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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 12, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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ou guys watch "fox and friends" on the weekend? you better. we've got lieutenant colonel allen west. grilling dos and don't and last minute father's day gifts. did you shop yet? >> have a great weekend. martha: new developments in the massive manhunt for two killers. we learn that a prison worker has reportedly confessed to helping them escape. >> day 7 of the manhunt in upstate new york. the police team stepping up their search for david sweat and matt. martha: joyce mitchell who
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worked with them in the prison tailor shop did not provide them with the tools they needed to escape. >> it's scary to think these people are out there. >> they sleep with us in our room so we can keep an eye on them. martha: what have we learned about joyce mitchell? >> reporter: a source close to the investigation is now confirming that joyce mitchell had plans to provide transportation to the two inmates. the source says at the last minute she had a change of heart. we confirmed she checked herself
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into the hospital. she was released. she said she had a case of nerves. this law enforcement source went on record saying she was going to provide them with a car after their escape. the inmates are believed to be on foot and that's one reason at this hour there is such an intense search a few miles from the prison itself. it's possible the inmates are not far from where i am now standing. martha: that's a huge development. there has been some discussion that she knew about the getaway vehicle where they were planning to meet at that manhole cover when they popped out from under the road. but since that was the plan it does lead one to believe they are on foot and they couldn't have gotten that far. if she didn't provide the power
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tools, who do they think did? >> reporter: authorities are not saying how they believe the inmate got their hands on power tools. moment ago we heard from the clinton county district attorney and he said joyce mitchell did not provide power tools to the inmates. hear what he said moments ago. >> based on our investigation joyce mitchell has not provided power tools to sweat or matt. she brought contraband into the facility but i'm not going to get into what it was. >> reporter: we pressed the district southern on what type of contraband she may have provided the inmates. he would not say what it was. he did say when you talk about
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contraband that includes a wide variety of things ranging from cocaine to toothpaste and he wasn't going to elaborate any further. we can say joyce mitchell could face serious criminal charges. it's a felony in new york state to provide con a -- provide contraband to inmates. martha: cocaine to tooth paste is a wide range of contraband she may have been involved in. thank you very much. >> reporter: there has been a second arrest in the boston terror plots. a federal attorney telling the associated press the man's home was searched last week. court document allegedlyling him to these two suspects. the one on the right-hand side
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of your screen was shot and killed by members of the joint terrorism task force. what have we learned about this new third suspect? >> reporter: fox news did a review of the online accounts. usaama rahim was shot by boston police outside the cvs. the youtube page is linked to a cleric. this was a horrific attack where the young bring continue soldier was targeted outside his london barracks and hacked to death with a machete. it included a how-to guide to make a machete without power
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tools. it may well be the digitalling to isis overseas. >> reporter: are there links to any additional terror cases in addition to the one in london? >> reporter: it shows a link to the two deaths in texas. an american citizen in somalia who was fighting "al qaeda. the same american appeared to encourage and direct the attacks in texas. reporters are hoping to learn more about the broader connection at the arraignment. >> reporter: catherine herridge live in washington, thank you. martha: the white house is
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scrambling to save a trade deal the president desperately wants to put in the win column. it's not republicans holding him up it's his fellow democrats. >> the president said they should go more concerns about the jobs of americans and their own jobs. >> if we stay on the sidelines our ally will gravitate back toward china away from us and away from our workers. martha: we just learned moment ago that president obama is heading to capitol hill which demonstrates what an important issue this is for him and how significant today is in this fight for president obama. he's going to head to the hill to rally those last few votes. byron hill joins me now. good morning to you.
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explain to everybody at home why today is so significant and why the president is hot footing it over to the capital right now. >> he's not known for doing a lot of one to one contact with members of congress. by the end of the day a major obama agenda item trade will be a reality or it will go down in flames. the president wants to sign a giant pacific trade deal. a lot of democrats oppose it and a lot of republicans support it. but to get it he has to pass trade authority. he has to give it to congress for an up or down vote without all the amendments and nitpicking that can go on when he goes to congress. most democrats oppose it. there are reports as few as 18 or 20 of his own party will support that. so they would have to rely on a lot of republican support.
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there are some republicans who don't want to give president obama additional authority to do anything. they are the ones calling this bill obama trade. martha: you have got a subseth of republicans and democrats that back the president on this who want this have much. prior republican presidents have also wanted fast track trade authority. >> they have and they have gotten it. before they get to this vote there is another bill called trade adjustment assistance. it's a federal program who gives aid to workers who are displaced by the big trade deals. most democrats support this and most republicans oppose it. but what we heard is if this trade adjustment assistance bill dieses if it doesn't pass, then they are not going to go on to the trade promotion authority. so everything stops dead there.
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and you have got a lot of democrats who would normally support trade adjustment assistance saying they might vote against it in an evident to kill the bigger bill. martha: basically it palm ryan spoke to us. he's very much in favor of passing it to get this trade deal. thank you very much, byron we'll see what happens. >> a senior defense official is confirming a close call between a russian fighter jet and u.s. spy plane over the baltic sea may 30. this is the third incident like this since april amid growing
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tensions between the united states and russia over the conflict with russia and the ukraine. martha: can the federal government decide who your neighbors are. the obama administration is moving forward with a plan to diversify our neighborhoods bringing affordable housing to affluent neighborhoods. >> we are getting closer to june 30. that's a final day for a nuclear deal with tehran. new reports tehran is funneling millions of dollars to the taliban. are we arming our own enemies? martha: young terrorists in training. look at this, it looks like fight night or hunger games. these are children training to be jihadists. is it isis propaganda working?
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the recent events regarding a missing malaysian airlines flight leaving passengers concerned. >> it's scary. but we all fine now. we are happy. martha: the flight landed without a problem. the preliminary inspection revealed no evidence of a fire. one disappeared and has never been found. the other was shot down. >> we have told you over the past year of isis' strong social media presence. they tried to recruit youth from around the world to their cause. new evidence showed their twisted campaign may be succeeding. new video showing child jihadists kneeling, reading the
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quran. it ends with the kids carrying out a mock roadside bombing. here in the u.s. a 17-year-old virginia boy is the youngest american ever to plead guilty to assisting isis. >>isis.. he gained over 4,000 followers on twitter and sent over 7,000 tweets as part of his campaign to support isil. >> reporter: it seems when you hear those numbers thousands of followers, thousands of tweets, this goes way beyond a lonely kid in his basement looking for an identity.
