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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  June 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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"seinfeld" actually jason alexander apologizes saying his fictional character was killed off because here was too difficult to work with. >> thanks for being here. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. >> bye-bye. >> call it a failed attempt to turn terrorists into allies. turns out our government tried to slip members of the taliban five by asking them to leavity had and work for us only to have that plan end in quote, total failure." those former gitmo detainees are on extended house arrest as you know in qatar after that prisoner swap for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. several of them have reached out to their old friends in the taliban. catherine herridge live in washington. what are you learning? when did the u.s. try to flip these guys to our side?
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>> fox news learned they tried to turn the man to our side. it was part of a strategy by the obama administration to keep better tabs on the men and try to prevent them from returning to terrorism, but a source who is familiar with the strategy told fox news that it was a quote, total failure. the men are in the gulf nation of qatar where they've been joined with some 65 members, immediate family and relatives. this is the arrival video in qatar from a year ago. the state department says they do not believe the existence of family members is a security risk. >> their presence might increase the men's ability to reengage with terrorist networks. >> i'm not sure why that would be the case. seems like pure speculation to
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me. >> leading member of the house intelligence committee told fox news he sees it otherwise. >> i wish i could tell you i thought the administration understood the threat from these five and al qaeda and isis. in the case of these five in particular the administration continues to underestimate what it means for them to come back. >> reporter: separately fox news was told by a u.s. official we can look for resumption in detainee transfers from guantanamo bay in the near future. the likelihood is this month. >> what is the response from the administration? >> all of our questions about this effort to recruit members of the taliban five put to dod, cia and state department were channelled to the national security council spokesman. we just received this statement. it reads, "although we cannot detail the measures the united states and our partners take to mitigate the potential threat posed by these former detainees,
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it is fair to say that we remain both vigilant and in close contact on these matters." at the white house a short time ago, josh earnest said he could not comment on intelligence-related issues. >> thank you. >>. >> massive cyber attack affecting as many as 4 million government workers. their names, addresses and social security numbers now compromised in a sophisticated and persistent breach at the office of personnel management. officials close to the investigation say the fbi suspects china is behind the cyber attack which was likely intended to identify americans with security clearances. peter doocy live for us in d.c. what's the threat all this personal information is out there? >> that cyber theft could have serious implications. it could help the hackers get passwords for weapons systems.
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that is according to a new bulletin by reuters citing u.s. officials who explained the files on 4 million plus people swiped go all what it back to 1985. today, the chinese government is denying any involvement. >> translator: a lot of tim lar reports and comments recently. we say hacking attacks have the features of being anonymous, international and hard to trace. without first thoroughly investigating, always saying that it's possible all unwarranted accusations is irresponsible and unscientific. >> reporter: on capitol hill where many staffers may have been impacted by the breach senator john mccain is responding to allegations against china like this. "if true, this breach joins an already lengthy and well-documented record of chinese intellectual property theft and cyber espionage against the u.s. government and american companies." law makers are calling on the government to put stricter
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preemptive members in place. business leaders say china may change behavior on their own because if they don't, they'll lose money. >> i believe china has gone over the line. i think they are going to find a need to slow it down because they want and need a business and economic relationship with us. >> the white house won't say whether or not they think china is behind the hack but cyber security firm out of virginia calls eyesight is telling us this mal mare matches some on an attack at anthem health care. >> thank you so much. we heard from peter on that massive cyber security attack and the fears of the taliban five returning to terror. despite real threats like these, some mainstream media outlets are focusing on headlines like this one. marco rubio and his wife cited
