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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 10, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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under the bus? we hope you'll set your dvr so you nef miss an issue because we'll miss you. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. me what you think about it also tweet me using @greta. >> the o'reilly factor is on tonight: >> were there plans for how to react to the fall of mosul to isis? >> well, no, they are not. >> after being embarrassed in the media the obama administration now sending 450 troops to iraq trying to blunt isis. more fog. colonel peters will analyze. >> to come and try to redefine what god has ordained would be a great mistake. >> a group of powerful clerics telling the supreme court if it legalizes gay marriage it will violate freedom of religion. we will take a hard look at that assertion. >> what doom gay?
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what are you talking about gay? are you kidding me in there is a creepy p.c. thing out there that really bothers me. >> also ahead comedian jerry seinfeld spreading the word about p.c. madness. >> i think you may have something here. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. back to iraq. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. after being embarrassed over the isis debacle in syria and iraq. president obama is now sending 450 additional u.s. troops to iraq. as you know, the problem is america failing to diminish the isis terror group which is growing in power. earlier this week the president told the world he still, still doesn't have a plan to defeat the jihadists.
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>> when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon, then i will share it with the american people. it's not. we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the iraqis as well. the details of that are not yet worked out. after that statement factor and other media outlets roundly criticized the president and also members of congress extremely troubled including dianne feinstein a democrat from california in the senate. to restate, there is no excuse in the world none, why the u.s.a. does not have a plan to defeat these savages. but the hard truth is, despite isis expanding into at least five countries president obama has dithered and failed to lead the world against these mass murderers. it's estimated that isis and other jihadist groups have executed more than 10,000 human beings. many of them beheaded or burned alive.
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as talking points has stated before, this is nats city stuff. there is no difference in mentality between the isis group and the third reich. they believe they are entitled to slaughter human beings at world. the world did not stop hitler and mad regime. the result more than 50 million dead in europe, including innocent men women, and children slaughtered in concentration camps. the holocaust as it's known, was perhaps the worst atrocity in mankind's history. so i have a question for you. do you think isis would perpetuate another holocaust if it could? of course they would. these savages don't have any remorse and would kill anybody that doesn't believe the way they do. president obama right now is practicing cya. and that's not a song by the village people. he is sending a few hundred more military personnel to iraq bringing the total to just under 4,000. but, iraq's the wrong place to confront isis.
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the real campaign should take place in syria where isis has command and control in the city of raqqa. president obama and whatever country he is he seeking to congeal to help us should go into syria take the city, destroy the infrastructure. at the same time the kurds who are fighting against isis should be directly armed with american weapons. they shouldn't have to go through baghdad or any place else. just give them to the kurds. and the bombing campaign should continue inside iraq and syria. that's a plan. sending a few hundred more folks into iraq because you are embarrassed mr. president, not a plan. and that's the memo. now for of the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington fox news strategic analyst ralph peters. let's advance the story. you heard him say once the pentagon gives me something. the pentagon is the key. aren't the generals and the defense people there embarrassed about what is happening here? >> well, the pentagon is not the key. the key is the white house.
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the president decides and the president has decided to take advice from civilian advisors that have no military experience rather than from serious military planners. bill, the problem with the pentagon is at the very top you have weak military leadership. >> are you talking dempsey? >> yeah general dempsey is a decent guy. to lead this git a difficult. >> do you think he knows he looked weak, dempsey in that interview that we used in the cold open of this program where he said hey you know. defeat isil? u.s. intel cia and other entities supposed to provide information to the military and the president because he is the commander and chief
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to the military. every morning he gets a briefing, president obama gets a briefing every morning. here is what isis is doing. got to be the central part of all of the intelligence efforts right now. and are you telling me that the pentagon and the president just go okay, let's go out to lunch and they don't do anything for two years? it just seems like we are in the twilight zone it seems impossible to believe that. >> well, i will tell you that the planners -- from the planners to the pilots, the real soldiers, airmen, marines, they know this is an absolutely screwed up situation. you can't possibly. you cannot possibly defeat islamic state with these air strikes lawyers fundamental problems with this. obama doesn't want to hurt anybody, he wants zero civilian quawrnlts and you just can't get there because is he unwilling to accept a limited number of civilian casualties as we go after islamic state with air strikes, he cop items
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millions of people, millions to living under the tyranny and bloody mindedness. that's false humanitarianism. i will tell you. this you are absolutely right that the 400 to 450 new trainers is pure cya. bill, as we both know, we have all heard the cliche that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. we have been trying to train the iraqis over and over and over again. and it doesn't work. now, obama wants to accelerate and give you the cliff notes version of the training? the fundamental issue is. this islamic state fighters now veteran militants and very capable. it's a real military now even though it doesn't look like ours, they are motivated. they will fight to the death for a cause they believe in. >> krauthammer thinks they are going to it do a at the time offensive in baghdad just to embarrass the united states and the iran as well.
