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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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try watching it later and follow me on twitter @greta. goes to facebook, like my facebook page. good night from washington d.c. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the united states and our allies have prevailed. [cheers] >> we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> a new poll shows how americans feel about president bush compared to president obama. the results are fascinating. we will have it for you. >> all over the country public school teachers being verbally and physically assaulted. and the students committing the crimes not being punished. we'll have a factor investigation. >> what's more american than a cheeseburger? this cheeseburger loaded with a hot dog and potato chips in the hands of
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all-american model samantha hoops. >> also ahead when is enough enough as far as your body is concerned? should you eat food like that? we'll analyze. caution, you are about to it enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. get ready for the under class. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in countries like india and great britain there is a class section. the rich and middle class prosper. the so-called under class mired in poverty. in america we pride ourselves that we are all equal. however, that's not really true. there is a growing under class here that is quietly becoming a major problem. a recent cnn poll asked american adults how well are things going in the country today? 47% say things are good.
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52% things are bad. which of the following is the most important issue facing america today? the economy 22%. education 17%. terrorism 13%. now, the education percentage is telling. many americans catching on that the public school system is a mess generally speaking. we spend the second highest amount per student in the world, next to switzerland. yet, american kids do not perform well on standardized tests. why? there is a new fairly secret approach to public education that may be part of the reason. last night we spoke with the teacher in saint paul minnesota who says fourth graders in his school are running wild. >> i had an altercation with a student where the student actually punched me. i restrained the student and brought the student to the principal. i didn't want the student to be incarcerated. however i wanted some consequences that student was returned back to my class, mr. o'reilly within 10 minutes. >> mr. benner says much of
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the problem with discipline is because of the pacific educational group peg. the saint paul school district has paid that crew about 3 million bucks to tell teachers to treat minority students differently than white students. discipline is put aside in order to understand bad behavior. the group was founded by glen singleton educator based in san francisco. here is the philosophy, quote: it is critical for educators to address racial issues in order to uncover personal and institutional biases that prevent all students and especially students of color from reaching their fullest potential. unquote. in other words minority kids are not to be treated like white kids. school districts in san francisco, philadelphia, seattle, boston, denver, just to name a few pay that group a lot of money. and for that money they get advice like this. quote: examine the presence and the role of whiteness. unquote.
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what's really happening here is that minority students at risk in poor neighborhoods are being told they don't have to obey the same rules as white kids. they have a special status because of their circumstance. this, of course, creates a sense of entitlement among the children. that they are somehow exempt from uniform rules of conduct. thus an underclass is being created in the public school system of children who are not held to the proper standards of learning and behavior. they are given special treatment and that treatment is based on race. the result is that those kids will leave school with a jaded view of what it really takes to succeed in a very competitive society. and when the reality of the marketplace crushes them, many will become permanent members of the underclass. all of this going on very silently. i bet few of have you ever heard of the pacific educational group. i didn't know about it until eag broke the news story. in the end this racist educational program hurts the very children it's
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allegedly trying to assist by allowing minority kids to it avoid responsibility for their behaviors the school districts are dooming many of them to a life of poverty and chaos. pity the kids. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from wilmington, delaware. principal of the thomas a. edson charter school here. with us in new york city basil, columbia university who helped start a school for boys in the bronx. where am i going wrong here. >> i don't like the term entitlement and i don't like the term that there is this expectation that their behavior is somehow going to be exempt. that is not the case. no one is saying that. what they are saying is that all of the research shows that black men and women. black boys and girls are being suspended or expelled from school at a significantly higher rate than white students and creating what we would call a school-to-prison population. that's the problem. >> let me stop you there. shouldn't there be one standard of expulsion for
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every student just one. >> i believe there is a standard. i think what the argument is that teachers, many of them, have different expectation of their minority students than they do of white students are far quick tore suspend and expel a child of color. >> teachers can't expel. it's got to be the principal or vice principal. >> or the principal. that's basically a principal problem or individual problem. this group, all right tells big school districts listen, you got to give the minority kids a pass. you heard the saint paul teacher. he got punched. and the kid was back in 10 minutes and when he asked the principal why he was told hey we don't want to suspend or expel anybody that's what we're told not to do. >> a student that punches a teacher should not be punished. >> that's the reality my mother was a public school teacher 28 years. if she were punched the
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student should be punished. >> you don't agree with this. >> i agree in the sense that alternative to. criminal behavior. if you punch a student that's different. if you punch a teacher that's different. but we are saying that there are other behaviors that are being criminalized that shouldn't be. >> mr. thomas el you say? >> well, bill, you and i know that children can choose a behavior but they can't choose the consequences. and what we can't do and i understand the process of being able to teach teachers because they make the referrals to me as a principal. so i have to be able to train these teachers. most of the teachers in america did not grow up in neighborhoods where they team. so what we need to do is be able to assist them and understand and realize the actions of students. but no way should a student be allowed to put their hands on a teacher and i see it more and more. when i saw the video of a child who took a cell phone from a teacher. >> that was in philadelphia. >> can't allow children to behave like that.