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>> one of the main magnets for syria is what after he saad has done to the syrian population. jihadists are able to recruit western youth using the videos showing babies and civilians from the bombing campaign from the assad regime. there has to be a defeat of assad's strategy to curb isis' strategy to bring in these foreign fighters. >> reporter: to get kids to do these kinds of things interesting the difference between the first amendment and what all of a sudden becomes helping isis. >> it's a powerful recruiting tool. it's easy to funnel money and get a bunch of followers on
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twitter when you are hiding behind an avatar. but it's a powerful tool for recruitment and an intelligence-gather magazine. there is so much data out there parents have to monitor what their kids are looking at. >> reporter: the assistant director of the f.b.i. on how they are trying to bam the difference two free speech and actually helping isis. >> he facilitated the travel of one of his colleagues to syria. we don't investigate people for their first amendment protected rights. it was the actions he took in getting those folks to syria. >> reporter: is this the mythical snake where you cut off the head of one snake and four or five grow? >> ramadi was a key victory for
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isis. when you have see isis using a combination of after he saad's atrocities and use victories in iraq you get more foreign fighters person. the difference between amin recruiting. he went to syria to fight against assad. he will likely be diverted to iraq. >> reporter: n poll in terms of the percentage of americans who think it was a mistake in sending in troops to iraq and afghanistan. in the past year or so the number of people who think it's a mistake has gone down significantly. do you think that's the isis next? >> the argument is shifting based on what you are seeing
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isis do in iraq and the success it's doing. now when we talk about troops withdrawing there. the americans are starting to look at the possibility that afghanistan could fall into the same crisis that iraq is in where iran is sending money to the taliban. >> that's something wheeling talk about later. as we negotiate with iran as well thanks for joining us. martha: it was the shooting of a 12-year-old boy that sparked protests across cleveland. a judge ruled whether the police involved can be charged with murder. plus there is this. >> reporter: a rough night for le bron james as the calf leers and its superstar took a hard
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martha: a judge in ohio is ruling there is enough evidence to charge two officers in the shooting death of tamir rice. the judge said they acted recklessly. this was a tragic story for this young boy and for his family. this ruling largely symbolic. the final decision still lies with the prosecutor in this case. >> we are in no different spot than we were 24 hours ago or 10 hours ago. >> a sense of relief cautious
6:26 am
optimism. it's a small step toward justice for tamir. martha: mike tobin is joining us. tell us how significant what happened here really is. >> reporter: the court is thunder struck how quickly these events turned deadly. he wrote those words in defense of saying that probable cause exists for charges ranging from dereliction of duty to murder. for the officer driving the car the judge decided there is probable cause for charges ranging from negligent homicide to dereliction of duty. the catch is this amounts to a recommendation. the prosecutor says in all cases
6:27 am
involving fatalities of this grand jurors will decide if the officers will be charged in the death of 12-year-old tamir rice. the case was brought to the judge by activists. an attorney representing the estate or family of tamir rice said this ought to serve as a blue print for the rest of the nation. martha: who is speaking for the police officers in this case? >> reporter: so far we have heard from the attorney representing officer layman. that defense will include the fact that the toy gun looked very real. >> when you are a privilege and you are called upon a scene a man pointing a gun and you walk up you ask that person, is that gun real or not real?
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>> reporter: no timeline for returns from the grand jury. >> reporter: turns out the largest known hack attack against the government may be than bigger than we were first told. we'll tell you what hackers were able to get their hand on. >> should the white house have a say in who your neighbors are? the white house planning to use government cash to force diversification in community nationwide. it's getting a lot of attention coming up. super poligrip holds your dentures
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leland: it's believed to be the largest data breach ever in the youth government. we are learning it may have been worse than originally thought.
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the president of the federal workers union says hearing out of china stole information on every single federal employee including addresses and social security numbers. when asked for comment the white house seemingly stood by its initial estimate of 4 million workers. martha: president obama has one more bold initiative to undertake before he leaves office. he wants to use federal grants to diversify neighborhood by building affordable housing. he said hud shouldn't be holding
6:33 am
hostage grant monies aimed at community improvement based on unrealistic views of what a community should look like. >> can i get a commitment from you that you are not going to do anything that preempts what the municipality are doing in their area. you are not going to go in and make zoning laws or rules that will preempt what cities are going to do? >> i have seen talk about that. this is not about changing. this is not about changing zoning laws or planning laws, anything like that. martha: richard fowler and mary katharine ham. wham your understanding of how this would actually work? >> the problem is that these kind of things don't always work. so when you are pitching
6:34 am
something like this. i do have -- i think it's inherently creepy to have the federal government saying this is how your neighborhood should arrange itself. i think neighborhoods and cities are pretty good to figuring these things out. there are up sides to doing this kind of public housing but when you try to do it in san francisco and washington, d.c. you get a lot of pushback because progressives in big cities are the most organized not in my backyarders as ever existed. a lot of these cities are going to say we are work on this on our own. it's a slow process. as soon as it comes to their neighborhood they go, i don't think so. martha: richard how is it different from section 8 housing where neighborhood and community have a requirement to provide
6:35 am
housing to lower income individual? >> here is the difference here. this is a grant program. the key to a grant promise the cities apply for this money. when you apply for the money you take on those stipulations. mew this payments have to say we don't want to do this type of city planning thus we are not going to apply for this grant. number two this grant makes sure we have affordable housing in all sectors in our community. that would make our community strong and safer and more welcoming. from what we see from studies when community are more diverse, our kid do better in school, we see better economic outputs from that particular community. these are all good things. i think if you talk to millennials we'll tell you we want to live in community where there is diversity.