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that's what krauthammer. >> they are only a few miles away. look the bottom line is we have. >> they are also very good. bill, they are very, very good. we refuse to recognize. >> there is only 30,000 of them colonel. >> there is far more. that's b.s. there are far more. >> in the field? intel estimates 30,000. >> that's just knot so, bill. >> how many think are fighting right now? >> nobody knows for certain we try to spin it down. there are probably a good 60 to 70,000 or more between syria and iraq. >> you think that many? >> they come in different flavors. >> i do. look it even if it was 30,000. look at the ramadi operation which he we are unwilling to do honestly. that was a brilliant operation superbably planned. >> they are fighting a war and we are sitting it out o. >> and we are not. it's as simple as that. >> bill, okay. >> got to go.
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sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) association he overreacted to the situation. today a lawyer working working with officers eric casebolt said this. >> he was not targeting minorities.
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in fact, he also detained a white female who you do not see on the video. his efforts to gather information was hampered by some teenagers who were instructing others to defy police instructions. with all that had happened that day he allowed his emotions to get the better of him. >> but that's not the only police controversy in play. last month 43 people were killed in baltimore. the most in more than 40 years. why? listen to this. >> officer is worried. he is right down the street. even though you have reasonable e. suspicion and you see a guy walking down the street and there is a -- budge coming out from the waistband nine out of 10 times keep on driving. >> some say it's because the
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police despise the uber left wing mayor bill de blasio and may be hesitant to be aggressive in gun cases. with us is co-host of outnumbered. eric casebolt the officer in texas getting death threats and all of that i don't think he is going to be charged with anything, he does get his pension and resigned from the force. 10 year record, pretty good record, we understand former navy seal. but if you are a cop in this country you cannot make a mistake anymore. can you? >> no question, bill. what did they think would happen? what did they think cops were going to do? if you have not just your reputation on the line but your job and you're life, what are you going to do? are you really going to go in and risk it if you ever risking being humiliated, put on trial and a court of public opinion? most of these cops are guilty before they even get a trial if you look at all the cases. you are saying the withdrawal is predictable. >> you know who that disproportionately hurts not
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you and me. >> minority communities. >> and you say? >> believe it or not crime is actually down nationwide. >> but it's going up. >> it's going up in communities with economic inequality there is a stark contrast right now. communities that are thriving that haven't been broken apart. >> that's always the way it's been. >> actually. >> come on. >> interesting point. every 200 years you see upticks among certain age demographics where there are more arrests in certain communities. >> you don't think it has anything to do with the police. >> i think the police are sending signals to for more funding. there is a lot of politics. >> in six months the quality of life in this city has deteriorated more under de blasio than it had for the previous 12 years. >> that's because minorities were driven out of new york. >> whatever label you want to put on it. >> that's not it at all. >> whatever excuse you want to make, in the last six months, the quality of life for everyone in this city has almost collapsed. you can't even get across town anymore because the police are looking the other way on blocking the box which means big trucks block
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the intersections double park. people everywhere, bicycle guys riding their bicycles on top of your head. nothing is enforced because the cops saying blank you. we're not going to get supported for any of this stuff. the city council wants to wipe out all of the low level offenses. we're not going to do anything. and, as a result, in the largest city in the country you are having a collapse of a quality of life. in baltimore, you are having people getting gunned down in the streets. it's like wichita kansas 150 years ago. go. >> let's not forget how they cleaned up new york, bill. rudy giuliani brought in a number of cops to do proactive policing. >> actually economic reform that caused that. >> no, it wasn't. >> no, it wasn't. and now you have mayor de blasio on war of cigarettes and man spreading. the priorities are insane in this town. >> let me just explain man spreading. when you are on the subway and you take two or three seats with your legs instead of one. >> that's a priority.
