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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 8, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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someone shot and hit a u.s. border patrol helicopter along the mexico border. the bullets hit the side of the chopper and its rotorblade. the pilot landed safely but authorities are on the hunt. will carr bring us up to speed. >> authorities are not sure which side of the border the shots came from. what we do know this is now an international investigation after the helicopter took friday friday evening while patrolling the rio grande near laredo texas. the helicopter was chasing a suspect carrying bundles of marijuana. today we've learned that congressman jason chaffetz is in laredo there talking about the incident with border patrol agents on the ground.
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>> we're going to look into this. we definitely have acrisis in the south driven primarily by the drug trade. the overall security of the border needs to be a national priority not just to stop the drugs but to protect the people in the united states to deal with the drug trafficking and other illegal activity. >> the border patrol told me that it was used by the office of air and marine part of customs and border patrol. those helicopters fly over the rio grande making sure that nobody is sneaking into the united states illegally or conducting illegal affairs. >> we haven't heard a lot about laredo until recently. is there an uptick in the violence in laredo texas? >> that's right. there is.
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right near la nuevo. there's a new wave of violence linked to the cartels there. in fact earlier this week on thursday congressman chaffetz sent a letter to john kerry asking if any americans are unsafe in a specific consulate needs to be closed. >> people are scared for their lives and people are dying every day on the streets. it is devastating and frightening how dangerous it is in mexico right now. >> 100 u.s. citizens were murdered in mexico and 130 kidnapped. it looks like retirement is not in the cards for triple crown winner american pharoah. plans are under way for the horse to run again this year. >> i think it's a huge huge honor and privilege and we owe it to the sport to do the right
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thing. it's my genuine desire as somebody who loves horses is to race him as long as i possibly could. >> the owner says it will be the trainer's decision when american pharoah again. historically it's not unusual for triple crown winners to keep on racing. a major upset at the french open. djokovic lost to stan wawrinka. there the guy you can see there got to accept everything. it was an interesting moment in tennis to watch today. new fallout after a massive
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sib cyberattack involving the u.s. government. and they got him, the new bonnie and clyde. police say they finally have brought them in from the crime wave spanning several states with these two people. we'll tell you how they did it. stay
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critics are calling for the white house to get tougher on cyberwarfare after the security clearances and background checks were stolen. officials are pointing to hackers in china but are still trying to figure out who did it. however, lawmakers are saying they suspect the chinese government. >> there are only two possibilities here with an
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attack this sophisticated. either a state actor or a group of state hackers who work in concert with the state. >> elizabeth prann now in washington. >> hi harris. a cyberattack was reportedly carried out by hackers in china. the attack carried out on the office of personnel management or opm, is the agency that serves as a human resource department for a slew of agencies a gold mine of information. at least 4 million people could be affected. experts and politicians say this may not be an isolated event or rather a larger trend of espionage. alan schiff says this is alarming. >> those on the offense have all of the advantage. it's very expensive to avenge
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and be free from repercussions. >> while a spokesman is fighting back against the accusations saying it's unproven and irresponsible, lawmakers are not holding back when it comes to placing blame. >> it's not been confirmed by the united states government but i believe, in my judgment that all of the threat indicators point to the fact that it is china and perhaps nation state sponsored because of the way it was done. >> security experts fear the hackers could be creating a large database full of stolen personal information. the administration hasn't commented on the hack source but says it's aware of the threat emanating from china. harris, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you. hillary clinton making accusations about voting in america. >> if you want to vote in this state, you can use a concealed weapons permit as a valid form of identification.
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but a valid student i.d. isn't good enough. >> so the accusations came when she talked about who that might benefit or discriminate against. we'll talk about it with our fox political insiders. doug schoen has some those about why hillary clinton is talking voting rights right now. and is there numbers in strength when running for president? with 12 confirmed republican candidates more expected to come in the coming days is it so many or too many? tweet facebook about it. remember we love it when you tune in and chime in. hit us up on our twitter and facebook. we're coming right back.
