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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 4, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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tooif and red eye, he is an awesome guy, he was on jimmy fallon a lot, he was on "the daily show" as well. good job, tom. welcome to red eye. see you later. welcome to washington i'm bret baier and this is a fox news alert. a cyber security breach has exposed the personal information of millions of federal employees, the department of homeland security and the fbi are investigating tonight the case that could affect every federal agency. correspondent kevin corke has the rateest on this breaking toer from the white house >> reporter: security experts tell us this is just the latest example of an ongoing cyber war with china for the second time in less than a year we are told that back in december client niese hackers accessed the office of personnel management computers and in the process they may have been able to breach the personal data of more
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than 4 million current and former federal employees for its part the office of personnel management is telling us tonight that they will be sending notifications to approximately 4 million individuals whose personally identifiable information may have been compromise miced in this latest breach. as for the fbi they are certainly investigating this. they have issued a statement that reads in part the fbi is working with our interagency partners to investigate this matter. we take all potential threats to public and private sector strems seriously and had will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace. of course all of this is happening as the administration continues to struggle with yet another war, this time the war against isis in iraq. >> it was a blunt assessment former cia director general david petraeus suggested that contrary to messaging from the white house we're not winning the war gunmen isis in iraq. >> these are fights where if you're not winning you're probably losing because time is
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not op your side. >> and we are hot whipping? >> well it's arguable now in iraq. we'll turn it around. >> the comment by petraeus who led the surge in krak in 2007 call into question the administration's strategy against isis which has spread deep into neighboring syria and recently seized the iraqi city of ramadi where militants have closed off a dam opening daily only 20 or 3 of its 26 gates threatening villages downstream. >> i think general petraeus other and other military leaders are saying pay attention to this now. it's still reverse able now but you've got to do something >> reporter: white house officials didn't deny there had been setbacks but said that's to be expected. >> i think general petraeus knows more about this than either you or i do. that this is a typical characteristic of any sort of military conflict >> reporter: but on capitol hill minority leader nancy pelosi said it was petraeus who bore responsibility for training many of the iraqi forces who are now
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struggling to defend their own country into i remember going over there on any number of occasions and hearing from him on some of them that he had trained 175,000 iraqi troops and personnel so that they can take over their own effort. so i would -- i would ask him about that. >> reporter: there is overwhelming pes is sichl about the white house's lance to stop isis. 71% of thosen the latest fox news poll don't think the administration has a clear strategy for defeating the terror group. meanwhile, seven in ten supported more drone strikes in the fight against isis and 66% said they thought we should be doing whatever it takes to defeat islamic extremists. >> this is why it's essential for the president to do an oval office address to the american people talk about what's happening and talk about how we are going to win had war against isis. smr and we learned of course today from the white house that the president will conduct a bilateral meeting with the iraqi prime minister at the upcoming g 7 summit though we were also
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told bret that they should not -- we should not expect any additional announcements about more money or each more training for the iraqis. >> kevin, thank you. we'll head back for breaking details on that story about the cyber attract. meantime to politics. former texas governor rick perry officially tossed his hat into the ring today in an airplane hanger in texas, hoping the second time is a charm. this as another former governor jeb bush sets a date for his announcement announcement. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in addison, texas with rick perry the presidential candidate 2.0. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush will announce his decision to run for president the afternoon of june 15th at miami-dade college. bush is tied for the gop lead nationally with wisconsin governor scott walker in the latest fox poll. bush will officially join the race upon his return from a trip to europe. the news partly overshadowed are rick perry's big day. >> we have the power to make