6:36 am
not diversity of race but income and ideals. there are more caucasians on section 8 housing than any other racial group in the country. >> it doesn't. but it's diversity more than color or race. it's diversity in all sorts of things. martha: i think we are assuming it's economic diversity they are striving for. what does it do to inner city community where the focus should be on improving the school systems, allowing school choice and options the people have in other community and making where they are living and where many of them like living actually better places to live rather than say why don't you go over there and live in town "b." we have a condo development over there. >> i think it's tricky if you tell people this is where you shall live. they have organized in community for a reason and many of them
6:37 am
like those community. that's why this becomes tricky. i agree with richard about the schools. it gives people an opportunity to get out of there. there is always a trade-off. when you are trying to do affordable housing on expensive land. san francisco is land that's crazy scarce and expensive you get less bang for your buck. a lot of san francisco folks will go, i don't know. this organically kale patch on this piece of land is important to us. this is a tricky process. >> it depend on how the state implements this money. you don't have to get rid of a call patch. much -- of a kale patch. this is not the first time we
6:38 am
have seen this happen. we have seen this a couple times happen. in the brown versus board decision the supreme court ruled we would desegregate schools and use buses and different methods to create community where there is true diversity and a true diversity in ideals. we have seen this happen before. martha: richard is saying if these community don't want the federal government in their nose they shouldn't apply for the grant. >> that's a fair point. and it remains to be seen how this plays out. often when you have grand ideas the regulators decide the rules are different than what were pitched. you have seen this thing in the past. by that i mean large experimentations in housing. we saw the high-rises and we see how well that turned out. the federal government goes, we
6:39 am
messed that up. here is another grand experiment we would like to impose on everybody. instead of letting the cities negotiate with their community. >> this is not an experiment. it's an ideal we know works. when community are more diverse you see better outputs. you talked about washington, d.c. and san francisco. some of the newest form of entrepreneurship are happening here in san francisco. >> it's some of the biggest income inequality in the nation. >> this is happening across the country. martha: without tint force from the federal government. mary katharine and richard we'll talk to you next time. leland: game four of the nba finals not as close as the first
6:40 am
one. the cavaliers getting crushed on their home court. superstar le bron james needing stitches. he went into the crowd after taking a fall. he hit his head on a television camera. he scored 20 points but shot 7 of 22 from if the field for the cavs. it looks like he falls down. he's still going there the whole time. warriors win 85-82. martha: here is something else people are talking about. just like shifting his shorts around and it appeared to be more revealing than might have wanted. has that happened to you? it happens. more on that i guess maybe.
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in the meantime a country music singer is shot dead in his own home. killed in a wild shootout with a bounty hunter. what led to that dramatic scene. >> details behind troubling reports that iran is funneling cash and weapons to the taliban. it's coming as the united states tries to put the final touches on a deal with iran. >> iran is a clear danger. they have a strategy to destabilize the region and gain nuclear weapons for a long time. there's just one last thing to do: check with truecar. car prices change all the time for all kinds of reasons. but truecar pulls in the latest, most accurate data
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6:45 am
police believe they may be in that area. our reporter on the ground confirmed they did have help on the inside. the woman helping them allegedly didn't follow through in part of the plan. joyce mitchell apparently brought them contraband into the prison but may not have provided the escape car she promised. the search for these guys goes on day 7 in new york. a community on edge. people being told to lock their doors. if you see either of these two guys. martha: reports that iranian government has been stepping up shipments of money and weapons to the taliban. they help one group of terrorists to quell the roof is another in your backyard. all of this as the united states
6:46 am
looks at a deal with iran. what do you think of this? surprised in any way the iranians might be trying to bolster the taliban? >> i'm not surprised with anything iran is doing. unfortunately we are rewarding them with their bad behavior. they are supporting the taliban the houthi, hamas. they get $7.4 billion her month for engaging in those talks. if they are successful at the end of this month they will get $30 billion. does anybody believe that will be for schools and hospitals? much of it and most it will be to continue to create unrest in the middle east. and that's the dangerous thing. in addition, you have the
6:47 am
problem of the president saying that this will prevents them from getting nuclear what he pobs. i don't look at what the president says anymore. i look at actions. and the actions that are going to be taking place if this agreement goes forward means iran will get nuclear weapons and this will be the most destabilizing thing in the middle east region in history. >> it reminds me of what benjamin netanyahu the prime minister of israel, was saying. every said we can come to an agreement with iran if it's attached to changes in behavior. this would be a perfect example to say to tehran at the table we have reports you are sending the taliban money so no deal. so this week's payment is not coming. until we see a change in behavior on your side there will be no deal. but it doesn't look like any
6:48 am
changes are tide of to this deal. >> that's spot-on. if they don't change behavior why would we reward them? why would we reward them for this bad behavior you just pointed out? it's extremely dangerous for the united states, the middle east and the whole the free world. >> in terms of where this deal with iran stands right now is it your impression that it's going to happen? it feels like a while back it was feeling it was imminent. but now with all these things going on, you have to wonder what the white house is thinking behind the scenes. >> it's my opinion that this president is going to cut any kind of deal he can so he can go down in history as doing this. well it would be like neville chamberlain went down in history at miewf nick and a year
6:49 am
later -- at munich and a year later we had world war ii. clear live the chinese and russians want us pinned down by iran. it's in their interests. the british and french were also involved with the munich signing with chamberlain. it's diabolical. martha: it looks like a chess board that's stacked against us in so many ways and it makes you wonder about the moves we are make on our side right now. leland: a fox news alert on capitol hill *. president obama has driven for the two miles up to the hill in what appears to be a last-ditch effort. we are live with this rare visit by the president. martha: a hospital patient
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including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. martha: big doings this morning. the president left the white house and has gone to capitol hill and he doesn't do this very often. the view is he would not be doing it if the votes were lined up for the trade deal. it will be a close situation and we'll let you know if the president is able to pulpit off as we watch throughout the morning. leland: after four years of legal drama a french court has acquitted dominique strauss-kahn of pimping.
6:54 am
>> reporter: a man who once held a top job in global finance was cleared today of organizing orgies. it happened in a courtroom in northern france. he was acquitted on aggravated pimping charges in paris and washington during the height of the world financial crisis. his explanation of yes was involved with these parties? he needed recreational sessions during that tense time and with all the summits he had to attend he wouldn't have had time to organization them anyway and when he attended he had no idea the women were quote professionals. our viewers might remember the better-known incident in 2011 in
6:55 am
which he was accused of sexually assaulting a maid in a hotel in new york. while he was acquitted of that he did settle a civil case out of court. his third marriage didn't last either and most think his days in the political limelight are pretty much over, or are they? a poll earlier this year found 79 person * --% believe he would have made a better president than the current president francois hollande. leland: only in france. martha: an american war hero with shocking claims saying he's been targeted by the obama administration tore speaking out against the controversial prisoner swap for bowe bergdahl.
