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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 5, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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1:00 p.m. eastern and it will continue right through 3:00 p.m. as normal but 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. we're looking after you. quite literally. we've got your back. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams and dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the 5." tonight, part two of the fox news exclusive interview with the duggars. the christian conservative family has another intense national scrutiny following impropriety in their home. we'll hear from two of the four sisters victimized by their brother josh and revictimized as adults after the story became public. >> we didn't choose to come out
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and tell our story. this wouldn't have been our first choice but now that this story has been brought about, we really feel like as we've been seeing these headlines and things that people are saying about our family we feel like as victims, we have to come out and speak. most the stuff out there is lies. it's not true. so for truth sake we want to come out and set the record straight. >> parents say they have forgiven their brother. >> the girls have gone on and forgiven josh and he's now a wonderful husband, father a godly man. and it's just like -- you know what sometimes there's young people that make mistakes that get involved in alcohol and drugs and different things in their youth. and then they get treatment. they get therapy and they go on and they become very great people. >> you seem like you were
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listening intently to what he was saying. >> i guess i'm troubled by the fact that we keep talking about it because i never really cared about these people. i didn't know who they were. but what bothers me is how weird it all is. this should really be a reality show. >> wait. it is. >> why do we have to choose sides? why is it that this is becoming another political football for the left and the right? everybody has to choose sides over everything. the people who support traditional values feel they now must defend this family because they feel that they are being linked to it. you're not being linked to it. you're not at all. imagine peaceful protesters involved in a march and there are rioters. you do not defend the rioters. you say, those are different people and you condemn the behavior. i don't like the idea that everybody feels that they have to stand up and say because they are part of a team that i belong to that i have to defend them. and i said this the first time.
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josh is being defended as a godly man. what that suggests to me is if you are not ungodly, you're somehow held to a higher standa godly, you do not rely on the forgiveness clause that godly people have. therefore, you don't get this out. i don't think that's fair. >> okay. so that's your take away from it? we'll come back to you again. >> it's not the brady bunch. >> it kind of it. >> bolling, how do you see this? people are saying that they are getting this criticism christian family putting themselves out there with traditional values and lena lena dunham admitted to doing this and it went away. >> i would agree with greg you don't have to defend bad things because you have is similar belief system as the duggars. i would also just point out that if it weren't for their belief system i don't think their name
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would be out there. i don't think they would have released their names. they were minors. not only josh's name but the victims' names were released. they were 5 and 8 and 9 years old at the time. i'm wondering if part of that reason it happened is because of their belief system. >> they were 5 when they were molested. remember that. you just said that. >> my point is there are a lot of people who are 5 when they are molested and their name stays safe blacked out of all correspondence by law they are not supposed to be doing that. there was a decision to like their names to the press and there was another decision made by a press -- by a media group to actually print their names. so the question is had they not been so christian and the show being so christian-based, would those two decisions have been made the same way? i'm not sure. >> it's just another team sport. >> all right. i'm going to bring in dana and juan in a moment but critics
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have been saying a lot about the duggars over the past few weeks. people question whether the family is real or if they've been acting. >> if people see this on tv and were we feak all of the time? no. they are seeing our family went through this and our family was broken and humbled by all this. >> we haven't been fake. people say, we love your show we're like thank you, but it's not a show. it's really our life. and we are just a family honestly living life purposing by god. just do the next right thing and back 12 years ago, we did the best that we knew how at that point and we've learned from things then. and i think by god grace we're going to continue to learn and help our children and our grandchildren. >> well their daughters are also commenting on the criticism.
