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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 29, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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eat. >> how great are these guys? [ cheers and applause ] >> hand how great are all of you? have fun. >> are you going to stay for after the show? >> great day for after the show sp show. we're going to stay. we're going to play some songs. bill: morning everybody. good sound there. breaking news. isis struck yet claiming for responsibility of a deadly car bomb attack inside of a mosque in saudi arabia. during morning prayers killing four. it could have been worse but the security teams stopped the car before it hit the mosque itself. just a week ago inside saudi arabia very rare, 21 people died in a similar incident just a few miles north. watching that today. also watching this. here at home a community on edge. draw the prophet muhammad cartoon contest being held today in phoenix. organizers telling people to come armed. this just weeks after a similar event in garland texas where
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two isis-linked shooters opened fire there. what will happen in phoenix as we watch that on a friday. good morning i'm bill hemmer. welcome here to "america's newsroom." >> good morning everybody. i'm martha maccallum. the location of this event is really not random either. it is right outside of the islamic commune center where the two attackers elton simpson and adir soofi. the man behind it is well within his rights. >> i'm a blatant blunt outspoken marine. here in america we have freedom of speech. it is under attack from islam. bill: chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in l.a. this morning. what else do we know about the organizer of this event jonathan? >> reporter: bill, his name is john ritz himmer. you heard him say a marine from personal facebook page. he appears to be married with two young children. the facebook page for the actual event that is due to take place
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tonight he writes on that that he is driven by a desire so quote, tell the truth about islam. listen to him talking here. >> these are the measures that we have to take to expose the true colors of this religion. unfortunately we have to hold a cartoon contest as silly as it sound to be able to show the true colors of islam. i let them know we're coming on that day. that i home that everything can remain peaceful. >> reporter: now when he says he let them know, he is talking about those who run the islamic community center and mosque, which has you mentioned, of the top, was once attended by the garland, texas shooters, elton simpson and that deer soofi, bill. bill: police in phoenix are concerned naturally. >> reporter: obviously yeah, naturally very concerned. they weren't talk specifically about security measures bill,
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but apparently officers were seen on the roof of that mosque scoping out positions yesterday. of course nobody wants a repeat of what happened in garland when those two shooters were gunned down by an off-duty police officer carrying nothing more than a service pistole. nobody wants violence. now the president of the islamic community center outside which tonight's event takes place says he is not concerned. he thinks it will be a normal friday evening of prayer. and he said quote everybody has the right to be a bigot. everybody has the right to be a racist everybody has the right to be an idiot. now the cartoon contest and rally due to take place this evening, 6:00 p.m. local time. that is 9:00 p.m. eastern, bill. that would be at the height of friday prayers, when the mosque would expect to be at its busiest. bill: john hand hunt live in los angeles. thank you, sir. here's martha. martha: meanwhile the woman who
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organized the first cartoon contest in garland texas defending herself once again. pam geller trying to get the winning cartoon displayed on buses in washington, d.c. from that previous contest. that plan was rejected. but chris cuomo confronted her over this issue and compared what she is doing to the use of a racial slur. >> they're crazy extremists. they bought into ideology that is sick, negative and wrong. that is fact. what you did was calculated in a way that would be provocative. this isn't about not showing it because we're afraid. it is about whether it is right or not. the "n" word gets treated same way that depictions of muhammad does. >> nonsense. >> stick with the n word analogy. we don't look did. >> it is not analogous. >> it is cartoon. cartoon is political opinion. >> it is offensive about sharia law. >> when are you sensitive tock offensive. the things you say about me are hateful and bigoted. >> what have i said about you is
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hateful and big bottomed. >> calling the tea party racist is offensive. martha: so is that a fair comparison? we'll debate that later in the show. bill: as the head of the mosque said, you obey the law rally all you want. we'll see what happens today in phoenix arizona. martha: in the meantime there is big news this morning. a potentially troubling sign for the economy. new numbers show that america's economy is shrinking. take a look at the first quarter gdp. the overall look of how the economy is performing revised downward into negative territory. two quarters of negative gdp essentially means a recession. joining me now, from the fox business network stuart varney host of "varney & company." stuart, good morning. what do you make of this lousy number? >> well the economy is clearly shrinking. it is the trend that is pointing towards recession, not actually in a recession at this point but the trend is pointing in that direction. in the fall of last year, what,
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nine months ago we were growing at a 5% rate. in the early part of the winter, that had come down to 2% growth rate and now we're actually shrinking. down .7%. the economy is shrinking. now the worst of the problem is, what do we do now? what policy tools are available to us to get us out of this rotten downtrend? we're not going to lower taxes. the president won't have that. we can't print anymore money from the federal reserve. we tried that and it only boosted the stock market. we're not going to relax regulation that is in part to blame for this. so we don't have any policy tools available as we slide towards recession. and that is the bigger problem. martha: how about stimulating business? how about cutting taxes? how about cutting regulations? >> look, tax reform to president obama is a tax increase. it is not a tax cut for individuals or corporations. martha: but if you have exhausted all these other tools,
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stuart, and that number we put up should have be negative 0.7 correct? it is a shrinking number, a negative number on the gdp for the first quarter logic would tell you what you're doing is not working so that you have to try something else. so why would you not try some of the other ideas that have been put forward like the ones i just mentioned? >> president has never reversed course on his views on the economy. throughout his presidency he has raised taxes and made regulation more intense. shows no sign of changing direction at all. in fact, when he talks about tax reform, and that is talked about by democrats and republicans. when he talks about it, what he really means is a tax increase. that is at the heart of his tax policy. can you imagine raising taxes as we head maybe towards recession? out of the question. martha:p companies are under tremendous pressure in terms of regulation and taxes as we just talked about. not to mention obamacare which is also a big weight on the economy and the in the eyes of
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many economist as well. that is perhaps why we've got this number. stuart, thank you very much, so you have been joining us at this time -- >> for a long time. martha: since 2008 you said. >> yes. going back to the economic collapse. martha: for some reason you're not going to join us at this time anymore which we find slightly competitive and annoying. we'll miss you dramatically. thanks for being such a great part of the show. >> mart that, bill, appreciate being with you all thee years. bill: very good man. stuart. not going anywhere. >> will be at business channel. look up his time. bill: channel finder right? >> correct. martha: thank you stuart. bill: now this, former speaker of the house dennis hastert has been indicted on federal charges. 73-year-old illinois republican facing charges he was hiding more than a million dollars in payments to an apparent blackmailer. hastert retired in 2007 after serving as speaker for eight
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years. mike tobin live on this, chicago bureau. what are the facts as we understand them, mike? >> reporter: bill, whatever the former speaker was trying to cover up he was willing to pay 3 1/2 million dollars to make it go away cord to a federal indictment. cash payments were going only to a person known as individual a. this individual traces back into the speaker's former life as school teacher and wrestling coach back in illinois. the behavior he is trying to cover up is only described as misconduct in the federal indictment. the blackmail scheme kicked into motion in 2010 after speaker hastert left congress. he is accused of fist withdrawing funds in the amount of $50,000. once the bank began asking questions about withdrawals the former speaker began withdrawing sums less than so thousand dollars to avoid currency transaction reports. the withdrawals are 952,000. he was asked about the withdrawals and stated to fbi he was keeping cash. that is where you get the charge of lying to the feds. he should be assign adjudge
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today. should make an initial appearance sometime next week here in the northeastern district of illinois. bill: his career is punctuated of bombshells, is it not? >> reporter: handling the mark foley case ultimately marked slide of republican majority in congress. representative folly was accused taking inappropriate interest in teenage pages ultimately sending inappropriate text messages or explicit text messages. that case ended up on speaker's desk. he and his aides were accused of dragging tear feet in that case. bill. bill: mike tobin. in chicago. ten minutes now past the hour. martha: bill o'reilly says that he believes that america is in decline. >> bottom line, america's foreign policy, weak. america's domestic policy? heading in the wrong direction. very quickly. martha: so why are the presidents policy here and abroad lowering america's stock in the world?