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17 times for traffic infractions. "new york times" story which dedicated the paper's resources to spotlight a candidate's speeding record? katie, let's start with the kinds of stories some in the mainstream media are focusing on. i just talked to peter and catherine about huge major domes particular and international issues happening across the world, and we are talking about traffic violations? >> right. that's the thing. we didn't mention the confidential taxpayer information hacked from the irs just two weeks ago, right? that's another huge issue. here we are now with the "new york times" foxed on marco rubio and his wife speeding tickets over the course of 17 years. marco rubio received four of those speeding tickets out of the 17 which means about one speeding ticket every four years. i say that's a pretty good record. by the way, maybe the men can be happy and victorious this proves
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women are worse drivers than men because most tickets were marco rubio's wife. it goes to the point this is absolutely absurd. there are other issues to focus on. by the way, the free beacon is reporting this information came from a far left liberal think tank group which fed this information directly to "the new york times." i say, if you've got to go to the speeding tickets, we've officially jumped the shark in terms of what we are going to get outraged about when it comes to choosing the next president of the united states. >> a lot of people think this is phony outrage when we have isis burning people alive and beheading them. we all remember what happened to mitt romney when there was a story about his dog on top of the roof of the car. that was headlines for weeks on end. i guess my question the next part is, besides the content of the story, why does it seem it's only about republicans? >> right. there is a huge double standard. hillary clinton hasn't even driven a car herself since the 1990s, according to hillary
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clinton. despite the fact marco rubio might have four speeding tickets over the course of the last two decades, let's see which one do you want? second of all, they are playing dirty. the left plays dirty and goes for low-hanging fruit outrage topics. the journalists who claim to be neutral play along with it. we'll see more of this moving forward. it's not just marco rubio. we'll see the left and media going after all the gop candidates while letting hillary clinton get a free pass. it was a couple of months ago hillary clinton's scooby was clocked 92 miles per hour in a 65 mile-an-hour zone going to the boston airport. that is a danger right? it's absurd and ridiculous. the american people deserve better. >> that is a great point, too. fair and balanced.
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they both had traffic infractions. what a headline. >> right. exactly. >> have a great weekend. thank you. >> thanks. rick perry is on his way to iowa to kick off his campaign after announcing he is giving it another go at the white house yesterday. it won't be in a campaign bus or scooby van. he is riding in a motorcycle rally and will be riding in one veterans' motorcycle. he was injured in afghanistan leaving his unable to ride. the event benefits the puppy jake foundation getting service dogs to wounded vets. great story. new evidence that the suspect in the quadruple murder in d.c. had an accomplice. who this footprint may point to that has close contacts to the victim. meghan kelly sitting down with the duggars over their son's indiscretion.
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why are the daughters defending their brother's action? >> a system set up to protect kids both those who make stupid mistakes or have problems like this in their life and the ones that are affected by those voices. it's greatly failed.
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professional sports under scrutiny. john mccain leading the way, proposing legislation to stop what he calls shameful funding by the government. for military tribute at nfl games. we've been covering this on "the real story." now a bipartisan group of law makers is proposing that the football league return profits for charities supporting troops and veterans including jeff blake who joined me last month. >> we want to make sure we have legislation that says you cannot pay for these tributes and
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recruitment, that's a different type of marketing. that's okay. these salutes to the heroes and what not, we want to make sure people know that's being done because we are patriotic. >> the military spent nearly $7 million over the past three years for tributes at nfl games. who knew right? law makers want to add a prohibition to the senate version of the annual defense authorization act. new developments in the d.c. mansion murder. investigators focusing now on the family's personal assistant, jordan wallace pictured here. remember he delivered $40,000 in cash to the home before the family was killed. now a search warrant saying this wallace changed his account of the events regarding how he received the package, where he left the package and when he was told to get the package. wallace admitted that he lied when he stated the money was in a manila envelope when he received it from the accountant. wallace stated he was told the package contained $40,000 in
