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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 8, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you can check it out on check out my website for my new book coming out next week "getting real." thanks for being part of "the real story" today. there it is again. real. i'm gretchen carlson. escape in new york. two convicted murderers used power tools to carve freedom. now the search for accomplices. we'll talk to an ex-con who did hard time in security which said there are key clues to learn what went down. how do the people on the list get hired in the first place? also we know the tsa repeatedly failed to stop undercover agents smuggling bombs through security but one senator says the classified details about the agency's failures are the ones that keep him up at night. what we don't know about the tsa is even worse.
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let's get to it. now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. the killers who tunnelled their way to freedom definitely had help. that's the word from the governor of new york alerting cops from canada to mexico that these guys are desperate with nothing to lose. they escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate new york so far north and isolated that the locals call it little siberia. the prison break is the first for the maximum security cell block, the first in 150 years of existence. we'll show you the elaborate escape route in a moment but first, who these guys are. we have recent pictures of the fugitives. on the left here the cop killer who along with another man, shot a deputy 15 times. on the right, a two-time killer who tortured one victim snapped his neck with his bare hands, sliced up the body with a hacksaw and tossed the head in the trash can.
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according to the reporting of the buffalo news newspaper, that con's rap sheet goes back decades and gets more violent every year. first he raped a woman, then he stabbed a nurse. he murdered a man in mexico and later killed his former boss in new york. that's the man he chopped up. all of these convictions. the cop who brought him down told the "new york times" the killer is the most vicious, evil person he's seen in his decades-long career. now investigators say they're interviewing prison workers to see if the men had help. brian has some of the details on that too. they're thinking from the very beginning they had help the government thinks they had help and i guess there is evidence to that. >> the evidence the power tools. you can see they used that set of tools to cut through that steel wall there. from there they made their way through a catwalk. there's governor cuomo looking at the scene. after that they went down several stories of this catwalk,
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cutting in and out of steel pipes. even leaving a note for officials saying have a nice day. they cut the chain and lock off a manhole cover on the outside of the prison. to give you a better idea of that here's the clinton correctional facility in upstate new york. there's the cell blocks and the manhole cover i mentioned was about 900 feet away. you can see this area is in the middle of nowhere in upstate new york. it's about 20 miles from the canadian border a good 45-minute drive to montreal. investigators warn these killers could have gotten anywhere by now. they talk about mexico and connections in the area. they're saying they could have stuck around to settle some old scores. a few years ago the buffalo news reported on one letter a fugitive sent. he said you lied in court to blank me over. you also make it very clear that we are not friends.
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i'll remember both dot, dot, dot. david lee? >> reporter: shepard, increasingly it seems like the question isn't did they get help the question is who provided the help? it seems that the sheer complexity of this breakout required help on the outside. the governor says so and the facts seem to say so as well. now, authorities will not confirm repeated published reports that say a female employee now revealed to be an employee who worked in the tailor shop was some kind of accomplice. the authorities have said they did an internal check over the weekend of all the power tools that are stored at the prison and they say all of them have been accounted for. now they are trying to reach out to the independent contractors who did work in this prison, a prison over 100 years old, to see if it was possible that any of them may have accidentally or perhaps on purpose, left behind power tools that could
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have been used in the breakout. additionally we talked to a former maintenance worker at the prison shepard, and he told us there is no way these two fugitives busted out of this prison without someone providing a schematic or blueprint. it's just too difficult. and lastly a state police spokesman told us a short time ago that they are now in the process of continuing to interview not just the employees at the prison but all the inmates as well. as of this moment they have received some 300 leads, but so far, shepard, we have not heard of any arrests. back to you. >> david lee miller thanks. let's bring in larry levine. he's a former inmate himself. who can get a power tool into a maximum security cell block? >> well she worked there, so she was bringing items into the prison all the time and you have inmates that walk up and down the hallways pushing a
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cart, delivering food delivering books, delivering all kinds of things. so it's conceivable that it was dropped off by an inmate. >> one of the things i didn't get from some reading on this is there are no cameras around this place, there is no video of them coming out of this manhole. it seems like everywhere we go we're on camera from something, but not here around this maximum security cell block. >> well the place was built in the 1800s, so their security protocols are a little different than something that would have been built today. there was shock sensors on the fence, there was probably motion sensors out on the yard and had the place been built today, within the walls that they had escaped through, there would have been some type of detection devices that they just didn't have back in the 1800s. >> you were in a lot of different facilities right? >> i was. 11. >> 11 different facilities. i'm guessing one of the big topics of discussion is always, how do i get out of here?