6:56 am
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martha: new developments this morning in that search for the two fugitives in northern new york. police are now searching a swampy area near katieville, new york, about five miles away from the prison where these two were held. welcome everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." leland: happy friday to everyone, i'm in for bill hemmer. joyce mitchell was planning on providing the escaped convicts with a getaway vehicle but evidently she had had a change of heart at the very last minute. authorities are telling everyone to lock their doors close their windows and even saying make sure you keep the porch light on. >> it's for the safety of the public, it's to reapprehend
7:00 am
these individuals that are a threat to society. >> we're looking underneath every rock behind every tree and inside every structure until we catch these two. leland: day seven of the manhunt, they still haven't found them. a staff writer for the press republican is on the ground there as this manhunt is underway. joe, any idea why police are so convinced these guys are in this swampy area or is this just another wild goose chase? >> well, the past two days they've been searching based on tips they've received of sightings and dogs have reportedly picked up their scent. the search right now has moved up the road on route 3 a bit on bringle street. two men were seen reportedly jumping over a stone wall in the woods. police have focused their efforts in this area now
7:01 am
pringle street is blocked off residents are told to stay inside. other than that, there doesn't seem to be too much commotion as they've got a perimeter set up and are waiting to see what happens, i guess. leland: joe speaking of that perimeter, you can see right now live pictures from the search area what appears to be a state trooper talking to folks driving through. looks like a pretty rural part of town more police officers in the area as they search for david sweat t and richard matt. how many law enforcement guys are out there what kind of area is it? is it really rural? is this a place these guys could easily make an escape there? are there a lot of folks out there right now? >> yeah, route 3 is extremely rural. lots of woods lots of trees sparse houses along the way. the it's the main road that cuts through the town, and the area where they're searching from
7:02 am
dannemora just a bit north of here on down south is extremely rugged terrain. it's all wooded heavily thick woods, swampy, mushy ground. very difficult to traverse. leland: joe you've been doing some incredible reporting on this story. i want to get a sense from you what new developments are we earning about how -- learning about how these guys escapeed from prison? they were able to cut a hole in the back of their cell, somehow they had power tools, used that to cut into a steam pipe and then escape through a manhole. the governor has said, obviously, there is one person, joyce mitchell who we believe was an accomplice helped these guys perhaps provided them contraband was going to provide them a car but didn't. any idea who may have helped these guys, how they got those power tools? the da's now saying joyce didn't give them to them. >> right now there's two main aspects of this case. you have the search aspect and
7:03 am
then the investigative aspect. my duties as a reporter is focusing more on the search aspect, so i have to admit i'm not as in tune with the investigative part. i know that they're interviewing everybody, contractors prison employees, staff, other inmates to get to the bottom of this. but the consensus around here is there was definitely some outside help. leland: and joe getting back to your expertise in terms of the search as we look at what appears to be a lot more police presence there in that area, how confident are law enforcement that they have these guys pinned down into that red search area and that they are going to get him -- get them or is this a situation where their saying we're not sure, we think they might be here, but this is the best we've got? >> well, they're not saying much but from what we've been able to glean, they believe there is strong evidence that they are in the area and if they're not, they can definitely
7:04 am
get a good scent and get a good track and some leads on which way they might be heading. leland: all right. joe, a reporter there on the ground, we appreciate you being with us as we watch right now from above a number of the helicopters that have been brought in to search for these guys. obviously, we're going to keep a very close watch on developments in upstate new york and bring you the latest as it happens. martha? martha: all right. back to 2016 now as hillary clinton gets ready for a bit of a do-over. she's holding a big rally this weekend to officially get her campaign started but wait a sec, didn't she already do that? >> i'm getting ready to do something too. i'm running for president. everyday americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. martha: that was two months ago, but the campaign did get off, by most accounts, to kind of a rocky start so tomorrow's big event is going to be like a reset two days before jeb bush makes his official campaign
7:05 am
official. official official. and while he's fighting back against some negative stories in the mainstream media, clinton is getting some help from a soft feature piece that's on the front page of "the washington post" today and there's the big headline. this is the hillary clinton headline on the post. "she will not back down or go away." chris stirewalt joins me now, he will not back down either no matter how much we try -- >> well, you keep asking me to come. [laughter] martha: we love it when you come. we're just teasing you buddy. [laughter] what do you make of the reboot reset, whatever you call it? >> well look, you mentioned jeb bush he's doing the normal thing which is he has been running a fake campaign, and then he's going to make it official and when he goes from fake to real he will have an event, he will say i'm running for fill in the blank and then he will go back and continue campaigning. so that's the world we've lived in really since the 1970s. what hillary clinton is doing is something quite different. and what she's doing is she had to launch her campaign way back
7:06 am
on the 12th of april, 61 days ago she had to launch her campaign because people in her party said these scandals about the e-mails about the payments to your husband from questionable sources and all of that is hurting you and we're not sure you're going to make it so she needed to declareould hire a staff. she had originally talked about waiting until july. so she gets in the race, goes out to iowa she gets a bunch of, she has a couple offed events, hello, i'm hillary clinton you may have heard of me and then she says this is for real. martha: we saw the chipotle moment as well. [laughter] you know what, chris? she's been sinking in her numbers and, you know, she's strong. i mean, by all -- everybody's estimates looks like she's going to be the candidate of the democratic party. there's no reason to think that's not going to happen at least at this point but she needs to kind of reset this whole thing. she's going to go to roosevelt island which, by the way, you can get to by tram.
7:07 am
most people who live or work in manhattan many of them have never been there, so it's a pretty tough place to get to remote area of new york city. it's on a saturday afternoon and apparently she's going to talk about eleanor roosevelt her, you know her hero and also her mother who she say, you know is going to be sort of an important part of resetting who she is, at least in this piece in the post. >> she deployed her mother and now her late mother but she deployed her mother in her 2008 bid when it started to come unraveled. she turned to her mom and put her in a campaign ad back in 2007 right ahead of her loss in the iowa caucuses. this is a setting that we've seen before from this candidate when she's in trouble and so no doubt she would like to reframe the debate and quit talking -- she's not talking about her personal scandal issues. she's not talking about the e-mail serve iser, she's not talking about the national security question, she's not talking about the -- martha: she wouldn't bring up any of that. she'd be crazy to bring up any
7:08 am
of that on her own unless somebody can get her in an interview situation and put those to her. she's trying to fill out her image. her mother's story is quite remarkable, tough upbringing and was a strong woman who certainly raised a strong woman as well. so, you know, clearly that's going to be where hillary wants to put this focus until she is willing to take some of these questions that you referred to. just quickly jeb bush is going to roll out early next week. he got the, you know, hit kind of hard with a tough piece over the course of this week that said things weren't going that well and that his staffers are getting nervous. quick thought on that chris. >> mostly hot take -- mostly a bad hot take. jeb bush, many in the republican party don't like him, but he's not a prohibitive front runner but he's definitely the front runner because he's got the dough and backing of political establishment down in florida and much of the country. martha: all right. you've got our backing too chris stirewalt. [laughter] have a nice weekend.