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cash." the whole family the husband, wife son and housekeeper killed in their home. joining me former nypd host of the new show "the security brief." great to have you on here. there is a lot of new information today. when we started covering this murder case how could this one guy, the accused daron wint pull off this heist? the invasion of the home tying up the family asking for $40,000 cash and do it all by himself? now they are looking at the personal assistant. what do we know? >> makes perfect sense when you think about it. right from the beginning, everyone knew there was more than one person involved. when investigators sit down and as you mentioned before when you start to see someone collaterally involved in some traumatic event, they typically have greater clarity in their memory not less. investigators, when that happened they knew. we have a connection here. >> i just was pointing out what was in the search warrant this
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mr. wallace had been changing his story. >> absolutely. what he changed is the most telling part about this. how could you not remember when your boss calls you to tell you to bring $40,000 to your house? how could you not remember that correctly? then something that jumped off the page to me. he says he goes to the garage to drop off the money. the first account was he had to go find a key and then open the car door. second account was, well, no the car door wasn't locked? that shows that you are fabricating and lying. investigators know he's lying. >> the search warrant includes this photo of a footprint i want to show you on the family's door. they are now saying there was some forced entry what can you tell from this footprint? >> look at the footprint. you can see it's a kick mark and you can see there is a crack that breaks by the door knob. if you go to the right of the door knob you can see the crack in the door as well as in the
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door frame. you can see this is a forced entry. now we go to search the car. investigators are going to be looking for any footprint that will match that. they are going to be looking for fibers any dna trace, anything to show someone was in the car. we'll go back to the money for a second. the money by the accountant's own account, he said there were four stacks of $10,000 each and they were wrapped in bank of america bills with the white wrapping. but there was nothing left in the victim's car. there was no money, no wrappers no bag. is that going to be in his car? any trace of that in his car? they have to look for that. in concert there was a fire. is there any trace of that? chances of him coming away clean will be limited. >> they found daron wint from pizza. the fact he had a pizza in the
11:18 am
home which is inexplicable when you're doing whatever you're doing to these people. it comes down to foot prints and other evidence. thank you for wrapping it up for us. >> pleasure. wall street reacting to the latest jobs report. is the economy on an up swing in our friends at fox break down the latest numbers and reveal one of the many useful skills. what is it? taco bell announcing it will serve beer a locations. that brings us to our question of the day. should fast food restaurants sell booze? if so what would you want to see on the menu? tweet me at gretchen carlson. hashtag real story. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your
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latest jobs report out
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today. labor department revealing employers added 280,000 jobs for may, much higher number than expected a good sign amid fears that the economy slowed over the winter. here to talk about it my friend at fox, jolene kent. you cover the economy and job numbers all the time. what are we to make of this report? >> it is a very good number 280,000 jobs beat the expectations across the board we did see wage growth which is good. the big question now is what is going to happen with the fed? will they raise those interest rates sooner rather than later? will it be next spring? >> correlation between a good jobs report and raising the interest rate? >> it means the economy is doing better. there are lots of metrics to measure that. if the economy is doing better
11:23 am
that means rates can rise and people can afford a little more in terms of their interest rates on mortgages and on down the list. it means the economy is doing better. people can make more money. >> isn't it a big deal when they make that decision? >> it is a big deal. you are right if they make this decision in march of 2016 that's in the middle of the election that. could change the way things go because everyone cares about how the feds set interest rates. >> when you come on my friends at fox we have hashtag, tell me more. one thing you don't know about jo ling? what is it? >> i speak chinese. i speak mandarin. i spent five years in china on a full scholarship and reportd there as a journalist several years before coming to fox. >> do we have jo ling's take of have a nice weekend? >> it's the writing part i don't
11:24 am