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well, they are tallying the votes in turkey and it's estimated that the president party will drop 18 seats. police crediting good investigation work for catching the bonnie and clyde pair. authorities suspect these two in a six-day ordeal involving at least two stolen vehicles and an armed robbery. and prince williams and
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duchess kate of cambridge releasing the first baby pictures. hillary clinton giving one of the first major speeches of her presidential campaign on voting rights. she accused republicans of trying to stop mine northorities. watch. >> it's wrong to inhibit americans' rights to vote. it's the opposite of what we should be doing. >> last month, clinton's cam pean sued the state of ohio designed to keep mean north from voting. john kasich a possible presidential candidate himself, fired back. >> if she wants to sue somebody let her start. 27 days a couple hundred hours. in new york the only early voting there is none. the only voting that occurs is
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on election day. what is she talking about? >> you can line up early in new york but not cast your vote yet. >> let's bring in political insiders. republican congressman for new york he knows about you will a of the voting rights in the state. pollster for former president jimmy carter and doug schoen former pollster for bill clinton, he has known the clintons for years, you say interesting timing for her to be talking about voting rights. why? >> here's what is happening, harris. hillary is slipping in the polls with independents and as she slips with independents her path to victory means she needs minority votes to wins. she's still leading and in good shape but she's going to pursue i think -- we'll talk about that. she's going to pursue the obama strategy and appeal to liberals
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african-americans, hispanics, young people it remains to be seen if it will work. but i say, pat, that she's in pretty good shape now. >> i'm sorry. you're wrong. >> did you call him crazy? that's not very size. >> that's like calling the pot the kettle black. >> what don't you like? >> the reason she's doing this look three-quarters -- more than three-quarters of americans consistently favor having voter i.d. including a large majority of democrats and mine north. okay? this is being done. she's rolling these issues out because of what is happening to her in her polling numbers as you get deep is that she is metastasizing cancer in her base and it's working its way down. i looked at the fox poll and cnn poll despite that it was 13
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points democrat over republican. in her base when you deal with the question for instance, when you get to the scandals in benghazi they are very supportive. the vote of the american people think that's a legitimate issue, including a large number of her base. she needs to win in her base beyond this besides minority. it is women, young people and upper educated wealthy people. >> wouldn't you say this is a good move? >> no. because here's the problem. the fact is i think it's require relevant because when you get into the question about the foundation look at the fox poll which got -- we haven't paid much attention to it. as to whether they were trading favors overwhelming 61% of the people believed that. you have 41% of democrats, which is incredible 59% of women, 39% of african-americans. i mean we're talking her base. 63% voters under 35.
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she's doing -- when those voters -- young people concentrate on this and what happens with these voters -- >> i want to finish your thought because you ran away like a train at the end of that. >> i'm sorry. >> what you're saying is that trustworthiness is an issue for all of the percentages that you listed? >> yes. we're talking about every one of these. we don't understand voters do it this way. people who are for her, these things seep in. they take time. people have to resolve conflict. >> she's not seen as a strong leader? >> she may be seen as a strong leader but not -- her numbers are not great overall. >> for which numbers? >> cares about people like me. >> okay. yeah. >> she's got a lot of people -- >> i think you're overstating, pat. >> i want to get john in here. john i want to pop up another poll. it shows how there are four democrats in the race now and i know you all laugh at that.
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one of them is senator bernie sanders. when you look at the video of the crowds coming out for him, it looks like some of the hillary clinton clinton supporters just fled because she gave a women-only event and had to invite men to sell enough fundraising tickets. we don't know what is resonating with him. it could be the not hillary situation. he seems to be siphoning some of the younger democratic voters that pat is talking about. >> huge crowd in iowa and huge crowd in minnesota. the question we need to answer is what pat has just said was no one ever on any tv show has brought this up. i watched all of these polls being talked about on tv. hillary clinton is still ahead with every republican challenger that's the end of the poll. >> what are they missing? >> all of this. that in fact she is in trouble in her own base. >> in her own party. >> and it's deteriorating bit by bit.
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that's why bernie sanders is throwing her out. >> didn't you say that bernie sanders was real potential? >> no. he could win iowa. >> that would be huge. >> what's interesting to note about this though and if we pop those numbers up you're right, there's a huge gulch between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. however, what this shows potentially is that when republicans stack up against her, she's got some weaknesses because, remember, when you look at the polling for hillary clinton among some of those gop candidates she doesn't reach 50%. >> in any of them. >> in any of them. >> that's why i'm saying when you look at those horse races and start looking at the groups that maintain her support in that -- that's what i described as a metastasizing cancer. they are beginning to ask questions. i guarantee you this about the democratic party. she could be what gene mccarthy was as a democrat.
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but challenging what robert kennedy refused to. miss warren may be really sad that she didn't run. >> that's interesting. we saw that organization -- >> i guarantee you this by fall there will be a serious candidate and democrats will be begging to run. >> she could get in though. run warren run, that one organization said that they were going to shudder their doors this week. >> hillary clinton is scared. pat is right about that. >> so what difference -- >> one quick point. >> all right. >> she's got 12 or 13 big speeches coming up. >> by the way, we're getting some notes on that tonight. >> right. >> you probably saw that now she's going to be making policy points and so on and so forth. >> that's why i mention it. she's trying to change the conversation to issues away from our e-mails, speaking fees. >> is it working? is it working? >> it isn't working but it's going to start in earnest next saturday when she kicks off her campaign. >> on which island?
