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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 5, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. we hope you set your dvr so you nef miss an episode because we miss you. we hope have you a great weekend. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> this grotesque level of inequality is immoral, it is bad economics. >> income inequality. hillary clinton making it a centerpiece of her campaign and many americans are buying into the belief that the u.s.a. is an unfair country. tonight, we'll tell you the no spin truth. the fbi has a duty to investigate any appearance of impropriety. they have to go in and look. they can go. they won't go. >> charles krauthammer has said a number of very provocative things on the factor. tonight, we will have his greatest hits. >> i demand a recount. >> also ahead gutfeld and mcguirk on jerry seinfeld
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mocking college students. >> i don't play colleges but i hear a lot of people tell me don't go near colleges, they are so p.c. >> caution. you are about it enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. pardon the allergies. is your country unfair to you about money? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, hillary clinton is trying to put together a coalition that will elect her president of the united states. her strategy is two fold. telling minority americans they are being treated unfairly across the board. and convincing working class americans that the deck is stacked against them in the marketplace. if mrs. clinton can persuade folks who don't earn a lot of money to vote for her en
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masse, she may win. what is the truth? the truth about so-called income inequality? first, the accusation. >> this grotesque level of inequality is immoral, it is bad economics, it is unsustainable. this type of rigged economy is not what america is supposed to be about. this has got to change. >> now it should be noted that mr. sanders is a socialist who does not believe in capitalism. he essentially wants the federal government to regulate the private sector, providing money and assistance to those who are not competitive. and that is the play here. to convince americans that market competition is bad unfair, it's a rigged deal. sadly, that message is gaining currency, pardon the pun. a new cbs news poll asked can anyone get ahead in today's economy. just 35% of those polled believe anyone can prosper.
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61% say that just a few people at the top can advance. question go: do you feel the distribution of money and wealth in this country is fair? just 27% say it's fair. 66% believe it should be more evenly distributed. three, are america's best economic times yet to come? 46% no. 47% yes. >> four: do you think the gap between rich and poor is a problem that needs to be addressed right now? 65% say right now. 16% say no. it doesn't need to be addressed. 17% say it's not a problem at all. >> 5. by the way that would be unconstitutional. and finally, do you favor raising the minimum wage
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from 7.25 an hour to 10.10 an hour: for the record talking points favors increase minimum wage. what the poll demonstrates is that americans are largely buying into the dangerous vision that the government in washington should control the flow of money in our economy. that the feds should decide who gets what. not private enterprise. that goes directly against how america was founded. the free marketplace dictates who earns what. not the feds. however, many americans are frustrated believing they have no chance to improve their earnings because the senator sanders alleges the system is rigged. so here's the truth. the capitalistic system in the u.s.a. is tough but it's not rigged. we're living in a changing world where you must have a skill in order to make money. >> and you must understand that technology, not labor is now driving the economy. no longer can you get a union job on an assembly
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line and prosper. many of those jobs have gone overseas and there is nothing the feds can do about that. what the left will never never tell you, because of all of this income inequality stuff that's designed to get votes is that it is largely up to you, the individual american, to do what's necessary to make money. step number 1. you have to get educated. that doesn't mean you have to go to college. but if you don't, you have to know how to fix stuff. or perform some service that people need. and you have to be good at it. so if you want to be a plumber, you will make good money if you are efficient. if you want to be in construction, again, you will make money, but you have got to know what you are doing. the problem is many american public school students believe they can slack off in school and then somehow show up in the workplace and make big money.