think i could do. >> here is the other thing. i'm going to do my hashtag tell me more. it involves both of us. maybe somebody could pick it up in our accent. we are both from minnesota. >> right. we are not that far apart. >> both independent names, right? >> i guess so. minnetonka i love the district. my parents are still there. i love going home. we were in the boundary waters on vacation not too long ago. >> nothing like going home when it's minnesota. there is that beautiful picture. >> that's my fiance my mother dad and brother jonathan. >> she is getting married, too. >> thanks. white house looking at china -- speaking of chinese -- for what is called the biggest security breach against our government. 4 million federal employees. could hillary clinton's personal e-mail server been vulnerable
11:25 am
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now for a quick check of the headlines. tennessee police blaming a school bus driver texting for the deadly december 2014 crash that killed two students and a
11:29 am
teacher's aide. >> new drug called the female viagra. guess what? it's been approved by the fda committee. it still needs testing and many questions remain about risks and benefits. the google unveiling incredible photos ahead of world ocean day monday. the white house responding to that hack attack allegedly conducted by the chinese, taking information from at least 4 million federal employees past and present. ed henry live and back at the white house. you have new information on just how extensive this breach was. >> josh earnest pressed on whether this was an act of war by china or another state actor. he would not answer directly but gives you an idea of the states involved here. it may have been an act of war. earnest revealing while we initially heard it was 4 million people affected he candidly
11:30 am
admitted they do not know the full scope of this. it could be well more than 4 million. also new information on the timeline. he says the cyber intrusion happened in december. the federal government didn't learn about it broadly until april. got more information that it was the office of personnel management targeted. they learned that in may. then revealed it to government employees last night. josh earnest tried to point the finger at congress for not passing legislation. listen. >> when the united states congress to join us here in the 21st century to make sure we have the kinds of defenses necessary to protect a modern computer system. we have not seen that kind of action in congress. >> reporter: reporters pressed josh earnest on the fact that the obama administration had gotten reports going back to 2014 saying that the office of personnel management's computers were not up to snuff. they are pressed why they didn't give opm the tools to deal with
11:31 am
this. >> china sharply denying, of course that they are behind this. given these threats, is the white house still defending hillary clinton's use of that private server? >> interesting, they are. i pressed on it with these threats, not just from china. we heard about this hack of the white house computers by russia allegedly in recent days on top of that the north korea hack on sony. was it a good idea for hillary clinton as secretary of state to have a private server? >> i'm not qualified to render judgment about what sort of vulnerability that may have created. i suspect there is a fox news analyst that does have sufficient capabilities to render judgment on that. >> does the current secretary of state have a private server? >> this is a threat faced by federal government computer network. it's a threat faced by state government computer network. it's also a threat that is faced by private sector computer network. >> a dodge from josh earnest whether or not john kerry has his own server.
11:32 am
secretary clinton had her own server even though at this briefing josh earnest repeat lid said all the cyber attacks are a threat to our national security. >> there was a dodge and also a big fat diss. i heard it there. i wonder who it was about. ed henry, thank you so much. hillary clinton going on the offensive now. criticizing potential gop rivals. for launching what she calls a crusade against voting rights. >> if you want to vote in this state, you can use a concealed weapon permit as a valid form of identification identification but a valid student i.d. isn't good enough? >> joining me alan colmes and mike gallagher. both fox news contributors. looks like she is going on oat offensive. she called out four of the gop
11:33 am
presidential candidates by name saying what they've done in their states with regard to voter i.d. >> what she did today was something better. she called for universal mandatory registration where you have to opt out. automatically at 18 you are registered to vote. i think this is a great idea. this eliminates the problem. we have found out -- when i say we studies have been done to show fraud happens at the registration process. the secretary of state of ohio said it happens less than 0.006% of the time. >> it makes the case if she is dipping into the bag of tricks to start talking about voter i.d. this campaign is in trouble. kidding me? voter i.d.? >> aren't there bigger issues to talk about like isis beheading people? >> 70% of americans favor
11:34 am
