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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 23, 2015 12:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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on fnc. that's it for my panel. and we hope to see you right here next week. the justice department now saying it will review today's verdict in cleveland today that cleared a white police officer in the shooting deaths of two unarmed black suspects. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> demonstrators crowding the streets of cleveland near the courthouse carrying signs and chanting. so far today a peaceful protest. 13 officers fired on the couples card back in 2012. officer michael brillo was the only charged. according to documents he climbed on the hood of the couple's car and fired more than 130 shots through the
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windshield. actually that was 15. the other 130 shots coming from different places. after prosecutors say the suspects no longer posed a threat. today it was declared justified. >> we regret and we acknowledge that two people died. but at the end of the day that tragedy was brought about by conscious decision making and life styles that those two individuals, irrespective of their mental states voluntarily took throughout their adult lives. >> timothy russell and melissa williams died that night in a high school parking lot after those shots were fired. russell's sister says there is another side to this story. she wants to know why so many police officers refused to testify. >> why would you not get up there and say what happened? you were there. you witnessed it. what do you have to hide? why would you not get up there and testify? i believe in telling the truth.
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if i was called to testify to something and i witnessed it of course i'm going to get up there and say what i know. >> in the meantime michael brillobril lrksl o dropped his shed tears upon the announcement. five officers who didn't fire shots still face misdemeanors. officer in riot gear turned back protesters. and now city and community leaders are on alert for any possible unrest. >> well the yooungss envoy to libya saying isis could be a quote very serious threat in that country within months. he has even been trying to negotiate a unity government since last year when rebels overran the capital of triply forcing the western-backed government to withdrawal. without a deal soon he says isis will be a threat for libyans. meanwhile iraqi forces claim to
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have retaken a town that had fallen. they launched counteroffensive in husaaybah today. that this is the terror group continues to make gains all across the country. we're waiting a news conference on a massive oil spill on the california coast. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the disaster as crews work to skim oil from nearly 10 square miles of increasingly choppy waters. will joins us now with more. >> reporter: both oil company and authorities say that the clean up process could take weeks maybe even months and that it could take even longer to figure what caused this ill spill in the first place. there has been some impact to the local wildlife. half a dozen pelican, two sea
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lions and an elephant seal taken to a rehab center. we saw pelicans nose diving into the pacific ocean with oil just covered on the top of the water. at the same time the federal government has oiled plains all american pipeline to shut down operations on the pipeline immediately to make sure there are no other accidents while attempting to capture spilled oil both on land and at sea. >> we've reached a point on the water where there is not much oil that can be recovered by boom or skimmer vessel. because of this we will shift to other methods of ocean-going recovery. >> the santa barbara tourism department says so far there has not been any negative impact on the local economy they have seen. but we've spoken to several residents across the area and they say without a doubt kelly
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it has taken a toll on the environment. >> hopefully they can get it all taken care f. will carr reporting from california. will thank you. >> the south and plains expected to get more bad weather this weekend unfortunately. parts of texas, which have already received more than 123 inches of rain this month could see even more adding to the flooding there. and severe storms could bring damaging wind hill and possible tornados. live in the fox weather center with more. hi janice. >> high julie. we're seeing potential for strong winds, damaging hail and those tornados. tornado watch in parts of texas, oklahoma towards colorado where we have several thunderstorm warnings and a tornado warning. as we move into the colorado
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looks like we have a tornado-warned storm just south and east of pueblo. that is a tornado warning there and north and west of cheyenne wyoming is where we see our other tornado-warned storm. that is going to continue into the dinner and overnight times. a wide spread in texas and okay and colorado as well. into tomorrow focused mainly across texas, dallas houston, corpus christi ty. and in to holiday monday still some potential. let's watch the radar into sunday. there is the line of destructive storms perhaps overnight tonight and into tomorrow and then we're going to see the continuous rainfall over saturated ground. we have flash flooding occurring right now in texas and oklahoma. and we're expecting more rain in these saturated areas. so over a foot of rain really within the last couple of weeks.
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we could see close to a foot of rain in the next seven days and flash flood watches and warnings posted for all of these folks. there is your memorial day forecast. watching the southern plains. cooler than average across the west and a nice forecast across the east coast but of course julie. all interests across the southern plains. need to be paying attention to their local weather because we could have severe weather including tornados tonight. back to you. >> thank you so much. kelly. we have details on evidence that tripped up two men that police say hoped to reach the killing fields of isis. >> and the armies of islamic state fortifying positions after seizing control of two key cities. one in syria. one in iraq. and our military analyst captain chuck gnash is here with us next with his view. stay tuned.
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two men trying to join isis were likely recorded on social media. that is according to prosecutors who say this man and a friend were meant to travel to turkey because they wanted to become martyrs for the terror group. both arrested on thursday. one at lax. the father of the second is denying all allegations. saying his son was traveling overseaing just to visit relatives. >> the terrorists of isis now digging in after big gains in syria and iraq. among the conquests, the syrian city of palmara. and a desperate radio message from one government soldier. we're finished it said.
