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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 15, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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he says he was horrible but she always told his parents he had been a little angel. he got off free. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. for a merchandise. i'm gretchen carlson now let's head over to shepard smith. >> just when you thought in the prison escape couldn't get any weirder, accusations this woman plotted with the inmates to kill her own husband. he is still alive. she is behind bars and the convict killers are still on the room. the william whom hack saw made feel special may not be the only one in trouble. >> based on investigations there's other people that may be arrested. >> the investigation in the manhunt coming right up. also just moments away from jeb bush's official announcement. we'll take you to miami for his presidential campaign kickoff and of all the republican candidates who has the best chance to against hillary clinton. let's get to it.
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good monday afternoon to you and yours from the fox news deck this afternoon. so much to do today. we'll begin with the prison worker accused of helping two inmates escape from a maximum security facility in new york. they discussed a plot to kill her husband before helping the two break out. that is according to multiple published reports today. the woman named joyce mitchell, who we talk about so much, wore a black and white prison jump suit today for her court appearance. she doesn't seem all that happy and one can really understand why. he hand were cuffed, chains around her ankles. last week she pleaded not guilty to givingsing the inmates contrabrand, including a hack saw blade and a screwdriver. joyce mitchell told investigators she discussed a plan with the two convicted murders, rich matt and david sweat, she would be their getaway driver after they broke out of prison. the source says the plan then
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was to kill her husband and escape to a cabin seven hours away or somewhere some vermont. prosecutors say she got cold feet and checked herself into a hospital the same day the killers broke out of the correctional fa facility. peter doocy is live outside the prison. how are prosecutors responding. >> reporter: by saying the could be new charges against other also accomplices. a lot of people around here just are not sure that this very elaborate, very successful escape was hatched by only the prisoners and joyce mitchell. now, as for joyce mitchell, we are told that she is portraying herself behind closed doors as a critical part of the escape plan. the getaway driver who never showed at midnight, and reports are that there is would no plan b. when she didn't show the escapees scrambled and officials are going on the record to talk about what could have happened if she had shown up. >> statements that she may have
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made to law enforcement agents or that somebody else may have head to law enforcement agents about a agreement between joyce mitchell and both matt and sweat as to whether they were going to take any type of physical action to harm lyle mitchell. i'm not going to comment on that. >> reporter: mitchell just met her lawyer this morning. he is a private attorney being paid by the hour by the state because the public defender who was assigned to her case bowed out, saying there was a conflict of interest. >> what's the word on the manhunt? >> reporter: it's costing a lot. a million dollars a day and yielding nothing. zero confirmed sightings of either man. still, even though we were told over the weekend the effort was going to continue fully until there was some reason to believe the escapees maded it somewhere outside the 13-mile search grid, schools opened up and one
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roadblock is going to open back up tonight as well. so not much luck with the manhunt, but the manhole that was the critical last step of the escape plan was sealed off overnight. one last reminder of a historic escape. now gone. >> peter doocy at the prison. breaking news, a live look in miami, where meants from now we expect jeb bush to announce he is running for president. we'll take you there once he starts speaking. have you soon the logo? "jeb!." the former florida governor would be the third president named bush. but he has said i am my own man. he also struggled for a few days last month overing me again kelly's question about the war in iraq, whether knowing what we now know would he have invaded
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in 2003. he eventually said he would not have gone into iraq. jeb bush will be the 11th 11th republican to officially join the race and things are tight right now. ryan has a look at the latest poll numbers as they've been coming in. it's the middle of june in 2015. but we have to fill time. so ryan? >> we have plenty of time ahead of us. this is the latest fox news poll for republican nominees preference. top three governor bush, wisconsin governor scott walker and the retired neurosurgeon ben carson. of the three dr. carson is the only wound who officially declared, and then we'll widen the field very big field. from governor bush all the way to louisiana governor jindal. and you can notice it's all within the five percent margin of error. >> so might all be zero. >> a statistical tie for the top five here. >> that's interesting. thank you ryan. >> carl cameron on fox's top story at miami-dade college.