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>> isn't this part of a racist behavior treating minority students differently than white students? isn't that racist in itself? what is it they call it the low expectations the racism of low expectations? isn't that what this is. >> and children will rise to your level of expectation. if you expect them to misbehave, if you expect them not to be able to follow the rules they won't. and it's unfair and we are setting those children up for failure bill. >> that's what i believe. now, mr. smikel, i agree with you that there has to be sensitivity involved if the child comes from a child's home. not the child's fault if they have a neglectful father. >> also an overused argument. >> but believe me you know what it is is you know what the stats are. the traditional family is falling apart. >> i think we spend a lot of time talking about those stats and don't talk about the system itself. what is said earlier is
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correct. you have a lot of of teachers in these communities that are there for two three four, five years and they are gone. where is the continuity. that doesn't have to do what's in the home or the neighborhood that's structure turley. >> look i'm a former high school teacher. the child brings his culture into the classroom. if there is no discipline at home it's hard to discipline at school. you know that there has to be one one rule that everybody obeys. >> but there absolutely is. >> not in these schools. >> my problem is that we are assuming that this discipline problem is pathological and cultural. it is not. it is not the norm in communities of color. there are kids in those schools doing incredible work and behaving appropriately. >> the disruption is much higher in those districts. last word to you mr. thomas-el. go ahead. >> my opinion is and let's be straight about this. a large large overwhelming number of students and teachers are doing a great job in this country. we need to get back to giving teachers and students the autonomy to be creative.
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stop testing them every day and thinking that's the answer. let's build resilient schools that build resilient teachers and resilient children because teaching children to be successful, be resilient is not teaching them how to be successful. how to respond when they're not successful. when they need discipline, let's discipline them because discipline is a form of love and they need education. for some it may be their only salvation. >> all right. gentlemen, thanks very much. we appreciate it next on the rundown, new poll comparing president bush the younger to president obama. who is more popular? interesting result. and then later miller on soccer bribes and drunken senators. the factor is is coming right back.
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unfavorably. president obama 49% favorable. 49% unfavorable. former president george w. bush 52% favorable. 43% unfavorable. wow. good day for president bush. and with just a year and a half left in his tenure. president obama is now looking ahead to his legacy. trying to get a nuke deal with iran hoping the supreme court does not overturn a key component of obamacare. where does president obama stand historically right now. joining us from washington laura brown teaches at university book jockeying for presidency. teaches at princeton author of book fierce of now. there zeller, begin with you. where would you put president obama right now? >> you know, certainly not fdr or he certainly is not ronald arresting in terms of his overall impact but he has a good policy record just in terms of the number. he has significant domestic
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legislation. significant changes in foreign policy. it's not whether they are good or bad but there is a record that's probably different than a jimmy carter, for example. >> when i'm ranking presidents and i do a little history as a you may know. i'm looking for accomplishments that have improved the country and i think president obama is short of those and obamacare is still debatable. >> yes. we don't know how that's going to work out. don't know if it's going to exist after the supreme court gets through with it would you point to another accomplishment of president obama that would put him in the middle of the pack? >> well, certainly some historians will say he helped guide the nation through the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009. it wasn't perfect. but the economy has moved in a trajectory. >> last quarter it contracted last quarter. so six and a half years we have median income hasn't risen and economy contracting. i'm not sure that's going to get him out of james buchanan territory but i could be wrong. >> dr. brown how do you see
5:16 pm
the president? >> the way i see the president is that he is passing but not really succeeding. in other words, he has a lot of accomplishments but those are accomplishments or likely fleeting because they are either by executive action or other executive orders. or they might even be problematic precedence that we may not want going forward or could be even more problems for each president. >> as i just told dr. as well z dr. zellzer. what did he do to improve the country? we have v. a situation could be be worse very quickly. what do you point to in order to get him into the 30's or even high 20's of american presidents? >> well, certainly democrats would point to the immigration executive order.