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>> nomiki everyone who knows the police culture it and i don't know whether that includes you or not knows that this mayor here, that the prosecutor in baltimore. >> um-huh. >> are loathed. loathed. by the police. >> but why is that? >> because. >> they negotiate. the unions have to negotiate with the city to get funding. >> they disparage the police. i think the mckinney department is handling it okay. >> they are. but you brought up new york, bill and the way that de blasio treated the police force wagging his finger. >> never going to get over them. >> lecturing them on turning their back on him. >> telling his kid better watch outer for these people. >> so anti-cop in new york right now. >> i have to say the commissioner himself commissioner bratton one of the finest commissioners in history even said there is a cull temperature in the police force that needs to be addressed. that's what they are doing. >> not true. new york city police department is the best at blending in with the citizenry.
8:18 pm
>> nobody is saying they are not. >> best example. >> policing. >> that's not true. >> they are fabulously successful until de blasio took office. that's cause and effect. >> liberal cities ruin cop forces. >> always a pleasure. directly ahead powerful american clerics telling the supreme court that legal riding gay marriage is an anti-freedom of religion play. jerry seinfeld seems to be launching a jihad against political correctness. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new, or worsening depression or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters,
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personal story segment tonight. full page ad today in the "new york post" asking the supreme court not to legalize gay marriage. don't ask us to choose between state and laws of god. we are christians who respect america and legitimate rules of law.
8:22 pm
however, we will not honor any decision by the supreme court which will force us to violate a clear biblical understanding of marriage solely the union of one man and one woman. with us now pastor robert jeffress the first baptist church in texas who paid half the cost of that ad. what does it mean you are not going to honor that decision. >> we catholic, protestant and jewish leaders. a wide cross section what we are saying, bill, we are willing to endear government sanctions or fines or loss of tax exempt status we are willing to endure that than not violate our beliefs in marriage one man and one woman. >> come back and says everybody has to have full marital access. that doesn't immediately impact on you are not going to have omarry anybody. >> nobody is saying that we are not arguing that. >> where is the crossover? >> sam alito justice alito pointed this out in the oral argument in april.
8:23 pm
he asked don have a really, the solicitor general for obama if we expand the. does that mean a religious college would have to provide gay housing for a gay couple. he said not once but three times i do not deny this is going to be an issue religious organizations. >> most catholic colleges are secular now. have you been to georgetown lately? oh my god pardon the pun. so the government could order not only a college a high school a boarding school that you have to hire a certain amount of gay teachers and that would be a violation if they were married in your opinion? >> that's right. it would be a violation and it's not going to stop with religious colleges. anybody who believes that well don't take away the tax exempt status of religious colleges or schools but they will leave churches alone that is extremely naive. >> i don't see them forcing churches to marry anybody. >> they are not going to force it but they could revoke the tax exempt status. >> i don't think that will happen. >> i think we need a
8:24 pm
protection in their ruling, bill. >> carveout. >> if the court rules this way they need to articulate the very real first amendment right those of us traditional marriage. >> we will see what they do. a bunch of republicans running for president right now. evangelicals, will they vote for -- say it was the greatest republican president of all time, but the person was pro-choice. evangelicals vote for him? >> not going to happen. not going to happen. >> that's eliminator. >> that's going to eliminate. i was in a closed door session with six of these candidates in d.c. a couple of weeks ago. we asked questions and answers. the number one question people like myself is what are you going to do to protect the religious liberties of americans that are under assault from isis that you talk about all of the time. >> right. >> but also from the secular left and i'm not going to vote for anybody who doesn't have a clear plan to deal with both isis and the secular left. >> they can b.s. you on that. but they can't b.s. you on pro-choice or pro-life. so you are telling me
8:25 pm
tonight, pastor, that if a republican is pro-choice, evangelical is not going to vote for that person. >> if it was a choice between a pro-choice republican and pro-life democrat, i would vote for the democrat. >> so huckabee and guys like that, they are okay but i think -- i don't know about bush. i think -- i'm not sure have to find out. what about the gay marriage thing. the polls say most americans support it now and a lot of republicans waffle ling on it. is that an elim nature? >> look, i think by the time this question of the gay marriage issue will have been settled by the supreme court. what we are looking for is somebody who will at least try to carve out as we just said religious liberties for those of house believe in traditional marriage. look, bill, i know the factor viewers have a variety of opinions on gay marriage. but i believe that the belief in traditional marriage is not rooted rooted in homophobia or bigotry or hatred. it's rooted in the religious beliefs of jews and
