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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 31, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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when you need to see a physician. i want you to see a physician right away. >> fluid, fluid, fluid. most important. >> don't keep the mayo out. >> diarrhea dry skin. see siegel. >> thank you as always. a fox news alert. the senate set to convene any moment now for a showdown over the patriot act. lawmakers are racing to come to a solution before key provisions of the controversial law expire at midnight. including an nsa surveillance program that collects vast amounts of telephone data. hello, everyone. this is "america's news headquarters." >> hello again. hello, everyone. supporters of the law include mitch mcconnell. they say it's necessary to keep us safe from terrorist attacks. but a bipartisan group of opponent argue it violates the u.s. constitution. most outspoken of them all is
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of course kentucky republican senator rand paul. his comments both criticized and supported. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. >> when's the late semest. >> reporter: the white house set the stakes at being very high saying the surveillance powers to expire would jeopardize national security. the senate very rare sunday afternoon session is getting started this hour. the most likely path seems to be the senate taking up the house-backed usa freedom act which the house passed with huge bipartisan support. modified some aspects of the patriot act. a key member of the senate intelligence committee spoke earlier about what's at stake. >> losing a valuable tool part of the effort of gathering the intelligence helps keep americans safe is something we're responsible for. if we allow it to happen. i think it's tragic that we have gotten to this point. part of it's been
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misrepresentation of what the program is and what it isn't. >> reporter: here's what expires at midnight without the senate passing an extension or the house bill. collection of phone records. the date time and phone numbers involved of what's meta data. roving wiretap authority allowing the fbi to track terror suspects who may throw away the cell phones to avoid surveillance and a lone wolf provision for people plotting attacks on their own. out on the campaign trail, kentucky senator rand paul explains why he's fighting these tools. >> the thing is we have to stand up and stop this onslaught of our rights because every day government grows bigger and bigger and bigger. >> reporter: president obama has been pushing the senate to pass the house's usa freedom act. the president says it's not like isis or al qaeda are going to stop plotting against us. >> so what's the problem? a small group of senators is standing in the way.
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and unfortunately, some folks are trying to use this debate to score political points. but this shouldn't and can't be about politics. this is a matter of national security. and we shouldn't surrender the tools that help keep us safe. it would be irresponsible. it would be reckless. we shouldn't allow it to happen. >> reporter: to be here senator paul and perhaps a few others kabt kill the surveillance authorities. what they can do is cause them to lapse for a matter 0 of a few hours to a few days. >> all right. mike thank you very much. and we have something coming in right now from house speaker john boehner releasing a statement on the deadline and reads, quote, al qaeda, isil and other terrorists around the globe continue to plot attacks on america and our allies. anyone who is satisfied with letting this critical intelligence capability go dark isn't taking the terrorist threat seriously. i'd urge the senate to pass the usa freedom act and do so
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expeditiously. end quote from john boehner. we'll have much more on this later in the newscast. now to the death of beau biden. white house says that president obama and the first lady are visiting with the biden family at the vice president's official residence. the naval observatory. that of course following the beth of beau just 46 years old. the tragedy yet another loss for family that through the decades suffered so much. here's more from washington. >> reporter: hard to believe this is the second time that the vice president has lost a child. his first wife and daughter were dilled killed in a car crash in 1972. here he is talking about it at the democratic national convention in 2008. >> my brother hunter and i were seriously injured and hospitalized for weeks. i was just short of four years old. one of my earliest memories is being in that hospital. my dad always at our side.