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a political panel to weigh in on those comments he made last night coming up. plus this. >> y'all witnessed how upset you were and outraged by death of freddie gray. why are you seems so outraged by death of freddie gray and than outraged and upset leading rallies over the death of 30 plus people who died from homicides this month? bill: that is leland vittert with the mayor in baltimore. because the murder rate in that town is highest more than a decade but are the indictments of these police officers tied to the death of freddie gray making other officers afraid to do their jobs? we'll investigate. martha: we gave back five taliban terrorists nearly one year ago to bring back bowe bergdahl but was he, bergdahl, laying detailed plans for life after abandoning his post long before he ever left that base? >> he is a disgrace to this nation the uniform. there is no honor in his service.
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especially when you leave your battle buddies and brothers in arms behind and join the enemy.
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martha: squad mates who served with army sergeant bowe bergdahl in afghanistan now say he appeared to be laying groundwork for his disappearance long before he abandoned that post. bergdahl started sleeping only on his bed frame, later just on the concrete floor likely preparing himself for life off
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of his base. they also tell fox news that bergdahl talked about becoming a mercenary. the new details come roughly a year after he was traded for so-called taliban five of terrorists. they have been living in qatar since may of last year, but their travel ban which was meant to keep them under tight surveillance will be done on june the 1st which is this sunday. some lawmakers warning that they believe they have the potential to immediately return to the battlefield. >> all the contingency planning that you routinely do here at the pentagon, were there plans for how to react to the fall of mosul to isis? >> well, no. there were not because of course, so look, there were several things that surprised us about isil. >> that is chilling, when the pentagon is surprised by the most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet something is very wrong. bill: that from the factor last
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night. prior to that front line this week. how did we miss it? one williams, foxx news political analyst and mary catherine ham editor-at-large and author of upcoming book end of discussion. welcome to you both. martha and me are the only two people that have not written a book around here. we have to get on the stick. mk, did o'reilly nail it or not? the world did we miss that? >> he is homing on something the devastation of the promise of the obama years which was you know, the foreign policy will be gent letter, smarter kinder and everybody is going to like us. that did not end up being true and did not actually work out in peace in the middle east as we've seen. it has end up in disarray. that is not saying that there are foreign policies problems are intractable no matter what the foreign poll sit of the guy who is in office. he promise things better than this. they have not come to fruition
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both foreign policy and domestic policy and waging ares are falling and people not seeing progress at home with respect to wall street. bill: he made that point. bill, how did you hear it? >> i understand bill has concerns and they're legitimate concerns what is going on in the middle east. i just don't think it is the work of the united states of america or president obama or president bush for that matter. reality is on the domestic front, if you look at economy, our economy is the envy of the world. i don't care if you're in western europe or asia -- bill: did you see that gdp number, one? juan. >> did you see unemployment is down? did you see wall street is at record highs? did you see we had bad weatherer and complicating factors. bill: you see where wages have bonn in six years? >> i agree. there is increasing class division. winners a take a lot more. there is more pressure on wages as a result but again, look at it in the context of us coming out after tremendous recession. look at the world in terms of their economic condition, ask
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where would you rather live, bill hemmer, in the united states or anywhere else -- bill: you know what that answer is. mk weigh in on that quickly. i want to get back to this whole thing about isis. >> we should always say heck, we're better than greece. we're doing okay. we have higher standards. we don't want to get used to a new normal. unemployment number, yes one always talks about goes down but partly because we have the smallest labor force we've had in years, which does mean a ton of people are out of the work or underemployed. they have become more dependent on the. frankly being dependent on the government has greater costs than just financial costs. it is not great for communities. it is not great for families. it is great to have a safety net but those things when there are other options do not create healthier america. prosperity is key. we ain't getting it. bill: this is what we found from "front line" too, moves discussion out of iraq. only 90 rebels have taken part so far in the new training mission there. the pentagon says the first 5000
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rebels won't be vetted and ready until the end of this year at the earliest. and now you see juan, yet again, how isis digs in longer and become as tougher enemy to defeat. and we missed it. >> i don't know that we missed it. i think what we have here -- bill: dempsey said so. there were several things that surpised us about isil. the way they'reorg niced and gather and move and kill. >> well, i don't think there is any doubt about it, that is exactly right. what i'm saying is i think the situation has changed. they have become in a sense much more challenging and different evolving opponent especially with the fall of order in syria. they have been able to create a base. they have been able to stretch into iraq. this is part of what i think is responding to change. the united states is the unrivaled military power of the world. i don't think anybody is going to doubt that. if we wanted to apply our intense focus on isil we would
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wipe them out. the question can we get arab nations and specific iraq to fight for their own country? bill: that is a slow process. i think right now the debate is whether or not we're changing fast enough and what is our will to fight? juan, thank you for that. mk thanks as well. we'll look forward to your book. >> thanks bill. martha: emergency crews are warning people to evacuate a small island after a volcano starts spewing hot rocks and ash miles into the air. there she blows. where this wa bill: when their high school principal told them she had cancer this group of students did something extraordinary. we'll talk to a couple of them to hear their story today. martha: families just picking up the pieces now in texas as mother nature threatens to dump even more rain. >> i tied sheets together to make a lifeline in case we needed to get from the window to the tree. they coordinated a boat rescue from the top story.
