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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 10, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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for two convicted murders zeroing in on a small town. >> we are learning brand new information about exactly who was supposed to be behind the wheel of the get away car that never showed up. jackie ibanez joins us on the search. >> reporter: the manhunt for the killers heading south to the tiny up state new york town of wills borough. they hoovered over head as u.s. marshals and department of corrections officers turned their focus to one local farm. this in response to a tip of two suspicious men spotted walking a i long a deserted road at night then darting into the woods. one local farmer describing the manhunt. >> i was a little concerned that it was more than just a call that they had gotten. so the next thing i know they are filing in here one car after another. then they start bringing the
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people by the bus load. >> meanwhile as the search tins fying the biggest question remains how did they get out? prisoner worker joyce mitchell now admitting she was supposed to drive the get away car but changed her mind and never showed up. her cell phone records now the center of the investigation. her phone used to make several calls to richard matt. matt may have smooth talked mitchell into help willing even providing the power tools to cut through steel pipes and walls to make the escape. mitchell's son admits his mother is an innocent woman and would never help inmates escape like that. today is day 5 of the manhunt which is going north as far as canada and as far south as mexico. a 100,000 dollar reward for any information leading to their capture. >> breaking right now a hunt underway in houston after police
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officers shot in the back during a traffic stop. police officer terri smith someone else drove by and opened fire. >> he was including the stop when he and another officer heard a pop and shortly there after realized he had been shot. he is now in stable condition. police not gathering footage. businesses are now doing that. >> a police officer caught on camera pointing a gun and pinning a girl down to the ground has resigned. anna kooiman is here with the latest. >> good morning to all of you. days after the disturbing video of the officer eric kay put is off the force. he resigned from his post in the
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mckinney police department right outside of dallas the chief of police supporting that decision. >> the actions of the officer as seen on the video of the disturbance at the pool are indefensible. >> hundreds have been protesting calling on the police department to fire him.casebolt. many saying he used excessive force throwing a 14-year-old to the ground and pointing a gun at others at the pool party. al sharpton planned to visit them to pressure the police into fire approximating the officer. it is unclear if he canceled his trip. they are trying to get back to some normalcy. >> i don't think that any one instant, any one individual can clearly define a community adds a whole now or for the next year or for the next ten years.
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>> as soon as officer casebolt an internal affairs investigation into the video was closed. the police department says it is too soon to say if he will face any criminal charges. case bolt's resignation was two words and did not include an apology. his attorney will give more information in a press conference this afternoon. >> thank you anna in the studio. >> a lot of questions remain about the ex officer's future. david clark is weighing in on his chances of ever being a cop again. >> find it highly unlikely he will get a another job in law enforcement. he will have to undergo a background investigation. when we hire officers we do a thorough background investigation. we have to see where he worked with law enforcement. with the amplification of this case nationally this mckinney texas local case is highly unlikely anybody would want to take him on.
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he disagrees with his actions but doesn't think it warrants criminal charges. another fox news alert the video show the aftermath of deadly bombings across baghdad. the blast 20 people including iraqi soldiers. the pentagon is ready to send hundreds more troops to iraq after the president stresses he has no strategy to fight the terror group. kristin fisher following the developments this morning. >> reporter: we are still awaiting a final decision from the white house. this is only a recommendation from the pentagon. this represents a major shift in strategy from the obama administration in iraq. we are talking about the u.s. establishing a military base and sending in hundreds of additional military troops to iraq. these troops would be primarily military advisors. 24e8d be sent in to fight against isis and the goal of retaking ramadi.
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there are 2500 iraqi troops in training there are a few kurds but no sunnis. the goal is to get more sunnis involved in the fight. they see it as a critical component of the strategy. here's what a white house spokesman said yesterday about improving the political climate first in iraq. >> without a governing structure that has the credibility to follow on to those u.s. forces we see that the fabric of this community breaks down. we need to take the fight to isil on the ground in their own country. >> this comes two-days after president obama admitted on the world stage that he did not have a quote complete strategy in iraq. he was waiting on the pentagon but now he has one p.
