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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 9, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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former first lady barbara bush is promoting literacy on her 90th birthday. the family released this picture of mrs. bush and her family earlier today. she is partnering with private business for a $7 million global competition to create an app to boost adult literacy skills. happy birthday. a new book by the president's one time right hand man states the 41st president does not get enough credit on both foreign and domestic policy fronts. the quiet man, the indispensable presidency of george h.w. bush is written by a former white house chief of staff and former new hampshire governor. >> one of the reasons i wrote the book was to try to gather
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all of his great achievements in one place and let people look at them. most folks remember him for what he did with putting together the relationship with thatcher and cole and helping create, as he called it a europe free and hold of all the european countries, liberating kuwait when saddam hussein invaded, including not only the soviet union, but the arab countries and not chasing the bomb into baghdad. in addition to that as you saw in the book his domestic record is probably as good as any president except maybe franklin roosevelt and lyndon johnson. he passed the civil rights act in 1991. he passed the americans with disabilities act. that was all done in one term. george bush was always reluctant to brag. he let everybody else take
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credit. he never worked hard to get some for himself. it was about time i fulfilled my job and got him credit. >> isn't that why you did it? >> that's exactly why i did it. >> in foreign policy he seemed very able to get coalitions more so than many other presidents. >> best example i can give you, coming to walker's point the second or third month we were in office. ronald reagan had a tough time the last two years. he came when he got off the helicopter dressed to the nines. he came with a look in his eye that portrayed a very difficult weekend up there. by the time he left he and george bush had a working relationship that was as much a key to anything else as creating changes that took place in europe. >> you bought the criticism there has been a vacuum in parts
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of the world that the u.s. is not as president as it used to be? >> absolutely. i get calls every week from friends around the world. a lot from the middle east. a lot from europe. a lot from asia. the one question they ask is why has the united states walked away from its responsibility. >> what would this president say about the current situation? >> this president is always a gentleman and never really criticizes but i can see it in his eyes and in his heart that he's got a great concern about what has happened to america. >> on a number of fronts? >> on a number of fronts. the middle east is a disaster. it's an area he worked hard to fix. he worked hard to create the coalitions. he worked hard to prevent the aggression of iraq into kuwait from disrupting that region. he understands the seriousness of letting nuclear weapons move into that region and he understands the seriousness of
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creating an environment, which is as unstable as it is right now over there. i went up to have lunch with him last wednesday and he and barbara bush were very happy to see the book. they said nice things about it. barbara was as feisty as ever. >> the book comes out tomorrow. you can see the full interview on my blog. when we come back president obama wishes the u.s. supreme court would mind its own business and stay out of his when it comes to obamacare. ♪
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>> it's not something that should be done based on a twisted interpretation of four words in as we were reminded repeatedly a couple thousand page piece of legislation. >> reporter: the law says subsidies or tax credits are available only in state that is establish their own exchanges. more than 35 of them opted not to yet the irs extended subsidies to every state. critics argued the language is plain, leaving the justice's no option but to strike it in the states without their own exchanges. today, mr. obama says that would require legal gymnastics. they say the president's comments direct the justices are highly unusual. he made similar comments in the weeks leading up to the court's 2012 ruling upholding the affordable care act. >> by accusing those who may read it differently harboring
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motives and whether they are applying the law in good faith and getting the integrity of the entire process. it's an extraordinary statement by the president. >> reporter: the president went on to say he is optimistic the supreme court will play it straight saying striking the subsidies would be something else. >> the court made a decision today that could impact relations between the u.s. and israel? >> reporter: yes, they passed legislation making it possible for u.s. citizens born in israel to list the u.s. as their birthplace. itis the president, alone, who speaks on whether or not the administration recognized whether they have sovereignty. today, a supreme court sided with the obama administration. critics say the ruling ignores what they call the reality on
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the ground that for all intents and purposes jerusalem functions as the capitol. >> thanks. a suburban dallas police officer is on administrative leave after what one see as an overly aggressive tactic on a teen's pool party. >> i told you to stay! >> reporter: this was supposed to be a pool party for teenagers in texas. the gathering ended with this wild interaction between police officers and teens. a uniformed officer shoved a 15-year-old on the ground in her swimsuit and hut his knee on her back. she says he was invited and trying to walk away when he went after her. >> i couldn't breathe. then he got off me and put me in handcuffs. >> reporter: police in the dallas suburb of mckinney texas
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said officers were called because the party was getting out of hand and fights were breaking out. now the police officer is on administrative leave for his actions. he drew his gun and aimed it at unarmed teens. >> they will interview those involved. they will interview the officer himself and other officers on the team. >> reporter: none of the other 11 officers are being investigated. communitier leaders are speaking out. >> the officer never asked questions. he jumped out of the car and ran to the black kids. >> reporter: the mckinney police chief said no one was hurt. protests are planned in that community for tonight. bret? >> casey, thank you. a grand jury in south carolina returned an indictment against a white police officer captured gunning down and
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unarmed plaque man. he was fired and has been in jail since the shooting of walter scott after a traffic stop. president obama admits for a second time he does not have a plan to deal with isis. this time in iraq. we'll get reaction from the panel when we come back. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients.
