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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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was repealed. >> ann, thank you. >> thank you. >> pra is all the time we have rest this evening. set your dvr. you don't want to miss coulter. we'll see you back here tomorrow night thanks for being with us. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> there is a war on black boys in this country in my opinion. >> continuing to ignore the mounting death toll in black neighborhoods because of violent crime. tonight, we present some horrifying statistics. >> we have the taliban five leaders on the cusp of being released. >> what the obama administration is trying to block the release of taliban terroristsbuyer's remorse? >> what does the watter's world
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stand for? >> jesse watters wants to know, why. >> elizabeth warren is not that big a thing. >> caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone. factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly thanks for watching tonight. it is the war in a city the talking points memo. while concentrating on police officer shooting black citizens the real war is criminals shooting many innocent by standards. 43 homicides and nonfatal shooting incidents up this year. reporting arrests in baltimore down 56 percent in may since the
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riot. that means some baltimore cops are standing down. so far this year homicide is up 13%. 169 people violently killed in the windy city. vast majority of the murders committed by blacks on other blacks. carnage in chicago has been going on for years with no end in sight. here in new york city bill deblasio ordering his officers to end the stop frisk program designed to get guns off the streets. m in addition new york city infrastructure is collapsing. cops are angry with de blasio for not supporting them therefore low level offenses such as double parking aggressive begging other so-called quality of life crimes, not being enforced. streets in the city are clogged beyond belief 24/7. which means more air pollution. and more frustration for anyone trying to get anywhere. you can't.
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there is no question things are going south in new york city under mayor de blasio. should be noted that in baltimore, chicago and new york democrats run the show. and their permissive attitude are the primary reason violence is up social order down. unless they somehow begin to understand that strict policing is needed to help lives, this trend will continue. the washington post said today that police shootings are also on rise. so far this year 385 people have been killed by police half white, half minority. more than 80% of those shot were carrying weapons of some kind. so you can see that the violent climate emerging in the usa is generating violence on the street and through police action. and that's a memo. now to the top story tonight, reaction. we have three reports, first joining us from washington
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bobberbob eurlich. >> cops are not feeling love from the state's attorney bill. this is art, not silence, when you are making questionable calls the police have to know when they use their discretion they are not putting themselves up against the wall that they in turn will not be arrested. you cited the stats, they are dramatic. arrests are down. 911 call when it comes to real policing they are very fearful that state's attorney does not have their back and to the large extent bill, the same goes for the police commissioner. >> that's miss moseby. is this individual action or cops on their own? >> you have heard the phrase work to rule the teachers go through a slow down that's what it is. so i think it is word of mouth. do i think it is semi organized? of course. they want to do their jobs by the way p. this is not, we're doing this for show.
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this is given the state's attorney word for access we're not sure she will have our back when we make innocent mistakes or sometimes negligent mistakes. >> might there be an el ventement of revenge. 113 officers were hurt in in the riot. throwing the police under the bus, not calling in the national guard soon enough did not a lot of things to disparage the police. six indicted in the killing of freddie gray. is there an element of revenge here gov floor? >> this element of resentment bill. you recall the video footage of the police backing up in the alleys backing up in the streets as rocks and bottles were coming in. a lot of these officers were injured. bottom line was i guess from the top is i guess property damage is acceptable here. you report that night in and
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night out. that's the bottom line. >> now to chicago where pastor corey brooks joins us. pastor look i know you've been trying to fight this violence but it doesn't seem to be working. why does the bloodshed and block neighborhoods continue? >> it continues because we continue the fight. we continue working with organizations like that are mentoring young black males and trying to get their lives turn around. some say we need more policing. but i believe we need more mentoring. >> that's a long-term solution though. every weekend we report here now that you know dozens of chicagoans are -- your solution is long-term. are there enough police on streets? should the national guard be put by the governor in the neighborhoods. >> absolutely not. >> so you are willing to have a casualty count, pastor? >> that's like saying we more
