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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 9, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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that's wrapped up our program for today. thank you very much. join us wednesday. we have got so much program we can't even tell you. >> don't give it a awaywayaway. >> after the show sabrina is speaking out. war threatening to take baghdad after 88 christians were kidnapped in libya. but president obama he we have no strategy and pretty much throws the pentagon under the bus. martha: officials are confirming 88 migrant christian workers have been captured. it comes less than two months after 28 ethiopian christians
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were beheaded. bill: the president make a stunning admission. >> when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon, then i will share it with the american people. we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the iraqis as well. bill: tucker carlson good morning to you. how did you hear that comment by the president? >> it's a position of weakness. but for the united states to admit it doesn't have a plan and has no idea what it's doing send
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a message of weakness. we have a strategy to use iran to help us fight isis. why are we doing that? because we have no choice. after spenting 100's of millions of dollars to train the iraqis they turned out to be useless. we are essentially empowering the mullah's in iran. bill: here is the state department spokesperson reacting to that. >> i think if you watched and read the transcript of what the president said, i think it should be clear he was speaking about how to accelerate and optimize the training and equipping of the iraqi forces including the sunni fighters and not the overall strategy to fight isil. bill: did they walk that back or
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just kind of sort of. >> baghdad could fall and on the way we prevent baghdad from falling is to get shiite militias backed by iran to help us. not the iraqi army, but iran. there is a reason thank the story you opened the show with happened in libya. it happened in libya because it's a failed state because of the u.s. policy led by hillary clinton that toppled qaddafi. it's a perfect incubator for groups like isis. and the cause of this massive migration. hillary clinton and the obama administration were some of the movers behind that. bill: 71% say the commander in
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chief doesn't have a plan. the american people see that what he said. >> i don't think any of this would be taking place in public view if it weren't for isis mastery of public relations. if it weren't for those i don't think people would know this is going on. but because of those videos they are. bill: the president said the iraqis have a job to do which would be fine if they could do the job. martha: ash carter said a week or so ago that basically they didn't want to fight. they put down their arms and that's how we lost ramadi. we'll talk about that coming up. in the meantime there is this. three people are under arrest in england under suspicion of
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terrorism-related offenses. they were detained at their home in walsall officers say they believe there was no immediate threat to public safety. hundreds taking to the streets of a dallas suburb demanding justice after a video surfaces of an officer slamming a teenaged girl to the ground, then he pulls his begun on two others nearby. the crowd demanding the officer at the center of that controversy be fired immediately. they say mckinney officer eric casebolt used excessive force.
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watch this. when the officer arrives on the scene. >> on the ground. i told you stay. [bleep] down on the ground. on the grass. >> you want to screw around out here in. martha: then it escalated further. the officers subdued a 15-year-old girl and drew his weapon. watch this part.
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[bleep]. [bleep] on your face. martha: it's a bad situation no matter how you look at it. it was a disturbance at a neighborhood pool party where a couple fights reportedly had broken out 100 people, 75 people according to reports. >> he told me to keep walking and i kept walk. then i guess he thought we were saying rude stuff to him and that's when he came over. he grabbed me and twisted my arm on the back of my back and shoved me in the grass. he started pulling back on my braids. i was telling him he could get off me because my back was hurting really bad. i was screaming telling him to
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get off me. martha: the father of another girl testified the 911 call but says the officer in question was out of control. >> i'm not indicting the entire police department because i saw officers doing the right thing trying to do the right thing. this guy was out of control. martha: may can -- megyn kelly says it was a teenaged party that got out of control. >> i was on the phone with the police when the fight happened. i was telling them you guise have to get somebody here because fights are breaking out. most of the people i talked to support what the police did and most people don't think this is a race issue. this is an out of control issue.
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martha: there are so many ages to this tape that we'll look at and talk about coming up. bill: he is now on administrative leave. there are so many opinions that run the gamut. 9 minutes past the hour. there is a manhunt intensifying for two escaped murderers. richard matt and david sweat broke out of a maximum security prison in upstate new york. authorities say their elaborate plot should or could have been an inside job. a neighbor and his friends spotted two men they believe are fugitives in his own backyard when they took off running. where were the men spotted? >> reporter: not far from where i am standing.
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what's especially noteworthy here is that since this manhunt got under way these two fugitives have not been sighted. but they were seen a little after midnight saturday morning as they emerged from a manhole about one block from the prison. that manhole is about 1,000 feet from where i am now standing. the men emerged carrying what appeared to be a guitar case. they encountered a few residents. the men explained they were loss then they quickly ran off. now, it wasn't until later that the residents and authorities realized who in fact that chance meeting took place with. that's why at the time it was not recorded. this chance encounter harmless at the time could have turned deadly if in fact there was any type of confrontation. the men we are told that emerged
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from that manhole were wearing street civilian clothes not prison uniforms. martha: doctors and medical officials on high alert retracing the steps of a woman battling a rare and drug resist and the strain of t.b. did she come into contact with anyone else? bill: the top watchdog in the -- in the tsa this comes after a bombshell report that the tsa hired people on the terror watchlist. martha: president obama admits the u.s. does not have a complete strategy to achieve his goal of defeating isis. so what is taking so throng.