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pipe dream. again, you must have a skill, and you must have some kind of education. just go out to the mall this weekend. sit in the chair. watch how people behave. millions of americans cannot even speak proper english. their concentration spans are so short they can't read a book or magazine article. they speak in crude ways. sometimes they can't even understand simple directions. how many of us have called a takeout place and had to repeat the order five times. american students in public schools are not being held to it account generally speaking. the smart kids prosper the lazy kids are passed, just to get them the hell out of the school. so what's going to happen to those lazy kids? well many of them are going to be poor. they are going to be victims of income inequality. if you look at the
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demographics, asian americans are generally prospering in the u.s.a. because they understand what i am telling you right now. their children are dominating in schools. they are being admitted to the finest colleges and universities. in numbers way out of proportion to their population. why? because many asian parents impose strict discipline on heir kids and give them a clear road map to success. senator sanders knows that but he will never admit that education is the only way to economic success. if he did that he wouldn't be a socialist. it is a giant ruse designed to get votes for the democratic party. hillary clinton knows talking points speaks the truth, but she needs the bogus issue to get elected. he she is selling a myth to gullable voters. people who are frustrated
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about their own lack of success. but the great thing about america is no matter how old you are, you can acquire the skills to make money. in just a few moments we're going to talk with a former pro-football star who just graduated from college at the age of 74. the ability to compete in the marketplace is up to you. but dishonest politicians will never say that. instead, they play a cynical and dishonest game and according to the cbs poll, millions of americans are now buying it. finally, a personal story. i grew up in left town on long island. there were nearly hundreds of kids in that neighborhood all over the place. all of the same economic circumstance. not much money. all of us had a decision to make after high school. do we go it college or do we get a job? those who chose college are generally making a good living right now. those who chose a blue
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collar life have done fine as well. police officers, car sales men, house painters, many of my blue collar friends have great lives. but they are not not going to make the kind of money i'm making. i have two master's degrees one from harvard and i earned the money to pay for those degrees myself. yet, i started out the same way that all the kids did in leavitt town with the same advantages and disadvantages. i chose my own path. i knew that path could lead to prosperity if i worked hard. finally, there is no single right way to pursue happiness in america. but if you want significant income, you have got to figure out the pathway. and no matter what those pinheads in washington tell you, you have to do it yourself. that's the memo. next on the rundown reaction from chris wallace. later, gutfeld and mcguirk on gary seinfeld scorching american college students.
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open cap.
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continuing now with lead story, income inequality. joining us from washington the host of "fox news sunday" chris wallace. what say you about inequality. >> i hate to admit it, but i agreed with almost every single thing you said. look, there are some things that can be done and the "new york times" cbs poll talked about them. paid sick leave do i think that's a good idea? yeah. paid child care the idea the idea people having trouble taking care of their kids and also getting work, those are things i think the federal government can do. but when you talk about equalizing what we all make, i'm thinking of the movie dr. -- are the cam camasars can you can only live in this house and move other families in? nonsense. it would destroy the
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economy. you need the free market system for people to go out and make money. just one antidote, i remember ronald reagan i covered him when he was the president. he told the story about how in the 1940s the top marginal tax rate was the 90%. 9 cents on the dime. so he said would they come to him and say do you want to make another movie? he would say i'm at the 90% rate i'm not going to make a movie where 90 cents of every dollar goes to uncle sam and 10 cents goes to me. you have that kind of tax people lose incentive. not only doesn't he make the movie neither do all the film people in the grips and all the people involved in the production. >> what worries me is the gull ability of the american public because now we are seeing in that poll, a majority of people want the government to regulate the salaries of ceos, which is clearly unconstitutional. and, basically, you know, doll out the goodies which
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is what sanders is saying and hillary clinton as well. come on, look, you are not going to have people working in fast food and car washes, valet parkers making money that white collar workers are going to make. that ain't going to happen. somehow, millions of americans believe the government can take from the white collars and give to the car washers and that should be done which creates unbelievable chaotic environment in our economy. >> it's interesting bill, you talk about bernie sanders and hillary clinton this is becoming such a widespread belief in the country. >> i know. >> right or wrong that some republicans are talking about it as well. mike huckabee is talking about the inequality and the game is rigged. rick santorum is talking about it as well. their solutions are different. but you this is going to be a subject that you are going to hear a lot of on the 2016 campaign both from republicans and democrats. >> when you are moderating the debate and they start with that you have got to say specifically what exactly do you want the
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federal government to do? if they start bloviating got to cut them off and say i want to know what they should do. look, there are countries that do have governments that say look, if you are in this job this is how much money you make and we will take the rest away from you. but that's not how the united states become the most powerful economy of the world has ever seen. if he we want to go back and he we want to be sweden, then we have got to at least lay it on the table. i'm tired of this b.s. i'm tired of it. let's go to china. apparently according to the federal government they handle into the federal data base for workers, 4 million workers, private information is now in the hands on chinese. there is little we can do except to say so what? president obama is not going to do anything about it they can hack us all day long. the united states is not going to confront china on this. am i wrong? >> no, the real shock in this is that it isn't a