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>> would the plan push u.s. forces closer to the front lines to call for air strikes or advise smaller iraqi units in battle? >> no boots on the ground. the obama administration does not approve the use of americans on the ground to call an air strike nor would it involve sending air forces into ground combat in new york. >> thank you so much kristin fisher live for us. >> a pair of bomb threats bringing washington, d.c. to a screeching halt. >> the white house press briefing room evacuated after a threat was called into the dc metro police. that room was the only one cleared as an officer and bomb sniffing dog make a sweep before making the all clear. >> several floors of a senate office building also evacuated because of another phoned in threat. the secret service and fbi now investigating a possible
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connection. a white house spokesperson says president obama remained in the oval office during the evacuation. much more on the white house's response coming up in a live report in our next half hour. brand new information for you about the potentially deadly anthrax square. the pentagon confirming a live sample of the bacteria may have accidentally been sent to a lab in england. this is five countries u.s. canada, south korea, and now great britain. it was received in 2007 the details are emerging. those samples have been destroyed we are told and no one became sick. >> after being frozen out of the g 7 summit russian president vladmir putin will instead meet with pope frances today. it is covering the conflicts in the ue canekraine and syria. ukrainian church leaders say he did not condemn russia's
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takeover of crimea. >> investigators looking at the deadly amtrak train derailment may drop a bombshell report today. the ntsb expected to release the latest findings. they are expected to ask the question was the conductor using a cell phone when the crash happened last month. brandon bassian's lawyer said he only used it to dial 911 after the crash. the derailment killed 8 people. >> temperatures are on their way up all across the east. >> some regions preparing for storms. maria molina is tracking what's ahead. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about more storms possible across several areas including along the gulf coast across mississippi and alabama could be looking at scattered showers over the next couple of days. the current temperatures are already warm out there
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especially across the center of the nation. kansas city your current temperature 78 degrees. at 75 in dallas and 76 in the city of memphis. they are going to continue climbing later on today well into the 90's. now we are going to be seeing showers and storms and some of the storms could produce severe weather across portions of the northeast, great lakes and parts of the plains. we are looking at the risk of isolated tornadoes damaging winds and large hail possible. for tomorrow similar areas could be looking at the isolated thunderstorm or severe weather risk out there across several areas. taking a look at future radar we will be seeing showers and storms across parts of the rockies. a lot of that activity as we head into tomorrow will move into parts of the upper midwest and parts of the plains. that could produce localized flash flooding there and we already mentioned showers and storms in the southeast forecast as well as we head into tomorrow. heather and ainsley let's head over to you. >> thank you so much maria.
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>> lebron james having a huge night against the warriors. >> across the middle alley-oop to james. >> that incredible alley-oop is one of the many he had. they staged a late in the game come back but the calves held them off 96-91 and improving to 2-1 in that series. my cavs are up. >> an mlb pitcher has a play in the record book. chris heston tossed a now hitter against the mets. he says that he has never thrown a game like that. it is the first no hitter of the season. oo that was a good one, too.
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it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. that manhunt for two escaped murders is intensifying by the hour. why the half brother of one of those prisoners of this guy is now fearing for his life. >> feeling the squeeze on your next flight airlines cutting carry ones while adding more seats. shrinking to make space. >> out of this world. the incredible view and sky divers are dropping over a mountain. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? , white and blue. log on to learn more. >> the frantic search for a new killer. wills borough is in up state new york after two men were spotted
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walking in the rain monday night. rich affidavit matt-- rich affidavitard matt his half brother says their escape is a nightmare because shrimp testified in the 1998 murder of his boss. he said when he refused to help him get out of town. one of the last thing he said you are my brother you love me you are blood but if you turn against me i will kill you. my worst nightmare has come true. he has escaped. i have to worry he will come try to kill me. >> an award has been offered in the capture of the two. marilyn mosby and the freddie gray case she filed in the wrong court. the defile comes as the officers charged in gray's death fight to have mosby removed from the case.