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when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon, then i'll share the with the american people. we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the iraqis as well about how recruitment and training takes place. so the details of that are not yet worked out. bill: that's president obama from last year and again yesterday. >> only two possible scenarios here. two. first, that the u.s. military is grossly income tent and can't couple with a plan to defeat a terror group come prides of about 30,000 individuals. or two that the president of the united states lacks the will
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to defeat an enemy that threatening every american. talking points is throwing in with option number two. president obama does not see the urgency and does not have the fire to take on terrorists slaughters thousands of innocent people. bill: rich lowry. he does not seat urgency. that's the case o'reilly makes. >> it requires getting back in iraq on the ground. he has zero appetite for doing that. his whole presidency is presm ised on getting out of iraq. it would be too difficult for him to throw that away. bill: do you have a problem with that? >> yes it's a huge problem. not just on the ground in iraq.
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but isis gains prestige with the perception it's winning. that's how it's able to win recruits here and in the person united states. -- in the western united states. >> the fundamental problem is we don't have a partner ready willing and able to take up the fight. meaning the iraqi central government. they have shown themselves to be opposed or unable to include the sunnis and kurd in a way that would put together a decent coalition. so we are left with three bad options. one is to product or cajole them into doing so. two, would to be completely take over defense of the country which would require an enormous investment of lives and money. something americans have refused time and again. the third which is a policy i
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would support is to double down on arming the kurds. >> you can arm the kurd and they will defend kurdistan. but they won't invade iraq. bill: there are zero iraqi soldiers being trained at the base in scene bar. the pentagon says there are 498 in training at other locations in iraq. we have 3,000 americans on the ground. we already outnumber the number of iraqis we are training to date. there are reports that up to 9,000 have been trained already. but those numbers will not do the job. you can make the case that it's the iraqi's job to do it. but if they cannot do it, then what? >> it's not just training. you need americans forces at the front lines. our air campaign against isis has been extremely minimal.
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if you don't have spotters on the ground, you don't know who you are hitting and you don't have enough targets. you will have to put some americans at risk. the president doesn't want to do that. it's a legacy project of his to quit the war in iraq and he's not going to reverse himself on that. >> i would just report back what i heard general michael hayden say. iraq is a state no longer functioning. we need to recognize that and embrace entities in that region that could form the backbone of another national entity like the kurd. they would do a better job of defending us against isil but also against iran. >> the kurd are not going to invade mosul and ramadi and take it back. the alternatives are to let the iraqi government continue to go into the arms of iran and the
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iranian militias or give the iraqi government the support it wants and need to try to create a force that won't be rejected. bill: the president said there is no plan and 70% of the american people see it that way as well. to date there is no evidence. martha what's next. martha: once one of the most powerful men in america now heading to court. former speaker of the house dennis hastert to stand before a judge today to face federal charges. bill: they tried to create an under water sculpture that cost $500,000 but it did not go as planned, you can see plainly there. >> it took too much water on one
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side and started
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bill: the plans to create an artificial reef off the florida coast. the artificial reef was being installed for scuba divers from a nearby beach funded by a local philanthropist. you can dive now. half a million dollars it cost them. martha: the former speaker of the house dennis hastert is set
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to make an appearance in front of a federal judge. he's accused of lying to the f.b.i. about structuring the withdrawal of almost $1 million in cash that is said to have been used for hush money. >> reporter: we expect to see the former speaker. dennis hastert won't be the first one to take what is called the walk of fame in front of the dirksen building. once inside, the arraignment should be quick. he will have an opportunity to enter a plea. most defendants enter a plea are not guilty as a matter of procedure. legal experts say his team will be pursuing a plea deal because it prevent the ugly facts associated with the charges from
6:27 am
going on the record. >> very few go to trial. if you have spent millions of dollars to keep a secret, the last thing you want to do is have your secret revealed in open court. so not just pleading guilty but equally important what the sentence would be. he was quhangd lying with the f.b.i. for what he was going to do with this cash. as far as the allegations of sexual abuse that's defined as prior misconduct in the federal indictment. and it's all well past the statute of limitations. martha: what kind of evidence do we expect the prosecutors will have against the former speaker. >> reporter: in terms of lie together f.b.i. that will be on the record for the banging vie layings. but the allegations of sexual misconduct, all that has come
6:28 am
forward is the sister of steven reinboldt. he has since passed away and can't speak for himself. there was a witness who spoke sea anonymously who said he was aware of reinboldt's abuse. then. bill: another stunning report from the tsa. the agency supposed to keep our planes safe from terror actually hiring people with apparent terror ties. ties. that's next. then this. >> shooting second. he scores! martha: very exciting. team u.s.a. kicking off the world cup with a big win.
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how the women sailed to a solo victory.