8:26 pm
catholics through thousands of years who believe marriage is between an amman and woman. we shouldn't be penalized for that. >> i agree i don't think people of faith should be penalized if they make it a civil rights issue then you will get into civil rights things. look we want this. we want that and you guys are going to be up against it. >> those are unintended consequences from the court but intended consequences from the left. >> all day long. all right, pastor. thanks very much. we appreciate it. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. should americans receiving welfare be able to spend money on things like tattoos and movies? the state of kansas saying no. miller on pastor raising 65 million bucks to fly around on a golf stream jet. i hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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truth serum segment tonight, two hot topics beginning with how radical college professors actually get hired. recently the factor reported on sada grundy who is openly antiwhite. ms. grundy has put together a number of tweets saying things like, quote: dear white people, you are all ben affleck. i'm not. those euphemisms for ancestors farmers and pioneers means owned humans and killed natives. then there is rashid lump i can't university quoted in the new york sun as saying
8:31 pm
the palestinians have a right, a legal right to murder civilians. killing civilians is a war crime whoever does it but resistance to occupation is legitimate in international law. so if civilians die in resistance like lobbing rockets into israel it's fine with the doctor. with us now fox news correspondent shannon bream and -- >> how do these really radical people get hired. this woman at boston university we're all ben affleck now. >> dr. grundy. >> does this mean i can say hello to jennifer gardner? not only is she antiwhite but she is -- i'm sorry i'm uncharitable. she is dumb. all right? how did she get hired? >> they don't have the h.r. department to go to. if you are a professor your piers. >> say i want to teach communications at boston u. where i have a degree in broadcast journalism so i want to retire from here, don't tempt me, and go up
8:32 pm
there to teach. guy in and who -- >> -- the faculty members of the communications department. what they do is. >> vote on you? >> vote on. >> you it's not like h.r. with the boss. the faculty members have -- they put out the job opportunity. they have a search five or six professors. they call 20 people in, talk to them and then they decide who they want and the whole department votes on you. >> okay. >> so that means i have no -- hide anywhere. not only b.u., nobody takes me. so what about tenure? then you get hired and then you get tenure which means you can never get fired no matter how loopy you are. >> not really. 40 or 50 professors are a year are fired. tenure means only fired for cause. >> that means if you throw a hand grenade into the classroom. >> yeah, something bad. financial issues. tenure starts when you are a professor for about five or six years publish tenure for life. all the books you write i have one book, i'm out of
8:33 pm
here. >> so after five or six years of being on the faculty, then do you have to apply for tenure or automatically get it? >> automatically get it. >> you have to publish stuff which is not as hard now i mean, you know. so, bottom line is that the liberal colleges hire other liberal people in their own image, right? >> yeah, basically. >> there are like six conservative colleges. all right. let's go to kansas. they passed a law telling welfare recipients, people getting money from the state of kansas, what they can do with the money. tell me about that. >> there are limits. you can't use it at dog tracks, at strip clubs. you can't go on a cruise with the money. >> this is a card you get. >> they have limited how much you can take out $25 cash at a time and that's gotten people fired up. there may be changes to that law because people say it's not fair. >> i'm still foggy on it you get a card from the state of
8:34 pm
kansas. welfare card. access to cash at machines. >> right. >> certain limit. you can't go over your limit. >> right. >> say you can only get 25. go to six different places and get 25, 25, 25. can't do you that. >> i don't know if it's a time limit. goes in effect in july unless they change it senate there in kansas has gotten so much heat that they are willing to change and say maybe there will be flexibility in that. if people have to pay a charge fee dollar fee every time they take out money it could be a chunk. >> main thing people getting the assistance from the state of kansas they want to take out more than 25 bucks. that makes sense but they can buy food with this ebt card right? >> right. it works as a debit card for groceries. >> what is the state saying you can't do you can't get a tattoo with it? >> can't get tattoo. can't get a massage or go on a crews. >> you can't go on a crews in kansas because there is no water. >> no lake cruising. >> so you can't use it for any recreation. >> well not any recreation, they do things like college
8:35 pm