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things new again. to project america's strength again and to get our economy going again. and that is exactly why today i am running for the presidency of the united states of america. >> reporter: in an airport hanger with his name on the side of a c 130 such as he flew in the air force and flanked by taya kyle which had toe of chris kyle and and a half yie seal marcus la trel author of loan survivor perry declared his second run for president with an emphasis in security and a slap at president obama. >> weakness at home has led to weakness abroad. no decision is done more harm than the president's withdrawal of american troops from iraq. >> reporter: perry aids had no comment about jeb bush stepping on his big rally but there is a long history of tension between perry and the bush family. he served as then governor george wp bush's lieutenant
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governor in 2012. he was recovering from back surgery and aunt prepared to meet the demands of a presidential campaign. not this time. >> touring my 14 years as governor texas companies created almost one-third of all new american jobs. texas now has the second highest high school graduation rate in the country. >> reporter: he has been out early and often in the early voting states and gets a strong reception when tougt his record on jobs and the economy. the fox poll puts perry tied with donald trump for ninth place are 3% of the vote. it's about restoring the nation's greatness. he is the tenth declared candidate, bush in 11 face make 11 gop contenders and counting. wisconsin governor scott walker louisiana governor bobby jindal ohio corner john kasich and donald trump are all expected to join the race in the next six weeks. for all of their differences the gop field is a pretty tight
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bunch, florida senator marco rubio will be in connecticut headlines the state republican's party biggest event of the year. it's named after press cot bush that would be jeb bush's grandfather. >> it is pretty hot in a texas airplane hanger right? >> reporter: 90 plus yes, it's very hot. rick perry looked like he was perspiring a little bit. everybody was. also in texas tonight, the democratic front runner hillary clinton. clinton spent today talking about voting rights but last night she was pushing for campaign cash. something that wouldn't normally raise eyebrows except when it's seen as giving her an unfair advantage even inside the democratic party. chief white house correspondent ed henry on hillary clinton and whether the dnc is playing favorites >> reporter: hillary clinton today used the back drop of a historically black college in houston to launch an aggressive push to expand voting rights for minorities. >> today republicans are
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systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of american citizen is from voting. >> reporter: including a federally mandated early voting period of at least 20 days had in every state. and a federal system to automatically register every citizen to vote when they turn 18 unless they opt out. what she did not mention is minorities are exercising the right to vote in record numbers, a steadily increasing share of the turnout in presidential elections, 21% in 2004 24% in 2008 and 26% in 2012. and republican marco rubio noted on fox's outnumbered today most states already have early voting and vote by mail options. >> i'm not sure the federal government needs to set a one size fits all standard for the whole country. in many instances depending on when the election happens there isn't even federal candidates on the ballot. and there's costs associated with this. >> that came amid new questions about whether the democratic national committee is pushing a
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clinton coronation or playing fair with the rest of the democratic field which now includes former rhode island governor and senator lincoln chafee in addition to martin o'malley and bernie sanders. after the dmc's finance chairman hen henry mun yoes helped organize one of the pound razors in texas even though dnc rules said they have to make sure the officers and staff maintain i'm parse i can't tell and even handedness during the primaries. in the wake of mun yoes' fundraising they scrambled to submit they are dedicated to fair play and we take any situations which could violation our party's rules seriously. wasserman schultz may face a backlash if they tilt too far to clinton. 69% say the race is not over yet, 28% say it's over and it's clear clinton will win.
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now, the rnc weighed in late today on voting rights saying the public also wants voter id laws to help prevent fraud. bret. up next where's the backup plan? states are wondering what to do if the u.s. supreme court shoots down obamacare subsidies. first here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 31 in denver where alarm is growing that a serial shooter could be on the loose. after a machine was shot dead on a sidewalk in colorado wednesday night. now investigators are looking into whether it's connected to two other recent shootings in that area. fox 11 in los angeles with another beach shut down due to tar balls washing ashore. the tar may be coming from the oil spill off the coast of santa barbara last month. this is a live look at eden prairie from fox 9 in the twin cities. the big talker there, controversy over a school field trip to an adult toy store. you heard that right. last week a private school sex
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education teacher took about a to see middle and high school students to the smitten kitten. at least one parent is telling reporters he didn't know about the ex can curbs until his kids came home talking about it. the school board says it stands behind the trip. that's tonight's live look outside the belt way from special report. we will be right back.