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breathe happy.
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bill: they are urging more than 13,000 people to leave home after a volcanic eruption in southern japan. happened on a small island southwest of tokyo. it sent black clouds of ashmore than five miles in the air. one person suffered burns from falling debris. that was the first eruption in more than 30 years. what a picture. martha: horrible situation gets even worse. rescue crews pulling more than 100 people from rushing floodwaters in texas. at least 20 people in the state have been killed by this flooding. the number has gone up a little bit pretty much every day in that situation as they find more bodies. there is still no end in sight. we have more storms expected to
6:26 am
come through the weekend. the one family talks about after the blanco river poured over its banks and washed away the home in the town of wimberley. watch this. >> no one has ever seen that in our lifetime. >> i was scared for my life and her life getting into this tiny poet in rushing waters. martha: fox's kriv sally mcdonald is live in harris county. sally, set the scene for us. what is going on today? >> we're about 20 miles east of houston, martha, a town called the highlands area. we had more heavy rain this morning. we're seeing a little bit of improvement now. all the heavy rain five straight days and combined with release of water from nearby dam led this situation. this is not a river i'm standing in but the actual street. you can see the street is completely covered in water here. now the homes are up on estimates here along the san
6:27 am
jacinot river. that is good news, water not threatening inside of homes. they had to prepare to get belongs underneath the homes out and emergency management warned they could be trapped inside their homes for several days if they did not make preparation to get out. all of the streets around this neighborhood here, are impassable. the main road, leading back towards houston could be underwater soon too. they haven't seen this kind of flooding in this neighborhood since hurricane ike back in 2009. martha? martha: would you, that is incredible. we keep hearing about people being found. are there still people missing? how about the city of houston how are they faring? >> reporter: yeah, the city of houston unfortunately our death toll has risen to eight now. there are still looking for couple of people missing there. i do have to say the city of houston is definitely starting to regain its footing. we're in cleanup mode there. we had several hundred homes with three to four feet of water right inside of the city of
6:28 am
houston. more than 1000 cars drove under the water and stalled out. muddy and abandoned cars showing up all week long. the city of ruse ton is starting to regain its footing. communities around houston are biggest threat now. the water here on a lot of these rivers is continuing to rise, expected to crest tonight or tomorrow. houston surrounded by many creeks and rivers. and it is those people who live along those rivers who are at risk now. in wharton south of houston along the codd river the mayor there -- colorado river the mayor ordering mandatory evacuations as schools and homes are threatened a red cross center has been set up there. martha: this is tragic, tragic story for some families. this will be months before they get out on the other side of it sally, thank you so much. bill: the white house telling "america's newsroom" the iraqis have to fight for their own
6:29 am
country. is the terrorists fight for global ambition not america's fight? paul bremer, former envoy to iraq will be live to address that today. martha: the tower that rose from the ashes of ground zero is now opening its observation deck to the public for the first time. we will take you to the stunning top of one world trade. ♪ (music) i'm supposed to tell you how it feels when you book the perfect family vacation on but i think he's kinda nailing it. (music) they don't need me right now.
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martha: new reaction pouring in from lawmakers, members of the military and former obama administration officials as the pentagon says, it is fine-tuning but sticking to the strategy against isis, whatever that may be. the white house saying in very plain terms, that iraq's battle against isis is really their fight first. >> our strategy is to support the iraqi security forces in
6:33 am
doing what we will not do for them. the united states is prepared to train them, to equip them, and to back them on the battlefield with coalition military air power as they take the fight to isil in their own country. the united states is not going to be responsible for securing the security situation inside of iraq. martha: there you have it, from yesterday on "america's newsroom." joined by ambassador paul bremer, whos watt presidential envoy to iraq under president george w. bush. ambassador, welcome. good to have you here. >> nice to be with you. martha: when josh earnest was on our problem we heard a lot more what america is not going to do than what america is going to do. what did you think about what he said? >> the general problem the chickens are coming home to roost after sick years of weakness, not just in iraq. basically i think the administration has to decide what its core objective is? is it to defeat isis, after all the president's stated objective for almost a year now? or is it to avoid further american involvement?
6:34 am
you can't do both. we can't fob this hard decision on others. it has to be our decision because american security is at risk. martha: yeah. i mean you referred to a "washington post" editorial today that was quite strong that basically said the president needs to lay down exactly what his plan is and if don't to fight this fight then he needs to make that perfectly clear. but you hear from military members and strategists across the board who say if you want to defeat isis as the president has said he does then you need to put more support in behind those troops on the ground. you need to give more discretion to bombers who are flying over targets they say they're waiting way too long for the word to give the go on. >> well, that's right. i mean this air campaign is desultory. 14 mission as day where 10 planes don't drop ordnance. one of the things we don't have controllers on the ground, forward air controllers on the
6:35 am
ground. we need to increase the number of american troops on the ground in three respects. one, get the forward air controllers on the ground. two beef up our on the ground intelligence collection. thirdly if necessary put more troops in to train to be deployed with iraqis particularly special operators. those three things we need to do now. martha: ambassador bremer, you hear some people look at the situation kt mcfarland was on our show yesterday. we armed them and they dropped their arms and weapons and they ran and isis picked them up. we've done that three times over the course of this. when will we learn these soldiers are not going this fight? clearly not if they don't have the weapons they need to fight them? >> let's be a little careful here. let's not forget the iraqi army with american training defeated al qaeda in iraq which is the father of isis. in 2009. we had, we had well-trained
6:36 am
officers. when maliki in his second term purged the iraqi army of those trained officers, many of them sunnis replaced them with his own cronies most of them shia, you had a force which wasn't going to fight for their officers. no army will fight if it doesn't trust its officers. so we're still plagued with that problem and that requires us to train, retrain refit and reconstitute that officer corps that al-maliki purged. it is not that they won't fight. the iraqis will fight. they're a fighting people. they have to trust their sisters. martha: you're talking about the surge which was successful because it had the backing of president bush. president bush realized the strategy had not worked in some ways and he was willing to follow the advice of the pentagon and carry out this surge but president obama is not going to do that. he hasn't indicated in any way he is interested in doing that so what are we doing? at this point is it fair to have anybody on the ground if we're not there to win? >> well, that's a separate,
6:37 am
there is sort of a moral question. if the president of the united states doesn't believe in the mission, whether it is in afghanistan or in iraq or somewhere else then he shouldn't be sending american men and women and put their lives at risk. martha: do you believe that this president believes in this mission? >> i believe, i think he believes in the stated goal of defeating isis because i think, i mean i don't know him but i think he understands the threat not just in iraq but in the region and eventually in europe and the united states if it goes unchecked. whether he is prepared to take the steps like i mentioned i honestly don't know. i hope so. i hope that the reality will come home to them on the other hand, as you pointed out yesterday his spokesman seems to have been preparing the path for a different different step and i think that is going to be very dangerous for us both in iraq and in the region. martha: i have to ask you one