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i don't rule out anything because we do have a steak in that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold in either iraq or syria, for that matter. as we carry out these missions we will have a broader strategy. i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isis through a
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comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy. we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the iraqis as well. >> well a little evolution of the president talking about isis and the strategy or lack there of isis in iraq and isis in syria, saying not a complete strategy yet, waiting for the pentagon to send him finalized plans, which sparked a reaction. not on camera but anonymously, a military official telling our fox producer at the pentagon after that statement today, what blank was that. we have given him lots of options, he just hasn't acted on them. this as a new poll comes out that says that the american public doesn't truly believe the obama administration has a strategy either. look at the numbers.
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71% no 19% yes. steve hayes, mara liasson and charles krauthammer. mara? >> he doesn't have a strategy. he's been open about it and open more than once. if it seems like ashton carter is putting the blame on the iraqis they haven't reached out enough to the sunnis they don't have the will to fight. that is what the president is doing today. then what? he hasn't figured that out yet. maybe you need more american troops there. some republicans are willing to say that not all of them. it is going on year after year after year and the situation looks like it's deteriorating. >> on that training we heard the training is happening. you saw from the first graphic from the pentagon official again, underscoring the work to be done. an official telling fox that
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zero soldiers are being trained at the air base in the province where isis is. >> the rhetoric is reminiscent of the bush administration before the surge. it was about training and through some miraculous training regimen, win the war. it wasn't going to happen then and certainly isn't going to happen now. the biggest problem is united states faces is if you look at the way the iraqis are viewing our presence there or nonpresence there, they have no confidence in us. so the sunnis are seeing that the united states isn't willing to correct former prime minister al maliki's surge from the iraq security forces. the shiites look to aran and think that's a better ally than the americans. the kurds look at us in dispair.
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the fact we don't have a strategy isn't news at all. it's been apparent to everybody for nearly a year. >> is this a traditional washington gaffe, the michael kinsley gaffe? >> obama occasionally stumbled on the truth. 71% of americans knew it before he said it. you have to wonder what the other 19% are thinking. he admits he doesn't. john mccain had the best line. he said when he doesn't have a complete strategy maybe he will tell us the incomplete strategy. there's nothing here. the entire strategy rests on the notion that trained iraqis are going to carry the fight to isis. they tried it in mosul and ramadi and fallujah. as general dempsey said they
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drove out after ramadi. the idea it's a lack of training is what ashton carter said lack of will. we have a focus problem. the iraqis they are not ready, they are not trainable, they are not showing up to be recruited. they have to be more focused. focused to work. can you imagine that to be our saying? the problem with allies is the russians and the british is they are not focused on the war against germany. this is a country abandoned by obama in 2011. now we are trying to reclaim that. it cannot be done. >> mara have you seen this video of the iraqi prime minister sitting next to the president at the g7? >> no i haven't. i read about itd. >> there is a moment an awkward moment. obviously the president is talking to other leaders and talking about, we don't know what but there is the prime
1:45 am
minister and his main kind of guy and gets up and then looks at his watch and then walked away. >> i think it's an amazing piece of video. i don't think obama saw him, but it's a metaphore for what's going on. i don't think he's snubbing him, his back was toward him. it's an amazing piece of visual. an explanation of what is actually happening. the united states doesn't know what to do in iraq. if they can't do it themselves then maybe we have to be there longer or we have to stand them up until they do. unless we are willing to have iraq become a kind of stay to iran and have iran do it all. if that's what we are comfortable with the president should say so. >> they feel like their hands, some of the commanders like their hands are tied. they are not able to go out with the iraqi forces and be the
1:46 am
force. that stiffened up a lot of troops. >> let me be clear. i don't think the president was telling the truth when he said he hasn't received plans from the pentagon on how to defeat isis. i'm sure that's not the case. having said that the president said we need the sunnis to stand-up as they did in the 2006 time frame when along with the u.s. surge, they defeated al qaeda and iraq. the predecessor to isis. of course the president omits the most important factor. that is george w. bush had the courage to say, we are doubling down on our commitment on iraq. it was an unpopular decision here at home. it was a risky position to take given the cost we had already incured in iraq. george w. bush did it anyway. that sent a message not only to the american people fwu iraqis ton ground. this is a president committed to winning and win we did. >> when obama ordered the
1:47 am
evacuation their joined us in the war against al qaeda and expels them and humiliated them. they were abandoned, persecuted pursued fwi central government in iraq and obama did not lift a finger. why should they trust america again? just one point. the idea he would now put the blame on the pentagon for lack of offering plans is consistent with obama's message, to always blame others. >> quickly, if that strategy was followed there would be more americans who would die over there. the question is, would the american public accept that? sounds like they are willing to take that risk. >> the president is not happy with the u.s. supreme court and what they could do to his health care law, any day now.