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>> i think that you know some people i've heard them saying you know you're a hypocrite. well if you go back and look at everything that people have seen in our lives and television, we never claimed to be a perfect family. we have always stated you know we are not a perfect family. we are just a family. >> we have challenges like anyone else. >> with lots of kids. >> dana, what do you think about the communication here? >> it's something i've been paying attention to. "intouch" magazine did the original report. they did the request and that was complied with legally. that part is in question to ask why would they feel the need to reveal their names? so you can have sympathy for the victims. "intouch" today pushing back against jim bob and his wife by suggesting that they were hiding
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information and they've come back with a rebuttal. so now i can imagine that the duggar family is going to do that. so we could be here for a while going back and forth. the country has many big issues they have to think about. but this is -- and this shouldn't have to be one of them. i kind of resent having to be made -- >> to choose. >> to choose. i'm not going to choose. i'm against child molestation, okay? let's put it out there for that. you have a cable tv show with a family that relishes being in the spotlight. they like being out there. then when this comes up they actually -- now their story is a little bit unraveling in some cases and i think "in touch" magazine is going to do whatever they can to protect itself and the duggar family is going to do whatever it takes to protect themselves. you have a serial situation. i mean there is not just one victim and he goes and tells his parents when he's 14 and then there's sort of this weird thing
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where they go to the police but touch base with a guy that is actually now serving time for child molestation. it seems like it actually would be better if it were fiction. unfortunately, it's reality. >> juan? >> why do you have sides? that's the way it feels. you either line up against the duggars or -- that's ridiculous. there even was a sex therapist now who has said that we were invited by the duggars to talk to their children but they never told us that abuse had taken place and she said it was inappropriate, that's not the way you should have handled it and "in touch" is coming back with a guy who is in nail for child molestation or whatever. >> yeah for like 56 years. >> exactly. and this guy apparently knew jim bob all along and -- so a lot of -- you know what i think it's culture wars. right now we have the caitlyn jenner situation and i think a
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lot of people feel like they have to choose a side there because they feel their values are under attack in this country and feel like the left is saying okay to caitlyn jenner and the left that would condemn them and their christian values. now there's a moment of hypocrisy or problems i'm under attack because the duggars are under attack. >> there is -- i respect an argument in all of this and they stress that treatment of offending you is like 95% effective. like 95% of those who offend sexually assault when they are young don't get arrested for future acts which i think is really an important point to make. there's something about -- i'm coming at this from a nonreligious perspective. i have absolute complete admiration for people who preach. when you see people out on the
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streets with their signs and bibles that's the most guts that anybody could have. to fit there and fight the mob as they walk by i think that's the bravest thing i've ever seen. i've seen these guys in london or on high park or sixth avenue while everybody was trying to get away from them i think that's the bravest thing. that's different than people who must remind you of how religious they are every single day with stuff telling you how religious or important this is because that's justifying behavior. >> and right now it's the bulls eye for a lot of people because they have been so aggressive in pointing that point of view. and remember, the daughters that you just saw may have their own spin-off show in case the gug gars get canceled. so money comes into this as
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well. don't miss part two of the duggar interview on "the kelly file" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. ahead, a "new york times" report that could sink the candidacy of marco rubio. just kidding. what the great lady thinks is bombshell news on the gop candidate. and later, facebook friday. post your questions for us on
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hillary clinton tried her hardest yesterday to con convenience a texas crowd that republicans don't want minority people to exercise their right
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to vote. >> republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of american citizens from voting. what part of democracy are they afraid of? >> i call on republicans at all levels of government with all manner of ambition to stop fearmongering about a phantom epidemic of election fraud and start explaining why they are so scared of letting citizens have their say. >> and republicans are hitting right back. >> i think it's demogogary. don't be running around america and trying to keep people from voting when her own state has less opportunity for voting than my state. and she's going to sue my state? >> secretary clinton doesn't know the first thing about voting rights in new jersey or any other states that she attacked and my sense is she