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extremists recaptured ramadi. what is next for the coalition? chuck nash is retired from the navy and a an analyst. you say there is another country that is the major target here. what is it? >> the major target is and always has been saudi arabia. it was osama bin laden's main target. and the reason we have this fight going on is not juicyst a sunni/shiite war. and that is abubakar al bagged bakcker al baghdad baghdadi whose the head of isis. the key is who are the true believers who will control mecca and medina. and of course they sit in saadudi
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arabia arabia. >> let's talk about the syrian city taken over the message "we're finished." the military is completely overwhelmed. we have air strikes but they don't seem to be assisting them in the by a they need. >> you know, that is a very perplexing situation julie. we do have the air power. we could strike. if you see massive troops with black flags going down a road that should be an easy target but what are the rules of engagement and where are the air kraft operating? obviously not there. and obviously the bad guys are not so blatantly going down a road in open convoys. so they are probably moving at night. they are probably mixed in with civilian traffic or making themselves appear to not be the hostile force. in the end you have to look at what we're doing elsewhere. and that is if we are pounding isis and the assad regime sees that as a pass.
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in other words hey i'll let the americans take care of isis while i beat up on the more moderates. what's happening is we are essentially in cahoots, inadvertently but in cahoots with the assad regime. so this whole thing is a mess. >> how does the u.s. tackle iraq syria and saudi arabia if we're not using intelligence to weed out the bad guys? we did it last weekend and they caught the cfo of isis. a major grab. got his wife and will get intelligence from her and plucked laptops and telephones and data from his home. this is the kind of intelligence that leads us to killing the bad guys not just scaring them. >> yeah and i think the thing that really works the best there is that we're using third party intel sources and that can be dangerous
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dangerous. and trying to back it up with electronics intelligence. signals and lekts electrics. where we're monitoring cell phone internet. the stuff we keep hearing about the nsa, well that is what they do and they are really good at it. put that together with the human intelligence and bring in a picture and everything -- you start to look at where the money is flowing and all of that and it builds a bigger and bigger picture. and as you point out, taking down that guy last week. that is going to be -- i think that is really going to put the key into a bunch of locks. >> i mean i think that would have put the nail in the coffin had they continued that mission. you can't just do a mission like that and wait and allow them to regain strength and not go back in there. and also i want to bring in iran to the fold. they aren't your likely ally to be in this fight with the united states. but are we close to actually talking military strategy with iran? >> you know what we're doing i think is supporting their troops on the ground without saying that we're supporting their troops on the ground. and what i mean by that is that
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they are leading in the -- in the battlefield they are leading these militias up into the sunni area which is the problem with the the sunni. they see isis on one side and go uh-oh here come the black flag throat slitters. and look right and say uh-oh here come the shia militias that take our sons out and shoot them in the field. holy cow, what are we supposed to do? they flee the towns. and it is the isis fighters against the shiite militias. when it's all over if the shiites win the sunni are reluctant to go back into town because they fall into the shiite who have been oppressing them since the whole war ended when saddam hussein left and the government took over in baghdad.
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>> it is frustrating and we want so see there is ab actual clear strategy to get this over with once and for all. >> that would be nice. >> tune into the sunday morning futures with the maria. she's going sit with retired general richard myers. tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. burning the midnight oil in our nation's capital. the latest on the 11th hour effort to extend the u.s. patriot act. and as we honor the fallen this week. our next guest shares how one foundation is helping the families of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. in the past. i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because i got a prescription for chantix. along with support chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. the fact that it reduced the urge to smoke helped me get that confidence that i could do it. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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a live political debate coming up straight ahead on this issue. providing healing for troops as well as for the fallen this
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memorial day weekend. shortly after this man's death his mother start add foundation. inspiring others to serve. ryan manian borek is travis manian's sister and president of the foundation and it's so good of you to join us today and share insights about your brother, about your family and the foundation. tell me what the vision of the foundation is and how it's helping to transform lives. >> thanks for having me here today, and you know when my mom started this organization after the death of my brother, she wanted to make sure that not only travis' legacy but the legacy of all the men and women who have given their lives in defense of our freedoms continued, and she did that by making sure she empowered other families of the fallen to get out and serve in honor of their loved ones. >> one of the slogans that your brother used was, if not me, then who? how much resonance is that taking with the other fallen
12:53 pm
family members who are out there helping people recover from the broken heartedness of losing a loved one? >> you know my mom took those five words after my brother spoke them before his second deployment to iraq, and she turned those five words into a national movement and there's so much power behand that, because, if not me than who can be simply doing something very small or it can be grandiose and we see resilience in the families and what they're going out to do and to serve in honor of their loved ones. >> i looked at the videos that are out there about the travis manian foundation from the gala to the wonderful event embarking on like helping people rebuild homes or inging damaged homes. does good for the soul to get out there and help your foley oh manoh -- fellow man. if you want to honor the fallen