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what are we expecting to hear from governor bush, carl? >> i declare my candidacy or he will declare his candidacy. we're getting rolling here. the program is underway. a short while ago the enforcer, the former first lady, barbara bush, entered the hall, and the place went nuts. she is seated in the crowd and we don't know if she is actually going to make any remarks but you can hear the enthusiasm. there's well over a thousand, maybe 2,000 people here at the miami-dade college. taking from the podium. it's a human campus, 100,000 students 70% of minorities, what jeb bush will be talking about. how to build and grow the republican party with conservative principles that will put people who are sometimes left behind in america at the front of the line. a pop list conservative economic message from him, and as you said in the course of the last year, as he has been exploring and thinking about exploring and being careful not to call himself a candidate mr. bush has time and again said it's time for change and new
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leadership help has taken -- legislators don't make good leaders. former governors do. so it will know formal -- now normally be official. you can see him leading in the polls. he is also leading the polls in new hampshire the first primary state, got an negligence a number of states, and a big advantage with fundraising. now it's time to put the ped wall to -- the pedal to the metal. he'll be out in a few minutes. several mow speakers to go. >> two candidates from the same town both after in large part the hispanic vote. never would have guessed these two would rub against each other. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio you're talking about. very popular in florida very popular in the country very popular with conservatives. today marco rubio sent out a kind statement say he really truly likes jeb bush, respects him, cares for him and they're friends. bush thanked him for it temp but
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the realities is they're going to have to start criticizing one another. rubio believes the bush name may be a drag and jeb bush is from yesteryear, has not been in office for a decade, and in the case of mr. bush he is going to say marco rubio lacks experience and not withstanding the appeal rubio has from cuban americans jeb bush will point out his wife is a mexican woman he met many yours ago so he has two mexican american kids and fans him as -- himself as an honorary latino in florida, where they call this the biggest local political operation in history. >> we'll be right back there for every word of the "i'm in" speech. lea gabrielle is on the deck. >> we're talking about polls right now and of course as you and ryan mentioned everything within the margin of error but jeb bush leading a lot of.
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the. let's look at the real clear politics. this is the average of polls showing bush at 10.8%. his lead is just 2% over scott walker but ahead of all other republican contenders. looking how they compare to hillary clinton that's a different story. clinton leads every republican contender in the real clear politics averages of head-to-head matchups. the numbers sew rand paul trailing clinton by the slimmest of margins 2.8%. marco rubio trails clip top by 4.2 temperatures, and mike huckabee with clinton with 5% lead. i spoke with mike huckabee today, asking how does everyone compete with jeb bush when it comes to raising money. here's what he said. >> i think all the candidates will be interested a a disadvantage in that nobody has the rolodex that general -- jeb does. nobody has the family connections and obligations. that's a plus for him.
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we all acknowledge it. but i also think that each candidate brings something special. >> also, welcomed bush who he called a long-term -- long-time friend as did other rough candidates. marco rubio said he is a passionate advocate for what he believe and i welcome him to the race. and ted cruz says his candidacy assures or even knock any will be stronger and equipped to face hillary clinton in the general election and we're waiting for a number of official announcements, bobby jindal and chris christie among others. >> ted cruz will welcome them all. >> welcome to the party. >> always does. good to see you lea. on the other side, hillary clinton just wrapped up her latest campaign event in the early primary state of new hampshire. we'll have a live report on what they sect had to say "jeb!" plans to jump into the race. live from miami coming up.
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clinton gave what she called her official launch speech near new york city, evenshow she has officially been a candidate for months. ed henry is live in new hampshire. what happened at the news conference in. >> reporter: she is trying to reboot things, if you will, and one of that -- one of the pieces would be to try and actually take questions. we have been following her for a couple of months. she just took maybe seven or eight questions on a variety of topics if think one important point she was trying to make to underline what you just said, she is trying to carve out her own way here, and say not only would this not be a third term for her husband or for barack obama but that there's a lot of unfinished business and that's the rationale for her candidacy. something her critics have been saying she has failed to do so far. the other interesting part was she got a question about the fact she continues out here on the road to have very populace
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rhetoric beating up on hedge fund managers, talking about taxing the rich. she pressed on how that square with her and her husband former president bill clinton, she said bill and i have had success but she is still going to be pushing for a fair tax system in her estimation. she is still facing cough questions about their own personal wealth. >> secretary clinton seemed to butt heads with president obama over the trade bill. today she tried to put on a happy face? >> reporter: i think she was trying to smooth it over, you're right. she has been under intense political pressure to take a position on the pacific trade deal. as secretary of stayed she was for it, but she has been waffling because she is getting pressure from the left, bernie saunders and elizabeth warren, saying she should oppose it. secretary clinton has been on the fence a long time. yesterday in iowa she came out against the current deal on the table that went down in the house last week, and was
12:16 pm
critical of the president saying if she was in the oval office no one would question that she was fighting for workers and went on to say that president obama should be talking and listening directly to nancy pelosi, who had some real criticism of this. people were surprised by the commends and it's -- noteworthy she tried to clean it up saying president obama doesn't get enough credit for what he had done on the economy shep seemed to be trying to dial it back. >> we'll go live to miami as soon as governor bush takes the stage and also talk to a political reporter and presidential historian house the white house race is shaping up.