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wants an opportunity to commit greater acts of voter fraud around the country. >> and while they were talking about that this pastor corey brooks of chicago had a message for democrats. >> as you look around the country and across america, you can see the failing policies of the democrats. our communities are some of the worst in the country. and most are ran by democrats. and so i'm continuing to say, we've been very loyal to the democrats but, in return, they have not been loyal to us. >> all right. so who has the stronger argument greg? >> they are both connected because the country needs a leader that speaks to one people and not different fashions and hillary clinton is doing divide and conquer which is destructive. the policies that were designed to rectify the past sins of a country actually made it worse. progressive mayors and
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progressive governments gave them cinder blocks. we didn't just condemn their past sins our past sins as a country. we also kind of condemned positive behaviors that existed during that time. we said the whole thing was bad. we threw the baby out with the bath water. we need to help those that we hurt and let them help themselves and we failed. >> juan you have made the case -- that case on education, in particular. >> i think it's true in so many ways. we're in the 50th anniversary of the moynihan report, talking about the breakdown of the black family. >> yes. >> you stop and look at it and statics are glaring that the black family was in tact and then you have -- this is so crazy, but you had the movement and then you have the election of all of these officials, liberal and oftentimes black elected officials in big cities who they said were intended to help black america and then what happens? you see the decline in terms of family formation. you see so much in terms of the
2:19 pm
increase in acceptance is what is so -- you never see the sharptons of the world out there marching when the gang bangers are going crazy in boston. so i understand what the minister is talking about. >> corey brooks. >> i get that. but on the larger story i also understand that republicans and within republican interests, the political divide for them to somehow discourage blacks young people even some of the elderly from voting. those people who don't have voter i.d. >> why would you say something so outrageous? >> you think it's not true? >> yeah. >> i think it's very true. >> where is the proof in evidence? you're saying this is an overall systematic concerted effort to disenfranchise mine north across our country and prevent them from voting in elections in this country. >> you can see right now in
2:20 pm
statistics who is the least likely to have voter i.d. in the country? >> whose fault is it? >> it'sthat's a different argument. >> this voter i.d. argument is going to be -- let me give you one statistic. i've read all day about this. there are very few people who are in the gray zone. the majority of people are in for some kind of voter i.d. in indiana 2004 58% of the people turned out to vote. there was the voter i.d. law that went into place. in 2008 52% of the people turned out to vote and president obama won the election in that state. voting goes down to 58% in 2012. that's a national trend because on a re-election there's not as much excitement. so if indiana is an example, can other states follow that? or is it just going to be something that we have to deal with listening to hillary clinton say that republicans are scaring people. i would say she's trying to scare people. >> and i would tend to agree
2:21 pm
with juan because the vast majority of african-americans vote democrat. >> that's right. >> she wants them to turn out. >> that's right. >> i want blacks to turn out and vote based on the merits and hopefully based on what you were saying which is that our policies are not working. >> but until that lean goes from whatever 13 or 15% of african-americans will vote you're not going to get a gop pushing for the same thing. to get a fair shot it's not even a fair shot. so they push back. i get both sides of this argument. it's all political. >> it is. >> but the research proves out differently, though. when you offer early voting it doesn't necessarily bump up the number of vote. it may bump up the african-american vote or the minority vote but it doesn't bump up the total number of votes. >> as chris wallace, the host of "fox news sunday" said if you
2:22 pm
look at new york state, hillary clinton's home state, there is no early voting here and they have a democratic legislature and democratic governor so maybe she can start there. >> yeah, no kidding. they have to do a better job. if. >> i think i missed it because it was golden girls. >> maybe chafee should do that. >> you know what i like when you said the republicans should put money and effort into appealing for the black vote because they have a message. >> absolutely. but they are not doing a good enough job. >> i know. >> they are switching from the democrats to the republicans and there's an opportunity there. still to come, facebook friday. but first, you've seen kimberly dance in her chair on "the five." she danced on "the view" today as well.
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that's next.
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welcome back. time for -- the fastest seven minutes on television. three spicy stories and seven minutes. we talked about how intolerant college campuses have become and one of the most high-profile celebs is in agreement with jerry seinfeld and why he doesn't perform at universities. >> i don't play at colleges and a lot of people tell me don't go near colleges. they are so pc. my daughter is 14. my wife says to her, well you know in the next couple of years, i think maybe you're going to want to hang around the city more on the weekends so you can see boys. you know my daughter says that's sexists.
