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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  May 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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today. we hope you'll take a moment this weekend to remember all the men and women who have given their lives defending our freedom. and we'll see you next fox news sunday. this week on the journal editorial report hillary clinton's e-mails finally begin to trickle out along with evidence of a secret foreign policy advisor and claims of state department stone walls. plus, president obama's isis strategy suffers a setback as ramadi falls. so will the administration change course? and accusations of racial bias at harvard university. are elite schools using quotas to discriminate against asian americans? welcome to the journal editorial report. well as the long-awaited hillary clinton e-mails finally
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begin to trickle out, we're learning more about just who was advising her during her time at the state department. long-time confidant sidney blumenthal sent at least 25 memos to clinton on libya. and we learned from the "wall street journal" this week, that clinton's staff at the state department including the chief of staff, scrutinized and sometimes blocked the release of politically sensitive documents requested under the freedom of information about. for more, i'm joined by kim strassel, bill mcgurn, and journal contributor, jason riley. so kim, tell us what's the most important takeaway you get from this week's news? >> it's that sidney blumenthal appeared to be running state department business. in all kinds of ways that bring
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up some very big concerns. here's this man from her past. he is not only getting paid by the clinton foundation he's getting a salary from them. he's getting paid by outside groups helping set the path for hillary's presidential bid. he's advising a group that's trying to get business in libya. and he's -- >> this is private business. so this isn't u.s. official business. private business. >> yes. at the same time that he is putting things in mrs. clinton's ear about events in libya. so this is a very tangled web. we're not quite sure who's benefiting from it or if anyone is. >> this is really weird jason. he's telling the secretary of state who has this whole intelligence operation at her disposal he's saying here's what's really going on in libya and i know because i'm a half aworld away.
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>> sidney blumenthal is someone hillary was banned from hiring. >> by the obama white house. >> they said no you cannot hire him. >> in an official capacity. >> this is hillary clinton thinking the rules do not apply to her. i think deserving of a criminal investigation as to whether sidney blumenthal was being paid by foreign governments. >> and she was taking those memos and distributing them to the state department sometimes by stripping out the providence where they came from. >> right. >> her real chief of staff was saying yeah, this is interesting, follow up. >> i don't think this was weird, as you say. i think it's very logical -- >> you think the rest of the government normally works this way? >> listen. this is standard operating procedure. i think if you step bam -- they always suck us into these debates who is sidney blumenthal
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working for, did they report this speech. the larger thing here are the mechanics are the message. she went into this job determined to use private e-mail put it on is server in her living room. the clinton's personal wealth, and other goals of the clinton foundation. it's all a mix. and i think they deliberately built a structure that allowed them to get away with these things. >> i should add that sidney blumenthal is not talking publicly so far. his lawyer has said he will cooperate. >> we do know all these e-mails were not about chelsea's wedding plans. >> yoe kba. >> or goga routines. >> he knew the youtube video was a cover for a planned al qaeda attack. half a world away. >> go ahead, kim.
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>> this brings up a really good point. the only reason we probably know about these blumenthal e-mails is that mr. blumenthal's account was hacked a couple years ago and they were put online. would we have ever been told about these e-mails otherwise? would she have deleted them along with the rest? >> tell us about cheryl mills when she was at that state and senior staff vetting freedom of information act requests. how unusual is it for a senior staff to do that at an agency? >> it's a huge no-no. i would phrase it as controlling information as a state department. which we now know this is what hillary clinton was all about. cheryl mills again another person blasts from the clinton past. she's been around forever. followed mrs. clinton to the
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state department. we now -- departments like this have public records experts. it is their job to look through the requests and decide what can be released. we now know mrs. mills was going on on of them. then mrs. clinton's office would no longer comply with disclosure requirements. >> will there be any ramifications for this? improper behavior but it goes away? >> it seems to fall once again into that gray area that the clintons thrive in. you can't get them with a felony according to them it's no big deal. >> they've reported this stuff, breaking this stuff. it's interesting to me that the liberal commentary the people who kind of comment on if represents were doing this they would be all over it. they've been sigh leapt on this.