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>> that's usually -- there's people that walk the fence line there's people looking at the towers there's people that are looking at their watches and they're timing the guards when they're coming by to do their searches. remember these guys in their cell cutting through this steel wall they had to know when the guards were actually going to come by and look into their cells. and this is what leads me to believe that it was someone that helped them out, because they had to know when the person was going to come by and if an officer, correctional officer, was doing a random inspection random search they might have saw them cutting through and just kept on walking. they didn't make any comment or anything. so if the governor really wants to find these people get information, he should kick some of that $100,000 to the inmates. make them eligible for the reward. they'll give it up. >> you got to figure a lot of them in there know something. larry levined to see you.
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thanks for being here we appreciate it. we're just getting word of hackers breaking into and crashing the website of the united states army. the group claiming responsibility is the so-called syrian electronic army the sea, you've heard of this? it sent out this tweet claiming credit along with a screen shot of the website and it told visitors and i quote, your commanders admit they are training the people they have sent you to die fighting. likely a reference to the united states training of troops in iraq. pentagon officials tell us the website is now down altogether and we were unable to pull up the page. of course this comes after word last week of a massive hack attack on the united states government. it gathered personal information on millions of government workers, particularly those with security clearances. government sources have blamed china for that attack. again, the website for the united states army has been hacked and is down. details further as we get them.
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we are seeing new video in the boston terror case now. investigators just today released images of the confrontation that left the suspect dead in the street after they say he came at officers with a knife. we'll show you the video. that's coming up from the fox news desk. benny's the oldest dog in the shelter. he needed help all day so i adopted him. when my back pain flared up, i thought i'd have to give him away. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just 2 pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong.
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we are getting a look at the
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moment when officers shot and killed a terror suspect in boston last week. they said they wanted to be as transparent as they could because they want to keep tensions on this as low as possible. it's difficult to see exactly what went down because it's so wide. look here. investigators say the suspect is circled in yellow on this video. we didn't add the circle they did. a few seconds later, you'll see a few other people going in that direction. that we're told is the officer and the other agent. you see it all blurry there. officials say the video is from a camera on top of a burger king across the parking lot from where the shooting happens. there are also raindrops on the lens which doesn't help much. as the video continues, the suspect comes back into the picture, and officials say the video shows officers backing away after initially confronting the guy. eventually the yellow circle will disappear here, and that's when officials say the shooting happened. watch now. it reappears for a split second and officials say that's when it was all over. just before the shooting officials say the suspect lunged
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at the officers with a knife. it doesn't show the knife, but it's blurry it's from a distance it's not the newest technology it's just tough to make out. in the end they say they didn't have a choice but to open fire. >> i don't think at this point he was going to go down very easy. there were multiple multiple requests for him to put down that weapon. >> and they say the video is just one piece of evidence and that they gave the suspect's family a chance to watch it first. on the right here the man who died rahim, and they charged his nephew who is accused of conspiracy. rahim had talked about going after boys in blue. they put out a statement in regards to the family who said had they shown the entire video the public would have seen the law enforcement as rahim
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casually stroeld tolled to the bus stop. rahim was breaking no laws as law enforcement tried to restrain his liberty. the boston globe reporter is here. thank you. >> thank you. >> they're saying they had to shoot him. is that what you're report sng. >> yes, they said in the absence of any video, the only thing that will circulate is rumors, so they wanted to show people what happened. >> we just read that response from the family. i wonder if you guys have gotten more response. in short, how this is going over. >> the family has not said that much. they viewed the video last week and they said the brother said "god bless america" and "boston strong." the family said they found no signs and they don't believe it was radicalized. so that's what we've been hearing from the family so far. >> police are saying there is more evidence is that right?