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nsa -- >> if we had more terror atracks here -- >> if you had more violent attacks like in chicago you do need more -- you seem to be willing to take the casualties. >> absolutely not. we have the opportunity of the family -- that's what we have do. >> in the meantime you will have hundreds of people dying every weekend in the hail of gunfire but the drug gangs and you're telling me you don't want more police down there, pastor? are you really saying this? >> no i say we have to change behavior and police never change behavior. we have to change heart. mentoring, and working with young men and showing them other opportunities. we got that. >> okay. finally here in new york city senior fellow of the manhattan institute. am i being unfair to mayor de blasio? putting civility and quality of
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life on him. no doubt police in new york let's start there, despise the mayor, you agree with that? >> they do. >> almost the same thing like baltimore. by despising the man, how does that influence quality of life in the city? >> fortunately new york is very different from chicago or baltimore. the great accomplishment of broken windows policing in new york is not that it made the rich neighborhoods of new york safe but it made the core and minority neighborhoods so much safer than they were before. >> but now de blasio is undermining that. >> hopefully he can see what is going on on tv. i don't think anybody in new york wants to go back there. >> you are already back there in some places. east of new york. murder rate is up more than 100%. you are already back there. >> when it comes to quality of life issues. when you have a mayor running on the anti-police rhetoric platform, people will test what can we get away with in city. if they find they can get away
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with it they will do it and take more. >> do you believe as governor ehrlich believes that police have to crack down on the little infractions as a message to the mayor? >> that happened earlier this year. two police officers were killed. fascinated by someone out to get the police. and there was a situation like that here. my understanding is it is pretty much resolved by now. >> you don't believe the new york city police 43,000 strong are overlooking these minor infracks now? >> at this point in time i'm not aware. >> i come into the city everyday and i've never seen it worse. trucks double parked. they block the box. used to be a big fine. they don't care. nobody gets tickets now. 8 million people 16 million in the metro area, when you're not enforcing small laws have you a big problem. >> that's what quality of life policing is about. if people block the box with
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impunity, people litter with impunity impunity when public order breaks down that's when the more serious serious crimes take place. >> do you think de blasio will wise up and -- >> i don't think new yorkers will let deblasio get away. >> all right, thank you. more bad news overseas. i apparently isis captures boat load of americans weapons from the army. also those traded for are those made with all-beef, karen? yeah, they're hebrew national. but unlike yours they're also kosher. only certain cuts of kosher beef meet their strict standards. they're all ruined. help yourself! oh no, we couldn...okay thanks hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust.
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at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe's handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. impact statement tonight. secretary john kerry broke his leg in a bike accident. even as he tries to get a nuclear deal with iran. that's coming up. isis capturing thousands of american weapons frommite racky army which ran away from the
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mosul site leaving americans weapons there so ice could grab. finally, taliban terrorists traded for bowe bergdahl set to be released today but the obama administration doesn't want that and travel on them has been restrict ordered so we hear. but even in the face of chaos abroad either the president said this today -- >> people don't remember when i came into office the world opinion ranked below china and just barely above russia. and today, once again, the united states is the most respected country on earth. and part of that i think, is because of the work we did to reengage the world. >> no, not respected by putin, not respected by isis and other terrorists. i don't know what he is referring to. now charles, who joins us from washington, author of the book things of that matter now out in paper back. great father's day gift. charles knows that the last ten
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days or so i've been doing the big picture on how things are going south in the usa, here, domestically, and overseas. and that's the theme of the first part of this program tonight. you saw chicago, new york, baltimore, it is absolute carnage now. 50 people a weekend getting shot dead. nothing being done. and overseas it is almost even worse over there. so president obama says things are great. what do you say? >> he says we're the most respected country in the world once again. you wonder what world, what planet he is living on. and it is not just as you enumerated our enemies who have no respect for us chinese, russians iranians of course isis all the way down. it is our allies. you think the ukrainians respect us or polls, saudis, bahrain.
