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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 29, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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nice story. martha: well-done doc. have a great weekend everybody. bill: "happening now" starts right now. martha: yes indeed it does. >> 2016 campaign is heating up as another democratic candidate prepares to shake up the presidential race. hello, everybody, hope you're off to great friday so far i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. former maryland governor martin o'malley expected to declare his candidacy at a rally in baltimore tomorrow. o'malley hinting at the announcement in this new video. ♪ that is o'malley playing "hail to the chief" on the guitar saying stay tuned. he is expected to present himself as more liberal alternative to hillary clinton. a.b. stoddard associate editor and columnist for the hill.
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charlie hirt, column i've for "the washington times." just like the republican field the democratic field is about to get better. what does he bring to the race? >> well, martin o'malley is 52 and, hillary clinton is 68, and bernie sanders, who just entered this week is 73. and he is going to try to say that democratic party and the nation needs fresh new leadership. like a younger person. he is a mayor. he has been a governor but of a very blue state he does not begin to have the kind of resume' that can go toe-to-toe to hillary clinton. her experience overwhelms both bernie sanders and martin o'malley's. we don't live in presidency he says, and not something to be passed between two families, between the bushes and the clintons. he will try to run on need to get away from dynasties to have a fresh approach. the thing at that really
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matters, whether or not he will take her on or play nice. if he plays nice he wants another job. if he is willing to take her on that means he is willing to go all the way. jon: charlie, sum up his campaign pitch. if ab is right, frankly i thought the line it is not a crown to be passed between families, i thought that was one of the best of the campaign season thus far. what is his campaign pitch. >> his campaign pitch for the primary anyway is, i'm young and i'm not a clinton or socialist which actually probably not a bad thing to run on. the problem for him of course his biggest rest may is smoldering right now around recently in actually complete flames in baltimore. so i think that is going to be a big problem for him. but i agree with you. that ills a very smart way to frame the whole issue of the clintons and the bushes but the truth of the matter is, there are what, 29 republicans right now that also could be trotting
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out that line as well. i imagine that over the next six months we're going to start hearing that from all of those republicans as well as martin o'malley. jon: so, ab, you suggested this may be more a case of him running for secretary of whatever hoping for a job in a clinton administration rather than actually hoping to knock off the frontrunner? >> well, i think that obviously hillary clinton wants to be president. she has been running ostensibly since 2005, without stop. and this and she means business. if the unforeseen were to happen, the democrats have very short ben. they will not nominate a socialist and looking obviously vice president biden or martin o'malley. if he wants to be there, in the event that she leaves the race for the unforeseen reason and he wants to fight hard for it, he will have to actually take her on and challenge her. if he wants to play nice like former senator webb who will not
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lay a hand on hillary clinton and clearly wants to be secretary of defense or something else, then that is a different story. this is a platform people use for another position. i think george pataki who entered race yesterday former governor of new york doesn't think he will be the nominee of the republican party but might like to end up as attorney general or something else in a republican administration. these platforms provide people with the spotlight and often better positions later on. if we see o'malley really take the heat to clinton on trade on dynasties, on her foundation scandals and email server where she stored government property and then destroyed it, if we see him really challenging her he might fire up the grassroots of party and present a real problem for her along the way. do i think derails her nomination? ultimately no but he could be a real player unless and until he is not he is second fiddle. but if something happens to her or health issue she leaves something unforeseen like i
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said someone has to be there to be the democratic nominee. mart o'malley hopes to be that person. jon: he is little-known outside the state of the maryland. if you asked people in california who martin o'malley is you wouldn't get a whole lot of recognition. he was the mayor of baltimore which was flames a couple weeks ago. when he left the governorship a republican took over. what are the credentials he brings to this race? >> it is pretty much, he might be younger than the others but he is very much promotes the sort of typical progressive or liberal ideas that, he doesn't have a whole lot of fresh ideas about anything. it is basically more of the same. he is younger so he can do it for longer is kind of his platform. but i think that the fact that you have a liberal from, liberal democrat from maryland does sort of pose kind of a problem, okay, maryland is one of the most liberal states in the country and, and a democrat from there is growing to pick up, okay,
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maryland. i don't think he will drive into republican territory very well. going back to something ab said, i think that she is exactly right. time will tell whether he is actually sort of, you know sort of gunning for something other than actually knocking her off but one thing that gets overlooked here the media loves to focus on the problems the republicans have with their lineup. we don't know how that will shake out and there are a couple of very good candidates on the republican side. i think the democrats have a tremendous problem because their best candidate is hillary clinton and there are a lot of problems and a lot of baggage with her. and then the other two people, bernie sanders and martin o'malley, they could do a lot to divide and i think it is entirely possible that maybe, maybe the socialist doesn't get the nomination but the socialist could cause a lot of problems for, for democrats in the long run. jon: well, we do know that martin o'malley plays guitar.
