively campaigns for the white house without taking too many questions from reporters on the road. joining us now, former advisor to several presidents including ronald reagan ed rollins. great to have you here in studio. let me get your reaction first when you heard the news that some of these were actually being released a little bit sooner than we expected from the state department. >> first i'm appalled they released them on a three-day weekend. >> the big document dump. >> 1:30 in the afternoon on a friday afternoon. i think it's important that they be put forth. there's no smoking gun at this point in time. what there is is a lot of conflicting information. she said earlier she had never been informed of the serious
11:15 am
situation there. we now realize from the ambassador stevens who was murdered that he was extremely concerned about his welfare a year and a half in advance and even threatened to leave. if i got that message, if roger got a message one of you were in trouble he would certainly basically increase the security whathave you. i think the other thing that's disturbing is the role of sidney blumenthal who is kind of a disgraced former media journalist who became sort of the p.r. person for the clintons. she was ordered not to hire him by rahm emanuel. the white house did not want him in the administration. they put him in the clinton foundation which again shows the blurring of the lines. he's sending her e-mails, has no expertise on benghazi. he's sending conflicting and she's sending that information around. again, it's all part of the distortion. she should never have been able to have her own e-mail account at her home. it should have all been government. you got to play by the rules. >> the select committee on benghazi actually has the e-mails in their possession so they obviously know what's
11:16 am
happening, trey gowdy and his folks. at the same time you're saying there's no smoking gun. this still is a serious concern. >> i'm not saying there's no smoking gun. my sense is there's plenty of stuff in that will get disclosed as the committee moves forward. >> the perception and the impact it has on her campaign at this moment particularly at a time when she's really not answering many questions. >> there has not been a campaign. i have been around the business for 50 years. this is the worst start. she hasn't sat down with a major reporter. this little drill she did last week answering five questions, absurd. she never articulated why she wants to run for president or how she's going to be different than obama or her husband. there's a whole variety of things she needs to do. normally do you that in the first 30 45 days of the campaign. she hasn't done that. she will be distracted. >> this is not going away. >> definitely not going away. >> also some of the e-mails, at least one any way we know now considered classified she said she had no classified documents or sensitive information that went through her server. >> obviously there was sensitive information that went through
11:17 am
and i think to a certain extent that will be proved another misstatement on her part. >> where do you see this going? >> i think it will be a long drip drip type thing. may not knock her out. she may still be the democratic nominee. but certainly has to make people worry a little about her integrity. >> in terms of the fact of the timing of this this is being released early on in this campaign season do you think the public is going to latch on to this over a period of time or will it wear off? >> it's a very complicated issue and the problem is what it becomes is part of the whole narrative of the clintons all this kind of moved over the line and back and forth. >> always great to see you. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. it's a story you don't want to miss why a group of our courageous military vets fed up with the white house response to fight isis is heading overseas and gearing up to take on the terrorists themselves. you will meet the group's leader and why he's not backing down. and back in this country, here's a live look at bethpage air show. crowds gathering at jones beach for high-flying stunts in honor
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of memorial day weekend.
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welcome back everybody.
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we have news about southern california, jostled by a 3.3 magnitude earthquake. experts are saying the epicenter was two miles from inglewood. our staff in the l.a. bureau telling us they actually felt the tremors. no word yet on any damage or injuries and of course, we will keep you posted. well a group of u.s. veterans getting set to head overseas on their own to fight isis on the ground. two dozen americans committed to the mission so far, willing to stand up against the terror group despite the dangers of going over there without the support of our u.s. military. joining us now from germany via skype, sean rowe the coordinator of veterans against isis. welcome. great to have you on my show today. >> thank you for having me. >> you know, i know that for you, you feel very compelled to do this because you have had enough of the heartbreaking images of women, children and families slaughtered at the hands of isis and you believe
11:23 am
that you and the other vets have the expertise to take on these terrorist thugs, some are calling this a foolhardy mission, though. how do you respond to that? >> i don't know what's so foolhardy about going to help people. yeah it's going to be very dangerous but we can't let fear and doubt stop us. i mean, the need is obvious over there. and who better than american veterans? most of the guys on my team have two combat tours, they have an average seven years in the military and we are talking about the united states military here. we have several rangers, we now have added a third ranger on our team. so we're not just a bunch of untrained guys going over there to help. and i'm happy to say that we have been raising good funding so we are going to be able to get most of everything we need good weapons, armor, we have an armor sponsor, we would like to be able to get a couple armored vehicles and medevac vehicle. we are trying to raise
11:24 am
additional funding. >> i know you folks are serious. you have about 23 vets ready to risk their lives for a much more dangerous mission as you point out. you're not going to have the same kind of medical backup that most vets get to have simply by the fact there's not going to be a lot of doctors in the area and you won't have the option of being rescued by helicopters should you get injured, but yet you feel this is really worth the fight. >> yes, ma'am. i don't think anyone can -- i think the people who think we're crazy, i think they're crazy. but we're bringing well qualified people. we have two combat medics on the team and we are actually going to be growing a lot larger real quick because i'm talking to a dozen more well-trained guys after the last several interviews we have been doing and there are already groups over there we're coordinating with and other smaller groups who are going over there that we are going to absorb. we will be numbering in more than 40 shortly. >> you are a group of courageous individuals indeed.