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the king of bahrain was supposed to come to camp david with the president of the united states he stiffs the president and foreign ministry of bahrain issues a statement saying on that day, where was the king? at a horse show in england. now if that's a sign of respecting with we've got problems. >> and israel as well. >> that goes without -- look at egypt. where did the president of egypt go several months ago? first time in 40 years he goes to moscow looking for weapons. we had a monopoly in that area of influence p. that is not only gone and dissipated but there's been a revulsion against the united states because we have checked out under obama. and these allies have been on us for so longer finding themselves left hanging in the wind. >> now, we can see it you, me, maest factor viewers who live in new york chicago, baltimore, we can see it right before our
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eyes. emmanuel re-elected despite all of the dead bodies. he hasn't improved it one iota he is re-elected. president obama, everything is go overseas. his party is not outraged. here in new york de blasio yeah his approval rating isn't going down but there doesn't seem to be a collective outrage among americans yet about all of this deterioration or am i wrong? >> i think you're right, there is no outrage. this is gradual process. people got used to the miracles that giuliani bloomberg brought with the broken windows policing and they aren't experiencing the crash that's coming. but what you have in new york and baltimore and other place says a police strike. it is not announced. probably isn't even organized but a cop who feels that he
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doesn't have the governor, materthe mayor and attorney general behind him isn't going to wade into a crowd of hostile people po uphold the law. it is like the effect of obama's withdraw of foreign policy. it was predictable when he started in 2009 but the effects take time. the reason the country is beginning to realize what kind of distress we are in in our position abroad is because it takes time. shows itself, in ukraine, south china sea. shows itself with isis and beheading of americans. showes it self over time. that same thing will happen in the cities. i think if this continues over this projectry, won't have an easy time i don't think he will have a chance at reelection. >> i don't know charles. i think we are a different country now. i said this on election day when president obama was re-elected
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i think we are a very different country, as far as what we expect from the government. i expect efficiency. i want good policy. but other people they are just looking at it what's in it for me. if i don't get what i want i don't care what they do in the big picture. >> when a squee squeegee man assaults you at the entrance of the tunnel i think you will worry. when shooting encroaches into your neighborhood people won't like that. when the streets are littered and unsafe then people will act. it is not going to be expressed. not going to happen -- >> it's been going on for what six or seven years now? and nothing has been done. nothing. it is unbelievable. directly ahead, one more bad quarter. and american may slip into another recession. story is underreported. we have the grim facts for you. finally finding out how many people will be charged in the maryland riot situation.
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american economy approved under president obama. many republicans say that's nonsense. here the latest stats. first plea months of the year commerce department says the u.s. economy contracted 0.7% if the second quarter sees another contraction, they could enter neither recession. it is possible. are you surprised about the contraction last quarter? >> little bit. but not really. i thought that the previous two
8:24 pm
quarters were pretty strong and i thought they were overstatements of how strong things were going so i wasn't surprised to see it slow down. >> growing okay but not great. >> well under 3% last year, the growth. and that's historically low for year. >> yeah but come on. this is the world's big economic -- >> we're growing at a modest rate. and to that you and i agree. >> i don't know if i agree with the word modest. i think it is slowly -- >> 2.5%. >> look we're the engine that drives the world's economy and now some are fearful that if this quarter, there's a contraction, we are back into recession or at least bordering on it and the polls show that people most americans, believe we never got out of recession. >> i'm not disputing it would be great if we were growing faster. you raise the rest of the world, the rest of the world is
8:25 pm
weighing us down. we are the fastest growing economy of the advanced keen mys and we aren't growing that fast. that's because the bubble popped. we can't go back to consuming more than we were earning and we can't go back to building houses that people aren't moving into. >> i hope not. it is actually growing. >> wouldn't you like to see a robust private sector emerge? i know you're a democrat and i know -- >> for me i would like to see lower taxes on business. because we have the highest corporate tax in the world. and incentives for business to bring back the trillions of dollars that are overseas. in american profits. they are hiding there. because they don't want to pay the taxes on it. and invigorate the private sector. but president obama, and i don't know where hillary clinton stands because she won't answer any economic questions, they won't seem to be that concerned about it. but i think that's the -- >> i don't know if i totally
8:26 pm