6:38 am
quick last question with regard to 2016. democrats seem to formulate an argument we should have never gone into iraq in the first place around fault of hawks that put us theres. that is why we have isis. even rand paul saying that the gop hawks created isis. what do you say about that is it. >> that is just a fable. isis came into being after al qaeda in iraq was defeated by the iraqi army. as president obama himself said when he came into office he inherited stable democratic iraq. isis is creation after we pulled all of our troops out in 2011. thats with the key mistake made by this administration. martha: ambassador bremer. good have you here. >> nice to be here martha. bill: today one world trade center officially opens its observatory to the public. there is a lot more to this than just a phenomenal view. senior correspondent rick leventhal reporting live from one world trade center. what do you see when you are
6:39 am
there now rick? good morning. >> reporter: bill we're on the 102nd floor. you can rent this space out for weddings or parties. one floor below are the three new restaurants. on the 100th floor, that is where one world observatory is open to the public. the first guest walking into the front door as we speak. the views from the three top floors from the tower are virtually the same, and as you said they are spectacular. there is the hudson river westside highway, all the way up past the george washington bridge. the empire state building right in the center around chrysler building in center of that. you can see most of the island. you have wide panoramic views 360 degrees from the top three floors of this tower. up to 50 miles in every direction. not just any elevator ride to a viewing platform. the elevator ride itself is an experience. it is called a sky pod. you're surrounded by virtual time-lapse video shows manhattan transform over 500 years from
6:40 am
swamp land to farms and homes and buildings. you see landmarks appear like the trinity church and the brooklyn bridge with a time clock rolling through the years and a floor counter that whips higher and higher. when you reach the 1970s the twin towers appear and disappear. then you see the construction begin. 102 floors and 500 years in 4seconds. >> the building itself is unique and special. we wanted to, to do something that was in concert with that where people would come away and say, wow that was a whole experience. we really had a great time. >> reporter: the ride down, bill, is just as cool. but i'm going to let you see that yourself. bill: i bet you feel that too. how do people get in for visitors or folks in new york, rick? >> reporter: there is a box office on the ground floor. you can buy tickets there or go on line to one world they're not exactly cheap. tickets are $32 for adults.
6:41 am
$30 for seniors $26 for kids. kids under six are free but also free for 9/11 families and the people who built this tower and first-responders as well. it is definitely worth price of admission. bill: no question. rick leventhal lower manhattan on a day like today what a remarkable view. and really represents so much for the city, the region and for the country let's face it. martha: when the sun hits side of that building it bounces off it. its absolutely stunning. it took a long time but worth the wait. it is a beautiful, beautiful place. we recommend you check it out. all right, well, violence in baltimore since the freddie gray case and the arrests of these six officers murders have been way up since these events. arrests are down. some officers even admitting that they are afraid to do their job. >> is that because the police are doing less? >> as i said before there are a lot of reasons why.
6:42 am
>> is that one of them? >> there is, we're examine all of them -- >> arrests are down 50%. >> please let her finish. your buddy ron is always full of advice. usually bad. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor you knew better. the e series. legendary quality. unexpected low price.
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bill: crime on the rise in baltimore. this is not good. the number of arrests plummet. shootings and homicides up drastically. this in the wake of death of freddie gray and six baltimore officers charged in connection with his death. the police commissioner says his officers are now confused about the job they are required to do. have police in that city given up? milwaukee county sheriff david clarke with me. good morning to you and thanks for coming back to "america's newsroom." can you explain what is going on? 36 dead in baltimore so far this month. that is the highest number they have had in 16 years sir. >> this is manifestation of president obama's excuse me, 21st century transformation of american policing. look bill, baltimore is in crisis. it is in crisis because of a failure of leadership starting
6:46 am
at top with the mayor. the mayor made several fatal errors in the days following the death of freddie gray. first, she did a standdown order. that was horrible. next she wrapped herself around al sharpton days following riots. bad move. third she reversed herself saying people were dying rioting were thugs. we don't have any thugs in baltimore. she has a lot of thugs in baltimore. they were out last weekend. calling in justice department and throwing police department overboard and blaming them for what is going on in baltimore. she failed to get her arms around the situation. this is failure of leadership. if i were advising her. i tell her to do quickly. go to the police officers each pre-sent and apologize. make a public apology. second thing i would do, put the thugs on notice that she is going to turn this police department loose and she will back them within the constitution an within reasonableness to get the city under control. and last thing i would do, got to make a decision on commissioner batts. he was part of that 21st
6:47 am
century polices task force that obama threw together and he threw his own law enforcement agency under the bus when he said they were to blame what is going on in baltimore. the other thing she has to do in the end call loretta lynch i changed my mind. we don't want you involved in our police department. straighten this out ourselves. that is our problem. bill: that would be an enorm mulls reversal. i'm not sure that is going to happen. >> that is called leadership, bill. bill: the prosecutor has been aggressive too. you have this effect in the community, with the police as well. this is what the associated press writes about what is happening there. west baltimore residents worry they abandoned by the officers they once accused of harassing them. that is a significant turn around for the tone in that town. >> well, you know the thing is, the police were doing a fine job, okay, before the riots. it is tough to police any urban area. we know that. but what we want is the backing of the political class. the political class has to rise
6:48 am
above the slime that is being thrown around tarnishing the honor of, the distinction character of law enforcement officer. instead they got into that gutter and started throwing some of that slime around as well. baltimore's finest haven't quit on city of baltimore. they haven't quit on their profession. bill: you don't think so? >> when they quit on bill, is the political class. that is where decision has to be made. will they stay with this mayor. that is something voters have to make. she has to make a decision whether she wants to continue with commissioner batts who this police department has given up on. bill: all on the mayor based on what you're saying here? >> leadership starts at top. bill: her leadership and how things change or not? >> her failed leadership. leadership starts at top. it is where the buck stops. she has to make it clear that everything has that gone on in baltimore is her responsibility and she will take responsibility for that. and she has not done that, bill. so that is why i said they're in crisis because of failed leadership. bill: some resident before it
6:49 am
was over, policing, now there is no police. i haven't seen police since the riots. that is not safe for the community. sir, thank you for your time. david clarke in milwaukee. we'll speak again. >> my pleasure. bill: martha. martha: high school seniors with an extraordinary idea. a school principal their beloved school principal in the plaid shirt there, was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of cancer. what the high school senior class did to help in her biggest battle of life. >> miss bradshaw aspirins pal really knows every single student, not just on educational level but at a very personal level as well. and i think that is really why we felt so loving towards her and the decision was really made easy because of t that. ♪ find your own highway ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ devour food that's good for you,