8:17 pm
shock. in the last year, year and a half, since the beginning of 2014 they attacked -- they hacked the state department. the white house including obama's own emails. personal management not once but twice. they have hacked the irs. the russians have done it, the chinese have done it we have indicted people and people's liberation army's hacking bureau. what's an indictment of somebody in beijing going to do? it's not like they are going to be brought up on charges. you are exactly right. we need better systems and better safeguards we also perhaps need to give them a taste of their own medicine. >> hack them back. >> we apparently did it to the north koreas after sony. we may need to do it the chinese and russians. >> i think they should just send all these rap albums over there like massive things and put them on everybody's computer in china. what do you have on "fox news sunday" coming up? >> we will be talking about this question of hacking. we are going to be talking to peter king, your
8:18 pm
congressman from long island and adam schiff, top democrat on the house intelligence, both of them very concerned about this. and we will talk to them about what needs to be done. and we will talk to one of the 275 republicans running for president this year. rick santorum. and we will talk to him about this question of income inequality. >> see if he is buying into this thing. it really have a giant ruiz. chris wallace everybody. organization telling teachers to treat minority students differently. now scrubbing its web site after a factor investigation. we'll have the latest on an explosive story. and later, charles krauthammer's greatest hits on the factor. upcoming. feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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factor follow up segment tonight as we reported on tuesday. the specific educational group is advising a number
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of big school districts all across the u.s.a. places like boston, san francisco, denver, saint paul minnesota. the basic philosophy of the group is that teachers should not hold minority students accountable for conduct and academics in the same way they hold white students accountable. one fourth grade teacher in minnesota says the philosophy is a disaster. >> you're teaching your class and a student from another classroom just opens up your door, runs in, and grabs the computer, and throws it down and runs out. that's pretty disrupting for anybody. but, you would see that same student who came into your classroom and disrupted it still in the school. and that's mind boggling. you are like where are the consequences? what's going on around here? after the factor's second report on the pacific educational group it scrubbed its web site removing certain key information. with with with us now is geraldo rivera. how do you see the story? >> i understand -- race matters, first of all. we all have to agree that
8:23 pm
race matters with small children, with adults race matters. this is a recipe, you are absolutely correct in pointing out. this is a recipe for disaster. you can't have two standards either in educational attainment or conduct deportment. the question becomes how do you punish a child from an inner city family, dysfunctional family in the context of a school. schools in these urban settings are often oasis chaos of private life. if a child is acting out how you can punish that child without sending them on what is unmistakably and undeniably a pipeline to jail. if you expel a kid from high school and they have no place to go, they are going to end up doing criminal stuff and end up in jail glaws know i private. catholic school. in the worse slum in north miami on opelika we all knew
8:24 pm
what kids had drug-addicted parents and abusive brothers and sisters. and you are right but there are ways that you can take the child and put the child in a circumstance where he knows or she knows they are not going to get away with this. okay? so the best way to do it is a social os industryization. i did that a number of times with the help of the principal and vice principal they backed me up. what we have here now public systems is mass chaos. do you know how many letters i got. i got letters from all over the country teachers are getting punched in the face. >> remember how we feared detention? we did everything we could to avoid detention. so you structure a program all right. little johny now it's different in fourth grade than it is in 10th grade but in fourth grade and as the dad of proud dad of a fourth grader soon to be and this is my fifth experience with this i structure it the first level of punishment is they have to sit in the
8:25 pm
coach's office. then from the coach you go to the vice principal. then you dread capitol punishment and go to the principal. if it gets that far that child knows they can build up this, you know, feeling of dread of consequence much more than they feel like acting out. now, the important thing to note show is why not take a different approach? i understand this group wants to give a free pass to kids from dysfunction fall minority families. why not do something different? why not reward good conduct? you get an a something good is going to happen to you? that's fine. you attend school every day something is going to happen to you. parents attend a pta meeting and work well something good is going to happen to you. >> bloomberg wants to give out $100 bills. >> bribe something not the reward. >> gift reward and positive reinforcement. >> what you have here is a growing trend in this
8:26 pm
country of white privilege. this whole crew, this pacific education is all based on white privilege. all right. so the white kids have all this extra stuff. so we hold them to a higher account. that's racist. it's a racism of low expectation as martin luther king said. and we have got to stop it we have got to stop it in its tracks and the fact that we exposed this crew with the help of a web site. they broke the story and i want to give them credit. you got through it. i got through it if rivera and o'reilly can get through it because we were both little thugs but we were held accountable and that was the difference. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. gutfeld/mcguirk startled by jerry seinfeld mocking american college students. we will get to the bottom of that krauthammer on the most provocative and thought provoking things he has said on the factor. i hope you stay tuned to those reports. if you can't put a feeling into words, why try?