2:28 pm
they just want to use these words. that's racist. that's sexist. that's prejudice. they don't even know what they are talking about. >> greg you have been pounding the table on this for a long time. >> welcome to the club. we've talked about how the pc police have basically turned language into a crime. campus is really a rest home for easily offended nosy neighbors. whether mrs. cravitch from bewitched? >> dana? >> one of the things that is said on "red eye" in his comedic act -- comic shows. sorry. it's friday. he'll say, it's not funny if you don't know things. jerry seinfeld if he went to a college campus and was telling jokes, they don't know anything
2:29 pm
about anything yet so he's right. >> juan? >> you know what strikes me about this there's widespread agreement. you'd get the same thing from chris rock george carlin. >> carlin is dead. >> before he died. i know. you actually communicate with those but carlin actually said it when you weren't on drugs. he said you can't talk to these young people anymore because they are looking for an offense rather than trying to listen and laugh. it's impossible. you can't do it. >> all right. let's move on to this one. we'll have to get to something very important at the end of this. tony morrison sandra day o'connor pink piggy. she just received an award which honors, "extraordinary women who are first in their field." in a receptive speech the muppet proudly declared herself a feminist. >> i'm a tough woman! i'm proud!
2:30 pm
and now winner of the award, this is the first time people. the first time that the two of us are on stage together. >> all right, k.g. >> every time i watch one of those muppet movies she's always desperately chasing the man or the frog. she's always after kermit. i was trying to see what was so funny. >> jerry seinfeld's daughter and the mother saying -- that doesn't mean you're a feminist. >> no. the daughter said that's sexist. i like miss piggy, though. i like her outfits. >> i'm curious if they took women pioneers in their field who they would choose because i bet there's not that many
2:31 pm
conservative women that would get that award. >> if miss piggy is a feminist from 1974 to the year 2000, she was voiced by a man. sense 2001 she was voiced by eric jacobson and the woman did play her briefly in muppet babies. so miss piggy a. feminist gave a job to three men. >> that is sexist. >> what a hypocrite. >> she's a hypopig. >> all right. we onset and you the viewers at home have become accustomed to see kimberly guilfoyle dance in her chair. the ladies on "the view" got her out of the chair and into the arms of a professional dancer to do the perfect salsa. [cheers and applause ]
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>> wow! >> look at kimberlily. >> oh my god. >> she's good. ♪ >> before we let k.g. explain this we're going to go live to -- the guy looked like he was in seventh heaven. >> he's 6'5". he's unbelievably tall. i look like a little mini me there. >> kimberly you're puerto rican, let's let her dance to salsa. if you were mexican, let her dance to macare and if you're white, just dance badly.
2:33 pm
sexist and racist. >> it was a lot of fun. we mixed it up talked about politics talked about fox and moving to fox and everything. it was a lot of fun. >> dana? >> i have to say, she can actually walk in those shoes and this is proof, you can dance in those shoes. are those seven-inch heel? >> no they are like five. thank god i had them on. i would have been at waist length. that would have been awkward. i had a lot of fun. i love dancing, as you know. >> facebook friday up next. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. here at td ameritrade, they love innovating. and apparently, they also love stickers.
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it's facebook friday. let's do it america. let's go to kimberly. you would make an outstanding jij. is that a career you have
2:38 pm
considered? >> interesting. i've always thought about doing it but i thought it was more in my later years that i would consider something like that. >> could you just walk in and say i'm a tv judge? >> is that one of the requirements? >> you should have already served as a capacity as a judge, most have even if it's administrative or traffic court or whatnot. otherwise, if i want to be a real judge, i have to go back to california where i'm licensed to practice law. >> you don't use a gavel. you use a high heel. >> that would be amazing. call me! >> i couldn't stop watching. >> look at his eyes. they are lit up. >> speaking of which, what is your favorite leisurely activity? >> i'm a fat man at heart. i love to eat.
2:39 pm
i was out last night and i was eating away on dana's bill. >> and he brought no gossip to the table, by the way. >> a true liberal. >> that's right. somebody else is paying the bill. >> you're a maker and you're the taker. we'll be right back. eric this is from tiffany. if you could play with any baseball player dead or alive, who would it be? >> roberta is my all-time favorite player the best baseball player and a fantastic person too, on top of it all. one of my heros. >> dana when you and peter take the harley is that a toy? do you ever get to ride in the side car or is that reserved from jasper? >> peter bought it in savannah georgia, and it's a police vehicle. there it is. you can see it right there. it's been refushrbished. >> oh my god. you get in there in the side? >> look at me. >> i thought that was jasper.