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path of americans polled still wish obamacare never happened. a new fox news poll shows 50% of respondents say they wish the healthcare law did not pass. 45% are glad it's on the book. that's actually a better showing for the law. this as we wait for a u.s. supreme court ruling that could essentially dismantle the president's signature healthcare law and the administration admits there's no plan b. that leaves nearly three dozen
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states and lawmakers on capitol hill scrambling to figure out logistically and financially what to do. correspondent rich edison with how the states are tried rooig to plan for the worst >> reporter: 6.3 million americans in 34 states could lose $1.7 billion in monthly insurance subsidies. that's what the casar family foundation says happens if the supreme court sides against the obamacare in a ruling this month. the white house is only offering assurances of of the stretching of its case. >> our message to the american people is that they should be confident in the healthcare they have now because it is rooted in a sound legal basis. >> at issue, five words buried 238 pages into the 2,400 page law. they allow americans to claim government insurance subsidies through a, quote, exchange established by the state. 34 states have failed to establish exchanges, their citizens use the federal site healthcare.fwof. administration opponent say
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those five words prohibit the government from offering health subsidies through the federal exchange. if the supreme court agrees those states would have to create exchange for their citizens to receive healthcare subsidies. so far the state based exchanges are mixed. some have done well like connecticut, maryland had to scrap its system others have failed. the >> the state of oregon's exchange has completely collapsed and the same thing may happen in rhode island the federal government is threatening to take over the exchange in hawaii. at least half the state exchange have having serious financial problems >> reporter: with the supreme court uncertainty states using the federal exchange are contingencey planning. the in pennsylvania the governor's office submitted an application to set up a state-based marketplace, michigan and texas will only tell us they're watching the case closely. the wall street journal reports illinois officials found their options likely unworkable. the casar family foundation said 1.7 million could loose obama
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tax credits in those four states alone. even if states decide to create their own exchange there are significant challenges ahead. the he will are tifl few states that have exchange spent billions of dollars and years combined developing them. the federal government offered billions of dollars in glants grants for that. that money is gone. bret. the obama administration's confidence is it that the supreme court will rule this in its favor or just some tough talk or maybe something more calculated. shannon bream tonight with charges by some experts hat administration is employing scare tactics to try to sway the court. >> reporter: as we await the supreme court's decision on those subsidies given to millions of americans in order to help them afford mandatory health sloorns there are new questions about whether the administration is trying to influence the mine justices during their final days of deliberation. here is what white house press secretary josh earnest said today. >> an adverse ruling in the
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supreme court would have the effect of throwing the health insurance market all as ross the country into chaos. there is no indication that republicans in congress will willing to do anything constructive to address that >> reporter: you'll notice that swipe at congress which was likely aimed at both lawmakers and the justices. during the march arguments there was repeated discussion about whether congress would be up to the task of offering a timely fix. if the event the court found the subsidies were illegally extended into all 50 state. just cities ask a lay a asked do you think congress is going to sit there while all of thinks consequences ensue? solicitor general donald barilli arguing on behalf of the obama administration said theoretically rauls could act but expressed doubts about them doing so again, spending a a message to the justices that they alone may be responsible for keeping the law up and running. >> certainly the administration
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has an interest in making this sound scary and frightening people into going along with the add straying's solution whether it's the court ruling for the administration's position or failing that trying to sake congress into simply extending the subsidies. >> reporter: you will recall the president said this as the supreme court was just weeks away from deciding the original obamacare case. >> i'm confident that the supreme court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress. >> reporter: there's no way to know whether that swayed any votes but john roberts switched his vote late in the game and the court ultimately upheld the affordable care act. joe biden did today what no
3:20 pm
parent should ever have to do. he prepared to say good-bye to his son. the vice president and family greeted hundreds of well-wishers in delaware who lined up to pay their respects to bow biden as he lay in state at legislative hall. the former delaware attorney general and oldest son of our vice president died of brain cancer saturday. beau biden was 46.
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murder carjackings, kidnappings, it's a rise in violence the state department recently warned about in parts of mexico. places where americans are living and working at u.s. cons lats. the crimes also have lawmakers
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questioning if the u.s. should be sending our people to those places at all. correspondent william la jeunesse has the story from los angeles. >> it may be the is single bost dangerous place in the world right now. >> reporter: not the middle east but mexico saw jason chaffetz. that he is because of what tourists even state department officials there don't expect. >> places like mexico are the kind of spot for diplomats that it's easy to be luld into a sense of false security and you can find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time >> reporter: the state department recently put out this alert for those traveling in an area south of the texas border quote, violent conflict between rival criminal elements and or the mexican military can occur in all parts of the region and at all times of the day. no highway routes through tamaleps is s are considered state.