7:09 am
>> bye. leland: and we'll probably invite him back. republican candidate carly fiorina says the fact she's not a governor or even a senator still makes her a good candidate for president. >> i think you need someone who understands the economy. i do. i think better honestly, than anyone else running. i started as a secretary i've been in lots of different business settings. i think you need someone who understands how the world works. i know more world leaders on the stage today than anyone running with the possible exception of hillary clinton only i didn't do photo ops. leland: and former republican nominee mitt romney is defending marco rubio after "the new york times" ran some negative stories saying the times is going after rubio because he is a top contender. >> marco rubio is a very capable guy, was a very effective speaker of the house in florida accomplished a lot of things there and has been a very effective united states senator. he's also like jeb bush, a very serious contender here, and "the new york times"' effort to try
7:10 am
and diminish him was in my opinion a real disappointment in that institution. leland: mitt romney knows a thing or two about people going after him. martha: yeah. and that piece in the times said the romney camp dismissed marco rubio because of financial concerns, and mitt romney came out and said absolutely not. leland: really a very strong statement. martha: vice presidential candidate and went in the other direction for completely other reasons. okay, we also want to bring this to you because it shows president obama arriving on the hill for a last minute trade deal plea to get this trade deal done, and there's the president with nancy pelosi and some other members of congress as they walk in here. he is not -- he doesn't do this frequently, so he is clearly concerned about getting this deal passed tpa and taa which is all a lot of letters that means he wants a fast track trade deal. will he get it? he's got republicans on his side paul ryan's on his side more on that as we get it. leland: also this, video capturing a terrifying scene as
7:11 am
it happens. there it is, a van plowing into a café causing a deadly explosion. you can see everyone running out. plus this: >> the president's just trying to run out the clock. he is not taking steps that are going to make a real difference against isis. martha: president obama has said that he will add a base in anbar province. he's going to send 450 more troops to fight there and to train fighters but is it going to be enough to really turn this situation around? leland: a lot of folks say no, we'll ask some experts. and new fallout over the release of the taliban five for sergeant bowe bergdahl. now a green beret says the army has it in for him ever since he blew the whistle on problems with the prisoner swap. >> now i'm labeled a whistleblower, a term that's both radioactive and derogatory. i'm before you because i did my duty and you need to insure all in uniform can go on doing their
7:12 am
duty without fear of reprisal.
7:13 am
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7:15 am
martha: a decorated green beret says he's being targeted by the obama administration for blowing the whistle. lieutenant colonel jason amerine says he was threatened with a counter martial after he revealed problems with the u.s. strategy in rescuing american hostages. it all started with the release of sergeant bowe bergdahl in afghanistan in exchange for the taliban five.
7:16 am
colonel amerine testified that the prisoner swap made him aware that the u.s. hostage policy, he says made no sense. >> in early 2013 my office was asked to help to get sergeant bergdahl home. we also realized there were civilian hostages in pakistan so we added them to our mission. on december 1 2014, representative hunter submitted a complaint to the ig alleging an illegal or questionable ransom possibly being paid for sergeant bergdahl. there was a good deal of evidence that it occurred and a lot of questions as to how it occurred. that complaint implicated both the dod organization and the fbi. martha: this man has tried to speak out about what he saw as an injustice in the way this whole bowe bergdahl situation was handled, and you see what
7:17 am
happened to him for it. retired lieutenant colonel tony schafer joins me now. good morning good to see you here. very stunning testimony -- >> and all true. martha: -- yesterday. what can you add to it, and how difficult has it been for him to come forward and to press his story here? >> well, as we've talked about on this network and others, i was involved in some of the actual information he was talking about regarding the bergdahl return. what colonel amerine said was absolutely ceact and he's reporting on what i've been told about essentially, paying a lot of money -- especially to the nation of qatar via them to the taliban, at leastly against -- at completely against u.s. law. ten years ago this month i had to go down the same path, and being a whistleblower is no easy thing. god bless him for having the courage to do this.
7:18 am
the key thing here to remember is what happened with bergdahl was a political narrative that the white house wanted to do via the state department and obviously, other elements. martha: yeah. >> that left bergdahl in a bad position and these other hostages completely unaddressed. it was a bad policy. martha: yeah. there was a white house official quoted in a washington post story saying we knew it'd be great if we could bring home this last soldier and coordinate that with the end of the afghan war, everybody would give us great credit. but this colonel, colonel amerine, says when he was assigned to this the task of going to find bowe bergdahl, he said, you know, we're also aware of these other civilians and we need to group them in as well and find these poor people because they are suffering unnecessarily. >> that's correct. martha: i just want to play a little bit of the testimony yesterday on that. let's watch it. >> warren weinstein is dead. carl rutherford, josh boyle,
7:19 am
caitlin colton and the child she bore in captivity remain hostages in afghanistan. i used every resource available, but i failed them. after i made protective discan closures to congress, the army us pended my clearance removed me from my job and sought to court-martial me. martha: why did the administration care so much about bowe bergdahl and not these poor, suffering individuals? >> it's not about the hostages, it's about the president's staff and himself wanting to get rid of the worst detainees the worst criminal detainees we had the five taliban. this is a narrative about getting rid of the taliban which makes this completely sad and completely, in my judgment inappropriate for the white house to essentially endanger american lives, leaving them to die and allowing for bergdahl to become kind of a small period in a larger political narrative. this was never about getting bergdahl back, this was about getting rid of the taliban and again, this is what the investigation's going to show.