6:50 am
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6:52 am
♪ martha: my next guests were supposed to be leaving for their
6:53 am
high school senior trip this weekend. they were going to spend four fun filled days at ranch in new york with all their fellow seniors but instead something quite different happened. their principal was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of cancer. and the entire class voted unanimously to give up the trip that they had saved and looked forward to all year long, to donate the money to her medical care. we think that is pretty great. we're glad to be joined by hunter around chris seniors at profile junior-senior high school in bethlehem new hampshire. great to have you with this morning. >> thank you. martha: hunter, let me start with you how did this idea get started? >> well, me and my friend ian we were on senior skip day eating at randall's restaurant in new hampshire and she had told the school about her condition and the idea popped
6:54 am
into our heads instead of going on to our senior trip why not help a person that we love, miss brad saw. martha: that is pretty great. you don't often hear students love when you talk about their principal. i guess you do sometime. you all obviously have a very close relationship with her. chris, tell us a little bit about courtney vashaw your principal and why you feel this way about her. >> we live in very rural area. because of that we, our school is very small. so, miss vashaw as a principal really knows every single student not just on an educational level but at a very personal level as well. and, i think that is really why we felt so loving towards her and the decision was really made easy because of that. martha: well i saw the video. she is so moved when this happened. so chris, tell us how you orchestrated this. you did have a tv camera there. i'm assuming that you wanted to generate a wider effort for her is that right?
6:55 am
>> well, actually, when we walked in to the class meeting to let her know we didn't know that there was going to be anybody there with a camera. i think that one of the secretaries at the school had informed wmur without letting us know. so, us being on camera the at time, we reedley had no idea that was going to happen or -- martha: wow. hunter, what about now? i know you have given her almostthousand of money you worked to -- $8,000. how is she doing and do you hope to raise more for her to get through this? >> she is doing great and we're hoping to raise more for her cause. chris is actually starting a fund-raiser in the summer called cars for courtney. it is a antique car show, august 1st and 2nd. we're hoping to raise a lot of money for that. martha: cars for courtney. we'll check it out online. guys, thank you so much. good luck to you at the
6:56 am
university of rochester and william smith college. i know your families must be so proud of you for graduating. maybe even more proud of what you all did for your principal. so thank you so much for sharing your story with us guys. have a great summer. okay? congratulations. >> thank you. >> bye. martha: bye-bye. i love those boys. that whole group, really great. i thought they knew the camera crew was coming but they didn't you know. and, so i'm happy that we're -- there is her teacher are courtney vashaw. we wish her well and keep her in your thoughts. bill: first class. nicely done guys. now we have controversial prisoner swap, the taliban five under house arrest about to expire in days. will they rejoin the fight? and what the white house could do to prevent it.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
>> well the taliban five will
7:00 am
soon be free to rejoin the terror battlefield. the detainies swapped for bowe bergdahl will be able to move around the world after june 1st. >> the five senior terrorist spent the last year in qutar under supervision but those rules expire on the first of june. and josh earnest is expressing confidence they will not pose a risk. >> the united states works closely with partners around the world when they agree with to transfer of detainees. we have a relationship with qutar with security restrictions in this to insure, and this is something the secretary of defense made sure of these
7:01 am
individual don'ts pose a threat to the united states. >> john bolton is here. ambassador good morning. josh earnest is not concerned. do you have that confidence? >> absolutely not. i think there is more hot air coming from the white house on this than from the five taliban members themselves. the travel restriction were worked out with qutar and went on june 1st and monitoring by their government is going to be hard if the three leave the country. this is further evidence while the prisoner swamp was a bad idea from the onset. >> when you look back at the negotiation negotiations going on with the taliban it is my understanding that the white house originally said qutar would be keeping them
7:02 am
forever. and the taliban said we will give you one here and the president wanted to wrap things up and maybe that is why he gave into this one-year deal. does that sound? >> the administration's record in international negotiations is not creditable. i think what at work here is the administration is determined to empty guantanamo bay by the end of their term in office and close the facility and i think give guantanamo bay back to cuba. i think this is part of the plan. here is a deal they could dump five people on qutar and probably expected the international spotlight would dim in a short period of time as it has on others who have been released and we don't know about their whereabouts >> when you think about the
7:03 am
trade was done for bowe bergdahl it appeared this was going to be a win by the white house. you will get bowe bergdahl back have a rose garden ceremony, wrap up the afghanistan war and he will be done with this and that will look good ahead of the election. it didn't turn out that way. >> no it was predictable. you don't negotiate with terrorist. every time we violate that rule we come up short. what if the taliban said we want 500 people released. would we have still done the swamp? this is a graphic demonstration of why you don't negotiate with terrorist and not release people from guantanamo bay. we should not be defensive of guantanamo bay. we should celebrate it. it is a great place to put americans who want to kill americans and they can stay
7:04 am
there until they start waging war against us. >> the white howuse doesn't agree and we will see if our intelligence is good enough to keep an eye on them. >> there is a new report out showing the u.s. economy is going in the wrong direction and gdp is shrinking by 7 percent the 1st quarter of the year. jerry willis is here to go through the numbers. how are you? >> i am good this morning. >> this is reversed. they put the car in reverse. >> we did indeed. this economy has one foot in recession. the typical definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of gdp growth which is the measure of the economy. this isn't good news for anyone wanting a job and expanding
7:05 am
their business and do well in this economy. it is difficult to do. >> they say it is the weather. they blamed the weather a year ago and a month ago. >> and on and on it goes. there is always an excuse. but the reality is this economy is growing slowly. the average over obama's term is not even 3 percent growth. we have never, never seen this. this recovery has been probably the worst since world war ii. >> that is going back a way. how many arrows do we have here? what is on the shelf? >> normally you would turn to the fed and say what can you do for us but we have been at 0 percent in the rate for five or six years. i think it is going to be difficult to turn to the federal government. i don't think you will get
7:06 am
support for spending money. >> the republicans are cutting taxes and bringing rates down and perhaps you get growth with that policy but i don't see this administration going in that direction. >> this administration will not do that for sure but i have to tell you that is the old fashion way to grow. cut the tax rates and give people incentive to participate. the one bright spot in the economy is the oil industry which has been hurt with falling oil prices. they have to see a break in taxes to get people going, get people back to work. negative 0.7 gdp growth is not going to put people to work. >> that is going to keep the fed sitting still on interest rates. so if you have money in the stock market you will probably make more if you don't you will lose again. >> the people who can afford to invest in stocks and are not living paycheck to paycheck
7:07 am