sensible voter i.d. laws even 56% of democrats. you're on the wrong side of this alan. hillary, if mrs. clinton has to dip into this this shows that there is a major distraction. i don't know how much longer she can avoid giving interviews to reporters. somebody has to ask her why would you bring this up? >> why would she go to this? some people argued it's an outreach to minorities. >> i don't know why she is saying it. it's a great thing she stood for mandatory universal opt-out voter registration. >> calling out republicans because that's what they are doing? >> let's listen to one republicans she called out, the governor of texas and his response. >> i think it makes sense to have a photo i.d. to be able to vote. when i got on the airline to come up here yesterday i had to show my photo i.d. >> a lot of people relate to that. >> by the way in texas you can
11:35 am
show a gun i.d. but you can't use a student i.d. >> that is a distraction. it's a photo i.d. to prove you are who you say you are to cast a vote. why wouldn't you want a photo i.d.? >> you don't need it. it's a problem that doesn't exist. i have a surprise for you. >> uh-oh. >> your book is coming out soon. in conjunction with that this would be interesting. you talked about this yesterday on the show. you said when you were younger and miss america, i don't think anybody really thought this other than you, you thought you might have weighed too much? >> not when i was miss america, the judge said i was still fat at 108, which is wrong. 35 pounds heavier when what is a kid. >> i interviewed you in 1988. >> wow. >> two days after you became miss america. i was on wnbc doing the afternoon show. i'm sure you have no recollection of this. we have a little clip of that. let's go to the clip. here we go. >> we welcome gretchen elizabeth
11:36 am
carlson, miss america. very nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> much mass been made of the fact your brothers used to call you blimpo. one does not think of a miss america as blimpo. >> isn't that refreshing though? >> did you think of yourself as being fat and ugly at one time? >> not necessarily ugly. chubby. of course. >> how did you lose the weight? >> in 10th grade i wanted to go out with a big basketball star at my high school. ways a senior and i'm sophomore. he said she is such a nice girl but too chubby. i don't remember the day i went on the diet but i lost a lot of weight. >> a basketball player asked you out and you said no? >> right. >> good for you. >> yeah. >> this's amazing. i'm surprised you could record back then. >> back in those days you had to turn the wheel. >> those stories are all in my new book coming out as an inspiration to young girls who
11:37 am
struggle with their weight or even young men and women. build your self-esteem from the inside not how you look on the outside. thanks guys. thanks alan. that was very nice. >> good for you. >> tim for my take. we are going back to voter identification laws and how the american people feel about having to show the i.d. to vote in this country. most polls done by fox in may of last year the results were overwhelming with 70% thinking voter i.d. laws are needed to stop fraud. only 27% say the laws are unnecessary and discourage legal voters from voting. interesting that that didn't change much from when the same question was asked in april 2012. it's also interesting to point out that this issue breaks along party lines, but not as much as you might think. fully 91% of republicans think voter i.d. laws are important to prevent illegal voting but views among democrats are more divided. 55% say the laws are needed while 43% disagree.
11:38 am
here's the catch. independents. 66% think the laws are needed. 30% don't. that independent number i think, is the most interesting since arguably most elections are decided by the independents. maybe arguing against voter i.d. laws is not the way for any candidate to go if they are looking for the majority of the "i" vote. you can get my takes on my facebook page. i'm not sure where you can get more tapes of that alan colmes interview. i'm looking forward to joining both of you on your radio show. >> thank you. >> i'll have a bigger audience than he does. >> tgif. some are calling the punishment for a michigan woman involved in a fatal bike crash unusual. missy nelson distracted by her phone last fall when she hit and killed a 35-year-old woman who was riding a bike. nelson will spend 90 days in jail two years on probation and
11:39 am
during those two years she is banned from using or even owning a cell phone. interesting punishment. trace gallagher live in l.a. with more on this. >> the victim in this case was a mother of two riding on the right hand side of the road wearing a reflective vest and helmet doing everything right. 23-year-old missy nelson was distracted by a ringing cell phone when her car swerved, hit and killed 35-year-old jill beilich. nelson pleaded no contest. the judge decided a lot of jail time wasn't the answer. he ordered she speak to young kids about the dangers of distracted driving and said she cannot own or use any communication device for two years. >> the lesson to be learned here came at too great of a price for the family. a lesson that came at too great of a price for miss nelson. a lesson that hopefully none of us will ever have to face and none of us will ever have to
11:40 am