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will, it's just emotion that is taking me over. a live look in miami where we're expecting general push to take the stage. for moment, they are singing today. today we have thundersticks. you may see the thundersticks here being used. a lot of singing along lady with fan as well has been singing along. and they're leading us up to jeb bush. let's bring in presidential historian, doug wied, who served as a special assistant to former president george h.w. bush and in addition, kaitlin burns a record for "real clear kaitlin? >> this is the event we have been waiting for for six months jeb bush has been thinking about the possibility of running for president -- >> he has not. come on. let's play straight her. >> he has been ready to go the whole time.
12:21 pm
>> kaitlin indicate lip he has been -- >> been running. >> he's beening the rule. >> right. but he has been playing this very delicate balance. now today is the day he can finally stop saying i'm think about the possibility on running. >> it's interesting how you have to do thistle. you have to have lots of money to run and to get lots of money you have to pretend you're not running, sometimes in an almost comical way to the point where real clear politic minds go along with your spiel. it's almost chemical. >> almost comical george herbert walker bush, but it's not official. it goes through many statements. look at this and think the last time anything like this happened in american history was 1872, when charles francis adams was nominated for president of the united states.
12:22 pm
the third in that family to run for president. historic. >> who we got here? who is this? producers in the booth. introducing more people. it is historic, and he -- caitlin, he was going to be the prohibitive front runner. there was know questioning. >> his campaign thought he could get into this field clear it out with his name, with the money he is going raise and actually kind of backfired. saw all these republican candidates seeing vulnerabilities in his campaign and deciding to get in. so he is entering the race as the 11th republican candidate with more to come and wasn't able to clear the field. so, he kind of starts a. bit in an underdog status, i think. he has all the money that he can, but we have already seen him drop in the polls. we have seen other people, like marco rubio scott walker, working their way up. >> doug, is time on his side?
12:23 pm
>> well, he has the advantage of that crowded field. that works for him. but i think it's going to be tough in a general election. you just -- the nightmare is independent expenditure that says the last bush president led you into the second worst depression in american history. the last clinton balanced the budget. who do you want for your children in the next clinton-bush showdown. that's just tough and somehow that has to be overcome. >> caitlin, this logo, said to speak volumes by many within the republican party. not even using the last name. >> right. that's intentionally missing. this is the logo he used during his first gubernatorial run. we have seen here in miami doing the double exclamation points which speaks to the venue he is at right now one of the most diverse collegeness the country. in his home state of miami and trying to use the venue and that
12:24 pm
logo to distance himself from where the family is thought of to be, texas connecticut, and the white house. trying to create this separate kind of atmosphere. >> doug, don't know how you do that. if you're a clinton or a bush, you can't do mush distancing in america. >> well, you can try and you're not going for the people who are more disconcerning. you're going -- discerning. you're going for people who aren't paying attention. everything can change. hillary clinton could slip on a banana peel. the bushes are philosophical. they know the whole world can turn on a dime. so the odds are tough but he is in this race, and because it's crowded his name recognition and that money and his experience have a chance to make an impact. >> doug wead, caitlin burns the recent we're yacking over here and watching the big screen -- they're having technical difficulties so their bringing
12:25 pm
out people to inning and doesn't. when he comes out to speak we won't miss one second. we'll take you back to miami inch the meantime, u.s. officials are trying to determine whether an airstrike actually got the guy they were targeting overseas. a terrorist nicknamed mr. marlboro. accused of leading an attack that killed americans and once played the marlboro man. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®
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>> you can smoke pot in colorado but your boss can still fire you for it. the state supreme court ruled a medical marijuana patient cannot get his job back after he failed a drug test and dish network fired him. both sides agree the man was not
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12:31 pm
mr. marlboro; u.s. officials say on saturday, two fighter jets targeted the leader in eastern libya with several 500-pound bombs. they say they're still trying to confirm he is actually dead. and islamist with ties to militants in libya reports the bombs missed him. among other crimes, he is accused of spearheading an attack against a gas plant in algerie na in 2013, that killed dozens of hostages, including three american. general -- jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. remind us what happened. >> reporter: happened four months after the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. 38 foreign nationals taken hostage and eventually killed at the gas facility in algeriey. the siege lasted several days. the al qaeda linked terrorists were angry the u.s. and french had begun an operation against
12:32 pm