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bill clinton had a sax. martin o'malley has a guitar. >> likes sleeveless shirts. jon: we'll see what happens. thanks for joining us on this friday charlie hirt a.b. stoddard. >> we'll see what the announcement looks like tomorrow. new information on a blackmail investigation involving former house speaker dennis hastert. he has been indicted on two charges lying to the fbi and evading banking regulations connected with the payment of millions of dollars in hush-money. there is still a lot of questions about this. mike tobin has more from chicago mike? >> reporter: jenna described only as prior misconduct there is something in the past of former house speaker dennis hastert so compelling he agreed to pay 3 1/2 million dollars to make it go away according to a federal indictment released in northern district of illinois yesterday. according to the indictment hastert had been making cash payments to someone who traces back into his former life as a teacher and wrestling coach in a suburb of chicago. according to the indictment, this person, labeled only as
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individual a met with hastert in 2010 after he left congress. the two agreed on 3 1/2 million dollar payment scheme to compensate for and conceal whatever the speaker had done years eller. from 2010 and 2012 hastert began withdrawing cash in 50000-dollar increments. that happened 15 times. the bank started asking questions. the speaker changed withdrawals to less than $10,000 at a time. by the time. indictment $1.7 million to paid to individual a. 952,000 was in the less than $10,000 increments. when questioned hastert told investigators he was keeping the cash. that is where you get the charge to lying to the fbi. the other charge is evading currency transaction reporting requirements. that is according to the indictment. hastert was a coleader of the powerful lobbying firm dick kin son and shapiro. a spokesman said he resigned. chicago based futures operators cme has hastert resigned from
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the board there. a plan to put a statue honoring the former speaker in the illinois state capitol has been put on hold. a judge should be appointed to the case today and we expect a initial appearance sometime next week. >> more to the story still developing. mike thank you. >> you bet. jon: fox news alert now. fifa delegates voting today for the organization's president even as soccer's governing body is embroiled in a huge corruption scandal. the long-time incumbent refuses to withdraw from the election despite the arrest of several top officials. his only challenger, a current fifa vice president from jordan. amy kellogg is following the latest on this from london. amy? >> reporter: hi jon. well the reason that swiss police were able to swoop in and arrest seven fifa officials so neatly this week because they were because they were all gathered in zurich for this congress, for the vote which has just begun. as you mentioned the incumbent seth blatter, is the key
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contender. he is expected to win. he has been in the position for four terms. he is going for a fifth term. he has been the president for 17 years. someone who has been at the helm of a different entity, russia, that would be president vladmir putin yesterday accused the united states among other things of orchestrating this whole indictment this whole drama, this week in order to keep seth blatter from being reelected but again he is expected to be reelected today. very shortly. 209 delegates are casting their votes right know by secret ballot. he is running against 39-year-old prince ali ben hussein of jordan. blatt hears not been directly implicated in the charges thus far but the buck stops at him. most european delegates think it is time for him to go. blatt hears refused to heed the calls to step down. >> he has presided over what is really short of a mafia movie if it wasn't so serious.
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>> reporter: again, it has been a week of high drama around one of wealthiest and most powerful sports bodies in the world with indictments of people suspected of involvement in $150 million in bribes. two of the indicted are u.s. citizens but investigation is being led by the u.s. because meetings were held in america and its financial institutions were used for the wiring and washing of this money allegedly. now, jon, as we've been saying but important to remind people that there is a separate investigation going on at the same time led by the swiss and that nice awarding of the next two world cups to russia and qatar. and there has been a lot of talk about qatar in the last few days because among other things, it has got a less than exemplary human rights record and the international trade union confederation saying it expects 4,000 migrant workers will die in connection with the construction of the stadiums in qatar because of course qatar is
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a desert kingdom, for soccer. so i just want to point that out, in that we're talking about money bribery corruption, but part of this story now is also focusing on the issue of human rights. jon? jon: wow what a story. amy kellogg in london. thank you. >> we thought it might happen today. now we have official word coming from the state department by way of the associated press and also reuters among others reporting this that cuba has officially been removed from the list as a state sponsor of terror. it has been on the list for more than 50 years. this was widely expected as the president renewed our relationship with cuba. but obviously this is still controversial. we'll have more on the news when it comes in. the big headline again the state department removing cuba from the u.s. state sponsors of terrorism list. more on that in a moment. meantime a kayaking trip take as deadly turn. a woman is charged with her fiance's murder. was it an accident or did she
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cause her death. plus after catastrophic floods in texas there is more rain in the forecast. latest from the fox extreme weather center. we want to hear from you. america's asking question would you consider voting for former marylander governor martin o'malley as he prepares to enter the presidential race. our live chat is up and running. to join the conversation.
