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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 12, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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time with the dogs. >> i'm glad they're doing that research instead of looking at cancer or anything you know? >> what kind of dog was this? >> retriever. >> set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report weekend" next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington with three breaking stories on a busy friday night. a new discovery of yet another massive computer hack on the u.s. government systems. an arrest of someone believed to be involved in the escape of those two convicted killers still on the loose. and fallout from a huge defeat for president obama on capitol hill. first to the hacking. for the second straight night we begin with word of a major cyber theft involving information, possibly about you. last night we told you that theft of federal employee data is apparently much more extensive than the administration led everyone to believe. tonight word of a second breach.
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correspondent doug mcelway has breaking details from the lawn of the white house. >> reporter: fox news has learned there has been a second intrusion. this is different than the one we told you about last night. it is by far larger and it may contain deeply sensitive and personal information. not only from federal government workers but from military personnel as well. it was uncovered june 8th this month as investigators were looking into the december intrusion. the federal government isn't describing the extent of damage from the cyber espionage of computers from the office of personnel management but cyber experts are. >> they took away the morether lode. >> the report told members last night "the personal information of all 2.1 million current federal employees and an additional 2 million federal retirees and former federal employees may have been compromised during a chinese cyber attack."
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the associated press citing two people briefed on the attack put the number much higher. 14 million present and former federal employees. background checks and security clearance applications for thousands. >> they know who was in what position of trust, when the kind of subjects that they would have dealt with. >> reporter: it is the kind of information that spies seeking to blackmail someone would crave. information about former boyfriends girlfriends, divorces financial troubles and debts. the main purpose of the intrusion spoints to spearfishing the imitating of e-mails from a trusted source with a mall wear attachment. >> when you click on that document or a web link it automatically downclouds that malware into the system and bang. >> with that activated hackers could turn cameras and phones on and off from cell phones. >> if they are looking at me in my boxer shorts that's a horrific sight but they do have that. >> reporter: afg has already
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offered three free months of fraud protection identity through cid. larger questions of the government's ability to block such hacks and its ineptness at detecting them as well as any restall your cyber attack or sanctions remain unanswered for good reason >> it is not in our interest to telegraph in advance yops any decisions we may be making related to sanctions. primarily because it gives those who may be targeted the opportunity to move around their assets to try to escape these sanctions. >> reporter: some experts believe it may be the greatest u.s. intelligence failure since edward snow den. but its loss may be months or even years in calculating as china works its sources and its spyware and as it adds on the information thought gleans from all of that information. bret back to you. >> doug mcelway, thanks. another fox news alert now.
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breaking news. an arrest tonight in what officials are now convinced was an inside job. last weekend's escape by two killers from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. correspondent molly line is following the manhunt from west platsburg tonight. good evening molly. >> reporter: hi bret. new york state police confirm 51-year-old joyce mitchell has been arrested for providing material assistance to the two convict who escaped, helping them get out of the clinton correctional facility. and we are learning much more about her. >> reporter: prosecutors revealed new details about the woman at the center of the investigation as the escaped killers remain at large and law enforcement line a thickly hunted search perimeter. tailor shop employee joyce mitchell was supposed to drive the getaway car but never showed they confirmed. a law enforcement source close to the investigation said she had a change of heart at the last minute. the clinton county district
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attorney andrew wily says mitchell initially shared little but each day they're learning more from her about her interactions with richard math and david sweat. >> our investigation has not provided any form of power tools to either sweat or matt. >> reporter: he confirmed reports mitchell was previously investigated for a relationship with sweat, but the results were unfounded. no formal charges were filed, but action was taken to separate the two for a period of time. now confirmation her husband is being eyed too. >> he is obviously a person of interest because of the obvious relationship with joyce mitchell. works at the correctional facility works in the tailor shop as well as maintenance provider. >> reporter: residents along the perimeter's edge are anxious. school canceled yet again. >> with school and stuff, it's just -- a little annoying