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see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. bill: troubles with the tsa taking stage on capitol hill. we are awaiting senate hearing after a brand-new report shows people on the terror watchlist were actually cleared to work in our nation's airports. good morning kristen. >> reporter: we found out the tsa had a 90% failure rate in stopping weapons and explosives from getting through checkpoints. a homeland security inspector general report showed they failed to identify 73 tsa
6:33 am
workers who are on the terror watchlist. many in congress are urging the president to release the full report. >> we don't want to do anything for declassify any details that would give terrorists a roadmap to a particular vulnerability. but the problems we face are much worse than the public understands. the president has an obligation to come clean. we are not as safe as where the public is led to believe. >> the tsa says the observations noted by the oig support our 0 ongoing efforts to improve the vetting of regulated tsa
6:34 am
workers. it appears to be a classic case of bad communication between federal agencies. according to the report the tsa did not identify these individuals through its vetting operations because it's not authorized to receive all the information on the terror watchlist. this is basically the same kind of failure that contributed to the 9/11 conspirators not being caught nearly 14 years ago. martha: michael mccaul is the chairman of the homeland security committee. this is a mess the tsa situation. how do you have 70-some people in our airports on this list.
6:35 am
>> a 90% failure rate in terms of tsa's screening. now we find out that 73 airport workers may have potential ties to terrorism. this is totally unacceptable. we'll be having oversight hearings. we need to revamp' the tsa process. i think we need to look at prioritization. and there is no leadership at the tsa right now. we have a nominee that hasn't been confirmed. and most importantly it puts americans at risk because we know al qaeda and in the arabia peninsula still want to put non-metallic i.d.s on airplanes. martha: we spent an enormous amount of money on this tsa program. we bowment equipment that
6:36 am
doesn't work that's in storage rooms. this was everyone's fears from the beginning that terrorist groups would flag people to work in our airports. they would in different capacities. this terror watchlist has 1 million names on it and it doesn't seem to work for anybody. >> the 96% technical failure and human error involved. the people who must bags on the airplanes could have ties to terrorism. it takes one person putting an explosive device in a bag to blow it up. the intelligence briefings they are still intent on blowing up airplanes. martha: they are saying we don't have this terror watchlist at
6:37 am
the tsa. it's not shared with us. there are people whose names appear on there 5 6 7 times. it appears people get tossed on that list. tsarnaev was on the list and he flew back and forth to chechnya. >> one thing that's clear to me is the system is not working right now. it needs to be fixed and i want to be the lead tore stop it. obviously the oversight hearings are important. but changing the system. having new leadership, but also, let's take a look at tsa revamp' the system. we need to look at whether private screeners are better than the public screeners. i think they can be more efficient and effective. the f.b.i. i don't think was
6:38 am
fully sharing the list with tsa. it's a complete failure of the system. martha: people should be concerned, i think don't you? >> i'm always concerned about the safety of the american people and we know they target aviation and that's the biggest risk to americans. martha: you just got back three weeks ago from iraq right after the fall of ramadi. the prime minister of iraq who is a shiia and a speaker who is a sunni. the idea that we are letting the shiia militia come in to win his war. i think it's a failed strategy. the president said i don't have a strategy. it's been a year since isis broke in if the news yet we don't have a strategy to defeat and destroy isis. that's totally unacceptable.
6:39 am
we need special forces on the ground to guide these airstrikes. they basically said that -- what i did find out the iraqi national army of is incapable of defeating isis. that was my biggest takeaway. i think we need special forces in to guide the strikes. one thing air force generals tell me off the record is we have to have zero collateral damage. we cannot strike unless we have the assurance we have zero collateral damage. we know the convoy was going straight to ramadi and our air force couldn't strike them because of these rules of engagement. martha: the president says they haven't come up with a plan yet who is right? >> the president is blaming the pentagon. didn't he ask for a strategy a year ago when we suave the
6:40 am
beheading of the christians and the journalist? how long does it take to get a strategy to win? if people say where is that important? it's ornlt because the more isis build up with the recruiting the more of a threat they are no the homeland. the bigger they are there and the bigger the swamp the more they can conduct external operations into the united states. that's my biggest concern. i think his strategy all along the false narrative pull out of afghanistan. political nalpolite -- polite that mall p -- political malfeasance. martha: good luck to you with the tsa. we'll be watching that. bill: 20 minutes before the hour.
6:41 am
a "new york times" story musting the spotlight on senator marco rubio. twice in one week. we'll find out what's up with that. martha: was this an out-of-control crowd or out-of-control police officer. have ignoring police officers become a thing to do in these situations? we'll talk to a former boston police chief. >> they didn't see the kid running all over the place not complying with the officers. they didn't see them cussing the police officers and becoming unruly to them.
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6:45 am
chaotic matter. last nighta on special report brit hume suggesting this he can explanation. >> i think to some extent the willingness of people to resist police command and disobey police orders has been encouraged by some of what we have seen by the portrayal of people who get in trouble with the police as victims by the portrayal of police as racists by the attitude shown by people from al sharpton to president obama himself toward the police. bill: is that happening now? sir, good morning to you. thanks for coming on here today. jump off on that point bring it is making. do people feel emboldened? >> he's absolutely right. people feel it's their need foe
6:46 am
go ahead law enforcement. it's even worse when officers take the bait and act unprofessional and lose their training and focus. clearly this was an officer in a hostile situation and it was emotional. it looks like he lost control of his emotions. bill: based on what you see in this video you think this officer took the bait? >> this officer definitely took the bait. i watched an extended version of the video where i saw another officer talking to the kid working out to problems trying to get them to move along. clearly this officer is upset. he's unprofessional in his lang wage and behavior. the young lady was walking away.