5:17 pm
>> how did that improve the country? it's already been knocked down by the federal courts? you can't even initiate it. >> what we're actually going to see is whether or not there is any legislation that eventually comes out of that. >> but let's deal with reality. what has he done in six and a half years that's, you know in play in the country? >> bill, what you have to realize is that presidents are judged both on whether or not they achieve their promises and to their fellow partisans and then whether or not those historical accomplishments really do amount to something. and i think you're getting at an important piece that what he has accomplished may not go down in history all that well. >> all right. president bush rose in a poll, surprise you? >> no, that's not a surprise. we are far enough away from his presidency where some nostalgia will start to kick in and some of the contention from his presidency will start to -- you know, damper down but at the same time we are not into the research yet. we don't have books about him.
5:18 pm
rearen't reevaluating his presidency. >> i was surprised by that poll because particularly jeb bush taking a little heat from people who don't want him to run because of his brother. i was surprised that he is now sprech significantly more popular. >> it is. this happens with presidents. >> it does. >> truman ends in the 20's in terms of approval ratings. is he hated. he doesn't run again. and now he is considered one of the great presidents in terms of what he did for the cold war. eisenhower at the time was seen as this bumbling president. >> and even reagan, his approval rating was up but didn't surge. but, remember, the communism collapsed happened under bush the elder. now, dr. brown see when i'm evaluating president obama, again i'm looking out and i got your point but i'm not seeing anything that he has done. i'm not being partisan here. i'm not seeing anything that he's done that has strengthened this nation. nothing. >> well, again. >> give me one thing that you think may strengthen the
5:19 pm
nation? >> well, his fellow democrats would say that his dividing the economy through the worst. >> but ace just pointed out median income is down and it's contracting now. do you have anything else besides that? >> well, i mean, look, i don't disagree with you on a lot of the way that president obama has performed. i would give him a c, if i were jnches that puts him. >> rating him. >> that puts him above fill more. phil more. can you give me one accomplishment. >> millions of people coming into the healthcare system. >> this is working. >> well we have enrollment in medicaid as a result of aca. supporters think. >> you think the history books are going to go hey you have more people on medicaid? that's going to be the defining moment. >> i think some will point though that if costs are contained over the long run. >> he also got usama bin laden which he will point to as a foreign policy win.
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>> you can't argue that bin laden is dead. doctors, thank you. directly ahead andrea tantaros. evaluate president obama's performance. fattest states in the u.s.a. also jennifer lopez getting folks in morocco very upset. i wonder why. moments away. to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. ♪ ♪ is this the year you go grab life by the gills? then you belong at bass pro shops with great father's day gift ideas at incredible savings. like redhead gray's peak shorts starting under $20. and save $50 on a charbroil 4-burner grill.