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>> police say that the suspect was under investigation for quite some time. a facebook post that rahim has mentions in 2012 being contacted by the fbi. so the surveillance seems to have taken place for quite a while. >> and there are recordings of conversations with what police call an accomplice right? >> yeah. with rahim's nephew. initially it sounds like the plan was to travel to another state to behead someone in another state, and officials say at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning, which is the morning rahim was shot the plan suddenly changed and rahim called his nephew and said i can't wait that long. i'm going after one of the boys in blue. >> i wonder if there's been any feedback or any input from leaders in the muslim community, if police had mentioned that or if there's been anything public? >> we have leaders in the muslim
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community that were shown the video last week. they agreed -- there were early reports that rahim had been shot in the back and the video contradicts that and they agreed to it. on the video it shows he was not shot in the back. it shows the knife, it shows he was shot in the rain so there's certainly more questions to be answered. >> certainly a lot more ahead here and a trial to boot. it's great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. we're getting reaction of the girl caught on video as the police officer threw her to the ground at a pool party. i'm guessing you've seen this video. it would have been hard to miss this. he pulled his gun on the crowd. see that? critics say the officer went too far, but some folks who live in the area say there is a lot more to this. so we'll have that coming up. i have a 798 fico score thanks to kaboom...
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a grand jury in south carolina has chosen to indict a then-police officer on a murder charge after he shot an unarmed suspect as the suspect ran away. the cop on the left here initially claimed he shot the man on the right during a struggle over the officer's gun. but a bystander's video showed the officer fired eight times into the man's back. the police department fired that officer and the state has charged him with murder. the associated press reports his lawyer is not commenting on the indictment. a police department in the suburb of dallas placed one of its officers on leave after someone posted on line a video of him subduing a 15-year-old girl and pulling a gun on a group of teens at a pool party. you can see how chaotic the situation became in the moments
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before the officer reached for his gun, and there it is. time for a weapon! officers say they were responding to complaints that there were teens causing trouble. casey spiegel is following this in the dallas room. what happened case? >> clearly, seeing this video, we can't see what led up to this. but what we clearly see in the video that has gone viral is a police officer shoving a 15-year-old girl to the ground in her bathing suit. he then puts his knees on her back as she begs for him to stop because it is hurting. she asks for her mother. that teen says she was an invited guest of the party and claims she was trying to walk away from the officer when he went after her. >> he had me on the ground had my face in the grass and had all his weight on my back. and, like i was telling other officers i couldn't breathe, can he please get off of me. and then he got off me that's when he put me in handcuffs and then another officer asked if i was okay and i said no.
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>> homeowners in the neighborhood of mckinney, texas 30 miles north of dallas said the party at their community pool was getting out of hand. they say people started showing up uninvited, picking fights playing loud lewd music. the officer has been identified as corporal eric casebolt and he is a 10-year veteran with the mckinney police department. no rookie shep. >> children with loud music. sounds like an old story. is there a lot of charttter about this in the neighborhood there? >> absolute outrage. mckinney police say they've been inundated from phone calls all over people calling for this officer's resignation. they had to bring in extra dispatchers dispatchers, even to pick up the telephone today. leaders say this is textbook example of excessive force. while some are supporting them they say even teenagers can get out of hand in a hurry.
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a statement reads, our expectation as a city council is that our police department and other departments will act professionally and with appropriate restraint relative to every situation they're faced with. the city's police chief, the top cop, says no one was hurt and is promising transparency with this investigation, shep. >> we'll watch for that casey. thank you. there was a standoff at an nfl stadium outside new york last night in new jersey where the giants and jets play. as police blocked the gates to try to prevent people from getting into this sold-out concert -- look. some people say cops turned them away even though they had tickets to the hip-hop show but police said without tickets, there were still people getting through, so it was a concert. videos on social media show cops in rioting gear firing tear gas as people in the crowd threw bottles. police say at least one officer got hurt. again, met life stadium in the meadowlands. in houston, some high school
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graduates who accepted their degrees on saturday returned to their school on sunday to remember a classmate who died on the way to graduation. this student had cards and balloons left outside the school. he was reportedly wearing his cap and gown driving to the commencement ceremony when a car crash killed him. >> he was always smiling, never mad or sad, he was just a joyful spirit. >> he was always funny. it's sad to see him go. i just give my prayers to his family and hope their okay. >> his friends started an on-line fundraising page to help the family with burial costs. so far people have contributed $8,000. the president still does not have a complete strategy to fight isis. anyone who has paid any attention already knows this. this as we learn the iraqis may be putting up a fight against the islamic state instead of running away. now, that would be news. we're live at the pentagon.