7:20 am
martha: and if it does show that, you are talking about the deal that was made with qatar. >> that's correct. martha: so assuming that what you're talking about here is we wanted so badly to release these individuals to close guantanamo bay essentially. >> that's correct. martha: we were willing to bend over backwards, give qatar whatever they wanted, if you take these guys, what did they give qatar? >> about $2 billion of payola. it's hidden in plain sight, martha. the five taliban returned, only one of those are haqqani. haqqani network was holding bergdahl. the fifth guy had to be thrown in at the last minute because the haqqani network didn't want the taliban back. they warranted their guy back. so out of the five, one is haqqani, the rest were actually, basically we paid the qatar folks to pay the taliban off to have them take these guys. this deal was bad it didn't result in anything good, and as
7:21 am
stipulated, we should have used these guys to bring a ceasefire in afghanistan between the taliban and the government of afghanistan. we completely blew that. martha: well, colonel amerine says the administration very much wanted him to shut up about what he was talking about. >> absolutely. and they still do. martha: he testified to that yesterday. thank you very much. >> thank you. leland: a training manual for the university of california system telling professors not to say that america is the land of opportunity. why not? well because they might be micro- aggressions. what they are and what they mean our panel debates. martha: and this very odd story. a racial ruse apparently revealed. the parents of an naacp leader calling out their own daughter for saying that she is black. >> she wants to recreate reality. she wants to just invent it herself. >> she's caucasian by birth. >> she can make herself look
7:22 am
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>> five, four, three two, one zero all engines running. liftoff, we have a liftoff! 32 minutes past the hour, liftoff on apollo 11. martha: the iconic voice, that was the launch of apollo 11, one of the most incredible moments in the 20th century. jack king, the voice of nasa who rivetted the world with his countdown to the historic moon missions has passed away. his family says the cause was congestive heart failure. he was a public affairs official for nasa in july of 1969 when he called that liftoff. he said he did not have a script but he knew what he was talking about. leland: he did, indeed. martha: he stuck to the bare
7:26 am
facts and did it beautifully. jack king, the legendary voice of nasa was 84. leland: you'll never forget that moment. what a moment in american history in the cold war for the world, and he called it. martha: you know, without great drama, but so much intensity in his voice and he was straight about the way he called that entire thing, and the drama of the moment itself -- leland: just let it play out. martha: let it play, do exactly that. leland: and now this: the head of the naacp in spokane, washington is now being accused of lying about her racial background. here's the pictures. on the left is rachel now on the right is the way she looked a few years ago. her parents say she was born white and is now only pretending to be black. they claim she's been faking it for so long that she can no longer tell the truth from the lies. >> she knows it's false but i think she's told herself as well
7:27 am
as she's told others this erroneous identity of hers enough that by now she may believe it more than she believes the truth. leland: kevin jackson is the executive director of the black sphere and the author of "race pimping: the multitrillion dollar business of liberalism." he is also a radio talk show host. i thought i had seen it all until now. [laughter] >> well, i've gotta tell you leland this story has it all. i mean not to push my book but i talk about this stuff where i say white is the new black black is the new white. race pimps come in all colors and sizes q why don't -- and why don't they let this lady become the next senator from massachusetts and run for president? look the naacp has been an ineffective organization for a long time in this country, not needed and you -- the idea that they've had this fake white woman running it in that division is, it cracks me up. it reminds me of dave chapelle's
7:28 am
clayton bixby where a black guy's put in charge of the kkk. it literally has that same amount of humor base to it, let me tell you. leland: obviously one does not need to be african-american to advocate for civil rights or anything else. what i think gets everyone here is the fact she's lying about it and living this double life. she's not only part of the naacp, she is the part-time professor in the africana studies program at a local university there. she's also the police ombudsman there in the office of the police in spokane where she identified herself on her application as white, black and american indian as well. >> yeah. you know, the funny thing about it is that this is a great way to have a discussion about race, and i think howard schultz at starbucks should probably redo his cup because this is a story. anybody can be any color they want. here's a white lady that's been faking it. by the way, if you look at a lot of these so-called black
7:29 am
leaders, for example, the chicago teachers' union president, that lady looks more black than she is white. the prosecutor up in baltimore, moseby color doesn't matter. and that's what this is talking about. leland: color doesn't matter, but in the words of this woman's mother i firmly believe the truth is in everyone's -- >> the truth does. leland: that is in everyone's best interest. that's her mom you're kevin jackson. we appreciate your time. thanks for your insights. >> my pleasure. leland: all the best. martha? martha: okay. [laughter] and then there is this this morning. mitt romney is jumping back into presidential politics, but it's not what you think. we will explain. leland: and the president's latest move to fight isis. will it finally be enough to make a difference? >> we don't allow the trainers to go into the field with those that they have trained. so it's kind of like a basketball coach who has to stay in the lockerroom but can never
7:30 am
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martha: interesting political news just crossing the wires moments ago the iowa gop says they will now end their straw poll that they have done for many years due to waning interest. we know that jeb bush, marco rubio, mike huckabee had all said they would not participate. it was supposed to take place on august 8 of 2015. past winners include michele bachmann, also mitt romney george bush all won the iowa straw polls. it was a good indication for some of them in terms of the nomination and not so for others in michele bachmann's case. in any event, it is not going to happen this time around due to lack of interest. and meanwhile, wisconsin governor scott walker giving us some clues about when he might officially announce he's going to get into this race. walker and other candidates are descending on deer valley utah, and they're going to a conference hosted by mitt romney. also attending that conference, florida senator marco rubio, new jersey governor chris christie's going to be there, former
7:34 am
hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina and ohio governor john kasich. a really important conference and senior national correspondent john roberts joins us live from deer valley. what's this all about, this event? >> reporter: hey, good morning, martha. first of all, just let me give you more on that headline about scott walker. he told me last night that when the legislative session ends at the end of june in wisconsin he's going to take a little bit of time off, and he'll probably have an announcement sometime around the second week of july. he said he didn't want to have something that coincided with the 4th of july holiday because that would be too distracting for both americans and probably his campaign. so if he's going to announce, it's probably going to be around the second week of july. here in deer valley, this is the third installment of what's become known as camp mitt, the summit in the beautiful deer valley ski resort. 250 people invited for the two days of conversations about leadership and the direction of
7:35 am
the country. three of the declared presidential candidates and three who are thinking about it will be speaking to the group here. this is also about money though. many people here have got deep pockets candidates like marco rubio and scott walker will be looking to sign up some big donors. host mitt romney says he is not getting behind any one candidate just yet, though as he told megyn kelly last night, he thinks jeb bush is one of the strongest. >> frankly, look, i think jeb bush is in a very strong position. he's a very capable person. he's been an excellent governor. he has assembled a top-rate team and my guess is he's going to raise more money than perhaps all of the other con tenders combined. >> reporter: and we'll find out exactly how much money he has raised at the end of the month. jeb bush was invited here but for the second time was unable to attend because he's wrapping up his european trip and he's got his big announcement coming up on monday. martha: and what about walker? what else is he saying at this point? >> i was in listening to his speech just a few minutes ago,
7:36 am
not each to cameras. he spent a lot of time talking to this group about his background, about the whole recall battle in wisconsin, and while governor walker's politics are probably a little further right than most of the mitt romney-oriented crowd here, he believes he can attract a lot of support from this group. here's what he told me last evening. >> i think they're looking for results. it's what they've done in their private lives it's what they admire out of people public or private alike and i think if we show them not only have we won three elections in four years in a very tough state like the kind of states the next republican nominee's going to win need to win to win the presidency, but also we've proven results. >> reporter: you know, ironically, governor walker was very critical of governor romney in 2012 saying the candidate for the republican party needs to better connect with voters than romney did in 20 the and that governor walker has got a plan to do that if he becomes the nominee. martha? martha: well, they've got a nice spot to do it in. >> reporter: they do. martha: thank you very much.