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because all of us just want to be out. we just want to get done. >> reporter: rebecca and her family check with friends and monitor social media getting word of a possible sighting via facebook today. >> supposedly a neighbor of mine spotted someone hopping over their son's wall which would make them somewhere in this wooded area across the road from us. we're desperately hoping that's true and would like nothing more than them to just come running out because we just want this over. >> reporter: mitchell was charged with two felonies promoting prison contraband and criminal fa saystation. we're expecting more word further updates about 6:30 this evening from the new york state police and other agencies. >> molly, thank you. finally, our third fox news alert. house republican leaders are scrambling tonight, and president obama is licking his wounds after a bipartisan blow to his trade agenda today. it came in the form of a stunning defeat for a measure that on the surface would seem
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to be fairly uncontroversial. a jobs bill. we look at how this affects president obama and presidential contender hillary clinton. we begin with correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill tonight to try to make sense of what has become a very complicated story. >> reporter: bret good evening. 140 democrats voted against their party's president on providing aid money to workers who lose their jobs due to trade. president obama made a last-minute appeal to democrats but it was clearly not enough. >> i don't think you ever nail anything down. >> reporter: yet some democrats didn't appreciate the president's pitch. >> basically the president tried to both guilt people and then impugn their integrity. and i don't think it was a very effective tactic. >> i wasn't sent here to simply accommodate somebody else's agenda. i was sent her to represent the people where i come from. >> reporter: other democrats said they were trying to prevent
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a disaster for american workers. >> america should not have to compete with starvation wages and environmental destruction. >> everybody can't be like us. we understand that. we're not against trade. we want it to be fair. we want the american worker to be protected. that's what this is all about. >> reporter: in a sign of how unusual this debate has been house speaker john boehner also urged his colleagues to pass trade promotion authority for the good of the economy and country. and this appeal to skeptical conservatives. >> we want to make darn sure there's less authority for the president and more authority for the american people. that's what this bill does. it's a means to an end. and the end is more free trade that's good for our economy and good for our country. >> reporter: with some conservatives calling the package obama trade, ways and means chairman paul ryan responded. >> understand a lot of our members especially on our side of the aisle don't trust this administration. join the club. neither do i. that is precisely why i support
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this bill. it puts congress in the driver's seat. >> reporter: but republicans needed democrats to support trade adjustment assistance in order to get to trade promotion authority. with presidential hopeful hillary clinton staying out of the trade debate, leader nancy pelosi assumed the role of the most powerful female voice and rejected mr. obama. >> today we have an opportunity to slow down -- we all know we want to engage in trade promotion and the rest of that. but we have to slow it down. whatever the deal is with other countries, we want a better deal for america's workers. >> reporter: even though trade assistance failed overwhelmingly the house majority leader forced a symbolic vote on trade promotion. >> members are advised that we are proceeding to votes on the remaining two motions. >> reporter: with republicans demonstrating they had the votes to move forward on trade, ryan says the white house must now do more to win over democrats. >> now the president has some work yet to do with his party to
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complete this process. this isn't over yet. and we hope that they can get together and make sure that we finish this so that america is back leading. >> reporter: with 302 total no votes on the trade assistance package, turning that around in the next few days would likely require a miracle or a huge change of heart. bret? >> mike emanuel live on the hill. thanks. let's look at what this means for president obama. for one of the people who would like to replace him. chief white house correspondent ed henry now joins us. ed the white house is trying to spin this today as not a big deal. when the "new york times" headline tonight is "dems dessert the president "that's a pretty bad day. >> nancy pelosi leading the way. josh ingram said we're fine. a chance the president will gut out the victory next week. he took it on the chin today. going to that game last night, lobbying nancy pelosi in the dugout for 15 minutes. then goes to the hill today to get democrats on board.