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and we'll help you find a local company to take care of it. angie's list is there for all your projects, big and small. pretty. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. a fox report now, headlines from the fox news desk. a man destroyed a house and four cars with the help of a stolen bulldozer. that's according to police north of sidney australia. they say a woman and her two daughters were inside the house but made it out safely. cops say the family knows the suspect who faces attempted murder charjdsges. a fertilizer plant up in flames a couple miles west of philly. it is not toxic, but they say the smell is nasty. not clear what caused the fire. the daughter of a billionaire resort tycoon turned out dead outside their home in orlando at the age of 18.
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that's according to the sheriff. the documentary "the queen of versailles" was made about her parents. officials say they're still investigating how the daughter died. bottom of the hour. top of the news next on fox news channel.
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debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. it it's the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news. the islamic agency doesn't have much to do with the state of iraq. information tells fox news that iraqi forces are gaining ground in a major battle against isis with the help of iran-backed militias there. don't call it a victory yet. the army still controls sections of baji and the largest refinery in all of iraq. baiji has seen heavy fighting
12:31 pm
for months now. the islamic state now controls it. the iraqis are making progress west of fallujah west of baghdad, and they've cut off some of the islamic state's supply lines and roads leading to the capital. this all comes after iraqi forces repeatedly chose to run rather than put up the necessary fight against the terrorists. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon this morning. what more do we learn from the battle of baiji. >> it's still too early to celebrate. the militias have not overtaken the baiji refinery. the iraqi military broke through the isis siege this weekend, the first good news since the embarrassing fall of romadi last month. the iraqis need a win right now. the coalition has only carried out three airstrikes in the baiji area since the weekend, even though that is the heart of the fighting right now.
12:32 pm
u.s. defense officials tell me that some parts of the city of baiji were taken by iraqi security forces partnered with iranian-backed shiite officials. iraqi security forces attacked from south into the town of baiji and pushed some elements of isis fighters away from a few government buildings. so far 320,000 iraqi troops have been trained by the u.s. troops there. the pentagon would not say, however, whether any of those are fighting in baiji right now, shep. >> we're learning about the raid that ended up with the demise of an islamic state fighter. what do we know there? >> this was a raid back in may. they collected 7 to 9 terrabytes from hard drives. we now know the information on the cell phones and computers of abu sayaf led them to another
12:33 pm
military aide who they were able to kill because of a treasure trove they found. after interviewing the wife they now know more about the movements of the isis leaders and how these isis leaders use their wives to communicate with each other, shep. >> before we let you go i reported earlier in the hour that what is it, i guess, the army website got hacked. any details from the pentagon? >> the u.s. army isn't taking it too seriously. remember this is a public website, it is not a classified website, no classified material was compromised. it's a pro-assad syrian propaganda group that arguably hacked into that website. that website is down right now. but they put out tweets before it went down, and this happened about 10 minutes before you went to air. it says your commanders admit
12:34 pm
they are training the people they sent you to die fighting. so clearly they're trying to tweak the u.s. army and it appears to be pro-bashar assad out of canada. america does not have a complete strategy for fighting isis says president obama. he made the comment after meeting with the prime minister at an economic summit in germany. the president says they're reviewing, quote, a range of plans. >> when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon then i will share it with the american people. we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitment on the part of iraqis as well. >> no complete strategy. the president says the united states and iraqs will ultimately defeat isis but it takes time. clearly. let's bring in former corporal lynch, now a professor at
12:35 pm
university. besides politics i don't know why everyone makes a big deal out of this. our own leader told us from the very beginning, a, you can't defeat isis militarily and to do anything you would have to have troops on the ground and we can't have troops on the ground because that's what they want. so we don't have a strategy yet. how is this news? >> good to speak to you. however, i'd be remiss if i didn't say within the last couple hours we had the state department and the department of defense come out and state they felt the president had an important misspeak in germany. they tried to clarify and say this is a review of the ongoing strategy and that it's not a reflection of the fact that there's any deviation in where the, quote, strategy has been the last several months which you just highlighted is willing to provide trainers willing to provide equipment and willing to help the iraqis stand themselves back up as well as work with allies to control contain
12:36 pm
isis while leveraging manpower. there is an ongoing active effort to see what other equipment might be accelerated and what other training capability might be accelerated to help further refine what the iraqis have or don't have in the military force. >> this is the dumbest thing. our strategy is to rely on the moderate syrians and the iraq army. and the iraq army every time we rely on them they give away all our stuff to the people who they're supposed to be killing. so to suggest that we have a, a strategy that's working, or b, some sort of grand plan seems like something bagwith bob might come up with. fox news can confirm it is not true. >> shep i think it's true to say that -- what you see on the ground right now does not give one comfort that's going to resolve the situation in our favor any time in the next set of months much less perhaps a
12:37 pm
year or so. i think the situation on the ground though, would be more correctly described as highly ambiguous ambiguous. as fox news knows it's about syria as well. there is a lot going on in syria, at least resources i'm reviewing, they are under stress there. i think it's also important to recognize that we are still in somewhat of a collection phase here. and if you're part of the isis hierarchy, whether you're a boss or an international fighter, you're not moving around with impunity right now. you're kind of under observation, and as more and more data gets collected and the resources enhance. you didn't know who might be behind your back giving away your secrets and abilities? however, i agree with you, it's not something that will strategically solve the problems any time soon. >> this is about sunni in syria.