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you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges. can you spot the difference?
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no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look. the one on the right just used 1% less fuel than the one on the left. now, to an airline a 1% difference could save enough fuel to power hundreds of flights around the world. hey, look at that. pyramids. so you see, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. improve themselves in the marketplace. hall of fame football player bobby bell who a few weeks ago achieved his college degree at the age of 74. i spoke to mr. bell a few days ago. >> so, mr. bell, 56 years you go back to get your college degree. why? >> the reason i went back is because i promised by i went to the
8:31 pm
university of minnesota gave me a scholarship that i was going to get my degree up there and i had been putting it off bill, for a long time. for some reason last year i said a., i am going back to school. >> so you left the university of minnesota to play pro-football. you were 13 credits short i understand of graduating. >> i got drafted by the kansas city chiefs and i left there in like 19622. that's when i signed but my last quarter was in 1963. so i was lacking credit because i went to play for the chiefs. played in some all star -- visited around the country you know. i went on the ed sullivan show. johnny carson show and everything. so i needed to go back and finish it. >> and did you. >> i kept that promise yes. >> tell me about your father. he was a guy who lived in the segregated south in south carolina. he picked some cotton, he drove people around, white
8:32 pm
people. what was his attitude when you were growing up toward his country america? >> well, the whole thing is that he taught me to love everybody. you got to love everybody. you know, and you treat people the way you want to be treated. and my dad, you know, never finished school. and i wanted to go off to school and view every opportunity that i had your mom and dad stayed together. they raised you and your brothers and sisters in the house but you didn't have any money. you were poor. did your mom and dad tell you that african-americans had a very tough history it really wasn't a fair society, particularly when they were children what did they say about your country? >> they said that african-americans is, you know we had a certain place. we couldn't eat in the restaurant. we couldn't go to the bathroom. we had separate bathrooms. we had separate water
8:33 pm
fountains. that was one of the things my dad said. i just remember, son just do the right thing. one of these days everything is going to change. everything -- and it's possible. >> now, today, when you talk to younger people, younger black males and you see he in chicago and baltimore and other places, you know, the devastation. >> you got to realize that everything is different in different parts of the country. i realize i went to minnesota things are different. at that time bill, it was like 2% blacks up there. you have got prejudices all over the country, you know. i went down that road. i just wished people could walk my trail. you know, i came from north carolina bill. and when i left north carolina, my dad said you -- if you get a scholarship at minnesota, you know, hey go for it. a lot of people said no, don't do that, you know, you will become a numb up there. you can't make it up there.
8:34 pm
and my dad had that positive attitude about it. and i tell these guys all the time and people and african-american kids all the time, hey go to school, get your education, you know learn learn everything you can. you know. my parents. >> mr. bell, we really expect that you are a patriot and had you had a great career in both sports and business and we really thank you for talking with us tonight. >> well, i thank you bill. >> when we come right back, gutfeld and mcguirk on jerry seinfeld mocking college kids but not mr. bell. and a man calls 9911 after he is attacked by a cat. >> what's the problem? >> my cat was getting too aggressive. >> the boys moments away. ♪ devour food that's good for you, the same way, you devour food that's not good for you.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly with allergies tonight and we have one correction. the soft bigotry of low expectations i said was martin luther king. it was not. it was president bush the younger who said that. very interesting. in the what the heck just happened seeing want tonight, three very lively topics let's get to mcguirk and gutfeld new program seen 10:00 p.m. on sunday
8:39 pm
evenings on fnc. >> i don't play colleges but i hear a lot of people tell me don't go near colleges they are so pc. i will give you an example. my daughter is 13. my wife says to her well, you know in the next couple years i think maybe you are going to be wanting to hanging around the city more on the weekends so you can see boys. my daughter says that's sexist. >> isn't that, you know, it's amazing. >> they just want to use these words. that's racist. that's sexist. that's prejudice. they don't even know what they are talking about. >> and here is somebody who doesn't know what he they're talking about either. all right gutfeld. what say you? >> when did he turn into matt lauer. >> why because of the hair? >>ened at glasses. >> finally they noticed this the past 40 years the
8:40 pm
politically correct movement has waged a war on language. we have been talking about it forever. now the comedians are figuring it out. this reminds me of the time of prohibition but instead of booze it's language which is why i think there should be these things on campus speak easies. students and comedians are allowed to go to a place like a bar and let the language flow like the way you let the booze flow in prohibition. right now language is treated like a hate crime. >> it is. you have got to watch everything you say mcguirk and i know you do. >> i have a muzzle. >> seinfeld is right,. >> yeah. the question is who are these people? who they're pampered, brain washed little jerks is who they are. people who worship -- they want to spit on cops. hate this country. perpetuate the hands up don't shoot lie. it starts at the top with the teachers and professors. they will tolerate nude dancer classes.
