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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  May 30, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> pulp fiction. google is the sign they're not going to do these expensive glasses, they're doing card board things. good for the paper industry. ip international paper, up 15% on the year. >> we spent big bucks. neil take it away. great scott, forget this democrat jumping in the race today. this republican telling me just because he didn't finish college doesn't mean he still can't, well finish the race. pretty powerful democratic donor john morgan who said of you that you're a dumb --. he went on to say walker would be the first president with a ged. he said we just cannot have a dumb bit as president and he is a total dumb bit. what did you think of that? >> well i hope that's the left's attack should we get in should we ultimately be fortunate enough to be the nominee. not only does it not resonate
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with over 60% of americans in the same position but it's that elitist mind-set. the disconnect from everyday americans. >> all right. what governor walker is saying is just because i did not finish college, i did not finish my tenure at the university i think i was 33 credits shy of a bachelors gri bachelors degree if he would be elected president, he would join nine others who did not have that college degree. is he right or wrong? hi everybody. charles payne, diggen mcdow, along with our other guests. professor stein, along with his many other credentials, the title professor is included. is it a big deal ben? >> it's just nonsense. i mean today's colleges teach you things like sexual ethics among new york rich people -- >> i see you picking up right where you left off last week way to go. >> and what's wrong with that?
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>> hey, i want to know why rich people have sex. >> it's not -- it's just nonsense. he has learned so much. he's learned to be courageous brave, taking on the unions taking on haters. taking on people who want to have the status quo. or be bankrupt in the state of wisconsin. he is an amazingly brave man with great leadership qualities and i love him a lot. the fact he doesn't have 33 credits to finish his degree doesn't mean a damn thing to me. >> don't dodge and weave with me, do you like him or not? >> i like him. >> okay. >> i hope we can get away from the fact -- i hope we can get away from this in this country where young people have been conned into overpaying for college education, to going deep into debt just to get a four-year degree that is worth less than a corn dog when you graduate. it is! i mean why -- >> i'm actually pricing that
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out. i think you're wrong on that. i think -- i don't know the corn dog thing. >> you learn more at a state fair than you will going to a four-year university. it will cost you a quarter of a million. why not two years versus four? why not technical skills from a community college instead of a b.a.? they have conned americans into thinking they need it. and i hope that's changing. maybe with this message from walker. >> well, charles payne, i think one of the things they're getting into it because hillary clinton has this pedigreed education, as does her husband as does the current white house occupant that that is the cachet you want to bring to the white house. as i said nine of our presidents did not have that college degree. is it a requirement for the job? >> absolutely not. by the way, i think the idea in this country should be we should embrace knowledge, which is different than going to school. >> yeah but i said that to my dad and he never -- >> he wanted both. listen you mentioned president
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obama. help was the elitist professor. he does. he scolds us. he talks down to us. we're always the people who don't understand. he's so much wiser than us. >> he only says that about fox. >> his presidency hasn't been that great. walker's a proven commodity. he's the kind of person that not only would i think he'd be be a great president but i think he'd be a great inspiration to a lot of young people out there who aren't sure and don't want to be belittled in case they don't try to go down that elitist path. >> do you think he should set a higher standard for the presidency? >> it's one thing if he were anti-intellectual. i think this is a smart guy. he reads a lot. >> he's more than 3 1/2 years in. >> he's a very good governor. i would say this i know i'm a little older than adam so maybe he doesn't remember this. when i worked in journalism one of my top -- one of my best bosses best reporters, didn't finish college. his name was bob green. he won two pulitzers. no one was better than him.
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>> does the pulitzer committee know that? >> i don't think they cared. they did not care. >> amen to that. >> he was amazing. if walker was anti-intellectual, one other thing, what ben stein did, what did college say? a lot of it is liberal indoctrination. >> adam agrees with that. >> i'm the expert -- >> adam i think even you would have to agree about this, you know florida fund-raiser. i mean that -- if he is talking about how stupid scott walker is because he didn't finish his college degree and using the kind of language he did, now, he's well known for this but who's the real dummy there? >> yes, of course. i do agree in that scenario that guy is the dummy. >> that's so cool because i literally made up that question on the spot. that's so great. go ahead. >> in my world, silicon valley some of the most prominent people didn't graduate from college.
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i totally agree we shame people into going to college. not everyone should go to college. that said in our leaders, they ought to have a good reason. i mean zuckerberg had a good reason. he went to start facebook. i don't want to fall into the trap of saying getting a college degree is a bad thing. >> the point is is scott walker unqualified and, according to this -- >> i agree with you 100%. >> is he stupid because he didn't go to college? i would say that's an absurd -- >> in many instances, what -- >> -- stupid because they go to college -- >> i was going to say. in many instances, you're the dummy if you go to college and you study something that is going to be utterly useless when you graduate. and pay a quarter of a million dollars for it. >> you know what i admired about at least scott walker's response to this he didn't brag about the fact he didn't finish college. he just left it at that.