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we my brother and i, not the senate, were all that he cared about. >> reporter: his father was, again, at his side when he passed away last night after a two-year battle with brain cancer. he was an attorney, a public servant, a husband and father. most recently he was delaware's attorney general and just last year he announced the plans to run for governor. in the statement released last night by his father, he said, quote, beau's life defined by service to others. as a young lawyer he worked to establish the rule of law in kosovo. a major in the delaware national guard, he was an iraq war veteran and awarded the bronze star. as delaware's attorney general, he fought for the powerless and made it his mission to protect children from the abuse. but in the words of president obama, he said quote, for all that beau biden achieved in life nothing made his prouder, nothing made him happier, nothing claimed a fuller focus of his love and devotion than his family just like his dad. he is survived by his wife and
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two children natalie and hunter. >> thank you. the secretary of state john kerry's mission overseas is on hold while he nurses a broken leg. his injury is the result of an early morning bicycle accident in france. he apparently hit a curb and kerry will be flown to boston where he'll be treated by the same doctor who previously performed hip surgery on the diplomat. elizabeth prann live in washington with more hrp the secretary of state is resting comfortably in a geneva hospital. a statement reads in the interest of time and so as not to further delay the traveling with him, we'll dispatch his aircraft back to the united states with the traveling party aboard. secretary kerry flown to boston to be treated by the sur i don't know that did a prior hip surgery. the right femur is broken after hitting a curb. the secretary is an avid biker
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and rides abroad occasionally. a french news service says he was traveling at low speeds on the flat ground near an alpine pass and never lost consciousness and the travel schedule is derailed. he's canceled the trip to madrid spain, and paris this week and part of a scheduled anti-terror meeting focusing on isis via video conference on tuesday. as usual, the secretary has a packed travel schedule ahead. however, it's unclear how long before doctors allow him to get back on the saddle. doctors say it takes month farce femur to heal depending on the severity of the break and he is expected to make a full recovery. back to you. >> we wish him well. thank you. defense secretary carter is in vietnam for a meeting with that nation's top leaders. high on his agenda the growing tensions over expansion projects in the south china sea. the pentagon chief is calling on all leaders in the aidsn pacific
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rim to halt the construction of artificial islands. chi in's building projects are of particular concern to the u.s. beijing reject it is criticism sayinging its work is legitimate and justified. you know it may be the weekend but it's a busy sunday for the hopefuls working hard to try to gather support including former maryland governor o'malley. he's hitting the campaign trail making several stops today, new hampshire. just a day after stopping in iowa and announcing the bid for the democratic nomination in the city in which he was mayor, baltimore. brian ennis has a run down of where they're at and saying. >> reporter: martin o'malley entering the race against bernie sanders and hillary clinton. o'malley is touting the record. pro-gay marriage. repealing the death penalty. increase in minimum wage.
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but critics say the tough on crime policies as mayor from 1999 to 2007 led to distrust between police and the community fueling the recent unrest in baltimore. o'malley defending himself today saying rising unemployment in the years after his tenure is to blame. >> for all of the progress that we make there's always so much more that needs to be done. i would not have been elected with 91% of the vote the first time or re-elected four years later with 88% of the vote if we were not making substantial progress. >> reporter: o'malley also echoing republican presidential candidate carlie fiorina's playbook portraying clinton as part of the economic and political elite. >> she and bill clinton are the personification of what 82% of americans now consider the professional political class that is more concerned about preserving its power and its privilege than it is about doing the people's business.
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>> she'll run her own campaign and i will run mine. i am not beholden to wall street interests. there are not wall street ceos banging down my door to participate or help my campaign. >> reporter: a new poll of likely gop shows scott walk we are a commanding 7-point lead over the rest of the republican field. walker saying he'll announce his decision to run in the next month or so. he leads jeb bush with 9% who says he's close to deciding, as well. >> i prayed about it. i've talked at length to my wife of 41 years who is the love of my life and my kids. and they're totally all in. >> when do you think that will be? next month? >> soon for sure. i have a trip to germany, poland and estonia. a week from monday. and after that i'll have to make up my mind. >> reporter: a busy sunday and more to come with still nine months left before the iowa
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caucus erik. >> a busy nine months thereafter. thank you. well texas is reeling in the aftermath of this week's heavy rain and deadly flooding. animals are also in danger. look at this shot. i mean cattle being taken to higher ground to avoid the cresting trinity river. officials there keeping an eye on the rising floodwaters as they assess the -- poor animals. the skyrocketing costs of the damage. senior meteorologist janice dean live. >> finally we have a little bit of good news. look at all of the rain that we have received over the last week or so. we received several inches of rain. this time yesterday, flash flood warnings and watches for the austin area and houston. the good news is we are seeing an end to the rainfall. it is moving eastward and drying out period for the next five to seven days which is wonderful news for them.