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it tells us two things. this president waited far too long to build these relationships, particularly with democrats, not just republicans. and look at this tweet. it was really summed up in the six-word tweet that was devastating by democrat keith elson. now president obama wants to talk. secondly this is a lame duck president whose foreign policy desperate straights over isis and iran deal is a wild card and domestic front his health care law is again possibly hanging in the balance at the supreme court. now he has to face this. he's running out of legacy items. >> so what's the fallout for hillary clinton? >> look she took a hit because she waffled and ended up pleasing nobody. if she stepped up and supported the president on this like she did at secretary of state maybe she had the clout to get it across the finish line. if she had listened to senator bernie sanders and spoken out against it as he's been demanding she could claim victory with organized labor tonight for blocking it. it's interesting. in her big speech tomorrow in new york city we're being told it's all going to be about her pitching herself as a fighter, when in this case not only didn't she fight, she didn't even get on the field, bret. >> bernie sanders, elizabeth
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warren all pushing against that. >> she didn't do it. >> we'll take a look tomorrow ed thanks. up next what republican presidential hopefuls are doing at camp mitt. first fox affiliates around the country covering tonight. fox 8 in new orleans with a federal appeals court extending an order blocking the release of prison of 68-year-old albert woodfox awaiting a third trial for the murder of a prison guard in 1972. earlier this week a federal judge ordered woodfox released immediately. fox 46 in charlotte, north carolina a woman tired of waiting at a hospital emergency room sets off sprinklers on purpose. police say 20-year-old caitlin milligan told them she had waited for an hour and a half for her mother's girlfriend to be treated for a back problem. she went into a restroom and put a lighter up to the sprinkler. and this is a live look at spokane, washington from fox 28. may have heard this story. the big story out there, questions about whether the head of the local naacp is really
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black. rachel dollzal's parents say she is not. dollzal's describes herself on an employment application as white, black, and american indian. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. ♪ ♪ with a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ find your own highway ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪
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for as long as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen. optum. healthier is here. numbers to digest tonight over the gathering of gop presidential hopefuls in utah otherwise known as camp mitt. a three-day event at a five star resort featuring six announced and potential candidates. but the real numbers are the millions as in dollars, at stake from megadonors who will also be there. senior national correspondent john roberts reports tonight from deer valley utah. >> it is the most elite or retreats. 250 deep-pocketed romney loyalists at a five star ski resorts. three declared candidates. three likely. to the kind of shuck tank proposition for kabd dates.
3:17 pm
perhaps the candidate with the most to gain is marco rubio who spent the day in this suite courting donors. rubio fighting back against what his campaign sees as another "new york times" hit piece, this one on his personal financial struggles when he was younger. >> i think it's important for people to know that the next president of the united states is someone who pays a mortgage someone who has paid off a student loan debt. when i talk about student loan debt i'm passionate about it. i know what it meant for news our lives. >> reporter: court donors was wisconsin governor scott walker. ironically walker has been very critical of how mitt romney failed to connect with voters in 2012, and says he would work to win back some of the now infamous 47%. >> let me talk about how we help people. most people i've found in my own home state and elsewhere across the country that are temporarily dependent on the government really don't want to be. none of us growing up saying hey, someday when i grow up i want to be dependent on the government. >> reporter: carly fiorina is launching a new strategy to try to win back women voters the majority of whom went for obama in 2012 in 2008 saying she wants
3:18 pm
to redefine feminism and reclaim the mantle from the democrats. >> i'm tired of the left owning the word "feminist." it has turned into a word that means you have to believe the litany of the left. and i think the data is very clear. left wing policies are bad for women. >> reporter: it is clear from the summit that there is still a lot of money signature o sidelines, despite the number of candidates in the race. and another is likely to jump in. ohio governor john casick who believes his brand of sometimes gruff swing state politics is the recipe for success in the general election. >> sometimes when you carry out policies you know you've got to push. we don't need marshmallows. we need toughness but we need kindness. what i would say is my policies reflect the kindness of conservatism. >> reporter: florida governor jeb bush missed camp mitt for the second year that row. he was wrapping up his european trip in preparation for his big presidential announcement in florida on monday. in other news, there were no
3:19 pm
tears shed over the loss of the iowa straw poll in the news it was being canceled. the candidates i talked to about it said they thought it was a waste of time and money. and governor scott walker told me his presidential announcement may come sometime around the second week of july. bret? >> john roberts live in deer valley. stunning backdrop there, john. thanks. still ahead, what is really at stake in the supreme court case over obama care subsidies? first, who has been spying on iranian negotiators in nuclear talks with the west?
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>> a third suspect in a plot to help isis kill americans appeared in a boston court today. prosecutors say nicholas robinski conspired to behead a political activist and kill police. another suspect osama rayim was fatally shot by authorities last week when he refused to drop a military-style knife. the third suspect, david wright was arrested last week. israel is denying it has been spying on iran during nuclear negotiations at european hotels. correspondent john huddy tonight on who's pointing the finger at whom and why.