12:38 pm
they don't care about their tribes. they don't care about the same things we're fighting for. strategy or no strategy this will not work. anyone who has been on here r through all grades. the mother of an american journalist locked up in iran says her son is tired and upset. the iran i last year on charges of spig and today he was back in court for a second hearing. unbelievable. the mother tells the associated press she was allowed inside the courthouse but not inside the courtroom itself. >> i just know my son is innocent. as his mother i wanted to come and show my support. six months ago, i was here and they told me leave and come back for the trial. i came back a month ago.
12:39 pm
i'm here for the trial but they're not permitting me to see him. >> can you imagine? the mother said they wanted her to be a master spy, but her words, he was just doing his job as a reporter and nothing more. the man faces up to two decades. now the flying sauceer. . the agency reports it hopes to use this spacecraft to eventually land a larger vehicle than even masters on marchs. a rocket will send it at super high speed. why is it so tricky to land on mars? >> the atmosphere on mars is 100 times thinner than it is here which means when spacecraft lands, they face very little
12:40 pm
resistance. remember the mars rover when it landed on the planet and they had to use reverse tlus terz. when it hit the planet. clearly you can't just bounce a bunch of astronauts off the surface of mars and hope they survive, so the reason nasa is testing the -- it resembles the martin atmosphere and now they just have when it makes. >> how do they determine they'll do that? >> it flies not streamline like a rocket or airplane. it also has a balloon around the perimeter, creating more drag. then it has the largest
12:41 pm
supersonic parachute ever deployed. they tested a similar parachute last year but it shredded. right now the saucer is still on its desent but they slowed the saucer to 5 miles per hour by the time it hits the pacific ocean, it should know how well it does later. >> tsa screeners let people in with a bunch of weapons. the aviation department with the transportation security agency. they had no idea. a storm is entering western pennsylvania. what do you got? >> it's all part of a cold front
12:42 pm
moving across the interior northeast, parts of the tennessee river valley. we have tornado watches at 8:00 eastern time. severe thunderstorm warnings and now spotting rotations for parts of central pennsylvania. it looks like here for the next 15 to 20 minutes. strong rotation you are urged to take cover immediately. we'll have more after the break.
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an american -- i don't know why, but an american has just set out to become the first woman to cross the pacific ocean alone in a rowboat. i don't know why. she left a port outside tokyo yesterday. look at this she's going to go from there to san francisco, 6,000 miles. >> the cold and wetness is probably the worst. it's the weather and the fact
12:46 pm
that you can't control it. and that will always be the most exhausting part. >> well you could take a plane. the woman says the trip should take about four to six months. she would be just the third person to rhoa crossow across the pacific all by her loannesome. you can see this is no ordinary rowboat. it has solar panels, all kinds of high-tech stuff in there, communication gear, but the woman will need to row the entire way across the ocean. the boat does not have a motor, it does not have a asail, so she's rowing. she's made this trip before i'm told. she once rowed across the ocean to the caribbean. for this new journey, there she is all smiles. more than a thousand pounds of freeze-dried food will accompany
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her, plus high-carb drinks to keep up her energy and a supply of olive oil to keep her from losing too much weight. there we go rowing all the way across. well, we wish her godspeed certainly, while having no idea why one would do such a thing. the agency in charge of protecting americans in the sky missed some of its own employees on the ground. that's according to a federal report in which the people found the transportation security administration failed to notice at least 73 airline industry workers who had links to terrorism. some of those people reportedly worked for major airlines and some were vendors inside airports. according to the report the tsa may have missed those names because the agency is not allowed to access the entire terror watch list. think of that. the tsa is not allowed to access the entire terror watch list. the report found that the tsa is generally effective in vetting
12:48 pm
aviation workers. a tsa spokesman says the agency has conducted more random screenings of aviation workers since september. they missed fake bombs and weapons three times. the usa today published an editorial from the senate homeland security company. ben sasse says it's even worse than what us out in the public know. meantime kennedy is here. 8:00 eastern time and 8:00 pacific. >> 9:00 pacific. just for your knowledge. >> i feel better now that i know 73 people who are on the terror watch list. >> isn't that horrible?