12:54 pm
help the living. >> along with if not me then who? another motto, honor of fallen by challenging the living. we want to make sure we're empowering the people we work with to get back out there, to get on their feet and to do things that would make their loved ones proud. it's amazing. we just had a group get back from new mexico. all of these people had lost loved ones post-9/11 in either iraq or afghanistan, and they spent five days in new mexico rebuilding the plumbing on a navajo nation. >> wow. how can all americans help you do what you do to make it even better and stronger and reaching out across racial economic lines, just reaching across and touching everybody's lives? >> well i think for us at the foundation we think it's really important to get in at the grass roots level. community by community. that's how we really want to make an impact and want to see change. and i think that you know, ways
12:55 pm
to get involved if everyone can go to our website,, lorn more learn more what we're doing. >> i'm inspired by the foundation tell you why. we see so much turmoil going on in america, isis going on and know our men and women are still in harm's way, and yet we honor, as you've mentioned, we honor the fallen by helping the living and we help the living by coping. you're doing more than that through this foundation. not only helping them cope getting them out there into the trenches of america and the fabric of america and rebuilding. i think that's -- an extremely commendable and such an honor to your brother. >> and i think it shoppes the resiliency of these families. as we have memorial day approaching on monday it's obviously important for us to remember the sacrifices of these men and women, and to pay our respects to the brave men and women who have given their lives in defense of our freedoms but
12:56 pm
also important to know the families that stand behind them and the families that have sacrificed so much, and we see that every day. we see the resiliency in these families and it's unbelievable. >> ryan thank you, and i know your mother has passed but her legacy lives on. certainly your brother's legacy of service. the ultimate service lives on as well and you've inspired all of us here today and we will be remembering you this memorial day weekend. god bless you. >> thank you so much. thanks. a white police officer declared not guilty in the shooting deaths of two unarmed black suspects in cleveland. we are awaiting a news conference from the city's police chief as demonstrations continue there. much more, right after the break.
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fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference from the police chief in cleveland. welcome to "america's news." i'm kelly wright. >> and all available legal options after a judge acquitted a cleveland police officer in the shooting deaths of two unarmed black suspects. it happened back in 2012 when a high-speed chase ended in a barrage of gunfire in a school parking lot. more nan a officers shot at the vehicle but officer michael brelo was the only one to face criminal charges and now the judge declared him not guilty. >> if the evidence did not show beyond a reasonable doubt that
1:01 pm
he knowingly caused their deaths in violation of the constitution then i will not sacrifice him to a public -- mistreatment by the hands of others. >> was facing two counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of two. dozens of protestors gathered outside of the courthouse some chanting "hands up. don't shoot." >> investigators saying more than one person is likely responsible for the quadruple murder of a prominent d.c. family and their housekeeper. court documents revealing prosecutors believe that suspect daron wint wasn't working alone. wint once worked for the victim's company a welder denied bail yesterday in a d.c. fighters found the bodies of the family after the mansion was set on fire. authorities believe wint and at least one other person held the
1:02 pm
four victims captive a day before the murders. all right. let's go ahead, we have breaking news right now. let's go to ohio where we'll be hearing from the mayor on today's verdict. >> at this time turn it over to the mayor and chief. >> all right. thank you. as was just mentioned, this is an update to all of you of what has transpired today and where we're going to be regular -- we are going to be regularly reporting the status as we goethe forward. it may not be in a press conference form but you will get updates, and tomorrow morning we will hold a press conference as was mentioned at 9:00 to talk about what happened overnight. if anything happens in between, we will be holding a fres conference to -- press
1:03 pm
conference to then talk about whatever it is at that time. so far the protestors are making their voices heard, but they are doing it in a peaceful and very respectful way. the police are doing an excellent job in monitoring the situation and protecting everyone's rights protestors and everyone else and it is expected that we will continue to express through peaceful protests through dialogue and through working in a positive way to move the city of cleveland forward. with that i'd like to have the chief come up and give you some more specifics around the different protests that have occurred throughout the city. chief? >> just an update. as you know this morning one of the first protests major
1:04 pm
protests was at the park on the west side. that protest has ended. the individuals from there have moved to another location where they are joining with other people throughout the near west side. as the mayor stated, right now people are peacefully exercising their first amendment rights and the division of police is allowing them to do that and assisting them in doing that. we want to make sure that continues. we expect nothing less. we also want to make sure that our parents out there are aware of where their children are, or over this weekend, and that they you know keep them close, if possible. we don't want anybody caught up in an unnecessary situation, especially our kids. so if they can do that, we definitely appreciate it. for the people out there that have experienced some of these minor inconveniences as far as traffic, by people exercising
1:05 pm
their first amendment rights we just ask you to bear with us. we're all definitely in this together, and people can be assured that we're going to do everything humanly possible to keep the city safe and to keep traffic moving. so just bear with us for now. also as i stated earlier, we are definitely going to monitor this for as long as it takes. and make sure that there is no violence or destruction within the city. the city will not tolerate any violence or destruction, and people need to understand that, and we need to work together to ensure that doesn't happen here in this city. thank you. >> questions? >> [ inaudible ]. >> the police have discretion. you know they're professionals,
1:06 pm