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however, potential for flooding across the southeast, mid-atlantic and the northeast as we get through the next couple of days. there's the forecast. again, we are going to see a good amount of dry skies for the next several days across the southern plains. however, we're dealing with some more rainfall for the mid-atlantic and the northeast. dallas look at your forecast. i'm so happy to deliver a nice forecast for you and high temperatures into the 90s. as we head into saturday. your severe threat we have a storm system moving in to the northwest. as well as that cold front that's moving across the southeast up towards mid-atlantic and the northeast. we have the risk for severe storms over a good xhung of pennsylvania and new jersey. a lot of weather watches right now and warnings rather. thunderstorm warnings that extend from north of new orleans all the way up to the new york city area. and watch the amount of ranlfall as we go through time. monday tuesday, wednesday. yeah. we could be seeing inches of rainfall across the mega lop
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louse here over the next couple of days and especially tomorrow for the rush hour drive in. things could be very tricky and messy for the northeast coast. but again, the good news is drying out for texas, oklahoma and southern plains. >> we'll take the rain up here if it means better weather for them down there. >> i agree. >> thank you, jd. >> that's the attitude. >> absolutely. bang pedestrians, new york city they have to run to get out of the way as a huge crane came crashing down nearly 30 stories. take a look at that. sent debris flying never direction. and lawmakers are in the midst of a heated debate over the fate of the patriot act. looking live now at the senate floor. right now where minority leader harry reid is speaking. i hear it's dicey. coming up why some lawmakers say the decisions could put countless lives at risk while others believe the law violates the constitution.
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time now far quick check of headlines. a construction crane slamming into the side of an office bidding in midtown manhattan. the accident sent a massive air conditioning and heating unit crashing to the street down 30 stories.
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officials say at least ten people were hurt but thankfully the injuries we are told are not life threatening. authorities lifting a shelter in place order at tufts university in massachusetts. this after police say two young men were stabbed in the neck there. one seriously wounded. investigators say they're looking for a person of interest. and police arresting former nba player chris gatlin. they said he juggled multiple online businesses for credit card numbers. he played for the nba for 11 years for a variety of teams. including the miami heat the milwaukee bucks. he was an all-star for the dallas mavericks in 1997. now facing charges of fraud, identity theft and forgery. a fox news alert. on our top story, right now the senate is debating the fate of the nsa's data collection program. senator leahy at the podium now. it is one of several provisions
1:19 pm
set to expire at midnight and the white house says there's no plan "b" to keep the surveillance program going if lawmakers do not act. columnist for "the new york times" is here charlie hurt. this thing is dicey already. i want to read something to you our producers there sent to us. this is from senate noint leader harry reid. he says we are here yet another manufactured crisis before expiration of a program. tonight's program is no surprise. we have known for four years. what we now face is completely avoidable. it is the job of the leader for a plan. the majority did not have a plan. you can see, i mean there's just potshots thrown back and forth at each other. you tell me. how did we end up here at this 11th hour? >> well you know this is washington and it's a fairly broken place to begin with.