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is she going to get away with it? >> i think they're counting on a couple things. one is that no one's paying attention right now. the public voters in general, they're not tuned in right now. they also have going for them that no other democrat has stepped up and complained about what's going on with hillary clinton. so she can mississippi all this as right wing nonsense. >> why not? >> they're intimidated by the clinton machine, i don't know. i don't think that's going to last. i think at some point a democrat will stand up and say, listen folks, hillary clinton is damaged goods. >> and her trust ratings are taking a big hit. 25% trust, secretary clinton. president obama insists the war against isis is not being lost with the fall of ramadi and the advance of the islamic state in syria suggest otherwise. so will the administration change course before it's too late? n change
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the islamic state terror group now controls over half of syrian territory after seizing the an chent village this week. the news comes on the heels of the fall of the city of ramadi to isis. after government forces retreated and the extremists seized control. president obama called the takeover a setback but insisted that the war against the islamic state is not being lost. i don't think we're losing he said there's no doubt there was a tactical setback although ramadi had been vulnerable for a very long time. we're back with bill mcgurn and mary kissel also joins the panel.
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bret tactical setback or more sfwans. >> you're waiting for the hitly bundle in the background. this is a major loss for iraq and also for the united states. >> how so? >> ramadi is the capital of anbar province the sunni heart land. it was in 2007 during the surge that the retaking of ramadi demonstrated to those sunnis that we could prevail anywhere in iraq in the toughest place. so the symbolism is important because psychological momentum has a lot to do with the eyebility ability of them to take the battle against isis. >> so what about the impact on the islamic state the recruitment that they can do abroad? this shows they're gaining ground not being degraded and destroyed as the president
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promised in december. probably will help them recruit not only in syria and iraq but also lone wolves in europe or the united states. >> the islamic state is clearly winning in iraq. back in 2010 vice president joe biden said iraq was going to be one of the greatest achievements of this administration. i think the disorder you see in the middle east today shows what happens when the white house makes decisions based on politics and not on our national interest and the interests of our allies in the region. >> but bill the president i think, why would he say that? does he know something for example? is he more confident this can be retrieved, a strategy lying in wait? >> i agree with both bret and mary, the strategy is domestic politics. he's always done this. it helps because you don't want
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to be the president saying we're losing. no one wants to hear that. >> but americans can watch the news. major city falls in syria. city falls in iraq. that's -- >> he -- >> that's not good news. >> president obama is committed to just two things. he's not going to put u.s. troops anywhere. and he's always going to tell you a timetable for withdrawal. and he's always fighting not the last war, but a different war from the one we're fighting. he was nighting the necessary war in afghanistan. he got in and declare add surge and withdrawal. same thing, red line in syria. then we get poll tested language language -- >> i think the white house would say, yeah, we don't really want to get into either side of this. the american people don't want us to intervene. he said i'm not george bush and i'm not going to put more ground troops in there and the american people support me. >> barack obama came to office
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saying i'm going to destroy al qaeda. isis is al qaeda on steroids. americans also recognize that isis is a problem when you have attacks being inspired by isis in ottawa or garland, texas or elsewhere. this is a president with a record of making massive misstatements about the nature of the fight we're in. yemen is the model for successful counter insurgency. assad is about to fall any day now. now this with al qaeda. there's a question about whether the president is really attending to the business of knowing just what sort of position we're in. >> also you have to say the irony of all of this is by saying we're not going to put u.s. troops in harm's way, he's allowing this order and call fate to grow that may require more u.s. troops in the region in the long term. >> i was in the white house with
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president bush when he announced the surge. ramadi was the first test of it. it's not just a symbolic victory. it also means isis is growing in power and it means the iraqis are looking to iran. there's a leader quoted today saying the americans are our friends on paper, but in combat it's the iranians. ramadi is two kinds of extremists gaining an influence. >> the officials in the pentagon understand all this. but is their reputation at risk? are they going to be fighting internally we've got to change course here and accelerate bombing and do more or we're really going to suffer a strategic defeat? >> a generation of army officers came of age saying we will never repeat the mistake of vietnam in
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teming our political masters what they want to hear. i think that's what's happening now. >> >> when we come back harvard university under fire for allegedly discriminating against asian americans in its admissions process. are these students being held to a higher standard than other applicants.