11:25 am
you say that you can trust your contacts on the ground among those resistance fighters there. they are the ones who will be advising you. you have to trust those people and hope that they don't turn on you. >> well i'm going there with a good team. so we're going to make sure we protect ourselves, but we're only going to be trusting them to the extent that for intel basically. we're there to support them so yeah there's going to be a little trust that's required but you better believe that we are going to be conducting ourselves in a manner to protect ourselves as well. >> you know myself and a lot of other folks are going to be very worried about whether or not you are captured by these thugs. certainly it's a risk you know that is out there. you're not protected by the geneva conventions because you're not part of the official u.s. military soldiers going to be advising out in that area. how do you feel about the possibility that maybe one of your guys gets captured? >> it's not even an option in my mind. i know it's not going to happen.
11:26 am
i'll put my small team against four times the number of isis scumbags. you can't capture someone who is not afraid to die. every single guy on my team we're not afraid to die and we're going to fight to the death. if they do capture us it will be our dead bodies and we will be surrounded by four times the number of them. they can bring it. we're ready. >> i know you're ready indeed. on this memorial day weekend, we are really glad you could join us. i know you have a lot going on right now, raising money and trying to put this team together. i wish you all the best. godspeed. >> thank you so much. i just want to point people who want to help out, i want to point them to our website, check out our facebook. we will put updates on there when we can. i appreciate you reaching out to us. >> you got it. thank you very much. take care. >> thank you. bye. coming up a new protest erupting after a police officer is acquitted in the shooting death of two unarmed black men in ohio.
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i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. welcome back with this fox news alert. [ chanting ] this protest following a verdict over a controversial ohio case involving a police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black couple. the justice department at this hour is saying it will review after cleveland police officer michael breelow was acquitted today. this after firing through the windshield of a suspect's car, killing the two people inside back in 2012. both were shot more than 20 times. a judge saying he could not determine whether the officer alone fired the fatal shots
11:32 am
because other officers fired shots as well. the officer was facing 22 years behind bars if he had been convicted of manslaughter. this memorial day weekend, we honor our nation's veterans who have sacrificed so much to defend our freedom and our national security. among those veterans who served in iraq one is fighting a different battle in congress. ohio congressman steve siber worked tirelessly to help service members returning from war and has big concerns about our isis strategy. he joins us live. thank you, congressman, for being here. we are happy to have you here. let me talk to you about, you're a veteran, you know firsthand the risks and sacrifice. when you hear about the news about these cities that are now being taken over by isis what runs through your mind and heart since we have sacrificed so much blood and treasure? >> well just reminds me how hard we fought over these cities like ramadi in the past and to
11:33 am
see them fall it really brings back a lot of memories from 2005-2006, when we were fighting in these same cities and we took them back. unfortunately, the vacuum of american leadership has allowed this new threat of isil to rise to a level at which it's pretty serious now. >> because back then we won. we had those cities secured. there was no question about it. yet the president at the time declared it a success. if we have that sound i would like to call it up for a moment. >> we're leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant iraq. we are ending a war not with a final battle but with a final march toward home. >> when you listen to the president back then and you hear those words, and you see today the white house still struggling to come up with a strategy and isis gaining ground not only in syria, iraq also we're hearing reports that
11:34 am
they are expanding in libya, what do you say to this? >> well there's a reason why after world war ii we didn't immediately bring everybody home and close all our bases. after the korean war, we didn't bring everybody home and close all our bases. to close all our bases and bring everybody home created a power vacuum and the iraqi security forces weren't ready to secure their ground and unfortunately, a lot of it's being taken away now and it's because of an absence of american leadership and because of a strategy that is a flawed strategy and i hope the president and his advisors will take a really close look at his strategy that he has, because it's a lead from behind strategy and that he'll take a look at whether we should lead a little bit and that doesn't mean we have to do everything ourselves, but when you don't support your friends as we saw in camp david last week a lot of our friends didn't even show up to the president's summit
11:35 am