12:49 pm
you always see those people who just sort of waltz through, hi. they've got the badge and the tsa people are like yeah fine. there is no vetting, there's no magnet magnetrometer, there is no groping for them and lord knows where they're from. but it is terrifying that the tsa, who is supposed to keep us safe that was the point of creating this agency in the first place was to make sure we don't have another 9/11 happen ever ever again. 73 people dispersed across the country god knows where, god knows in what capacity? it's a little terrifying. >> xanax and a prayer. if it happens, it happens. that's what i figure. >> you and i are very different, shepard smith. i try to get on as many legal lists as i can to take down any terror threats in the skies, whether it's a sharpened pencil or the shrieking sound of my own voice as i serenade them in christina aguilera's songbook.
12:50 pm
>> i do wonder if anybody is fooled by all of this. it really is to make us feel better about things. it doesn't i remember tom ridge in the wake of chemical threat told to us wrap our houses in cellophane. >> remember that? >> i've not believed anything since then. >> there are people doing that. they're outside with giant sheets of plastic and duct tape. it never did them or anyone else any good. i think personally i think perhaps it's time to look at privatizing the tsa. you know what they may have very wonderful results. >> you're still flying every week right? >> i have no choice shepard smith. i'm flying every week. >> i thought only john glenn was a made person. >> your middle name is donald.
12:51 pm
shepherd donald smith. >> kennedy is going to be great on the fox business network. you'll be there, right? >> absolutely 8:00, 5:00 pacific.
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more than five years after the bp oil spill down in the gulf of mexico people and businesses have until midnight tonight to nile claims. beth has more over here. it's been going slowly. >> slowly slowly. people were affected when the deep water horizon exploded killing 11 workers. the spill continued on for nearly three months. and the days and weeks after it we started seeing pictures of the effect it was having on the
12:55 pm
animals on the area. and cameras showing feeds of oil gushing out into the ocean. some of the impact included. the government says nearly 200 million gallons of oil in all spilled into the ocean. a harvard report last year said about 50,000 jobs were lost and 10,000 bankruptcies were filed. and from coastal counties from the florida panhandle, all the way to texas. some of the claims so far, 328,000 filed. because the administrator says 20,000 of those happened in the last month alone. they do expect an uptick as they get closer to the deadline at midnight tonight. they're keeping their centers open so people can file the claims. until midnight people can go to the centers in florida, massachusetts, alabama, louisiana and texas. bp says so far they've paid over $14 million. most of that comes in claims and
12:56 pm
settlement but they've also paid over $330 million in other payments tours, promotion, testing and marketing. you see the commercials, that it's healthy is factored into the competition. >> thank you. we'll be right back with a nod to this day in history. and a look back at the premiere of a big screen comedy masterpiece. that's straight ahead.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
on this day in 1984 "ghostbusters" hit theaters. bill murray dan aykroyd and harold ram played as a team to fight in new york city. trying to fight off the marshmallow man. at the time it was one of the most expensive movies ever made. partly because of its special effects. led to a sequel a few years later. now, a third one is in the
1:00 pm
works, featuring all women. as americans first found out who are you going to call, 30 years ago today. it's the news breaking out. "your world with neil cavuto" starts now. overtime or just over the top? and you thought hiking it for wages is a big deal imagine hiking it for everybody else. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. changing the rules for overtime. and you really don't have to be an hourly worker. craig smith, you also say it could be a recovery killer as well. why? >> well very simply