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jon: right now an update on some crime stories we're following a new york woman set to plead not guilty to the murder of her fiance nearly a week after the victim's body was found in the hudson river. prosecutors say angelika graswald sabotaged his kayak and was slow to call for help when he capsized. the manhattan socialite convicted of fatally poisoning her eight-year-old autistic son with pills is sentenced to 18 years in prison. gigi jordan claimed it was a mercy killing to save her son from sexually tortured by her
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father. the prosecutors say she carefully planned murder. the father is suing her for defamation. actor dustin diamond who played screech on save the by the bell accused stabbing a guy at a bar and victim said he didn't know he was wounded until he left the scene. jenna: rescuers using pat dell boats to reach motorists trapped on highways as forecasters say the worst may not be over. fox news's maria molina with more. >> jenna good good to see you. hello to everybody at home. we had five years of extreme or exceptional drought conditions across portions of texas and oklahoma. in the last couple of weeks that has been wiped out how much heavy rain we've seen. five years they had serious or high category drought conditions out there. so this is very unprecedented across portions of texas even into oklahoma. you can see during the overnight
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hours we had another line of storms push through and that line of storms actually produced as much as five to even 7:00 inches of rainfall around the dallas area. very significant again. you've seen such incredible images of high water rescues on going or even flooded homes. you can see not just around the dallas area where we picked up very significant rainfall or areas farther south just within the past 48 hours,of these areas seeing up to eight inches of rainfall. locally even higher amounts in some these areas. see about a foot of it reported in areas south and west of the city of austin. we still have a number of flood watches in effect from texas to oklahoma. portions of arkansas, missouri parts of kansas. the concern we still have more storms in the forecast. several decisions -- inches additional rainfall. as you look into early next week looks like things will begin to dry out across some of those states. another concern for today
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besides additional flash flooding across portions texas and oklahoma, isolated tornadoes and damaging winds and large hail. stay safe out there. jenna. let's head over to you. jenna: good warning. maria, thank you. jon: a sleeping volcano erupts sparking evacuations and where it is happening and more of this incredible video. plus a newly-hired flight attendant gets grounded after participating in what is described as a long-standing tradition. will she be fired for this picture posing inside of a plane's engine well. should she be fired. we'll ask our legal panel. an undisciplined overwaterer. she claims he's a cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here. ar and i feel great because i used the truecar app. truecar knows what other people paid for this car so i know if i'm getting a fair price. this is how car buying was always meant to be.
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this is truecar. (cheerful music)
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jon: right now a volcano eruption forcing evacuation on a small island in southern japan. it is shooting ash and gas high into the sky.