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she requested increase police presence where gray ran from officers few weeks before. mosby has a conflict of interest and cannot act as the prosecutor. >> three people rushed to an arizona hospital after a jet ski explodes. a man and his 16-year-old son brought it to a mesa dealership for service as an employee was working on it it apparently burst into flames. you can see chunks of wrecked metal scattered across the parking lot and even on a nearby roof. the father and worker are in critical condition. the teen is suffering from minor injuries. no word yet on what caused the explosion. taking a major look following last week's awful accident that happened at fenway park. league commissioner saying the sport must react strongly and reevaluate fan safety at stadiums. he did not go as far as saying more netting will be added. the oakland a's player whose bat
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broke and hit tonya carpenter in the head sent flowers to her in the hospital. her condition has been upgraded from serious to fair. >> talk about a tight squeeze the already tiny airport bathrooms are about to shrink. lauren simonetti is here to explain. >> the engineers are shrinking the size of their most popular plane's bathroom so they can fit 14 more seats on to the jet that is scheduled for delivery next year. the lieuao is getting smaller. they want a standard rule for carry on luggage. the perfect approved bag would be 21 inch the tall 13 and a half wide and 7 and a half deep so everyone on the flight can fit one bag in the over head bin. current requirements are always different it depends on which carrier you fly. if you are sailing with carnival cruise lines be careful what you
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pack. they are no longer letting them take bottled beverages on the ship because too many people are smuggling alcohol in the bottles and it is too difficult for carnival to police. what you can bring on board a bottle of fine wine or champagne otherwise pack your unopened drinks in your carry on. save your pizza hut box. it can be your movie projector. the pizza chain is giving special lenses you can pop on to the box and play movies on your smart phone. pizza and a movie that's the perfect combo ladies. >> thank you so much loren. >> the time is almost 20 minutes before the top of the hour. a dishonorable decision involving god and country. why a nearly two decade long fourth of july tradition have come to an end at a georgia church. >> you can't afford that expensive gym membership that's not an excuse to be in shape. the move you can make every day to stay fit.
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>> everyone has been pretty freaked out by this jailbreak out of prison in up state new york. there's a big manhunt going on. the escape pees could have gone anywhere. i was watching cnn. i think i know why they can't find him. >> the intense manhunt is going on they could be anywhere from new york north country -- >> that's not new york. >> we take a look at that again. this is for real.
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>> a nearly two decade tradition is coming in at a georgia church.
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abilene baptist church outside of augusta. officials at nearby fort gordon say they no longer can do it because it bans any voment in religious services. the honor guard attended their celebration last year. this is why you don't need a gym membership to be healthy. >> taking the stairs can be just as good for you as a regular workout. researches studying 6,000 americans found those one or two minute activities through out the day can eventually add up to 30 minutes and will prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol. we take the escalator every morning from now on we are going to take the scares. >> traum matdramatic video where a
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police officer saved a baby's life. >> there's an officer here. what's wrong with her? >> 532. started mouth to mouth. child is turning green. >> officer martin smith was called to the albuquerque home to find a 7 month old girl not breathing. he immediately started giving her cpr as the terrified family was watching. moments later she started breathing on her own. the baby has since been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and is now on medication. >> the legal loophole setting criminals free here in the usa. >> he is tipping his cowboy hat to prove how the country star is using theirs who sacrificed so
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...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪ >> hundreds of officers in riot gear say they are hot on the trail of the two guys. we learn exactly how the prison worker was planning to help him. >> this video an officer caught on camera pinning a teenager on the ground. the dallas suburb reacts to the news. >> the 5th fly in the road rage brawl in daylight. sending him to the hospital. what happened when the first punch was thrown.
2:30 am
"fox "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". thank you so much for joining us. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. the search zeroing in on a small new york town. this as we learn brand new information about a prison worker who may have been conned into helping and what her phone records could show. jackie ibanez with the latest on the massive search. >> the search for the two convicted killers david sweat and richard matt now heading south to the tiny up state town 40 miles from the prison. helicopters hovered over head hundreds of state police u.s. marshals and department of corrections officers turn their focus to one local farm there. this in response to a tip of two suspicious men found walking on a deserted road overnight.