3:24 pm
>> reporter: cyber espionage, computer hacking, nuclear weapons. the russian cyber security firm kaspersky says it caught mallware on the computer systems of three european hotels being used for the iranian nuclear talks. a virus that can tap into hotel surveillance cameras, phones wi-fi, and electronic documents. a virus kaspersky says is the same kind used by israeli spies. israel's deputy foreign minister calls the reports baseless but israeli officials have denounced the talks and warned about iran's growing nuclear program. iran's ambassador to the iaea says there are quote enemies of the talks that will do whatever they can. >> we have taken on and continue to take precautionary measures not to indeed let any details of the discussion would go to the public. and indeed i should say we have
3:25 pm
been successful in that regard. >> reporter: the spyware security experts say is an upgraded version of doku called doku bet. bet is the second letter in the hebrewal fa bit. the computer virus was identified in 2011 and believed to carry out israel's most sensitive intelligence gathering. senior u.s. officials said they learned about israel spying on the nuclear talks in 2014 but offered few details. israeli officials have denied that as well. meantime, swiss and as you screen as you screenaustria an officials are investigating the threat. we are awaiting a news briefing from authorities in upstate new york on the search for two escaped killers. you're looking live there now. and the arrest of someone accused of helping them. stha tuned. we'll be right back.
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or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping first graders put their best foot forward. ask your doctor about lyrica. this is a fox news alert. an arrest has been made related to the escape of those two convicted killers we've been hearing so much about from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. you are looking live there. state police say joyce mitchell will be arraigned on charges of promoting prison contraband and criminal facilitation promoting prison contraband is a felony criminal facilitation is a misdemeanor.
3:30 pm
meanwhile, that manhunt continues. day seven the search authorities are updating the situation in just a moment. you see themed gathered there in upstate new york. this is a dangerous situation, obviously. there are two convicted killers on the loose. the search has come up with some leads as many people in small towns around that area have said they've seen different people that have been walking the streets, even in the downpours of rain. but so far no luck in apprehending these two. we expect an update any second now from there you see the pictures of the two convicted escaped inmates from this maximum security prison. while we wait for that news conference we're also awaiting of course a u.s. supreme court decision that could gut obama care. a look tonight at some of the implications if justices rule against the president. correspondent rich edson on the administration's worst case scenario. >> reporter: in a speech this
3:31 pm
week first lady michelle obama relived the terrifying days she cared for her then infant daughter admitted to the hospital with meningitis. she closed with a reminder that every family deserves insurance to avoid bankruptcy caring for a sick child. the administration says obama care aheaves that. this month the supreme court could eviscerate it by issuing a decision blocking federal health care subsidies to more than 6 million americans. >> people are going to lose their subsidies. this congress is not going to rewrite obama care as long as barack obama is in the white house. >> reporter: a supreme court decision against the administration would ban health insurance subsidies for those living in the 34 states where governments have failed to establish online health insurance exchanges. in that case congress and the administration are looking to one another for a fix. >> if the court says that we do not have the authority to give subsidies, the critical decisions will sit with the congress and states and governors to determine if those subsidies are available. >> the question is what will
3:32 pm
the administration do? will they stand up with one piece of paper and say, my way or the highway, or will they work with congress to address the situation? >> reporter: one possible solution congress punts and temporarily extends all insurance subsidies. >> there will be no repeal and replace or significant fix of obama care or one-page fix in this congress. and i think the best thing we can do is just put it off to 2017 and take it to 2016 elections. >> reporter: he adds if millions lost their subsidies premiums would climb sharply throughout the health care system. though any fix would likely need democrats and republicans to work together in this notoriously divided congress making a prediction on how this plays out difficult. bret? >> rich edson in the white house briefing room. rich thanks. stocks ended the week on a down note. the dow lost 140.5. s&p 500 was off 15.