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japan meteorological agency says hot fragments and hot gases reached island's northwestern shore. fortunately no injuries are reported. officials are assessing the damage by helicopter. jenna: newly-hired flight attendant could apparently lose her job after she posed for photos inside a plane's engine well. some flight attendants say this is tradition dating back decades. apparently one passenger on the flight didn't appreciate the tarmac photo shoot contacted a local news affiliate and found the flight attendant and picture and here we are today because social media so so power you'll h if you recall. we have fred tease ski former prosecutor around brian silber is a defense attorney. we got new information. i want to share this with everybody. this is part of their message to employees last night, gentlemen. this is what they had to say. spirit prieds itself on safety always culture. in order to make sure everyone is safety, only those with a
8:24 am
business need should be on the ramp or in any other restricted areas. fred is there grounds to fire this flight attendant because of what she did? >> only if they want to get a big fat lawsuit come back at her. i'm sorry jenna spending 20 years in aviation, 5000 hours with that woman did was non-event, non-issue. did not in any way compromise safety. tradition on pilots and flight attendants to your picture taken n the 777 it is so big they can stand up. i fly spirit. i can tell you they are dedicated to safety. this doesn't change my opinion on that one bit. only dangerous part is take it when the engine is running. don't do that. jenna: doesn't sound like a food idea. >> that would be very dangerous. >> delta air lines pilot disagrees with fred, brian. that is only take as small object to disturb the operation of anngine. somebody who is not familiar
8:25 am
with the system of safety in the aircraft may think it is nothing to worry about but it is. is it, time-honored tradition but maybe time for a new tradition? >> i got to say i agree with fred on this one. yeah, maybe you shouldn't be inside of the engine. don't touch things and put yourself where it doesn't belong but the truth is, no damage was done. let's talk about passenger for a second. jenna: okay. >> they didn't get off the flight. the passenger took the flight. they were not afraid for safety. >> right. >> you know what else? they didn't report this to the faa or police. they went to a news station. this was about the passenger not about the lady. think that is very telling here. jenna: we did some of our own research by the way. just want to point out everybody we contacted our friends at "happening now" who have been or are currently flight attendant to ask about this tradition. quite frankly i didn't know anything about the tradition. we have photos of flight attendants posing inside of the engine wells because apparently it is a tradition that they say it is, fred. i just wonder, at this point
8:26 am
you know because there are restrictions and airline does point that out, you're not supposed to be on the tarmac, not supposed to be in the plane and you are in this restricted area, you know should flight attendants do this when the plane is not going to be used within the next hour, perhaps? >> look, discretion is better part of valor, with all due to the respect to the self-important pilot to get engines certificated, they shoot birds and foreign objections and they keep working that is a non-issue. jenna: brian the chicago department of aviation in order to access tarmac a individual must be properly badged or under escort. when we go back to the actual restrictions you guys might think this is okay but did she actually break a rule by doing this? >> i don't think so. tell you what. i have personnal experience with this. before i went to law school i worked at miami international airport and i had that badge. >> all right. >> that is a security measure.
8:27 am
jenna: you worked at the airport? >> i did before law school. >> i knew i liked him. >> i used to carry luggage. i was a skycap. >> love it. jenna: you have an insider view on this, brian. you know about this pass. you're saying, i got the badge. anyone can get the badge is that what you're telling us? >> no, no. that is not what i'm saying. i am a good guy. don't worry i had good reason to have the badge. but anyway, the point of that rule is that it is a security issue. and this flight attendant has a lawful reason for being in that area okay. it is not, you know, like she is wandering in a part of the airport where she doesn't belong or someone who so not employee, doesn't have business reason for being there. jenna: according to spirit airlines this, is as of last night, again social media can take on a life of its own, as of last night and this morning they say, many of you and they're talking to their team, have asked about our flight attendant highlighted in media. she continues toe be part of our
8:28 am
spirit team. as of today, right now, it is our understanding that she continues to be so. so if she gets fired, call fred. >> yeah. >> call my number. i will represent her. jenna: i guess we should all take pictures in engine wells. i didn't know this was a thing. maybe i can do it. as next project. >> i have a bunch of them. jenna: we'll be there. fred brian. brian will carry the bags. great to have you both. appreciate the topic. >> enjoy your weekend. >> i hope he is a good tipper. jenna: me too. >> good luck with that, going to the moon. jenna: good-bye, guys. jon: let erica fly. that's what i say. i have seen it done. i was sitting on a flight in terminal in colorado and i saw an airline flight attendant, about six months ago sitting in the well, doing exactly that, getting picture taken. jenna: people boarding at time. jon: we hadn't boarded. we all got on the flight took off. it was fine. jenna: i had no idea this was a thing. it's a thing i guess. i'll be looking for it next. jon: i would want one.
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i will get that shot. jenna: we can arrangearrange it. jon: critics are blasting the white house that iraq is not america's fight while assuring leaders in baghdad they haves u.s. support. what is administration strategy to take on isis and how is the media handling all this? plus an entire city on edge this hour as a former marine organize as another draw the prophet contest outside of a local mosque.