football games can't use it for things like that. caveats how you cannot use this money that is taxpayer money that is supposed to be helping you get back on your feet. >> change how much. >> $25 limit. >> there ought to be a crackdown on this stuff i really do. all right. thank you very much, guys. we appreciate it when we come right back, it will be miller time. amazing story, a preacher raising $65 million so he can buy himself a gold stream jet. wow. miller is next.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. this man crevice low dollar appropriately named raising $65 million through his televangelist operation to buy gulf stream 62250. >> i believed it was time to believe in god. >> our current ministry plane is unusable. i ask for your help. i ask all partners to get on board. >> miller, why didn't you think of that? >> >> you know what the coib dense bill is my thunder
8:40 pm
from down under stripper name is creflow dollar. what are the odds on that? >> this guy either has the money or is just about has it and he is going to be flying around in a gulf stream. >> listen, the cat makes al sharpton look like thomas equine nasa. the simple fact is there is some of these preachers that are drifters. he would get on a private jet if you told him it was going to crash into a mountain. some guys like private jets. he somehow has convinced or hypnotized to it audience to do reverse tithe thing where they give him all the money and he gives him 10% back on the money that's pretty clever. i look at it this way. people get what they want. if that's what his flock wants for him to be flying in a 65-million-dollar jet while they are scraping by, that's their business, man. i'm happy for anybody that is happy and that seems to make his congregation happy. >> i don't do many of these
8:41 pm
stories since the jim jones guyana where the guy went down to follow this nut out of san francisco and they all poisoned themselves because he said so. and there is a certain mentality that goes to the munis and goes to the krishnas and do anything that other people tell them to do it's a mental illness. but to give a god money which there is so much poor poverty. >> krishnas are running around in moo moos, shower curtains, at least they have a bit of a vial of being broke. if jim jones had told those people he wanted to fly out of guyana on a 6 auto, they would have made him drink the kool-aid alone. it's just that simple. this guy is a smooth operator man. >> now as everybody knows that's enough of him. as everybody knows in california there is a drought. and because the more people now are leaving the state of california than going in, some are advancing the theory miller, that illegal aliens are the cause of the
8:42 pm
drought because of more water use. i'm not buying it what do you say? >> well, listen, it's possible -- it is possible to simultaneously keep the two balls in the air that you wish people came here legally and that that's a creepy ad. do you know what i mean? if you say i would like an order let's face fact. governor he had to sign in when he came here illegally from the planet. there is idiots coming in from mexico. there is some good people coming. in though act like serve pipp from great expectations or something. just sign the guest book. if you are going to sleep in a bad motel at noon with a bad coworker and you have to scribble something on the desk blogger. it's america sign in.
8:43 pm
>> all right. finally in japan and we love japan. they are trying to teach. >> they are the greatest. we are all bad and the japanese are the greatest. >> we like the country. i like the japanese people. >> i do too. love them better than everybody. >> want to teach chimps to cook miller. they say it's possible. >> well, listen, billy a lot of your high end simeon super chefs the one that come out of the core dan blue institute they will only fling their scat at you in white gloves. these are the top chefs, the best of the chefs. i think that any time we can start giving monkeys a bic lighter and gas stove it can only auger well for the world. can i tell you something? if your goal in life is to study whether or not chimps are a good cook, well, maybe they are not the interior
8:44 pm
incident -- intellect in that test kitchen. get it together. what are you doing today? i'm going to go into a test kitchen and see if a chimp can make -- you know, a frap. come on, what are we doing. >> i heard they are good at sushi though. they can cut it down. >> listen, shrimp, you know, can i tell you something? >> sure. >> the best sushi in the world is in the best country in the world japan. [ laughter ] >> dennis miller, everybody father's day alert. tickets for a don't be a pinhead tour will make everybody happy. dennis andly see everybody opera house. next night chicago rosemont. november 6th charlotte north carolina. just about sold out there. saturday november 7th hard rock hotel south florida. phoenix at the comerica. friday december 4th, caesar's palace, vegas saturday night december 5th. bill o' link over to the box office make dad
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? last night, on the seth meyers program comedian jerry seinfeld declared war on political correctness. >> i do this joke about the way people need to justify their cell phone. i need to have it with me because people are so important. well they don't seem very important the way you scroll through them like a gay french king. i can imagine a time this is -- i can imagine a time where people would say it's offensive to suggest that a gay person moves their hands
8:49 pm