and, you know they have discretion on that, but there is -- we have pretty good tolerance level, in regards to demonstration as we have demonstrated ourselves in the past. but the chief can answer that more specifically. >> as i stated earlier we are trying to ensure that people exercise their first amendment rights but within the bounds of the law and what's decent and necessary in the city, and, you know, people that commit violent acts be it against property or persons, won't be tolerated. our officers are prepared to step in and make sure that's stopped as soon as it starts, and people should know and understand that you know that doesn't move the needle. that doesn't get us anywhere. violence only sets us back and what we really need to do in the city to make things better. so that was our request, and our expectation of people from the
1:07 pm
beginning, that we do this and allow boisterous peaceful way and we hear you, we've heard you, over the last six, eight months and even before that. if people stay ton that track we can really get something done in the city because i'm committed to that the mayor is committed to that and believe it or not, the majority of the men and women in the cleveland police are committed to making the situation better and making our division better. that was cleveland, ohio police chief calvin williams alongside mayor frank jackson talking about how protestors are exercising their freedom, their first amendment right peacefully. protests right now peaceful after the verdict of a not guilty verdict for officer brelo, to face crim na chargeinal charges and now they're waiting and watching making sure everything exercises theirs first amendment
1:08 pm
rights and reminding parents to keep their eye on their children and keep them 0u6 harm's way and out of trouble over the weekend as tensions could escalate there in cleveland, ohio. moving on. iraqi forces launching a counterattack against isis recaptures a town the terror greep seized friday. iraqi militias killing several militants before they withdrew, that area about four miles from the key city where isis took over. 's now a large-scale offensive and in syria isis fighters breaking into a museum there. militants taking over that city earlier in the week raising fears that ancient ruins will be destroyed. more from our middle eastern bureau. >> reporter: the good news the militants that broke into the museum didn't get an artifacts because apparently they had already been removed and are in
1:09 pm
a safe place. as you mentioned, there are ongoing fearing about the city's archaeological site being destroyed. isis took control of palmyra earlier this week a city dating back 2,000 years. while we haven't heard of any archaeological sites or artifacts being destroyed we are hearing about growing violence. in fact we've been getting reports that isis militants had been hunting down syrian government troops and executing them in the streets. either shooting or beheading them and palmyra, we're also seeing not only does it have historical relevance, also strategic military relevance. really it's a crossroads linking damascus to city the to the eastern and northern parts of country, and as we've seen isis has been basically pushing westward towards damascus. in fact a syrian observatory for human rights says the terror organization already controls half of syria. though this is a huge gain for
1:10 pm
the terror group and a huge loss for syria's government and in particular syrian president bashar al assad. also the capture of ramadi as you laid out, as you talked about, julie, the capital in anbar province also a huge gain for isis. isis took control last week. so far an ximtestimated 50,000 people have fled heading towards baghdad. we've seen images of heading over a bridge that goes over the euphrates into anbar province and we've heard of hurns being killed and isis militants essentially executing anybody trying to escape including women and children. so the indication at this point is that while isis has tried to push to the east we also heard, as you mentioned, that iraqi troops launched a counterattack, took control of a town outside of ramadi and indication perhaps, that a major ground offensive may be in the works. we've been waiting for that. also as we know julie isis
1:11 pm
has launched attacks in other countries, including saudi arabia a suicide attack on a shiite mosque there and now u.s. officials say that isis is now recruiting militants in afghanistan as well though the terror group is not operational there just yet. >> we had a guest earlier, chuck nash captain chuck nash who actually said saudi arabia has now become the major target in this fight. john huddy, thank you very much. several people arrested in this country is aof -- suspected of trying to join isis. we'll talk to a former member of the u.s. special forces later this hour. kelly? on this memorial day weekend we pause to honor our veterans and all that they have sacrificed for our country. while a visit to the monuments on the national mall is always moving this year's visitors can ring the freedom bell at the world war ii memorial in honor of a family member or friend who
1:12 pm
has served. rich edison is live at the memorial in washington with more details on this. good of you to join us and shed light on what's happening there. >> reporter: good afternoon anden thank you. we're here on the national mall the world war ii memorial the center for the beginning of the memorial day weekend for all the ceremonies going on here in washington. midway between the capitol building and the lincoln memorial here on the national mall also 70 years after the conclusion of the second world war, a host of ceremonies ongoing here at the memorial that commemorates that struggle including the freedom bell which you just talked about cast in part from some of the steel from the world trade center. more than 1.5 million americans according to organizers have wrung the bell to honor those-- rung the bell. bringing family members of fallen soldiers here to washington, d.c. we spoke with a few and asked what memorial day means to them. >> memorial day isn't about
1:13 pm
barbecues and parties and stuff like that. i just -- i want them to know that it's about the guys who didn't get to come home. no matter what war they were in you know there's a gentleman that's buried here that died with my brother, and i want to go and pay my respects to him. >> reporter: she lost her brother back in 2004 in iraq. back to you. >> rich thank you very much for that report from washington. always a great place to be if you're going to celebrate the memorial day weekend, and honor those men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. coming up fighting poverty with music. introducing you to a bollywood star devoting fame and fortune to helping children in the slums of india. and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell a last-ditch effort to save the patriot act. we debate. and then there have been dozens of isis-related arrests in the u.s. so far this year.