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saying judge me by my actions, judge me by my accomplishments. what of your two sons in college now skipped out that last semester? he said i'd rather they not, but in other words, he is just saying this is me. unique circumstances at a unique time. i'm not endorsing going without college as much as those who finish without college. what do you thing of that? >> this is a man who has a proven track record of achievement, heroism, looking beneath the surface of things. i would say in terms of brains and in terms of guts, he's got it. we want a president with brains and guts. i don't care about that sheep skin. i went to school with some of the smartest people in the world. i wouldn't want any of them to be president. i trust scott walker. >> compare him to president obama. scott walker to president obama. if you look at it this way, president obama is very smart. he's intellectually -- from an intellectual standpoint he
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checks all the boxes, right, but he doesn't do anything. if you think of obamacare, the least intellectual exercise -- >> boy, now you're becoming a hater again. >> no. >> you're a hater. >> no scott walker -- here's the facts. scott walker actually puts his hands in things and does it. president obama doesn't. >> oh come on the president doesn't -- >> how much does -- have to do with obamacare, tell me the truth -- >> oh please. >> what interests me about his comments to you, as well as i'd rather my boys finish college, all things being equal, you'd rather your college get a college degree. do you have to get one? no. but if you had your choice you finish college. >> i'll throw myself into -- >> get them out of the house -- >> all good points. >> -- president obama been president -- >> well no it doesn't help or hurt. here's the thing. we are moving to a knowledge-based economy. the days where you could just drop out of school and go to detroit and get a job at a
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factory and make a great salary are gone. so that's why scott walker's saying what he's saying. i don't like the elitist attitude that only someone who went to harvard is qualified to lead the nation when in fact i would prefer a blue collar person with achievements to be my leader. >> some college educations are incredibly valuable. computer science, mathematics. >> doesn't the person ultimately make it valuable? >> i'm the dummy who made the decision to major in art history. i'm just lucky it didn't cost -- >> you majored in art history? >> but it was a cheap education at the time. >> can we get her fired? >> when i interviewed for jobs around new york you know what executives said to me well you'll be be a great wife who can talk about -- that's what they said to me. >> really? >> i would make obscene gestures under the desk which when i was interviewing with them. >> look at you now.
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now you're making obscene gestures over -- >> what impact does president obama's harvard education have on his presidency? >> i'm not disparaging his harvard background. >> what? what? >> mono more than i would disparage ben stein. you're an elitist snob. i think you try to have it both ways by saying my dad was a union guy and -- >> you know what -- >> you are a conumb drum and you're a phony. meanwhile, meanwhile, we're going to be live in orlando. all the top presidential hopefuls will be with us. those who have degrees and those who don't. they say they're showing up to speak at an economic summit. i know as you know they're really there to see me. and the fact that they're not too far from those big old turkey legs. meanwhile, you can catch them on my new show cavuto coast to coast starts on fox business network monday at 2:00 p.m.
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eastern time. and the fox show still at 4:00 p.m. yes, because america needs me. mean why, ford fired up ready to go. >> gop presidential candidate carly fiorina accusing democratic front-runner hillary clinton of hypocrisy when it comes to equal pay for women. also after the police bashing, homicides in major cities surging. some saying there's a connection and it's putting our lives and economy at risk. we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> in the meantime right here fema funds are supposed to be for natural disasters. what makes baltimore think, well that it qualifies for manmade ones? we did battle. until i said... you will not beat... meeeeee!!! greg. what should i do with your fish? gary. just put it in the cooler.