2:31 am
so far police arehave wound up empty handed. >> desperate people do desperate things. if they are cornered there are possible sightings out there a whole lot of leads coming in. they are praking different things but we have dedicated our resources. the marshall services have both of these searchs. >> the question how did the two get out? now admitting she was supposed to drive the get away car but changed her mind and never showed up. remember phone was reportedly used to make several calls to people close to richard matt. matt may have smooth talked mitchell into helping even providing the power tools needed to cut through steel pipes and walls to make their escape. today is day five of the massive search extended north to south
2:32 am
of the border. they are still in the wills burrow area. >> a hunt underway in houston after a police officer is shot in the back during a traffic stop. terry smith had pulled someone over when someone drove by and opened fire. >> he was concluding that stop when he and another officer heard a pop and shortly there after realized he had been taught. the 20-year-old police veteran and father of six is under going surgery overnight. he is in stable condition p. police didn't get any surveillance footage which could have helped him track down that shooter. >> stepping down the texas police officer caught on camera pointing his gun at teenagers and pinning a young girl to the ground has resigned. anna kooiman is here with the latest. >> good morning anna.
2:33 am
>> good morning to all of you. more than 10 million people watched in horror as a former officer of the year truehrough a young girl to the ground at a pool party. now officer casebolt is out of a job. he resigned from his post days after the disturbing video surfaced on-line. the chief of place says his actions were indefensible. >> our policies our training our practice do not support his actions. he came into the call out of control and as the video shows was out of control during the incident. >> the mckinney community relieved he will no longer represent their city. earlier this week hundreds protested the police department for not immediately firing the officer. some community leaders claiming cops like case boltboxic. -- toxic. >> we are setting the stage for a terrorist attack in this country. the group is not going to be isis. it's going to be usis us against these justice law
2:34 am
officers and people who allow racism to go into this city. >> that strong language. al sharpton planned to join them but it is unclear if he canceled his trip. they have an internal affairs investigation into the video was closed. it is too soon to say if he will face any criminal charges. casebolt's resignation was two words, i resign. did he not give an apology. anna kooiman joining us live this morning. thank you anna. >> a fox news alert. video shows the aftermath of deadly bombings across baghdad. the blast killing 20 people including iraqi soldiers. now the pentagon is answering the call for a strategy to fight isis by sending hundreds of more troops to iraq. kristin fisher is following new developments from washington.
2:35 am
kristin? >> after months of behind the scenes debate the white house is poised to make a major shift in strategy in iraq. the pentagon is recommending establishing a new military base in anbar providence and sending in about 400 military advisors to train iraqi forces in the fight against isis. this comes two-days after president obama admitted he did not have a strategy in iraq. the pentagon says it is still waiting for a final decision from the white house on this plan. and the center piece of it is to train iraqi troops to fight isis and ultimately retake ramadi. >> we are focused on getting iraqi forces ready and trained and equipped. our efforts to train and advise. iraqi forces are ongoing in multiple sites in iraq. we have greater capacity to train troops than there are currently in the pipeline.
2:36 am
>> recruitment has been a huge battle. right now there are only 2500 iraqi troops in training. they need many more to defeat isis. one thing this will not do is it will not approve the use of americans on the ground to call in air strikes. they are sending american forces back into ground combat. >> defense secretary ash carter says the collapse of ramadi was because iraqis la can a will to fight. why does this administration think training additional troops is going to be any different? >> the goal of the new plan is to get more sunnis involved in the fight against isis. right now almost all of them are shi'ite. the obama administration is hoping this time it will be different by focusing and training the sun nays. >> kristin. appreciate it. >> hundreds of cuban criminals now walk free in america. it is all because their country refuses to let them come home. according to the washington times the u.s. attempted to send
2:37 am
900 illegal immigrants with grill histories back to cuba last year but they were denied re-entry. they let 2500 criminals from around the world free last year under a legal loophole that says they cannot detain them if their native country won't take them back. >> the rain has moved out of the east. the wet weather is now heading west. >> as thunderstorms move to the midwest and the central plains dush dush maria molina -- easy for you to say. is tracking it all for us. >> good morning heather and ainsley. we are tracking some showers and storms across the country today. some of them could bring severe weather across parts of the plains and also into the great lakes area and the northeast. tornadoes large hail and also damaging winds will be possible. that risk really continues as we head into tomorrow as well across the areas into the plains and into the northeast.