3:25 pm
in a letter thursday they urged secretary of state jorp kerry to take all steps possible to reduce the level of violence and protect the lives of americans working there suggesting he consider closing our cons lats in ga wad la har ra. >> people are scared for their lives and dying every day in the streets. it is devastating and frightening how dangerous it is in mexico right now >> reporter: homicide extortion and robbery remain common. 100 u.s. citizens murdered 130 kidnapped last year. experts blame rival gangs competing for control of drugs going north and stolen cars and cash going south. yet the media stay quiet. >> it there has been a concerted effort on the part of the mexican government to try to suppress certain areas when it comes to the public awareness of violence. >> reporter: bottom line that stretches of mexico are not safe for americans especially after sun down.
3:26 pm
while it's doubtful of the u.s. will close cons lats the state department is on notice that congress is watching. bret. the irs confirms illegal immigrants can collect back taxes under president obama's amnesty plan in written responses to senator chuck grassly irs commissioner john could say can a anyone admitted illegals granted amnesty will be able to claim refunds on returns they never filed because of the earned income tax credit. the food and drug administration is backing an experimental drug commonly known as the female viagra. a drug designed to jump start a woman's libido. an fda panel voted today in favor of approving the drug as long as it carries safety restrictions to manage side effects. the recommendation is a major victory for a drug that the fda rehe jekd twice before. rough day on wall street today, the dow dropped 170, the s&p 500 was down 18 the nasdaq fell 40. overseas a mass is sieve gas
3:27 pm
explosion in began in a's capitol overnight left at least 150 people dead. flooding from torrential rains swept fuel scored at a gas station into a nearby neighborhood where a fire ignited it. the blast left behind a gruesome scene, many of the bodies are still being recovered tonight. who will the applause or face the music is how heirs for grads randed four people in handcuffs. the grapevine is next.
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put the fish in the cooler! now some fresh picksings from the political grape viep. oversharing on social media has cost isis one of their compounds. thanks to an isis fighter posing for and then posting a selfie showing an isis compound in the background. it was turned to rubble compliments of a new air force intelligence gathering wing and one social media friendly terrorist. an air force general touted the intelligence victory r. i for his group saying they see some more ron's standing at this command and in some social media open forum bragging about the command and control capabilities fortes also known as isis. about 22 hours, three joint directed tack munitions take that entire building out. the general did not go into specifics on the location of the now former headquarters. finishing one task out of 66 is bad.
3:32 pm
even for the government. but that is the final talley from an audit of the agriculture department's attempts to improve some it systems, the program is in the edge each in the early ijs is that. the original completion tate was by the end of 2012. the price tag is just as brutal $444 million. that's $140 million over budget. agriculture secretary tom vil kak requested the you had a aity last year and put the program on hold. the inspector general blamed ineffective management and oversight, recommending the department pursue alternative roads to it improvements. finally, four people were arrested for cheering at a graduation for a mississippi high school. really. fines and even jail time are possible for those who dis a bad a request to hold applause and cheering until the end. the superintendent stands by the decision quote, when you make a conscious decision to disrupt, what is too harsh? others took a different view
3:33 pm
quote, four arrested in mississippi for cheering? control freak principal needs firing. three of the four have been issued arrest warrant for misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace. we have seen a media feeding frenzy over recent pop can culture headlines, the media leaping into the conversation about bruce jenner's reveal as a woman and the revelation that josh duggar mole lessed his young sisters, but the conversation is a lot different depending on who you are listening to. fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz howard kurtz on more on where everyone is weighing in the right and left and what's missing in the arguments. >> from the moment the duggar family and their reality show were rocked by the revelation that josh duggar had molested young girls, including his sisters over a decade ago, some liberal commentators were quick to criticize the serve it testify christian clab and by extension the republican party. >> duggars tv celebrity and political activism placed them in contact with high profile
3:34 pm