1:20 pm
so anything of any importance winds up getting this kind of treatment as you well know. this particular case is magnified even worse because you're talking about an issue of this meta data of the nsa program designed after 9/11 to go after terrorists to use, you know every tool legal tool possible in order to figure out who's trying to hurt americans, hurt america and kill people. and so and the problem is all of it is classified so all of the whole debate is sort of like a debate going on in a darkened room in a foreign language using, you know, devoid of any sort of examples. you know one of the big problems is that the people in the intelligence community who know how the system works and they have actually seen the cases where the meta data has been used to track down actual terrorists plotting to kill
1:21 pm
americans, they can't talk about it. they can't give those examples for understandable reasons. it's all classified. you take -- you take a screwed up place like washington in the first place and a big issue like the patriot act and add on top of it all talking in this -- about classified information that nobody can really have honest conversations about in public and it makes up for quite an interesting side show. >> yeah. so just moments ago house speaker boehner said in part i'd urge the senate to pass a bipartisan usa freedom act and expeditiously. listen. wouldn't they want to listen to what the intelligence community is saying? we need access to all of this information. >> and yes. you would think so. but of course adding to the problem is that you know the intelligence community has not done itself any favors. they have been caught actually lying to congress about this program which is not good way to
1:22 pm
win over support of -- in this case it was a senate committee. they've also been -- gotten into trouble for doing some spying. or some at least some investigative work into some of the members which also is not a very smart tactic. so you know and now, of course we have this -- the freedom -- the usa freedom act which is designed you know supporters say will basically get rid of the most egregious parts of the patriotic act. of course the problem with that is that does a little bit more than that. it pretty much guts the program because what it does is it takes the meta data system and this is the blind, massive system that's -- >> text messages et cetera. >> exactly. and it basically takes that out of the hands of the government and gives it back to the carriers. >> carriers. >> cell phone carriers. that's the case that means that government intelligence workers aren't going to have all that data at the fingertips at every
1:23 pm
second to dive through all of it when they pick somebody up a known terrorist who's either been captured or killed on the battlefield and get a cell phone or the laptop. an en and so to remove that there the federal officials is a huge huge step. you know the one thing that i think is absolutely -- we can all agree on is that we are dealing with a life and death situation here and it's very serious and i'm not defending the program. i'm not defending the patriot act. i don't understand enough of it because it's classified but i do know that. this is a very serious issue and we are playing with fire because the people on the other side they want to kill us and they want to destroy america. >> charlie -- >> it's a tough thing to throw to the wolves, political wolves here. >> the be short on this for me here. as you know senator rand paul promising to force the
1:24 pm
expiration. does he stand to lose on the issue? >> that's a great point. i think he does stand to lose. if they repeal all of this and we see a major attack on american soil or major casualties of americans, i think that can be drawn back to this program. i think you absolutely could see somebody like rand paul finding himself in a very very tough situation as well as president obama for not doing more to kind of to put his weight behind selling the old patriot act opposed to the usa freedom act. >> got to go. charlie, thank you. we'll see you soon. hackers are getting access they say to the personal information of 100,000 americans. trying to get the tax refund money. well we are now learning about who could be behind all this. you know about the taliban 5? traded to get the release of bowe bergdahl?
1:25 pm
they have a travel restriction that expires in hours. raising the fear they could return to the battlefield. >> we didn't hear they were having negotiations until a month ago. and that's late in the process to start the discussion and now here we are at the last minute. we don't have the agreement yet and they can be released and potentially harm americans. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. they say after seeing a magician make his assistant disappear mr. clean came up with a product that makes dirt virtually disappear. he called it the magic eraser. it cleans like magic. even baked on dirt disappears right before your eyes. mr. clean's magic eraser
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renewed fears on capitol hill that five taliban leaders will soon return to the battlefield. the former guantanamo detainees have been under close surveillance and subject to a travel ban. that since being exchanged for bowe bergdahl a year ago and the restrictions set to expire tomorrow. connor powell live from the mideast bureau with more. connor? >> that travel ban expires in a few hours or so and then presumably the five taliban detainees will be free to
1:30 pm
return leaving qatar to afghanistan or pakistan. but there are talks under way between the white house and the country of qatar to extend the travel ban and will likely only delay the inevitable outcome which is that these fighters and leaders leave qatar. they will be released according to the agreement that was sort of agreed to to release bergdahl bergdahl. the obama administration said that the possibility they return to the battlefield, though is extremely low. but even qatari officials who helped broker the agreement told fox news today they're reluctant to say otherwise. >> how they will behave or how after they leave, this is something we don't know how they would behave because you cannot guarantee somebody else after he leave the jail even in the united states what he will go and do the same things bad or
1:31 pm
not. >> reporter: under the original agreement of last year, the five taliban detainees were set free in exchange for sergeant bergdahl walking off the base in eastern afghanistan before being captured by the taliban. both lawmakers on capitol hill and afghan officials have expressed their uncomfortedible with this agreement. and despite the anger at this agreement and the release of these five taliban detainees, though lawmakers on capitol really had no ability to stop this. this is an agreement that the white house signed with the taliban and it doesn't seem likely to change. at least in terms of any real significance any time soon. >> okay. conor, thank you very much. well from gitmo to full freedom, captain chuck nash is a military analyst and former navy captain. always good to see you. >> thank you. >> this is cooking down for a few hours from now. do you think the travel ban will expire? if so what will they do?