8:41 pm
start to joke with two lesbians walk into a bar not that there is anything wrong with it, they will throw pia in your face or charge with you a hate crime. >> now you it is coming down to 13 and 14-year-olds. >> i try to talk to those kids. >> you guys eat the ben and jerry ice cream? >> all the time, look at me. >> ben and jerry. ben is the real crazy far left guy. roll the tape. >> i give you the long shot candidate who defeated the politics of cronyism and won election for mayor of burlington in 1981. [cheers] >> and went on to become the longest serving independent in u.s. congressional history. vermont's adopted son the next president of the united states senator bernie sanders. >> right on.
8:42 pm
there is no truth to the rumor, mcguirk but there is lsd in ben and jerry's ice cream if he thinks sanders is going to get elected and you say? >> bernie goldberg has more of a chance of getting elected president. look theories guys are sell out by the way. they sold that company a long time ago. they don't own it they had to buy the ice cream at employee discount. they cashed out. >> i know they cashed out. do you know what else they did? they donated a quarter of a million i believe to the hillary clinton campaign. so they are double dipping. pardon the pun gutfeld. >> nicely done. this is the most left-wing couple since the rosenbergs. so i'm not surprised. what drives me nuts why is a socialist a respected title or romantic title? it's like it kills people. socialism is deadly. it's like saying i'm a poisonnist, not a real word. >> now it's chic. >> they forget how many have died at the hands of socialist and communists. anything that ends in ist.
8:43 pm
>> bernie's rebellion in the name of the snrafer chocolate chip graduation caps in honor of free college proposal. bernie spread the wealth strawberry flavor. spittle brittle. bernie's oatmeal on your chin chunk or hammer sickle sundays. half baked bernies come with lots of nuts. lots of nuts if you know what i'm saying. >> i want everybody to absorb. >> how about hillary's mud pie momma. >> no. >> email fudge. >> one more topic here. the guy calls 911 because his cat attacks him go. >> 911, what's the address of your emergency. >> i have a problem in my home. i cannot go inside in my home. >> what's the problem? >> the problem is my cat was getting too aggressive and i wasn't -- he attacked me and he scratched me in my leg and bite me. so me and my wife, we come
8:44 pm
outside and now we can not go in the home like three or four hours. >> i hope that cat was arrested gutfeld, you know. >> me too. one real concern. why are these calls public? let's say you are an n. an embarrassing situation where on a friday night you accidently fell on something. i'm not going to call 911. i don't want -- i'm a host of a show i don't want. >> you don't want the 911 call out there. >> people are against the nsa but they are okay with that. >> that guy put up a phony accent. he speaks like a yuppy. >> i don't like cats. are sneaky disloyal imgreats. they are like homegrown terrorists. you welcome them in your house and showing love next thing you know they hissing at you or trying to cut your head off. cats stink. >> don't write me. >> that was bernie. i love cats. >> bernie sanders probably has 20 cats in his house. >> charles krauthammer on deck. some provocative things he said on the factor. charles is next.