republican presidential hopefuls. >> while some sympathize with the family the dominant story line is about hypocrisy. >> the main charge we've heard from your critics has been they are hypocrites this he preached family values. do you think in particular your christian believes are at issue here? >> christianity is not about being perfect or about being a perfect family but it's actually about being forgiven. >>th the latest round in the sexual culture wars where targets are praised or pummeled based on ideology. when bruce jenner ee lerjd on vanity fair's cover as caitlyn jenner president obama raised his courage and the media coverage has been positive. >> next tonight brews jenner who longer. >> while rachel maddow how him a hero. >> conservatives an republicans are the new weird dose the new cooks. and that is part of the political objective here in
3:35 pm
normalizing all of this really marginal behavior. >> a is similar split stemming were the indictment of dennis hastert stemming from alleged sexual abuse when he was a wrestling couch. the left tee nounsed conservatives such as brit hume who questioned whether extortion was involved as being intense testify but now liberal columnists are now also calling this an overzealous prosecution. >> perhaps it's inevitable our polarized media column yahoo woo overwhelm these cases but what's missing is a bit of compassion. and context. environmental protection agency says fracking does not harm your drinking water. in a draft report released today the epa says drilling for oil and marl gas is safe however, in some cases poorly constructed drilling wells and improper waste management affected drinking water. but the number of those cases according to the epa was small. rick perry sets his sites on
3:36 pm
the white house for the second time but can the former texas governor get to the head of the pack once again? plus jeb bush set a tate we'll discuss it all with our panel.
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each day americans demonstrate tremendous courage, but many of those americans have been knocked down and they're looking for a second chance. let's give them that second chance. let's give them real leadership. let's give them a future greater than the greatest days of our past. let's give them a president who leads us in the direction of our highest dreams our best dreams our highest hopes and our greatest promise. >> former texas governor rick perry firing up the crowd there, he is number ten. te declared gop candidates in the race for president for 2016 there will be more. before we talk politics with the panel i want to bring you an
3:40 pm
update on the breaking story we brought you, the massive cyber security breach that affects we're told by u.s. authorities every federal agency and could affect hundreds of thousands of federal employees. this is coming out from the chair pan of the senate select committee on intelligence from north carolina richard bur, today's news that the united states government systems were again breached demonstrates that cyber security must be one of our top priority. every day these attack are getting more technically advanced and now another agency has been compromised. we cannot continue to look the other direction. our response to these attack can no longer simply be notifying people after their personal information has been stolen. we must start to prevent these breaches in the first place. let's start there with our panel. let's bring in steve hayes, ab stoddard and charles krauthammer. steve, this is huge. when the last chairman left i did his outgoing interview and a he said that that's the thing
3:41 pm
that keeps him up at night, these millions of attacks on u.s. systems and now it seems this breach is really big. >> constant attacks on the u.s. systems. the thing that struck me in the initial reports about this particular breach is that they called it one of the largest breaches. i mean that's terrifying. if this isn't the largest breach that else it us that we are very vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. early indications are that the chinese were behind this. you can just imagine what they would do with this kind of information. it's basically a roadmap for how to blackmail the people in the u.s. government with the highest security clearances. go to them you know what their weaknesses are, you know all sorts of intimate details about them about their career about their life. it is a huge concern and i don't know where you go to reverse it. i think once it's done it's done. >> the nsa obviously has other operations that they're doing to try to prevent all of this from happening every day. if the chinese are behind it charles, i mean it would just
3:42 pm
be another provocation from china. >> and they're getting no push back. look we have always argued that we have to defend ourselves, we have to plug the gaps. of course we should. but it looks as if the technology for hacking sort of exceeds the defense of technologies in this kind of arms race. i think the thing to do is to be extremely aggressive and to go on the offense. our defense is obviously inadequate yes, we'd like to have it i'm not sure we could ever prevent this. what we need to do is to send our adversaries a message the same way we did when the north koreans hacked into sony we, i think, it looked like we brought down their internet. we're not going to bring down china's but i think we need to do to china in kind with the provide so he not target a cyber war but saying also deterrents. in the '50s we came to an open sky agreement with the soviets who were our mortal enemies that
3:43 pm