7:37 am
leland: president obama is now considering a proposal to put u.s. troops closer to the front lines in iraq expanding our military presence to help iraqi droops fight -- troops fight isis. that's the plan. the pentagon revealing our military has now spent more than $2.7 billion fighting isis in iraq and syria since bombing began in august. pete hegseth is ceo of concerned veterans for america and also a fox news contributor. a lot of that $2.7 billion was spent blowing up stuff that we had already given the iraqi military, and now we are giving the iraqi military even more equipment according to the obama administration. that's their plan. is that the right plan? >> no. this is an incremental approach with the same failed strategy. more troops would be a part of that, unleashing their hands in the rules of engagement is a part of that. but incrementally more troops towards the same advise and
7:38 am
assist strategy that hasn't talk abouted the tide is not -- turned the tide is not a game changer. it just means we're making it look like we're addressing isis when in reality we're not. leland: take a listen to what mitt romney said last night to megyn kelly on this. >> well, i'm sure the president did it with a great deal of reluctance. this is a very clear admission that his strategy or his lack of strategy has not led to success and the president's going about this backwards. we're putting in a few people here and there without knowing why they're there, what they're supposed to accomplish. look we don't send men and women into harm's way unless we understand the mission from the beginning, how we're going to know whether we've won and how we get out. leland: clearly they're in harm's way obviously, not on the front lines of combat. the question is, though, what is the mission in iraq and does the white house seem to even have one? >> that's been the million dollar question. the mission has always been divorced from capability. the mission's been defeat and degrade isis. if you're going to do that, that
7:39 am
changes the whole parameters of what you do and why you do it. instead the reality of the mission right now for this administration is probably to run out the clock, probably to minimize the threat a little bit and minimize american involvement. if your premise is minimizing involvement, you're going to take a series of steps contoured toward that mission as opposed to defeating the enemy. if the mission was defeating isis and you had a commander and chief able to do that, boots on the ground is a big important discussion, but certainly that would be on the table if you really want to go on defeating them. leland: one of the things it seems like we're doing now is reoccupying a lot of the bases that we had already abandoned and, obviously, it would have been cheaper and safer to keep those occupied. that didn't happen, water under the bridge. what do you think about this strategy now of moving americans closer and closer to the front lines? at some point are we going to end up with dead americans? >> it's the right strategy. you have to the close with and destroy that enemy. we're going to keep them on
7:40 am
base tie their hands, they're not going to be able to guide close air support which is what the iraqis, kurds or any arab army we would assemble would ultimately need, special operators out front helping lead that fight. we're not doing that. as a result, we're putting, you're right men and women in harm's way, closer to the enemy. and when you're behind those walls, you feel safe, but you're less safe when you're not on the offensive. leland: and also unclear what their rules are to protect themselves. pete hegseth, thank you. martha: this is quite interesting. there's a new manual for universityover california faculty that urges teachers not to use this phrase: quote america is the land of opportunity. they say this kind of phrase is really not good for the university because it's racist, and it's sexist. and that's not all. our panel will dig into this coming up. plus, this: >> ready and go! leland: this could have been pete and i earlier, an arm wrestling competition that went
7:41 am
horribly horribly wrong. we'll show you the result coming up. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay!
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7:44 am
leland: a rough arm wrestling contest down under. when a rugby star, gets this, breaks his bone. it happened on live television -- ooh! martha: oh, my god. leland: -- during a charity event. you can hear the commentator say we need an ambulance. his right arm snapped back at a severe angle breaking a bone in his upper arm. he was taken to the hospital and martha, as a mother, you'll be happy to know he's recovering so well that she's asking for a rematch. martha: that was unbelievable. leland: yeah. martha: popped right out. leland: you know? martha: okay. maybe that should have come with a warning. my goodness he's okay? leland: he's asking for a rematch. tough to leave martha speechless. martha: i don't think that's a good idea. okay, moving right along folks, just might leave you speechless as well.
7:45 am
the phrase america is the land of opportunity is, quote offensive, according to the university of california system. and faculty really should avoid saying this harmful phrase here, america's the land of opportunity because it's just one of many phrases that employees are being asked motto use in a new sensitivity training handout. the document also lists examples of so-called micro-aggressions. things like where are you from? where were you born? and quotes like you speak english very well. it apparently sends the message that you are, quote not a true american. katherine timm is a reporter for the national review, and she's a fox news contributor, and jessica ehrlich is a former democratic congressional candidate and they both join us now. katherine, you think about those things going on in this country and what you want students to be focused on learning and you want professors to be focused on, is this really what's high on the list under president janet napolitano at ucla?