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for all kinds of reasons. but truecar pulls in the latest, most accurate data so i can be sure if i'm getting a great price. this is truecar. this is a fox news alert. i'm uma pej raju. a second challenger to take on hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. former maryland governor marlden o'malley joining the
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presidential race. saying the american dream is not a reality for all americans and that our economic system needs fixing. political pundits say he faces long odds in his bid to defeat mrs. clinton. with law enforcement and the fbi on alert, that controversial cartoon contest in phoenix happening last night without violence or arrest. a free speech rally taking place alongside that contest. organizers wearing anti-islam shirts and encouraging people to also exercise their second amendment rights. a counter demonstration against the rally happening at the same time with police keeping both groups separated from one another. i'm uma pemeraju. now back to "cavuto on business." >> texas with fema funds after the massive flooding. now baltimore seeking relieve after all the rioting. charles said the city's mayor
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has another thing coming. >> it's absolutely ridiculous but it always gets back ton that somehow the people that set the fires aren't accountable. it's everyone else's fault and everyone else should pay for it. listen you tear up your neighborhood you pay the consequences. >> she's seeking, what $19 million. >> ridiculous. >> i guess it's better than $20 million. >> 1999. >> 1999. >> what do you make -- >> $19 billion you said right? >> million. >> it's a small city, charlie. >> i hate to say it give her the money. >> you know -- >> that was a good one. that was adam's best one ever ever ever. >> 19 -- dwl see, you go into the show doing the unpredictable 180 -- >> that's one year salary on wall street. >> adam. >> he agrees. >> i don't think fema is the appropriate agency. it's fairly clear what fema is supposed to do. i do think it's okay for us to
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help out the good people of baltimore. we shouldn't just let them rot in it. it doesn't matter who's at fault. >> are you kidding me because you're going to create -- >> it doesn't matter. >> of course it matters. if someone burns down their own neighborhood next time they get angry, they'll burn it down again. because it's $19 million now but two weeks from now, it will be another $19 million -- >> that's a half year's salary for you. >> i don't have a problem with them giving baltimore federal funds because i see it as helping the people who were hurt by those who were protesting and rioting. not bailing out the people who caused it. i think baltimore -- the alternative for baltimore is get no money and be a wasteland that becomes worse. >> it's only 19 -- >> but aren't you -- mayors who want to prop up a big crisis and then even if it doesn't work out, have them fix your city afterwards? >> i don't think you're
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emboldening any political leader -- >> no no the people though. >> put it this way -- >> she encouraged them to do what they did. >> well then -- i know i don't think they would make -- any rational person -- >> i find that position just as despicable. >> you're scrooge. $19 million. it's nothing. >> all right. ben stein? final arbiter. >> i think this is a disaster that was man made whipped up by the race baiters like al sharpton. i think he should pay for it and add that to his irs bill. the mainstream media which told the rioters they were justified. let them all pay for it. i don't think the taxpayers should pay. >> you think about it though ever since sandy and the $60 billion that was raised at the time and we found out a lot of
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that dough didn't go to hurricane relief. we were putting tiles on smithsonian roofs -- >> it never does. >> so it's just a small parcel of the same problem. >> it never does. listen, why can't baltimore come up with the money. why can't the mayer who helped incite this come up with the cash? it's always about -- >> what if the well's dry? >> i guarantee you, though they get 19 million -- >> you get into the detroit situation where you raise taxes even more on the people in the city and then they want to move out and -- >> that's a very good point. i'm now doing a 180. >> they get $19 million and those same people -- nothing's going to change. the neighborhoods will look the exact same. the exact same. >> i'm doing a 180 again. >> by the way, that's one year's salary for jamie dimond. >> what god do you pray to? no relevance at all. airlines love hitting you with fees and now they're getting
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all right, now, remember this guy, the guy who stripped down to his birthday suit to protest an overbooked flight? we he must be happy today. now the government is raising its fine on airlines each time they overbook passengers or lose or damage their luggage. says about time. >> stick it to them. stick stick stick, poke poke poke. >> they get the general point. >> flying is such a nightmare these days. either time i get off an aircraft i want to steal something. i've already got like eight of those seat cushions that are also an alternative flotation device at home. i don't need another one.
8:55 am
>> i'm all for the airlines on this one. i think they're being attacked. they give you basically good service. and then they step over the line. >> you don't fly a lot, dude. >> $19 million, i mean surely they could pass peanuts around. >> who cares about that. >> i hate it when they talk about unfettered capitalism because that was a code word for anti-capitalism but in this particular case fine the hell out of these guys. because they really have -- they've gone -- >> fine the hell out of the airlines? >> they've gone beyond the pale. stick it to them because they stick it to their customers. >> ben stein now, i know you're a lawyer but you have to go through hoops to make good on these fines. let's say you are bumped off a flight. i think your luggage is lost. it used to be $30. now it's $3,500. but you have to go through this inordinate incredibly lengthy process to prove it. >> is it really such a victory?
8:56 am
>> i drink the behavior of the airline executives and management towards the passengers is so disgrateful, so shameful, that i would pay for prison terms for -- i mean i almost always get to fly first class, thank you, nice people who invite me to speak, but it's still torture. it's absolutely orwellian torture. >> all right. i will pick adam after this quick break on some other things. but that will do it for now. summer vacations are not coming cheap. stocks to pay for your vaca are next.
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if you're running a business legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. all right, stocks to pay for that summer get away. >> level three on the verge of a major breakout. >> tbx, a way to short the
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10-year treasury bond if rates rise prices fall. >> ben. >> a usmv minimum volatility good returns. >> i want to thank you all. have a safe weekend. we'll see you next week. whole new schedule for you. 36 homicides in the last 27 days alone in baltimore city. this is absolutely unacceptable. once you disenvow your law enforcement officers you can no longer expect them to protect you. they're very fearful to go out there and be preactive. >> fearful and disavow. that's how he describes the baltimore police department. as the city sees a surge in violence and homicides this year. other places also seeing a spike, including denver new york city chicago. now, some here are saying all of the police bashing and reversals of crime prevention policies are putting our liv


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