2:38 am
across parts of the west and the rockies we have potential for flash flooding. we had trop tal mace-- tropical moisture that brought tropical conditions in baha. a number of watches are in effect as far west as california and nevada and widespread across the rockies there. showers and storms are in the forecast. temperature wise you are on the warm side already across the center of the nation. temperatures there this morning already in the 70's. they should climb to the middle to upper 90's for tomorrowsome of you. 89 in raleigh 82 in new york city. expect the temperatures to climb into the 90's as we head into tomorrow and for many across the the east coast. >> 90's. all right. thank you maria. going to be warm. >> the design of two world trade center in new york city unveiled. the unique building is meant to look like smaller buildings stacked one on top of the other.
2:39 am
look at that. there's a picture. it will feature large garden areas up the sides of the skyscraper. it will be just shy of one world trade center 13,68 feet minus the sire. >> looks like building blocks. >> out of this world video. look at this. skydiving from space. a team of red bull daredevils taking a leap of faith from the edge of the earth's atmosphere. they performed incredible synchronized stunts. this is from 33,000 feet in the air. they pull their parachutes after a 40 second free fall passing by mount blanc the highest peak in the world. >> 39 minutes after the top of the hour. second scares the agents charged with bro texting the president are not cleared for security. the same day the bomb threats evacuate the senate and the
2:40 am
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>> officers without proper clearance major security gaps. we have a look at the dysfunction that is gripping dc. >> there are a lot of questions that cleared out the room on the hill and the briefing room at the white house. he was removed at the oval office. >> this is a decision based on information the state has received. i don't know how long it took for the decision made to evacuate the room. the evacuation was conducted to protect the safety of all of us. they are looking at whether it was related to a threat at the hill. they are ensuring future
2:45 am
mistakes too turn tragic since hiring a lot of new agents and officers. as it turns out they might have been hiring in a little bit of a hurry. the "washington post" is romping there are still at least 10 employees working in positions that require security clearances even though they don't have the right security clearance. the secret service says they are working quickly to take that clearance down. the tsa under pressure to fix the clearance problems they have been having. >> they are giving away prechecked status like candy. >> it is the whole thing of time verses safety. how quickly can we move people through, right? >> yes, that's the success he knows of the -- essence of the problem. >> 73 people considered possibly linked to terrorism were given links at airports. they are working on it. >> peter doocy, live in dc.
2:46 am
a private jet service hitting the east coast. cheryl casone got the chance to try it out. >> tough job, ainsley. they are calling it the uber of flying. much like hailing a private car service. you can book a last minute seat on a private jet 2,000 month unlimited pass by the way. fox business sent me into the skies to check it out. >> let's talk about this. you have been doing this on the west coast. what can people expect if they get the app, let's talk about it. 2,000 a month. >> what does that get me? >> it gets you four flight passes. the best way to explain it. similar to netflix. it let's you book one flight. as soon as you booked that flight you can book another one with that flight. >> who are your customers. who do you think will be flying ohhen a plane besides me? >> it's an expansive range anybody traveling back and forth for business they have a second home they are traveling to on a
2:47 am
regular basis. we have seen people that run the gamut. students are coming home on the weekend to visit parents. >> those are rich parents. i think i am ready to go. you are going to take me on a little flight. >> you have seat belts, right? >> we have seat belts. >> let's do it. >> talk to me about the flight itself. seems like we are flying a little low. will it always be like that? >> right now we are pretty low. we just took off. we fly at 20,000 feet similar to a commercial flight. >> how long are the flights on average. >> new york to boston is 45 minutes. you save a lot of time on either end where you show up 10-15 minutes before the flight and we get you on your way as soon as you land. it is a simple experience. that's what we focus on is working through the process of travel and stripping out all of the paperwork. you can book in 20- -- 10-20
2:48 am
seconds as quickly as you say you want to enjoy. >> i can fly every day a month if i want. >> as long as there's a seat on the plane you can take it it is yours at no additional cost. >> they are flying to new york boston, nantucket and east hampton. they will switch over in the winter they plan to launch later this summer. >> that's amazing. great concept. thank you so much. to find the fox business network go to >> 10 minutes to the top of the hour. clues in the i nk. how they are using technology to catch criminals and crime victims. >> a lose moose on a collision course. wait until you see how this one end. >> let's check in with brian kill need to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good we have moose video. let me tell you what we have coming up.