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continuing now with the impact segment. how will president obama go down in history. with us in new york city andrea tantaros. i know you don't like president obama's job performance. you are probably one of those negative people. raw presidential historian? do you know a lot about the past presidents? >> i do know a lot about the past presidents. >> there is three tiers. top tiers are franklin
5:24 pm
roosevelt, abraham lincoln george washington, teddy roosevelt. these are guys who really moved the country in a direction that helped the country. then there is the is kind of middle tier, the grover clevelands the u.s. grants, those people who really, you know, they were there. >> chester a. arthur. >> he was in the bottom because he was a crook. arthur was a crook. there is the philmore, james buchanans who were just ridiculous. where would you put president obama? i would probably put him at the bottom. because i say that with -- i will give a caveat. if you look at how progressive defined what the president has accomplished, bill owe has been pretty successful at accomplishing what he said he would do. he said he would fundamentally and radically change the country and he has. >> how? >> he has gutted our defense budget and led from behind. something he has wanted to do, pull back our foreign affairs, our activity in the world and traded in instead for the expansion of government to fund a welfare
5:25 pm
state. he has essentially done that he has been successful with obamacare, with executive orders. he wants the influx of multiculturalism. if you look at what he promised, believe it or not he has been incredibly successful. >> depends on your ideology some say that's good or bad. >> the policies aren't good for the country that's why i put him in the bottom tier. >> they haven't been certainly demonstrative in saying this has improved the question. >> no question. >> both of the president historians and we have got the top of the line here had trouble giving me one significant accomplishment. >> 12 million new jobs. 12 million new jobs. >> but the new jobs are such that they pay lower wages sod median income really is the barometer of how well the workers are doing. and they are doing worse after six and a half years. >> we brought manufacturing back to the united states. >> it still hasn't paid. they don't pay any money. >> that's not the job. the president has set the prices of pay by the company. >> it's the i don't know job of the president to create a robust atmosphere.
5:26 pm
>> look at wall street. it's doing great. better than. >> they are not hiring. >> it's their fault if they are not hiring. >> their profits are through the roof. >> they should be hiring more and bring back manufacturing. >> you can't force that they are afraid to do that because of government policies restrictions and obamacare. >> they are going to go go overseas no matter what. >> you are going to stand know micky on the president saved the economy? >> no doubt. the auto industry is back. >> if you think that the viewers out there think that the economy he is roaring that is a crazy accusation. first of all, so many people have even quit looking for work. you have. >> it's t. set a record. >> record number of people who have frankly given up. and so the economy, i went back before this segment bill and i read his state of the union and his inaugural and the two things that he said he would do, bring the economy back and the way he said he would do it was specific have been off. businesses don't feel confident. obamacare is a big reason for that so, look, i think it's all relative.
5:27 pm
the economy really was at the bottom when he took over. he has not made it exponentially better in the way that this white house spins it. >> he would have been red lined if he didn't put. >> soviet union. >> there would have been bread lines. >> you are crazy. >> you think the economy is doing well. >> it's actually doing better? there is still income inequality. we were $9 trillion in debt after president bush left office. >> can you tick off talking points but people don't believe you. >> $9 trillion is a fact. when. >> record number of people out of work, nomiki. >> deficits when people took office. why because of president obama. >> there is a record number of people out of work. >> who caused that though? if we are going. >> he has been in office for how long? if you are going to take credit for it you have to also. >> she asked a good question. who caused that? it's a market for a great president to solve problems. i haven't seen. this maybe 10 years the same thing will happen to barack obama that happened to
5:28 pm