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police on edge after a former marine organizes a draw mohammed contest including a protest outside of the mosque of had gunmen who attacked at a similar event in texas. and a woman is accused of spraying a coworker and breaking the principle of an eye for an eye. and a bogus study on the weight loss of chocolate. the shocking results and how often these stories get reported as fact. after isis took over anbar province the administration said the security situation in iraq is not america's responsible
8:34 am
this while telling the iraqi leadership they will have the united states support. judith miller and lynn sweet is here. you had the secretary of defense on memorial day saying the iraqi army is not prepared to fight and threw down their weapons and are horrible. but at the same time the administration is saying our iraq strategy is working. how can they have it both ways? >> they cannot have it both ways. as discussed this administration insist on using words like setback for defeat. in insist on saying the strategy is working when the united nations said the number of recruits is up by 75 percent with 2500 new fighters from a
8:35 am
hundred different countries in the last nine months. how by anyone's imagination is this progress? or more than that blaming the iraqis from the fact their own army has been understaffed under resourced in terms of ammunition and undertrained because we have not been keeping up our promises. >> you said they like to use the word setback rather than defeat. let's listen to josh ernest. >> iraq government has acknowledged the setback they experienced in ramadi was at least in part attributed to a break down in military command and planning. what the president has observed is many of the forces if not all, who have been sitting isis in ramadi were not forces that had benefited from the training
8:36 am
that the united states and coalition partners engaged in to improve the capacity of iraqi security forces. >> so that setback is not really our fault because we didn't train the iraqi soldiers who threw down their weapons and ran away. >> since we usually talk about the media role in reporting these stories bear with me. i think what the media did was bring out the comments that the defense secretary ashton carter who said that iraqi forces were not living up to what he thought they should and they are keeping up their part of the bargain and then joe biden reported and called the iraqi leaders to reexplain that. and everyone knows that the word setback strikes me as a bit of a legalistic term. i think this is a point where the major outlets reported all
8:37 am
of the aspects of this story. judy you are so good at framing the discussion with the data and people are writing those stories. i think this is a case where it is a complex story, a lot of elements, and a few things could be true at once. and that is what carter said for this episode of what the fighters were doing and the iraqi forces couldn't/wouldn't hold their own and that in the larger picture the situation is not going as the u.s. planned. but the administration wants to call it a setback. i don't see where it is a media issue because of the stuff i am talking about is coming through. >> go ahead judy. >> no i just think they are trying to blame the iraqis. it is true when they were overwhelmed by isis during a
8:38 am
sand storm when american planes couldn't fly after being in ramadi and anbar province for over a year and half of them had not been paid without bullets, having to buy them from the black market they fled. but buying the administration's line of this being the iraqi's fault and we bear no responsibility is wrong. the media should be questioning that line. >> let me play one more sound bite from josh earnest and i think you will hear a similar phrase here. >> what the iraqi government has acknowledged is that the setback they experienced in ramadi was at least in part attributed to a breakdown in military command and planning. >> so it is a breakdown in military command. the question though, lynn is
8:39 am
why does the administration continue to insist the iraq strategy is working and berating the iraqis and saying you are throwing down the weapons and running away. it isn't our battle or fight and we will not back you up if you will not fight it yourself. >> well the answer is using the word complex and you heard a more unvarnished version. and there are many media outlets looking at this and keeping the context of is the media reporting and is there uncertainty out there? if we pulled enough story you would see there is a lot of reporting going on over a period of time, not just one or two days worth of stories, where a lot of the questions judy is
8:40 am
raising are being asked. >> i guess the question next time we should discuss is what is the strategy for isis in iraq. >> i think that would be an hour special for judy. >> let's work on that next time. thank you both. well, right now in phoenix, police on edge over another draw mohammed cartoon contest set for this evening, including a protest outside of the mosque of
8:41 am
outside of which the event will take place is the same one attended by the gunmen who were killed after opening fire outside a mohammed cartoon contest in garland texas three weeks ago. for tonight's event, rick suggested protesters come armed and ready to defend themselves writing on the event facebook passenger people are quote encouraged into utilize their second amendment right in case our first amendment comes under the much anticipated attack. the president of the islamic community in phoenix is telling
8:42 am
worshipers not to engage protesters and is saying everybody has the right to be a bigot everybody has the right to be a racist and everybody has the right to be an idiot. phoenix police are n alert prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. >> thank you jonathan. no damages reported after an earthquake rattles parts of the country. and chocolate for weight loss. sounds great right? is it too good to be true? an interesting story ahead. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything.