6:47 am
she may have been saying something he didn't like. but he lost his emotional evening and he reacted to it. he took the bait. bill: what should he have done. it's broad daylight. teenagers standing around in bikinis. >> he should have taken a deep breath and stepped back and waited for the situation to clear out and see if people would calm down and move on. there were several people moving away. it looks like he took the bait. the gentleman who runs up to him. he reaches to the back. i don't know if the officer saw that as a possibility. emotions got the best of this officer beforehand and the officer got out of hand. bill: when he pulled the weapon
6:48 am
it was a gun not a taser? >> it wasn't a taser. bill: here is mark fuhrman trying to piece it together. >> what i don't like is him drawing his weapon. when you look at the back ground instead of the officer or the young girl on the ground. you see a middle class community with mantured lawns and people and kid dressed nicely. we are not talking about a hotbed of crime activity there. bill: he has put on administrative leave? you would agree that's the right decision? >> we don't want to judge this officer by two minutes of his life. if he had no other problems, is this one with bad day in his career? we'll have to let the police chief decide that. bill: a local radio personality was reacting to some other scenes we have seen in different
6:49 am
parts of the country listen to this. >> the whole thing with this racial stigma, i don't believe that privilege came out there with the intent of throwing a 14-year-old girl down and starting this. this is not ferguson, this is not baltimore this is not trayvonichael brown or eric garner or anything else. this an out of control pool party. that's it. bill: boston has taken great pains to be sensitive to the community when there are points of conflict. how has this community done or what would your advice be to speak exactly to what that gentleman just explained? >> i would have the police chief doing what he's doing. he has concerned about what he saw. he's opening an investigation. encouraging him to put whatever information he has out to the public as quickly as possible. to surround himself with
6:50 am
community leaders and share information of exactly what happened and all the circumstances around it. the police have to work with the community top rebuild trust in american policing. that's essential. martha: a woman is being treated for a rare and potentially deadly form of tuberculosis. how much officials are tracing her steps to find out who she has already been in contact with. bill: two inmates escape from a maximum security prison. as that investigation grows so does the mystery of how they pulled this off. >> it took equipment they don't have access to. we are looking at the civilian employees to see if they were supplying the equipment. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it.
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bill: team u.s.a. off to a good start in wpg. megyn amay. megyn rapinoe scored twice. martha: health officials are tracking the steps of a woman who has a rare form of tuberculosis. she has an extremely drug resist and the strain of this disease. they fipgd out she went from india to chicago in april spending time in missouri, then in tennessee then in illinois. she is getting around before she got sick and was admitted to a chicago area hospital. she is in stable condition in
6:55 am
maryland. we are joined by one of our favorite doctors, marc siegel. mark welcome good to have you here. what do you think about this? how dangerous is this? >> tuberculosis is a bacteria. it's hard to get. but it is airborne and it gets you pretty sick. people lose weight. they can cough up blood and they get feverish and they can die from this. there are 10,000 cases in the united states last year. but this extensive drug he is and the type, very rare in the united states. only 60 cases over a 20-year period. so this is very rare. there has been a big study about what the risk is on planes. he had six cases and found that
6:56 am
thousands of people exposed a few, counsel converted to t.b. positive as a result. a thousand exposed and two got it. lucky for 998. >> that's why the cdc is doing contact tracing. the chances of this occurring is extremely low. you have reported she is stable in chicago in the hospital. but i have to tell you 30% to 50% of people who get there is extensive drying distance recover and -- extensive resistance are covered. she is probably resist and the to the world-saving drugs. >> martha: we wish her well. she is in a tough situation. >> not a lot of fear here but right to be checking this.
6:57 am
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covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. >> we are waiting for a speech on president obama on the future of health care and the affordable care house. the president addressing the catholic health association. this comes a day after the president said the supreme court should never have taken up the challenge. a negative ruling by the court would cripple the law according to many who looked at it because it would strick down subsidies for people that enroll in the federal exchange. some say it was a typo and that is why the president believes it should never have been brought to the supreme court. and "the new york times" with an
7:01 am
exclusive report on senator marco rubio's finances. the second piece on him and his finances in just one week for this presidential candidate. i am martha maccallum. >> and i am bill hemmer. good tuesday to you. opfriday "the new york times" ran a story about senator rubio's parking ticket and traffic history. it seems so insignificant we didn't cover it. now they are digging to the financial background of the former senator and his wife. >> chris is here fox news political editor. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> interesting. we are off to the races and i don't mean belmont. >> well look for marco rubio at least he knows he is being treated as a thoroughbred and is
7:02 am
seen as a contender; someone who could beat hillary clinton. and when the democratic paper of record starts digging in and that is not to say the reporting isn't accurate it is just how much focus is given -- when they start digging in on somebody's finances and background like this this is in a way high praise because it says he is a serious contender. >> it means someone is worried about you and you are a threat. but it can put stuff out there that sticks in people's mind and may come back at you on the debate stage and they will have to be prepared with answers for this. let's look at one of the quotes. mr. rubio stands out for this use, political rise and doubts about financial management to the point that mitt romney's presidential campaign flagged the issue when vetting mr. rubio as a possible running mate in
7:03 am
2012. >> 2012 yes. rubio evened things out since then with a successful book, senate salary, this wife has plenty of income. they are righted their shift financially speaking. they only have one debt and that is their mortgage which is very normal for americans. and a lot of americans know a two or thing about having debt. the problem for rubio is he has lavish taste like other politicians who have gotten trouble in the past he spends too freely. they zeroed in on a speed boat an $80,000 boat and they are raising their eyes at this. for rubio the danger is most republicans say if "the new york times" hate him i like him.