1:14 pm
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the senate today blocking a house passed bill that would extend parts of the patriot act, which is set to expire at the
1:18 pm
end of month. the stumbling bloshgs the nsa collection of america's phone records. house republicans want to end the program leerching ingleaving it up to the phone companies instead. the bill has the support of the white house and the senate is divided. majority leader mitch mcconnell breaking from his colleagues. listen. >> this is a and we what's going on overseas we know what's been tried here at home. my colleagues do we really want this law to expire? >> tammy bruce is a radio talk show hoefrt host of the alan collens show. critical in keeping us safe some say. tammy says nonsense. what say you? >> never had a patriot act to begin with. never needed it. 9/11 is continually useed by our government to expand its powers more than it should have, scaring people. we don't do get
1:19 pm
attacked. the people who attacked us on 9/11 overstayed their visas. the patriot act doesn't address that. i stand with rand on his filibuster and glad he did what he did. >> tammy, why should it go away? >> it's one provision not the entire patriot act and a provision that originally sounded reasonable. hey, we need to look further into e-mails at the time it was or phone calls, people who we know associated with terrorism. then it became the literal slippery slope. it bake a metadata thing all americans. and the dojs inspector general said there is no evidence and no fbi agent can attest to this having an impact on any case dealing with terrorism. it's never been helpful. they've never been able to use it. feinstein said a few months ago, there's so much data involved even on the no fly list it's
1:20 pm
become useless. this is clearly, needs to go. not been helpful and can't pinpoint where it has been. >> such a rarity for you two to agree. i have to play devil's advocate. what if somebody were to say in ormder for the government to properly commit surveillance based on intelligence how do you properly track bowndown bad gips living amongst us? >> you'll never be able to put a dome over knt and install martial law to the extent we're 100%. in a free and open society, that's part of the -- that's the price of living in a free and open society. >> that's not what this does though. this is not about an iron dome. i like the health bill. it says telephone companies keep the data. doesn't go to the government. the government has to have a
1:21 pm
warrant specifically about certain individuals and then get the data. i'm for that. i think most americans are. they don't want it used as an excuse to collect data of all person americans. it's not like all or nothing, alan. >> the hospital 0 is better than the patriot act but we've learned we can't trust the phone companies. too compliant and buckled under whatever the government said. we want the data. i don't trust the big phone companies with great government interests that they'll do the right thing. >> who should you in charge of overseeing? how do you track the trfrgs? information? telephone numbers -- >> i don't know it's keeping us safer. getting personal information on americans is not keeping us safer. there's no evidence that is what has kept america safe since 9/11 or keep america safe going forward. >> that's true because because there's been so much. reverse it back down and it goes down to the element of phone number you know associated with terrorism, you want to see who that phone number has been calling, what the new house bill
1:22 pm
allows and spread out from there. that's reasonable. when it's been about collecting everything it became useless. this means it will begin to work. >> and suspect associated with a terrorist, get a warrant in two minutes with a jump.dge. you don't need big legislation. >> actually that's what the health bill does and you do need that. by the way, for all of the terrorism we have stopped it has gone down to people like snitches old-fashioned police work. we need to weave that back in. >> let me just say, you know what? first of all, phones are a thing of the past. people are on social media. what will you do next? grab everybody's facebook and twitter accounts? honestly. telephones yes, but now we're thinking more world wide web here. >> social media, it's public and the other problem with the patriot act, by the way, limited it to land lines that didn't even address cell phone lines. all of these things are key. when it coming to public media, like social media, you're
1:23 pm
saying fine. go for it. >> suspicion, get a warrant. the way to do it according to the constitution. >> without tromping on civil liberties. >> thank you both. very good to have you. >> thank you. >> kelly? the popular movie "slum dog millionaire" became a global sensation. people left theaters with a smile on their face no matter what condition you're living in you can make it. today's "beyond the dream" a bollywood star bringing music and dance to help children living in poverty. ♪ >> reporter: a renowned singer/songwriter whose influence sn visible in more nan 600 films and more than 7,000 songs throughout a 42-year career in bollywood and holyly
1:24 pm
hollywood. he recorded song for 33 films in one month. he's a superstar in india, but his ins influence spreads throughout europe russia china, and even here in the united states where he's worked with many popular stars. his hard work paying off. able to spend six months in mumbai and six months in bollywood, california. he could easily sit back and replaques with all of his fame, enjoy the rich and the famous. bobby, who personally knew mother teresa was always inspired by her life of service to feed clothe and house the poor. she touched his life in a very personal way. >> mother teresa she blessed me. she told me you have to do something. with your music, and something with the children and slums. this type of thing. ♪
1:25 pm
for mother teresa inspired him to produce a musical cd to help the poor. he fused his hindu beliefs with christianity recording several gospel songs to honor her, and now beyond his musical tribute, bappi is reaching out to children living in the slums of mumbai. ♪ through his latest project called "slum stars," bappi is bringing exposure to the talented children of the slums. he produced a documentary and new cd that showcases the kids singing, rapping and dancing. his outreach is designed to call attention to poverty, plus inspire people everywhere to reach out and help children in need. >> it's a big opportunity for them and -- they are dream, their dream. everybody will come. please come and sing this song. >> reporter: he hopes the