3:33 pm
the nasdaq fell for the week for the week dow was up .28%. s&p up .006%. the nasdaq down a third. >> today we've arrested 51-year-old joyce mitchell of dickinson center new york for her role in providing material support to david sweat and richard matt with their escape from the clinton correctional facility. she's been charged with promoting prison contraband first degree, a class d felony, and criminal facilitation fourth degree a class a misdemeanor. she'll be arraign at platsburg city court and remanded to the clinton county jail. this is one large piece of the puzzle in our quest to find these two escaped murderers. today our teams continue to search the area around state route 374 in the town of platsburg. a portion of route 374 will remain closed until the search has been completed to our satisfaction. within that search area we've had literally hundreds of personnel in yards of residences walking along the wood lines, conducting grid
3:34 pm
searches through the wooded areas, and we will not stop searching until that area is searched thoroughly to our satisfaction. also members of law enforcement continue to go door-to-door in and around the surrounding area checking homes and seasonal residences. if members of the public see anything unusual upon arriving at their residence at their seasonal home or in the general community they are asked to contact law enforcement immediately by calling 911 or by using our tip line. i want to extend my heart-felt thanks for the outpouring of the businesses for their support, the state university of new york platsburg has given us the use of their dormitories for our troopers who have been brought in from across the state to support this operation. additionally will university of medical center in platsburg correction additionally i would like to thank verizon for upgrading their cell towers which has been instrumental in our investigation and thank the
3:35 pm
superintendent of the school district for letting us use his conference center in this inclement weather. several local businesses and individuals have donated food and supplies to keep all first responders in the community fed and well-nourished during this stressful event. we're working seamlessly around the clock with several agencies in our hunt. we have a message for david sweat and richard matt. we're coming for you, and we will not stop until you are caught. i would like to now introduce the clinton county district attorney andrew wylie who's going to talk about mitchell's charges as well as the arraignment. >> thank you, major. good evening, everyone. the major has explained to you what the two charges are that will be filed or are being filed tonight. and the arraignment will proceed a little bit later on in platsburg city court in the city of platsburg.
3:36 pm
we will continue to -- our participation in this investigation and our working with the new york state police and all the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies that are involved in this evacuation. as the major just indicated, we will continue this investigation until these two individuals are taken into custody. the promoting prison contraband charge is a class c felony as the judge indicated. the minimum sentence and maximum sentence ranges a 1 1/3 to 4 or 2 1/3 to 7-year maximum sentence. facilitation charge facilitation to commit the escape is a class a misdemeanor punishable up to one year in the local county jail. those are the two charges at this point in time that we have filed. there's investigations are ongoing as to potentially other charges that we may file
3:37 pm
relative to joyce mitchell. but those will be determined at a later time. so i don't have any other statements initially that i'll make at this point in time. i'm going to turn the podium bang over to major guest. if you have any limited questions for him, he will deal with those limited questions. i can just indicate we are going to deal with this on a very limited basis. as far as the questioning and answering on these issues tonight. thank you. >> can you please repeat the charges? >> the maximum sentence on a d felony in new york state is 2 1/3 to 7 years indeterminate sentence relative to that charge of promoting prison contraband in the first degree. >> when you say mitchell provided -- >> press conference from saranac, new york talking about the arrest that's been mod of joyce mitchell prison tailor shop employee alleged to have helped these two convicted killers escape from this maximum
3:38 pm
security prison. no information yet on the hunt which is now in day seven. they're following up on leads and following down every track that they can, saying that we're coming after you in a message to those two men. live from saranac, new york. meantime the showdown of votes over trade. republicans team up with president obama against many dems. we'll talk about this strange set of circumstances when the panel joins me after a break. i've lived my whole life here in fairbanks, alaska. i love the outdoors,
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i don't think you ever nail anything down around here. it's always moot. >> i am prepared to vote against taa, because then its defeat sad to say, is the only way that we will be able to slow down the fast track. >> on this vote the ayes are 126, the nays are 302.