george w. bush. maybe his popularity will significantly rise. >> i do think that will probably be the case. >> i don't. because i think the world is going to blow up. it's going to blow up. >> the liberal professors will not let him fail in the history books. they will spin his legacy. >> terrorism taking over countries. when they see people, thousands and thousands of people being slaughtered in the streets like the nazis did, what they think isn't going to matter. i think that's on the way. ladies, thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. miller on the big soccer bribe scandal and how to deal with senators who drink too much. also, would you eat this burger? wait until you hear what's in it? i don't think this lady is eating it. i think that's computer generated. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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are those made with all-beef, karen? yeah, they're hebrew national. but unlike yours they're also kosher. only certain cuts of kosher beef meet their strict standards. they're all ruined. help yourself! oh no, we couldn...okay thanks hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust. truth serum tonight. begin with rick santorum running for president. if the supreme court rules for gay marriage later this month. that might not end the story. >> i think it's important to understand that the supreme court doesn't have the final word. it has its word. it's word has validity but it's important for congress and the president frankly to push back when the supreme court gets it wrong. >> with us now here in new york bill hemmer in for eric shawn tonight and in for washington shannon bream fox news supreme court correspondent. it's perfect for you. i guess santorum is saying that congress could pass a law overriding the supreme
5:33 pm
court if the court says that gay marriage should be the law of the land. is that what he is getting at? >> it is. here is how it works. they don't necessarily say we pass a law saying they got it wrong in roe vs. wade. if the court took a piece of a law and said it was unconstitutional. what congress can do tweak the law, pass a new version overcoming the objection the court h santorum was involved in that as a senator by the way if you will remember with partial birth abortion ban initially in 2,000 the supreme court threw it out the law being contested. so eventually congress got on board in 2003, passed a different version, it then went to the supreme court and was upheld it survived scrutiny. so sometimes it's just about making a tweak and making your case again to the court. >> okay. but, in this case, it's a pretty straightforward up or down dictum from the supremes. i mean they are either going to say that it's a state issue, and kick it back there. or they are going to say that it's a constitutional
5:34 pm
right that all americans, no matter what they are have the right to be married. and if they do that i don't think constitutional amendment two thirds of the states right? >> i talked to the senator about this. i wanted to understand more about what he was saying. he pointed to roe vs. wade when that happened pro-choice advocates throughout said it's over. the discussion is over. what we have seen is there have been other measures at the state level that as science and technology advance and the arguments change a bit that states have chipped away at roe v. wade. >> you can chip away at it. again, gay marriage is much simpler. are you going to let them marry or not? supreme court weigh in it's constitutional right i think that's it tore stone. >> we'll know soon. >> here is hemmer. a guy in boston has a knife big night. one of these isis knives. >> 8-inch blade. >> you can behead somebody. and cops, fbi guy local boston pd, confront him.
5:35 pm
he, according to police, goes at them with the knife they shoot him dead. what more is it to this story? >> it appears that it's a story, a very good police work and it appears it's a story of isis getting its message out. they have been watching this guy 24/7 for four weeks. >> the cops have. >> the police actually the joint terrorism task force. so that's boston police along with the fbi. they have been watching them for four weeks. so they pick up through social media and also through his cell phone he is plotting along with another guy by the name of david wright age 25, lives in everett massachusetts lives in boston, that he they were targeting police belief to behead a cop. >> just like they did in london. >> outside of the commonwealth of massachusetts. tuesday morning 5:00 a.m. they are listening to a phone conversation between these two men and apparently the plot changed. it was no longer outside of massachusetts. it was boys in blue, inside masses considered the
5:36 pm
easiest target. >> got a tap on his phone. >> yes. >> they got a tap on his phone. listening to him. conspiracy to mitt murder. they go in. the other guy has been arrested right? >> he was in court earlier today charged with conspiracy to destroy evidence. he wanted him to get rid of the smart phone and got red of all the evidence. there is a couple fascinating things happening behind the scenes and that is this. the guy who is dead has a brother who is an imam in boston ebrahim are a miyamoto mean who no longer works in massachusetts. he was the guy boston bombing in two years ago. considered a moderate in boston massachusetts. on facebook yesterday. he alleges his brother was shot in the back three times. they took video. we have in the seen the video yet. >> police say this is a real threat he was armed and dangerous. >> if you go after police
5:37 pm
with a knife you are going to get killed. >> it looks like they were right. >> miller time, soccer scandal and incompetent tsa workers and drunken senators. miller is next. why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality.