1:26 pm
performers who worm with himperform with him will be transformed, helping them expand their music and education to escape poverty. bappi recorded an american version at a studio in bev rierly hills and gave me an opportunity to sing along with him. >> now you have to start with me. ♪ singing in the slums ♪ >> right. >> is that right? >> reporter: bappi, living the good life and using his talent to help others find a path to live life beyond the dream. >> i want to give the message to everybody everybody. we are all together, we are one. >> together all as one. i thank him for letting me sing along with him. that was fun. >> i actually enjoyed his writing, and he writes all of his own material. very original. >> very gifted and talented.
1:27 pm
>> ditchfferent. great story. and after a police officer is acquitted in the shooting of an unarmed black couple. did the judge make the right call here? our legal panel joins us to break down the evidence in this case. plus -- a dazzling aerial display. it's become an annual tradition, celebrating our nation's veteran s taking you to an air show, next.
1:28 pm
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one of our top stories of the day, the justice department saying it will review all legal options after the acquittal of a cleveland police officer found not guilty in the fatal 2012 shooting of two unarmed black suspects after a high-speed chase. prosecutors say the officer fired 15 rounds through the suspect's windshield after they were no longer a threat.
1:32 pm
but the judge siding with the defense. >> -- entire use of deadly force was a constitutionally reasonable response to an objectively reasonably perceived threat of great bodily harm from the occupants of the malibu russell and williams. >> joining me now criminal defense attorney david bruno, former prosecutor and attorney deborah blount. both here has weigh in on this issue and in respective of the case lookingality it on the surface, many are left with the question how is it possible that a judge could acquit a police officer after jumping up on the hood of a car and pumping an additional 15 rounds into a couple that were no longer perceived as a threat? >> sure. kelly, listen there was a causation issue as to what shots caused the death of the victims. and that is what the judge explained in his decision and
1:33 pm
articulated. there were 13 officers on-scene that fired shots. 137 shots were fired. four fatal shots to the male and 7 to the female and the medical examiner the government and the state, could not prove who fired those shots. that was the basis of the acquittal or involuntary manslaughter. >> talking about you have to prove beyond a reason doubt and the judge is having leeway saying there was -- that the state didn't prove its case. however, they chose a bench case as opposed to a jury case. why? >> well i'm glad you brought that up. that's what i wanted to discuss here. they made the decision to have a judge, because they knew that this judge was going to give them a favorable verdict. when you have a case where something has gone on like this where you have two unarmed individuals who are shot dead after 137 shots were fired by 13 police officers, you kneeow that a
1:34 pm
jury is most likely to convict. when there's a judge who faces a tremendous amount of pressure from the police themselves court officers corrections, it's difficult for them to actually render a conviction. so here the police officer and his defense attorneys chose the right solution to get him a not guilty verdict, they ewlectlected to have a trial by judge, not trial by jury. >> david, the force of this on the surface, again pretty excessive and you have two african-americans caught in a high-speed chase. apparently they heard something go off that sounded like a gun and it actually may have been the car backfiring but be that as it may, they went on a 23-minute ride a high-speed chase. maybe there was some indecisive moments there on behalf of that driver? he should have stopped. there's no way around that however, shots, 130 shots? >> yeah. listen. >> they were unarmed? >> it was very clear that the other 12 police officers who
1:35 pm
they didn't charge by the way, made the right decision in firing shots. they reasonably feared for their lives and the others. it was here -- >> well he got on the hood of the car after they had been shot at so many times and fired 15 times into the car. that's clearly excessive force. >> it's -- listen this is a criminal justice procedure. this is reasonable doubt, presumptions of innocence. maybe in a civil context, which, by the way, they have remedies in that venue, or department of justice, 1983 action this is criminal. they have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. like the judge said today -- >> there was justification here. but how after you jump on to the hood of a car and these people are wedged between two police cars you're not justified at that point. there are many other ways that you could get these -- >> let me ask something quickly, because we're running out of time here. this is on the anniversary of
1:36 pm
mr. rice carrying and air soft webben a toy, basically not going to hurt anyone. the rookie cop opens fire, killed a 12-year-old. anniversary of that. compounding with this 2012 situation with two blacks being killed and it appears to be something that now the officer being acquitted. so now you're looking at the fabric of the community already protesting because they feel that an injustice has been searched. how do you get over this now with the justice department stepping in? what must they do? what can they do? >> they have to take action because this continues to happen. you're seeing young african-american males being shot when they're not carrying a gun themselves. how can we explain that a 12-year-old was shot in a playground? there's absolutely no reason for that. >> the mayor of the city said that the police operate with tolerance.