1:32 pm
>> well if it doesn't expire then that means we have renegotiated the deal and broke the commitment. that was made that the obama administration made when these guys were released and sent there. so i think what they're going to say is a deal's a deal. and they're already padding that by saying that the chances of them going back to the battlefield are very slim. well, this's just not true. the facts don't bear that out. there have been 620 detainees released from guantanamo bay. of that 620, 184 are either confirmed or suspected of returning to the battlefield and of those 184, 60 of them have been killed or recaptured. so there is a track record. there is a high recidivism rate. still those are just basic guys let out early because they weren't a threat. these guys are some of the worst of the worst.
1:33 pm
they were held much much longer because it was so dangerous to let them out. so their chances of going back are pretty high. >> yeah. the director of national intelligence statistics and facts say that 28.6% of the gitmo detainees were back to the battlefield to try to kill afghanis and us and others. so if -- let's say this travel ban, they extend the deal. six months there are reports talking about six months. what then? does the ban stay in place forever? what point they would be free to leave qatar and basically one would assume do whatever they want. >> absolutely. they still should be in gitmo. there's no doubt about this. >> too late for that. >> what's going to happen is if one of the guy's involved in doing something really bad and americans die, that's boy, you want to talk about chickens home to roost. >> i tell you. let's show their pictures once more b not as you said plain taliban fighters.
1:34 pm
some of the top leaders, including the deputy chief of intelligence of the taliban intelligence. the chief of staff, the former guy of the taliban army. the head of the taliban communications. so when you hear the former official of kuwait saying that you know they can't really guarantee what their behavior is when the cia director says that we're continuing to discuss this with the qatari partners what type of partners are they? >> well i think they're the guy who is took these people when the administration was trying to get rid of them which was a political ploy because if you could get rid of some of the really bad guys and start emptying out gitmo, then it becomes how much her head costing us to keep gitmo open? getting rid of the really bad guys, it is easier to get rid of the lower level guys and then keeping the facility open for a few people and cost prohibitive and then what about that? the problem is you're letting these people out for the wrong
1:35 pm
reason. they kept them there because they were either of intelligence value, they were breaking the rules and bad prisoners or they were continuing threat to the united states. there's the three main reasons that each one of those guys would get reviewed every year to make sure that they really need to be detained. so they break five of these guys free. one of the worst possible deals that ever could have been made when everybody knew that these guys were bad, bad news. >> what do you think finally's going to happen? >> i think they're going to walk and it's like the state department said you know one of the things we need to do to reduce terrorism and get the jobs i bet you come monday these guys will go back to the old jobs. >> captain chuck nash hours are counting down. see what happens. thank you so much for your analysis. >> thank you. firefighters out west coming the aid of a woman trapped who apparently was no st. nick. we'll explain what that's all about. plus with the fort rocked
1:36 pm
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take a look. not your typical firefighter rescue. crews in los angeles saved a woman who was trapped in the chimney of a middle school. you can see them placing a harness around the soot covered woman lifting her to safety. she was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries and no word on exactly how she got stuck 25 feet down into that chimney or why she was even there. fifa sponsors including mcdonald's and coca-cola are calling on soccer's governing
1:41 pm