those are the people in the obama administration who get the free pass. but if you are trying get by it is much harder. >> thank you. see you on fox business. >> you will indeed. china is extending their military power in the south china sea. there is video showing them deploying heavy artillery on an island they created out of sand ramping up tension with the united states and allies in asia. jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon. what is on the island they created? >> it is confirmed imagery reveals the chinese have moved artillery on the islands and tension is rising in the south china sea after the chinese
7:08 am
warned off surveyillance planes from the u.s. last week. the chinese added lands and drudging land and building runway. >> there is no mistake about this. the united states will fly, sail and operate wherever international law aallowllowallows as we do all around the world. >> reporter: this has allies in japan and the philippines worried as well. >> what is the reaction from the chinese? >> reporter: they are denying malintent. >> everyone is aware of the issue. some countries are building up talk and tarnishing up china. >> reporter: ash carter is in singapore for an important annual meeting of asian defense
7:09 am
ministers and took a picture with the singapore prime minister. secretary carter will speak at 9 p.m. eastern tonight in singapore about the growing threats to the asia pacific region and the role the united states will play. chinese officials will no doubt be listening >> that is a big question. thank you jennifer. there is harsh new talk about the president's isis policy from a big think tank for hilary clinton. >> and replacing the counter terror tactics is coming down to the senate. they are playing rush and rue let with national security. john thune is here to tell us what he thinks about that. and an update after america's newsroom talked to a victim of tax fraud about her
7:10 am
struggle with the irs. >> the process of figure out to fix it and our next steps is confusing. there is really no singular place you can go online or with an agency that will give you the answers and steps you need. i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ ♪ happiness is a drive-over mower deck. [ male announcer ] that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. ♪ ♪
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>> we don't get to find out who it was where they were from we don't know what information they have aboutt our daughter, whether
7:14 am
or not they have photographs of her or her medical records. it was basically here is your cheek. >> that was lori weeks. her daughter died a year ago in a car wreck and someone stole her daughter's identity she was seven years old, and filled a claim. new hampshire senator wrote a letter to the irs after hearing about the story and the irs said they could not do this because of privacy issues. but a few hours after the segment on thursday morning the senator received this letter from the irs. quote as a result of your letter we decided to changing the procedure that will let victims know the details of the claim. we have put together a program
7:15 am
that will send out their records filled in their names that were fraudulent. >> it is good action was provoke provoked. the strong criticism from president obama's battle with isis from a think tank that has ties to hilary clinton saying he is quote failing in the mission. ms. clinton helped launch the center for security in 2007 and it is run by a candidate that is considered as a strong defense secretary if the next administration is a clinton administration. chris sty wall is here. when they were looking for a new defense secretary they talked about michele and she almost took her name out of the running
7:16 am
and said she is not interested. but shy has been working for this think tank and is top of the list for hillary. >> the talk was she took her self out of the running because she would rather be the secretary of defense long term for hilary clinton rather than short term lame duck obama. this hooks like the foreign policy shot for hilary clinton's campaign and effort to return to the white house so we care what they think in general but specifically care when the comes to what obama is doing and they don't think he is doing a good job when it comes tonighting isis in iraq and syria. -- fighting -- >> when hilary clinton is ernest in this debate and she will be asked on what she will do to get isis and she is forming that through this think tank. let's look at a quote from a member of the think tank. he said if this is a true reinforcing a failing strategy that depends on baghdad doing
7:17 am
the right thing, might be misguided and counter productive. a better approach might be to surge the resources in iraq who are ready to take on isis on the battlefield. the word surge is familiar to what everyone watched was successful last time around. >> that is right. and the president's strategy is based on propping up baghdad. some coalition that can fly under its own steam and push back against isis. what these folks in the clinton group are saying is skip it dump resources including boots on the ground, u.s. controllers to be present and beef up the response from sunni tribesman and others in the north who are willing to fight and skip the obama strategy. that would be a radical de
7:18 am
departure. >> the question are going back to when she was secretary of state and what she did to warn the administration that this threat was coming and did she express or have a different take on it. and you can take a look at benghazi in terms of al-qaeda and the fact they were not decimated and led to this group. >> she had a couple glancing blows to the president about isis but she didn't say it was his fault just questions in policy in syria. but the big narrative has been about libya which as you point out is the cardinal sin, if you will, for hillary's tenure. it was known that this was her baby and we were quote leading from behind and what happened? not much good. we have been talking about that relating to clinton's in
7:19 am
involvement and her foundation and others and war profiting. now we are hearing a different story and some sharp elbows from her team. >> yeah libya is a powder in this environment and isis is spreading to eastern libya and has been for some time. thank you chris. pilots in danger. lasers pointed directly at planes carrying hundreds of passengers. who is up to this? we are live at jfk to get the answer. >> and weeks after the garland shooting in texas another community is on edge as they gear up for their own mohammed cartoon contest. >> these are the measures that we have to take to expose the true colors of this religion. unfortunately we have to hold a cartoon contest to be able to show the true colors of islam.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
only a superior whit with nevers of steel help you win the national spelling bee. two winners won night. watch this: >> spherenschnitte. >> correct. [applause] >> i don't know even know that word. that word means the art of cutting paper into decorative
7:24 am
design designs. and this 14-year-old isn't to be outdone. >> munaguk. >> correct. >> that is crazy how fast he did that. i am stressed out watching these two. that word he said means a hill or mountain surrounded by glacial ice. both winners get a complete reference library which i don't think they need. i think they memorized everything already. >> i have some snits here for lunch. >> german right? >> taste great for parmesian. a potentially devastating situation playing out in the sky near new york city. several pilots say a green laser was shown at them while flying
7:25 am
over long island. david is live with more. >> reporter: on average 11 times a day a laser is pointed at an airplane and it happened most recently last night between 9:30-10:00 not far from jfk airplane with four planes hit boy a laser. all of the aircraft taking off from jfk flying at about 8,000 feet. we understand the path didn't have to be changed but one of the flights on the way to los angeles was hit by four separate beams and a shuttle america flight to cleveland, a delta flight to boston and a delta flight to buffalo new york. the beams came from a nearby state park about 30 miles from here. the investigation is continuing from here but so far there have not been any arrest. >> this is going to be difficult
7:26 am
to make an arrest in a case. but there was a case of someone arrested for a similar incident. what happened at that point david lee? >> reporter: this happened two months ago in the bronx. a number of aircraft were hit by lasers and one of them was a police helicopter and the police were able to trace the beam to a home in the bronx not far from laguardia airport and a 54-year-old man was charged with pointing the laser at the aircraft. the consequences could be devastating causing blindness and changes in the law could result in a five year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine for pointing a laser at an aircraft.