1:37 pm
did tolerance run out possibly in this particular case. >> well listen i think this verdict stands for a particular position. all right. let's respect the verd. the verdict. take these cas separately. the rice case is very different than -- >> much different. much different, but we willhad to bring it in because it is what's going on in cleveland now. >> the first fich pages he talks about rice. how he drives by the site every single day. this was a fair judge here. >> we have to leave -- fair jump? a fair acquittal, and we'll continue to follow the case as it unfolds to see what the justice department will dough. i want to thank you both. obviously not enough time to discuss such a big case like this. david and deborah, thank you so much. >> thank you. appreciate it. some sky-high acrobatics going on this memorial day weekend at the annual air show
1:38 pm
in long island new york. one of the stunt pilots is lieutenant colonel john klatt. served three tours in iraq as a combat pilot, and we had a chance to hang out with the lieutenant colonel and he joins us live from jones beach. hey there, brian. >> reporter: hi julie. we hung out with john inside the cockpit of the air national guard stunt plane over the skies of jones beach here on long island going over 150 miles a an hour a couple hundred feet off the ground for one heck of the ride. >> are you ready? one, two, three. >> oh! and there's one two -- >> i've been flying for 15 years, flying my entire life. the air national guard sent me to pilot training to learn to fly. a lifetime of perfecting the skills people will see in the air show this week. it's an honor for me to be here. >> what's the number one rule you follow? >> about training. it's about trust.
1:39 pm
>> what kind of training do you get, the kind you get in the military. >> it's a great weekend. first we remember the men and women that are deployed this weekend, and for me to be a small part in our nation's defense in history and serve in a wartime environment, probably was my greatest achievement. >> we're going to go upside down. >> oh my -- >> why do you think people are so fascinated with air shows in general? what is it about it? >> there's a connection between the pilot and the spectator. you know as a young boy i used to go to air shows. my dad took me there. we talked about that. i looked up and connected with one pilot at an air show and said i want to be a pilot. so it's really magical. what can happen between somebody on the ground and somebody in the sky. >> god bless america. >> we expected a couple hundred ch thousand for the show. a tribute to veterans and inspiring the next generation.
1:40 pm
julie? >> kudos to you for having the nerve to get up in that plane. you are better than me. >> reporter: appreciate that. >> kelly? in california two men nabbed. allegedly conspiring with isis. and a huge victory for labor groups. last votes to raise its minimum wage by 67%. but why are some sounding the alarm on the move? out of 42 vehicles based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons. the volkswagen golf. starting at $19,295, there's an award-winning golf for everyone. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage , horse power... torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally
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1:45 pm
the u.s. army special forces joins me now to weigh in on this. okay. so in that statement there we talked about the possibility of the u.s. becoming a sanctuary, and actually i think question should be has it become a recruiting area more so than a sanctuary? >> absolutely kelly. online websites asking people to come join them from muslim countries in europe and here in the united states and they've also got an ally unfortunately, in that a lot of mosques in the united states are preaching extremism and distributing jihadist literature. there's a distinct problem with us helping the jihadists find their cannon fodder. >> another question we can pose getting back to that word sanctuary. a isis trying to establish a safe haven in which to operate attacks in places like syria and iraq and now trying to expand
1:46 pm
into other areas? >> no doubt. they have a caliphate. they targeted with astart -- started with a caliphate just in iran and syria. now in pakistan afghanistan, libya. they are spreading all over the world. it's an intercontinental global jihad unit and doing a great job of appearing to be the strong horse and attracting a lot of disaaffected youth to join them. >> you know as much as most experts know that in the middle east they really look forward to or look up to the strong man. in this case isis has become the strong man. how do you deal with this situation so that young men here in america will understand it's not really strength. it's really weakness because of the way they've chosen to attack people behead people. it's really crass and it's an atrocity and it should be stopped. so how do we stop young men here from being so disgrunt manied
1:47 pm
and feeling so disenfranchised that they would link up with a grur like isis. >> it's one thing to point out atrocities they do and another to remind people that america is a great place. we do have is a civilization and culture worth preserving and that the things that are happening in these islamic states are barbaric and uncivilized. it's a return to the seventh century and that's not something anybody should be happy to have happen or to look forward to. >> jim, if you look back over history, that was a very hopeless time. and yet here in america, there are people filled with a lot of hope for a better tomorrow, and dealing with situations. so what's fueling this desire among these young men to even think or consider that isis would be a great thing to do? >> well like i said they do have a tremendous outreach program through social media and online means, but the center for security policy commissioned a study of mosques here in the united states and out of a
1:48 pm
randomly chosen selection of 100 mosques, 80 of them were either preaching jihadist tactics or were distributing jihadist literature. that's outrageous. we have freedom of religion. we do not have freedom to hide behind religion and preach violence and extremism. >> exactly. so real quick what should we do to challenge those mosques to do the right thing and stop perhaps, fermenting this argument that it's okay to have a jihad going on? because that is not right. i mean, we do recognize freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but not that. >> well i think it needs to get past the muslim front groups like the muslim brotherhood and c.a.r.e. that call it islamic phobia to question what's happening in the mosques, questions literature and preaching going on. it is okay to challenge it when like the boston player thon bombers, a dozen jihadis were soeshded with the islamic society of boston.