3:42 pm
the motion is not adopted. members are advised that we are proceeding to votes on the remaining two motions. the world is watching and i encourage every member of the house to vote yes. >> ayes 219, nays 211. the motion is adopted. >> amazing timeline up there on capitol hill today on the president's trade agenda. the bottom line is it was a stunning rebuke. it's essentially stalled right now. we'll see where it goes from here. but the message was that the president couldn't get democrats to vote for the original piece of legislation. take a listen to some of the comments coming out of his meeting with democrats. >> i wasn't sent here to simply accommodate somebody else's agenda. i was sent here to represent the people where i come from. >> basically the president tried to both guilt people and then
3:43 pm
impugn their integrity. and i don't think it was a very effective tactic. >> just a reminder they're from his party. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes senior writer for the weekly standard. amy walter national ed for for the cook political report and jason riley columnist with the "wall street journal." jason. >> this is a failure of presidential leadership first and foremost. the politics of trade require a president to build a coalition build a consensus from the center out. you're going to lose progressives on the left. you're going to lose protectionists on the right. but you have to use persuasion argument to get those in the middle. but that is not what this president does. this is a president who rules by executive authority, executive action. he has spent six years putting congress at arm's length keeping them at arm's length and it's come back to bite him on this trade issue. >> let's take a listen at the white house which josh earnest had a tough time fielding all these questions and trying to make it sound like it was a good day.
3:44 pm
>> i certainly wouldn't rule out the ability of the speaker of the house to convince even more republicans to vote for trade adjustment assistance. we certainly believe that we can convince more democrats to vote for a program that many of them have previously support. >> how can you possibly say that you are going to convince more democrats to vote for it now when it's even more important for them to remain opposed to it? >> this is not a situation where we have to persuade democrats to hold their nose in and vote for something. this is an opportunity for democrats to support the expansion of a program that they previously have indicated they strongly support. >> the problem was, amy, they didn't support it today. >> because it meant that it would allow trade promotion authority to go forward which they don't like. the problem, i think, in building a coalition as you say which i do think is really important, jason, there's nobody left in the middle anymore. and i think he underestimated how far away the democratic party has moved even from when they voted for nafta. when you look in 1998, president
3:45 pm
clinton wanted to get tpa. he only got 15% of his own party to vote with him. only 15% voted to give george bush trade promotion authority. it is something that democrats don't want to do. they don't like this issue. they are pretty united against it. the president was never going to be able to convince enough of those democrats to go along. steve? >> i don't think it was so likely to die if the president had stepped in. your history is exactly right. but that's why it was all the more important, i think, for president obama to step in it wasn't just that he couldn't persuade some in the middle. he needed to persuade progressives precisely because we're so divided and congress is so divided. he didn't do that. but josh earnest at the press briefing today was -- i was sort of impressed with his willingness to try to convince people that a loss was in fact a win and people just weren't understanding it correctly. at one point he said the president got 28 democrats to vote for tpa.
3:46 pm
and the beltway crowd thought he wouldn't be able to do that. so that's a win. this is not a win. this is a huge blow to president obama. the likelihood that as josh tried to suggest that people are going to change their votes on this next week if john boehner brings a motion to reconsider i would say is virtually none. it's hard to imagine bringing some democrats by putting more money in the give away to unions but it's unlikely to keep the republicans you've got. >> you look closely at what nancy pelosi sent out, her leg to colleagues. "the overwhelming vote today is a clear indication it's time for republicans to sit down with democrats to negotiate a trade promotion authority bill that is a better deal for the american people. the prospects for passage of such a bill will greatly increase with the passage of a robust highway bill" hello highway bill. where did you come from? >> so i asked about about that on the hill today who's been deeply involved knee deep in these issues and he laughed.
3:47 pm
said look. nobody's been talking about the highway bill up here. we're talking about the trade bill. the idea she wants to bring this in and sweeten it for some democrats. republicans have the majority in the house of representatives. whatever she does in terms of give aways to her caucus republicans are going to fold. >> if they change something or try to sweeten the deal it then has to go back to the senate which was not exactly an easy vote over there. >> no, it wasn't. >> let's also keep in mind that it's not just a political win/loss situation here. there are high economic stakes. this was the best chance in decades to open up these foreign markets to u.s. goods. this is in our national interest this is in the world economic interest to do this. other players, hostile to the u.s. will step in and set the rules if we don't. china wants to become the dominant party in that region of the world, the western pacific. this is a step in that direction if this goes down. we know from trade deals with other countries, via canada,
3:48 pm
mexico australia, it's good for the u.s. export jobs go with these trade deals. this is an economic blow in addition to being a political problem. >> another democrat john delany from maryland told the hill about nancy pelosi's vote. he said "i was surprised. she had been so successful in reformulating taa to be a much better bill. it was really her bill." >> again, she is very good at getting her folks on board. if you look at the work she did to get that health care bill through, she knows what they want and how to get those votes it was pretty clear today that she realized i don't have the votes that i thought i did. and the vitriol within the caucus was pretty -- >> the image of her walking down with the president and then voting against it was pretty stark. next up, the fightnal lightning round. from centrum.