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a coalition of more than 60 groups is asking the federal government to investigate racial bias in undergraduate admissions at harvard university. it accuses harvard of using racial quotas. the practice used to limit the number of jewish students at ivy
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league schools in the first half of the 20th century. so jason, what is the root of the accusation here the complaint by these groups? >> the complaint is that asian kids hit it out the park. >> what are those qualifications? >> just in terms of grade point average, class rank s.a.t. scores. yet, their acceptance rates don't reflect that. >> what are the magnitudes? do we have any sense of the magnitudes of how much they are being held back? >> the studies show that asian kids need to outscore blacks whites and hispanic kids by hundreds of points on standardized tests. they're really only competing with one another. >> so there's essentially a cap on admissions? >> that's what the record shows. if you look at harvard's acceptance rates of asians you
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see it ranging around 16 or 17% even though the asian population more than doubled over the same time period. >> we're talking about asian americans, such a generalization. you know a variety of people are from different ethnic backgrounds. asia is a big continent. they're all lumped in together as part of one category? >> for the purposes of these administrators in accepting them yes. >> how can this be justified, mary? >> i don't think it can -- >> how will harvard do it? >> they will say there's benefits to diversity. but the problem is it's very hard to demonstrate the benefits. it's very easy to demonstrate the harm. diversity by definition is discrimination. it leads to things like racial profiling. if you're taking one stund not
12:23 pm
as qualifyiedyied as the other, the other one, in this case, the asian is not let in. >> diversity, you may not be able to measure its impact but it enriches the educational experience it's important for students to be exposed to a variety of people. just like you want football players, you want people from all over the country and different backgrounds. >> show me the statistics of the benefits. because you can measure the harm. students who are put in a university who aren't qualified tend to have lower graduation rates, grades. you can demonstrate that. you're putting them in a position where they're not set up to succeed. >> i would agree entirely with that. how do you quantify this diversity rationale. do i need x percentage of asians blacks and whites to study calculus.
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the proponents of this can show nothing. >> we want people we want people of all races to be able to get access to the best quality education and this gives them that. otherwise, they wouldn't have it. i want to play devil's advocate. >> so since high school in america so that they have the tools to qualify for some of these school as soon as the supreme court has said that race can be used as a factor in admissions. it said it can't be the factor. >> right. so the frustration of the supreme court continues to bluff the so-called wholistic approach that uses race. >> that's the word -- >> and these elite schools are driving a semi-truck through that exception. >> is this going to stay? >> we'll find out. there's a court case also pending in addition to this complaint. we have to take one more break.
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when we come back our hits and misses of the week. eek.
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time now for hits and misses of the week. kim, start us off. >> a miss to republican presidential contend errand paul who took to the senate floor for ten hours this week to protest renewing the patriot act on the grounds we cannot allow a big brother government to keep spying on americans. here's the problem, there's no evidence that has ever happened or any indication that it will. what is not theoretical is the risk of terror. and the reality is that things like the nsa's metta data program have been at the front lines of keeping the country safe. >> mary? >> i want to give a hit to the obama administration for finally releasing a trove of documents seized during the 2011 raid of
12:29 pm
bin laden's compound. we learned he was actively managing al qaeda. he was in touch with other terror groups. and he was also reading things like anti assembly tick texts, pornography. it's important to know our enemy. let's get more of these documents out in the public domain. >> all right. bill? >> paul we're moving into commencement season now. and the young americas foundation just did a survey of the speakers addressing graduates. they found that the top 100 u.s. universities liberal commencement speakers outnumber conservative six to one. in 2013 it was four to one. in 2012, it was seven to one. maybe our university officials need a political course in commencement diversity. >> if you have your own hit or miss be sure to tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show.
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thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. we have to see you right here next week. ope to see you right here next week. hello, i'm eric shawn. welcome to "sunday housecall." >> and i'm arthel neville. also joining us dr. david samadi chief of robotic surgery joining us live via remote. >> and dr. marc siegel. also the author of the uner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> great to have you. let's get right to it. lots of people barbecueing this weekend. we're told there's safety tips you should know before