militants in mali. he took responsibility nor brazen attack in a video he released shortly after the attack in 2012 he formed an offshoot of al qaeda and called his troupe, the signed in blood battalion. he u.s. charged him in new york and offered a $5 million reward for him. >> no confirmation that he is dead yet. right? >> reporter: that's right. the pentagon says theror no u.s. military personnel on the ground so they're awaiting for his followers to post a tribute if he was killed in the airstrike and also don't have dna proof they got their man. they might take time if they can even get dna. u.s. embassy personnel out of libya -- pulled out of libya last summer. >> i'm no in a position to -- to -- -- use the pentagon says the fighter jests and precision guided 500-pound bombs targeted a building in eastern libya
12:33 pm
where he was meeting other islamic fighters. reports of his death in the past have p too early to tell even though the pentagon is describing the strike as successful. >> four years since we have done anything in libya. is this new or a one-off or target or opportunity or what? >> reporter: well, last summer, remember delta force operator swooped in and grabbed one of the benghazi suspects but this is the first time in year that u.s. military has been operating overlibya-it's not a clear whether there will be more strikes of the sort. >> all right jennifer, thanks. let's bring in former state department spokesman good to see you again. >> good to see you. how. >> i'm great. is this a big get. >> of course. he is a known terrorist and a known affiliate of all quite. interestingly he has not targeted americans the way other terrorists have, but he
12:34 pm
certainly is flying the banner of al qaeda. >> libya the next syria the terms of isis you said. explain that to our viewers. >> the parallel to syria is this. you don't have a government. and you have in control of the country and you have radical islamic movements seeking to use the chaos to advance their apocalyptic vision, and i think you'll see more actions like today in the future simply because the governments can't do it, the threats to the united states is growing, and the united states is determined to act. >> so more in libya. >> yes. absolutely. just because isil is brogue there, and as the government disintegrates more and more, you're going to have
12:35 pm
increasingly ungovern evidence spaces and look, this administration, from what i've heard, is determined to take military action unlaterally in order to protect americans. >> now we're talking about actions in three or four different countries at minimum without any congressional oversight of any kind. >> self-defense. doesn't need it. >> doesn't need it but i think there's still a push for it, and you wonder if those carrying it out wont -- wouldn't like to have it. >> yes the issue for congressional approval really relates more to iraq, which is a much more app ambitious expansive and sustained effort than these one-offs, frankly. these one-offs add up and i think you'll see more and more of them. >> former state department spokesman, thank you. >> thank you. >> jeb bush update now. he was supposed to be on the stage at the top of the hour. then before the newscast they alerted us it would be 20
12:36 pm
minutes or so after the hour. we're not yet with jeb bush so they've -- they ran a video that we were told would be our one-minute cue and then when that one minute was up, this woman came. so i don't really know what is happening. carl cameron is in miami. what is happening? >> reporter: it's just the launch shep. got be a little patient here. they a have now sung the national anthem and we had the opening prayer. there's going to be a couple more speakers. these are typical for your base rick presidential announcement. you want to bring enfriends family and loved ones who talk about thunder character your commitment to people nor needy than you and your commitment to community. this is largely pomp and circumstance. he has been omni present on the campaign trail for months. everybody expected him to run. he is the front runner in many polls and has more money than republican rivals and often put in the same sentence as hillary clinton but we still have seven months to the first contest and
12:37 pm
a few more minutes before jeb bush becomes a candidate for the first minutes of his final critical -- political clear after you run for president you either give up -- he steps into the race as the front runner. near florida there's a big discussion whether or not marco rubio, the fellow floridian, can give him a run for his money in wisconsin, you have governor scott walker next door to iowa. walker is leading the polls in a couple places. so this is part of the process. it is a very, very long one. for most part bush has been trying to dodge tough questions and avoid screwups. now that he is a candidate he won't be able to say i'm not a candidate, and he will be met by questions. the democrats have been aggressively pumping out opposition research against jeb bush today not the -- more than anything else they've done to any other candidate on the republican side. the quantity of the democratic
12:38 pm
weigh-in on jeb suggests the democrats look at him as the front runner. >> as the speakers have come to the podium, jeb bush's team tweeted a picture of the soon to be candidate, said to be watching the speakers and speaking on the phone with his father bush 41. while not using the family last name in this logo, he certainly is trying to set himself apart from the rest of this field. in what wail will he do that? >> sure. well you can certain of -- run down the roster. one is as a governor he has been an executive and made decisions on his hold and been hell accountable for them in florida. he will use that separate him from legislators he'll talk about governors who have talk about things but suggested perhaps their record of achievement hasn't been as impressive as his. knows them automatic.