think about. >> the judge did acknowledge the sentence was unusual and that someone could likely challenge it but her defense attorney says she will likely accept the penalty. here's another twist. the husband of the victim is the one who suggested the two-year cell phone ban. he says he thinks she is remorseful and as you see there, they even hugged in court after the ruling. i want to highlight quickly the problem. in 2013 the last year numbers are available, more than 3,100 people were killed by distracted drivers, more than 400,000 injured. think about that next time you are putting your make-up on sipping coffee or texting while driving. >> texting is a big issue, i think. any distraction really. thank you so much. >> time to check in with jon scott in for shepard smith. >> what to do about president putin is the question as president obama heads to europe this weekend. it's more urgent now than ever. ukraine is warning vladimir
11:41 am
putin could be on the verge of a full-scale invasion. that as president obama is set to meet with his european counterpart. he is expected to push for them to keep up economic pressure on russia. with signs that moscow is not backing down is the white house strategy working at all? if not, what can we do to keep president putin in check? that's ahead at the top of the hour. >> thanks jon. >> the duggars breaking their silence on child molestation accusation. how victims in his own family are coming to his defense. you will hear from them next. one u.s. sport getting creative to try to get rid of a big pest. sea lions. will this whale of a decoy actually work? >> we are so tire fd listening to those sea lions.
11:42 am
... ...
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taco bell serving up booze the first time. planning to offer beer and wine in chicago. walmart responding to complaints about repetitive music played in the stores with plans to hire a deejay now? really? >> and a whale of a decoy off the coast of oregon hoping this man-made orca will steer sea lions offshore where they are causing a raucous to fishermen and natives. the latest on josh duggar accused of molesting young girls more than a decade ago. two victims were his sisters. they are coming to his defense. the duggar family talking exclusively to meghan kelly about the charges. the now owe married sisters admitting they are victims of abuse but horrified the way their story has been unveiled. >> i do want to speak up if his defense against people calling
11:46 am
him a child molest or or pedophile or rapist. that is so overboard and a lie really. i mean people will get mad at me for saying that but i'm like i can say this. i was one of the victims. >> dr. rover, let me start with you. you have written about this extensively. not specifically about the duggars, but about sexual abuse. what are we to learn from this story? >> i think the public has been a little hard on the family. with sex offenders, it's not black and white, it's shades of gray. when this abuse occurred josh was in a transitional period of his development, curious, learning about boundaries. i still think while the parents may have delayed treatment somewhat and not gone about it the right way, i think their heart was in the right place. i think people have been judgment bashing this family. >> it's interesting because the
11:47 am
allegation is not that he had sex with these minors right? when he was also a minor. it was allegations of fondling and such. you covered more than 25 cases of sexual abuse. is that still considered sexual abuse? >> absolutely. it could be a misdemeanor. it could be a felony. there are different grades of sex crimes based upon the seriousness which typically go to what was the activity. if there is penetration, intercourse, that's about as serious as you get. if you touch someone's sexual parts for your own gratification, and they are a minor, that is a crime. if you are a minor also there are spreads in term of the age differential which make the crime less serious. if you're below a certain age you would be treated as juvenile. it's still a crime. >> want you to listen to his sisters again, two victims in this case about the media. listen to this. >> when you found out this was going to be on the cover of "in
11:48 am
touch weekly," what was your reaction? >> how can they do this? we are victims. they can't do this to us. >> yet they did. >> they did. >> let me go back to randy, attorney. can they do that? now the story is turning on the legalities of this because the arkansas juvenile judge is saying it was illegal for the city attorney to give that information that was confidential to that magazine. >> there are laws that allow for or don't allow for public records to be disseminated. you have the freedom of information laws. arkansas' law seems to me a second grader could understand it. a juvenile record that is sealed is confidential. it does not get distributed. the only person who can say that it's okay is a judge. many states actually criminalize the unlawful dissemination of a
11:49 am
juvenile record. >> i think the family has been retraumatized by the whole thing. the point is a child at 14 or 15 doesn't have the same psychological competencies as an adult, which is why the legal system protects them from those decisions that are not adult decisions. >> we could talk about it so much more but we've got to wrap it there thank you both. >> thank you. whole new view. thanks to steve weatherford from that true blue charity softball game. we'll take you on the field. the race horse american pharoah has a good chance at the triple crown and greatness. >> that will define greatness. i know he is a very good horse. once he does this he goes in a different line.