because they don't think we're supporting them. >> they feel we have no credibility at this point, that the white house is not offering any credibility in terms of being able to be an ally that will back them up so they are taking matters into their own hands. we will see a nuclear buildup amongst those different countries in the area saudi arabia particularly saying you know what you say you're with us, we don't trust you. >> saudi arabia last week also signals that they will be buying a nuclear weapon from pakistan to protect their own freedom. i don't know that they made a statement but i think it's been interpreted in the press. i read it in -- i think in a newspaper. >> you know on a personal note back to the fact that you are a veteran, i know you know many military families and they come to you, and they express their frustrations to you over the news over the last several months and particularly from families who have lost loved ones in the battles in iraq, in afghanistan. what do you say to the parents
11:36 am
of those who have lost a son or daughter believing that they were doing the right thing and fighting for liberty, yet hearing that all of this is being squandered at this point? >> well their sons and daughters are heroes and were heroes and we need to always remember that and we need to remind them that their sons and daughters fought and in some cases died preserving our freedoms and our way of life and we need to make sure we hold our administration officials and this administration the obama administration accountable for the actions they're taking today, because when we take a back seat and we refuse to lead it gives away the gains that were so hard fought for with blood and treasure, as you said. >> really quickly, do you believe we can retake ramadi mosul and other cities at this point? >> i think it will take a commitment. i think it will take a real strategy. i think the president needs to
11:37 am
rethink his strategy immediately if we are really going to push isil back and i hope he'll do that because the current strategy is absolutely failing. >> thank you, sir, for joining us on this very special weekend. we thank you for your service as well. >> thank you. happy memorial day to everyone and please take a moment today through monday and just think about the people who fought for our freedoms and died for our freedoms. >> absolutely. all the best to you, sir. thank you. police now believe more than one person is responsible for -- as court documents reveal investigators believe the suspect darren wint wasn't working alone in the torture and murders of that prominent family last week. he once worked with the murdered husband's company as a welder and denied bail in d.c. superior court. his next hearing date is june 23rd. firefighters finding the bodies of the murdered husband, his wife and their 10-year-old son and housekeeper after the
11:38 am
mansion was set on fire. court documents also confirm that thousands of dollars were delivered to the home before those killings. a solemn moment as america honors our veterans this weekend. those at the world war ii memorial taking a special moment to remember those who gave their lives in service to a very grateful nation. just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house.
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11:43 am
those placing the flags as well as those visiting that site. >> it was hard you know. i have a lot of friends that passed away that were over there and they gave their life for everything that we do here in the united states for everybody in the whole wide world so being here is definitely touching it's heartwarming. >> this tribute will remain on display through tuesday morning. this memorial day weekend, a nation honoring the brave soldiers who have given their lives to protect american freedom and this year visitors can also ring the freedom bell at the world war ii memorial to honor the sacrifice. rich edson is joining us live at the memorial from washington, d.c. with more on this story. rich? >> reporter: good afternoon. 70 years after the conclusion of the second world war, we are at the world war ii memorial where there are a host of events ongoing today and throughout the weekend. one is the freedom bell. it's cast from iron partially of
11:44 am
the world trade center and americans can ring that bell to honor those who have served our country and it is touring the country. >> i actually was retired out of camp pendleton, california in november 2013. response has been phenomenal. between little kids coming up and unsure asking their parents and the crowd has been fantastic. >> reporter: organizers say more than 1.5 million americans have rung that bell. also here today, former senator bob dole he ran for president as the republican nominee back in 1996. he comes here every saturday greeting visitors. >> i tell you, when these veterans come i'd say at least half shed a lot of tears when they get in there. it's a very emotional experience. they think about when they were young and what they did in the service, whether it was whatever service it was. >> reporter: dole was injured in the second world war, serving in
11:45 am
italy 70 years ago. that war ended this month. back to you. >> bob dole a true american patriot. thank you so much for that update from d.c. also in washington capitol hill getting set for a night of music and remembrance. the national memorial day concert taking place tomorrow night on the west lawn and the performer who is singing the national anthem is fresh off another high profile gig. can you guess who it is? we will talk to him after the break. the citi double cash card. it earns you cash back now and cash back later. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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get started at welcome back everybody. well washington, d.c. gearing up for the 25th annual national memorial day concert. it will be a head line event with lots of celebrities at the big site and the artist who will be performing the national anthem is no stranger to the national spotlight. ♪ >> he won america's heart taking
11:50 am