12:39 pm
bobby jib dan, governor christie walker, john kashich of ohio, soon to be announcing, too. sew he'll try to position himself as somebody who understands foreign policy. just got back from europe where unlike predecessors, he didn't have in the major embarrassment in the european or american press. he will say his entire experience, he outreach to latinos is a big part but he is very proud of this father, george h.w. bush, the 41st 41st president of the united states, who put together a huge coalition for the first walk wore and it's remembering george w. george h.w. bush approval rate 90% on foreign policy in 1991. so there will be less emphasis on george w. bush. jeb bush did struggle with questions, knowing what you know now, would you have done thing differently in iraq, and it took him four days to before he would
12:40 pm
say, yes would do things differently. now comes the head-to-head combat against the republican candidates. the g.o.p. loves to spend their time talking about hillary but the fact is they're running against each other and in jeb's case because of over name d. it's a double-edged sword. anybody knows how to hit him bus of the history and that begins tomorrow, even for folks like marco rubio we point out jeb bush has not been in office since 2005. a little rusty. rubio and others suggest perhaps a lot rusty and it's time for change, new generation, new ideas, new approaches. jeb bush will argue in florida he was able to work with democrats and that washington is broken. they all need to be replaced by, folks who are willing to get things done. it's not an easy task. >> carl, stay with us. let's sissen and see -- listen and see who it coming up now.
12:41 pm
[applause] >> please welcome florida's first female lieutenant governor tony jennings. >> the series of speakers continues. one thing that is going to separate governor bush from the other republican candidates is his stand on immigration issues. >> it is. it's one that is popular here in florida amongst immigrants. amongst minorities. big population of cuban americans here, and in the case of mr. bush, his immigration position encapsulated in a book, was one he believed it was time to secure the border, but emphasized get something sort of legal status for the undocumented immigrants in the country, between 11 and 16 million people. that got jeb bush into trouble. conservatives believe in some cases a path to citizenship is too much. a path to legal status could qualify as am necessary city unless there are enough penals
12:42 pm
and fines to make themselves qualified. and that is something he has taken a lot of heat for from runs. he has said, border security will come first but the idea that legal status is available to those technically breaking the laws is objectionable to many. and in education in florida, she up the first voucher program in the country. his education reforms in florida are really quite renowned in education reform circle both on the left and right back then. he supports common core, federal education standards. not mandatory but incentive money attached to it and it has been incredible hot button issue on the right. maybe think it's the federal takeover of the education. bush has stood his ground on exception education and hopes for holding firm on his positions not flip-flopping not pandering. people will trust him in the political world.
12:43 pm
>> carl, the campaign just sent out another tweet and this one shows barbara bush, along with jeb bush's wife. so i don't understand how they're going to stride this line here. barbara bush and george h.w. bush are clearly part of the team but george bush is not part of the team. i don't know how you have all that like that. >> i wouldn't say he is not part of the team george w. bush has had some private meetings with big donors and says he understands he might bailability for his brother jeb but there is to help and will do whatever he needs to. jeb bush has not called on him much. >> carl cameron there. it's my understanding we have one more speak sore we have the time for a quick commercial break because we have to pay the bills. shark attacks on the beach. two kids, each in waste-deep water when they were bitten, and within moments blood was
12:44 pm
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3:00 eastern time. the jeb bush announcement today. 3:47 etime. a couple more speakers to go and there's other news so while we wait we'll show it to you in it's entirety. doctors had to cut off the arms of two children after separate shark attacks in the same area, 90 minutes apart. happened yet oak island, north carolina. about 30 miles south of wimping ton. the victims a 12-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy. town official says the second attack happened so soon after the first that they did not have enough time even to shut down the beaches. one witness called the 9-1-1. >> there's somebody bit by a shark. >> okay. ma'am, calm down. i'm having a hard time hearing you. what access are you near?