we would not mill tar rise space or at least that was our proposal and we had to understanding and we did not actually have aggressive attack satellites in space and we still don't. i think we have to level with the chinese that we are going to be destructive and aggressive as long as they keep up but we are open to an arm assist. >> really quickly, ab capitol hill wasn't gotten it's act in gear on this issue. this he haven't been able to pass a comprehensive bill to help companies in the federal government share information to prevent some of these things. >> no and that's what's so scary when you talk about former isn't that right cham police talking about this keeps him up at nice. they can go after more than just intelligence and start bribing people in our government. this is -- if it's not the chinese it will be the russias. it's hard to prove who is doing what. we're lagging in this area nd it's a been clear that it's been a subject of policy debate, but not really a push with the urgency that it demands
3:44 pm
>> we ought to also demand the clinton e-mails because observely the chinese have it. >> they can talk to them. >> what you said about the nsa it is amaze that go we passed reforms of our surveillance systems and we've passed it on to private companies but also no system set up for how they are going to collect and keep our data. the bill was passed it's a law, but the system is actually not in place. let's continue with this. i think that you have these attacks that are increasing steve, and what we haven't had is this massive outage as ab mentions whether it's a grid whether it is a banking system. we've heard some pretty scary attacks that have happened with banks and amtrak and others. >> yeah. i mean that's the key point here. if you talk to people who work in cybersecurity in that world, they will tell you that what they fear most is a destructive attack. not an attack that's looking to
3:45 pm
steal our information, whether it's from private companies or from the federal government but a destructive attack which seeks to cripple a power grid a government agency government wide perhaps. it's inevitable that there will be an attempt, the question is whether we have the means to prevent that and it certainly doesn't sound like it when you talk to the experts. >> we will talk politics that was a bit of an audible with the breaking news story asth happening. we will talk politics on the other side of this quick break, rick perry, in jeb bush setting a date and where does the field stack up? working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at
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3:49 pm
candidates. the democratics are struggling to come up with one. i think it's great that we have system good candidates. i believe this field is going to produce the next president, maybe vice president. and cabinet officers. we will have a vibrant spirited primary will give us a stronger nominee. >> senator marco rubio one lucky guy today on outnourished talking about the field. and he talked a lot about a lot of different things on outnourished. this today as the number of candidates increased on the g.o.p. side. rick perry getting n a very hot airplane hangner add son, texas with a fired up crowd saying he can do it the second time. weaver back with the panel. a.b., can he he do it the second time? what does rick perry have to do to change the dynamic? >> i think it's hard. he has more executive than the other governors is he running against because he served longer. he has been in the military. he ran last time and built a reputation that he is trying
3:50 pm
to overcome, i think actually rick perry might believe in his heart he would be the best person for the job but he knows that this process offers you some redemption and platform and elevates you. i don't think anyone expected newt gingrich would win south carolina and he is bigger today because of it. this is just the truth about this process. it invites people in because it's a new chapter. rick perry is going to struggle. he has faint support. he has a narrow constituency to get around because there are other social conservatives in the race or other governors in the race, et cetera. you are looking at a money race that's going to really edge him out. i don't know how he gets around. scott walker, jeb bush, marco rubio and finds the big bucks. i just don't see where his support is going to come from long term. so i think it's -- this big field marco rubio talks about i actually think is not good ultimately for the party. i see why each individual person thinks they have the reason to run. >> perry obviously taps
3:51 pm
into his time as governor. he also has some financial supporters in texas who are very backing him to the hilt. you know, you go to a backyard barbecue in iowa and he has done a lot of them and he is very good at them. >> tremendous retail politician and he has an outstanding record as governor of texas. as you say though, he spent as much time in the early primary states as anybody has, other than ted cruz, 30 trips by a "u.s. news and world report" count. yet in iowa he is at 3%. new hampshire he is at 2.5% and south carolina he is at 2. 5%. something is not translating. is it people are not willing to give him that second look? that's possible. he certainly has a good record. i think eventually he will get a second look. the question is whether it will be enough to catapult him back into the first tier. >> all right. let's take a look at the latest fox news poll and the breakdown as we have it obviously these polls very early and a long way to go. you can see all the candidates here stacked up