home the crown on the 14th season of "american idol." joining us the winner nick fratiani. welcome. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> i'm sure it feels surreal knowing you are the american idol who is the big, big headliner this year. >> yeah. it has not sunk in yet. it's been almost -- more than a week now but it feels like a blur. it's really amazing to be here. >> what's happened to you in the course of the whirlwind week for you in terms of giving you the reality in the sense that you are going to be on a path unlike any other? >> well since -- literally since the night it ended it's been nonstop. i haven't really had much time to take it all in but we have been from l.a. i went to new york and from new york city i came to d.c. and i have been here for a few days and it's really amazing. i haven't been able to spend much time before so to be able to be in d.c. and see all these incredible sites is really amazing. >> of course this big event coming up i know for you it's
11:51 am
very special and also quite significant, knowing that you are the one that's going to get to sing the national anthem. >> yeah. this is the biggest -- probably the biggest singing moment of my life to be able to sing the national anthem at such an amazing event like this. it's really humbling. i'm honored to be able to be part of it. >> why is it so special for you to be there? >> i mean this is all about the men and women who served our country. both my grandparents served in the military. my best friend served two terms in iraq. he actually was able to come here. he will be here tomorrow. it's going to be just a really special moment. my parents are coming in and i'm just so excited to be able to sing the national anthem. >> i think it's really quite the experience to be there in person to really feel the energy of the moment when you go to those memorials, to those sites where we know that countless people have served and sacrificed for this country. >> yeah, absolutely. i just went there yesterday just to kind of do a run-through and you get butterflies just being out there. i can't even imagine what it's going to be like tomorrow. >> you are going to be nervous?
11:52 am
i can't believe that. you're used to being in front of big audiences. >> i was a little nervous right when they told me i was going to be doing it. i don't usually get nervous but i did get a little nervous but after doing it yesterday in the run-through and to be with a symphony like that i wasn't nervous. now i'm just really excited and honored to be part of it. >> others are going to join you onstage. honored to be a part of it. >> and there are others joining on stage. >> the choir and a symphony. and it's going to be quite an event for sure. >> and the other head liners that are going to be there to celebrate with you are people like actor gary sinnise who's been a big supporter of veterans. >> a people who truly care of our troops and everybody is excited to be apart of it. >> you really take pause and really do ponder and think about the sacrifice made. is that what's going to be
11:53 am
running through your mind as you sing the star spangled banner? >> absolutely. without the troops doing what they are doing, i'm not on american idol i'm not performing the national anltem. it is going to be a humbling thing and i'm going to do the best i can. >> after this you are on a busy track you are going to be out there trying to get your albums together and do some special stuff getting your career launched. >> it is going to be a wild couple of months radio stuff across the country and the american idol tour from july to the end of august and after that hopefully it will be just focusing on the album. >> mix emotions about the fact that the show is going to be ending its long run shortly? >> yeah a little bit. you know, i'm excited to just have been a part of it. to be the 14th winner. and there will only be 15. and talk about an incredible
11:54 am
run. the show changed pop culture and music altogether. and just happy to be a part of it and look forward to this last season. it is going to be a really big season. >> it certainly has changed pop culture for sure. so glad you could join us today's. all the best. i hope everything goes well. i know you are going to be a smash. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for being here today. >> thanks for having me guys. waiting on a news conference who's company triggered a massive oil spill this week. and waiting on the clean up.
11:55 am
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devices. angry protesters in cleveland after a police officer is acquitted in the shooting death of two suspects. so far the demonstrations have been peaceful. isis militants hunting down soles and the beheading them in public. and the hillary clinton is pleased the state department has started releasing some of her e-mails, nearly 300 documents related to mostly benghazi.
11:59 am
those are raising more questions in the narrative in the days following that deadly attack. and now twitter forces we ask can we retake the areas from the isis? sure they can. doing however requires leadership with will and strategy. obama failed in both areas. one says can? yes. will? no. and one says yes but our president has to have the will to do it. time will tell. and finally, yes with ground troops. it is the only way. thanks to all of you who decided to weigh in. we had lods of responses and got to a few of them. and thank you for that. and we leave you now with
12:00 pm
another look live at the beth page air show. crowds gathering in honor of memorial day weekend. and the u.s. army golden knights pregnancy parachuting team. best of luck to always. >> this week on the journal editorial report. hillary clinton's e-mails finally begin to trickle out along with evidence of a secret foreign policy adviser. plus president obama's isis strategy suffers a setback as the ramadi falls. so will the administration change course? and accusations of racial bias are harvard university are elite schools using quotas to discriminant against asian americans? welcome to the journal editorial


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