12:48 pm
>> 55. >> emergency officials say folks on the beach did everything they could to keep the children alive. jonathan searry with more. what are doctors saying below the victims of. >> reporter: both victims a face a long recovery but good news oust the hospital this afternoon. doctor as i nounsing the 16-year-old boy's condition has been upgraded from fair to good condition. his mother thanking rescuers and doctors for saving his life because at the time of these attacks rescuers were saying that both victims hat life-threatening injuries but friends and bystanders immediately administered first aid and the 9-1-1 operator instructed them how to slow the bleeding. authorities say that prevented a bad situation from becoming much, much worse. >> are they suggesting people not get in the water where the sharks live?
12:49 pm
>> they're actually not. shark attacks are so rare in that area, they are keeping the beaches open. however, authorities are taking some additional precautions. normally shark attacks very rare in that area and yet just three days before these two shark attacks off of oak island, 13-year-old girl suffered relatively minor injuries after she encountered a shark whiling boogie boarding. authorities have been patrolling the waters with boats and a helicopter to warn swimmer they'd spot more sharks in the area. they're also urging swimmers to stay aware of their surround examination notice sudden activity by fish, sea bird or dolphins could be an indication there's feeding going on and there could be sharks. >> thank you very much. back to miami where we're waiting for jeb bush to speak
12:50 pm
"jeb!" stay with us. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance.
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northrop grumman.
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12:53 pm
i'm to great of my dad -- george p. bush, son of the candidate to be. it feels like it's going to be minutes. 'll hear from him after this speaker and one other. so in the meantime, let's get to the presidential historian doug wead, a former astand to george h.w. bush, and caitlin burns. caitlin, what is the thing that will set him apart.
12:54 pm
there are a number of issues. >> he thinks this florida record -- you're going to see him emphasize this throughout the campaign. his record, especially on fiscal issues and also on some conservative social issues as well. so i think we'll see him talk about his record as florida governor going to new hampshire tomorrow, followed by a trip to iowa, south carolina, and nevada, i think he thinks this coins sill -- consistency will matter. he is playing a long and steady race thinking and hoping other candidates fall to the wayside aren't as new and exciting as they are presenting themselves to be. >> doug, this slow and steady thing the has been talking about, he is trying to present the face he hasn't changed on the issues. >> yes. it's all about leadership. inside the bush bubble. i've heard this discussed many, many times.
12:55 pm
so the stand on common core, some of these that others see as negative, are examples the pushes would say of leadership, of willing to good against the stream. so that's the idea. i'm a leader, even sometimes i'll take a position that is unpopular with you but that is a strength, not a weakness. and the polls show that is true. that's how the american people respond. >> what does that do to ignite the base? >> that's the big question. can he excite the base? can he get through the primary? iowa is the first caucus state. because there are so many candidates we'll see whether you actually do need to win at least one or two of these early states. but he is going to have to do well in them, and so when you're talking to some of these voters-depends on what state they're in but they bring up these issues. if he can maintain that coin si, that's one thing. whether primary voters with the option of all these other candidates will still pick him
12:56 pm
in the end is up for -- we'll see. >> that's up to them. final speaker before the governor comes to announce his candidacy. so our final commercial break. we'll be right back. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm now with an easy open cap.
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12:59 pm
>> the lowe's crime rate. the biggest tax cuts and the greatest prosperity in our history. that is the jeb bush story. former senator bob gates. -- don gates. he is introducing "jeb!" now. >> the education system he inherited was one of the worst. the education system he created became one of the best. [applause] that is because he demanded high standards. he rewarded effective teaching
1:00 pm
and achieved better schools. he faced down the unions and lifted up the children. >> florida record will be much of his speech, coming up. i'm shepard smith in new york. now "your world" with neil cavuto. >> and the buildup is on. welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto. waiting to hear from jeb bush who hopes to become the third bush who makes his way to the white house. his dad is not there his brother is not there but his mom is there and we're told he just talked to to his dad on the phone. this is jeb bush distinguishing himself from this family and other candidates. chance are he will have about $100 million to run this race at this stage of the game. $100 million. by comparison, mitt romney, four years ago at this very stage of the game, had $20 million and that was an eye-popping amount then. that was then. this is now.