body to do major damage control after the justice department announced a 47-count indictment accusing 9 soccer officials and 5 marketing executives of wide-spread corruption and bribery. meanwhile, in the midst of all of this, fifa's president re-elected to a fifth term and not indicted in the ongoing investigation. let's bring in dan kaplan a nfl writer at sports business journal. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this is a crazy story. first question for you, though how far can the u.s. legal prosecution reach? more indictments coming down? the irs invest told "the new york times" in the story yesterday he expects more indictments and clearly the press conference in brooklyn a few days ago by the justice department and fbi there was a strong hint there will be more indictments coming and that's the strong expectation within the sports and the soccer world. >> and then the question everybody wants to know will
1:42 pm
sepp blatter eventually ultimately somehow be implicated. >> that is what a lot of people who want fairness in the world of soccer hope for. but it's impossible to know. i sort of see him as the sheriff in mississippi burning. somehow he escapes and everyone underneath him is caught and sepp blatter escapes. that's his history. >> well i mean you know talk about the sponsors. a lot of them are saying listen guys. get your act together. we are pulling out. do you think the sponsors will disassociate them from fifa? >> only one said that. that was visa. >> yeah. >> all the others mcdonald's, coca-cola, they gave the same statements of the nfl domestic violence crisis last year. we're concerned. we are expressed our concern and then that's the last you hear. visa is different. that's one worth keeping an eye on. but it's going to be very hard to walk away from the world cup. this is the 1 billion people
1:43 pm
watching your brand on tv. that's a very hard thing to make an ethical stand and walk away from. >> a lot of people watching are the millennials everybody wants to court. do the millennials care about brand ethics? >> it is interesting you bring that up because by and large what i said is the lock stock and trade of corporate sponsorship. let the crisis pass. millennials are much more interested in the ethics of a corporation. the ethics of the brand. they pay attention a lot more attention to this than people my age, for example, who historically you know don't think about the company sponsoring an event and what the ethics are involved. millennials do and whether that has an affect on companies in fifa we don't yet. >> the uk minister of sports suggesting boycotting. do you think many countries will get on board with this? >> again, because of the popularity of the world cup, and because of the intensity of the fan passion and nationalistic passion, it is hard it is hard to see. but yes.
1:44 pm
it was quite striking that the minister of sports in uk where the sport was created and founded would suggest a world cup boycott of the 2018 cup in russia. >> yes in russia. >> i'm sure mr. putin suggested that. >> you know it's all america's fault. we won't go there. it's a putin thing. what are you talking about specifically about this? >> from the business side we are talking about visa's statement which was a very strong saying they were going to pull out if changes were not made. will the other companies? will they take it seriously? not just the corruption. look at the qatar world cup. hundreds of immigrant workers have died building world cup stadiums there. and we didn't hear a peep from the sponsors. there's reports from amnesty international. these are the issues to keep an eye on because fifa corruption doesn't just affect where the world cup is going to be but clearly a high human toll. >> so i'm guessing 2026 no world
1:45 pm
cup in the u.s.? >> i would not think there's going to be a 2026 world cup in the u.s. if mr. blatter is still there. the u.s. soccer federation made a strong stand against him and the vote against his presidency. >> dan, good to see you. thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> all right. the personal information of 100,000 american households now vulnerable they say, after a massive computer hack attack. how do you know if your identity is safe? we're keeping an eye right now on the senate floor where lawmakers are set to vote on the controversial nsa surveillance program. you're looking at senator dan coates of indiana speaking and critical of rand paul and saying the claims are false. man, it is a heated debate now ongoing on the senate floor. keep it here on fox news channel for the latest.