7:04 am
the worst they treat mark rubio the more they like him. but over time this stuff starts to add up and it seeps into the consciousness and some of it sticks. >> you have scott walker who likes to talk about shopping at k-mart and the best deal he got on a blender. i want to show mark rubio's response: he said like most americans i know what it is like for money to be a limited resource and manage it. our primary motivation has not been to become wealthy but provide for our children a happy upbringing and a chance at a great future. that is his response, chris. quick thought. >> it is for the kids. his most appealing aspect is he is a regular person, a dad, a husband, he is young, he is normal all of that is to the plus but he needs to find a way to have fewer headlines in the future about this stuff. ride it out and hopefully it
7:05 am
gets quite. >> and he is fiscally conservative and some extent that might be an issue when some of them concerned read this. >> that is the fear. but if he can reinforce the fact. i am 44 now. when i was 38 live changed. i came from nowhere. my parents were service workers. i am a u.s. senator, i didn't know where i was going but i know it. but no more breaks on this. if he screws up again he is in trouble. soon to be presidential candidate jeb bush is flying to europe. the former governor has ideas on how to deal with russia partly calling for u.s. military support for ukraine to prevent
7:06 am
russia from moving in on other countries. carl cameron is live. what is this trip about? >> it is about checking off one of the most important policy boxes candidates have to kick off. the foreign policy trip. this is the last big box once it is over he will return to the state over the course of the weekend and all of the pretense for fundraising and saying he is not a candidate and exploring ends and he will announce his campaign. bush criticized last night for not having a clear strategy in isis and today in germany bush takes on russian president vladimer putin essentially over ukraine. but it is a wider issue. he will say ukraine is a sovereign nation and must be permitted to chose its own path and russia must respect the
7:07 am
sovereignty of neighbors and who can doubt russia will do what it pleases if russia goes unpunished. he said nato's actions are essential to preserve the order. jeb bush taking on vladimer putin with tough rhetoric and meant to contrast directly with president obama. >> interesting stories. carl before leaving, there was a campaign shakeup with governor bush. what is going on? >> there has been a lot of criticism saying jeb bush is not scaring opposition out of the race. his fundraising has been strong for the super pac but there is a shake up. jeb signed a guy named dave from iowa and it was the same time mitt romney was giving serious consideration of getting in the race. matt was a romney guy and
7:08 am
quasi-identified as the campaign manager once the campaign kicked in but instead he is in charge of the first few states they go do. and danny diaz who worked for the last three nominees and the idea is he is going to help bush get his momentum back. more energy, more aggressive campaign which officially starts a week from yesterday once he is back from this trip. >> carl cameron thank you live in washington. the justice department is weighing whether to charge general motors with wire fraud. "the wall street journal" is reporting it stems from the automakers failure to recall millions of vehicle with faulty ignition switches. federal prosecutors determined
7:09 am
gm likely made misleading comments and concealed information about the defective switches that have been linked to a hundred deaths. >> more on president obama's stunning admission of not having a strategy to isis. >> when a finalized plan is presented by the pentagon i will share it. >> but a top military official telling fox news the pentagon has given the president plenty of option. jack keane the general is next on that. and a massive fire sends fire firefighters to the hospital. why sabotage is now being looked at in that fire. >> and two dangerous fugitives on the run for days and the manhunt under way and the usually quite community is on edge. >> they are rivals and co's station at every corner in the
7:10 am
town. one of them said this is the safest walk you will ever take around here.
7:11 am
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7:13 am
an explosion near the capital of crane -- ukraine and one man is dead. five firefighters had to be hospitalized. the cause of the explosion is
7:14 am
under investigation and officials haven't ruled out the possibility of sabotage. isis releasing a new video threatening to take over baghdad after kidnapping over a 100 people in libya. the president is saying the generals have yet to give him a plan to defeat the army. that official telling fox news what the blank was that. we have given him plenty of options. a lot of anger from the pentagon. and our own fox news contributors agree. >> i don't think the president was telling the truth when he said the president hasn't received plans from the pentagon. >> the idea he is putting the blame on the pentagon is exactly consistent with obama's method which is always to blame others.