3:52 pm
and bush and walker kind of leading the pack and ben carson dr. ben carson ohio talked to today we will have the contenders piece next week coming in third. you also have a poll of people saying who they will not vote for. do you want to show it. >> would never vote for. >> it's tremendously interesting poll. it is led by donald trump with a deserved 59%. >> you have to add deserved. >> he is going to say how sad it is that i'm saying these things. but, you know, this is an open forum and we have free speech. a well deserved and i would say an impressive 59%. that's not the most interesting number. i think if you go down to the bottom you find carson, rubio and walker are the ones with the lowest rejection number. and that i think, is the most important in a race this spread out with it's going to be 15 candidates at a minimum the people who can show that they would be somebody's second or third
3:53 pm
choice and they are not anathema i think will be the key. so i think looking at who is ahead or who is the number one, they are all bunched between 12 hers and about 7% within the margin of error. i'm not sure it tells you much. but it tells you a lot if you see who people will never support. >> i will say trump is showing up in a lot of polls. and he is. >> showing up at 4% on the last tier people. >> he is going to have an announcement june 16th. jeb bush june 15th with an announcement. a.b., you look at the numbers, at least early they are pretty soft for jeb bush especially in these early states. >> jeb bush was hoping to be the establishment frontrunner, juggernaut, a lot of conventional wisdom i think is going to be tested tested in 2016 whether or not can you just come in with an operation like his and dominate. he waited to become a candidate this long so he could raise more money as a
3:54 pm
noncandidate because is he all in on that belief if he has the best national operation, the most money to go the distance that he will end up just outlasting everybody else. we will see if he is right. >> speaking of that, a potential candidate likely candidate, ohio governor john kasich, in new hampshire talking about jeb bush's money. >> i didn't think i was going to be back up here again because frankly i thought that jeb was going to suck all the air out of the room and it just hasn't happened. no hit on jeb. i'm not going to have bush money. wells fargo doesn't have bush money. [ laughter ] one of the things we are deciding is can we have the resources we need to compete, and we're -- i'm very optimistic that we are going to achieve our internal goals. >> everything we are hearing is that he is going to get in, steve. >> i love the no hit on jeb. clearly a hit on jeb. it's like when mitch mcconnell calls harry reid
3:55 pm
my good friend harry. they despise each other. kasich could be a serious player. somebody who has not been getting as much attention as some the other candidates. he too has a good record. he won re-election in impressive fashion in 2014. the big question about his candidacy is will he be able to make policy arguments without castigating conservatives, without seeming holier than now sometimes in the literal sense? >> without saying that wells fargo doesn't have bush money, in other words. i don't think he is capable of that i think he is extremely attractive, glib, good record and really strong history with experience but he does have a tongue that's undisciplined, and that could bring him down. >> we'll have many more panels i think about politics. that's it for this panel. stay tuned for a play by play from the white house. ♪ osy about what goes in. so, only certain cuts of kosher beef meet their strict standards and then they pick the best from that. oh man! what'd we do?
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finally tonight president obama honored the san francisco giants today at the white house for their world series win. san francisco, of course, is a city that probably can be most identified as part of president obama's political base. while the team presented the president with a special gift today. >> finally, you know that all that's in california, particularly the bay area, california has been a pretty strong political base for you, would you say? [ laughter ] so we thought it was only fitting that today we bring your base to you. [ laughter ] >> four more years. [ laughter ] a third term, perhaps. >> no. [ laughter ] >> michelle will not allow that constitution is a problem, too. >> bruce will now present you with a custom team signed base. >> there you go. >> from san francisco. >> oh, look at that.
4:00 pm
>> michelle would not allow that. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. we have new information into "on the record" about the terror plot in boston. one of the two alleged jihadists apparently intended to murder pamela geller, the woman who organized that controversial draw muhammad contest. she is on the set ready to go "on the record." fox team coverage. we have information that the fbi tracked one of those two men for years. we start with fox boston anchor mark aukenbloom. >> we know as far as back as 2012 he was being tracked by the fbi. the actions of this past tuesday certainly were shocking here but he was on the list, as far as being watched for some time now. >> now