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>> fresh trouble for former secretary of state hilary clinton. new play for ply allegations involving her family's foundation and the state department. >> a new study shows the scholar schools are not lead to the payout in jobs they should. >> all that plus our #oneluckyguy "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> looking forward to it. see you then. a powerful earthquake in alaska a magnitude 6.7 quake hit a remote region at 9:00 local time last night. no injuries or damages and no threat of a tsunami reported.
8:47 am
we have heard about the health benefits of dark chocolate saying it may lower blood pressure and one study reported eating chocolate every day could help you lose weight but that sounds too good to be true and it was. that study was spent out to expose quote and quote junk science and the unchecked media coverage that goes along with the stories. dr. patty, senior doctor of emergency medicine is here. we had to check to see if we did a piece on this because you know you get several headlines a day, look at something interesting for viewers, try to source the studies and we don't think we did. but this reporter was trying to show how easy it is to dupe the media into headlines that people
8:48 am
may experience. >> i looked at this like a sting operation to put everybody on notice. research studies are done all over the world every day and lots gleam really good information. others are not designed properly and it is tough to extrapolate information. >> this science journalist has a background in science and he put together a study but it wasn't enough to extrapolate information from. he took a small group, a large number of variables, got headlines and found a journal to publish the work. >> and we know in today's society people want the quick, easy fix for problem like loosing weight and increasing energy. when dark chocolate was mentioned as a solution to weight problems everybody jumped
8:49 am
on it. >> how can you educate yourself as a consumer of education to know if a health study means something you can apply to your life? >> you want to speak to the experts and look at the study and see how many they studied. if they studied hundreds of people that is a good sample size. depending on what it is they are trying to prove. you have to see if the people who wrote the article regarding the study spoke to the researchers themselves. many times that communication doesn't happen. they assume this is what they are looking at but there were other variables not taken into account. >> i wonder if there is no new science. what i mean by that is we know more of what is healthy for us and healthy to eat. what we are discovering is shades of gray. more or less salt is good or bad for you chocolate is good or bad for you. we know what to do end of the
8:50 am
day to take care of ourselves. >> one of the themes we are spoken about is things in moderation. we have used that and the common sense thing. exercise proper nutrition proper water intake and proper sleep. >> chocolate can help you lose weight is a headline is it isn't true. >> everything in moderation. a little dark chocolate isn't bad for you. >> dark chocolate is always good in my book. a judge embraces a principle of an eye for an eye. how he gave a woman accused of assault a taste of her own medicine. and an unveiling to remember hundred years since william fox began fox films which later
8:51 am
became 20th century fox. we are live in new jersey with that.
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manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at when you think about movie studios you probably think about hollywood not new jersey. but new jersey is the birth place of american cinema and fox films that opened a hundred years ago. laura ingle is live from a museum that is remembering a century of block buster films. >> reporter: really cool stuff in this museum. many people know lee for the role of in the war and where the
8:55 am
washington bridge begins on the new jersey side but it play ad big part in the role of motion picture industry. across the hudson river and many years before the bridge was built hundreds of silent movies were produced in the small town of fort lee, new jersey. celebrating this history is the goal of the fort lee exhibit. >> it started developing in 1904-1906. you can only make limited films in manhattan because of the space and no outdoor locations. >> reporter: fields and the room to build large greenhouse studios a attracted filmmakers. one of the most famous was william fox. why started his corporation in 1915.
8:56 am
he turned actors into stars they can theta berra seen here posing for this. >> there might not be fox news today without her. when people were paying nickels to see movies she was making millions for william fox. >> reporter: and she was posing as one of the few pieces of evidence of fort lee's film history. the cureerators hope to keep the history going. >> can you duplicate the post? >> reporter: this one or this one with marilyn monroe? >> we will take either one. laura ingle thank you! new next hour of "happening now" a police dog saves the day. an incredible story of a hero canine. next hour of "happening now."
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jon: we told you earlier in the hour -- jenna: right. jon: -- the spirit airlines attendant who was in trouble for taking that picture, we got this picture from a frequent e-mailer. that's his son. mumbai india they do it all the time. jenna: that's not just the flight attendants. jon: lighten up. [laughter] "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros, and here with us today, harris faulkner, fox business' melissa francis, kirsten powers, author of the hit book, "the silencing," and today we welcome back the host of "making money," because we all like to make money -- [laughter] charles payne on fbn one of our best if not the best one lucky guys. >> wow. >> thank you very much. >> and you've got to get the


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