7:15 am
>> retired four star general jack keane is here who has advised previous administrations on how to win in iraq and was successful in doing so. what do you think about what the president said about the pentagon general? >> it is a pattern. i agree with charles. we have been here before with the president pointing fingers at something else other than the fact he really hasn't demonstrated the kind of will you need to fight a war. isis believes he is at war with the united states and allies. but the president isn't, the congress or the american people. the lack of seriousness here is quite as -- astounding. >> the last statement is very powerful especially with the poor people being held we have seen dragged to beaches and
7:16 am
beheaded. the president says the pentagon has not completed their plan in terms of training soldiers on the ground. can you tell us what your understanding of what the pentagon presented to the president already? >> we knew the issue would be the quality and performance of the iraqi security forces. so there were recommendations to do more training than what we are doing in terms of numbers. secondally the pentagon wanted advisors at the front line so the performance would be better given we could be there with them and we wanted tactical air control; people to guide the airplanes. and they recommended more special operation raids than what we have seen to date. all of those recommendations have been denied by the white house and president. >> those were all plans the pentagon said they would be able
7:17 am
to enact to defeat isis. the president said that was the goal. i want you to degrade this army and destroy them. they presented the president with those plans and the president said he is still waiting. he doesn't like the plans. has he suggested another plan to the pentagon? >> i think they will do marginal improvement in the iraqi security force training. the sunni tribal force is a major issue. all of the land isis owns is sunni land and it may be possible for them to reclaim some of that. but to hold the land it would take the force to do that and we need to arm and train them. that program by and large is nonexistent. that is a tragedy in and of itself. we are parties to what has taken place. >> if we help the sunni tribes that don't like isis and want to
7:18 am
their their own land back the iranians may not like that. many believe that is why the president won't do that. are you among them? >> i know the iranians are advising is iraq government not to do that. there is too much risk they say. that advice is given from the iranian leaders on the ground in iraq. whether the president is supporting that i don't know. but i think what we need to be as a political objective is it should reduce iran's political and military influence in iraq. training sunni tribes is a huge step in that direction. >> you are saying the pentagon has presented plans we have heard that why doesn't the
7:19 am
president say in this venue i am not on board with the plan given to me and here is why. here is what i think the problem is on the ground in iraq. we are not given that explanation of his thinking. >> no i think right from the beginning he reversed the process. normally when we have a national leader that wants to do something in terms of military intervention he tells the pentagon put together options to accomplish my goal and the goal you stated was to defeat isis and they would put together options based on the risk associated with each option. he said i don't want to do this or that. he laid out all of the restrictions prior to ever putting a plan together and they came back and said we would like to do this in terms of advisors and soft raids and all of those were denied for a second and third time. that is why you get the frustration from the pentagon official because they have gone
7:20 am
back trying to influence the situation and failed at doing that. >> they are mission and goal oriented so there is understood confusion there. general jack keane thank you. >> very telling what the source told fox news yesterday. we gave you a lot of options and you have not acted. we will see if more of that comes from behind the scenes in the coming days and week. the massive hunt underway were the two fugitives who escaped a maximum security prison. new questions being raised on if there was inside help. plus there is this: >> protesters there you can hear them in the crowd calling for a police officer to be fired for his treatment of teenagers at a
7:21 am
pool party. some community members accusing him of racist behavior but some saying that had nothing to do with it. >> he made the kids sit on the ground and he went after the people who got up and started running. it wasn't just black kids. i have lung cancer. and i've heard it all... the well-meaning advice of friends... the guarded words of doctors... the brave resolve of loved ones... what i haven't heard...
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7:24 am
drivers in wisconsin seeing a scary situation as the crews work to pull a car off a chroncrete barrier on a bridge in green bay. the car hydro planed, spun out and stopped on the barrier. one lane of traffic had to be closed so the crews could get in. luckily they stayed on the
7:25 am
bridge side and didn't go over. hundreds of leads have been flooding in as the police search for two convicted murderers who escaped from a maximum security prison. joyce mitchell is one who has been questioned after they say it might be an inside job. danny is here responsible for arresting the oklahoma city bomber. you used to do work and use power tools and they were so loud you had to use a certain type to try to mitigate the sound and even at that point it was too loud. if they used power tools, right? >> you have to think that. i was the commander at the atlanta prison riot and we took back portions of the prison and had to breakthrough walls and
7:26 am
cut through bars and gates. and the power tools that will do that are noisy. and we in fact had to switch the devices so we didn't alert the prisoners we were coming. i don't understand how they did that without somebody hearing it or being suspicious. if they used thermal they should have smelled it. there are a lot of questions about the prison authorities that need to be answered. >> they put out pictures of the tattoos these men wear. good start? good lead? what do you think? >> the media is going to be helpful here. this is one of the few times you guys are very helpful frankly. but keeping their pictures before the public is helpful to law enforcement. these guys will be caught by pub public assistance and the patrol factors of different law enforcement agencies. >> you said look for them to commit robberies.
7:27 am
that might be the case unless they have help on the outside. >> these guys are desperate and known murderers and they need help money, transportation and car jackings and strong armed robberies and kidnappings are in their mind. people need to be aware of their surrounding sows surroundings in that area. >> prison escapees for caught from what i read because they have a plan to get out but not a plan after that. and maybe they didn't. >> especially in rural areas. these guys are not military trained and can't survive. unless someone is there with a car or they got a car if they are running around the woods they will get caught. the mosquitos are going to eat them up. >> there is a suggestion they may have gone to canada.
7:28 am
there is no evidence it would happen. it is just speculation at this point. but in order to survive on the outside and get away with this they will need help. >> absolutely. whether they develop their own mechanisms or have someone out there helping them. i think the former is more likely. i think they had help getting out. there is no doubt. whether the escape is going to be facilitated by friends or comrades i think that is doubtful. >> based on their track record and history of crime you can understand how there is a lot of tension in that part of upstate new york. >> they are very dangerous. >> president obama talking up the virtues of his health care law in his speech today after he spoke out forcefully about the supreme court case that could cripple his law. it is a case the president
7:29 am
believes shouldn't have been taken up. why is the mayor of chicago so upset over this movie? >> a lot of people have opinions about the so-called title of the film. again i know nothing about the film. >> wait until the movie comes out.