1:49 pm
it's something that's fair to look at and not islam phobia that's just paying inging attention. >> they are very aggressive. i've been approached by some myself and aggressive in challenging you, asking about your faith and things like that. thank you for weighing in on this very important topic. >> thanks kelly. a victory for low-way workers in l.a. the city council vototed to raise the minimum wage to $16 an hour. a $6 increase. still, some are not sure the move is a good one. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪
1:50 pm
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los angeles voting to increase its minimum wage from $9 to $15 an hour. by 2020. the move a huge victory for labor groups pushing to raise the minimum wage nationwide. still though there are some people who just think that the increase is not a good idea. billionaire warren buffett objecting to the pay raise, writing in the wall street journal that minimum wage or minimum would certainly reduce employment in a major way, crushing many workers possessing only basic skills. here now, scott gamm. this is a very big wage
1:54 pm
increase. we're talking $6. i mean this could make a huge impact in a lot of low-wage earners lives. let's look and show everybody what we're talking about because the graph in the blue and the graph in the red, these are the two you need to make sure you pay close attention to. the blue represents with s withs with businesses with 26 plus employees, the red is with 25 or fewer employees. meaning that this could take a huge toll on small businesses. >> right. this is what warren buffett was saying. we're going to pay workers more, someone's got to find the money to pay for those increases -- >> sure. >> and small business owners may need to lay off workers. while there are higher jobs they'll deal with layoffs. >> this could cut out people that don't have a higher skillset. there aren't many restaurant owners in los angeles that say if this goes in effect, which it is they're going to have to cut their staff, nearly in half in order to afford to pay these
1:55 pm
people. >> it's true. what buffett was saying that well anyone who's working in a minimum wage likely has limited skills and so there are limited jobs they can do. if we're going to reduce the number of minimum wage jobs out there because wage is going to cause fewer jobs to sort of be out in the labor force, that's going to be tough for the workers. the other thing is the restaurant owners there was talk in los angeles ofutting a service charge, so when you and i go to a restaurant we're going to have to pay for the wage increases. consumers won't be happy. >> that's an interesting perspective. essentially it'll come down to the tax payer. and the problem is there are more american workers than there are available jobs and you turn the competition up a notch, i mean it's really hard already to get a job in this country, but when you make it more competitive, are you in turn perhaps, reversing the progress that we've made? our unemployment numbers are down economy is doing better. what does this do to los angeles? >> well look the other problem
1:56 pm
with los angeles is that you know neighboring cities some of the small business owners are going to move to there because they'll say they don't have to pay the workers in l.a. as the neighboring cities, and that's going to put a harsh economic impact on los angeles. so it sounds great raising the minimum wage we have to look under the hood and see what are the implications. >> scott gamm. >> that'll do it for us. that's coming up next. >> and i'll see you on the fox report tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern. hope to see you then. >> i'll be joining you. >> see you. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. ohhhhhhh.
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o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> fdr, what did the d stand for, do you remember? >> delaware. what does the d stand for? >> watters world the presidents' day edition. oh boy. >> who won the civil war? >> i don't know. >> take a guess. >> america? >> jesse hits the streets to find out just how much every day people know about jfk. >> republican or democrat? >> republican, wasn't he? >> he was a democrat. >> oh, i thought you were asking me personally. i thought we were getting like a little sentimental here. you were wanting to know about me. >> we just met each other and you haven't even bottom me continuer. >> who was the first president of the united states? >> oh, god. i have no idea. >> also


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