in a flourishing motion and you now need to apologize. i mean, there is a creepy, p.c. thing out there that really bothers me. >> here now to explain further martha maccallum you see her at 99:00 in the morning here on fnc. he is absolutely right. >> there is a creeping pc thing. >> creepy, not creeping. >> he said creeping pc thing that's working its way through society. >> he is not alone in talking about this. he talked about this twice in the last couple of days on espn as well. he says he doesn't have any desire to play at colleges. chris rock also says he doesn't want to play at colleges. chris rock says they are too conservative. meaning that they have no -- lost their ability to be offended in a humorous way. and, you know, jay leno has also spoken out about this. i think it is significant that people of this quality and caliber in comedy are starting to push back on this. >> it's even in high schools now. >> absolutely. >> if you make a joke or is something like that, then you are accused of being so
8:50 pm
ist thing. but in the world of comedy, now, remember, did you see the movie the producers with mel brooks? not the remake which wasn't nearly as good. >> yes. >> all right. imelbrooks? >> yeah. >> it was a hysterical movie but had gay stereotypes all over the place. >> we lost our ability to laugh at ourselves. i think any ethnic group or sex has to be able to laugh at certain stereotypical stereotypes associated with them. >> the nuts and bolts of it is remember "the bird cage" hysterical movie. built around what? what was it built around? a gay guy trying to pretend he was straight. >> this college student wrote a letter on a blog out there and
8:51 pm
said if you are willing to perform in front of me be prepared. >> he says he has no interest in going to college campus. how sad is that? >> i want to bring the tour to columbia. you can have a lot of good places. >> in l.a. in town there was road rage incident declining civility in america. >> road rage. a man leans and punches the car next to him. the other driver reacts by cutting him off. the man who shoots this video does not want to be identified says the two motorists were jocking for position coming down a crowded avenue. now the anger peaks with three roundhouse punches that takes
8:52 pm
one guy to the pavement. a passing fan nearly takes his head off as the man in the blue dress shirt in tie delivers another 20 blows to the guy on the ground. he walks back to his car and despite a third man coming at him drives off and disappears. >> any arrests? >> no. they don't know who these guys are. neither one of them has registered any legislation and charges against anybody. >> we had to blur out the license plate. you can telling me cops don't know -- >> neither of the people have pressed charges against each other. >> the cops saw the assault. >> there has been nothing filed with the cops as far as we know. there was an observer who witnessed it and shot this video. >> has to file charges guest this guy. >> you see the whole thing. he punches him. this kind of stuff happens.
8:53 pm
>> do you have enough time? i know you have to talk -- do you have time to call him? are you going to charge this guy? you have the license plate number. >> no charges yet. this probably happens every day. >> we will have justice. >> back to tip of the day internet sites trying to con you. the tip moments away. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants.
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internet sites trying to pull you in using dishonest tactics. bill you want the man who cut his daughter's hair to be branded a child abuser? it isn't his fault she committed suicide. judging him is reprehensible. here is what is reprehensible,
8:56 pm
you failing to understand cause and effect. girl is 13 years old. parents' primary duty is to protect the child. if discipline harms the child then that is abuse, period. matthew in pennsylvania it is clear you are giving far too much leeway to the police. respect for police is dropping because too many things are going wrong and nothing happens when they do. stats prove you wrong. far less than 1% of all american police interactions with citizens result in violent confrontation. they are rare events but with media they have exposure. how irresponsible for you to say the texas police officer should not have drawn his gun. were you there? the video tape shows the officer drew his weapon. his department clearly says he overreacted. my opinion is on solid ground.
8:57 pm
houston texas we have a problem with law enforcement in this country and you are not helping it by defending the current vindictive reactions. a cop does something wrong i say it. the overwhelming number of police in this country are looking out for you and you should understand that. kyle cook jefferson, georgia. o'reilly you said you would not try to pool party case on tv and 30 seconds later said the cop should not have offered gun. i offered an educated opinion, not a verdict. roger and joan we were surprised when colin quin said he has never seen a black stock broker. right after the interview i
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm
no crassitude. thanks for watching us tonight. breaking tonight almost a full year after america is dragged into a national debate over race and policing and the white house says the president will now make this a priority for his final months in office. good evening, welcome to "the kelly file" i'm megyn kelly. over the last ten months a handful of controversial and contested cases fuelled an argument that there is no justice in many of america's minority communities and now the president is talking about taking new action. the argument started with events in ferguson missouri where a white officer shot and killed a black teenager. that cop was cleared by the department of justice after a grand jury determined much of what the country held as