7:30 am
7:31 am
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♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. we have seen shocking failure failures in airport security. the homeland security inspector cern general is about to give his report after the tsa cleared people on a terror watch list to work in our nation's airports. you cannot make this up. this is on the tail of the other report of tsa workers allowing
7:33 am
96% of dangerous items to make it on a plane. we will keep an eye on the hearing. >> the president is expected to to -- to make a major speech after yesterday saying the supreme court was wrong for taking up the case. jay is here author of the new book called undemocratic. and he is by guest from franklin tennessee. >> hi bill. >> can you remember a case where the executive branches argued almost like it was campaign money, so publically, on a case before the supreme court? >> no i think this is almost like a bullying technique. the president here is upset because the supreme court took it. well there was a conflict in the circuits and when they are in conflict the supreme court
7:34 am
resolves that. the president is saying it is just four words but they carry hundreds of millions of subsidies with them. and it affects the way the law is being implemented. and the irs is the one who changed the rules saying state exchanges are federal exchanges even though the law said the exact opposite. this is like a political campaign against the supreme court. this president has shown a pretty consistent disregard for the supreme court when he doesn't like their opinion. i don't know if he is trying prepare himself for what may not be a positive decision but it seems political. >> is he trying to convince the justice or the american public or both? >> i think there is a little of both. but i think he is trying to say if the supreme court upholds the law as it is written which says the subsidies only go where the state exchanges are, not the federal then you the american
7:35 am
people blame the supreme court of the united states. when the real answer is and the correct response would be actually maybe someone should have read this law before they passed it. i think the president is doing a dual play here both aiming at the court who is decision is probably well on its way to being written if not already written, and a focus on the american people. >> this is what he had yesterday first and we will tell you what he is about to say today. from yesterday here is the president in germany. >> this should be an easy case. frankly it probably shouldn't have been taken up. it is not something that should be done based on a twisted understanding of four words as we were reminds repeatedly in a couple thousand piece of legislation. >> what he is arguing is this is an easy fix for congress if they want to do it. this is what we will say today in part quote what we are
7:36 am
talking about is no longer a law. this isn't just about the affordable care act or obamacare or rumors that will not go away. this is reality this is health care in america. he is making that speech before the catholic health association on their one hundredth anniversary. sister carol help the leader of the organization helped them work through the provision of the law that would cover birth control so this isn't a traditional catholic organization. >> here is the reality. the law says the subsidies come into affect when a state establishes an exchange. and jonathan gruber the architect of obamacare said if the states don't set-up the exchanges they will be penalized by not getting the subsidies and
7:37 am
the irs changed it because the administration realized the law wasn't written how they thought it would be. the job of the supreme court is not to rewrite the law. the job of the supreme court is to say this is what the law says. congress can fix it if way want to. >> they are trying to put pressure on the states to go along with that. >> there has been a new website showing the historical development of health care in america. >> i travel a lot. i am talking to the american people a lot. health care coverage i don't think has improved since the affordable care act. the routine test are difficult the waits are extended and the ability to get prescription
7:38 am
renewals is a big issue. i think the program has been a disaster and i don't think we have seen the beginning of it. but the job of the supreme court of the united states is to say the law is written this way, congress wrote it this way and they don't get to rewrite it. >> four words established by the states and supreme court is going to rule on this. it is interesting to see this back and forth whether you are talking justice into it or softening up the american people for what could be a signifi debate. thank you, jay. franklin tennessee there. >> you bet. spike lee's latest film proiectpro projoked is sportscasterject -- project is sparking controversy. they are not happy with the title talking about the city matched with iraq. here is what mayor emanuel said
7:39 am
about this. >> i told him i wasn't happy with the title and people in englewood are good people and raising their families. >> the mayor has been under pressure because of the soaring murder rate under his watch. spike lee said he is holding up a mirror on what is going on in the world. it is going to be a musical. >> you are seeing a violence rate out of hand and has been for far too long. >> that is why people are so hot. growing controversy over a police officer's takedown at a rather ruly police party in broad daylight. -- rule >> some suggest racism and some witnesses are saying that is
7:40 am
unfair. more on this debate and that scene. plus this: >> three two, one separation confirmed. >> nasa tested a high flying saucer parachute but things didn't go according to plan exactly. we will show you what happened.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
it is back to the drawing board for nasa. the parachute needed to slow down a capsule falling down at super sonic speed and it isn't easy to down. >> three two one, go. separation confirmed. >> the test capsule was released 34,000 miles above earth deploying but failed to deflate. nasa wants to send people a
7:44 am
mission to mars 20 years from now so they have time to work it out. a lot of reaction pouring in from texas and beyond as hundreds march in protest in the subburb north of dallas after a video shows a police officer pinning a teenager to the ground and drawing his gun on two other teens and you see the two other officers rush in and the rest unfolds with the girl. watch. >> witnesses to that scene including the man who shot this video, are disagreeing over what they saw. some say the police targeted the teens by race. others say the video shows only part of the story. >> i thought it was out of line compared to the other officers who acted professional.