7:27 am
and the senator from new york proposed the idea specifically on the green lasers because they cause the most damage. >> thank you for that. >> hilary clinton is about to take her campaign to the next level making plans for her next big rally. will her husband be by her side? ed henry is here on that. and there is this: [applause] >> that bear is a 19-year-old premed student getting an incredible welcome back from work from the folks who saved her life. a chance encounter changing her future and she joins us live with her story.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. eliver smarter simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher harder farther quicker and yeah even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you. the country is still on fire today. word from baghdad; two suicide bombings aimed at what is considered five star hotels.
7:31 am
islamic state claiming responsibility in a statement outside of the babylon hotel and a hotel nearby. it appears that perhaps the bomber is responsible for both incidents. islamic state claiming responsibility just moments ago and this is what happened there: [ambulance noise] >> there have been a curfew in place but they lifted it earlier this year trying to restore a calm atmosphere in baghdad but that has been shattered. two bombings in baghdad reported today. back at home hilary clinton campaigns with new signs that her whole rally period is kicking off. is she trying to distance
7:32 am
herself from the scandled of the clinton foundation? bill clinton will debut next month at a rally and it seems like we will not see him for a while. ed henry is live reporting on this. why are they keeping bill under wraps? it was a discussion last time but perhaps it is more potent this time. >> you mention the june 13th rally and what advisors telling us is that is the formal announcement and this was just the run up phases going to the early primary states. we will see bill and chelsea clinton at the public rally. they have not picked a city for it on saturday june 13th. but then bill and chelsea clinton will not campaign on their own at any events for a mew months. is it because of the foundation?
7:33 am
i asked advisors about that and they said no they don't believe there is any permanent damage from those stories and they say in their polling this isn't hurting them where the hard core democrats voters liked her and it might have an issue with the swing voters. the clinton camp is insisting the swing voters are going to be turned off by what they might see as political attacks over the foundation but that is a big question. some of the swing voters might wonder about her honesty. >> we heard about the $2 billion campaign. any impact on fundraising because of all of this? >> it is interesting because hilary clinton has started adding a lot more fundraising events than originally planned. her advisors say it isn't
7:34 am
because she is having trouble raising money and excitement, but instead they see the republicans raising more than expected so they are adding events. they are insisting that $2 billion fig re is not true. they think it was made up somewhere and they are not aiming to raise $2 billion. but they have to start kicking the fundraising machine in. martin o'malley is announcing tomorrow in baltimore not far from washington. you had bernie sanders get in. and neither one of them cracked the poll numbers and threatened hilary clinton early on but one of them others could catch fire on the left if hilary clinton doesn't generate as much excitement. martin o'malley put out a video of him playing guitar on youtube and plays hail to the chief and at the end says stay tuned until tomorrow. >> interesting choice. we will see what happens there.
7:35 am
debate over security verses personal freedom coming to a head with the patriot act set to expire by sunday night. the obama administration says letting the surveillance system run out is like playing rush and roulette with the security of the state. here is the statement from the white house: what you are doing essentially is playing national security rush and roulette. is this rush and roulette or not? >> we need to get the programs reauthorized. they are important in the war against terror and it is important to have these tools available to prevent the terrorist attacks. we have an opportunity to fix this and the broad majority of senators believe we need to
7:36 am
extend the program but we have a handful of senators why want to see this expire and go away. that is what is getting in the way. get the programs reauthorized and take the house bill and fix the problems with that and make sure that all the people in our intelligence community, law enforcement community, have the tools they need to prevent future terrorist attacks. >> do you have concerns that will senate will not work this out by the deadline on sunday? >> i think we will. the senate is always an unpredictable place. one person can shut it down if they want to. that is the tools they have at their deposal but my hope is people recognize the important of this situation and how critical it is to the national security the programs are extended whether that is a short period of time to work out differences between the house and senate but we need to get these programs extended and i think eventually or my hope
7:37 am
would be that those senators woo are standing in the way of that will come to the conclusion that is not in our national security interest and work with us to get the agreement to move forward. but we have sunday to do that. and hopefully, you know we will find at agreement. >> you will be back with your colleagues in 48 hours. question here. if you do not work this out, did you believe americans are less safe or not? >> look, i think that for sure when these program laps you will not bow collecting this information. there is a gap. it doesn't mean the bulk data out there available to be searched would be lost. we have a gap and it is important to not have a gap. i do think it is critical that senators come together and those standing in the way of getting this done stop using procedures and allow the senate to do their will and move forward. >> you have been on a story we
7:38 am
have been for several months and that is the badges missing in the biggest airports in the country. we are trying to figure out why this happened and what the state of the story is. do you an update on whether this has been resolved? >> we have been trying to get information from tsa for a long time starting back in march. it is clear that people who have these badges, security identification display area badges were using them to bring prohibited items like weapons, through. these procedures are used to scribe screen employees and there is examples of lost or stolen badges and people using the badges to get prohibited items through. we have been trying to get to the bottom and we are frustrated tsa is not furnishing the
7:39 am
information we need to understand what happened and what needs to be fixed. they tell us that the airports self report these things. they have audits regularly but we have not been able to get any evidence that tsa using them or gets the documentation or using them for enforcement. this is a real vulnerability we have at major airports. >> is the tsa hiding something? yes or no. >> i don't know. they say there is sensitive security information they cannot available to the public but the fact of the matter is they are not making it available to us. as members of congress we have the oversight responsibility to insure these areas are security. they have that responsibility and they need to do oversight and we do as well. if we don't have information about what is being collected, how it is being used or whether it is being used to enforce the rules they say are in place then, you know, it just leaves this wide open to abuse and
7:40 am