8:45 pm
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. back of the book segment tonight, kicking around stuff with our pal charles krauthammer for years now. we have never put together a chronicle of his greatest factor hits until tonight. >> on this program you said that the clintons always walk up to it a line of illegality and there is no smoking gun that says they did anything illegal with the clinton foundation. you heard bill clinton very inarticulate and that's rare, trying to defend the situation. >> i give 10% of my revenue off the top every year to the foundation. and hillary in the year she was there gave 17. over the last 15 years, i have taken almost no capital
8:49 pm
gains. and i have given 10% to pay my bills and because in the. >> working americans look and say a had hundred thousand dollars for a >> why shouldn't every -- it's the most independence i can get. >> when you have a presidential candidate hillary clinton, who is gonna get the nomination of her party the fbi has a duty to, we the people to investigate any appearance of impropriety. does it not? >> well, if you look at the behavior of the fbi. the federal government has already indicted senator men menendez. the government has convicted the former governor of virginia for quid pro quos and you have got the case of chris christie whose news is all over the newspaper on the other hand you have got the possible influence pedaling and possible corruption of one of the highest officials of the
8:50 pm
government. it is a double standard and it is quite remarkable and it is not an accident that people who have been indicted or been hound are ones who are adversaries of the democratic administration and the democratic party. >> okay. the fbi has got to go in and look. they have to go in and look. if they don't that's corrupt, in my opinion. >> look, the fbi isn't incident the control of the justice department. >> no, no, they can independently go. in they don't need any lynch okay on this. they can go. >> i understand they can go. they won't go. >> why? why won't go? >> they know where the direction comes from. they don't want to cross their superiors. >> are you saying that comey, director comey is putting politics above the law? >> there is a pattern in which there appears a pattern in which people who oppose this administration seem to have gotten nailed. but what impressed me about what clinton said, he said i have to pay the bills.
8:51 pm
do you remember a basketball player called freewell? >> yeah. >> he was the guy who choked his coach? seven years later he was offered a three year contract extension for $21 million. he turned it down with a quote of the century. i have a family to feed. it's in the same genre. >> president obama and his ache lights will never admit that it's america's lack of authority in the world that is causing one after the other after the other. >> if you look back historically appeasement retreat, and concessions are often very popular at the time. there was no uprising against chamberlain when he came back in 1938 from essentially giving away czech and much of europe into hitler's hands. they were upset a year later in the war broke out. churchill was the one who said we were given the choice of dishonor or war. we chose dishonor.
8:52 pm
we will get war. churchill was not that popular a guy at the time. he became later when the prophecies that he had made all came true. >> this is what i'm worried about, all right? president obama is going to leave office in about 18 months okay? >> right. >> the new president whoever is going to inherit an unbelievable mess abroad and an economy. >> absolutely right. >> an economy that is stagnant. however, in the meantime americans have to make a decision about whom they are going to vote for. i don't think that most americans have any blanking clue about how bad it is overseas and surely the press and the president himself not telling them. >> there is a difference between what's bad overseas and what you feel in your house, in your on overseas and who is telling them? >> there's a difference between what is going on overseas and what you feel at your kitchen table. obama's retreat was quite popular in '09/'10, leaving
8:53 pm
iraq. the reason is the immediate effects are not there. this is a process. it takes a few years when the consequences become such. know we will wake up very soon and discover iran has nuclear weapons. the world will change and we will be fearful and that will be the result of something obama did but did not have immediate effects. >> all right, charles krautheimer. >> your dad would like you to take him to see the "don't be a pin head" show. we'll link to you the box office. the real lone ranger, he will stun you. moments away.
8:54 pm
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podcast." see, we do use technology. >> hugh jacobson. "i had a lump in my throat watching the piece on jennifer griffin. my prayers are with you and your daughter." >> "bill, i liked your tip of the day about respecting your body. i wish you would use your clout to get the pousser that be to stop abusing our planet." >> countries like china and india doesn't really care about the environment and i can't make them. patrick mcgrade, "i recently traveled to europe and it was a long flight that saved me."
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8:59 pm
of a legendary law man. now for the first time from the pages of history, we bring you the true story of the wild west's greatest champion of justice, the real lone ranger. >> now, i'm not going to give away the twist in this episode, but it is startling. sunday night, 8:00 p.m. here on fox news "legends and lies." that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox factor web site. spout out from anywhere in the world. word of the day, brand new word crassitude no crassitude when writing to the factor.
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again, thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is next. remember the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. tonight a "kelly file" exclusive. for the very first time it would have the young women inappropriate live touched by reality tv star josh duggar speak out about what happened. jill and jessa duggar are two of the 19 kids belonging to jim bob and michelle duggar. tonight they reveal themselves as victims of their brother josh's inappropriate touching saying they want to set the record straight about what really went on some 12 years ago under their parents roof and wh