1:46 pm
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with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime, anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at some of us are on high alert for hackers after this past week's disturbing news. the irs revealing identity thieves tried to steal tax
1:50 pm
refunds affecting more than 100,000 u.s. households. sources telling fox news that the attack guess what originated they say in russia. so how do you know if your personal information has been hacked and how can we stop it? brenda is the anchors of "bulls & bears." >> this is on an entirely different level and much higher stakes very sophisticated criminals. essentially, what they have done is they went into the get transcript tool of the i.r.s. and to get into that there are a lot of layers. it is not just your social security and phone number and address. there are questions on there that you might know such as your facebook security questions that type of thing. they were able to get through that. we think what happened is they took your personal information from other sources from other
1:51 pm
hack attacks not from the i.r.s. say, a health insurer, with a number of high profile hacks in the last year or so. they are using that information or they are buying and selling it and they are going on to the i.r.s. site because they have this information to fool the i.r.s. because the i.r.s. has been pretty successful in stopping some of the scams. thank you is a much more sophisticated and organized type of plot than just one person in the basement trying to do this? is there a group maybe in russia or the russian mob organized crime or others? >> absolutely. definitely organized crime. that is how you think of this. essentially, you have credit reporting agencies that are criminal. they have as much information about you as a credit reporting agency would have. again, this is taking it to an entirely different level. you really have to be much more careful. there are some things. >> what can we do?
1:52 pm
people say change your password. nobody does that only when the thing tells you have to do that. >> first of all on social mediaot of information out there about us. on facebook, for example do not put it out to the public. put it out to selected friends. they are using facebook and other social media accounts to get information about you. other things like you should have two banks. one for your checking account and your bill-paying and one for retirement savings, say accounts investment, two separate banks. again, the other thing is, long-term credit monitoring. the thing is, this is not just now. this is not just this year. they got information about these people's dependents and children with social security numbers there. it could go on for decades. check director credit report. >> how do you do that? >> you can do it once a year through trans union or the three
1:53 pm
bake credit monitoring agencies. you can get one for free each year. there is and find out your credit score if it goes way down there is a problem. i check my banking account constantly online and my credit cards. thank you is the way did get you can have access and go on your credit card account and check to see if someone took $10,000 and buying something at tiffany's. >> again social media is important, if your friends can answer your security questions on facebook, something is wrong. you better change it. it is not just your password. >> someone bought $500 worth of fishture in rome. >> was it nice? >> you didn't get it! >> thank you. >> of course you can catch brenda leader on the fox thursday channel on "bulls & bears," at 10:00 a.m. on
1:54 pm
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>> i tried to remember the news is not about the newscaster but those who make it and those who are affected. i will miss being in the middle of things but what i will never forget is the trust you placed in me and how nice you were to add me as a guest in your home over so many years. that meant the world to me. and it always will. thank you. >> that was long time cbs news anchor bob schieffer bidding farewell the he spent nearly 50 years in the business including 24 years as moderator of "face the nation." the political director for cbs news will take over the hosting duties for "face the nation," starting next week. for bob schieffer an end of an era, a great newsman who really makes our profession proud. >> indeed. excellent journalist and a class acted. >> absolutely. we need that.
1:59 pm
congratulations. >> listen to this, guys, a 92-year-old cancer survivor is racing her way into the record becomes. harriet thompson is now the oldest woman to finish a mayor then. the charlotte woman finished san diego's rock-n-roll marathon in just over seven hours and 24 minutes. this is her 16th time running a marathon. last year she set a record finishing in seven hours and seven minutes she is a two time cancer survivor and i am told she just finished the race 15 minutes ago. congratulations! >> what an inspiration. >> absolutely. none of this "can't go to the gym." no excuses. >> going to shame me. >> it has been a pleasure having you with us on this saturday night chock full of -- no, sunday. >> sunday. >> it's sunday. >> the senate is in session. waiting for rand paul to speak.
2:00 pm
>> big deal. >> we will keep an cry on that on fox news channel. it is sunday. thanks for joining us. "media buzz" is up next. >> on the buzz beater hillary clinton now has the appearance of competition but the media are not taking bernie sanders and martin o'malley that seriously except on msnbc. >> today belongs to bernie sanders. he is treated like a good fly who zips only to pester hillary clinton's move to the left during the primaries but bernie sanders has been bucking that. >> the republican field glows larger with rick santorum and george pataki jumping in but are they be dismissed as also rans? >> it will not an good run for someone like rick san form around for a long-term who has come in nearly


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