11:50 am
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new york giants punter steve weatherford giving us a unuke blue of the charity game. using his gopro camera. he was chatsing it up with chris christie and reporters, and he seemed to enjoy it all that night, snapping selfize with fans. great job for everybody who came out for the event. he won the kentucky derby and the preakness, and tomorrow at belmont stakes, american pharaoh will race for history and the final gem of the triple crown. rick leventhal is live. can he do it? >> reporter: i think he might be able to, gretchen. there's a lot of optimism here that the nearly four decade triple crown drought may be over. little doubt he is a special
11:54 am
horse but destined for greatness? we don't know but we saw him this morning. he was watchedded close bibi the trainer and the owner who say he looks strong and sharp and ran well and is having fun. the third horse in four years to race nor triple crown after winning the kentucky derby and preakness, and the 14th hours to try since affirmed won it in 1978. all of them fell short trainer bob baffert says this thoroughbred is ready. >> when he went by us, after going around there he looked like he was just still his floating over the racetrack like he moves and that means he is healthy and so we really happy with the way he came off the track. everybody was hawpe. >> reporter: only eight horses in the race after two scratched on monday. american pharaoh, the heavy odds on favorite. it's five to seven.
11:55 am
we also like tail of verve but no one knows because none of the horses have run a mile and a half. >> so interesting. can hardly wait to see what happens. so check this out. viral video sure to get your -- goat? ♪ three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. if i buy a car through usaa, i know i'm getting a fair price. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could maybe upgrade a little bit. we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient we could save a lot of money.
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jump date now on an animal sank wear in connecticut to honor one of the 20 children killed there in december 2012. katherine hubbard loved animals and her family is making an animal sanctuary in her honor a reality now. here's the new sank wear sign in newtown and the pavilion, the first structure, colored red like her hair. my daughter happens to be on the childrens' advisory board with other kids and they made bee houses for the property. >> i think it's a great way to honor katherine's life, and to
11:59 am
continue on her legacy. it's amazing to think a six-year-old made such a huge impact. >> those were her parents. tomorrow there's a butterfly party 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. at newtown with activities and pets to adopt. with more information visit cvh now to a lighter animal story. baby goats in p js. this video going viral. the farm lets their kids play indoors in cozy pjs when it's raining outside. goats apparently hate rain. they're three week old nigerian dwarf goats likely be sold as pets or for milking. >> taco bell trying out something new. alcohol in some locations. should fastfood restaurants serve food. huge five says there's nothing wrong with alcohol in moderation
12:00 pm
but alcohol in the drive through went mix well, cara says minors usually work at fastfood places and this gives their friends access good point. have a fantastic weekend. here's john in for shep. >> a cyber attack of enormous proportions and consequences. hackers stealing' information from millions of past and present government staffers. ahead, what we know about how it happened who got hit and how the chinese are responding to accusations they are behind it all. the air war against the islamic state. american pilots have carried out thousands of bombing strikes but don't seem to be doing much good. today we're going to get some answers as to why that is and perhaps what needs change. plus, he won the lottery but had no idea for weeks. and the winning ticket, wait until you hear where he left it. at the story of the plumber who struck it rich in this hour of "shepard smith reporting."


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