2:40 pm
>> that's her. >> oh, my gosh. >> when you come to visit you'll enjoy it, k.g. >> he's on her lap. >> that's how we roll. >> that would be a great show. i dream of jasper. >> sunday nights. this is from me from rick. how come you don't give music recommendations anymore? >> i kind of do. also i write reviews on breitbart. the last one i did was the victim horrors, the best album of the year, first album in 18 years. >> i just downloaded that. >> no, you didn't. >> no way. that's awesome. >> from the bay area also. >> love it. >> kimberly this is from tatiana. if you had to take a liberal to dinner where would you take them and who would it be? and remember juan is sitting
2:41 pm
right there. >> well you're close and easy but you eat a lot. so i don't know. where would i take -- you know what i would take a liberal or a conservative to del frisco's. it's close to work and it's delicious. i love the baked potato and lemon cake. >> where is that place again? >> who would you take? you didn't say. >> i would take juan. >> okay. just checking. >> we get along very well. we like the same food and we both like to have dessert, too. >> take hillary clinton. take hillary for dinner. all right. juan, this is from roger. do you think you would make a good press secretary for the current administration? >> for the current administration? >> answer carefully. >> you know my problem is -- actually this is the truth dana perino told me when she started as the press secretary, the first thing she did was say to them if you lie to me i'm out of here.
2:42 pm
is that true? >> yes. i mean i -- yes. >> so if they lie to me -- >> nobody is going to lie to you. >> they lie to you and then try to backtrack. >> previous administrations, as going way back they did try to give the press secretary false information to pass on to the american public. that did not turn out so well and has not happened since, as far as i know. >> i think josh earnest loves his job. i think he does better than jay carney. and then there's the question of do you just hate the press? larry speaks and the like -- i don't think you hated the press. >> i liked the press. >> all right. eric have you been -- this is from loreen. have you been going to church your whole life and were you an altar boy? >> i have been an altar boy
2:43 pm
since i was 6. one of the hardest things about being the altar boy is when you ring the bells knowing when to ring them. >> true. >> i have not been going to church every day for my whole life. i've been going to church every week for my whole life but maybe about four years ago when we started this show i started going every day. >> dana how do you pass the time on all your flights? >> well i read a lot of novels. most recently i read "we are not all the light we cannot see." i also have been watching "veep." that's one of my favorite shows. it's great. i listen to music sometimes. >> and she picks up men. >> that happened once. >> men. >> this is from ron s. to greg. what kind of feedback have you received from your sunday show? >> exactly what i expected which is people saying that they loved it or are incredibly
2:44 pm
confused. >> just how you like them. >> yes. it was a different show. >> it is. >> for fox. >> it is. >> it is a different show. but i got great advice from a guy from the tonight show who said it was very funny, felt like i was in a theater alone laughing which means there needs to be more noise. i thought that was great advice. >> like a studio audience. >> yes. perhaps. who knows. ahead, marco rubio scares the left so much that they are trying to take him down for his driving. that's next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation
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a fox news alert. "the new york times" is going after marco rubio's record but not as a politician as a driver. yes. in a report being mocked by conservatives, the paper says the gop presidential candidate has been cited 17 times since 1997 for traffic violations. what do you say? >> cops pulled me over too.