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three hot topics. let's get to the sage of southern california who joins us from san da barbara. miller you look like a teenage man with no facial hair. what happened there? >> billy we got a drought out here and it died off because i wasn't watering it. >> so it just fell off your face. did you get money. >> it looks like i have no chin. we will get used to it after a while. jerry brown said no more goatees, it was taking too much water and they need it for the delta smelt. >> you didn't get mope like joe namath. remember he got money for shaving his goatee off. >> i thought he shaved his legs, didn't he or something? >> it was hose or something. it was for the fo man chu he had. >> soccer man scandal. >> fifa president seth
5:42 pm
blatter has stepped down. he this cat has taken a lot of bribes over the year. when you give a soccer official a bribe, you have to exchange the cash foot to foot. slip it in with your right foot like that. it doesn't matter but i just had had that joke about foot-to-foot got to get to it but i could care less. >> russia is in trouble because if they are shown i know it's hard to believe that they bribed international soccer officials to get the games they may take them away. look at putin the little ball with the guy. >> look at piewty he looks like a retired man from uncle doesn't he puti. >> i think he is better looking than putin. >> let's get to the tsa. miller and i love those guys. 95 percent were found not to, you know, they did a little sting operation and ran some weapons through and they didn't get them and is anybody surprised? >> well, you know what happens when they hear that
5:43 pm
95% of the tsa has failed. they jump immediately into action and drum the 5% of the creeps out who were for the rest of them. you fly privately. put me on the plane with you i will do it. until you fly me privately the tsa are the biggest geniuses in the culture. i defer to the tsa. greatest people who ever lived. the other day i saw a tsa guy that was so bright he was watching baggage go through the metal detector. watching baggage from other airports just clicking around. that's how smart those guys are and the head of the tsa resigned this week. they are going to head him over and make him the head of homeland security he has done such a good job. >> there is melvin. >> they had carlos the jackal on a slip and slide going right through the line. veteran troir mini me up on a rack. they have their priorities over there. >> no matter how many nice
5:44 pm
things you say they still are going to take the shampoo away. >> geniuses. i don't have to shampoo anymore. that's why i shaved it i want to go through the bald line. >> california, sacramento, they now you have a 24 hour ride service for drunken senators. that's good use of your tax money. >> these guys are used to it. their whole life is a free ride out here in california. only people paid off better than the state senators out here are the illegal aliens that are now state senators. let's face facts. we are a screw up nation. and california is the dull point on the dull sphere. so this does not surprise me out here. >> this is true that because the senators drink so much in california they have 24-hour rides and you can call them and they come and get you out of the bar or wherever else you are drinking and take you home. it's a service provided by the taxpayer. >> they are full of it. the senators themselves are the shovel ready jobs as it turns out constantly
5:45 pm
shoveling it. it doesn't surprise me, billy. if i was horace grealey and i was alive today i would say go east, young man. this one is about to slip off like election luter said into the ocean. >> a smooth-skipped dennis miller and reminder if you want to get dad the greatest father's day gift of all time consider tickets for miller and me. st. louis opera house october 23rd. october 24th saturday. charlotte, that show is 96% showed out. hard rock hotel. phoenix at the comerica theater december 4th. vegas, december 5th. saturday at caesar's palace go. to bill o' link tout box office. dad will love the show. martha maccallum on deck. what states have the chubbest people in the u.s.a. jennifer lopez offending the people of morocco. how did she do that? right back.peri
5:46 pm
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>> we begin with a gallop poll with the chubbiest straits in the union. virginia leads it skinniest, hawaii colorado montana, massachusetts. here to explain why, the pollees. the chubbiest are all in the south, oklahoma and parts of the midwest. why? >> why? crisco oil. i'm just kidding. there is a correlation between economic success in these states, and also emotional
5:50 pm
factors are weighing in as well. the poorest states are also the chubbiest states. the more on the poverty level -- >> they eat more fast food? >> there is a much more push for a better diet in this part of the country and exercise. people who are happy financially and socially and who feel a part of their community and have a strong purpose in their life tend to be skinnier and we find that to be the case in colorado wyoming, idaho. those are places where people are happier. >> i see it as the outdoors. in wyoming, bears are chasing you, so you have to run fast. >> it keeps you lean. >> obviously comfort food which is high caloric, is used sometimes when you're not feeling good. >> sitting on the couch and doing what you do.