agree with that. i hundred percent agree with you that we want business to be growing in this country. now, the first thing to note is if you look at the date on the economy, the private sector has actually been growing about the average rate during a recovery. the main thing that has been majorly shrinking has been state and local government adding the big negatives. private sector has been relatively healthy. >> when you say that it's a business misleading though. because of the wages they pay the american worker are down. so while the unemployment rate is down. all right. jobs being created pay less. and you know you got all of this obama care keeping it under 40 employees so you don't have to pay all of the government mandated stuff. i'm just thinking here -- >> yeah but look i kind of think doesn't that somewhat contradict your previous statement which is you want to cut taxes for business but when we have cut taxes for business in the past that has not
8:27 pm
automatically translate need higher wages for the workers. it raised their profits to the highest level -- >> what it does do is causes business to expert. when business expands, there are more jobs that have to be filled. when there are more jobs that have to be filled wages rise because the competition for the workers. >> that's been the combination we haven't had. we add lot of -- >> so why don't we just try it in the last year of obama's term. because he is too stubborn. >> eight years under george bush didn't create -- >> wait wait seven years mr. bush and everybody was partying and you know it. it got out of hand. >> what kind of party, the party that someone else pays for. >> that's right. that's the mistake. but the lower taxes he imposed brought prosperity to the
8:28 pm
american worker. last word. >> i don't think it did. i think what we need is a sustainable growth that's not based on bubbles. i think you and i agree that does need to have private sector growing across the board. >> you got to do something to stimulate it. we always appreciate you coming on. megyn kelly on how many looters and protesters baltimore authorities will prosecute. we finally have the number. and what is the elizabeth warren issue? >> elizabeth warren said she was behind the occupy wall street movement. do you support that? >> yes. >> what was the occupy wall street movement? >> stay tuned for those reports. heartburn! did someone say burn? try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. thank you. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this
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philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. innovation and you. philips sonicare. tonight a poll from quinnipiac university not good for president obama. 50% believe the president is doing a bad job. 43% like the way he is handling things. mary katherine spoke to fox news. 50% disapprove? why? >> i think you touch end to in some of what you have bee talking about on the show. everything from the economy to oversea answers tension here at home. but i would remind you with 18 month goes right now, president obama, bill he is a little bit lower than what we have seen from bill clinton for example at this point in his presidency but about where ronald reagan was
8:33 pm
and higher than where george w. bush was with 18 months to go. >> i don't think reagan was close to 50% disapproval with 18 months go. >> approval. >> this is disapproval. >> all right. >> and disapproval. >> i don't think it was that high. mary what is driving the disapproval number. >> well he is comfortably under water for some time. and there are a couple things going on here. lately i think the isis situation might have something do with it. the quinnipiac poll 64% believe that america is losing that nice against isis and that's democrats, republicans and independents. that's an overt failure people are notice ppgingnoticing. there is this continued distrust in washington that happened remarkably on obama's watch while he argues for the federal
8:34 pm
government to solve our problems. i don't think it solves our problems -- >> i don't know what problems it solved. >> that's how people feel. >> problems haven't been solved because guess what people look at congress and -- >> people don't lie byebuy that. >> i can't stick up for congress but the problem is partially solved is immigration because there aren't that many people coming across the border because there are no jobs for them. >> i'm just going to say to you, when you look at gop numbers, looking at approval/disapproval they would kill for obama's numbers. >> in congress you're talking about? >> right. >> that's always the case. >> here is the thing though. a liberal who comes into office saying that the federal government can solve all your problems and then doesn't deliver, which is what happened on obama's watch if they are very simple and clear about it then people go hey, maybe that's
8:35 pm
not going to work. >> hope and change. >> that's the conservative's argument. >> let me say two things. number one, history doesn't say administration is defined by the congress. soot this point, president obama's administration is way, way down. maybe make a come back. how can he do it when he checked out? he is gone. he is not even on the job. he is gone. you know that. he is booking his speeches. he is getting his book ready. he is getting his-gsh ---he is moving here no new york city. come on. he's gone. >> you have wishful thinking. >> no. he has given up. >> no. >> you know what look take it easy. i tell you, i can't believe obama's schedule. he is so busy and i'll tell what you -- >> doing what? >> let me tell you. if anybody thought that obama needed to be run away from it would be hillary clinton and guess what? you don't see that. in fact she is -- >> oh --
8:36 pm
>> would he are -- >> she is not going do -- >> let me finish. >> gallop has found that people identifying themselves as democrats for the first time in history equal to republicans. >> that's probably the same ronald reagan poll that had 50%. >> oh, stop. >> all right, 30 seconds, has president obama checked out? >> in the end -- yeah he is basically checked out i would say. but i think when he came into office here is the thing, i think when he came into office the plan was to just be obama. i don't think there is a plan beyond that. you see him survive politically day-to-day. that's the plan. an large vision, not a large plan for the future. i think he will enjoy being president. >> what about had trade deal? what about the iranians. what about the immigration bill? oh i don't want him to -- >> i didn't say i didn't want him to at all.