2:49 pm
>> stop pause and frisk. >> cut the camera off right there. you know what she was a miami dolphin's cheerleader. >> i'm making my point. >> if that's the unfairness of life, that's -- >> if they are trying to act like america's most wanted i don't know. it seems to be a story like a blown-up something to -- >> you know what is funny, i was going to tell you that jeanette driving the f-150, which is their famous truck, right, banged into a bumper so they let her go but they let her go. you notice that. >> oh geez. >> oh geez. >> you know who hasn't had a traffic violation since 1992 or maybe even before that you? hillary clinton, guess why, she's been driven around the entire time. >> yes. >> scooby doo. >> this is so stupid. >> and i hope that he becomes
2:50 pm
president and never has to drive again for the rest of his life. >> what about you, eric? do you run people over? >> so marco rubio was four of those 17 -- >> yes. >> that makes him once every 54 months he gets cited for speeding or whatever. and they threw her wife's record in discretion with her record and marco rubio got a lawyer and which isn't bad. >> for bill clinton can't drive.
2:51 pm
>> is it all you are going to find? drive anyone off a bridge? >> oh. >> i think the whole story is very interesting because "the new york times" all day long back and forth with conservatives with the information and turns out and about the kind of research that partisans and that's the best that they can do about him. >> anyway, one more thing is up next. super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place so you never have to hold back. laugh loud, live loud, super poligrip. your credit is in pretty good shape. >>chuck, i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on.
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protection. get this one done. ask your healthcare professional about prevnar 13® today. it's time now for "one more thing." greg what have you got? >> sunday second show 10:00 p.m. the greg gutfeld show. special guest, donald trump, i asked him when and if he runs for president, what his cabinet would be like and what would my role be. >> we've heard these rumors that you might run for president and i was wondering, if you do and you win, what would be my role? >> well i think you would be a fantastic press secretary. finally have a little personality in that position. >> yeah. exactly. >> it's pretty dry, that position. >> uh-huh. >> especially when you can keep a straight face and see how well we're doing against isis. >> yeah. >> so i think you would be fantastic. you're very expressive. >> that's true.
2:56 pm
i am. >> but you wouldn't be able to lie as well as they lie. >> yeah, as others. >> yep. dana? anyway -- >> really really weird. but interesting at the same time. >> very interesting. >> okay. so to make room for the beau biden funeral cashin will air at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. and sharknado 3 is going to come out july 25 but here's a little take. >> they say the biggest blockbusters come in three. so naturally, it's our turn. sharknado 3. oh hell yes.
2:57 pm
>> he offered me a cameo but i couldn't do that. ian and mark cuban. our hearts go out to the biden family. >> yeah. very sad. >> we pray for everyone. >> we pray for them. >> dana? >> a big birthday weekend for people in my life. peter mcmann. my husband, his daughter kelly robertson, my daughter-in-law. her birthday is today. tracy shriber. the dog is in a lot of these. barbara bush the former first lady she turns 90 on monday. we want to wish her well. >> happy birthday, everyone. >> that's fantastic. >> i hate to go back to this but greg who was the would. man? >> joanne. don't you know anything? >> no. >> is that a rhetorical
2:58 pm
question? >> she works with me. >> so the nba finals are going and jimmy kimmel and he had some nba players leave the meanest tweets they had ever received. >> wesley matthews complains about every file. just go [ bleep ]. 6% body fat. >> looks like donkeys from shrink. >> looks like an uncle at the cookout. >> i think sharing is caring. so [ bleep ]. >> i've had quite a day. >> you've had quite a day? >> i've got to tell you, though when he said that thing about the donut, i don't know why, my
2:59 pm
mind is on donuts. >> okay. you just blew it. tonight, greta van susteren "on the record" and i was on "the view" and not to be outdone by all of these fantastic "one more thing," today is national donut day. and there's an opportunity for an amazing segment. >> i know. they used to make she's for the soldiers. invented in 1920 by a new yorker. would anyone like to partake? >> i just want to look at -- >> sure i want to watch you eat one, eric. >> i love donuts. >> i'm watching you. go for it. >> he really did. >> this is so delicious.
3:00 pm
>> i'm not holey. >> you never miss an episode of "the five," set your dvr. "special report" is up next. a war of words. republicans return fire against hillary clinton. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. republicans go on the offensive today after hillary clinton went on the attack calling several potential candidates out by name over voting rights. john roberts is in des moines tonight with more on the roast of hillary's arguments. new jersey governor chris christie never one to take criticism lightly fired back with both barrels today that hillary clinton's charge


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