7:46 am
>> it is, but it shouldn't be or they should at least make sure that what they're saying makes sense because their whole point is saying america's the land of opportunity is the same as saying that race and gender don't play a role in success. but the thing is, you can say that lots of opportunities exist and that may be easier for some than others to attain. those are not mutually exclusive statements. so let's at least make sure what we're saying is logical and, yes, this shouldn't be the focus. it should be on preparing kids for the real world which, by the way, nothing like this. martha: jessica, you know why on earth -- i've got to go back to the first example here that little phrase america is the land of opportunity. who would find that to be offensive, do you think? >> well, i'm not really sure. i can only think that it's a little bit out of context. i think what they're trying to do is give this sort of training. i mean, a lot of the other phrases that they, you know, mention in there specifically you shouldn't say to women or asian-americans or
7:47 am
latino-americans i mean, it's very interesting. they're very finely parsing them. martha: but i just want to -- jessica, just hold on. maybe i didn't give the full context. i just want to make sure -- they instructed the professors in a handout and this came out actually, in 2013. >> right. martha: and they've done seminars at nine out of ten of the california university system, universities on this issue of micro-aggressions. it was handed out and instructed the professors to not say, quote america is the land of opportunity because that's a racist, sexist micro-aggression. are they kidding me? jessica? >> yeah i think a lot of these things as we would say when i was growing up, if your mom had taught you right, you wouldn't say anyway to people -- martha: wait with, why would you not say that if your mother taught you right? >> not the land of opportunity. we're taking it to a level that is sort of ridiculous. but there is an issue they're sort of missing which is we just had the professor and the, you
7:48 am
know, nobel scientist who resigned in england because he was making comments about women being in a lab, and, you know falling in love with other scientists and crying and that sort of stuff. so there is this sort of -- >> unbelievable. martha: i think it's unbelievable. you look at what's going on in the university across this country and the way that they are indoctrinating students and the kind of stuff their spending time -- they're spending time on and it really is very troublesome, katherine i think. and when you talk about america being the land of opportunity i just cannot understand under what set of thinking that might be racist or sexist. can you explain that, what the intention is? >> i can't. i think -- well, first of all it's not very popular on campuses to talk about how you love america. you're supposed to apologize for america. but if you look at their line of logic it's not that surprising. a lot of the other examples just as ridiculous. they're trying really hard to make things racist and sexist. for example, you're not supposed to ask a student of color who's wandering a chemistry lab if he's lost because apparently what you're saying is hi, i
7:49 am
think you're going to steal stuff because you're a student of color. i mean, come on. that is a ridiculous leap in logic, and nobody should feel comfortable even saying something so ridiculous, let alone trying to teach it to other people. we are just going so far in the wrong direction about what we should be teaching people on campuses and what the focus should be. martha: all right. katherine and jessica, thank you very much. it would be very controversial if we ended this segment by saying america's the land of opportunity and that, you know -- [laughter] i mean, everybody has benefited from that pretty much, but i don't want to offend anyone, so i will just say have a nice weekend if that's not offensive. thank you very much. leland: i'm offended. what about those who have to work this weekend? [laughter] martha: you're right. i'm discriminating against those who work on weekends. leland: yes. martha: i'm being insensitive to you. leland: i accept your apology. martha: okay. leland: okay. i will send it over to jenna lee to hear what's coming up on "happening now." hopefully you're not going to fed me.
7:50 am
jenna: leland, thank you very much. the manhunt for two escaped murderers intensifies in upstate new york as we get information from help they may have gotten. plus, important events for hillary clinton and jeb bush in the next few days, and also this: sunday is flag day and we're going the show you the largest free-flying american flag in the entire world from the top. that's coming up on "happening now." credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to so what else are you going to throw in? leather seats? >>and this... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert in no time at all. there was no stress. it was in and out. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money zero hassle.
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martha: happy birthday to former president george h.w. bush. he turns 91 today keeping it kind of low key, enjoying a quiet day with his family in maine, not like last year when he surprised everybody by skydiving on his 90th birthday. earlier this week they celebrated another big birthday, their birthdays are very close together as are they in their
7:54 am
amazing marriage. performances by singers amy grant, michael w. smith and reba mcintyre, and they've had a lot of cake and celebrating, and he's not jumping out of a plane this year. leland: with good reason. martha: he was pretty good at it -- leland: i was saying good reason for the cake and the celebration. take a year off. martha: happy birthday can. leland: happy birthday. as we've been telling you, there was a cyber attack that targeted the iran nuke talks. investigators have discovered a computer spy virus link today a country with a vested interest in the outcome of those talks. the malware of this software is being linked to israel. so john, what are israeli officials saying about it? >> well, i reached out to one senior israeli official leland, who declined comment, but israel's deputy foreign minister said the reports are, quote-unquote, baseless. the russian cybersecurity firm
7:55 am
that caught the malware maintains it's so sophisticated really only a government could have created it and again is linking it back to israel. now, that said, it appears at this point that this malware this software was trying to hack into the hotel's surveillance system. why? well, it's pretty obvious, to to keep tabs to monitor the various delegates and to see who's meeting with whom behind closed doors. for instance, hypothetically if iran's delegates are meeting with another country's on the down low. so is that also, you know, to possibly eavesdrop if the capability is there and also maybe even look at some of the documents, the confidential top secret documents that are involved. and, of course, leland all of this could certainly help any foreign agents that are on the ground. leland, back to you. leland: well, what we see is not always what it is. john huddy live in jerusalem, thanks, john. martha? martha: police are now searching
7:56 am
a swampy area not far from the prison where the two convicted killers escaped, this as we're learning a prison worker was planning on giving the convicts a getaway call when they popped out of that manhole but, boy, things did not go as planned. a live report at the top of the hour. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen.
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♪ ♪ somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue. martha: can you believe this one? divers in the grand rapids may be close to finding dorothy's ruby red slippers. they were stolen ten years ago, but a dive team says they have discovered clues during a practice dive on tuesday what kind of clues, sparkles or something? we will see. leland: extra sparkles? martha: i just want to mention the white thing you saw flying was not his bone in the arm wrestling story. it was the strap that he had
8:00 am
around his wrist -- leland: i'm still thinking medicine was merv going to be your career -- never going to be your career choice. martha: no, never my career choice. leland: thanks, have a great weekend. "happening now" starts now. martha: bye everybody. ♪ ♪ jenna: the investigation into a chilling plot to kill police officers in boston feeds another arrest. hello, everybody hope you're off to a great friday, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. officials picked up a second person aware of plans to carry out attacks with knives. rahim was shot to death last week by authorities in boston who sought to question him david wright was arrested that same night. the charges and the exact relationship to the men are under seal now but the complaint against him will be made public before he appears in court in a matter of hours. chief intelligence


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