5:51 pm
the gadgets thing that you're so opposed to is a huge factor. that's getting worse, not getting better. >> do you know jennifer lopez? >> i've never heard of jennifer lopez. >> i guess she was on "american idol," a couple movies and a couple songs. she went to morocco for a concert. roll the tape. all right, so 160,000 people showed up to see it and it was on nationwide tv. >> it was on public television. >> in robot, an old, old town in morocco. what was the reaction? >> i really don't believe him, but the minister of communications was completely disgust bided by this.
5:52 pm
he said she was very scantily clad it was very disgusting they asked her to tone it down. but if you get jennifer lopez on stage, you know what you're going to get. >> the outfit is like a bathing suit. and if you go to morocco, they have nice beaches on the atlantic coast and the mediterranean. i don't think that's too bad. she wrightsthes around but they all writhe around don't they? >> it wasn't like miley cyrus. i think the people loved it. i think they feel like they have to make a fuss in order to make a point because there were probably traditional people there that were upset about it being on tv. >> morocco is a sub trainterranean nation. >> they just don't like it when this is in the public.
5:53 pm
they don't mind if they're with a bunch of guys. >> it was up there with omar so it did okay in the ratings. the guys look like isis. they're all in black. >> phil phil no. there is no isis connection with those individuals whatsoever. >> are you sure? they're everywhere, those eyesisis people now. so jennifer did they yell at her? >> they yelled like this. this is the best thing wiie've ever seen, woo hoo! >> see you later. bill clinton wasn't in that concert, was he? because he was in morocco. you got a million dollars by people who were hitting the bet to wins. i have no idea what that segment was about, but it's charming to see you. >> me either. but we had a good time didn't we? something you should never
5:54 pm
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angry with the president. think the education system is flawed i don't like what's happened with medical care and i don't think the administration has kept its promises on the environment. george in san antonio, texas, bill you handled kirsten's threat to hurt you well. i knew there was a reason i liked her. bill in anchorage, alaska isn't it ironic that the first church of cannabis gets tax exempt status yet some political parties are still waiting? not ironic bill. corrupt. my organization which helps the homeless and disabled vets just received our tax-exempt status after waiting for three years. chuck bower, phoenix, arizona. i don't agree with the life sentence. he didn't agree to buy drugs. it goes to harm chuck. if no one sold narcotics, there would be no acts. if no one made child porn that
5:58 pm
industry did not exist. it goes to harm. wise up. sally fairchild, san francisco. so the mother of the silk road dope dealer is upset. i wonder what the mothers did after they died. think of that. bill thanks for the tip of the day about i was owed $3,600! wow, dave good deal. give some of it to charity, okay? wayne watson springdale arkansas. people are missing out if they are not premium members. beth and brad goodwin yarmouth massachusetts. the audio of killing jesus made our six-hour road trip fly by. now the dvd is out. hallelujah. tip of the day, finally. be nice to your body. here's the latest in burger burger land. >> what's more american than a
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cheeseburger? this cheeseburger. loaded with a hot dog and potato chips in the hands of all-american model samantha hoops in a hot tub, in a pickup truck, driven by an american bull rider on an aircraft carrier, under the gaz of lady liberty as she addmires the most american thickburger with a hot dog and potato chips on a fresh-baked bun. >> i'm a burger guy. love cheeseburgers. i'm not eating that cheeseburger. not eating a cheeseburger with a hot dog and potato chips on it. know why? because i'm not abusing my body. you have only one. treat it gently. moderation when eating. if you get the burger and you get a hot dog on it and potato chips on top of the hot dog, that's not right. it's not right. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox factor news website, which is different from
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name and town if you wish to opine the word of the day. don't be a chanteuse. i'm bill oereilly. don't forget the spin stops here. it is a story that has generated hundreds of thousands of headlines and plenty of criticism. tonight for the very first time the family that became famous for their conservative christian values and their 19 children speak out about a painful secret involve thirging their oldest son and the actions that he now admits were inexcusable. welcome to the megan factor. i'm megan kelly. just hours ago, i sat down with the duggar family the