vulnerability. like i said there ought to be a vested interest to get to the bottom of this. we are trying. we have the tsa nominee for that position in front of our committee. we pressed him on it. and he is up for full review infront of the senate. >> senator thank you for your time. john thune, back in washington on sunday for the patriot act. thank you, sir. >> comparing with the mohammed cartoon contest to the n-word -- is that fair? we will debate that. >> and finding neverland. michael jackson's famous ranch could be yours. >> i don't want it. >> you and your husband and two kids. it is priced to sell.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
another mohammed contest is bringing up freedom of speech. it is being held in phoenix at an anti-islam rally. it is similar to the one in garland texas that sparked a shooting. but today it is being held outside a mosque attended by the two gunmen. >> the mosque came out condemning the gunmen and isis. they know i am coming and hope it remains peaceful. >> the organizers are urging people to come armed just in case. and we have our panel here to discuss this. good to have both you have here
7:45 am
today. here we go again. kevin, what do you think about this in >> i think the rally has to go forward. i think it changed the debut and when you see the violent reaction that is being threatened against the organizer of the phoenix rally it is becoming more and more clear that their law is not an issue of religion or personal preference but are runs counter to what it means to be an american. >> do you think people don't think this law runs counter to american ideas and beliefs? >> personal? >> yeah. >> no i think many to. but i think the argument chris and others are making in the last 24 hours is we cannot think things that hurt people's feelings. there is a little bit going on
7:46 am
with the agenda here and that is the silencing of people that want to speak out. >> david what do you think about this? >> i think there are two separate issues we should tease out. the first is the first amendment giving us all the freedom of speech and there is some limitation on that. by and large, i think we are in agreement there cannot be a law that would prohibit this phoenix event from going forward. that would be unconstitutional. >> doesn't everybody agree? and kevin, i think everybody agrees at this table that this man has the right to do what he is doing. the dispute is whether or not it is the right thing to do. >> i think that is right. we have a cultural divide.
7:47 am
chris used the analogy of the n-word and i don't agree with that. >> for folks that didn't see it let's play it. so folks know what you are talking about. >> they are crazy extremist and bought understood ideas that are sick negative and wrong. what you are doing is calculated in a way that is provoking e. this is not showing about it whether we are afraid. it is about whether why right or not. the n-word is depicted the same way as the prophet mohammed. it is not an analogous. >> i grew up in wisconsin in the 1970's in a jewish family and i remember when the illinois nazis wanted to march through illinois. this was a well-known event. the fact was offensive but the courts allowed the march to go
7:48 am
forward. what was interesting was what happened afterwards. america looked at it saying that is not right to pick on a minority and it was a cultural way of saying it is not american. but the wall was clear. >> which is the way these problems should be solved. if we want a culture built on core values and freedom of speech the bes to share the bad behavior is to do it independently. chris tried to shame pamala into admitting what she is doing is wrong but tens of thousands think what she is doing is right. >> i have to jump in here. >> i don't think they are doing
7:49 am
your side any favorite talking about a creed. what i think is going on is a debate over the limits of freedom of speech. that is where we ought to keep it. >> got to leave it there. thank you very much. jon scott is coming up next on "happening now." >> martin o'malley set to jump into the race for the white house. can he compete with hilary clinton? plus mixed messages from the white house on iraq nor flooding in houston and the amazing story of a canine who served a deputy and a flight attendant right of passage under threat? coming up next. >> the most heartwarming story of the day. a woman discover she needs drastic lifesaving surgery and ner credible journey and
7:50 am
surprise is next. >> i knew that eventually i would find out something was wrong but until then i had to keep figure out who to go to because i could not get answers for a while but i knew something was wrong. (music) i'm supposed to tell you how it feels when you book the perfect family vacation on but i think he's kinda nailing it. (music) they don't need me right now.
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>> meet a medical student whose life was saved by the people she worked with. ellie thatcher said she wasn't feeling well a an mri revealed a brain tumor and she had surgery and came out with flying colors. there was a surprise for her waiting when she went back to work for the first time. [applause] >> that is the team who helped save her life welcoming here
7:54 am
back with cheers and applause. we welcome ellie and the doctor who performed the surgery. how are you feeling? >> great. really great. >> you had a baseball size tumor. what were you feeling like when you had said something isn't right? >> i just had a gut feeling something was wrong. for a while the symptoms started four years ago and i felt super light headed and noticed a lump in my neck which told me i needed to find answers to my problem. >> hang with it one second. the shot dropped out. ellie thatcher. we will hang here. this is remarkable. she is 19 years old, in the right place at the right time, and working with the right people to save her life. >> she expressed a symptom of
7:55 am
not feeling right. >> they performed the procedure in mid-april. she has been going to school and working and we saw the reception she received upon coming pack. that was all of the nurses and doctors and everyone that took care of her. imagine the anticipation they had to say how are you doing and she can walk in saying i am doing great. >> a baseball size tumor they could remove and she is walking and talking and i am so sorry we cannot see her anymore. she is lovely and been through a lot. >> one thing she said to me is what is most important is my mind and my heart. she credits her two siblings for a lot of the strength she has. thank you for hanging out. our apology but sometimes these things happen. have you heard this story?
7:56 am
the former house speaker has been indicted on two very serious charges.
7:57 am
7:58 am
we all can and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that would be something
7:59 am
worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything. >> we've got the shot back with he wily an the doc. how special is the one woman? >> she is remarkable human being for being persistent with her symptoms and the colleagues and us at ohio state cancer center were able to get her through the surgery and with her strength was able to pull through? bill: job well-done. how did that feel going back to work to see all those folks? >> it was awesome. they were cheering me on that saved my life. there was no better feeling. bill: you worked in the right place. thanks for your time. he wily thatcher and the doctor that performed the procedure back in mid-april. good luck to you. thanks for sharing your story today. they have patients too. that thing goes down on live tv. what do you do? nice story.
8:00 am
martha: well-done doc. have a great weekend everybody. bill: "happening now" starts right now. martha: yes indeed it does. >> 2016 campaign is heating up as another democratic candidate prepares to shake up the presidential race. hello, everybody, hope you're off to great friday so far i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. former maryland governor martin o'malley expected to declare his candidacy at a rally in baltimore tomorrow. o'malley hinting at the announcement in this new video. ♪ that is o'malley playing "hail to the chief" on the guitar saying stay tuned. he is expected to present himself as more liberal alternative to hillary clinton. a.b. stoddard associate editor and column


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