3:49 pm
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before we head to the candidate casino, first a lightning round big speech tomorrow. she did not steve make a decision on trade so it's interesting how this plays for her. >> sort of extraordinary that she is able to muddle her way through this entire thing. i was watching another network on the way down and basically one of her spokes woman say she is not going to give a position. i think you can't do that if you are running for president. you need to take a position and make argument on behalf of the things you believe or people are not going to want to choose. >> you amy. >> that's what she is going to try to do tomorrow, right? she is fighter. she wants people to remember her for. this we will let somebody else. maybe fight it for a moment. you know, maybe she will
3:53 pm
come out and decide say something so. >> it's been report that she is going to open up about the buyer. talking about her mom that can't be everything running on biography. just asking ask john mccain it can help. if it helps showcase her warm and fuzzy side, i think voters will appreciate some of the personal stuff. >> okay. every week we head down to the candidate casino. g.o.p. side, $100 in chips and see where it is shifted at all with the panel. jason, what you have got? i think it's a three horse race rubio and walk every. the "new york times" especially seems very fearful of him so he must be doing something right. i am giving a dollars to huckabee carson and cruz because they have been polling in the high single digits. i don't think they are top tier candidates but i
3:54 pm
wouldn't be surprised if one of them spent a little bit of time in the top tier. >> okay, alyssa james on twitter, she writes in: after last night's impressive performance by carlie foreign i -- forney 30 for walker, 30 for fiorina and 30 for rubio. >> i'm sticking with the same top three. i put a little bit more money into scott walker. i think is he positioning himself very well in the republican primary. i don't know though if is he positioning himself well enough for the general, is he moving pretty far to the right, i think, to help coalesce his republican base. that may hurt him him later. certainly helping him over somebody like jeb bush. also put another $5 in my martini fund because i'm going to need it primary is over. >> could be a long run. >> paul mirsz writes in 50 for walker, 25 for bush and first bet on donald trump $25. steve, do you have those chips? >> i don't have any money on
3:55 pm
donald trump. people will be surprised to hear. i gave marco rubio a boost this week. $50 on marco rubio. 30 on scott walker. 15 on jeb bush and 5 on ted cruz. look, i think marco rubio benefits not only because the "new york times" tried to go after him twice this week and missed, and missed badly particularly in the one story about his traffic ticket but also, you saw conservatives rally to his defense in a way that is hard to imagine them doing for a lot of other candidates. probably they would do it for scott walker. i would think he would see the same kind of defense. would they do it for jeb bush? would they do it for a chris christie. >> scott walker is he the winner out in utah. >> could be. gives a speech, flag football that rubio team is putting out. >> kasich is controlling for money to. >> i still think being a governor is going to be very important when you talk to voters out there that's what they want to see.
3:56 pm
they hate washington. even though the republicans that are here, they don't like the fact that they're from washington. >> we will invite all of them to center seat with the panel. that is it for this panel. stay tuned how it could be a loss of words almost like what i'm doing right now and what happens when people see you sweat.
3:57 pm
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tonight the 51-year-old prison worker accused of playing a key role in helping two murderers including a cop killer break out of prison is now facing criminal charges herself. earlier joyce mitchell admitting she sneaked contra band to the killers behind bars and now she is behind bars. it gets worse. new reports she had formed relationships request not just one but both of these killer fugitives. "on the record" is tracking all the divoms in this massive manhunt including multiple new clues and state police and federal agents are investigating and you are about to hear from clinton county sheriff david favreau but first, here is a news conference with state police just moments ago. >>