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roosevelt island? >> roosevelt. >> you've got to have a gondola to get there. >> doug one more thing i wanted to ask you about that, what she's doing. it looks to me like she's abandoning bill clinton and going on a campaign further left than obama. >> that's true. >> okay. we've got a lot to talk about and we will. it was a big week for the republican field as well. more candidates jumping into the race as you know. we could see as many as 17 potentially, by the time it's all done. with so many choices, we ask on our social media pages for fox news so much or too much? some of the candidates say it's a great thing that you have this many choices. stay close. h
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i don't know who is going to
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end up running or not running, really good people. and that's -- that shouldn't be something that we should be worried about and try to select down but we should have the opportunity for everyone to be heard. >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum sounding off on fox news sunday with our own chris wallace on the growing field of gop candidates. as of now, ten officially launched campaigns, three more donald trump, jeb bush louisiana governor bobby jindal have set dates to announce their decisions as well. scott walker and chris christie are still exploring possible runs. add it all together and that's a total of a lot of options. our political insiders are back. i want to go to social media for a second because people are echoing actually what rick santorum is saying. hair which i'm not a fan of anyone named hair says the more the merrier "fox report," and then i'm reading as well on twitter, harris we just saw carly fiorina release all of her
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tax information early. do you think it's too soon? i mean there's some substantive questions. first of all, you have thoughts about carly fiorina? >> i think she was smart to do it now. >> now finally an honest woman. >> how about an honest woman? you want a woman? how about an honest woman? that would be my slogan if i were her. >> you're advising carly fiorina now? >> breaking news here. >> i love it. >> breaking news. >> we're going to take your card back. >> i'll give them my advice including mine for elizabeth warren who is going to regret not getting in the race. >> harris i see it differently. i think with 15 or 16 candidates now, the republicans are doing exactly what hillary clinton, the democrats want which is self-demolation because as articulated by ronald reagan -- >> it was someone else. >> the rule is simple you don't criticize a republican.
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but bottom line harris to use my favorite expression they will be criticizing each other. they will be doing it zealously and aggressively to the benefit of hillary clinton. >> let me throw out, we need a 12th commandment. >> we do. >> for the next six months they should stop dumping on hillary. forget hillary. let her stew in her own juice. let's have a competition of the 17 people of who has the most attracted, inspirational vision for how to change the direction of this country. >> has anyone articulated a vision? >> none. other than we keep saying it on the show. >> i keep saying this there is a country where people worry about the crime, the ability to get ahead. they worry about their children's future in a real way and where goes america and no one will speak and they are worried about the corruption. but i would like to come back and ask one question on this -- on these people. you know there are -- aren't
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they -- this rand paul stuff is verb vicious. does that not back up your point? >> i want to bring up a broader point about what pat just said. we've articulated for the past three or four years with you and sometimes when we haven't had the pleasure of your company -- >> it's true. >> -- the notion of the american people republican democrat, independent, are being looking for broad solutions to specific problems about their incomes their employment and space in the world. >> don can i say something? >> sure. >> harris i happened to learn from pat and doug. every week we talk about stuff all week long. in these polls that pat and doug drilled on this week an amazing thing hit me. 52% of the american people are now declaring themselves independent. >> bouncing from the mid-40s to
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the low 50s and even with registered voters, it's in the high 40s. it's serious business here and they don't like politics. >> yeah. >> and remember they think washington is against them. they are part of what is ruining my life. >> right. and if someone, a candidate, goes out and says i'm going to get those people i don't care how they register i want them -- >> interesting. >> -- he or she could get those people. >> yet the politicians are doing the opposite. >> i have a basic question about independents. i think some people say, does that mean they are libertarian, does that mean that they fall in or out of the party, who are the independents? are they not loving what they see? >> they are everybody. they are giving up the two parties. we have both parties combined. >> a third party? >> a lot of them do. they are angry, they want honesty, they want straight talk and real solutions to real problems. >> and, you know when the question you're asking -- >> can you run on that though?
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>> yes. i guarantee you you can sweep -- >> what would the message be? >> just that. i'm going to tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. >> okay. >> the country is broke. the politicians of both parties are corrupt cht. the media is corrupt. you know you're not being told the truth. >> we are robbed and killing america right now. >> there was a report over the last couple of weeks about the economy and something really shattered my expectations and this has to do with young people in the country. they may be able to find the job but can't find a place to live because they can't match up their income with what's available and so they are staying at home some of them. i mean that's an option, you're blessed if you have that option. >> it's a real problem and a real topic. i just came from an event where we discussed the turkish elections that you alluded to. they say it's hard to work with america when we don't have a sense of what the strategy in the middle east is.