8:37 pm
>> all right. got. breaks my heart but i got go. new book coming out entitled "end of discussion." there it is. when we come back megyn kelly will discuss how many looters and protesters are facing charges in baltimore. the number may surprise you. and senator elizabeth warren. we are coming right back. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue.
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thanks for being with us. i'm bill bill o'reilly. fwrs we are asking how many are facing charges in the riots. 264 people were arrested. prosecutors office tells factor 191 individuals are now facing charges. here to tell us more fox news anchor megyn kelly. would wr do the stats come from? all in the state prosecutor's office? >> that's my understanding. they release the information in response to a freedom of information act request that you filed. >> right. less than half of the people will be prosecuted. >> 2 out of 5. >> i was surprised the number was so high. >> really? >> yeah.
8:42 pm
i didn't think they would even do that. >> well they are tough to pursue. you have to have eyewitness. you going to go through all of the videotape and find an eyewitness? just think of how it would be. then wonder how the cops will go through and remember every person they arrested. part of the problem in a lot of these folks is they didn't get the arrest warrant done in time because they had so many people to arrest, cops were busy. they were busy trying to prevent murder and arson and didn't have time for the paperwork. >> they were told not to do that on day one. >> thootsat's right. >> 191. maybe a 50% conviction rate. >> maybe. i think the prosecutor showed they is not that fascinated by protesters. in fact what she said this is your moment. this is our time. >> now falling apart, literally, as we reported up top. bruce jenner you fan this is. >> i don't really watch the kardashians and i never followed his olympic career other than from a far.
8:43 pm
i was a kid. i knew him as the guy on the wheaties box, a world class athlete. >> now he is a woman. he is call me caitlyn. that is bruce jenner. >> he recently had, just in case our viewers saw him with diane sawyer since then ten hours of facial reconstruction surgery to look more like a woman. the face look is dramatically different from just this interview a few months ago. and he said he woke up from that in a lot of pain saying i don't know what i've done. he did not have the, you know full male to female surgery. >> that's a nice dress. >> listen i give him a lot of credit. >> do you? >> i think he is courageous. i really do. i realize this is a controversial thing do to say the least. but he said he felt like he was living a lie. that bruce jenner always lived a lie and that caitlyn has no secrets to hide.
8:44 pm
>> one thing agree with you is i don't think anybody should bully these people at all ever. this is none of your business. if they want do it they should be able do it. this is meramerica and nobody should comment on it. i agree 100%. now on wednesday you have the duggar parents. you have done this interview? >> no. we are going wednesday morning to their home and we are doing it there. >> that will be a big news breaker. >> this will be very big. this is the first time they have spoken out at all about the scandal. their oldest son, josh revealed "in touch" magazine committed child molestation in four or five instances. we are go going through it with them. there is much more to the story. i will ask the parents about it. ask them what they did about it. how they handled it. what they did and did not do and what their family has been through. but there is more to the story. one of the questions i want to get to is how do we know about this? there appears to be a police
8:45 pm
chief in their jurisdiction who improperly released the police reports. and whenever you think about what josh duggar did -- >> we don't know yet. >> but the point is that several victims have been outed as victims who apparently never wanted to be outed. >> so on the kelly file on wednesday. >> i'll have it. on deck going to massachusetts to find out, why some people like elizabeth warren. watter is next.
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
over the weekend she delivered the commencement address to students at the berkshire community college.
8:49 pm
watters was there. ♪ school's out for summer ♪ >> are you excited about elizabeth warren speaking? >> yeah. that'll be great. >> some of the programs that i've heard that she's put in place i agree with. >> what programs? >> [ crickets ]. >> i've said too much already. >> you didn't say anything. >> do you guys know who elizabeth warren is? >> a senator. >> take a guess, republican or democrat. >> is she republican? >> i'm going to take a guess she's a democrat. >> are you sure? >> no. >> democrat? >> nailing it. >> nailed it. >> what does elizabeth warren stand for? >> please answer the question. >> elizabeth warren is speaking. >> oh. >> she's native american. >> okay. >> did not know that up until now. >> my mother was part delaware and part cherokee.