7:45 am
>> i was one of the few caucasian people at the party. i think it might have had something to do with racism. >> they didn't see the kids running all over the place, not complying with the officers cursing the police officers and becoming unruly. >> david web is here, host of had david web show and margerie clinton is here. david, what do you think? >> this was an out of control crowd? >> in what way? >> jumping fences damage to private property, there is a report of a stolen truck. there was a dj tweeting out come to the party and pay $15 a person. this was a mob scene. >> 70-100 kids? >> the number is close to a 130
7:46 am
from my looking into the story. but there was an issue here. and you see the two police officers take off after someone in the video. if you interfere with a police officer who he is doing his job, you suddenly change the dynamics of that officer. they should question why he pulled this gun but we don't know what happened before that. residents report the kids are out of control. >> it seems like we know it was an out of control party went awry. plenty of neighborhoods have police show up at a party saying we have to break it up. what is your take? >> pool parties get out of control all over the country. these things happening. but what was happening at the pool party was beforehand you had white patrons of the pool shouting at black people enjoy your time behind bars go back
7:47 am
to your section 8 housing. those were racially charged things being said. i don't think anyone argues the orlando -- police force used was inappropriate. but i see there are white people standing in the same situation. >> i don't know how you get race out of the phrase pool party. >> it may be true people are saying what you are saying. >> it doesn't promote race saying go back to section 8 housing. you have a majority black crowd and most being unruly are black. doesn't mean the police officers. only one officer was on the scene initially and two security guards and that is when 10-11 other officers showed up.
7:48 am
they are looking at the crowd. not picking out let's go after that black person or that black person. >> here is the problem i see this with. if this was just a party out of control we would not be talking about it. we are talking about it because of what happens between the police officer and the girl when she slammed her on the ground. you look tehe video seeing the two boys run. and you can see one reach behind his back. perhaps this officer thought it was a gun. then what you see is two other police officers swiftly coming to either side of that police officer to say perhaps this kid is fine. >> and then take off running after the other teens. >> what is the reason for pinning the girl? there is no reason.
7:49 am
>> i agree it needs to be looked into. there were other fights. >> there is the boy and right before that he reaches behind his back and you see the extra police officers coming in >> in the other parts you see them taking black young men pushing them on the ground, arresting them and you have white people with him. >> taking someone and putting them down because of the color of their skin denotes to racism already. >> i think there is a different issue at hand. no because according to -- >> how it makes it race when there is a majority black crowd and police officers are involve. it is an unruly environment. a fight between a black and wite white women. >> because 31% of black people trust the police and 71% of white people do. >> i think if these kids had all
7:50 am
been white the police officers would have done the same thing. but i think what happens in the moment we saw will be investigated we happen. this officer has been suspended. it is their job to de-escalate the situation. >> i have been in unruly crowds. and with all due respect i spent two decades going into the riots whether it is ferguson or raleigh -- >> all racially charged >> when you are in that environment it isn't easy. maybe you ought to live it and understand what police officers and residents deal with. >> jenna lee is coming up next in a moment on "happening now." but first a piglet making a wild dash for freedom. who can blame them anyway? how in the world this happened. ♪ ♪ ♪ (singing)
7:51 am
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isis flexing their muscles into new video threatening to take baghdad next. there are now forces undergoing training and we will talk about that on "happening now." and why the teenager who accused her best friend of trying to get her to commit suicide is back in court. a line of pigs escaped from a national park in north africa. they are trying to track her down but with no luck. what is the latest on that
7:55 am
search? >> the search is getting more urgent by the minute. the spokesperson from the park 200 miles from cape lion, from where the lion escaped said it could be getter hunger. a neighbor found the loop lion droppings and rangers found it escaped from a storm damaged fence. they are sturdy and like a fence from jurassic park. a big concern is people shouldn't get out of their cars to stretch their legs as the main highway runs along the edge of a park bill. >> wow. paul no connection to the mauling of the american working a week ago? >> absolutely not. that was in a lion park. this is 600 miles away near cape
7:56 am
town. and bill, the search party is getting bigger by the hour as officials become worried bringing in expert hunters from other parts of south africa. they are two hours behind the lion they said. someone spots it they launch a helicopter to search and brought in a tracking dog. the lion managed to keep a step ahead of the hunters. all of these extra people are helping to bring good business for restaurants in the nearby towns. the name of the restaurant is the hungry lion. >> paul thank you. on the hunt for a lion in south africa. thank you. >> what is next? >> a chilling vow from isis. the islamic state militants saying they will capture iraq's capital of baghdad. be right back. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks!
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8:00 am
lets are on loose. a tractor-trailer carried them near dayton, heading to indiana. 400 of them are missing. officials say they may never be found. bill: can you blame them? martha: they are off to the races. bye, everybody, have a great day. ♪ ♪ jon: isis ramps up the propaganda war bigtime. the terrorists now warning they will take over baghdad in a bold new video. good morning to you i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. a twitter account linked to isis leadership posting a video claiming the islamic state will liberate the capital of iraq very soon and this is a bold move especially given recent efforts to strengthen the international coalition to fight them. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in the washington


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