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we're a leaderless rudderless country. >> before you talk i want to get back to you one thing we had mentioned before which was the growing side of the gop field. jacob said he doesn't want republicans to criticize each other so much. just tell me what you will do to get the nation back on track. by the way, california state leader guy lord parkinson, was the person who talked about the 11th commandment being just don't shoot inside a tent. >> these are candidates running and it's my personal ambition. i don't think any of them evoke a sense that they are running because they are desperately worried about the country and what to do and are willing to engage the american people. >> we are hearing that from some. >> we heard it from lindsey graham last week. we heard it from marco rubio
1:49 am
when he sat on our set as our first presidential candidate to come out and join the team. so we are hearing it. but what you are talking about is rick santorum is saying you have to get voices in. >> i'm just saying we're going to have a larger voice and to the question what you're saying it starts with the fact that the basic idea of america is if you give your children better than you have that is the idea. >> all right. >> and we're failing it and you pointed it out and that is a moral issue. it's not something you stick between potholes and social security. >> we have a lot more but much more after this. stick with us.
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we go straight to our viewers on social media.
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for doug schoen will hillary clinton ever have a one on one interview with a reporter about her scandal? >> i don't think she will and i don't think she should. there's no reason for her to do that largely because most of the questions out there, whether on e-mails, speaking fees the foundation benghazi she doesn't have good answers to the questions that are out there. >> what if george stephanopoulos wants to do an interview? >> i think he's paid $75,000 for that. >> those are the facts of the clinton foundation. all right. let's move on. let's talk about china now. we had been talking about china and the islands they've been building and putting weapons out there and then something else broke this week. a massive data breach. not just in our government but the human resources department of our government things like security clearances background checks. these employees, 4 million or more of them i don't know could be bribed blackmailed for
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information that a hacker could have or even impersonate. >> how about compromised or killed? >> cia agents had their records in that department. luckily, we're told they were not hackable. >> this is it an act of war, in my view by the chinese government. >> it hasn't been proven by the chinese government. you have thoughts about that sf? >> believe me everything in china is governored by the government. no citizen can get on the internet without the permission from the government and they are blocked by most of them. >> the chinese did it. they have been doing it against the state department and the white house. >> from what i understand these guys don't leave a smoking trail. >> our geeks can figure out what their geeks are doing. >> could her geeks figure it out? >> no. she blew it. her stuff got sucked off her server by chinese intelligence
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russian intelligence. >> you don't have proof of that though? >> i don't have proof but i would say that they have more of her e-mails than we do. >> wow. pat? >> hillary is looking inauthentic at a time when people want authenticity. we had a government last week that proved it can do nothing. 95% failure for the tsa. not only did we leave 2500 humvees, we left tanks and 74,000 machine guns. then we have the incident with the whole thing -- >>
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pat was saying. you were saying we left so much behind in iraq that the enemy, isis has picked it up and that's a symptom of a greater thing. >> the government is collapsing before our eyes. >> our government. >> our government is collapsing across the border in front of our eyes and we can't even protect our secrets now. >> and you're talking about that breach that hacking breach? >> that hacking breach. >> i'm looking down and an overwhelming amount of our servers, routers, circuit boards carried the name "made in china" does that mean anything? >> i'm worried that the chinese government has a plot given their military strategy just announced to target the u.s.
1:58 am
because of our pivot to asia. they are building defensive or offensive military sites on the islands. candidly harris i'm worried about the chinese and our of a robust response. >> commercial espionage by chinese businessmen. every one of them who comes over here has a mission to steal commercial business. they steal our copyrights our books, everything. we just sit here and let them do it. >> gentlemen, thank you. that's going to do it for "fox report" on sunday june 7th 2015. i' >> it is monday june 8th. a fox news alert. a break in the case of a greatest scrape. an incredible prison break that has two killers on the run. was this an inside job?
1:59 am
>> caught on camera police officers shoving a teenaged girl down to the ground pulling their gun on a friend who was trying to help. how the government is taking action. >> oh my god. is there someone else? >> of course not. >> this millionaire's ex mistress suing because he won't leave his wife. does she have a case? we report you decide. >> good morning. you are watching "fox and friend first. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> hope you had a great weekend. >> i did. >> there's a shawshank redemption style prison break in up state new york may have been an inside job. a female i prison worker now being interrogated as a possible
2:00 am
accomplice. >> those two killers on the run here are their pictures at this hour have a 100,000 dollar bounty on their heads. >> good morning to you. this is quite a story unfolding right now. one of the escape pees richard matt has a way with the ladies. they think he may have wouldn't youed a female employee help him and another inmate pull off the escape. a massive manhunt is on the way. helicopters search dogs and road blocks through out the up state area and even parts of canada. police are looking for 34-year-old david sweat and 48-year-old richard matt both pulled off their dramatic escape using power tools to break out of maximum secured clinton correctionnal facility. they also found a note with t


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