8:50 pm
>> she's cherokee indian. >> i had no idea. >> what do you like about elizabeth warren? >> well apparently she's cherokee indian. >> good >> do you like capitalism? >> i don't know. >> you don't know. you studied business administration. do you know what capitalis many is? >> can you tell me about it. >> hey, senator. how are you doing? just a few questions. >> asking questions right now, life -- >> sorry, i have a job to do. senator, we have a question for you.ed as big banks raked
8:51 pm
in billions of dollars by strapping people in debt. that's when i had an idea. if we built a new agency. the consumer protection financial bureau is now the law of the united states. >> how jacked up are you after that amazing warren speech? >> so jacked. >> what did elizabeth warren fight against this is. >> seems like she fought against a -- >> what did you think about elizabeth warren's address? >> she was really -- what's the word? >> what agency did elizabeth warren create? >> oh, my gosh. next question. >> i wasn't really paying attention. >> excuse me? >> consumer fraud protection agency. against the big banks ripping people off? >> yes.
8:52 pm
>> you missed that whole part didn't you? . she is cherokee indian so that might have been a language barrier. >> true. >> in english please. >> throw your cap up. i'll show you how it's done. you ready? like this. yes, i caught it! you want to make a lot of money when you graduate? >> that would be a pretty good idea. easy living. >> like me. >> exactly like you. maybe we can hang out. have a pool party. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> you ever watch watters' world? >> not really. >> i'm watters and you're in my world right here. >> oh, is this great. >> he followed you. >> they shadowed me.
8:53 pm
i couldn't get near her i even emailed ahead of time saying i would like to speak to her and they ignored me. i just wanted to have a pow would you. wow. >> did she see you? >> she did. twice. she thought it was warren's world, i guess. >> you didn't pick the slowest students just at random. >> you can't discern who's who. everyone is wearing a cap and gown. >> but you didn't have smart answers you didn't use. >> no, we did not. no smart answers. >> is anybody paying attention to her? >> well i mean she was talking about government agencies at commencement. not like a -- >> how long did she speak? >> about 20 minutes. over everyone's head. >> maybe next time she will talk to you watters. >> we will see. not after that. >> summer's almost here. want it lose a few pounds? we will tell you how with no pain. the tip moments away.
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directly out of rules for radicals. ridicule is man's most potent weapon. nice insight. but ridicule in america is such an epidemic that the shock value has been lost and folks are almost numb to it. those of us in the media business who want honesty are angry. the smear merchants aren't held to account but are almost relieved the slander isn't dismissed quickly. "after listening to the talking points on america's decline i realize president obama has indeed transformed us as he said he would." anthony file, pensacola, florida, jesse watters did not have to go to the inner city to find slackers. could have found them in the republican districts of kentucky and west virginia. you know why i agree, anthony? slackers can be found in most precincts but there is a culture growing in some places which will lead to poverty. that was the point of the rhode island watters world. steven horsily monroe
8:58 pm
washington bill, your talking points are spot on about pride. i came here from australia 22 years ago. i've seen american pride decline in that time. i dropped out of high school but worked hard and now i have a great life. life can be -- i have a great job. life can be great if you work hard." absolutely. and that is the "factor" letter of the day. enjoy your signed copy of "legends and lies," steve. ronald kandahar afghanistan, i'm a retired marine working here as a defense contractor. i love all the "killing" books and i'm looking forward to "killing reagan." out september 22nd, ron. please stay safe over there. linda higgins, frostburg, maryland. i'm fat estimated by the life of general custer. the legends and lies episode on him was excellent. that was last night. thank you, linda. this coming sunday at 8:00 "legends and lies" features the real lone ranger. it's going to knock your socks off. wait till you see this. custer will replay at 9:00, right in front of gutfeld's new show at 10:00, all here on fnc. finally tonight the tip of the
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9:00 pm
do not be jejune in writing to the "factor." thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn warming up. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here.ely looking out for you. breaking tonight, one week after president obama gets hit for praiseing his own foreign policy which he bragged had "ended the major ground wars," he does it again. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. it happened late this afternoon at the white house as the president was making remarks to asian leaders and sharing his take on our place in the world. >> people don't remember when i came into office the united states in world opinion ranked below china and just barely above russia. and today once again the united states is the most respected country on earth. and part of that i think is because of the work that