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this should be an easy case. frankly, it probably shouldn't have even been taken up. it's not something that should be done based on a twisted interpretation of four words and a couple thousand page piece of legislation. >> i'm optimistic that the supreme court will play it straight when it comes to interpretation. if it didn't, congress could fix this whole thing with a one sentence provision. >> president obama today on the supreme court ruling on the legality of obamacare subsidies extended to millions of americans that's expected, really any day now. we're back with the panel. charles, kind of interesting to hear the president
1:52 am
again, calling out the supreme court. >> look, i think this comes under the heading of constitutional indecency. the president preemptively attacking the supreme court on a case that's in front of it at least with citizens united he stepped over the bounds and attacked it after it had been handed down. but, i mean, this is after years and years of overstepping the boundaries of what congress is allowed to do. changing laws unilaterally. and expanding executive power way beyond where it should be as in immigration for example. but here, for the president to speak out and to accuse sort of impugn the motives of any justice who rules against him by saying in advance it will be a twisted interpretation that the straight interpretation is exactly what he wants i think is -- it's a pattern in which he steps over the boundaries of what the executive ought to do. it's not illegal, of course, but it shows no respect for the constitution.
1:53 am
he did not swear an oath to provide subsidies for healthcare. he swore an oath to defend, essentially to respect the constitution. he hasn't shown that other than that, he has been a great president. >> mara, i think that the supreme court had a better chance to undermine the law when it was ruling on whether it was constitutional or not. on this one, i don't know what they will find but nobody has stepped forward to say when we wrote the law or discussed the law or had millions of hearings on the law we thought that the subsidies were going to states that set up their own exchanges. nobody has found anything. >> well, besides gruber talking about it again and again and again which by the way was left out oof the "new york times" and other pieces pieces about this whole thing. >> you can't find anybody in congress owe opponents who thought that. why wouldn't republicans step forward to say i never understood the subsidies to woo go to states that didn't set up their own exchanges. that being said, this is --
1:54 am
the politics of this are really complicated and hard to figure out. if they rule -- if the court rules against the administration i think it will be a huge blow to the president and to democrats and then 6.4 million people might lose their subsidies. but over time is that good or bad for republicans? i'm not sure. most of these people live in red states with republican governors. >> steve? >> the plain language of the statute, the plain language of the law says shall be provided subsidies in states established. >> by the state. >> established by the state. and there are sections of the law that detail what exactly was meant by the state. and it was the 50 states and the district of columbia. i don't think that the language sun clear. i don't think the language is unambiguous. i think the language is a problem for the administration. what they're trying to do is cast the poo meants or othe people who have challenging this as somehow twisted to use the president's word. i agree with charles. it's constitutional indecency. we should expect no less from the president. look just a week ago he
1:55 am
attacked in a paper statement he attacked the motives of the appeals court judges who questioned or who challenged him on his immigration executive amnesty. this is the way the president operates. is he a political president. he believes in running campaigns. is he going to attack the people who disagree with him and question their motives. >> separation of powers really is more important than a policy here or there it's sort of the essence of the constitution the president ought to show a little more respect than that it's a little bit late in the presidency but perhaps he will here. you do change a law with a one sentence amendment which would be. the states or the patrol government. he can do that and i suspect that's exactly what he will do. so why is he attacking the court in advance, i don't know. >> do you think so the supreme court should -- shoots it down? >> yes. >> i have no idea. i think they uphold it? >> i have no idea either. you are supposed to pretend like you really know so
1:56 am
yeah absolutely. >> that's what we like, certainty. stay tuned to see how some professional athletes respond to
1:57 am
>> the middle of the finals. golden state. close games. old days you yelled at the tv if you didn't like it. now some take their frustrations to twitter. not thinking the players or commentators will see their tweets. one late night show gave
1:58 am
them the chance to respond. >> i'm convinced magic johnson has approximately 73 teeth in his mouth. [ laughter ] >> mark jackson is easily the most annoying voice on television. well then there is jeff van gundy. yo jeff van gunnedy a fool, lol. imagine the damage steph curry would be doing in the nba if he didn't have such a girly name. #change it to steve. >> >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this especially report, fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goe >> it's tuesday june p 9th. a manhunt for two murderers is intensifying. the international search putting schools on lock down as we learn brand new details about the prison worker being questioned
1:59 am
or that prison worker being questioned in that case. >> still no strategy on the world stage. president obama making a startling admission about the fight against isis. >> we don't get have a complete strategy. >> this as the terrorist kidnap dozens more christians. >> this is our favorite video. commanding some respect. this sassy toddler dominating that stage. her moves are going viral. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning. it is tuesday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for waking up this early with us. schools in up state new york are on high alert at this very hour as the hunt is intensifying for
2:00 am
two escaped killers. brand new information is em americaing about-- emerging about the worker who taught tailoring. kelly wright has the developments. >> they are looking at every lead questioning and searching the home of the female prison employee trying to determine how the men pulled off the greatest scape. joyce mitchell reportedly taught inmates to tailor clothing and has been removed from her job investigators trying to see if she had a personal relationship with one of the suspects. convicted murderers richard matt and david sweat were last seen in their cell on saturday morning they were gone. each cut scare holes into the air vents the paint on the walls so old you could hardly notice the holes. they followed