2:49 am
first the latest on the murder escape pees from the prison. the plan is not as good as getting them out of jail. the people that have seen them in the area they might still be in up state new york. that would be good news. on the political front democratic candidate clinton chaffey how he will take out hillary clinton. yogi berra's granddaughter wants to get attention about her famous grand dad and congressional medal of freedom. the janitor who turned the most popular guy in the school. kids lined up to get their yearbook signed him. those stories coming up soon. inting. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's
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a fox news alert.
2:53 am
eight cases of e. coli now raced to a south carolina day-care center. the learning vine is in greenwood, south carolina. a two-year-old little boy who goes to that daycare died after contracting that deadly bacteria. investigators still are not sure how the disease got into the center. hundreds of law enforcement officers still searching for these two murderers who pulled off an elaborate escape from their prison cell. police now releasing images from their tattoos, hoping you will recognize some of this irng ink. the technology will recognize the patterns of the ink to help identify criminal and crime victims. it won't be as precise as fingerprinting but can be very helpful in helping narrow down suspects. >> country superstar tim mcgraw giving away more mortgage-free homes to veterans. ♪ i went rocky mountain climbing
2:54 am
♪ >> i love that song. the singer plans to give away a new house at every single stop at his shotgun tour. that's 36 stops. meaning 36 veterans will get newly renovated mortgage-free homes. over the past three years, he's given 108 homes as part of the chase operation home front program. good for him. superstar taylor swift. ♪ haters going to hate hate hate. i'm just going to shake, shake, shake, ♪ shake it off. ♪ >> students from a high school doing a lift up of this song of "shake it off" she shot it all in one day. ms. swift tweeted out to her
2:55 am
followers. >> i love the high school's name. cinnamonson high school. clues about the conductor, details today. road rage playing out on the streets of hollywood. the dramatic confrontation caught on camera. ♪ ♪ en you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. the manhunt for two convicted killers now zeroing in on the small town of wills boro in new
2:59 am
york. the pentagon wants to send 400 u.s. military advisers to help train iraqi soldiers and open a new base in the anbar province. no final decision yet from the white house. let's talk about this. is this the best solution in the fight against isis? weigh in on facebook #keep talking. new informing today in the amtrak derailment. the respect expected to reveal whether the engineer was on his phone at the time of the crash. time now for the good bad, and the ugly. first the good. say good-bye to those phone chargers. researchers have outfitted lock -- electronics. next the bad, a dangerous fistfight, from california's 101 freeway. all because of a traffic snarl. these two guys were yelling at
3:00 am
each other. one guy gets knocked into on coming traffic. and ugly holy cow, that's a moose leaping over that white car. he gets up and runs away. >> he's okay. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ good morning. to you. it is wednesday, june 10th 2015. i'm elisabeth hassle beck. overnight, the cops surrounding two killers. here from the man who came face to face to them. forget isis. the real enemy, our police. >> the group is not going to be isis. it's going to be us. us against these injustice and law officers and people allow racism to grow into this city. >> more from that reverend down in texas and his warning for america. >> hmm.


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